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David returned with our drinks to find Travis and me snuggled up on the sofa.

David broke the silence:

"Well, forget about my perception that Danny was strictly a sexual tiger. He showed us that he is an affectionate little guy, as well. His hugs and "I love you" really tugged at my heart."

"I think he really touched us all with his loving departure, David. I was ready to run after Beau and take our Danny back from him." I replied.

"That's strange, Barry. That's exactly what I wanted to do, as well." Travis confessed.

"He's truly a remarkable young man. I'm impressed with him. I think we've each developed enough love for him that seeing him leave was especially difficult. I know it was for me." I concluded.

"Me too." Travis said.

"Me three" David added.

"It seemed hard for him too, Barry. Did you see the sad expression on his face when he left? I know he didn't want to leave...not at all." Travis observed.

"I know, Travis, I know." I agreed.

"I'll have trouble sleeping, not knowing if he's safe and fed and warm." David stated.

"He knows how to call, if anything really crazy happens. I'm sure Beau will watch over him." I said.

"Beau has to work, you know." Travis reminded me.

"Tonight?" I asked.

"I don't know." Travis confessed.

"I wish I had told Danny to call us each night before he goes to bed." I said with regret.

We continued to sit there, snuggling with each other, but remaining largely silent...lost in our thoughts about our precious Danny.

After enough time had passed, it occurred to me:

"Guys, are you hungry? We haven't eaten since lunch." I remarked.

"Not me." David said.

"I'm not either, but thanks, Barry." Travis added.

"Well, then, let's have another drink and then we can shower for bed." I suggested.

"My turn to play the bartender." Travis said, as he rose to collect our glasses.

"It's just that Danny reminds me so much of my own travails at his age...abusive father, absence of paternal affection...the whole unhappy business." David offered without solicitation.

"We must be careful as to our assumptions, David. Danny's situation is quite different from what you went through. You had no loving and caring siblings, Danny has Beau, who clearly cares for him and loves him very much. So, Danny has a buffer between his father and himself. Also, we've only heard Danny's side of this story. What boy in his early teens doesn't resent his father for any discipline or rules imposed upon him? Danny, and his brothers are not emaciated, they are well dressed, and seem to be in good health. From the radiant smiles they, each, blessed us with...well, someone is taking care of their dental needs as well. So, we need to reserve judgment on the father until we better understand the situation. We have quickly come to love Danny, and rightly so, as he compels one to love him...still we need to take a wait and see attitude, while being here for Danny, at the same time." I suggested.

"I miss him." David said.

"I do too." Travis called out from the kitchen.

"I know. I miss him very much as well. He's a sweet little guy, and he wants so very much to be involved with us. As I said earlier, you can't know him and not love him. One of my biggest concerns is that he is not in school, and his father isn't compelling him to return. He's losing precious time...time he won't be able to make up. I'm not sure how, or even if, we can rectify that situation...but it's something that, if we really want to help him, we need to address." I said.

"You're right, Barry. How can we do that?" Travis offered, as he offered our refreshed drinks to us.

"I don't know. I need to give it some thought...I need to ask Beau why Danny dropped out in the first place...but, in the end, we need to get his adorable little butt back into school. I know, even that is meddling into affairs that are, strictly speaking, none of our business, but it's something we can encourage as friends who love him and are concerned for his future" I responded.

"How long has he been out of school, Barry?" David asked.

"I really don't know, David. I need to have this discussion with Beau." I said.

"Well, it's getting late. I suppose a nice hot shower would hit the spot, relax us and make us ready for a sound night's sleep." I suggested.

"I never have a problem sleeping, long as I have the sound of your heartbeat in my ear. I confess, however, that the boys wore me out BIG TIME, so I'll probably sleep like a dead person tonight." Travis offered with a chuckle.

"You didn't seem to have the same good luck with the twins, as you did with Danny." I observed.

"No, neither of them would relax for me. Guess neither of them trusts me enough yet. When you stiffen up in the water, it's hard to learn to swim. You must first learn to relax in the water. It's more difficult for some." Travis explained.

"I wish our little Danny were here, though." David said.

"In fact, next time, guys, we need to arrange a twin bed next to our bed so he can sleep in our presence without crowding our bed such that none of us will be comfortable. I don't want to sleep without my David again". I suggested.

"You're so sweet, Barry. Still, promise me that, once I return to Italy for my final 6 month stint, you'll let Danny sleep in my place with you and Travis." David requested.

"Of course, David. I will. I especially will since you wish it that way." I said.

As we walked toward the shower, the phone rang.

I answered the phone to find Beau at the other end:

"Hi Barry. It seems I have a tearful young guy here who wants to say goodnight to all of you, is it OK?" Beau asked.

"You bet it is, Beau, put him on...we miss him already." I said.

"OK, here he is." Beau said.

A sniffling, Hello? Opened Danny's call.

"Danny...God, how we miss you. We've talked about you and how much we all love you since the moment you walked out the door." I said.

"I couldn't stop crying, Barry, so Beau decided I better call you and tell you again that I love you and miss you." Danny said.

"I love you too, Danny. We'd give anything to have you here all the time. Travis and David both love you too. Never doubt for a minute that the three of us love you Danny." I assured him

"Tell them I love them too, OK?" Danny requested.

"Why not tell them yourself, Danny, they are both standing next to me waiting a chance to talk to you." I said.

"Really?" Danny asked.

"Of course, Danny, they wish you were here also." I insisted.

