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Danny continued to occupy my thoughts, even as I relished in Travis' warm breath falling upon my breast. With David and Travis at my side, what else could I ask for? Still, little Danny remained in my thoughts. The three of us wanted him to be ours so much; I know, of course, how we'd be crestfallen if it should not come to pass.

In his sleep, David tightened his embrace upon me and smiled. He seemed consoled to feel me in that embrace, something he had been denied during his stay in Italy. I, too was denied his embrace for that same time. The difference was and is that I had my wonderful Travis with me while David was absent. David had no one. All the more did the notion increase my desire to have him home, once and forever.

Both Travis and David had found things in our little Danny that they identified with and which made them want Danny to become one of us. I, too, wanted Danny to join us. My concern is that the situation would eventually tear a huge hole in each of the souls of the three of us if it should ultimately come to pass that Danny would be taken away from us, when the father returned from his active duty. Love, seemingly, always involves such a wager...the wager of a broken heart. Having been there, having suffered the loss of one whom I loved so profoundly, I knew better than David or Travis what we would put at risk by involving ourselves with our precious Danny. Sure, it would never diminish our love for each other...but we could suffer greatly, indeed, in ways neither David nor Travis could draw upon from memory, as I could.

Finally, I scolded myself for being such a coward. I decided I must put those unhappy memories behind the present, and embrace Danny as Ganymede's latest treasure...a gift to the three of us, beyond all measure. We would have to deal with whatever eventuality might come our way...but we must pour love out of our souls onto this precious young man without trepidation. That's what my heart tells me to do, even as Travis' and David's hearts were instructing them.

With these thoughts ringing in my mind, I finally drifted off to a peaceful slumber, having decided, rightly, to love Danny without reservation.

I awakened at feeling David stir. He saw my eyes open and quietly moved to kiss my cheek and silently mouth the word `coffee'.

I nodded.

David slowly rose and left for the kitchen. This had become our waking ritual. I would, surely, miss it after David would return to Italy.

Travis awakened next, prompted by the smell of coffee.

After some hugging and affectionate kissing, we joined David in the kitchen. David was busy preparing breakfast, so Travis decided to get in some early morning laps in the pool while we waited. I joined him with my coffee. I sat under the awning while Travis swam his laps, his beautiful torso, including that gorgeous butt reflecting the rays of the early morning sun like little diamonds, with glistening drops of the pool's water.

Soon, David appeared with a tray, bearing our breakfast. He kissed me on the cheek and sat next to me. He smiled as he opened our conversation:

"Good Morning, Lover!"

"Good Morning, my precious David." I replied.

" really think so?" David asked.

"Of course. I've always thought so. Moreover, you are can count on the notion that will always call you so." I said.

David smiled and kissed me, sweetly, on my lips:

"I love you." He declared.

I turned and looked deeply into those magical eyes:

"And I love you, David. I always have and always will. Thanks for breakfast."

David stood and called for Travis to join us, before our food cooled down.

Travis made a hasty exit from the pool, dried himself with a towel and joined us at the table.

The last of the water from the pool dripped from Travis' flaccid penis onto the cool deck.

"Eggs Benedict!" Travis exclaimed, as David lifted the cover from the tray.

"I know you like them, Travis, and you can do some additional laps to burn off the calories, when we finish." David suggested.

"I thought Eggs Benedict was going to be your surprise for Danny." I suggested.

"Oh, it is, along with my `world famous' roast beef. I`ll do it again when Danny is here. " David smiled.

"Great! You make a fabulous roast, David. It'll be a treat for us all, not just for Danny." I said.

"Well, I have to be was Trey who taught me how to prepare a roast. He taught me while I was working for him at the restaurant, during college, remember." David commented.

"I sure do. He would have made a chef out of you, had you not decided to pursue your Master's in Music." I recalled.

"I'd probably make more money." David chuckled

We all laughed.

"In any case, I think Danny will be impressed." David suggested.

"I know he will. It takes every dime the father makes to keep the lights on, the water running, and so forth. From what I understand, hot dogs and hamburgers are about the top fare the boys can expect. So, Beau, Danny and the twins, really get enlightened when they encounter the sort of meals that we consider routine." I replied.

"That's a shame." David remarked.

"What...that Danny and his siblings are unaccustomed to fine dining, or that we take good food for granted?" I asked.

"Good point, Barry." David responded.

I smiled at David and chuckled:

"We don't want to fatten the little guy up too much, though. I wouldn't want cute, firm little butt to become some flabby ass."

"You're right, of course. We'll have Travis to make him do laps, so he'll retain his perfect physique just like Travis has." David remarked with his own smile.

"Thanks guys. I really try hard to stay in shape." Travis remarked, as he swallowed a portion of his breakfast.

"And you have, Travis...all kidding're in perfect shape, you stay that way." I insisted.

"It's true, Travis, you're gorgeous...always have been, still are." David complimented.

"Ahhhhhh" Travis began

"No, Travis, I appreciate your modesty, but it's true. You really are an exceptional're beautiful." I amplified.

Travis smiled and returned to his breakfast.

"I'll freshen our coffee." I suggested.

"Great!" David replied.

I went to the kitchen, picked up the carafe, and returned with it to the backyard. I filled each of our cups, and sat the carafe on the table.

Travis was finishing up with breakfast. He took a large sip of the coffee and reclined against the back of his chair. He appeared lost in his thoughts:

"What is it, Travis." I asked.

"You can always tell, can't you lover?" Travis smiled.

"I can. So, what is it?" I repeated.

"Danny." Travis said.

"I guess that little angel is on all our minds. He certainly occupied mine last night, till I finally dropped off to sleep." I confessed.

David added his smile to the mix and said:

"He's really very special. He's such a good fit for us. I hope it works out that he can stay with us long term."

" I agree. I want it too. I only know that we'll all be heartbroken should a time come when he is made to leave us. When his Dad returns from active service...well we don't know what will be decided about Danny." I mused.

