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During our drive to Trey, Danny amplified on his revelations regarding his family situation and the particulars of his Father and siblings. His relationship with his oldest brother, Beau, was the strongest and most affectionate and supportive. The twins, Cody and Connor, were a more typical sibling relationship, including much sibling rivalry. The times the entire compliment come together is when the common adversary, their father shows himself for the a---hole he apparently is.

Danny relies tremendously on the support and affection of his brother, Beau. Beau is an Alter Pater to Danny and the other boys, as well. Beau is openly gay. His brothers appear to be gay as well, though they don't refer to themselves as such. I have always been the camp with those who believe that sexual orientation is a matter of genetics. It has been my experience that to be the case, not only from my own struggle with it, but my observation of so many others. Because of the pressure one is subjected to from a heterosexual Mother and Father and that family relationship, when one comes to entertain that one might be homosexual, a mental struggle inevitably ensues. Eventually, however one is constrained to resign oneself to the fact. It's not a matter of decision, anymore than it is for a heterosexual. It's a recognition, indeed, a resignation to the fact.

I suspect that the genetics at play in Danny's family is such that all the boys are gay, and eventually, they will all arrive at that same point of resignation. There is statistical evidence that homosexuality exists at a much higher incidence in twin brothers than in the community at large. It wouldn't be surprising that Cody and Connor would be gay, even if the other siblings were not. In this case, however, I think it will be shown, ultimately, that all the boys are gay. Perhaps part of the father's seeming resentment toward his sons is rooted in that fact. I'm not sufficient the psychologist to render judgement on the matter...but from a layman's point of view, it would seem that some such dynamic is at play. Then again, it may well be as Danny suggests, that his father hates the boys through some misplaced blame for the death of his wife. In any case, it's an interesting family dynamic.

The main involvement for the three of us is to be supportive of Danny, who, for his own reasons has reached out to us and hopes to bond with us.

I was truly impressed that Danny would start out on his bike well before dawn to be at our house, in his desire to be in our company. He's a sweet kid, in spite of his occasional

Potty Mouth. If that's the worst of his problems, I can deal with it.

By the time we arrived at Trey, David had been so moved by Danny's story that he had placed his arm around Danny in a show of identity and affection.

Trey saw us enter the restaurant. He rushed to us and seated us in our usual private room next to the kitchen.

Trey arrived with water, bread, and such, ready to take our orders.

"What may I get for you wonderful friends this evening?" Trey asked.

"Nothing Italian...PLEASE!" David piped up.

We all laughed.

I turned to Danny and asked:

"Danny do you like Prime Rib?"

"Never heard of it." Danny replied.

"Do you like steak?" I asked.

"I love steak. We never have it's too expensive." Danny offered.

"Well, I'd like to recommend it for you, tonight. What do you think?" I asked.

Danny reached into his pocket and produced, what appeared to be about five dollars, in one-dollar bills.

"Is this enough?" Danny asked.

My heart was broken instantly. I looked up to see David and Travis with a sad expression on their faces.

"No, No, Danny. I invited you for dinner tonight. It's my treat. Put your money back in your pocket. You won't need it tonight. OK?" I suggested.

"Absolutely, Danny, you're the guest of honor, tonight. We're happy to treat you to a nice evening." Travis added.

"Absolutely! David parroted.

"OK. I'll try the steak, then, especially since Barry recommended it." Danny said.

"I haven't had Prime Rib the entire time I've been in Italy...Sounds good to me." David remarked.

"Me too." Travis added.

"All around, then Trey." I said.

"Very well, gentlemen, Prime Rib all around."

"Medium Rare, I assume" Trey clarified.

"Right. That's the only way to have it unless, of course, you prefer rare." I affirmed.

"Drinks?" Trey asked.

I looked at Danny for his request.

"Can I have a Coke?" He asked.

"Of course." I said.

Travis spoke up:

"Bourbon & 7 for me."

That's the drink of choice for the three of you...shall I make it all around, as well?" Trey asked.

I nodded.

"That sounds good." Danny interjected.

"Well, I must admit you handled your wine quite well, yesterday, Danny. Let's have you try some of my drink, see how it affects you, then decide if you're ready for a drink that strong...what do you say?" I suggested.

"OK." He replied.

As Danny, Travis and David all helped themselves to the bread, I continued to ponder Danny offering his money to me to pay for his dinner. He's very responsible. I thought. I was struck with him. I knew that Travis and David were as well. Ganymede had struck again. He had brought us an angel to look out for.

Soon, Trey appeared and sat our salads in front of each of us.

Danny had hardly put the first bite into his mouth when he blurted out:

"God...this is GREAT! What is that taste?" He asked.

"It's a secret. Trey will never tell anyone how he prepares the salad dressing. It's a hallmark of the menu here." David insisted.

"Well, it's Great! Whatever it is." Danny remarked as he continued with his salad.

The salad was indeed, Great. It always is. David, who had worked during his college years for Trey, here at the restaurant, knew well that Trey guards the ingredients and mixture of them in his salad dressing zealously.

Soon, our Prime Rib was in front of us. Danny's eyes lit up. He had apparently, never seen such a large cut of meat.

"It's HUGE!" Danny observed.

"Just do your best, Danny. Don't try to eat more than you want. It's unhealthy to do so. Eat what you want. You can always take the rest home if you wish." I suggested.

"OK". Danny replied, as he picked up his knife and fork.

I noticed that David couldn't keep his eyes off Danny. He looked lovingly at Danny and seemed sad for Danny, at the same time.

Finally, David turned his attention to his dinner.

I looked to see Danny working to cut his Prime Rib into manageable bites. Unfortunately, it became apparent that Danny had not been taught the best technique to use his knife and fork toward that end.

Danny was working with his knife inserted between the tangs of his fork. This technique was not working well for him.

I nodded at Travis to get his attention, then moved my gaze to Danny for Travis to follow suit.

"You know Danny, I used to cut my meat that way. Then Barry showed me a better way. Would you like to see it?" Travis asked.

"Sure." Danny replied.

Travis showed Danny to place his knife against the backside of the tangs and use them to both hold the meat in place while providing a stable guide for the knife.

"Cool!" Danny said, as he tried the technique, himself.

Travis looked at me and winked.

I nodded.

As was the case with Travis, when he first came to me, Danny had much to learn. I knew he would. He's bright and malleable...he'll be fine. I thought to myself.

I waited till Danny had enough of his Prime Rib and side dishes that I knew I wouldn't be pouring alcohol onto an empty stomach before I offered:

"Danny do you still want to try some of my drink?"

"Sure." He replied.

I moved my drink in front of him. He took way too big a sip.

"Whoa, my young friend...don't drink it so fast, or we'll be carrying you to the car." I chuckled.

"It's good. It doesn't really taste like booze." Danny observed.

"Maybe, sweetie, but it is an alcoholic drink it slowly. We'll see if it affects you badly." I suggested.

"OK." Danny said, as he took another small sip and sat the drink back on the table between us.

After we had all had our way with the Prime Rib, Trey appeared carrying at tray.

"Dessert is on the house, Barry." Trey said, as he sat a large crème Brule before us.

Danny leaned forward to get a better look.

"You'd better lean back, Danny, so you don't singe your hair." Travis advised with a smile.

Danny obliged, as Trey lit the Crème Brule ablaze.

"Whoa!" Danny exclaimed, as the carmelization process took place on our dessert.

"What is this stuff, anyway?" Danny asked.

"Try it, Danny, you'll love it." David said.

"It's a custard confection, Danny. It's unique. I, too, think you'll like it as well." I said.

Trey had provided us, each, with a small dessert dish. I scooped some of the crème Brule onto Danny's plate.

He took his spoon and sampled it.

"Oh my's delicious. I've never tasted anything like it." Danny declared, as he savored another bite.

"I thought you just might like it." I chuckled.

"I wish Beau were here. He'd love all this stuff." Danny said.

"Why not take the rest of your meat and my share of the crème Brule home with you, Danny. Beau can try it later...though cold and old Prime Rib doesn't taste all that great." I admitted.

