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I barely slept through the night. I was considering just why that was the case, when it occurred to me. David was home, he was in the house, but he was NOT asleep at my side.

It was, clearly, why I was uncomfortable and unable to sleep.

I began to smell the aroma of coffee. David, true to his promise, was preparing breakfast. David's place in my heart is such that I would surely die, if he were taken from me. Travis's place is the same. We are ONE. The rend to my soul, should that ever change, would be fatal.

Travis, as well, picked up on the aroma of coffee. That aroma was quickly followed by another...that of Canadian Bacon.

Travis whispered:

"I'll get some coffee for us."

With that, Travis slowly and quietly rose and left the room en route to the kitchen.

Danny continued to sleep in what seemed like angelic peace. Not me, I was in turmoil. Ganymede had sent me a special challenge in Danny, and I wasn't quite sure at what level I should limit my involvement with him and his circumstances.

Beau had been entirely correct in his admonition regarding Danny. He is sexually, completely uninhibited.

Travis returned with coffee, as he promised.

My right hand was occupied with Danny, and I knew I couldn't cope with the cup using my left. So I gently removed my arm from Danny and sat up in the bed to enjoy my coffee.

Danny, sensing the absence of my arm, quickly awoke.

"Good Morning, my sweet boy. Are you hungry? David is preparing breakfast for us."

Danny responded:

"That's right, he said he would, didn't he?"

Travis interjected:

"Do you like coffee, Danny?"

" don't need to wait on me, Travis, I can get it." Danny said.

"That's OK...I'll get it. How do you take it?" Travis asked.

"Black" Danny said.

"Great...although it's unusual for someone your age, who tend to destroy it with cream and sugar. I'll bring you some." Travis said, and, once more left the room.

" You must have had quite some dream, last night." I said to Danny.

"Yeah, how'd you know? I was dreaming about last night, except I was dreaming I was fucking you, Barry. It was wonderful." Danny explained.

"You really are a sexual tiger, aren't you?" I remarked.

"Yeah, I guess so." Danny replied.

"I'm surprised, though, usually when I have dreams like that, I cum all over myself. Then I spend a half hour in the shower in the morning cleaning myself up."

"Oh, you came all a gusher. Travis saw it about to happen and took it in. It was a delicious midnight snack for him and for me. Thanks." I said with a smile.

"Travis had my cum...GREAT!" Did he like it?" Danny asked.

"Who wouldn't, Danny? It was delicious." I assured him.

Travis returned with an additional cup of coffee for Danny.

"So my cum tasted good to you, Travis?" Danny asked, in his usual unabashed way.

"Ah, you told him, Barry." Travis said.

"Yeah, he was curious about not waking up to find himself stuck to his sheets with his own cum, so I explained it." I replied.

"Yes, Danny, your cum was quite tasty...even delicious. Thank You." Travis said.

"That's what Barry said, too. Delicious. Wow. Thanks Travis." Danny replied.

"I'm not flattering you, Danny. I'm just telling the truth. You were delicious." Travis reinforced his earlier remarks.

"God, fucked me really good, last night. I've never been so hot." Danny complimented.

"Glad you enjoyed it, Danny. So did I. Remember your Cedar Springs or other strangers...I'd get really jealous." I proclaimed, as I winked at Travis.

After our initial cups of coffee, we were ready to rise.

David was busy cooking as we entered the kitchen.

"Good Morning!" David said as we entered.

"Want some orange juice, Danny?" Travis offered.

"Sure. I love it, but we never get it at home." Danny replied.

Travis and Danny went to the other end of the kitchen, to the fridge, to get the orange juice.

I embarrassed myself with a huge yawn. David noticed and remarked:

"Did you not sleep well, lover?"

"Actually, NO, I did not, were not at my could I sleep without you in your normal position next to me, David." I confessed.

"You're so sweet, Lover." David remarked.

"It's true, David. We'll make up for it tonight, I assure you." I attested.

"I'll do my part." David asserted with a coy smile.

" I can hardly wait." I said, covering my mouth as another yawn formed.

David smiled:

"Poor Baby." David remarked at my yawn.

David served us a wonderful breakfast, and we tolerated no leftovers.

Afterward, Danny offered to help Travis with the cleanup, while David reclined in my arms on the sofa.

"I wish I knew what to do for Danny, David. He's a real puzzle." I remarked

"Well, I think you should do no less for him than you did for me and for Travis. In fact the three of us should help him as best we can. He's going through a difficult development stage in his life. We shouldn't leave him to try to sort it all out on his own." David, wisely, suggested.

"You're right, of course, David. Thanks." I said.

"Sex is not his issue, after all. He's entirely comfortable with his orientation and with his overt sexuality. What he seems not to understand, as yet, anyway, is that love and loving relationships are about a lot more than sex. Travis and I learned that from you, Barry. I'm sure that Danny will learn it as well." David said.

"He's young, David. For guys his age, sex is such an overwhelming force, that it consumes the mind. I don't know if Danny has the inherent capability for wisdom that both you and Travis demonstrated. He's a very different personality." I cautioned.

" I don't know, Barry. I see much of myself, when I was his age, in him. He has a difficult relationship with his father. He's fragile...scared of thunderstorms, lightning, and sleeping alone. Remember when I first came to live with you? I was scared of all those things too. I can't leave him adrift, Barry. I know you wouldn't either. Travis, too, suffered through many of those difficulties until Ganymede brought him to us. To this day, Barry, Travis sleeps with his ear to your heart" David said.

"It's our duty to be here for Danny. You understand that better than I, Barry," David continued.

I know, Baby, I want to help the little guy...not out of duty, but out of love. That's the more compelling force." I suggested.

"Now who's being wise?" David countered.