"We'll have to cross that bridge when and if we come to it, Barry. In the meantime, I think we should enjoy every minute we get to spend with him." David said.

"You're entirely correct, my sweet Maestro. We shall do just that...and hope that Ganymede finds a way for him to be with us forever...or for as long as he wants." I said.

"It seems it's just meant to be, Barry. I can't imagine Danny not being with us. He loves us so much...and we love him...Ganymede must have sent him deliberately." Travis added, as he leaned forward to take in some more coffee.

David and I both nodded at Travis' remarks.

We sat for a while longer, sipping our coffee, and allowing our breakfast to digest.

"I'll do the clean up." Travis remarked.

"I'll help." I offered.

"No, you should visit with David...he'll be returning to ...'Roma'... before you know it, so you guys visit. It won't take much to clean up after David. He makes very little mess when he cooks." Travis said.

"That's because I clean up as I go along...Trey taught me that too." David replied.

"Good ole Trey. He's a special person...we're lucky to have him as a friend. I don't know how he's found the strength to go on after Michael's death...I'm not at all sure I could go on if I lost either you or Travis, David." I said.

David rose from his seat and came to me, sitting on my lap like a little boy. He put his arms around my neck and kissed my forehead. He looked into my eyes with is own sparkling eyes and said:

"You've always been the worry-wart, haven't you? You'll never lose Travis or me. You only worry, as you do, because of what happened to Jody...isn't that right?"

The very sound of his name caused me to well up with tears. I lowered my head and nodded.

"Barry...the last thing that Jody would want would be to see you saddened at the mention of his name. His name should fill you with tremendous joy and happy memories. He'd want it that, wouldn't he?" David asked.

I nodded once more. Then upon reflection I shook my head from side to side.

"I don't know, David...that's the Hell of it. I don't know. What if he holds me responsible for his death? He wouldn't want me to happy at the mention of his name then" I retorted.

"You weren't responsible for Jody's death, Barry. If he were here he'd kick you butt for even thinking otherwise." David scolded me.

Just then, the phone rang.

I reached back to pick up the call on the wall phone, directly behind me on the patio.

It was Beau.

My heart skipped a beat immediately for fear he might tell me Danny wouldn't be coming to stay.

"Hello's good to hear your voice. How's everything going? I said.

"Dad left this morning. He only gave the boys a salute and told them not to worry." Beau explained.

"Not even a hug...or anything?" I asked.

"Not even!" Beau replied.

"Beyond the weekend visit, do you have any good news for us?" I asked. Choking on the last of the words.

"You put me on the spot, Barry. I do have news for you guys...but, I promised that I'd let Danny tell it to you, himself. You can presume from that that the news is good, but I don't want to steal Danny's understand, Right?" Beau said.

"God, that's the best news of all, Beau. We're so happy... I'll have to tell Travis right away. He's in the kitchen cleaning up after breakfast." I told Beau.

David was already beaming at what he deciphered as the good news from the smile on my face. He pointed at the doorway...there was Travis...he'd come to hear who was on the phone as soon as he heard it ring. He, too, was all smiles.

"Now don't spoil Danny's surprise and, by the way, I've told him that it's up to the three of you. You three must agree to take him and that he needs to ask you before it's a done deal." Beaus explained.

"Of course we want him, Beau, are you kidding>" I said.

Beau laughed:

"I know, but he needs to think that he asked and that he heard it from you three, directly, that you want him." Beau said.

"As you wish, Beau. We'll make sure there's no doubt in his mind that we want him...God, do we want him!" I exclaimed.

"I'll bring him in an hour or so...well, as long as it takes me to pack his things." Beau said.

"We can't wait. Thank you Beau, Thank you for all three of us. We love that little guy more than I can tell you. It will be so wonderful for him to be here. You can't imagine how happy we are...thanks, Beau, Thanks!" went on.

"You're not as happy as Danny...I thought he would pee himself when I told him. He actually had to grab his dick and run to the bathroom, he got so excited." Beau explained.

"I think I may have to do the same thing, Beau." I chuckled

Beau laughed once more, saying:

"We'll see you guys shortly."

"Ok, Beau. I'll tell the others." I replied


I looked to see both David and Travis gleaming with wide smiles in anticipation of my next words.

"Good News?" David asked.

"Yes, it is good news, but Beau has promised Danny that he can tell us, so Beau was guarded in what he would say. He has instructed Danny that he must seek our permission to stay with us, so be prepared for the request when Danny arrives." I explained.

"Of course he can stay with us!" Travis exclaimed.

"Of course, but Beau thinks it important that Danny actually ask." I replied.

David and Travis nodded that they understood.

We made quick work of the breakfast that David had prepared for us. Travis and I took up the clean up chores while David soaked up a little early morning Sun on one of the poolside recliners.

By the time the clean up chores were complete, enough time had passed such that Travis could do his laps, as is his morning regimen. Travis' beautiful butt bobbed up and down in the water as he performed his dolphin technique, then his penis was on display as he performed his backstroke. It had become my morning regimen to watch Travis in his morning routine.

God he's so beautiful...absolutely stunning. I thought to myself.

David, too, was beautiful in his own rite...having a different physique than Travis, but equally athletic and fetching as well.

As I do very frequently, I counted my blessings at having these two angels entrusted to me.

David rolled over to allow the Sun to work on his backside. A few beads of sweat rolled down David's back and into his cute butt crack. Travis continued his laps. What a glorious sight the two of them provided me.

Travis finished his routine and went to poolside, near David. He used both arms to lift himself out of the water and seated himself on the cool deck next to David.

"Could you toss me that towel on the other chair, David?" Travis asked.

David rolled over, back on his back, reached over to take the towel and toss it gently to Travis.

"I'm sure going to miss you, David. It'll be a long 6 months while you're gone." Travis declared.