"I wish that too, Barry." Danny said.

"Here's Travis." I said, handing the phone to Travis.

"Danny! We miss you very much. I can't wait till you come back." Travis offered.

"I love you, Travis." Danny said.

"I love you, too, Danny. I really do...we all do. Please again as soon as you can, OK?" Travis said, welling up, once more with tears.

"I will." Danny said.

"Here's David, OK?" Travis said, choking back his emotions and handing the phone to David.

"Danny, we're so glad you called. We've been talking about you and how much we enjoyed having you with us. We wish you could always be with us." David explained.

"Me too." Danny responded.

"Don't be sad, Danny, our friendship has only just begun. We have many happy times ahead of us. Don't worry...we'll have you here as often as we possibly can. It's not the same here, now, without you." David assured him.

"I love you, David." Danny said.

David was tearing up now:

"I love you too, Danny. I love you very much. Barry and Travis love you very much too. We want you to be with us as much as they will allow it. Please don't be I said, our happy times together have only just mustn't be makes us all sad, too."

"OK" Danny said.

"Here's Barry again." David concluded.

"Danny, it was very thoughtful of you to call us to say goodnight. I hope you can do it every night. We'd all sleep better knowing that you are safe and sound at home. Can you do that?" I requested.

"Sure." Danny said.

"Great! It would be wonderful for the three of us to know that our Danny, whom we love without bounds, is asleep safe in his bed." I said.

"OK, Barry, I will. I love you very much." Danny said.

"I love you even more, Danny. The three of us do. Cheer up, now. We don't want to see you sad, like this." I said.

"OK, I'll try, Barry. I wish I could sleep next to you, before. It was wonderful." Danny said.

Now, I was tearing up:

"I'd like that too, Danny. It was very consoling to have you sleep next to me. I knew for sure where you were, and that you were safe. I'll not sleep as well, without you David said, we'll make sure you are here as much as possible. I promise, Danny...I'll talk to Beau about it...but we want you to be with us as much as possible...OK?" I said.

"I want to be there too, Barry." Danny offered.

"Don't be sad, then. We'll figure something out." I said.

"OK" Danny said.

He went on:

"I love you's Beau." Danny concluded.

"I love you too, Danny. Never doubt it." I concluded.

I didn't get a response, as Danny had handed the phone to Beau.

"I knew he'd cry himself to sleep, unless he got to call you. I hope it's OK." Beau said.

"Oh, of course, Beau. Please let him call every night. We'll sleep better too, knowing that he's OK." I suggested.

"I couldn't stop him if I wanted to, Barry. I'll encourage him to do so, though." Beau answered.

"Beau... I must tell you that, in the short time Danny was with us, he found his way into the hearts of the three of us. He's much loved here. We hope he can spend as much time here as possible." I said.

"Are you kidding...he'd move in with you guys for keeps if he could. You've had a most positive and transformative effect on him. I've never seen anything like this...not in Danny." Beau explained.

"You really think so, Beau?" I asked.

"God yes, Barry. What he projects, what he feels for you guys, is not something that springs from his, now satiated, springs from his heart. It's the most of his heart that he's ever let me see. It's amazing."

"Thanks, Beau." I said.

"No, thank you, Barry. Thank you and the guys. He's never shown this sort of affection and love for anyone... he really, and I mean really, loves you guys like I've never known him to love anyone. Don't worry; I'll do my best to see to it that he spends as much time with you guys as possible. I just hope he won't wear out his welcome." Beau said.

"That's great, Beau. It would make the three of us very happy, as well." I assured him.

I went on:

"Please give him a big goodnight hug for the three of us." I requested.

"I can certainly do that. I have my arm around him right now...hold on." Beau said

Apparently Beau turned to Danny right then and there and delivered that big hug. I heard him tell Danny, as he delivered that hug:

"This is from Barry and Travis and David...and here's a little extra from Beau."

I could hear Danny giggle in the background.

"Consider the hug delivered, Barry. Wait...wait...That's better! He's smiling now, Barry. First time since we left your place that he's smiled...Thanks, Barry." Beau reported.

I motioned the guys to get close to the phone and whispered what I want them to do.

"Put the phone to Danny's ear, Beau." I requested.

I motioned to the guys:

"WE LOVE YOU, DANNY!!!" We chanted in unison.

"Beau took the receiver back:

"Oh, WOW! He's really smiling now. Thanks, again, Barry. He'll sleep good tonight." Beau said.

"You, too Beau, get some rest. We're very proud of the role you've assumed with all the boys. They are lucky to have you." I said.

"Thanks, you guys sleep well too. Don't worry. I'm home with the boys tonight, he'll be safe." Beau said.

"Thanks Beau. We will sleep better, knowing you're home with the boys, especially our precious Danny." I said.

"Goodnight, Barry...and...thanks again for everything you've done." Beau said again

"We've only just begun our friendship with Danny, Beau. We'll help him in every way we can. Goodnight, Beau." I ended.

"Click!" went the phone as Beau hung up.

David and Travis stood there anticipating my remarks:

"He's fine...he was smiling after our little chant, and Beau says he'll sleep well, now. We can sleep well tonight, Beau is home with the boys, tonight." I explained.

The news had the desired effect. The three of now donned smiles and were quite cheered up knowing that Danny was giggling and safe at home with Beau.

"That's funny, now I'm hungry." Travis said.

"Me too! Race you to the kitchen." David added.