"My biggest concern is that he's a sexual tiger...he's insatiable. If we don't keep him happy, he'll find someone else who will. I can't bear the thought of someone rough-handling him, or worse, giving him HIV-AIDS. I couldn't bear seeing him lying on his death bed in a similar state to Bryan." I said, as a tear formed in the corner of my eye.

"Hell, Barry, Travis and I are both sexual least I like to think so. What's so different about Danny?" David asked.

"Nothing, I guess. He's just more open and up front with it. I think he'd fuck anyone who offered it to him. I guess that translates into the notion that he's at HIGH RISK." I remarked

"Travis and I were at high risk, too, Barry. Thankfully, we found our way into your heart before either of us launched ourselves into a search. Either Travis or I could have found ourselves in the hotbed of disease and abuse that is to be found at Homo-Heights."

David remarked.

"It's the darker side of our community, I guess. So many poor souls, who live only for the next feelings...just raw sex. It's that facet of our community that the media loves to latch onto. It allows them to paint us, as a community, as a bunch of freaks. They don't, and perhaps never will, understand that Gays are largely invisible. We go about our business, pay our taxes...and except for our sexual preference, live our lives like anyone else." I philosophized.

"All the more reason not to allow Danny to fall into that category, Barry." David said.

"You're right, as usual, David. I'm just conflicted about engaging Danny sexually. He's damned good at it, don't get me wrong, but I fear that he'll begin to think himself part of the relationship that you, Travis and I share exclusively." I commented

"Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, Barry." Danny needs to part of a relationship, however. Perhaps we should consider having sex with him, not a matter of intimacy but a matter of educating him, and at the same time protecting him." David advised.

I nodded in agreement.

"Travis and I had this same conversation last night, as we cleaned up the house and prepared everything for the night." David said.

"You did?" I asked.

"Yes, we decided that if your engaging Danny sexually protects him, it's worthwhile." David said.

"Just me? What about you and Travis?" I countered.

"If he expresses such a desire...we're open to the idea. You were our mentor, sexually, Barry. Travis and I feel that you'd be equally good at bringing Danny along. We agreed to set aside any notion of sexual exclusivity if it protects Danny from what he might otherwise find as an alternative." David said.

David went on:

"You said yourself that you couldn't bear to see Danny on his death bed with HIV-AIDS...well Travis and I couldn't bear that either. If he wound up there because we denied him a sexual outlet, we'd feel responsible for any such eventuality."

I nodded once more, then turned and kissed David passionately.

"I love you, David. You don't know how my soul aches when you're absent." I said.

"Believe me, Barry...I know. My heart aches when I'm away from you and Travis also." David assured me.

He continued:

"I think that, given Danny's intense desire for sex, we should all participate in a way that makes his sexual experience so intense, he loses any desire to seek out any alternative. Travis and I discussed that, as we shut the spa down and scraped the grill last night." David said.

"Makes sense, always make sense." I suggested.

David laughed:

"Except in my own situation, Barry. I am neither wise nor objective in my own circumstance, that's why I turn to you for I have since I first met you."

Travis and Danny returned from their chores in the kitchen to join us in the den.

"Danny is a good worker, Barry. He really helped a lot in the kitchen." Travis said.

"Thanks Danny, you're our guest, so I especially appreciate your willingness to help." I complimented Danny.

"No Problem. I'm the youngest, at home; I get stuck with doing most of the chores. I'm used to it." Danny said.

"I see. Well, we don't want you to feel put upon, here, Danny. As I said, you are our guest." I reinforced.

"I'm glad to help, Barry. I want to be part of all this." Danny responded.

"You are, Danny, you're our friend, and at a very special level. We love you very much and you are a part of all be comfortable and consider yourself at home." David said.

" really mean it?" Danny asked.

"Of course, Danny. You don't think we'd let Barry have sex with just anyone, do you?" Travis added.

"Wow!" Danny said.

"Danny, we do love you. We love you very much. We want to teach you much about your body, how it all works, how to have the best-ever sexual experiences and to embrace you in our love. You are a very special friend, and we'll do things for you we wouldn't do for anyone else. I hope you will appreciate that...but don't amplify it into more than a special friendship, OK?" I said.

"Like you said, Barry, one step at a time." Danny observed.

I smiled.

"Barry?" Danny asked.

"Yes, sweet boy." I answered

"Do I cum enough?" Danny asked.

"You sure do, Danny, you cum in generous quantities. Why do you ask?" I responded

"Well, Beau and my other brothers cum a lot more than I do...I just thought maybe my ball aren't big enough or something." Danny suggested.

"Well, first of all, Danny, you need to understand that most of your ejaculate...that's your cum...doesn't originate from your balls. When you ejaculate...or cum as we say, the vast majority of that cum is delivered from your seminal vesicles, your prostate and, with a little help from your Cowper's glands, which deliver that clear sticky lubricant called pre-cum. You balls do deliver sperm and some supporting fluid to the ejaculatory duct to mix there with the other fluids to become semen...or cum. So the size of your balls is really irrelevant. You do, however, Danny, have quite nice-sized balls, even on the high side of normal. I have an orchidometer somewhere, which is a reference chart that doctors use to check boys as they proceed through puberty to estimate the normality of a boys balls, or testicles...which is the more corrects term. I'll find it later, Danny, and we'll check out your testicles. I think you'll see you're developing quite well ahead of schedule. There's nothing to worry about. As for the volume of your ejaculate, it's fine too. Indeed, I'd say you ejaculate as much as most adults, certainly as much as I do." I instructed.

"Really?" Danny asked.

"Absolutely, Danny, you really cum a certainly filled my mouth with it several times during your nocturnal emission, last night." Travis added, assuringly.

"Nocturn..." Danny observed.

"It means wet dream, Danny. You had a whopper last night. It was delicious, too." I said with a big smile

Danny smiled widely saying:

"You're welcome. Did you really think it tasted delicious?" Danny asked.

