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Having enjoyed the spa for a while, we were all ready for some shuteye. Danny, in fact, was asleep in my arms...not a good thing in the 106F temperature in the hot water.

"Let go in, guys." I suggested.

David left the spa first to turn off the heater and the Jacuzzi.

I woke Danny:

"Danny, I have to put you down long enough to dry us both off" I said.

Danny stood on his feet, but leaned on me for support, still half asleep. I took a towel and dried us both off. When I arrived at his genitals wit the towel, he became erect, again...his short refractory period was already over. I pointed at Danny's erection and both Travis and David nodded and smiled at the notion that Danny was armed and ready for the next battle.

Once I had dried us both off, I picked Danny up. Travis took Danny's limp legs and wrapped them around me, to facilitate me carrying him to bed. Once we got to the bedroom, I woke Danny again:

Danny' I've positioned a separate bed for you at the edge of the bed that The three of us you'll be close to us, is that OK?" I asked.

Danny opened his eyes and looked at the bed I had prepared for him...he shook his head and repositioned the bed, rolling it to the foot of our king-sized bed. It didn't make sense at first...but then Danny said:

"You guys lay down, like usual"

We did. Travis was on one side of me, his cheek resting on my breast, and David on the other embracing me as he lay on his side. Once we were in our customary positions, Danny approached from the foot of the bed and spread my legs apart to accommodate himself. He climbed into the bed with the three of us such that his cheek was resting upon my genitals. The extra bed provided the space required preventing his feet from dangling off the bed.

"Pretty clever, Danny. Can you really sleep in that position?" I asked.

There was no answer.

David raised his head to look down at Danny. He smiled at me and said:

"He's asleep."

Danny's warm breath fell upon my genitals, even as Travis' fell upon my breast. I was in heaven. With the addition of my precious David at my side, there was nothing more that I could ever hope for.

Danny had positioned himself such that his hand was inserted in my butt crack. It took me a while to get comfortable with this, as, while he slept, every twitch was reflected in his fingers, which would tickle my anus.

We always kept the bedroom warm enough that we didn't require any covers, but I became concerned that with the extra heat generated by Danny's warmth, I might awaken in a sweat. I didn't, thankfully, and slept through the night peacefully...more than peacefully...more like heavenly.

In my sleep, my flaccid penis had worked its way to Danny's lips. It wasn't surprising, therefore, to awaken to find Danny kissing away my precum from my meatus...Wow, what a way to awaken, I thought to myself.

I turned to see David watching Danny showing affection to my penis with his gentle kiss. Danny wasn't fully awake, but must have felt the precum on his lips and instinctively kissing it into his mouth...almost as a baby nurses.

David whispered to me:

"He's such an angel, Barry...I'm so glad he's with us."

I nodded, not wanting to awaken Travis by speaking aloud.

David quietly rose and left for the kitchen, as was his routine. I knew that fresh coffee would soon appear.

Danny made me aware that he was awake when he said:

"I love the smell of you, Barry."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah...just the smell of you makes me horny...I love it." Danny said.

"Thank you, Baby. It's why I like to nuzzle your hair and breath in your smell. Your unique smell is delicious and somehow serves as its own gift to me. I could drink it in all day. It seems almost a shame to shampoo it away...but then there's a matter of hygiene, I guess." I suggested.

"I love you, say the sweetest things to me. No one has ever talked to me the way you do." Danny responded.

He went on:

"You really like my smell...I didn't know I had one. I'm glad you like it, you can smell all you want...can I smell you too, all I want?" Danny asked

"Of course." I responded firmly.

"You aren't hard, but you're making...what do you call it...pre-cum." Danny observed.

"'s Cowper's fluid. It's made by two small gland at the base of the penis. It lubricates the urethra and helps to neutralize any residual acidity from urine. It prepares the penis to pass semen during an ejaculation." I explained.

"So you are about to cum, huh?" Danny asked.

"Not necessarily. My glans senses the warmth of your breath and starts the process in motion, though." I said.

"Barry?" Danny asked.

"Yes." I responded.

"Will you teach me all about my sexual parts and how they work?" Danny asked.

"Of course. It's important that you know these things. Most men have never really made it a point to learn about how there body's work...they only know the involuntary responses that their sexual parts produce in response to stimulation...they neither know nor care about what takes place in their bodies to produce those results." I explained.