Soon we were enjoying plates of fresh fruit and sandwiches. My Bourbon & 7 suddenly seemed have a greater effervescence and sweeter taste. All was right with the world. Danny was safe and were we.

"Funny, isn't it, Barry?" David asked.

"What's that, sweetie?" I asked back.

"How our appetites returned as soon as we knew Danny was OK." David said.

Travis nodded in agreement.

"We were wallowing in a self-imposed penance for letting Danny leave. We were as morose as if we'd been informed he had contracted some terminal disease and wouldn't be with us much longer. The Psyche is a strange thing." I said.

"No all of my appetites have returned." David said with a coy smile and a wink.

"Yeah...I'm exhausted from this afternoon...but I could sure use..." Travis began to add, when I interrupted.

"I know what you both could too. Let's hit the shower and see if some hot water helps our situation."

"I'll put the dishes in the sink." Travis said.

We walked, we raced to the shower.

Once in the shower, I found myself against the shower wall, my legs spread, with David kissing me passionately and Travis, on his knees, delivering a mind-blowing fellatio to my grateful penis.

David looked down and spoke to Travis:

"Save some for me."

Travis couldn't speak back, as he had a mouthful of me.

David resumed kissing me with passion and energy. After a moment, he removed his tongue from my mouth, placed a hand on each of my cheeks and looked me in the eyes:

"Watching Danny and seeing what he's going through, makes me all the more grateful that you came into my life when you did, Barry. I love you, I have always loved you, I will always love you!" David exclaimed.

I felt my penis sliding out of Travis' hot mouth:

"AMEN!" Travis added, placing my penis, happily, back into his mouth.

"I know I'm unworthy of you two angels. Why Ganymede chose to bring you to me...well...I don't know...but I'm eternally grateful that he did." I replied.

"We know why...we know, Barry. You may not be able to see it...but Travis and I know why Ganymede chose you." David said.

David resumed his kiss on me and pushed me to the point of no return.

Travis felt my scrotum retracting from his gentle grasp. He knew I was about to cum. He slowed his rate of fellatio to await my ejaculation. He didn't have to wait long.

I blasted my load into Travis. My orgasm was heavenly. My penis pulsed and palpitated in Travis' mouth as I painted it with my cum. Travis held onto the last mouthful of my cum, tracing my urethra along my perineum to expel the last of my residual cum into his mouth to join with its brethren. Slowly, Travis removed my penis from his mouth, the last of my cum stringing its way to the floor of the shower.

Travis stood and tapped David on the shoulder to interrupt the kiss that David was still delivering.

David stopped and turned to Travis, who pointed at his own mouth.

David understood. He moved to kiss Travis. Travis kissed my cum into David. Their kiss was protracted and loving. I was relishing in watching their love for each other. It only amplified my love for each of them.

While Travis and David were locked in their passionate kiss, I slid down the wall to my knees and took David into my mouth. David's penis was already hard as a rock, and pre-cum was dripping from his meatus.

I wasted no time gathering David's precious pre-cum into my hand and licking it into my mouth. I took David's penis into my mouth and began my fellatio upon it, as I had done since I first met him, all those years ago. It was still as exciting and delicious now, as then.

Travis and David continued their passionate kiss, as I brought David to the emission phase. David's balls began to retract. He was going to cum.

Cum he did. He filled my mouth to overflow. I swallowed as quickly as I could, wishing I could have waited long enough to taste and appreciate his cum before greedily swallowing it down.

David's penis, as my own had earlier, danced upon its base, continuing to pump his residual cum into my mouth. His abdominal muscles convulsed with each ejaculatory spasm. His abdomen had always displayed his pleasure in this way.

When his ejaculation began to subside, I saved a mouthful for Travis.

I stood and took over David's kiss in order to transfer David's hot cum into Travis' mouth. He took the cum and continued to kiss me lovingly and passionately.

David went to his knees to bring Travis to orgasm. He wasn't quick enough.

David had barely arrived at his knees when Travis shot his sweet cum all over David's face. David hurried to take Travis into his mouth lest any more of Travis' cum be wasted.

David took all that Travis had to offer, and, as had become our ritual, traced the residual along Travis's urethra to accept it into his mouth, as well.

When David stood up to deliver Travis' cum to me, I saw the amount of it on David's face, running down to his chin. I kissed it all into my mouth, licking it, as well, from David's chin.

Then, having saved that part of Travis' ejaculation from running to the floor, I opened my mouth to allow David to kiss Travis' cum into me. I was in heaven. The three of us had, once more shared our essences with each other. I knew that David had to return to Italy to complete the final 6 months of his contract, and that I couldn't have him like this for that 6 months...still, I was so overwhelmed with the present joy that I couldn't let myself dwell upon it.

Soon. We had washed and dried and were in our usual positions in bed. Travis went to sleep almost instantly.

"Poor Baby...he is really worn out" I whispered to David.

"Yes, the boys really took their toll on him." David said, with a chuckle.

David wasn't far behind Travis. He fell asleep right away.

I was left there, to continue to contemplate Danny, and to consider just how we might be helpful to him. Danny's prediction had certainly come true: He had made us love him, just as he had told me early on...and...How could one not love the little guy. I remained lost in my thoughts about him until I finally dropped of to sleep, to join Travis and David in the arms of Morpheus.