"It really did, Danny. That seems to be a trait that you share with Travis. His cum is really sweet too. We haven't decided exactly why. All cum has over thirty constituent chemicals in it. Among them are two or three sugars, including sorbitol, sucrose, and fructose. We can't determine why Travis' cum has a higher than normal amount of those sugars, but it does. Travis' cum has the normal tang that cum has, but it is, at the same time, quite sugary or sweet. You seem to be in the same league with Travis, Danny. Your cum is both plentiful and sweet...delicious!" I repeated.

" cum is like Travis' huh?" Danny observed.

"Yes, it is, Danny. Like Travis, your cum is quite delicious." I said assuringly.

"Travis, can I taste your cum later...PLEASE?" Danny asked.

"I suppose so, if Barry doesn't mind. Everything about me belongs to Barry." Travis advised.

Danny turned to me:

"Can I, Barry?"

"I suppose so. Not now, but when the time is right. step at a time." I replied.

"OK" Danny replied.

"So, don't worry about the volume of your ejaculate, Danny, most of the boys your age would love to be able to do as well." Travis told Danny.

"Really?" Danny asked.

"Sure, I'd say you do as well as the guy on wikipedia." Travis said.

"That's correct, Danny. I hadn't thought of that, but I'd agree with Travis. You do produce as much as the guy on wikipedia." I agreed.

"What guy is that?" Danny asked.

"Well, it'd probably easier to show you than to describe it to you." I said

I turned to Travis:

Fire up the computer, Travis and get that clip ready...let's's faster to just Google

wikipedia will take you right to it, without wading through their usual menu.

Quickly, Travis had pulled up the video clips in question:

"See, Danny, there are two clips here. The first is of a 27 year old guy ejaculating. The second, further down the page appears to be of a teenage boy ejaculating. Although the clip says he's over 21...he may be now, but I'd bet he wasn't when the clip was made."

Travis started the first clip.

"Whoa! I cum that much?" Danny asked.

"You sure do." I assured him.

Travis played the second clip.

"I know I cum more than that guy...he does have a pretty dick though." Danny observed.

"Yours is prettier, Danny. It's perfectly formed and proportioned correctly against your torso and your's a work of art." I announced.

Danny lifted his penis to take a better look at it:

"I guess so."

"No guessing about it, Danny. Your penis is perfect. Michelangelo could not have made it more beautiful. Ganymede gave you the perfect penis. Your erections are great, too, Danny. They are very firm, and your glans swells nicely as you cum and your meatus opens well to deliver you cum. Your entire system works very well. Your cum is milky, as it should be, which would suggest that your prostate is delivering it's fluid generously as well. Stop worrying about any of it, your penis is perfect and you cum by the shot glass full. You're exceptional." Travis said.

"My prostrate?" Danny asked ofr clarification.

"Prostate, sweetie, not prostrate. Prostrate is a term that refers to lying flat, usually on your stomach. Prostate is a gland in your abdomen that is part of your sperm delivery system. It also contributes to your ejaculate its own prostatic fluid. It is the prostatic fluid that gives cum its milky appearance." Yours appears to be working quite nicely. If you want me to milk it later, to see how much fluid we can get it to deliver, we can do that too." I said.

"How? I thought it is inside me?" Danny asked.

"It is, sweetie, it rests against the wall of your rectum. It can be felt and even milked by inserting a finger up your butt and applying massage to it." I instructed.

"Cool, Barry. Will you do it for me later?"

"Sure." I said.

"Is that why I shot cum up like a fountain when you fucked me, Barry?" Danny asked.

"Exactly...the penis massages the prostate during anal sex, Danny. But its presence against the prostate applies pressure, at the same time such that, sometimes it actually prevents the ejaculation until the penis is removed." I said.

"That why, when you pulled your dick out of me I shot cum way high" Danny concluded.

"That's right, sweetie." I replied.

"OK, you two, hush're making me horny as Hell." Travis interjected

Danny and I laughed in unison.

"I bet we can fix that, Baby." I said to Travis with a coy smile.

"I bet I can help too." Danny added.

"I wouldn't be surprised, Danny. You seem to know what you're doing." Travis remarked.

"I'm learning." Danny replied.

"Well, let's save the next lesson for after lunch. I've got my laps to do." Travis said.

"Laps?" Danny queried.

"Yeah, sweetie, Travis stays in shape with his swimming. Remember, I told about his swimming the other day at Trey, when I was telling Trey the story of how Ganymede brought Travis to me." I reminded Danny.

"You want to join me, Danny?" Travis suggested.

"Won't the water be cold?" Danny asked.

"No, Barry had a solar heater installed shortly after I came here to live with him. It won't be like summertime water temperatures...but it will be just cool enough to be stimulating, yet warm enough to feel good." Travis explained.

"I'll have to stay in the shallow end, Travis. I can't swim." Danny said.

"Would you like to learn?" Travis said.

"I don't have anyone to teach me. None of us brothers can swim...not even Beau. Dad can swim, but he's never taught any of us." Danny said.

"Well, if you'll trust me to, I'll be happy to teach you, Danny. What do you say?" Travis asked.

"Well..." Danny started, then turned to me

I nodded.

"Well...OK!" Danny exclaimed.

"GREAT!" Travis replied.

"We'll be in the pool, Barry." Travis said, taking Danny by the hand and leading him out of the room.

"I'll join you, shortly. I'll clean up the kitchen, then I'll bring some fresh coffee for us." I said.

Two remarkably beautiful butts were on full display to me. One belonged to my wonderful Travis, the other to our new young friend, Danny, as they made their way to the anteroom and to the pool.

David, watching this same vision, remarked:

"What a beautiful sight!"

"It sure is." I agreed.