"Cause Cody and Connor will take it away from me as soon as I come through the door." Danny advised.

"Ah, yes, the joys of having older brothers." I remarked, sarcastically.

We finished our meal, and had another drink before we were ready to leave. I allowed Danny to have some more of mine. It didn't seem to go to his head. I was happy.

"The trick, Danny is to learn to pace yourself. Drink at a rate your body can deal with, and you will tend to avoid the result of drinking to excess. You don't want to find yourself worshipping the porcelain goddess." I said.

"Porcelain goddess?" Danny inquired.

Yes, it's a euphemistic way of saying throwing up into the commode while fighting with the dry-heaves." I clarified.

"Dry Heaves?" Danny inquired.

"Let's hope you never find out, OK?" I said.

Danny seemed puzzled, but nodded and smiled.

"You've had them?" Danny asked.

"During my college years...though it wasn't part of the curriculum." I smiled.

Danny smiled widely.

"So, are we ready?" I asked.

We delivered the required hugs and kisses to our dear friend, Trey, and made our way to the car.

When we arrived at Danny's house. There was a guy, standing on the porch, having a cigarette.

"Hey, there's Beau!" Danny exclaimed.

I got out to meet Danny's brother, Beau. Danny was right, Beau was very good looking, indeed.

Danny was carrying his take home bag and together we approached Beau.

Danny introduced us.

"I'm delighted to meet you, Beau. I've heard many good things about you from Danny.

Beau pulled Danny to himself and hugged him sweetly.

"Danny brought this for you, Beau. I think you'll like it. He was afraid that Cody and Connor would take it away from him before he could get it to you." I explained, as Danny handed the bag to Beau.

"They might well have, too." Beau affirmed."

"Danny, why don't you get your bike out of the car?" I suggested.

Danny began walking toward the car, as I continued my chat with Beau.

"Don't misunderstand, Barry. Cody and Connor would fight to the death to defend Danny from any attack. Still, you know how it is with brothers." Beau remarked.

"I understand, Beau. I can tell you that Danny holds you in the highest regard and he loves you very much." I said.

"I know he does, Barry, and I can't tell you how much it means to me. I try to live up to his expectations, as best I can. I have my faults, like anyone else, but I try not to let Danny see them."

He went on:

"By the Way, Barry, I've heard nothing but praise regarding you and your two lovers since yesterday." Beau complimented me.

"We have a unique and intense relationship, Beau. It would kill us if anything happened to damage that relationship." I responded.

"I'm gay, too, as Danny has told you. It is my hope that I'll, eventually, fall into a loving and committed relationship. From what Danny has told me about your relationship, I must say I envy it." Beau explained.

"Danny says he's struggling with his orientation, as well." I said.

"Oh Hell, Barry, we're all of us brothers gay. I'm the only one that admits it openly." Beau affirmed my suspicion.

I nodded.

"I'm glad Danny has found a friend in you. He's quite taken with you, and you've been very kind to him. I appreciate it. I was so glad that you sheltered him from the storm, yesterday. He's terribly frightened of storms like that...especially when lightning and thunder are involved. I was worried about him. Don't get me wrong. Danny is tough and very independent. For the most part, he can take care of himself. Still, in certain situations, I fear he overestimates his ability to do so." Beau said.

Danny walked his bike to the porch and chained and locked it to a post there.

"He's a remarkable young man, Beau. I'm becoming quite attached to him." I admitted.

"He has that knack, Barry. People are quickly taken to him. As a rule, however, he rejects those who try to befriend him. That he was taken with you, says a great deal. He's an excellent judge of character, especially for a little guy." Beau complimented.

"I have to tell you, Beau, I was shocked when he showed up at the house this morning. It's got to be 10 miles, maybe more. It made me worry for him." I suggested.

"I understand, Barry. That's why I was standing here waiting for him to get home. For what it's worth, he's taken his bike on far longer trips than to your house. I found a copy of the map he Googled this I knew where he had gone. Had he not shown up by bedtime, I would have started looking for him. I'd never tell him that...he's far too independent. He'd be insulted. He's never failed to show up, though, to give him his due." Beau explained.

"You're a good brother, Beau. I'm happy for Danny, that he has you." I said.

"Thanks, Barry, I do the best I can. I don't have much money, but we get by." Beau responded.

"Is that Travis and David in the car?" Beau asked.

He went on:

"I'd love to meet them. Danny has told me how wonderful they are."

"Danny only met them for the first time, this morning." I chuckled.

"May I?" Beau asked.

"Of course." I replied.

I walked Beau to the car. Travis and David got out of the car, as they saw us approach. As the introductions were taking place, Danny arrived and put an arm around me.

"Thanks for dinner, you guys. I had a great time!" Danny declared, as he squeezed me in a big hug.

"I thank you, as well; I appreciate you showing Danny such a good time." Beau added.

"As I said, Beau, we're becoming quite fond of him. Not to worry, he'll be well cared for and protected any time he's with us." I assured Beau.

"I know it, Barry. It's a relief to me, too, as I can't always be here to look after him." Beau remarked.

He continued:

"To know he's with a responsible and loving group of gays is just the right thing for him, I think. You know that, sexually, he's totally uninhibited. I know he's already shown you that." Beau said.

"He has, indeed." He's completely comfortable in his own skin. I confirmed.

"Yes...if you spent much time around here, you'd think we were running a nudist colony, we're all quite comfortable in our nudity, as God made us." Beau confirmed.

"We, too, tend toward the naturist ideal, Beau. In fact that's the state Danny found us in, when he arrived this morning." I said.

"He'd feel right at home, then." Beau said, with a big smile.


"Yes...if you spent much time around here, you'd think we were running a nudist colony, we're all quite comfortable in our nudity, as God made us." Beau confirmed.

"We, too, tend toward the naturist ideal, Beau. In fact that's the state Danny found us in, when he arrived this morning." I said.

"He'd feel right at home, then." Beau said, with a big smile.

"You'd certainly be welcome to join Danny, any time. We'd welcome you to our home." I invited.

"I'd enjoy that. Danny says you have a hot tub. I'd really enjoy some time in it." Beau suggested.

"Actually, it's a spa, built into one end of the pool. I always refer to it as a hot tub, but technically, it's a spa. You're welcome to come and enjoy it with us anytime, Beau." I said.

"Thanks, I will take you up on that offer." Beau said.

"Not without me, Beau!" Danny interjected.

"I'd never leave you behind, Danny. Don't worry." Beau replied.

"Well, I guess I'd better get Danny into the house and ready for bed. I have to stay on him to brush his teeth and such." Beau said.

"Awwww" Danny replied with a blush.

"Tomorrow is a school day, Danny. So you'll want to get a good night's rest." I said.

"I don't go to school." Danny reported.

I looked up at Beau.

"It's true. He dropped out. Dad won't make him go back. I keep telling him that he's screwing up the rest of his life, but he refuses to go back." Beau confirmed.

"Beau's right, Danny. We'll talk about it later. I know it's not my place to scold you, so I won't...but as someone who is coming to love you as a dear friend, I would offer you that advice in love. We'll talk about it, some other time...OK?" I asked.

Danny dropped his head to stare at the ground and nodded.

"Don't feel chided, Danny. I don't mean it that way. It's just something you need to fully understand. It really does affect the rest of your life." I concluded.

I gave Danny a big hug, and turned him over to Beau.

"Thanks for taking care of him and for bringing him safely home. I appreciate it." Beau said as he turned toward the house, holding Danny by one hand.

"Our pleasure, Beau, Danny's a remarkable young man, we'll help any way we can." I said.

Soon, we were on our way home.

"Damn! Beau is really HOT! Isn't he?" David observed.

"Too beautiful to be straight." I said with a chuckle.

"I couldn't help watching Danny throughout dinner, Barry. I really found myself identifying with him. I'm relieved that he has a big brother who loves him and looks out for him. I never had that." David explained.

"I'm relieved, as well, David. We'll help as needed, as I told Beau. I'm sure Danny will be fine."

I was looking for consensus from Travis, who remained silent. I looked into the rearview mirror, only to see Travis sound asleep, his head resting on David's shoulder.