"Thank you, Travis. I'll miss the two of you very much, as well. You know I will. It will be a long 6 months for me, too. But, then, I'll be home." David replied.

He went on:

"Besides, while I'm gone, You two will have your hands full with Danny. I know you will shower your love upon him, as I would expect. He has much to learn. I wish I were here to help with teaching him. He's a very special boy, as you know, and we must help him in every way. Even as Barry did everything for us Travis, we must now do everything for Danny."

"Of course, David, you know we will. Danny is, indeed, a special little guy. We'll

take good care of him. I hope he gets to stay with us forever, not just while his Dad is overseas, I mean forever." Travis remarked.

"Me too. Of course, we'll see what happened when the novelty wears off. Danny may soon tire of us and want to go his own way. So we have to let him take the lead in that regard. He'll, no doubt, come to miss his brothers, perhaps even his Dad, so all we can do is love him without measure, as Barry did with us, and see ho things develop." David suggested.

"I guess so, David, but it would be damned hard to be without him, once we've become accustomed to having him with us. Damned Hard!" Travis declared.

"It would for me, and I'm sure for Barry, as well. You know how Barry is, he pours his love out in such a way that Danny's absence would be a real trial." David said.

I jumped in:

"It would be very painful, guys...for the three of us to see Danny's cute little butt walk out that door to only return for occasional visits. Once we've invested our souls in him, we would feel great pain not to have him within arms reach at all times. It's the same kind of pain felt and expressed in the old Irish song Danny Boy." I said.

"How appropriate...Danny Boy...

The pipes, the pipes are calling" David sang.

The three of us went silent.

Travis joined David on the recliner, next to David's, to enjoy the early morning Sun.

After a few moments of continued silence, David spoke:

"Well, we mustn't consider such an eventuality. We must relish in the moment and the happiness we feel that Danny will be shortly and will be with us, for at least as long as his Dad is on active duty...I think we owe it to Ganymede to do our usual chant...ready?"

"THANK YOU, GANYMEDE!" We chanted in unison.

Our chant broke the spell of the notion of Danny not being with us, forever. We became excited that Danny was probably only minutes away.

"I'll make sure the front door is unlocked." Travis suggested.

"OK. Danny knows the code, though." I replied.

"That electronic lock on the front door was really a good idea, Barry." David said.

"Yes, after I locked myself out, shortly after moving into the house, I decided it was the best way to battle my own stupidity." I chuckled.

"Oh, Barry, you're always the first to speak badly of yourself. Anyone, including myself, could have made that mistake. Still the electronic lock is handy, regardless." David chided me.

I nodded, as I took a sip of my coffee.

"I still can't wait for Danny to get here, what's taking so long?" Travis questioned.

"Beau said he would need to pack Danny's things before bringing him, Travis. You must be patient, we all must. Don't worry, he'll be here soon." I replied.

"I must say, Barry, I'm becoming anxious too. Danny's such a sweet little guy, I want to hug the stuffing out of him." David said.

"Me too. I know he's safe when he's here with us, so I'm as anxious as anyone." I confirmed.

David and Travis continued to soak up the Sun until, finally, the doorbell rang.

Travis was the first to jump up to answer the door. There was no need, as it turned out. Danny opened the door, placed two suitcases on the foyer floor and quickly stripped. He picked up the two suitcases and stood in the archway of the foyer with the biggest smile I had ever seen on him, as he waited for Beau to strip.

Travis beheld this sight, Danny standing naked in the archway with his suitcases. He turned to me and asked:

"Who does this sight remind you of?"

I smiled and answered:

"It reminds me of you, Travis... except you left you suitcase on the front porch, at first...remember?"

"Yeah...I do." Travis replied.

By now, Beau had stripped and stood behind Danny in his own glorious nakedness.

I spoke first:

"Put down those suitcases down and come here and give me a hug!" I declared.

Danny dropped the suitcases and ran across the room to jump up and into my arms. He wrapped his legs around my abdomen, his arms around my neck and delivered the hug I had requested. Our genitalia were greeting each other at the same time, as our penises were rubbing together in their own hug.

"God, Danny, we've been so anxious for you to get here. We have missed you very much." I reported.

Danny kissed me sweetly on the lips and said:

"I've missed you guys too." Danny replied.

"What about us, Danny...where is our hugs?" Travis asked.

I put Danny back onto his feet. His penis rubbed along my own as his torso slid back down my own and he went back to his feet. He ran to Travis and repeated the ritual. Travis was slow to put Danny back down and hugged him for a long time. Danny reciprocated. At last it was David's turn. Danny jumped into David's embrace, as he had done with Travis and me. When he had delivered his kiss to David. David placed him back onto his feet, once more.

"Danny?" Beau interjected.

Danny turned and nodded at Beau. He then turned to us, still standing in front of David he said:

"I want to ask you all something."

"Go ahead, Danny." I coached him.

"Beau says I can come to live with you guys, but I have to get your permission. Can I PLEASE come to live with you? I promise I'll behave myself." Danny asked.

David couldn't restrain himself. He began to cry. He reached and picked Danny up once more and embraced him tightly. Danny took his thumbs and wiped the tears from David's cheeks.

"Of course, Danny. I would love for you to live with us. Please do. We love you so much. We want you to be here with us for as long as you want to be." David said, as he choked back his tears.

"Thank you, David that's what I want too." Danny replied.

David put Danny back on his feet and he next moved to Travis:

"Can I PLEASE come and live with you, Travis?" Danny asked.

Travis, as with David, picked Danny up off his feet to hug him tightly. Danny wrapped his legs around Travis' abdomen and said further:

"I'll be good."

Travis began to tear up:

"Of course you can live with us, Danny. It's exactly what we've been discussing and praying for. We love you, Danny. We want you to come and live with us!" Travis declared.