David and I spent the time required to clean up the kitchen, load the dishwasher and the rest. The, as I was bent over to set the wash and dry options on the dishwasher, I felt David's penis sliding into my butt crack.

"I know, Baby, we didn't enjoy each other last night...shall we make up for it now?" I suggested.

"Please...let's do" David responded, as he pressed his penis deeper into my butt crack

I turned to face David and went to my knees. I took David's balls into my hands and gently kneaded them as I used my tongue to lick his erect penis at its frenulum, simultaneously. He responded immediately:

"God,'re still the best...the absolute best."

"That's cause you love me, Baby, and the experience takes on a whole new dimension. Same with me...I guess same with us all. I'll accept the compliment, though." I smiled, as I resumed my activity at David's penis and balls.

His erect penis became even more swollen as I worked on it. He was having a good time.

His breathing became slow and heavy. He was moving toward ejaculation.

To interrupt us, Danny appeared.

"Hey Travis says `Where's that coffee?"

"Whoa...SORRY...I didn't mean to...
Danny apologized.

David pointed at the coffee pot.

Danny went to it and began to fill two cups that he had taken from the cupboard. He continued to watch David and I in our interplay as he filled the cups:

"God, you two are really HOT!"

David nodded.

Take the coffee to Travis, Danny. I'll save you a taste of David, if he says it's OK." I suggested.

David nodded and said:


"I didn't think of that, baby." OK." I said.

"Wait Danny." I stopped him from leaving.

Danny stopped in his tracks.

"David want to share his essence with you and Travis." I said.

"Essence?" Danny asked.

"His cum, sweetie." I answered.

"Cool!" Danny remarked.

"Bring the cups here." I instructed.

Danny approached and stood next to me, still on my knees.

"I'm going to take the first mouthful, then I'm going to point David's penis at the two cups, one at a time. He'll shoot his cum into them. It's what we call cummichino. You'll like gives the coffee a unique taste...the taste of David..." I was explaining

David interrupted:

"Better hurry, Barry, I'm ready." David said, as I had continued to massage his balls and penis.

Quickly, I took him back into my mouth. He filled it instantly with his hot essence. I slid his glorious penis out of my mouth, leaving a string of his cum from my lips to his glans, as I repositioned it for the cummichino.

David shot a plentiful amount of his precious cum into each cup. His abdomen convulsed with each of his ejaculatory spasms...all eleven of them. David placed his hands upon each of my shoulders during his ejaculation, as he was weak-kneed from the experience.

"Wow! He really cums a bunch, doesn't he?" Danny observed, as the last of David's cum dripped forth from his meatus into one of the cups.

"Want to see how to get every drop, Danny?" I asked.

"Sure!" Danny replied.

David knew what to do. He spread his legs widely for me.

I reached up to his anus and gently inserted my index finger, then I removed it to the start of his perineum and applying gentle pressure, traced my finger along his urethra, pushing David's remaining cum along its path to his meatus to drip along with the rest, into the cup.

"Cool!" Danny remarked.

"What's with the coffee?" Travis said, as he, too entered the room."

"David thought you'd like some cummichino." I said.

"I sure would. Can I add mine to the recipe?" Travis suggested.

"Me too!" Danny said, as if begging.

"OK, OK" I said.

I continued:

"First. Danny, would you like this final taste of David? See the cum on the tip of his penis? Then you can't say you never tasted him." I said.

I looked up at David.

David, his hands still resting on my shoulders, nodded.

Danny handed the coffee cups to Travis and approached. He went to his knees and placed the head of David's penis into his mouth. He sucked and licked at it until he had taken David's cum into him.

"Damn! He's good,'re delicious, too." Danny observed, looking up at David.

David only nodded.

"OK, stand on one side and Danny on the other. I'll try to use each of my hands to masturbate you and you can cum into the cups, just like David did. OK?"

"This will be GREAT!" Danny said.

I masturbated each of them. As I had promised, though I know my left hand didn't deliver as smooth an experience for Travis and my right hand was fulfilling in Danny.

Soon, I was watching both their scrotums retract. Danny, ever the joker said:

"Bet I cum first!"

"Go ahead." Travis said, almost in a whisper.

Danny did cum first. He produced a copious amount of cum, which I directed into each of the cups. I left Danny dripping cum from his meatus as Travis blasted his sweet cum into the mix. Travis' cum swirled about in the coffee; it was delivered at such force. He too, was left dripping from his meatus.

"My turn, now, Danny. You tasted me." David proclaimed.

"NO Problem, David". Danny said, lifting his penis for David's access.

Danny went on:

"I haven't tasted Travis yet, so then I want to taste that for me Travis." Danny pleaded.

"I will." Travis replied.

Danny remained in placed, his penis lifted to David, its glans still gleaming with Danny's cum. David went to his knees and licked at Danny's cum, finally taking Danny's penis into his mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmm...David your tongue is hot" Danny proclaimed

David placed a hand between Danny's legs and motioned for Danny to spread his legs.

Danny didn't understand this cue, so I interjected:

"Spread your legs for him, Baby."

"Oh...the last drop...right?" Danny replied, as he spread his legs.

"Right, sweetie." I replied.

David traced Danny's cum along his urethra and into his mouth. He slowly removed Danny's penis from his mouth and as it glistened with David's saliva-cum mixture said:

"You really have sweet cum, Danny, really sweet."

"Thanks David, I'm glad you think so. Now, I want to taste Travis." Danny demanded.

"OK, Danny, better hurry. I can't hold this much longer." Travis said. He had been squeezing his penis to withhold the residual cum in it until Danny was ready.

Danny went to Travis, returned to his knees and opened his mouth. The residual cum that Travis had been holding for Danny was now under enough pressure that even before Danny had taken Travis' penis into his mouth, the cum shot into it as soon as Travis released the pressure he had been holding upon his penis. Danny placed a hand on either of Travis' butt cheeks and pulled Travis' penis deeply into himself.