I dreamed about Danny, throughout my sleep. They say that an actual dream is over in a matter of seconds, then you contemplate it for the duration of your sleeping hours...who knows...all I know is that Danny occupied my mind. I thought of him...and with him, another little angel whom I had loved beyond the telling, many years ago. David and Travis both know of this earlier love, but never bring it's too painful for me, and neither of them wishes to make me re-live that time. Still in my dream, Danny met and befriended my earlier angel, Danny promising to watch over me in the stead of my earlier commitment of soul to that special angel of so many years ago.

I knew that in a strange twist of psychology, I had initially resisted allowing myself to find a home for Danny in my heart...and, more importantly, in my soul. I dreaded the possibility of enduring his loss, as I had with my earlier angel. Going through that again would surely kill me...literally. My heart couldn't survive another such pang. I was being selfish in my resistance, of course, but it didn't take long for Danny to break down my resistance and find his way into my heart. Now he was at home there, and I wanted it so. I would have to trust to Ganymede not to ask me to experience another such blow to my soul...surely Ganymede knows that such a blow would be fatal.

In an act of penance and reparation, I wrote the story of this earlier angel and published it on my favorite gay web site. Many persons, having read it, wrote to me to express their sympathy and understanding. It was cathartic. I had no idea so many had suffered similar heartbreak.

I have always blamed myself for having lost him. David and Travis argue that I shouldn't, and that, in fact, I was NOT to blame for the unhappy loss. Still, I feel at fault, and always have. Danny puts me in mind of my earlier angel...his Dad was a military man, he had siblings, or at least a half brother, who was abusive...indeed there are too many similarities between them. I guess that's why I feared a similar unhappy end.

I was being a coward.

In my sleep, I smiled to myself; Danny had found his way into my heart, and into the hearts of both David and Travis, who see similar traits in Danny or similar circumstances to their own earlier and unhappy days. Danny is a remarkable little angel. He has won the three of us over, and done so in short order.

The night crept by; I remained lost in my thoughts and my dream.

My olfactory awakened me to the aroma of coffee. David had, somehow removed himself from the bed without stirring me. That, in itself, is a nearly impossible feat. I'm a very light sleeper...even the little relay in the hallway thermostat awakens me with its occasional click.

Travis remained sound asleep, his cheek on my breast, as is his custom...a custom I couldn't go without.

David entered the room with three cups of coffee on a small tray. He was so cute, his penis bobbing up and down as he walked.

He sat the tray on the end table and handed my cup to me, acknowledging that Travis was still asleep he whispered:

"Good morning, Lover"

I nodded, so as not to wake up Travis.

I extended an arm and motioned for David to sit next to me where I could put that arm around him.

He complied.

As I relished the warmth of David and Travis next to me, the phone rang. David rushed to answer it before it awakened Travis.

Too late, Travis began to stir.

It was Danny.

"Good morning, Danny. I hope you slept well." David began the conversation.

I could only hear David's side of the call.

"That's Great...Barry will be happy to know you dreamt about us."

"Uh Huh... OK... we'll talk with you later."

"We love you too, Danny. We love you tremendously."


"Bye, Bye for now then."

David hung up the phone and turned to Travis and me:

"He wanted to tell us he loves us and that he dreamt about us last night. He wanted to talk with you as well, but Beau called him to breakfast. He said he'd call later." David reported.

"Sweet kid... I dreamt about him as well." I said

"I figured as much." Travis remarked

"Really?" I asked.

"Sure, I could hear it in your heartbeat...must have been quit a dream." Travis explained.

I nodded.

"I think Danny was in all our dreams last night." David reported.

"I was dead to the world last night, and I don't remember what was in my dreams... but Danny was certainly on my mind as I fell asleep, that's for sure." Travis added.

"When Danny calls again...whichever of us takes his call, try to remember to note his phone number from the caller ID so we have it in the future." I suggested.

"It will be the last number to appear from his call a few moments ago, Barry, I'll make a note of it right now." David said.

"Thanks, David." I said.

We enjoyed our coffee and continued our conversation regarding Danny.

"He seems a bright enough kid, I wonder why he dislikes school so much." David mused.

"I don't know...maybe Beau can shed some light on the situation. I must make a point of discussing the matter with Beau. He's bound to know that answer. I know he'd prefer to see Danny in school, as well." I said.

"Well...I'm going to start some breakfast for us." David announced.

"Would you like me to do it for a change? We always work your butt off in the kitchen, David". I asked.

It's no work, Barry. You know I love to cook. You and Travis can do the clean-up, as always...OK?" David replied.

David kissed me, sweetly on the cheek, and left the room for the kitchen.

After David had left the room, Travis raised his head to look me in the eyes:

"You were dreaming about "him" weren't you? Your heart only races like it did last night when you dream about "him". Travis asked.

"Actually, my sweet angel, I was dreaming about Danny and "him", as you put it." I answered.

"Are you afraid that we could lose Danny in the same way?" Travis asked.

"I suppose, in the back of my mind, I do worry about it. It would kill me, sweet Travis, if I lost you or David, as well. It's not just my memories of "him"'s not Danny; I know I couldn't survive the loss of any of you. My heart couldn't survive it, Travis. I mean that literally." I said.

Travis kissed me, lovingly, on my lips:

"Don't worry Barry, David and I are yours for life. You'll never lose either of us."

I took him into my embrace, as tears welled up in me.

"God, how I love you, Travis...and David too, of course. May I just hold you in my arms like this till David calls us to breakfast?" I asked.

Travis snuggled up close to me and I held him as I had requested. Eventually, David did call us to breakfast, and I had to release him. In the meantime, I had plenty of time to think back to when I first encountered each of them...David first, then gorgeous Travis.