Finally, it was my turn. Danny came to me and looked into my eyes with his own effervescent eyes:

"Can I, Barry...can I come to live with you...PLEASE?" Danny asked. He didn't wait for me to extend my arms, and I had to react quickly to catch him in my embrace as he jumped into my arms.

"Dear God, Danny. Of course you may come and live with us. It's what we want more than anything. We...all three of us...have been praying and hoping for this day to come more than you can imagine." I said

"I'll be good. I won't cause any trouble or anything." Danny repeated.

Now it was my turn to begin balling:

"I know you won't, Danny...besides, there's three of us, we've got you outnumbered!" I said, my voice breaking, as I cried.

Danny wiped my tears away with his thumbs, placed a palm on either of my cheeks and kissed me on my lips:

"I love you, Barry. Thank you for letting me come and live with you guys.

Still in my embrace, he turned his head to the others:

"I love you guys. Thank you."

Travis and David were still teary-eyed. They came to join Danny and me and immediately, we were a three-way hug.

I looked to see that even Beau had tears running down his cheeks. I motioned for him to join our hug. He wasted no time in doing so. He said nothing, but I knew what he was thinking: `where were you guys...'

Danny was hugging my neck, we were cheek to cheek, such that he couldn't see that tears continued to stream down my face.

I turned to Beau and spoke gently:

"Thank you, Beau, from the three of us. You can't imagine how much this means to us."

"I'm glad for Danny, Barry, and somewhat jealous. I'm so happy for him to be part of your relationship. I wish I could be as well. I've never seen nor known such love as I see between you. I want Danny to understand how fortunate he is that you've found a place for him in your relationship. Danny, do you understand how lucky you are?" Beau asked.

Danny nodded, and hugged my neck all the tighter:

"Yes, Beau, I know how lucky I am."

"We're the lucky ones, can't imagine how happy we are that Danny is here with us." Travis added.

Sensing that Beau considered himself somewhat excluded, I turned to face him saying:

" mustn't feel in any way excluded. We have come to accept you as a dear friend and we love you very much. You are always welcome here. Never doubt that. Like Danny, Beau, you are very precious to us. We will always be here for you. I too am sorry we didn't meet you earlier, but, actually, that's irrelevant. We know you now and we love you."

"If you knew all my failings, perhaps you'd be more resistant to loving me, guys." Beau replied.

"Nonsense Beau! We, each of us have our faults and failings; it doesn't diminish our love in any way. Just because at any precise moment, we might be unhappy with one or the other of us, doesn't temper our just doesn't work that way. It has been famously said that:

`A true friend is someone who knows everything that there is to know about you...but loves you anyway'

Count on the three of us to love you in that vein, Beau...we do!" I concluded.

"Absolutely, Beau!" David chimed in.

"Of course, Beau. You are our close friend, we cherish you!" Travis added.

"Then you won't mind if I steal a kiss from each of you to seal that deal, will you?" Beau smiled.

David and Travis released their embrace on Danny to stand on either side of me, Danny still in my arms.

Beau approached David and kissed him sweetly on his lips:

"I love you, David." He proclaimed

"I love you too, my friend." David responded.

Next he moved to Travis and kissed him in the same way:

"I love you, Travis."

"I love you, too, Beau...always know that you are our precious friend." Travis said.

Finally, Beau came to me. He had to move to my left a bit, as Danny's cheek still occupied my right cheek. He kissed me, as well, gently and sweetly on my lips:

"I love you, Barry. I really do. You can't know how happy I am that Danny will be with you guys, safe and sound. I will be mindful of that while I work and go to school. I know I'll never have to worry about I said, I only wish I...well, you know."

"I know, Beau, I know. We can't turn back the clock, but you're with us now. You are our very dear friend and we love you very much. We'll support you in any way we can" I said gently

"You can take that to the bank!" Travis interjected.

We all chuckled:

"We love you, Beau, how could we not?" David added.

"Don't hesitate to call upon us, Beau. We're here for you. If we can help you with the twins, or with anything at all, please let us help." I said.

"I appreciate that very much, guys. Don't worry, if I find myself in over my head, I won't hesitate to ask for help." Beau assured us.

"I hope you will join us for lunch, Beau." I suggested.

"Sure, I would love to sample some more of David's cooking. Afterwards, though, I'll need to get back to the house to see about the twins." Beau explained.

"I understand." I replied.

"Actually, I don't want to make it sound worse than it is. The twins are good kids, they rarely cause any trouble. Also, they know that if they cause me a lot of grief, I can, and Dad told them I would, send their little twin butts off to Indiana, they don't want I expect they'll be on their best behavior." Beau reported.

I nodded in understanding.

"I told Danny that if he got out of line, you guys can send him home to me, immediately. Isn't that right, Danny?" Beau said to his little brother, while winking at me

Danny nodded, still hugging my neck:

"Yes, Beau. I know." Danny replied.

"I'm sure nothing like that would ever happen, Beau. Danny loves us. You can see that. I'm sure he'd never do anything that would cause us to react in such a manner. Besides, as I said earlier...we've got him outnumbered." I explained, with a smile.

Beau smiled, and returned the nod.

"We were all thanking Ganymede shortly before you arrived, Beau. Having Danny with us is a blessing, believe me, we know it." David said.

"I don't know about Ganymede, David, but I'll never hear that damned Tornado Warning siren and think of it in the same way. That siren is the best thing that ever happened...for Danny, and for me too." Beau proclaimed.

"Thanks Beau. It really means a lot to us that you feel that way." I said.

"I do!" Beau reinforced

"Well, I'm going to get started on lunch, guys." David said.

"Would you like some help?" Beau asked.

"You're our guest, today, Beau. Why don't you enjoy a little sun and chat with Barry." David replied.

"I'll help, David." Travis offered.

"As you wish, kind sir." David chuckled.

Danny remained latched to my neck, even as Beau and I walked out through the anteroom to poolside.