David and I looked at each other, struck by Danny's instincts regarding pulling Travis deeply into himself. When we turned back to Travis, he was looking at us. He shrugged in demonstration of his own surprise at Danny's prowess.

Finally, Danny removed Travis from his mouth.

"Damn, They weren't kidding, Travis, your cum is sweet...damned sweet." Danny declared.

"Thanks, Danny." Travis replied.

Travis continued:

"Now, shall we take our mean our cummichino back to the pool and continue with your swimming lessons?"

"OK." Danny said.

As Danny and Travis left the room, David looked down at my raging erection and remarked:

"I see you're still happy to see me."

I smiled and nodded

"May I?" David asked, as he motioned for me to stand up and he went to his knees.

"Please!" I declared.

David licked my pre-cum into his mouth and stopped briefly to speak:

"Barry, you don't know how I miss you and Travis while I'm in Italy. If I can just survive another 6 months, I'll be home for good. I can't wait."

"We'll be waiting on you, David. Travis and I are equally anxious...believe me." I replied.

David slowly took my penis back into his mouth and began running his tongue around my penis. My passion was raised, instantly to the usual high level that David had first evoked in me all those many years ago, when we were first together.

"God, David, Ganymede himself must have taught you how to get me this hot." I proclaimed.

With a mouth full of me, David couldn't reply. He continued his expert fellatio upon my happy penis.

I could feel my insides swelling up in anticipation of my ejaculatory release.

David could feel my testicles retract and knew my time was now. He slowed down his fellatio rate and awaited my ejaculation. His timing was, as always, perfect. As he retracted my penis such that only my glans was still inside his hot mouth, I exploded into him. He sucked gently against my ejaculation so as to let none of it escape his mouth.

The fireworks were exquisite. I was reeling and had to lean back against the counter to continue standing, unassisted.

I relished in spasm after spasm until I finally felt my cum begin to subside.

Finally, David swallowed the last of my cum and slowly removed my penis from his mouth.

"God, Barry...I miss this so much. I miss our intimacies. I miss the restful sleep with you and with Travis. I get neither in Italy. You and Travis have become what I live for." David declared.

"I understand, perfectly, sweet David." I answered.

"I know you do, Barry. You've always told me that I...and Travis too, are the reason you live and that we are the reward you receive for doing so. I understand that now more than ever. Being apart from you and Travis have driven that truth home to me like nothing else could have done." David explained.

" know that the three of us are ONE. We have been so, now, for a long time. Travis and I pine for you all the time when you're gone. We too, must make it through the next 6 months till you come home to us." I assured him.

"What we have is utterly unique, Barry. The three of us... We are, as you suggested, ONE! It's marvelous. Normally, two persons can't make a relationship last, much less three. Now, Ganymede has sent us Danny, whom I already accept as something of an adopted son. He shows no appetite for affection or real love, but he's a sexual tiger, and one who needs guidance, lest he wind up like Bryan and Sam. I think we must provide that guidance, Barry. Without it there's no way of knowing what might become of him. The same was true of me when you first took me under wing. We must help him." David explained.

"I agree, Lover. Danny's situation is quite different...still; we'll do what we can. I agree, we can't risk what might happen to him if we don't involve ourselves with him. I too, have become quite fond of the little guy in the short time we've known him. As for adopted son, well...that will be more up to him than to us. We must what develops. He may quickly tire of us and move on. Affection-wise, I think he tries to show it in his own way. He's never been exposed to too much physical affection, so we must shower him with it and see if he responds to it favorably... or if he resists it. He cuddled up in my arms the other day at Trey like a baby. He was sweet and I know it's in him. We have to figure out how to draw it out of him." I commented.

"He slept in your arms, Barry. I did the same when we first met...Hell, I still do. Beau said that Danny has never done that with anyone. You still have the magic, Barry. You always have." David complimented.

"Thank you, sweetheart. I agree, we mustn't let Danny conclude that love and sex are the same thing, or he'll be in for a miserable life. What is it that Fogelberg sings in his song Make Love Stay ...I began

David jumped in:

"Moments fleet taste so sweet within the rapture, when precious flesh is greedily consumed...but mystery's a thing not easily captured, and once deceased, not easily exhumed."



"That's Right, David. You've always remembered our song, haven't you?" I remarked

"Of course, Lover, Those words are emblazoned into my mind...punctuated by the inconsolable crying of that tenor sax and violins underpinning them." David replied.

"David, my Lover, my Maestro... you're so right about that sax and those violins. You especially would appreciate the fact." I remarked.

David slowly stood up, placed his arms around me and kissed me passionately.

I returned that kiss with all the love and passion within me.

We remained in each other's arms for a while before we were, once more, interrupted.

"Hey, You Guys! Come watch! I can swim!" Danny exclaimed, still dripping wet from the pool.

"GREAT, Danny! We'll be right there!" David replied.

Danny turned and ran for the anteroom. Water dripped from his flaccid penis onto the floor. I turned to David:

"Go ahead, Baby, I'll be there as soon as I wipe this up." I said.

As I was drying the floor, the phone rang. I knew it had to be Beau. It was:

"Barry, I'm home. Would you like me to come and pick up Danny? I hope he wasn't too much trouble." Beau began our telephone conversation.

"Nonsense. We love having him. The three of us have become very fond of Danny, we really have. He has been no trouble whatsoever. In fact, we have a surprise for you. Travis is teaching Danny to swim. Danny is so pleased with am I." I said.

"No Shit...Oh...I mean...NO KIDDING...That's wonderful. He'll be the only one of us who knows how to swim." Beau said.

"That's too bad, Beau. I would have thought that your Dad would have taught you." I suggested.

"He can't swim either". Beau laughed.