It was an angelic sight.

By the time we arrived home, they were both asleep.

The phone was ringing as we entered the house. It was Beau.

"Hi, Barry. I hope you don't mind me calling at this hour. I have two reasons for the call." Beau said.

"No problem, Beau. We just arrived home. David is making each of us a drink, afterwards we will retire for the evening to the bedroom." I replied.

"I said I had two reasons for calling: The first is that I wanted to thank you for the left overs from Trey...I warmed them up and My God...they were delicious. Please give my compliments to Trey. The second reason is that Danny cried after you left because you didn't invite him back to your house. He feels you weren't happy with him and, therefore, declined to welcome him to return." Beau explained.

"For Heaven's sake, we consider Danny a friend, he doesn't require an invitation to visit our house, anytime. Please let me speak with him." I said.

Beau put Danny on the phone.

"Hello?" He said.

"Danny, this is Barry. I'm sorry you were sad earlier becaue it didn't occur to me to offer you a formal invitation to visit us again. Danny, we consider you our new friend. You don't need an invitation to visit us. We're coming to love you very much, as our friend; you're always welcome at our home. Please understand that." I said.

"really...REALLY!" Danny responded.

"Of course, sweet boy, of course. I would suggest, however, that in the future you call to make sure we're home before you drop by. Also, I'm not so eager to have you ride your bike that far...Hell, Danny, it was a very long ride...any number of unhappy things could have happened to you. So in the future, let's plan it so I can pick you up and bring you here, or, perhaps Beau can bring you. I'd be much more comfortable about it...OK?"

I suggested.

"OK!" Danny responded with excitement in his voice.

"So don't be sad, my young friend. You are our friend. You don't need an invitation. I only ask that we find a better way to get you here in the future...Is it a deal?" I asked.

"It's a DEAL, Barry. I love you guys very much. Please tell David and Travis for me, OK?" Danny responded.

"Why not tell them, yourself? I'll put them on the phone." I said

"OK." He replied.

I handed the phone to Travis with a nod. He had been listening to my side of the conversation, so he knew what needed to be said:

"Danny, we all love you. You're always welcome here. Barry's right, though, we need to get you here please don't ride that distance again...If Barry knows you're doing that he'll worry his cute little butt off." Travis said with a chuckle.

Danny laughed:

"He does have a cute little butt, doesn't he?"

"Yes, and we wouldn't wish to see it fall off from worrying about you...OK?" Travis said.

"OK." Danny replied.

"OK, Danny, here's David." Travis said, handing the phone to David.

I had explained to David, while Travis was on the phone, what Danny was sad about.

"Hi Danny, we miss you, already. Barry is right, you are our invitation is needed. Still, maybe we should have offered you one, so...You are invited to visit us anytime you wish. Please, however, let us make arrangements to bring you here so you won't put yourself at risk by riding your bike all this way. Please!" David concluded.

"I ride a lot farther than that, lots of times, David, but if you would rather give me a ride, that's fine with me. He explained to David.

"Danny, we love you. You are our new friend. We don't want our friendship to ever involve putting you at risk...OK?" David insisted

"OK." Danny said.

"OK, Here's Barry, then." David concluded

"Hi Danny. You see, we all love you. You're always welcome here. Ganymede would not tolerate it otherwise. I chuckled.

"Who's Ganymede?" Danny asked.

"Remember, when I was telling Travis' story, and David's...Ganymede is a fictional character from Greek Mythology...he was a young shepherd boy, whose beauty was so stunning, that even the gods, themselves, were jealous and fought over who would possess him." We always engage in that notion, suggesting that Ganymede must have sent David and Travis to me for safekeeping...perhaps he sent you to us as well." I explained.

"Yeah, I remember now...Thank You, Ganymede! Right?" Danny recalled.

"Exactly." I said.

"Can I come tomorrow?" Danny wasted no time in asking.

" fact, maybe Beau would like to come along. He'd know where our house is in the future, and we'd enjoy getting to know him better. Would that we OK?" I asked.

"Well...I...I...well...OK, I guess...I don't know what his plans are." Danny said.

"Put him back on the phone, OK?" I asked.

"Hello?" Beau asked

"Beau, Danny expressed a desire to join us tomorrow. I thought it might be an opportunity for you to visit our home, and therefore, know where it is in the future. We're planning a little cook-out, and we'd love to have you join us...if you're available." I suggested.

"I'd like that very much." Beau replied.

Then it's settled. Bring Danny with you, of course, and we'll be expecting you...say...mid-afternoon. We can visit for a while, get to know each other better, and then we'll start the grill and put David to work. David worked hi way through college at Trey. He's quite the good chef, in his own rite." I said.

"Excellent. I look forward to it!" Beau said happily

"Casual, Beau...please. We'll probably be even a birthday suit will be appropriate" I laughed

"I'd love that as well. Danny and I will dress in something easily stripped off...will that be OK?" Beau laughed back

"Great... I want you feel at home." I said.

"I have to admit, Barry, seeing you guys all running around nude will be delicious, even before we get to the BBQ." Beau said.

"Flattery will get you everywhere, Beau." I laughed.

I continued:

"You're damned stunning, yourself...even with your clothes on...without them, you must be breath-taking. " I flattered

"Thanks, Barry. OK, then. I'll drop the twins off tomorrow afternoon and head to your place. Danny and I will be anxious." Beau said.

"Oh, how rude of me. I didn't mean to exclude the twins. They are welcome, as well, if you think they'd be interested in joining us." I suggested.

"That's kind of you, Barry. The twins have plans to spend the day with a friend and then overnight at his house as well. Believe me, though, if they knew, they'd embrace the opportunity to join us, where they could be naked, as opposed to being clothed at the home of their friend." Beau suggested.

He continued:

"Especially if the plan includes heating up the spa that Danny was so excited about."

"Absolutely, Beau, we'll heat it up." I said.

"Great! I've never been in a spa...I look forward to it." Beau said.

Well, we'll include the twins in the future, then. I don't want them to feel unwelcome." I insisted.

"I understand...though Danny might no be so keen on the idea of sharing you with the twins." Beau cautioned.

"That didn't occur to me, frankly, Beau. Well, we'll just take it one step at a time." I replied.

"That would be best...for all involved, if you get my drift." Beau concluded.

"Right, Beau, I understand. OK, then, we'll see you and Danny tomorrow afternoon. We look forward to it." I declared.

"Danny wants to say goodnight." Beau interjected.

Beau put Danny back on the phone.

"I can't wait till tomorrow, Barry. Tell David and Travis goodnight for me...I love you guys very much...sleep tight...I wish I was there to snuggle with you...see you tomorrow." Danny said, as he blew a kiss into the phone.

"Love you too, Danny. See you tomorrow. You sleep tight, too. We love you." I concluded.

"CLICK!" as Danny placed the phone back on-hook.

Travis, David, and I were all ready for some sleep, and after a relaxing hot shower, we were nestled into our usual positions in the welcoming arms of our bed.

Our experience in each other's embrace was a slice of heaven. Our love and its expression was warm and loving beyond words. I relished in the experience as I dropped off to sleep.

We slept restfully and affectionately. Morning came too soon. I awakened to the sensual excitement of David's tongue on my meatus. He was licking precum from my glans and looking up at me lovingly.

I nodded, but said nothing, as I didn't wish to awaken Travis...too late!

"Save some for me!" Travis spoke up, his head still resting upon my breast.

"There's plenty to go around." I chuckled.

Travis raised his head to look me in the eyes:

"I know that's right!" He said with a wide smile.

"Let's find out, Travis." David suggested, smiling at Travis.

"Yes, let's do!" Travis smiled back.

David slowly slid my penis into his hot, wet mouth. My excitement was amplified instantly. My penis began to swell and palpitate, as David worked his magic upon it.

Travis slowly moved to straddle my chest to place his penis into my mouth at the same time. The delightful smell of Travis' penis and balls filled my nostrils even before he began to insert it into my mouth. The automatic reaction in me to his hormone saturating my olfactory was to cause my face and neck to blush and become hot...very hot.