Beau pointed at Danny and remarked:

"I assure you, Barry, I've never seen him like this. God how he loves you."

"And I him, Beau. He must sense it." I replied.

"I think it's wonderful." Beau said as if bewildered at Danny's open expression of his love for me.

We took our seats at poolside. I had to rearrange Danny's position such that he was sitting across my lap, his head resting upon my breast, even as it had that day at Trey.

The warmth of Danny's breath falling upon my breast was very comforting and seemed as though it should have always been so.

Soon, Beau pointed once more at Danny and whispered:

"He's asleep,'s the damnest thing I've ever seen. God, how I wish it were me, all those years ago. How I would have in your arms."

I smiled at Beau and nodded, saying in my own whisper:

"Even now, Beau, you may sleep in my arms any time you are so inclined."

Beau nodded and replied, still in a whisper:

"And I might just take you up on that offer, Barry. Don't be surprised."

I nodded at Beau and then kissed Danny gently on his forehead.

"You're magic, huh, Barry?" Beau whispered.

"Not at all, Beau. It's a matter of trust...and...I admit there is something of a secret about it...I don't usually share." I admitted.

"Well, share it with me, please." Beau asked, still whispering.

"Well, it's pretty simple, really. If a boy falls asleep in your arms, Beau, that's where he must also wake up. If you hold him in your arms until he falls asleep, then carry him to bed, or otherwise put him other than in your arms...when he finally awakens, he feels you pulled a fast one on him." I explained.

"Hell, you're right...that is, precisely, how I would have felt. It never occurred to me, Barry."

"Sure, Beau. A boy trusts you with his person and his personal safety when he allows himself to sleep in your arms. If doesn't awaken there, he feels you made him vulnerable, you betrayed his trust. The only exception is when you carry him to bed to sleep next to you...still in physical contact with you till he wakes up."

Beau nodded, I went on:

"If something happens, perhaps you have to visit the restroom or something, you must wake him up enough to tell him you have to put him down long enough to go to the long as he knows why he's being released from your embrace, it's OK." I explained.

"I understand, now, Barry...that's why it's a matter of trust...if he falls asleep in your arms, that must be where he wakes up." Beau affirmed.

"Exactly, Beau. If you violate that trust, a boy will never fall asleep in your arms again." I said.

Beau nodded slowly, once more, in his understanding.

"That explains it, then." Beau offered.

"Explains what, Beau?" I asked.

"Well, when Danny was little, just slightly more than a toddler, he crawled up in my lap and went to sleep in my soon as he fell asleep, and I was certain that he was deeply asleep, I carried him to the bedroom and put him in bed. He never slept in my arms again." Beau explained.

"That's too bad, Beau, but don't feel singled out, most parents make that same mistake." I offered.

"He looks so angelic in your arms, Barry. I'm truly impressed." Beau commented.

"He is an angel, Beau. They're all angels...the problem is that they are also boys, sometimes they act more like boys than angels...but when they sleep, the angel comes out of hiding and let's himself be seen." I said with a chuckle.

"Still, Barry, it's a side of Danny that he's never let me see before. I owe the experience to you." Beau said.

"Thanks, Beau. I can't tell you what a wonderful thing it is to hold Danny in my arms this way. You can't see it, but his warm breath is falling on my breast with each exhale he makes. It's a bonding experience unique in its own rite. He's so very precious to me, Beau. It is I and really the three of us who are in your debt for making it possible for Danny to be with us this way...Thank You!" I said.

"You're entirely welcome, as I told you...I can't think of anywhere I'd rather he be. He's enveloped in a world of love and caring. Something the twin and I have never known...particularly since Mom passed away." Beau reminded me.

"It's none of my business, Beau, but I find it hard to understand why your Dad has adopted this stand-offish stance with you, his boys." I observed.

"Well, actually, Dad has never been an openly affectionate person. I guess he feels it unmanly or something. I don't remember him being openly affectionate, even with Mother, when she was still alive. So, he's really only amplified what he has always been. It sounds strange, I guess, but I believe he loves us boys...he just feels that by providing for know, by keeping a roof over our heads and food in the pantry...well, that's how he shows his love for us...but that's open affection. He's really always been that way, it's just worse since Mom died. When we needed his affection most, after Mom was taken from us, he wasn't there...not in any open, loving way. It was very hurtful that he thought we should just `suck it up' and get on with our lives, as if Mom's death was something perfunctory. He's a strange man. We love him, I guess, but we don't respect or like him." Beau elaborated.

"At least he isn't physically abusive." I suggested.

"Well, as I have told you before, he used to be quick to grab the belt or otherwise hit the boys, including me, when we were much younger and smaller. He doesn't try that any longer...he knows we'd come together to kick his ass...particularly if he did anything to Danny, who's still the small one of the bunch."

"I see." I remarked.

"He has no problem with any of us being gay or preferring to go about naked, though. In fact, he likes to be naked too. He must have had a nice physique when he was young, as there are remnants of it even now...but he's pretty much out of shape now, as he finds out every time there is physical training on tap at the armory." Beau chuckled.

"How odd, that he fails to recognize the treasure his sons is for him. A treasure of inestimable worth. It's really sad." I said, as I shook my head.

Just then David and Travis came from the kitchen with two trays containing our lunch:

"MANJA...MANJA!" David shouted, awakening Danny from his slumber.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Danny, I didn't realize you might be napping...Oh well, it's time for lunch, so it's probably as well that you woke up." David apologized.

"Smells GREAT! What is it? Danny asked.

"Smells like David's famous marinated and famously seasoned hamburgers." I observed, drawing in a nose full of the aroma.

"I thought we'd do something simple, and that everyone would like, we can do the more exotic stuff for dinner, it'll take longer to prepare anyway." David said.

"GREAT!!!" Danny proclaimed.

"Thanks, David. It really does smell quite good...marinated, huh?" Beau asked.

"I hope you'll like it, Beau." David replied.