We spent breakfast with a discussion regarding Danny, whom we had come to love very much. We remained perplexed, however, as to how our involvement with him would be helpful and productive. We agreed that our first priority would be to get him back into school. He would be doomed for life without a good education. We recognized that the school in Danny's neighborhood was among the poorest performing in all of the Dallas area, and Danny was already a full year behind his peers. He would have much make up to get behind him. Perhaps, even more importantly, would be Danny's physical safety when Beau was not at home. We still didn't have a full understanding as to the demeanor of Danny's father and how it was made manifest with Danny, or with the twins. David and Travis were both quite concerned with this matter, both having experienced abusive fathers.

Danny's beautiful body certainly displayed no indication of physical abuse. There were no bruises, scars, or other obvious indications that he was being beaten or suffering physical least not in the present. Still, based upon what Danny had told us, underpinned by Beau's remarks, there had been some physical abuse in the past. Beau and the twins were certainly big enough to fend for themselves, and they have banded together to protect Danny, as required. Danny was still a diminutive little guy. I think David, Travis and I all identified with that attribute, none of us were large guys either.

Indeed, Travis and David, each and both found many attributes regarding Danny to identify with. It served to pull Danny ever more closely into our embrace. We had really come to love him very much. His prediction was being played out...he had made us love him.

We hoped that Beau would allow Danny to spend the upcoming weekend with us. The days went by torturously slowly as we waited to hear that Danny would return to us for another visit. Danny called each night to assure us he was safe at home and, happily, to tell us each that he loved us.

It was no surprise, therefore, to have the phone ring near bedtime for Danny. I rushed to answer it. It was Beau. I thought he was about to inform me that our precious Danny would be with us over the upcoming weekend. Beau had more ominous news to report, however.

"Hi guys doin' OK?" Beau asked.

"Yeah, we're all anxious for Danny to visit again...we really miss him. I hope he'll be able to be with us this weekend." I replied.

"Well, actually, that's why I'm calling. Yes, I'll bring Danny up to see you guys for the weekend. It's beyond that that I'm not sure about, right now." Beaus offered.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah...well...Dad has been called to active service...AGAIN! I'm not sure what will happen. I'm on my own, of course. The twins are over 18 and can pretty well speak for themselves. It's Danny I'm concerned about. The last time Dad was called to active service, we were all minors. He sent us to stay with his brother, in Indiana, while he was in Iraq. It was NOT a pleasant experience." Beau explained.

I interrupted:

"Oh God, Beau, it would kill the three of us if Danny were taken away from us." I declared.

"I know, Barry...hold on now, let me finish." Beau advised.

"OK, I'm sorry, please continue." I replied.

By now both Travis and David, hearing the alarm in my voice, had gathered next to me to receive the news.

Beau continued:

"Well...I don't know how it will turn out yet, but, I have asked Dad to assign guardianship to me for the twins and for Danny while he's away. I think he's going to do it, but he hasn't given me his final word just yet. He wants us to stay together, as a family unit. He knows that at over 21, I'm not going anywhere, even if I have to get my own place. He trusts me with the boys, so I'm hopeful that his final answer will be `Yes'. If so, I may have to take you guys up on your offer to have Danny stay with you. I will have to work to supplement Dad's income, which he says will continue to be auto-deposited into his account, while he's away. He'll put me on signature authority on his account, so things should proceed as now, financially. It's the sibling rivalry between the twins and Danny that concerns me. They'd protect him from any outside trouble, but, being brothers, I'm not sure what the twins, themselves, might inflict upon Danny. Hell, Barry, you know how brothers can be. So if Dad let's me take care of the boys, as I hope he will, you guys may have the boy you may have Danny. It would make Danny happy beyond words. I can't believe the affection and the love he has for the three of you. It's something I've never seen in Danny before, and frankly, it's wonderful. I'll certainly give you the authoritative paperwork to take care of him in every way. This is all predicated on Dad, first, giving custody of the boys to me, and whether you were really serious about having Danny stay with you long term." Beau elaborated.

"Oh God, Beau, we'd make him a permanent part of us without a moment's hesitation, I assure you. We love him very much. Are you confident he would like such an arrangement? I know he loves us, but living with us, being one of us, and seeing his brothers on a reduced basis...well, are you sure he..." I began

Beau interrupted:

"Are you kidding, he loves you guys so're all he talks about. I know without a doubt he'll be thrilled when I tell him. By the way, I haven't told him anything yet. I don't want to get his hopes up until I know something definite. You understand, I'm sure." Beau said.

"Of course, Beau. We won't mention anything about it. We'll leave that to you, of course. Still, let me reinforce that the three of us would be delighted beyond description to have Danny live with us. We'd love to have him permanently, but, at least, for as long as your Dad is on active duty."

By now David and Travis had gleaned the context of my conversation with Beau and were smiling widely.

"I was hoping you'd say that. I'm envious of I said at your house...where the Hell were you guys when I was Danny's age?" Beau reminded me.

"I know, Beau...I think Ganymede needed you to be with your brothers. Believe me, we'd have been proud to have you with us, otherwise, Beau. It's obvious that you are a very special person. The three of us are tremendously proud of you. You have taken the boys under wing and have done a remarkable job caring for them. Not many guys your age would have or even could have done what you've done. You are mature and wise beyond your years, Beau, we recognize it, and are very impressed with you." I assured him.