"Ready?" Travis asked.

I opened my mouth to welcome him in as I nodded that I was, indeed, ready.

He pained my lips with his precum. It was sweet, as always, and plentiful.

He slowly pressed his penis into my eager mouth, stopping briefly as his glans reached my tongue, so I could lick his frenulum and corona, which he always found much pleasure in. I obliged. I licked quickly at his glans, its corona, and his frenulum. He responded with:


David, at the same time, continued his slow and deliberate fellatio upon my happy penis.

I could feel the semen swelling up in me, awaiting its release. I was hot all over in my passion. Having two angels working on me, simultaneously, was almost too much for my senses to endure.

"Are you close, Barry? I'm about to let go." Travis said, still sliding his penis in and out along my tongue.

I nodded. I couldn't speak with a mouth full of him.

"He's ready, David. Make your usual pool when he comes." Travis said to David.

David removed my throbbing penis from his mouth, slowly, and pointed it at my belly as he continued to slow-stroke it.

Travis came only a second or so before I did, as well. Travis, as always filled my mouth to capacity and beyond with his sweet, hot cum. I swallowed frantically to keep up with his ejaculatory spasms. As I swallowed, I pumped my own cum onto my belly with my own powerful ejaculation.

"You're the best, Barry" David remarked as I continued to splash semen onto my belly and chest.

"Want some, David?" Travis asked.

"Of course." David replied.

Travis squeezed his penis to stop his cum from spurting into my mouth, temporarily. He rolled off my breast and turned his penis toward David. David moved to take Travis' penis into his mouth quickly. Travis released his grip on his penis and I could watch his taint pulsing, as it delivered the remaining cum into David, as David welcomed it into his mouth.

Davis swallowed it all and looked up at Travis:

"Sweet, as always, Travis, don't know what your magic is, but your cum is the absolute sweetest." David said, when had finally taken in all Travis had remaining.

David then turned his attention to the volume of my cum which was still hot and pooling on my belly and chest.

"Before we have some of me, David. I think Travis and I would like some of about it." I suggested.

"Your wish is my command...I'm about to explode cum all over the place, anyway." Davis proclaimed.

He instructed:

"Travis, you know the routine."

Travis moved to place his face next to mine. David straddled my neck, as Travis had earlier. David again painted my lips with precum, as Travis had done earlier. He also tilted his penis to do the same for Travis. I took David's glorious penis into my mouth and felt it's hot glans slide along my tongue. I ran my tongue around his glans and licked at his frenulum. Travis busied himself with licking David's precum from his lips, where David had painted it, while caressing David's balls with one hand.

"This won't take long guys, I'm hot as Hell." David proclaimed, as I saw his scrotum retract from Travis' hand.

Travis felt the retraction of David's scrotum and knew what it meant. Travis placed his face cheek to cheek with my own, awaiting David's eruption.

It happened immediately. David filled my awaiting mouth with his cum. David's cum isn't sweet, like Travis', but it has a unique tang and a sweetness of it's own. It was delicious as it coated my tongue and the inside of my mouth. After a couple of spurts, David looked at Travis and said:

"For you now, Travis."

David slid his penis out of my mouth quickly and moved it to Travis's open mouth. He expended the remainder of his precious cum repeatedly filling Travis' mouth. I watched as David's urethra expanded with each of his spasms. His hydraulics were in good working order. It was also hot as Hell to watch.

When he finally finished, he withdrew his penis from Travis. His residual cum dripped onto Travis' hairless chest. Travis responded:

"Any hotter, David, and there would be steam."

"Thanks, guys just make me that hot." David replied, with a smile.

David dismounted me and turned once more to my belly and my awaiting essence. He got down low to my belly, close enough I thought his nose would become wet with my cum. He took in a deep breath of it, to savor its smell.

"That's my Barry...some things remain the same." David said.

"He does have a unique smell, doesn't he?" Travis asked.

"Yes, he does...I've loved to take it in since I first knew Barry." David responded.

David continued:

"Move down here, Travis. I'll share...but I don't want it to cool off too much."

The two angels took turns licking the cum from my navel and belly. The action of there tongues on me, would have produced another incident, but I was in refractory period.

I didn't want it to ever end, but they finally took in all my cum, and seemed satisfied.

"Well, how about a hot shower and some breakfast?" I asked.

"I think we just had breakfast" Travis answered with a smile.

We continued to lie there on the bed for a few moments. I caressed both their hair and their heads until, David, finally spoke up:

"Hot showers all around, then. We've got a lot of prep for our cook-out later this afternoon."

"You're right, David...we'd better get started.

We found ourselves in the shower, wiping each other down, amid much kissing and foreplay. Eventually, we were squeaky clean from end to end.

As we were drying off, David spoke up:

"I'll make some breakfast."

"Something light, sweetheart. I want to save my appetite for this afternoon." I replied.

"Me too, David...just something light, please." Travis agreed.

" about a bagel and some fruit?" David suggested

"I'll help." Travis offered.

Soon we had enjoyed out breakfast and were about the preparations for the cook out.

"I hope they'll enjoy the brisket." David said, as he removed it from the fridge, where it had been marinating during the night.

"I'm sure they will, sweet David. Unless they have dead taste buds, how could they not?" I said.

"Absolutely, David, you make the best brisket of anyone." Travis assured David.

"Learned it from Trey. But thanks, I'm glad you like it." David offered.

Travis and I helped to prepare the salad fixings, and the side dishes, while David monitored the slow cooking of the brisket. The aroma was overwhelming. My mouth was watering in anticipation of the afternoon's meal.

There were some unwelcome clouds gathering in the southwest. I was keeping an eye on them and hoping we would not have to move the festivities indoor. I was still observing these pesky clouds when the doorbell rang.

Travis went to the door and peeked out to see that it was, as expected, Beau and Danny.

Travis, nude as always, opened the door widely and ushered the two of them into the house.

"You can place your clothes on the credenza here in the foyer, if you wish." Travis offered.

I watched them from my vantage point at the anteroom door.

Danny was naked, almost instantly. Beau was a bit slower in disrobing. Beau was, as we had expected, stunning in his naked physique. His genitals were right-sized for his physique...not too large...not too small, just right. He looked younger than his years, but his muscle tone made it obvious that he took his physique seriously

See, I told you Beau was hot...especially when he's naked." Danny said, as he pointed at his brother.

"He is, indeed, Danny. So are you." I said.

"Thanks, Barry, but I'm not as hot as Beau...maybe one day." Danny replied.

I turned to Beau:

"He's right Beau. You have a great physique, and your proportions are, all of them, perfect." I said, looking at Beau's nude and strikingly beautiful body.

"Thanks, Barry, that means a lot to me. You guys are damned good looking too, Danny wasn't kidding." Beau complimented us.

In a moment we were outside, where we joined David at the grill:

"Wow, this is really quite the place, guys...very nice, indeed. I see Danny wasn't exaggerating. The privacy is wonderful.

"Yes, the 10 foot privacy fence, board over board, helps, and there are no two story houses facing ours, so unless some voyeur cares to sneak a peek from his roof, there's no reason to be anything other than totally uninhibited here." I explained.

"GREAT!" Beau said.

"See, I told you." Danny told his brother.

"And you were right, little brother." Beau replied.

"We're already greased up to combat the Sun, would you like some suntan lotion so you don't burn anything precious as the afternoon rolls on?" I asked with a coy smile.

"That's actually a good idea, Barry, Danny and I are both pretty fair-skinned, and burn easily. I didn't think to bring any loti...": Beau started to say, when I interrupted:

No problem, I'll do the honors. Just stand next to each other under the awning there, and I'll apply some lotion to you.

They both moved, as I had requested, under the awning and stood side-by-side.

"OK, spread your legs for me, Beau." I requested.

"Gladly!" He replied with a wink.

I smiled.

Beau spread his legs, as I had requested. Danny, seeing his brother do this, copied him, spreading his legs as well.

I began with Beau's back, and worked my way down to his firm little butt, then down the backs of his legs.