"By the way, Beau... I'm thinking that a celebration is in order to welcome Danny to his new home with us. Would you be available tomorrow afternoon, or tomorrow evening? I'd like to set up something special at Trey." I suggested.

"I suppose so, Barry. I'll have to see what the twins are up to, before I commit." Beau said.

"They're welcome to join us, as well, Beau." I offered.

"I'll ask. I can't speak for the twins. Who knows what they may have planned for tomorrow." Beau replied.

"OK, well let me I can inform Trey as to how many of us will be there." I said.

"Will do!" Beau offered, as he took his first bit of his hamburger.

He turned to David, after swallowing the first bite and said:

"Wow, it tastes like steak...not like hamburger!"

"It is, Beau, it's ground you like it?" David asked.

"It's great, just great!" Beau exclaimed.

Danny spoke up, as well, having taken his first bite:

"This is the best hamburger I've ever tasted. Thank you, David...and you too, Travis, cause you helped."

"We're glad you like it, Danny." Travis replied.

We made quick work of lunch; David had done his usual fabulous job.

"I'll take care of the clean up." I said.

"It can wait, Barry. Travis cleaned up behind me as I cooked, so there's not much to do. Let's visit with Beau until he has to leave." David suggested.

"Sounds good to me!" I declared.

We sat and chatted for a long time. Much laughter punctuated our visit with Beau; he had quite a good nature and the sense of humor to go with it. We were really enjoying his company. He was gentle and sweet. The boys don't know how lucky they are to have him. I thought to myself. It seemed to me that playing the disciplinarian was, actually, not in his nature, but a function he had resigned himself to perform. I was becoming more and more proud of him, as well as attached to him.

After some time had passed Travis said:

"OK, Danny, you want to do some laps with me?"

" can teach me some more stuff, Travis." Danny replied.

After the two of them had dove in, Beau looked at me and shook his head:

"I never thought I'd see Danny swimming this way. He's completely at home in the water, at least with Travis in there with him" Beau observed.

"Travis is a good swim coach, Beau. He has a way of winning one over to trust him, and that's the biggest part of the battle, as I understand it. That's what Travis says. Once you trust your instructor, you can relax in the water...once you learn to relax in the water you're pretty much home free. All the rest is technique." I said.

"That's great. Do you suppose he'd teach me?" Beau asked.

"I'm sure he would Beau, should I call out to him?" I asked.

"Not right now. I'd better get home and make sure the twins haven't burned the house down yet." Beau said with a chuckle.

"OK" I replied.

"Next time, though, I'll ask him...I'd love to learn to swim. I'd really appreciate his help." Beau said.

"Very well, Beau, I know Travis would be happy to teach you."

"Well, I guess I'd best not put it off any longer...Thanks for lunch and a great visit, guys. I'd better get dressed and headed home." Beau announced.

Beau called out to Danny:

"Hey Little Bro...I gotta go...come and give me a hug."

Danny complied. He got out of the pool and ran to deliver a hug to Beau:

"Yikes, you're cold!" Beau said.

"Sorry, Beau, let me dry off." Danny responded.

Danny grabbed a towel and dried his gorgeous body, the returned to Beau and delivered the hug.

"I love you, Danny." Beau said, affectionately as he hugged Danny tightly.

"I love you too, Beau." Danny responded with equal affection.

"Beau?" I interrupted.

"Travis, David and I love you very much. We really do. We know, indeed, we can see what a wonderful example you've been to the boys and how you love them. We respect you for what you've done, we're enormously proud of you, and we love you very much." I proclaimed.

"Thanks guys" Beau replied as he looked from side to side to make sure we all heard him.

"Don't worry about Danny. We'll take good care of him." I said.

"Like I said, Barry, there's nowhere else I'd rather see him, than with you guys. It's obvious how much you love him...and how much he loves you. I won't be worried about him in the least...I wish I could surrender myself to you too...I could use the relief." Beau said with a chuckle.

"We're here for you, Beau...ALWAYS!" David said firmly.

"AMEN!" Travis called out from poolside.

"You guys are really something, aren't you?" Beau said.

We followed Beau to the foyer and watched as he dressed to leave.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Beau exclaimed, as he took out his wallet and produced some cash.

He reached the money to me and said:

"This will help take care of the little guy for a while. When I get paid, I'll give you more"

I pushed the cask back at him:

"Beau, I promise that if anything comes along that we need you to help financially, I'll let you know. In the meantime, we'll cover any expenses related to Danny. We love him so very much, as you know. We'll cover anything he's all part of our commitment to him and to you. So, for now, put your money back in your pocket. I promise to ask for it if we might need it...fair enough?" I explained.

"Are you sure?" Beau asked.

"Entirely sure, Beau." I replied.

Beau smiled and slowly shook his head as he put the money back into his wallet.

"I'll bring in the rest of Danny's's in the trunk. Much of his stuff, he's outgrown, so I'll need to get him some new clothes and other things. His toothbrush and toiletries are in one of his suitcases.

"OK, Beau. But, don't worry about buying Danny new stuff. We'll take care of all that" I replied.

"Thanks. You guys are the greatest." Beau complimented us.

I was sad to see Beau eventually drive away...I wished we could keep him, too.

"He's really a sweetheart, isn't he?" David remarked, as we watched Beau drive off.

"He is, indeed, David." I confirmed.

Travis and Danny had already returned to the pool and Travis was busy showing Danny some technique. They were so comfortable with each other, and I relished in the sound of their laughter, as they enjoyed each other's company. It was certainly the happiest I had seen Danny. His smile seemed even broader and brighter. He was home. He was home with us.

"God, David, how blessed we are!" I declared, as David and I took in this gleeful scene.

"Can't argue with that, Barry, we are blessed, indeed." David responded.

"I'd better call Trey, and forewarn him that we will be there to consume all that wonderful fare tomorrow." I said.