"I see. Well, in any case, Danny seems to have taken to it like a fish. In fact, he's waiting on me to come and let him demonstrate what he's learned so far." I explained.

"Tell him I'm really proud of him, Barry. So...should I pick him up and get him out of your hair?" Beau repeated.

"I planned to bring him home later this afternoon, Beau...but, I have an idea if you'll agree." I began to explain

"What?" Beau asked.

"We'll be having lunch in an hour or so, why don't you join us. Danny can show off his newly acquired swimming skills and impress you accordingly, then after lunch, you can take him home. I have to confess, however, that the three of us are already beginning to regard this as home for Danny as well. Perhaps it can be his home away from home. We really love having him here, Beau, and you can always rest knowing he's safe, fed, and well protected with us." I said.

"Great, Barry. I'd love to see the little guy swim. I bet the twins would too." Beau replied.

"Bring them along, if you want, Beau. We`ll have plenty to eat, it's not a problem." I said.

"Are you sure?" Beau asked.

"Absolutely!" I said.

"It could be more than you's sometimes overwhelming when we're all together." Beau warned me.

"We'll deal with it." I assured him.

"OK, if you're sure... we'll see you shortly." Beau said, as he hung up the phone.

I went and announced the visit from the twins and from Beau. Danny didn't seem pleased.

"What's wrong, Danny. You'll be able to show your brothers what you've learned so far. You've got them beat...they can't swim at all." I said gleefully.

"Yeah, but now the twins will know where you live, Barry. I don't want them butting in. I really don't want to share this with them." Danny replied.

"Don't worry, Danny, you won't. You're our special friend; you don't share that with anyone. I'm sorry, it didn't occur to me that you would not want them here." I apologized.

"I don't mind Beau...but the twins!" Danny remarked

What a dolt I am, I scolded myself silently. David picked up on my guilt trip and jumped in:

"Don't worry, Danny, you have a special place in our hearts. Like Barry said, you will never share that place with anyone. So, we'll have a fun picnic and that will be that. See how much more Travis can teach you before they arrive, you'll impress them all the more."

"Come on, Danny, let's see if you can get the backstroke down before they arrive." Travis said.

Danny went to Travis and laid across Travis' arms, belly up...his adorable penis waving at me from its place at the water's surface.

I went to David and said:

"I feel like a moron."

"Nonsense, Lover. It will be fun and Danny will leave knowing he still has his special place with us." David said with a smile.

I nodded and said:

"Well, rather than making sandwiches, let's just order in a bunch of and chips and soft drinks, all around...would that be OK?" I suggested.

"Sure." David said.

I called out to Danny:

"What do you and your brothers like on your pizza?"

We like everything...we never get it, except when Beau gets paid, but we get the has everything on it." Danny replied.

When I finished ordering the pizza and drinks and chips I returned to find Danny doing the backstroke, as Trey had just taught him. I was impressed with this little guy. He feared neither man not beast. Anything Travis asked him to do, he did without a moment's hesitation.

"What a remarkable boy." I thought aloud to David.

"He is, indeed." David replied.

I called out to Travis:

"I had no idea you were such a good instructor!"

"Thanks, Barry, but I've got to admit, Danny is completely comfortable in the water, he takes right to it. It's easy to teach such a willing student." Travis replied.

I nodded back to Travis, as the doorbell rang.

"Your brothers are here, Danny. Shall I let them in?" I called to him, jokingly

"I'll do it. Danny said as he quickly got out of the pool."

"This time, dry yourself off." I laughed.

"OK". Danny replied, as he grabbed a towel and headed for the anteroom.

David and I watched from the anteroom, as Danny opened the door widely, apparently not concerned with who might be on the street to see his glorious nakedness.

"Get in here, you guys...and get naked...I'll take you to meet the guys." Danny said, as he welcomed them into what he clearly understood to be his home.

"Seriously, we can be naked here?" One of the brothers asked.

"Hell yes, hurry up". Danny ordered, as Beau watched with a smile.

David and I watched as Beau and the twins stripped, and placed their clothing on the credenza.

"My God, Barry, it must be some quirk of DNA...they are all gorgeous...absolutely stunning!" David whispered to me.

"I've never seen anything like it, that's for sure. Not in the same family... you're right, they are all beautiful." I replied in my own whisper.

Soon, Danny returned with his brothers, but it was Beau who spoke up:

Travis was within earshot, sitting on the cool deck at the pool's edge.

"Travis, David, Barry; These are the twins: Cody & Connor. Now you've met us all. I've told them to be on their behavior...or else." Beau said.

"My God...they certainly are twins...I could never tell them apart. It's really quite remarkable! David remarked."

"Oh, it's simple if you where to look. You'd never tell them apart with their clothes on, that's for sure, him Cody." Beau instructed.

Coty lifted his penis and turned it to the side. Sure enough, there was a small dark beauty mark, like a tiny mole, on the shaft of his penis. It was adorable in its own rite.

Connor repeated his brother's action to show us he had no such beauty mark.

"This is really cool...Great House...and we can be naked and everything." Cody observed.

"You sure can, boys, and we'll have some pizza shortly. I hope you're hungry." I remarked.

"Oh I thought you were making sandwiches, Barry. I hope you didn't go to a bunch of trouble. Can I help pay for the pizza?" Beau asked.

"You may not! You are our guests. It's our treat. I do appreciate that you are so responsible, though, Beau." I replied.

Travis called out to Danny:

"Let's show them what you've learned, Danny!"

"OK" Danny said as he dove into the pool, as Travis had taught him.

The brothers all went slack jawed at seeing Danny dive into the pool.

When Danny came back to the surface, Travis said:

"OK, Danny, swim to me."

Danny complied. When Danny arrived at Travis's front, Travis took Danny into his arms in a hug:

"Good Job, Danny!" Travis called out.