"Your butt is really firm, Beau. Your muscle tone is excellent. So is Danny's, we noticed that the other day. You guys are doing something right in the workout department." I offered.

Not really, Barry. Neither of us work out in any formal way. Danny rides his bike all over Hell's half acre and I practice my karate once a week...that's about it." Beau explained.

"Karate?" I asked.

Yeah, I've been into it for years. I've been trying to teach it to the twins...they don't seem interested. Danny has learned quite a bit, though." Beau amplified.

"Wow." I exclaimed.

"Why Wow?" Beau asked.

"Well, when I was younger, I took up a Japanese style of karate, made famous by its master...Mas Oyama. I practiced it for many years. I earned my black belt at 19. Now, I'm so out of practice, the average green belt would kick my ass all over the dojo." I confessed.

"I'm into Korean style." Beau said.

"Good for you, Beau." I said as I moved to repeat my lotion application Danny's backside.

"Damn, that feels good!" Danny said, as I got to his butt, and massaged his anus with a generous amount of the lotion.

"Your butt-hole is one of the hot spots I told you about, Danny. It felt damned good when Barry massaged mine too." Beau said.

As I moved to face the two of them for the front application, I said:

"Well, Beau, at some point perhaps you'll grace us with a kata. I'll bet your very graceful doing kata."

"Sure, if it wouldn't bore you." Beau replied.

"I'd love to see it." I insisted

"Me too!" Travis added.

I looked to see why I hadn't gained an affirmation from David, but found he had gone back inside to get some more spices and seasoning for the brisket, leaving Travis to mind the grill.

I began applying the lotion to Beau's arms, which he raised to expose them fully to my activity. Then I began his torso, and worked to his genitals.

"Would you prefer to do these yourself?" I asked.

"Hell no, please, go right ahead." Beau replied.

I squeezed a generous amount of lotion into my hand and lifted Beau's balls in that same hand to place his balls into the pool of lotion waiting in my palm. I massaged the lotion into his scrotum and kneaded his balls such that the lotion had his entire scrotum gleaming in the light.

His scrotum and balls were quite heavy. He appeared to pack quite a load. I was hoping he'd soon let us find out.

I lifted his penis and squeezed out another generous amount of the lotion onto it. I softly, but deliberately, stroked it into his magnificent penis, stroking slowly from its base up to his meatus, and back again.

Danny watched me as spoke up:

"See, Beau is circumcised like me...and...he's a grow-er, not a show-er...same as me too."

"I see that, Danny. Like you, your brother has beautiful genitals. Well formed, and well sized." I asserted.

"Thanks, Barry. I always worried I wasn't all that big in the dick department. My balls are a good size, I guess, but my dick is just average." Beau said, as I continued to rub the lotion into his, now erect penis.

"I'd say you're on the high side of average, Beau. More importantly, your penis is perfectly proportioned to you physique and your scrotum is similarly complimentary to your physique, as other words, you're quite a specimen." I proclaimed.

"Thanks again, Barry. Danny told me you had explained to him that is was advantageous to be mean circumcised." Beau mentioned.

"The data coming out of several studies now is pretty conclusive that one's odds of contracting HIV-AIDS are reduced by as much as 70% if one is circumcised. Circumcision removes the foreskin, of course, but, at the same time, it removes a type of receptor cell that resides on the underside of the foreskin...called the Langerhans cells. These normally exist to usher unwelcome microbes, that might find their way to the underside of the foreskin, into the immune system for destruction. Of course, the HIV retrovirus sees this as an opportunistic doorway into the immune system, where it does its insidious damage." I explained.

"I didn't know any of that." Beau explained.

"Most guys don't, Beau. Uncircumcised guys, need to be particularly careful to employ condoms to protect themselves if they are experiemting with unknown partners, that's all...Being circumcised, provides a degree of protection, but it's not 100%...or at least that's what the data suggests." I added.

"Hey, how about me?" Danny interjected, noticing I had spent quite some time with his brother's genitalia.

"OK, OK. I'll get to you in just a moment." I promised.

I finished Beau's legs and feet, and moved to Danny's front side.

I repeated my application on Danny, as Beau, still semi-erect, moved to watch Travis and David, at the grill.

As I approached Danny's genitals, even before I actually touched them, Danny became erect...quite erect.

"I'll be careful, Danny. I don't want to take you too far...lets' try to save that for later. OK?" I suggested.

I tried to avoid making Danny cum, just yet...but I failed. He shot his cum all over me, as I handled his penis. I tried to be casual about it. I scooped it up into my hand and took it into my mouth with little ceremony.

"Was it good?" Danny asked.

"It was delicious, Danny. I just wasn't expecting it." I smiled.

"I'll make more for later, don't worry." Danny said.

"I'm sure you will, sweet boy." I replied.

After I gathered up Danny's residual cum and had taken it in, he joined the others at the grill.

I wiped the excess lotion from my hands, with it the remaining cum that Danny had blessed me with.

"You still want to see a kata?" Beau asked.

"Sure." I answered.

Beau assumed a straddle stance, crossed his arms, and began the dance that is a kata. His movements were indeed, graceful and powerful. His penis and scrotum swung from side to side, with the energy produced from Beau's left to right to left again movements. It was a beautiful and compelling display. When he ended the kata we all applauded

"OUTSTANDING, BEAU!" I yelled, as the applause continued.

Beau smiled and took a small bow.

"That was kata #1" Beau explained.

"I recognize it from years ago, Beau. You executed it very well." I Said.

"Thanks guys!" Beau exclaimed, as the applause subsided.

"Thirsty?" Travis asked.

He went on:

"I'll play the bartender. Travis offered.

"I know Barry, David and I will want our usual Bourbon and 7...what would you like, Beau?"

"Gee, I hadn't thought about it. I'll try what you guys are having." Beau replied.

" Me too!" Danny added.

I nodded at Travis and turned to Danny:

"Now, you learned to pace yourself, Danny. I'll keep an eye on you to make sure you don't forget...I can't have you worshipping..." I began

"The porcelain goddess...I know." Danny added, as we all smiled.

"You guys have a seat under the awning, I'll be back with the drinks in a moment." Travis suggested.

We took Travis' suggestion and found a seat under the awning at the table. Danny elected to sit on my lap, as he had done at Trey earlier. Having his butt crack all lubed up wit the Suntan lotion as well as my penis, equally lubed, was quite the experience. As he sat upon my lap, my penis found its home right away in Danny's butt crack. It was very erotic. I knew that if he turned his butt just the right way, my penis would find its entry into Danny's anus, so I tried to distract myself, so I wouldn't develop a bigger erection than the one I was already sporting.

Travis returned with our drinks. They really hit the spot.

"This is really quite good, Barry. Thanks for introducing me to it." Beau said.

Danny took a sip from his and nodded in agreement.

Beau spoke up again:

"It's really kind of you to invite Danny and me. You've been very kind to Danny; he's quite taken with the three of you. I can see why. In the short time I've been here, I feel as though I've known all three of you for my entire life. I feel completely at ease and at home with and secure. I and none of my brothers feel that way very frequently, I'm sorry to say. There's a lot of strife at home for us with Dad, so each of us tries to spend as little time there as we can." Beau explained

"When does the old bastard get home, Beau?" Danny asked his brother.

"Late tonight, Danny. You'll be in bed, asleep, when he gets home." Beau said.

"I may be in bed...but I won't be asleep." Danny responded.

Beau took a drink, but made no response.

We continued to chat until, at one point, Beau pointed at Danny and smiled.

Danny was fast asleep in my arms.

Beau looked at me and said:

"I've never seen anything like it. Danny has never slept in anyone's arms in his life. Not even when he was little would he do that. He would resist any efforts made by anyone to hold him the way you are right now, Barry...and he'd certainly NEVER sleep in anyone's arms...not even mine, and I'm the one who is closest to him. It's really quite remarkable. He must trust you without reservation, Barry. It's a high compliment." Beau explained.

"Then I'm flattered, indeed, Beau. Danny's a sweet kid, and I'm...and not just me...but the three of us have become quite fond of him. We're concerned for him...he's always welcome here, Beau, as are you." I said.