"I want to know all of that." Danny said.

"It's wise of you to wish to know how your body works, sexually, Danny. Not only will you better understand why your genitals respond in the way they do, but you'll be able to better manage your sexual experience to produce the best ejaculation and orgasm in yourself, and also to better satisfy your sexual partner." I advised.

"GREAT, teach me, Barry."

Travis had awakened at Danny's voice and my own and kissed my breast:

"Good Morning, Lover."

"Good Morning my precious angel." I responded.

"Morning, Danny...I love you's wonderful that you are here with us." Travis said.

"Barry is going to teach me about my sex parts, and how they work." Danny announced.

"He taught me, too. I didn't have any idea how complicated it is, all those organs working in concert. It's quite a design, really." Travis reported.

He went on:

"Barry, you want me to go to the computer and print the diagrams and info you used to teach me. They will be useful."

"That is a good idea, please do." I replied.

Travis rose and was leaving the room, just as David brought us our first cup of morning coffee.

Travis took his cup from the tray and continued on to the computer.

"Where's he going?" David asked.

"He's going to print the diagrams on male anatomy for me. Danny had asked that I explain to him how that system works beyond the common observation in the external genitalia." I replied.

"Oh, that's good, Danny. You should know all of that. I'm sure Barry would have gotten around to teaching you all that in good time, but if you are curious now...well, it's time you learn." David said.

"I know...I need to learn a lot of driving...I'll be old enough to get my learner's permit pretty soon. Beau hasn't had much chance to teach me to drive yet, but he thinks I'm ready." Danny observed.

"I can take him over to the church parking lot, where you taught me to drive, Barry, and start teaching him. I'd like to do something like that for him before I have to leave for Italy." David suggested.

"I think that's a great idea, David. Why not do so, after breakfast and after Travis and Danny do their morning laps?" I suggested.

"I will be happy to do so...better get started on breakfast, then." David remarked.

David left the room, once more, carrying his coffee cup along.

Travis returned with the diagrams:

"I'll hold them for you while you show him where all these things are...OK?"

"Thanks, Travis, that will be helpful." I replied.

I looked down at Danny still cradled at my genitals.

"OK, Danny, move up here next to me where I can feel you and you can feel me. It's best to feel these structures on someone else, so as not to be distracted by any sensorial feedback of your own.

Danny complied.

"Travis, get me some lube, please. Then we can get started." I said.

Travis went to the bathroom and retrieved the lube...Liquid K-Y:

He handed it to me and held the diagram for me once more.

"Spread your legs for me, Danny." I requested.

He did.

"OK, Danny, lets start with the sexual parts you never see...cause they are up inside you." I began

"Up inside me?" Danny asked.

"Sure! Much of what happens during sexual activity occurs in glands that are inside your abdomen...Travis will help us, by pointing to them as I describe them and what they do...won't you, Travis?" I suggested.

Travis nodded.

"OK, then, let's start with the Cowper's glands." I started.

"OK." Danny said.

"When you first become aroused, Danny, the Cowpers glands are the first to react. They produce a clear sticky lubricant...remember before, you were kissing it from my meatus?" I said.

"Pre-Cum?" Danny said.

"Exactly. This lubricant prepares the urethra for ejaculation." I began

"Yours tastes sweet, Barry." Danny interjected.

"Thanks, Danny. Cowper's fluid can taste neutral, like saliva, or can be sweet in it taste, depending on what has been in one's diet recently." I explained.

"What's the urethra, Barry?" Danny asked.

"Oh, yes,'s the tube that runs from your prostate up your perineum and to the meatus...or that slit shaped opening at the tip of your penis. The tube serves double duty, sweetie, it carries away your urine and delivers your semen during ejaculation." I said.

"Prostate...Perineum?" Danny asked.

"We'll get there next, Danny, be patient." I said with a smile.

" we go along...I'll stimulate those glands so you can watch how they respond. First, let's talk about the testicles and their supporting structures." I suggested

"OK." Danny said.

"Please take my testicles in your hand, Danny." I requested.

"ALLRIGHT!" Danny proclaimed.

"No, No, not for sex...just so you can feel those structures." I chuckled.

"OK." Danny replied, as he took my scrotum into his hands.