Beau applauded loudly, and motioned for the twins to do likewise, which they reluctantly did.

Travis said:

"OK Danny, let's see that backstroke."

As Danny began his backstroke, Travis followed along beside him, just in case he might panic.

Beau turned to David and me as Danny was doing his backstroke. He welled up with tears and said:

"Where were you guys when I was Danny's age?"

David's and my own heart broke immediately.

I extended my arms to embrace Beau. He moved to me and, more than embrace me; he placed a hand on each of my cheeks and kissed me sweetly on my lips. He moved to do the same for David.

"I can't thank you enough for all you've done for Danny. No wonder he loves you guys so much." Beau attested.

The twins were quite taken aback at seeing Beau's obvious display of affection for David and myself. Neither said a word, but it was obvious that they were impressed.

"Would you guys like to get into the pool?" Travis called out to the twins.

"We can't swim." Connor called back.

"Three hours ago, your brother, Danny, couldn't either. Would you like to begin to learn?" Travis offered.

Coty looked to Beau:

"Can we Beau? Can we?"

"Sure. Just do what Travis tells you. Don't try more than he shows you. I don't want you to panic in the might never get in again." Beau said in a stern voice.

"The water is warm, Beau." Cody remarked as his balls sank into the pool.

"All the better, huh?" Beau replied.

I turned Beau to face me and wiped the tears from his cheeks:

"I'm sorry Beau." I said.

"Whatever for?" Beau asked.

I'm sorry that Ganymede didn't bring you to us, when we could have helped the most." I apologized.

"I think he left me where I was to be there for my brothers." Beau replied.

"I'm sure you're right, Beau. It's apparent they regard you with the utmost respect." I complimented.

Beau smiled widely and replied:

"Yes, and they know I'll kick their little asses if they get out of line, too."

I smiled back with a nod.

"You're quite a remarkable fellow, Beau. I'm impressed with you, very much. I'm very glad that we've gotten to know you." I said.

"I concur" David added.

"Likewise, guys, that damned Tornado Warning may be the best thing to happen in our lives ever. Without it, Danny, and now the rest of us might never have met you guys." Beau said.

Travis continued his efforts with the twins. Cody was now lying across Travis' arms, his cute little butt on full display.

"We'd better put some suntan lotion on the twins. I see Travis and Danny are already all greased up. David and I have been under the awning, so we're OK." I suggested, just as the doorbell rang.

"Pizza's here" I said.

"I'll get it, Barry." Beau said.

"I left the money, including the delivery charge and tip all in cash on the credenza, Beau." I said.

Beau went to the front door and opened it enough to see the delivery kid. The delivery boy had a stack of pizzas to high for Beau to juggle, but Beau was more concerned with paying the kid. He had to step to the credenza to get the money, fully exposing himself to the delivery boy.

"Sorry...I hope I'm not grossing you out. We're all having a swim in the backyard at the moment." Beau explained.

"Not at all, mister. I'm a guy too, you know. I know what a naked man looks like. Where would you like me you put the pizzas?" The delivery boy asked.

"Here on the credenza, please." Beau answered.

As he placed the pizza boxes, chips, and drinks on the credenza, I could see the delivery boy looking through the windows in the anteroom to see Travis and the boys, all naked, in the pool, except Danny, who was sitting on the pool's edge, all his equipment in full view, also.

"Damn! I wish I could join you guys...looks like fun." The delivery boy said.

"I'm sure you'd be welcome. The guys who live here are very welcoming. I'm just a guest."

The delivery boy took the cash, without even counting it, and put it in his pouch.

"Thanks for the offer, but I've got to get back to work, or I'll be in big trouble." He told Beau.

"Perhaps, another time, then." Beau said.

"That would be great, thanks. Enjoy the pizzas" The delivery boy said as he left, still looking back over his shoulder at the goings on at the pool, as Beau closed the door behind him.

David and I took the goodies from the credenza and arranged it all on the table under the awning. We placed the plates and glasses and cooler full of crushed ice all at the ready for the boys.

"It's Soup!" David called out to them

"SOUP?" Connor asked

"Danny explained:

"It just means things are all ready, Connor. I've already learned that."

"COOL!" Connor called back.

Soon Travis and his new pupils were all at the table. Beau, David and I joined them.

"It's all casual boys, Emily Post is NOT here this afternoon, so dig in." I said.

Connor looked at Danny to explain that one, as well. I could see the question mark in Connor's eyes.

"Emily Post is an etiquette guru...she...oh Hell, never mind...Eat Up!" I said.

"Manja...Manja!" David added.

Danny looked at the twins and said:

"That's Italian for `Eat Up'!"

David turned and smiled at me.

I returned the smile with a nod.

The boys wasted no time consuming the pizzas. Indeed, they ate so ravenously, I worried that they weren't being fed properly at home. Beau observed me, in turn, observing the twins and spoke:

"Don't worry, Barry, they're always hungry. No matter how much you feed them, they can scarf down food like the Russians were in Ft. Worth, headed this way."

We all laughed.

We all sat there, enjoying the good food and each other's company. I continued to marvel at how exceptional it was to have all these boys, these siblings, each beautiful beyond words. It was uncanny.

After finishing their pizza Coty spoke up:

"Can you teach some more Travis?"

"Not just yet, Cody. We need to let our food settle a bit, first." Travis replied.

"Oh yeah...We'll get cramps and stuff if we don't wait a half hour, right?" Cody offered.

"Actually, that's an old wives tale, Cody. What's worse is that any strenuous exercise this soon after eating could cause you to become nauseous. You don't want to throw up in the pool do you?" Travis advised.

"Hell No!" Cody replied.

"Thanks!" I interjected.

We all laughed.

David spoke up:

So, it must really be something for you twins...I mean, except for the secret you shared with us, I can't imagine anyone being able to tell the two of you apart."