Thanks, Barry. I'm old enough to fend for myself. The twins are not much younger than I, so they can fend for themselves when need be, but Danny's our baby brother, and although he's a pretty tough little guy too, he's still too small, physically, to deal with Dad, when he at his worst." Beau said.

"I understand." I said.

"Maybe not, Barry. This evening, when Dad gets home from the armory, he will immediately get drunk and depending on what unimportant thing strikes him, he'll begin lashing out. That's why Danny said he wouldn't be asleep...I won't either...I may have to play the champion for Danny. The twins won't be home to help, and I'm supposed to work the night shift...but I may have to call in sick if it looks like Dad is going to be in one of his moods" Beau explained.

I stroked Danny's hair and kissed him on the forehead gently.

"Say, Beau, why don't you allow Danny to stay here with us tonight? That way he'll be safe, and you can go to work without worrying your cute little butt off about Danny." I suggested.

Beau smiled:

"My cute little butt?" He chuckled

"Well, it is, you know." I smiled back.

"Thanks, Barry. My butt appreciates it." Beau smiled again.

"Actually, it's Danny that has the cute little butt." Beau insisted.

"Yes, he has one too. You're right...still, you have a great butt, Beau, you really do." I said.

"I'm sure Danny would really love it to stay the night...are you sure it would be OK?" Beau asked.

"Absolutely." I assured him.

Danny squirmed in my arms a bit, changing his position on my lap to place an arm around my neck. Now my penis was pressing directly against his anus. If I were to become fully erect, I would surely penetrate his sweet little anus. I was trying my best not to have that happen.

"I've never seen anything like it, Barry. He trusts you completely. He'd never sleep in your arms like this, otherwise." Beau affirmed.

"Thanks Beau." I replied.

It was becoming dusk, and I was still worried that Danny would awaken to find my penis had penetrated his anus, when a miracle happened.

"Come and get it!" David called out to us.

Danny awoke and slid his still slick little butt off my lap and went to get a plate from the table next to the grill. He didn't notice the brief penetration that occurred as he slid off my was less than a second, and he wasn't fully awake.

"I hope you like brisket, Beau." I said.

"Don't know, Barry. We don't get much of that sort of thing at home, We're lucky to get hamburgers and hotdogs, it's about the best we can afford. Dad does his best, and I try to help...but there's five mouths to keep fed at our house." Beau explained.

"I see." I answered.

When Beau and Danny returned to the table with their plates loaded, it didn't take long for Beau to Proclaim:

"My God...this is GOOD!"

"David's quite the chef, isn't he?" I answered.

"EXCELLENT! compliments!" Beau yelled to David.

Danny had been busy chewing his first bite. When he swallowed:

"It damned sure is's GREAT! I've never tasted anything like it."

"Thank You, Thank You" David replied with a smile and a little bow.

"Manja...Enjoy!" David exclaimed.

"Manja?" Danny questioned.

"Manja, it's Eat!" Danny, it's Italian.

"Oh". Danny replied, as he took another bite from his plate.

Our meal was up to David's standard. It was delicious.

When we finished, we chatted a bit more and then I spoke up:

"OK, David, you worked your butt off, now it's our turn. I'll take care of the clean up." I ordered

"I'll help." Travis offered.

"No you won't. You helped all afternoon with the cooking."

I went on:

"David, you and Travis and Beau should hop into the spa and relax. I'll do the clean up." I insisted.

"I'll help you, Barry." Danny offered.

"That would be just fine, Danny, thank you." I answered.

Danny and I gathered up all the plates and tableware and began carrying them to the kitchen.

We placed them into the sink for a quick wash to remove the heavy stuff into the disposal and then to place each item into the dishwasher.

"Barry?" Danny asked, at one point.

"Yes, sweetheart." I replied.

"Will you fuck me? You started to at the table while I was asleep." He remarked, to my surprise

"That wasn't something I did on purpose, Danny." I said.

"It felt really good. I want you to fuck me. I mean it. I really want you to put your dick in me again. I want to feel it again." Danny said.

"Danny, exchanging hand jobs is one thing...oral or anal sex is quite something else. I don't think David or Travis would approve. That sort of sex we reserve for each other." I said.

"I understand, Barry, but it felt so good." Danny repeated.

"We'll talk about it later, OK, Danny. Like I said. David and Travis and I don't usually engage in anal sex...we prefer oral sex...I mean, we occasionally engage in anal sex, but rarely." I explained.

"Anal that butt fucking?" Danny asked.

"Exactly". I answered.

"I like it." Danny proclaimed.

"Many prefer it, sweetie. Remember that David and Travis and I are lovers. We reserve the more intense sexual activities for ourselves. You're our friend, and we want you to have some pleasure from our relationship, so masturbation seemed the right compromise. Do you understand?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess so." Danny answered.

We finished our chores and returned to the outside table to enjoy a fresh round of drinks, which Danny had helped me to prepare and bring outside. We served Travis, David, and Beau with a fresh drink.

Danny and I resumed our former position at the table.

Beau spoke up:

"Barry, I can get out so there'll be more room for you in the spa."

"Heaven's no, Beau, you're our guest. I can use the spa any night of the week. Just enjoy." I said.

Beau turned once more to face away from me and to chat with David and Travis.

Danny took the lotion bottle and greased his anus and my penis once more. He held my penis in place and sat down on it, slowly and deliberately, to ensure, this time, it would penetrate his anus.

I whispered to him:

"Danny, I don't think..."

He interjected:

"Barry, I've wanted to be fucked for a long time. If you won't do it...I'll ride my bike again to Cedar Springs...I can find someone there who will do it...I will, Barry, I mean it." Danny threatened.

"Again?" You've been in Cedar Springs?" I asked in astonishment.

My dick was responding to being inside Danny's hot anus, in the predictable and uncontrollable fashion. I was hard as hell.

"God, Barry, it feels so damned good. Cum in me." He said.

The guys couldn't see, from their vantage point, what was happening. We were seated at the opposite side of the table, and the tablecloth blocked their view.

"Is that cum?" He asked, sensing something hot in his rectum.

"No, it's precum, Danny." I explained.

"Damn it's gonna feel really great when you cum, then." He said.

"Danny, I'm really not comfortable with this. I don't know how Travis and David will take it." I whispered to him

With that, Danny slowly rose from me and walked to the side of the spa:

" it OK if Barry fucks me?" He blurted out

David nearly spit his drink into the spa...Travis turned to face us and slowly smiled at me.

Beau spoke up:

"Sorry guys, I knew he was going to ask that, or something like that. He's wanted to be fucked for a long time. He keeps threatening to ride over to Cedar Springs and find some stranger to do it...I keep telling him that is a good way to get disease..or killed."

Beau went on:

"I know it sounds strange...but I wish one of you would be his first...then he might get over it. Besides, I'd trust any of you not to hurt him or anything. I sure as Hell don't want his first to be with some stranger. Think about it."

Travis and David looked at each other in amazement.

"Is it Barry, you'd like to show you about this, Danny?" David asked.

"Yes, I tried to get him to do it already, but he wouldn't go all the way with me." Danny said.

Danny continued:

"Hell any of you would be're all hot as's just that Barry was the first one I met...and I know he loves me and would be gentle with me."

David looked at me. I shrugged.

I've never had to consider such a request. I'm at something of a loss." David replied.

"Me too." Travis agreed.

"Oh Hell, forget it. I'll just find someone at Cedar Springs"

"No..No, Danny. That's the last thing you want to do. You should stay out of mean Cedar Springs entirely." David answered.

"I'd do it for him, myself, guys, just so it wouldn't be new to him, but if he likes it...well, the last thing I need is for him to be infatuated with his own brother." Beau offered.

I was dumbfounded. David had thought through the matter and spoke up:

"Well, we all have to have our first experience, I suppose...and you're right, no one will be more gentle with him than Barry..."

David spoke to Danny:

"Danny, if we agree to this, will you promise that you will forget the notion about traveling to Cedar springs and learning it from a total stranger?"

"OK" Danny replied.