"Thanks, Barry. That means a lot coming from you. Danny has related the stories of both David and Travis, and how you have rescued them and brought them along. I know I can trust you to do the same for Danny. He and I trust you completely. I'm grateful that Danny met you. As I have said before, that damned Tornado Warning might well be the best thing that ever happened for Danny and, for that matter, for the rest of our family." Beau amplified.

"And for the three of us, Beau" I added.

"I'm glad you feel that way, Barry. I've done my best with the boys, so it's good to hear compliments like you've given me. I haven't been perfect with them...they remain a pretty unruly too, I guess. Dad couldn't care less, unfortunately...about me or the boys. He's really been a different person since Mom died. Now he considers his duty done by keeping a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. Beyond that, there's no affection, no love...nothing. So, it's been my job for a long time now to show the boys that they are loved and of worth. I've done my best, Barry...sometimes though...well I know it's not enough." Beau concluded, as he choked up.

"You've done an outstanding job, Beau. Don't second-guess yourself. The boys are damned lucky to have you. I bet they know it too. Boys don't come with instruction and maintenance manuals. All you can really do...Hell, all any of us can do, is follow our gut. It has been my experience that your gut tells you the way. It's seldom wrong." I advised.

"You're very kind, Barry. I know only too well, where I've failed them. I'm lucky they respect me at all. Like a father, they more fear me than respect me." Beau retorted.

"They love you Beau. They know they require discipline, they expect to get it from you, and you deliver. I'm sure they appreciate it and respect you for it. Since you are playing the role of father, they oblige by treating you with the rebellion reserved for a father. Don't think, for a minute, however, that they don't love you. Even I can sense that they love you very much...and I've only seen you all together on the single occasion. Never doubt it, Beau...the boys love you. They love you very much." I declared.

"Thanks, Barry. I really appreciate your approval." Beau said.

"And you've got it, Beau, not just mine, but the approval of the three of us." I assured him

"Well, keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully, things will go as I hope and Danny will be yours, for as long as you both would like, and for as long as Dad is in Afghanistan.

Of course, I want to visit him as often as possible, as will the twins." Beau said.

"Of course, Beau. I would want you to see Danny regularly. You and the twins are always welcome here. No doubt, Danny will be homesick for you after a of course, we would expect you to see him as often as possible." I said.

"GREAT...well, I better get off the phone now, Danny doesn't know I'm talking to you, but he's getting agitated that I've got the phone tied up...he wants to call you for the usual bedtime call. So I'll hang up for now...please remember NOT to say anything about the possibility of him coming to live with you guys...OK?" Beau concluded

"Of course, Beau, we won't say anything to him about him coming to live with us." I said, as I turned to see David and Travis beaming at my words.

"Goodnight, Barry, you have my love and, please, give my love to David and Travis, as well."

"I will, Beau, we love you too...goodnight."


"I'll give you guys all the detail, later, Danny's about to call. Don't say anything about the possibility that he might come to live with us... it's not a done deal yet." I said, as, sure enough, the phone rang.

Travis, like a little boy, was jumping up and down while clapping his hands, silently.

I picked up the receiver:

"Hi Danny, we've been thinking and talking about you all day. We miss you very much."

"I miss you guys too, I think I can come to spend the weekend. I can't wait. Are the guys OK?" Danny opened our conversation.

"Yes, they are fine. They are anxious to see you this weekend, too. We all are. It's not the same here without you, Danny. We love you very much." I insisted.

"I love you too, Barry. I love all of you guys. I can't wait to get there."

"I'll let you say hi to Travis and David. They are standing here anxious to hear your voice." I said.

"OK...Barry...? Danny said.

"Yes, Danny." I replied.

"I love you...I just wanted to say that again." Danny repeated.

"And I love you, Danny. Never doubt it." I declared.

"I won't." Danny replied.

Travis took the phone next:

"Hi Danny, we miss need to get your cute little butt back here as soon as you can, before you get out of practice...we've got laps to do and I still have a lot to teach you...besides we love you very much, and we want to see you as soon as possible."

"I want to see you guys too...I miss you a lot!" Danny answered.

"We can't wait, Danny...we'll be counting down the hours...OK?" Travis added.

"I love you, Travis. I really mean it...I love you very much. I can't wait to see you guys too...sleep tight." Danny said.

"I will, Danny, I always do, as long as I have Barry's heart to listen to." Travis said.

"That's so cool, really is. I love you, sleep well and kiss Barry for me." Danny said.

"I will, I promise." Travis replied, as he handed the receiver to David.

As David put the receiver to his ear, Travis kissed me passionately on the lips, saying:

"That's from Danny."

I smiled widely and nodded.

It was David's turn:

" come you're not here yet...don't you know we can't stand it when you're not here?" David said with a chuckle.

"I love you, David. I love you very much...I love all three of you guys. I'll get there as soon as I can. I can't wait. Sleep tight, David. Snuggle up to Barry, keep him warm till I get there to take over." Danny said.

"Oh, don't worry, Danny, Travis and I both sleep well and very close to Barry...we keep him quite warm. You can help when you get here." David promised.

"I want to sleep next to you all and use my body to keep you all warm." Danny suggested.

"And so you shall, Danny, and so you shall. I told Barry that, when I'm back in Italy, I want you to sleep in my place...would you like that?" David asked.

"Hell Yeah...of course, that would only be on weekends." Danny corrected David.

David, wisely, didn't suggest otherwise.