"Yeah, we have fun with it sometimes, especially at school. The teachers can't tell which one of us is actually sitting in class. They get really pissed, though, if they catch us tricking them." Connor explained.

" your language, now." Beau chided.

"It's OK, Beau. Let them feel at home and be themselves. If they really get carried away, you'll know what to do." I said to Beau.

"You heard him guys. If you get carried away, you know what will happen. Also, you'll never be able to come here again." Beau cautioned the boys.

"OK...OK!" Connor replied, as Cody nodded in agreement.

The twins continued to tell stories about the many times they have been mistaken for each other, and the hilarity created. We laughed at their stories, and even Danny egged them on to tell stories that he felt were particularly funny.

Travis finally spoke up:

"OK, guys, I think we can get back in the water, now."

He went on:

"It's getting to the hottest time of the day, though, Get Barry to put some suntan lotion on you both, first."

"Yeah, Barry is a real master with the lotion, boys, you'll enjoy it, especially around your anus and your genitals." Beau offered.

The twins looked at each other, their eyes got big and they hurried to stand where I pointed, to await the lotion.

David began clearing the table while I began applying the lotion to the twins. I moved back and forth between them to apply the lotion to their backs, butts, and legs. Then I began working on the front of them. I applied lotion to their faces, ears, and necks. Then I began moving down their chests and torsos, to arrive at their glorious genitals.

"OK, guys, spread you legs for me, please." I requested.

I massaged the lotion into each of their anuses and along each of their perineum.

"Damn! That does feel good!" Connor remarked.

"Do me next" Cody requested.

"I'll be right with you, Cody. Let me finish with your brother's penis and balls since I'm here, already." I said.

"OK, hurry." Cody asked again.

As I began massaging lotion into Connor's penis, it became, expectedly erect.

Cody reacted similarly. Now they were both hard.

"It feels great! Thanks. I may need to cum, now. Cody said

"Me too." Connor advised.

"The cool water should help with that boys. If not, cum into the leaf skimmer over there." I said, and pointed to it.

"OK." Connor replied.

"I can't wait. I'm gonna cum right now." Cody offered.

"OK. Let me throw this towel down here for you to shoot onto." I said.

Cody blew his cum onto the towel in generous quantity. It glistened in the afternoon sun.

Seeing his brother unload, Connor reacted in sympathy. He too shot his cum to mingle with his brother's on the towel.

It seemed that the twins shared their younger brother's capacity for packing a big load.

I heard Beau's voice:

"I figured you guys would have to cum. I almost did too, the other time I was here. Barry's really good with that lotion, isn't he?"

"Damned Sure Is!" Cody responded.

I was amazed at how casual Beau was with the twin's cumming, as they did. I guess they really are accustomed to getting each other off and seeing each other cum. How amazing! I thought to myself.

"OK, you're both greased up...back into the water with you." I said.

The twins wasted no time complying with that instruction.

Danny was in Travis' arms, at the time, learning some other stroke, when the twins jumped in.

"My Turn!" Cody called out.

"OK, let me finish showing this technique first." Travis said.

"I call it the dolphin, Danny. You keep your hands at your sides and move through the water by bowing you back. Keep your legs together, now..." Travis explained.

David, Beau and I sat on the edge of the spa and watched Travis with the boys.

"He's gonna be one tired Dude, by the time we leave." Beau suggested about Travis.

"He loves the exercise, Beau. You're right, nonetheless, he'll sleep like a log." I chuckled.

It was sad to watch Beau and the boys getting dressed, later that afternoon, to leave for home. I was especially saddened to watch Danny getting dressed to leave. He seemed profoundly sad to be leaving, as well. I wished we could just keep him. I could see the expressions on the faces of David and Travis and knew they felt the same way.

When the time came, Beau waited at the front door for Danny to join him and the twins.

Danny said:

"Let me give the guys a hug, first."

"Of course!, in fact, I'd like to give them hugs too." Beau replied.

Danny approached me and put his arms around me affectionately. He bade me to bend a little so he could kiss my lips. When he had done so, he looked into my eyes and said:

"Can I please come back sometime?"

My heart was crushed.

"Of course you can, Danny. You're always welcome here, and we want you here as often as possible...with Beau's permission, of course." I replied.

Beau chuckled and interjected:

"That would be a first...Danny waiting on my permission to do anything."

"Seriously, Beau. Danny's welcome here anytime. We'll come get him, if it's not convenient for you to bring him. I mean it, sincerely." I advised.

"I'm touched that you've taken to the little guy as you have. He loves you guys like I've never known him to love anyone. I'll do my best to get him here as often as possible. I may well have to take you up on the offer to pick him up, though." Beau said.

"AND WE WILL, TOO!" Travis interjected.

Danny went to Travis, next and delivered the same hug and kiss.

"Thanks for teaching me to swim, Travis. I love you."

I could see that Travis was going to cry. He choked back the tears long enough to say:

"I love you too, Danny. You get your butt back here as soon as you can...I have a lot more to teach you."

Danny went and delivered his sweetness to David:

"Thanks for cooking and everything, David. I love you."

David was welling up, as well.

"I have something special in mind for next time, Danny. You get back here for it before I leave for Italy or I'll really be sad...I love you, too, Danny, you remind me of myself in many ways."

David concluded with a strong and protracted hug for Danny.

Beau gave us each a hug, as well and took Danny by the hand to lead him to the door.

It broke my heart. I wanted, desperately, to stop him from taking our precious little Danny away.

We walked to the front door and watched them get into the car and drive off.

Danny continued to wave back at us until they were out of sight.

Reluctantly we closed the door, before someone might see us in the buff, standing in the doorway.

We remained silent, the three of us, until finally David spoke up:

"I'll make us a drink. I think we each need one."

-------------------------------END PT 5 Tornado Warning----------------------------------