"That's not good enough, Danny...I want your solemn promise." David insisted.

"I promise. I really do, David." Danny answered.

David turned to Travis for agreement:

"OK. I don't want to be responsible for what might happen to him on Cedar Springs." Travis said.

"Very Well, then. The three of us look like prunes, anyway. We'll go inside and leave the two of you alone. Barry can give you the lesson you want so much, Danny." David said.

Beau, Travis and David got out of the spa and returned to the anteroom to dry off.

Danny returned to my side and said:

"Now will you fuck me...PLEASE!"

"It's such a dirty word...but yes, Danny, I'll fuck you. Then you'll have had the doesn't mean we'll ever do it again, though. OK?" I said.

"Cedar Springs!" He retorted.

I knew he was serious and hoped that, perhaps he wouldn't like the experience and this experience would put the matter behind pun intended.

"OK, Danny, do you have a preferred position?" I asked.

"Nope!" He answered.

"OK, grab that beach towel and stretch it out on the cool deck here." I ordered.

He did as I requested.

"OK, Danny, lie down on the towel on your back and spread your legs." I requested.

He complied.

I took the lotion and lubed his anus generously; it twitched and opened to the pressure of my finger, as I massaged the lotion into it. I lubed my penis with equally generous amounts of the lotion.

He looked lovingly into my eyes. My heart melted away from my earlier agitation with Danny, and my emotions turned to my love for this kid.

"Ready?" I asked

"For Years!" Danny replied.

I lifted Danny's legs and placed one over either of my shoulders. I placed the head of my penis against Danny's anus. It quivered against the pressure of my penis gently pressing against it, as if to welcome me in. I slowly increased the pressure of my now extremely erect penis till it made penetration. I went in slowly. At the point my glans was fully in, Danny emitted a

" feels wonderful. Cum in me, Barry!"

"We'll get there, Baby. Take it easy." I said.

He nodded and closed his eyes.

I began slowly thrusting into and out of him. He reached to his sides and clutched a fistful of the terrycloth towel in each hand.

"Faster, Barry, Please!" He requested.

I complied.

"God, it's wonderful!" He exclaimed, as I continued to thrust.

He seemed to settle down. He opened his eyes and lovingly looked into my own:

"God, Barry, I love you. Please cum in me." Danny begged.

"Close Baby...close." I said, as I continued to thrust.

Danny was hard as a rock. I reached to take hold of his penis. I held onto it as if it were a saddle horn. I tried to stroke it in synchronization with my own thrusting. Danny pumped his precum generously to his meatus. It ran down the shaft of his young penis and onto my hand. I continued to thrust in and out...I was about to explode into his tight little rectum.

"I'm going to cum now, Baby. It's what you wanted...I hope you'll like it." I said in a whisper.

He closed his eye, once more and waited.

My scrotum retracted and I could sense I had moved from emission to ejaculation. I exploded into him. He tightened his grip on the terrycloth that he had earlier clutched. He pumped his precum down his shaft at an even greater rate. It was hot...really hot. It was wonderful...I gushed semen into him. He pressed his butt even tighter against my penis and my balls...he wanted every inch, every drop, every fraction of me. I was happy to oblige. I pressed my penis fully into him, as my ejaculation continued. I really reacted to Danny's unusually tight anus and rectum. He turned me on tremendously. My cum continued to issue from my meatus into Danny's rectum.

"It's so Hot, Barry...I didn't know it would be so HOT. I love it...don't stop." Danny proclaimed.

"OK." I said...being so spent; it was about all I could say.

Danny could sense that the flow of my semen was beginning to wane.

"Leave your dick in me for a while, Barry. Don't pull it out for a while." Danny asked.

"OK sweet boy." I replied.

I continued to thrust my penis, but very slowly and very gently. I had no reaction toward a refractory period, and remained hard as Hell as I complied with Danny's request to remain in him.

"I'm gonna blow up, Barry. My balls are full and I want to cum...but I can't." Danny said.

"Oh...that's because My penis is putting pressure on your prostate, sweetie, As soon as I withdraw from you, you'll cum like a fountain. You'll see." I predicted.

OK...pull out, then...I need to cum." Danny requested.

"Let me get my mouth over your penis first, Danny. I want all that cum in me...OK?"

I bent over him so that it would only be a short distance to get his penis into my mouth as my penis made its exit from his hot, tight ass.

As I predicted, his dick spurted his precious cum up and out of him, like a fountain, as my glans exited Danny's anus. I only missed a small amount of it. Most went into my welcoming mouth. It was delicious. Danny could almost give Travis a run for his money as it goes to sweet cum.

OH God! Danny proclaimed as his ejaculation and its associated orgasm proceeded. Danny produced a tremendous ejaculation and I greedily took it all. It went on and on. I thought to myself...damn, this kid really packs a load.

As with all good things, Danny's ejaculation began to come to an end. I continued to take it all, each and every drop.

"Barry?" Danny asked.

"Yes, Baby." I replied.

"Are you still hard?" Danny asked.

"Hell yes, Baby." I answered.

"Put it back in me." He asked.

"If you want...OK." I said.

I moved to my original position and placed my still-erect penis back into his awaiting rectum.

He inhaled, deeply. He opened his eyes and looked at me

"I love you, Barry. I never had any pleasure like this before. I never want it to end." Danny declared.

"Don't worry, Baby. I'll always be here for you...until you get tired of me, that is." I said.

"I'll never get tired of you. I can guarantee that." He replied.

"I hope not, Baby. I love you and so do Travis and David...we'll always love you.

"God, Barry, you wore me out. I've never been like this I'm exhausted." Danny said.

"Would you like to relax for a while in the spa?" I suggested.

"Only if you stay in me, Barry." Danny replied.

"Well, about if I carry you over there as you hold on to my neck while I put us both into the spa?" I suggested.

"OK." He replied.

"Put your arms around my neck, Danny". I said, as I leaned forward, breast to breast with him.

He complied.

I picked him up, his arms draped around my neck, and my dick still in him, as he had requested.

I took him into the spa, still hanging onto my neck. I went in slowly, as I knew the hot water would otherwise be too sudden on him.

The guys saw me carrying Danny, draped over me, as he was, into the spa.

After a moment, I had rearranged Danny so he was sitting on my lap, facing me, still resting his head on my breast, and my penis still, happily, inside him.

We rested there, in that position, for a few moments, as I stroked Danny's shimmering hair.

The door opened up and the guys came out, with a fresh round of drinks for Danny and me.

Beau walked over to the edge of the spa and addressed Danny:

"Congratulations, Little Brother, you've now put the things of your childhood behind you and you are a man. Barry had made you a man. I bet he was wonderful, huh?" Beau asked.

"God Yes, Beau. I had no idea how wonderful it would be. I'm so tired...he really wore me out." Danny declared, still resting his cheek upon my breast..

Was he gentle with you Danny? Beau asked as he winked at me.

"Yeah...I had to keep saying Harder, Barry, Harder. He was too gentle." Danny replied.

All the guys laughed.

"Barry is a gentle person, Danny...he's not a wham, Bam, Thank you Mam, kinda guy." Travis said.

"Congratulations, Danny". Travis and David said in unison.

"Thanks guys. Thanks for not being mad at me. I really wanted Barry, or one of you to be the first." Danny explained.

"Well, I was not sure how to react, at first, Danny. But we all have to experience our first such chose well...Barry would be difficult to beat as your first. He was mine, and he was Travis' I couldn't argue with your selection. We all love you, too, so we are happy your first experience was with someone as loving as Barry. David said.

"Thanks guys." Danny said.

"You OK, Danny?" Beau asked.

"I'm friggin' exhausted, that's all." Danny replied.

Beau laughed:

"Hell, I may need to get Barry to fuck me too."

"He's the best." Danny assured his brother.

"I'm sure he is, Danny. I'm sure he is." Beau replied.

Beau continued:

"Well, I'm gonna shower and get this suntan lotion off me, then I've got to head home, Danny."

"Oh NO...can't we stay later, Beau...Please?" Danny asked.