"One step at a time, Danny...remember?" David suggested.

"I know, I know." Danny replied.

"I love you, Danny...sleep tight...and say goodnight to Beau for me, OK?" David concluded.

"I love you too, David. I can't wait to see you guys." Danny said.

"We can't wait, either, Danny. Goodnight for now." David concluded the call.


"We must beg Ganymede to bring Danny to us for safekeeping, guys. I can't imagaine not having him here." I proclaimed.

"So, why is that even a possibility?" David asked.

I explained about Danny's father being called to active duty, and the possibility that Beau will be left in charge and in custody of the boys...and all the rest.

"God, this is must be Ganymede looking out for Danny, just as he did for David and must be about to happen. Ganymede sent Danny running to your arms during that storm, Barry, just as he did with me, all those years ago." Travis proclaimed.

"What a blessing it would be, guys. I do hope it comes to pass. He'd be our own little Danny...and for keeps...what a blessing." David suggested.

"Remember, guys, it could all end when the father returns from active we must temper our enthusiasm." I suggested.

"NOT ME! I want him here for good, and until I'm forced to accept another alternative I'm gong to consider Danny to be ours...FOREVER!" Travis declared.

"Me too!" David agreed.

I nodded in agreement.

"I know guys, that's how I feel, too. We'll deal with it should things change in the future." I confessed.

"Looks like we'll be making a trip to Always Christmas...we'll need a new ornament." Travis beamed.

"Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, guys. It's not a done deal just yet." I reminded.

"Ganymede will make it's too much for coincidence, Barry. Ganymede has had this in mind all along. He'll see to it that Danny comes to see, Barry." Travis insisted.

"I hope so, Travis. He's a special boy...we all love him and he loves us...he's a perfect fit for us. Surely Ganymede is at work here...I think you're right, Travis. I really do." I agreed.

"I'm sure of it, Barry. It's meant to be." Travis replied.

David nodded and said, with a smile:

"It must be, guys...otherwise we'd have to kidnap the little guy!"

We all laughed.

"Well, It's time for a celebratory drink, a hot shower and a good night's sleep." Travis suggested.

"I'll play bartender." I said.

"OK." David replied.

Travis nodded in agreement.

I returned to the scene with our drinks to find Travis curled up in David's arms, expressing his unhappiness that David only had a short time before he had to return to Italy for the last leg of his contract there.

"I'm not happy about it either, Travis. But I'm bound to do's a contract, after all. It's only for six months, I know it'll be an eternity for me too, but then we'll be together again. I'll miss you, too, Travis, you and Barry. In the meantime, I hope you'll shower my share of the love on Danny." David suggested.

" shares involved, know better. We'll shower Danny with his own `share' of our love. You're `share' is not diminished. We shower it upon you, as we always have." I corrected David.

David smiled and nodded:

"Cheers!" I declared, handing Travis and David their drinks.

After his first sip Travis spoke:

"I'm so excited about Danny coming to live with us. I won't be able to get him out of my mind till we hear for sure."

"I think that's true for each of us, Travis. I know it is for me." I replied

"And for me." David agreed.

Travis continued to relish in the embrace he was in with David. He reached down and began to gently knead David's balls. David responded in the predictable manner. His penis began to become erect, and after a moment it pumped pre-cum onto Travis' hand.

Travis spoke up:

"Well, since I have to tolerate you returning to Italy, I want to make the most of every moment, David."

"I want to make the most of every moment, as well, Travis." David replied.

Travis sat his drink on the end table and moved to spread David's legs and assume a position between them. He nuzzles David's scrotum, as he took David's penis into his hand and began to slow stroke it. David was now pumping his pre-cum from his meatus in copious quantities. It ran down his shaft and onto Travis' hand. Travis wasted no time in licking it onto his tongue. He squeezed David's penis to produce another plentiful dollop. Travis slid his hand to form a pool at David's meatus to collect the pre-cum. He motioned for me to take my turn. I wasted no time in sitting my drink down and bending to accept David's pre-cum from the pool Travis had made by pushing the flesh of David's shaft to surround David's glans.

I licked David's sweet pre-cum onto my tongue. The action of my tongue on David's glans caused his penis to become swollen and completely erect, palpitating and dancing on its base, such that Travis had to hold it at its base to keep it still for his mouth.

"May I?" Travis asked.

David nodded.

Travis slowly took David's penis into his mouth. I watched as it slid along the course of Travis' tongue until it had all disappeared into Travis' mouth.

David, bending his neck back, placed his head on the back of the sofa, such that his eyes were staring at the ceiling.

"God, how I'll miss this, when I `m back in Italy." David predicted.

"How we'll miss delivering it to you, too. Want the full treatment?" I suggested.

David nodded, and raised his left leg to drape over Travis' shoulder. I took that leg and lifted it a bit further and began a foot massage on David's foot... a technique he has always liked, even as a kid.

David closed his eyes and said:

"God...this is GREAT!"

Travis slowly performed his expert fellatio on David's happy penis. I watched it swell to its maximum as Travis took him to the emission phase.

"Save some for me, Travis." I said.

Travis couldn't respond. David's glorious penis occupied Travis' mouth such that he couldn't...but I know he had heard me.

I watched as David's urethra expanded to accommodate David's immanent ejaculation. His scrotum began to retract. It was time.

David emitted a happy groan as he prepared to unload:


David's urethra expanded with each of his ejaculatory spasms. It made me hot as Hell to watch. Travis, too, was producing pre-cum in generous quantities. I stopped the foot massage after David's ejaculation began to subside, and moved my head between Travis and David to take in Travis' pre-cum.