"If he'll let us use the piano, I'd like to surprise and welcome Danny with a tribute." David suggested.

"Ahhhhh, Yesssss, I bet I know what it is, too." I said.

David smiled and walked toward the patio awning, leaving me alone to call Trey.

I called Trey and made tentative arrangements for the following afternoon or evening, depending on whether Beau could join us and at what time. Trey was delighted that Danny had come to stay with us long term, and as with us, he hoped long term would grow into permanently.

After my phone conversation with Trey, I went about the business of finishing up the luncheon clean up, as I had promised. As I was doing so, I began to consider all the many things that we needed to do for Danny's benefit. I was particularly concerned with the fact that he had dropped out of school. I didn't know how long he'd been out of school or how much academic progress he had missed out on, as a result. I didn't know what prompted him to drop out. He's a bright young man and certainly capable of doing the what would have compelled him to drop out...and why didn't his father insist that he continue with his education?

Finally, I decided that all these matters could wait. We were in the midst of planning a celebration, one that would be centered around the fact that Danny was now with us, and how happy we were with that fact. So, I concentrated on that celebration with a thought of visiting these other issues afterwards.

Danny appeared from the pool and approached me to deliver a hug:

"I wondered where you were, Barry."

"Remember, I promised to take care of the clean up after that wonderful lunch that David prepared for us?" I reminded Danny.

"Sure...I wish you had told me...I'd have helped you." Danny said.

"Thanks, Danny, but I'm done with it now. Still I appreciate that you are so responsible as to contribute to the household effort." I said.

Danny motioned for me to bend to him so he could whisper into my ear.

I complied.

"I want you to fuck me tonight, OK?" Danny whispered.

"Of course...since the last time tired you out, let's do it shortly prior to bedtime...OK?"

"Great!" Danny said.

"You know, the word FUCK is such an unhappy, vulgar term for something that should be an expression of love...we should really find some other term. Why not just ask me to make love to you, in the future?" I suggested.

"OK...I always did think that fuck was a silly word, anyway...where does it come from?"

"There's a wives' tale that it comes from old England, and is an acronym for the phrase: `fornication under consent of the King' I think that is complete nonsense. It seems to me, having studied Latin under the tutelage of the nuns, when I was a boy, that it's more likely a bastardization of the Latin `Facio' ...I suspect it is the vocative of that verb `Facte" `To Make'...I think that is also where the terms `making out', and `on the make' come from as well. It's just my guess, I haven't made a serious study of it." I explained.

"OK, I guess, I don't know what most of that means...vocative...and all that stuff...but it sounds good to me." Danny replied with a smile.

I chuckled:

"OK, we'll go with that until we learn otherwise."

"OK" Danny replied, as he took my penis in his hand.

"I can't wait till you're in me, Barry" Danny said, as he squeezed my penis gently.

"Well, you won't have to wait long. It's going to be evening soon. Go ask Travis and David if they are ready for a mixed drink, please." I asked.

"OK" Danny said, as he released my penis to return to the patio. He left me in a semi erect state. I, too, was anxious to be in him, as he had requested.

I got our glasses from the cupboard on the assumption that Danny would return with a reply in the affirmative.

He did, including a request for a drink for himself.

"OK, sweetheart. I'm impressed that you've learned to pace yourself, so I have no problem with it." I said.

"Show me how to make those drinks, OK?" Danny requested.

"Sure, Danny. I'd be happy to. Start by filling the glasses with crushed ice from the dispenser on the fridge..." I began

Danny did as requested.

"OK, get the Bourbon from the cabinet and bring it here." I asked

He did.

"Now, fill each glass to...about here..." I said, as I pointed to a spot on the glass

He did.

"Now fill the rest of the glass with's in the fridge." I instructed.

He did.

"That's about it, Danny. Sometimes I include a slice of lemon or lime, but basically, that's it. You did a great job, Danny" I complimented him.

He smiled that wide Danny smile at me, and said:

"Thanks, Barry, now I can be the bartender, sometimes." Danny said.

"You sure may." I affirmed.

"Wow!" Danny exclaimed.

"Let's put the drinks on the tray, over there, and take them to the patio" I suggested.

Danny placed the drinks on the tray and carried them outside, as I had requested. Once outside, he called out to the guys:

"I was the bartender!"

"GREAT!" David called back.

"That's wonderful, Danny. It will be a handy talent to have around here." Travis laughed.

We took our seats at the patio table. Danny, as was becoming his habit, sat on my lap, reached down between my legs as he did, and positioned my penis to find its home in his cute little butt crack.

David smiled at watching Danny position my penis in that manner and said:

"I think I know what's in store for you two later."

I nodded.

Travis nodded in agreement, as he sipped his drink and commented:

"You did a good job, Danny. My drink is very good."

"Thanks, Travis. Barry showed me how." Danny replied.

"It's an old family recipe." I chuckled.

Travis and Davis nodded and smiled

"Shall I warm up the spa?" David asked

"Please." I replied.

David rose, went to the heater and switched it on.

As we waited for the spa to heat up, we chatted with Danny reinforcing our happiness that he was now with us.

"So, seems like your folks were working their way down the alphabet, as they named you boys...Beau...Cody & Conner...Danny...but they skipped over "A", huh?" Travis asked.

"That's my Dad...Alex." Danny said.

"I see." Travis responded.

I anticipated but was hoping not to hear what would come next:

"If Mom hadn't died trying to deliver him, my little brother would have been Eric." Danny said.

"I'm sorry, Danny. That was clumsy of me. I didn't intend to make you think of something sad...I'm sorry." Travis apologized.

"That's OK, Travis, my Dad says it doesn't do any good to ignore reality. Eric turned at the last moment and got...what do they call it...breached, I think. Anyway they did an emergency c-section, whatever that is, but it was too late. So Mom took Eric to heaven with her. I know we'll see them there." Danny explained

"We will, indeed." I affirmed.