"Oh, that's right. I forgot to tell you... Barry says you can stay all night...if that is you want to." Beau said sarcastically."

"That's GREAT...Really...can I stay all night, Barry?!?" Danny asked.

"You sure may, Danny. We'd be happy for you to do so." I assured him.

"GREAT!!!" Danny repeated.

"OK, then. I'm going to shower and get ready to leave, Danny. Just rest, as you are, in Barry's arms. You look so peaceful in his arms. It's wonderful." Beau said, as he turned toward the door into the anteroom.

"Barry?" Danny asked.

"Yes, Baby." I answered.

"You're getting soft, aren't you?" Danny asked.

"Sorry Baby. Not even I can stay hard forever." I advised.

"I know." Danny admitted.

"You really are an insatiable little thing aren't you?" I suggested.

"I guess...I can't get enough of this, that's for sure." Danny replied.

"Me either, Danny. You're pretty intense. It was wonderful." I said.

"You're not just saying that are you, Barry?" Danny asked.

"No Baby, I'm quite're awesome." I assured him

He lifted his head from my breast and smiled and looked into my eyes, lovingly.

"Thanks, Barry. You're awesome too...I mean really are." Danny smiled.

"Well, we best not stay in the hot water much longer. It's not healthy to over do it."

I awaited his reply, but none was to come. I looked at him to see he was sound asleep.

I carried him into the house and motioned for Travis to help me dry Danny's beautiful body off. Travis did as requested.

I carried Danny down the hall and into the guest bedroom. Travis followed along and pulled back the bedding.

I placed Danny softly into the bed. As I tried to unwrap his arms from around my neck, his beautiful eye popped open and he saw he was being put to bed...alone.

"NO! Barry I can't sleep alone. Please sleep with me." He requested.

"It's true, Barry. He can't sleep alone. He's always been that way. He can sleep in his own bed, but not in a room where he's alone." Beau declared, as he appeared in the hallway door from his shower.

"OK, Danny, I'll be happy to sleep with you." I said, as I crawled into the bed with him.

Travis brought me a fresh drink and placed it on the bedside table. I took a big gulp from it. I was thirsty.

"Can I have some?" Danny asked.

Sure, I replied, as I handed him my drink.

"I'll also bring some bottled water, in case Danny gets thirsty during the night." Travis said.

I nodded, as I took another drink.

Beau stretched out his arms to Danny. Danny flew into them. They kissed each other affectionately:

"Goodnight, Little Brother. Sleep tight. I know Barry will take good care of you." Beau said.

"You too, Beau...sleep tight. Don't worry, I'll be fine. I'm with Barry, Travis and David...I'll be just fine." Danny assured his big brother.

Beau reached to ruffle his little brother's hair:

"I know you will. Barry said he'll bring you home tomorrow when I call to assure him I'm you won't be alone with Dad." Beau said.

"Cool!" Danny said.

Beau turned to me:

"I really appreciate this, Barry. I thank you for everything...and I mean everything. You've taken Danny into adulthood. He's not a little boy now...not after tonight. I wish I had had someone like you to show me the ropes when I was Danny's age." Beau concluded with a smile.

I nodded and smiled.

Yes, Beau. It's far better that someone would lead Danny along gently and lovingly. You can imagine what sort of initiation he would have received on Cedar Springs" I suggested.

"I can indeed." Beau agreed.

David entered the room and said:

"Get some sleep, Barry, you too, Danny. Travis and I will shut down the spa, lock the house and make sure everything is in order for the night."

"You're angel,'ve always been. Travis too...I could never be worthy of you. I will always love you both...beyond words." I said.

David smiled and said "Yeah...Yeah...Yeah"

"I'm serious... I love you and Travis more than words can describe. You are my angels." I said.

"Sleep now, you two. I'll have breakfast waiting for you when you awake." David said, as he approached and kissed me and Danny goodnight.

He was quickly followed by Travis who kissed me and Danny as well.

"You know, I'll get no sleep without your heart to listen to?" Travis said.

"Of course, sweetie. How stupid of me. Why don't you sleep with Danny and me? Danny can move to my other side, and you can be in your usual position." I suggested.

"Great! As soon as David and I finish with the house, I'll join you." Travis said.

I heard Beau leaving through the front door, as David and Travis bid him safe journey. Danny was fast asleep at my side, his head cradled in the crook of my arm.

I found myself unable to sleep, though I was certainly tired enough. Danny would occasionally twitch in his sleep, making it obvious that he was dreaming. I pondered just what Danny would dream about. Perhaps his Dad and the animus he feels for him...perhaps riding his bike...hopefully NOT to Cedar Springs Blvd...also known in the gay community as "Homo Heights"...perhaps about...well, who knows.

I considered just what a powerful character Danny had. He was gentle as a lamb in many respects...but a sexual tiger, simultaneously. I pondered just how we could help him in the long run. He was right about his prediction...he had made us love him. Still, he has a home and a family of his it as it may, and a brother, in Beau, who loves him very much. It would be a mistake to take Danny away from that...yet, I knew that every minute he spent outside my embrace would be worrisome for me. That would be nothing new for me...That's how I am with Travis...and even David.

I guess it's just my maternal instincts...I smiled to myself.

We continued to lie there, uncovered, waiting on Travis to join us. Danny's stunning body was on full display.

He is truly beautiful. Whomever he takes as his lover, long term, will certainly not need to be in search for someone of greater physical beauty.

Danny continued to dream. I could see the movement of his eyelids, indicating he was in REM. His dream must certainly be stimulating...he was developing a huge erection. It was standing at attention, like a little soldier. I hoped he might be dreaming of our earlier encounter. I hoped it was adequate, such that he would seek out some stranger whom, he might consider, would give him a more exciting ride.

I flattered myself at the notion I had given him a really good much so...that I had exhausted his young body. Of course, I had exhausted my, considerably older body, as well.

Precum had begun to form at Danny's meatus. I took my free hand and gathered it onto my palm. I licked it onto my tongue.

Young cum is always so powerful in its smell and its taste. This was true for Danny. His crystal clear beads of precum formed it string when one gathered it and lifted it away from Danny's meatus. What a marvel, precum, or Cowper's fluid, as it is correctly described is. They should use it as the adhesive on envelopes...licking it would be wonderful...and they'd sell millions...I smiled to myself.

Travis entered the room, ready for bed. He immediately noticed Danny's little soldier, still standing at attention.

"Wow, he's sure having a good dream." Travis whispered.

I nodded.

"Think he'd mind if I tasted some of that precum? It's about to start running down his shaft, anyway." Travis asked.

"I'm sure he'd want you to, Travis. Help yourself." I whispered back

Travis knelt next to the bed, where Danny was. He didn't take Danny's penis entirely into his mouth; rather he formed a kiss at Danny's meatus and sucked in Danny's potent precum. The action was, nevertheless, stimulating for Danny. Travis came off of Danny's little soldier long enough to whisper:

"His scrotum is retracting, Barry, he's going to cum."

"Take it in, Travis. I don't want it to dry in his pubic hair and have to deal with cleaning it up, later." I advised.

Travis nodded and placed his kiss back upon Danny's meatus.

Still asleep, Danny emitted a protracted "Mmmmmmmm" Simultaneously he ejaculated his precious cum into Travis' mouth. Travis remained in place for the relatively long time required for Danny to complete his ejaculation. When Danny finally finished with the marvelous feeding of Travis, Travis had retained the last mouthful of Danny's young cum. Travis pointed at his bulging cheeks. Indicating he had some of Danny to share with me.

I nodded.

Travis moved to our side of the bed and kissed Danny's cum into my mouth. It was delicious. I accepted it, greedily. Afterwards, Travis assumed his usual position next to me in the bed, resting his head upon my breast, as is our custom. In what seemed like, only seconds, Travis was sound asleep.

Danny's little soldier finally stood at ease, and he remained asleep, never waking to his ejaculation.

Now I had my angel, Travis, asleep in his customary position, and my new young enigma asleep, for the first time, on my other arm. They were both sound asleep, leaving me alone in my thoughts.

-------------------------------END PT 4 Tornado Warning----------------------------------------