Once I had taken it all, I left Travis with a monumental erection of his own.

Travis, knowing the ritual, kept David's last mouthful in his mouth until he could feed it to me.

I went to work on David's other foot. I always worked on one foot pre-ejaculation, and the other to bring him back to normal post-ejaculation.

Travis used David's own cum to swish around David's penis to further exhaust David's now hypersensitive glans. David twitched in response to Travis' erotic action on his post-orgasm penis.

I slowly stopped the foot massage and knelt to the side of Travis:

"May I have some?" I asked.

"Travis, slowly removed David's satiated penis from his mouth and turned to kiss David's cum into my mouth. At the same time, Travis took my, now mightily erect penis, in one hand.

The heat of Travis' hand upon my eager penis would take me quickly to emission. I had to concentrate to delay my own ejaculation.

I accepted David's, still hot, cum from Travis' mouth, enjoying both the cum and the kiss. Travis was one Hell of a good kisser anyway. This was greatly amplified by virtue of him having a mouthful of David's cum to transfer.

I was red as a beet in my passion. My genitalia were demanding satisfaction. Travis began to take me into his mouth, his lips still gleaming with David's cum. David interrupted:

"Let me do it, Travis. I want all of you and Barry I can get while I'm still here."

Travis backed away slightly, as David repositioned himself to take me into his mouth.

My penis was begging for attention. It palpitated and pumped its pre-cum to my meatus to await David's tongue. It didn't have to wait long. David took me into his mouth...his hot slippery mouth. I felt my penis slide along David's precious tongue and come to rest deep in his mouth.

At the same time, I felt Travis tapping on my thighs to signal me to spread my legs.

I complied, spreading my legs widely.

Travis then, using both hands, spread my butt cheeks apart to expose my anus to his tongue...still coated with David's cum.

David began to fellate me, even as Travis simultaneously licked at my anus. When my anus had accepted enough of Travis' teasing at it, it opened for his penetration.

`He plunged his tongue deep into my rectum. Now my penis and my rectum were in the throws of this tremendous rapture. I wanted it to never end.

I unloaded into David's mouth. He collected my cum in that mouth and used it to further entrap my penis and it's glans in it, like a hot viscous bath. It was so erotic; I thought my balls would explode.

My rectum was rhythmically contracting with my ejaculatory spasms, squeezing itself against Travis' tongue.

David had to put his arms around me and hold me up. I was becoming weak in the knees from this powerful orgasm. We had been there before. David knew what to do.

Travis continued to fuck me with his tongue, as my ejaculation continued and finally subsided.

"Oh know where all my buttons are!" I exclaimed.

David continued to support my in his embrace as Travis slowly stopped his tongue action in my rectum. I was spent...exhausted.

"I want a load of Travis, please. I want as much as I can get before I leave." David requested.

Travis and I traded places, so David could deliver his fellatio to Travis. Travis' penis was eager. It was pumping pre-cum, which was about to run down and off his shaft onto the floor. David, therefore, wasted no time in taking Travis into his mouth.

I, mimicking Travis' earlier coaching, placed my hands on Travis' thighs. He spread his legs widely for me.

I went to my knees, and spread Travis' butt cheeks and exposed his pretty little pink anus. It was already twitching from David's fellatio. I licked that cute little asshole until it was wet, and had relaxed for my tongue to enter.

I inserted my tongue into Travis' anus and felt his extreme heat on my tongue. He was really hot...a trait of Travis. Had he been any hotter, he might have burned my tongue. I tongue fucked his glorious little butt hole, even as David sucked his beautiful penis. Travis had such a perfect physique. His penis was perfectly formed and sized. His scrotum was a tabernacle to his sacred testicles. He was a perfect physical specimen.

His tight anus and rectum was a welcoming home to my tongue, such that it didn't wish to ever leave.

Travis finally whispered:

"I'm gonna cum."

Travis placed a palm on each of David's cheeks as he prepared for his ejaculation. He blasted his bountiful cum into David's eager mouth. Travis had become sunburn-red all over. He was hot, really hot.

Travis ejaculation went on and on. His rectal contractions were powerful and my tongue enjoyed each of them. Had they been any more powerful, they might have pushed my tongue completely out of his rectum...but I had placed my own palms on either side of Travis butt and held my tongue in him tightly.

"Oh...God!" Travis exclaimed, as his ejaculation began to subside.

David and I both continued our action on Travis until every drop of his precious cum had been delivered to David's grateful mouth.

Finally Travis' contractions came to a conclusion. He was finished...for now at least. Travis was noted for his brief refractory periods, so he'd be ready again in short order.

"I'm exhausted, guys...this is wonderful!" I declared, having finally removed my tongue from Travis's butt.

"Danny would be angry that we didn't include him, I suppose." Travis said.

"I suppose he would." I agreed.

"There will be plenty of opportunity for him, guys. I don't mean to be selfish, but this is my opportunity to get as much of each of you as I can before I have to "Fly the Friendly Skies". David said with a smile.

After we calmed down from our excitement. We finished our drinks, took a hot shower, and found ourselves in bed in our usual beatific happiness.

Travis was asleep immediately.

David took a little longer, but soon he, too was asleep.

I continued to lie there, still longer...thinking of our precious Danny.

---------------------------------- END PT 6 TORNADO WARNING --------------------------