"Anyway, I'm not sad...I could never be sad as long as I'm with you guys." Danny said.

"That's a very sweet thing for you to say, Danny. We could never be anything but deliriously happy, either, now that you are with us. You can't imagine how happy it makes us." David offered.

"I can too." Danny replied with a smile.

We all laughed.

"Thank you Danny. That's a great compliment, and it speaks to your wisdom, as well." I said.

"Well, I'm serious, guys, this is the happiest I've been in my whole life." Danny insisted.

"Thanks Danny, I think that goes for us all, then, we are all extremely happy, now that you are one with us." Travis said.

"I think the water is hot, now, guys." David observed as the steam rose from the spa.

"Great! What are we waiting for?" I replied.

We took our places at each of the Jacuzzi nozzles, except Danny, who re-placed himself onto my lap, with my happy penis in his butt crack.

I thought to myself...this kid knows how to push all my buttons, especially those that reside on my corona ring and my frenulum. I chuckled to myself, silently

"God, the Jacuzzi feels wonderful!" Travis remarked.

"It sure does!" I agreed.

Travis nodded in agreement.

"Can you make love to me now, Barry?" Danny asked.

"It's awkward in the spa, sweetheart. I didn't design the spa with love making in mind."

"We can help, Barry. If, that is, Danny doesn't mind. Otherwise, Travis and I can give you some privacy." David suggested.

"Danny is one of us, now, we don't need to exclude you two from this. Danny, David is suggesting we do this with a technique we've developed over the years to make love here in the that OK with you?" I explained.

"'ll be even better." Danny replied.

"All right, then." I said, as I nodded at David

"OK, Danny, I'm going to hold you under your arms just so that you are above the water except for you butt." David explained.

David moved to place an arm under each of Danny's armpits, and held him accordingly.

"Now, Danny, spread your legs so that one is resting on the cool deck and the other on the wall of the spa." David instructed.

"I'll get the lube." Travis said, as Danny positioned himself as David had instructed.

Travis returned with the lube and rejoined us in the water.

The Jacuzzi was flooding Danny's genitals with its foam and bubbles; it was quite erotic, as evidenced by Danny saying:

"God, this feels GREAT!" as those same bubbles coursed across his abdomen and his penis and balls.

With his legs spread, his little pink anus was positioned for me to enter.

Travis handed me the lube. It, being water resistant, allowed me to apply a generous amount to Danny's anus, working it into his rectum with gentle pressure from my fingers. I lubed my penis with an equally generous amount of the lube.

I positioned my penis at Danny's anus with only slight pressure, not entering just yet.

"Ready, Danny?" I asked.

"God YES!" Danny replied.

I increased my pressure against Danny's sweet little butt hole, until, it gradually opened to allow me in.

My penis slid into Danny's rectum slowly. It was tight and placed much pressure upon my corona and frenulum as I made my way in. It was glorious.

"You OK, Danny?" I asked, as I watched him close his eyes.

He nodded.

"OK" I said, as I began my gentle thrusting back and forth in his rectum."

"Harder, Barry." He requested.

David smiled at me when he heard Danny's request

I complied with Danny's request, and began to thrust more forcefully. It seemed to be what he wanted, as he made fists with both hands, clutching the hot water into those fists.

"Let's make him Lucky Pierre, Barry." Travis suggested.

I nodded.

Travis moved to begin stroking Danny's penis while I continued my thrusting. Danny's penis was already erect, but became swollen to its maximum at Travis' touch. Danny's precum was being pumped to his meatus in copious quantities. Travis bent to lick it from Danny's meatus and from his hand as it had run down Danny's penis and onto Travis hand.

"I'm about to cum, Danny... are you ready?" I said.

"Hell, YES!" Danny replied.

I unloaded into Danny's precious rectum. My penis was further lubricated by the presence of my own hot cum my penis became slick with my own cum and slid back and forth in Danny with even higher eroticism. My glans was now hypersensitive following my ejaculation and the pleasure was amplified in my strokes, accordingly.

I now closed my own eyes and relished in the remaining ejaculatory spasms that were occurring in a most powerful series, such that I quivered in their wake.

"I think he's ready to cum, Barry, you should pull out of him now." Travis suggested.

I nodded. I was still too consumed in my own orgasm to speak, but I slowly retracted my throbbing penis from Danny. His anus snapped closed behind me as my glans exited him.

Danny produced his usual fountain of cum as soon as the pressure upon his prostrate was relieved as my penis was removed.

Travis moved quickly to take it into his mouth.

"Save me a mouthful." David requested.

Travis, being occupied with Danny's penis, couldn't reply, but we knew he got the message.

I watched Danny's urethra expand and contract with each of his ejaculatory spasms. It was a glorious sight. His balls were fully contracted with his scrotum hold those precious testicles tightly against his abdomen.

I leaned forward to take Travis' place on Danny's penis, so Travis could stand to feed David a mouthful of Danny's precious cum. I took Travis' place and made sure that not a drop of Danny went to waste. It didn't. I got it all, even the residual that thought it might hide in that part of his urethra in his taint...his perineum. I traced my finger along it and pushed the last of Danny's cum along its course, up his penis to his meatus and into my eager mouth. It was sweet, heavily laced with Danny's sucrose and fructose. It was hot, carrying along with it, Danny's passion...his heat.

Danny was left weak from the experience, but insisted on taking Travis and David into his mouth. He resumed his seat on my lap and took, first Travis and then David into him. He was becoming quite good at fellatio, and produced a powerful ejaculation in each of them.

We resumed our former positions, afterward, to enjoy the Jacuzzi and our drinks.

We chatted about the next day being a big celebration in honor of our precious Danny.

We pondered the follwing day, each of us silent, having expressed our love to each other and satiated while the Jacuzzi foam massaged our backs.

------------------------------ END PT 7 -------------TORNADO WARNING--------------