"Your balls are really heavy, Barry, did you know that?" Danny remarked.

"You're right, Danny, I've always told him that, too." Travis remarked.

"Thanks...I guess...I do seem to have large and heavy testicles...even as a kid...anyway, Danny, I'm going to feel your structures as you feel mine, so you'll recognize them in yourself...OK?" I suggested.

"Sure!" Danny replied.

Travis pointed to the testicles on the diagram

"My balls, huh?" Danny observed.

"Right...your balls...your testes, or testicles." I affirmed

"That's a funny name." Danny observed.

"It's means "witness" Your balls are the witnesses to your manhood, women, obviously don't have them."

"Wow, I never knew that...witnesses, huh?" Danny said.

I went on:

"Your balls reside in your scrotum...which is this sack." I said, as I stretched Danny's scrotum slightly with my fingers.

I continued:

"The balls produce your sperm, Danny, and sperm are very sensitive to heat. If your balls get too hot, the heat can kill the sperm. They can't survive the normal temperatures inside your abdomen, so they are suspened in this sack outside your body, the scrotum, this sack, is designed to retract or extend to control to temperature of your balls to keep them warm, but not too warm, and the sperm, as well. That's why, if you get in the cool pool water, your sack pulls your balls up close to your take advantage of your body heat. On the other hand, when you're in the spa, your scrotum extends fully in reaction to the heat." I explained

"That's so Cool!" Danny exclaimed.

"Yes, it really is." I replied.

"Anyway, I want you to take one of my testicles...gently, mind you...into your hand and squeeze it gently." I said.

Danny complied.

"Now reach around behind my testicle to my epididymis and squeeze it very gently, as I do the same with yours." I said.

Travis pointed on the chart to the epididymis.

"Cool, it's like a little sponge!" Danny remarked.

"Yes, it's full of my sperm and the nurse cells that care for them as they develop." I remarked.

I squeezed Danny's epididymis gently.

"Do you feel them, Danny?" I asked.

"Yeah...I never even knew they were there." Danny replied.

"They sure are...and they seem packed to I squeeze them, I can feel the pressure pushing your sperm up into your vas deferens." I said, as Travis pointed at the Vas Deferens on the chart.

"That's those little tubes, huh?" Danny observed.

"Yes, they transport your sperm to your ejaculatory ducts, during the emission phase of sexual be ready for know...when you cum." I said.

"Cool!" Danny said.

"To help, your scrotum will pull your testicles up tight against your abdomen as you become stimulated. Ever notice that your balls are held against your abdomen while you cum?" I asked.

"No, I never paid any attention." Danny said.

"That's normal, Danny, you're too obsessed with the ejaculation and the orgasm." I said.

"You can observe it on me, then on yourself, if you can detach your thoughts from your own orgasm to do so." I said.

"What's the difference, Barry, ejaculation and orgasm?" Danny asked.

"Well, the easiest way to understand it might be this...long before you were old enough to produce semen and ejaculate it, you could masturbate to a dry ejaculation, and still produce no semen...but experience that intense and mind-boggling sensation that accompanies an ejaculation...does that make any sense?" I asked

"Yeah...I was jerking off when I was real little...but I had that's why I jerked off...later I was able to cum...but I jerked off cause of the feeling, not the cum." Danny said.

"Exactly, Danny, by the way...the correct name for jerking off is when you masturbated when you were little you experienced the orgasm even though you couldn't yet produce your, delicious, I might add, cum." I said.

Danny smiled at me referring to his cum as delicious:

"Thanks, Barry, I'm glad you like the taste of my cum." Danny said.

"I do, indeed...but let's move on. The sperm arrives at your ejaculatory ducts where it mixes with fluid produced by the seminal vesicles and later the fluid from your prostate and awaits your ejaculation." I said, as Travis pointed at each of the glands as I spoke.

"Wow, all that stuff gets mixed together, huh?" Danny said.

"It does, Danny. The seminal vesicles produce a yellowish fluid to entrap and nourish the sperm cells. That fluid is highly rich in nutrients, important to the sperm. The prostate produces a fluid, white in color, which is why your ejaculate...your pearl white in color when it is expelled from your meatus...remember...that slit at the tip of your penis?" I said.

"Yep, I remember." Danny affirmed.

The mixture of prostate fluid, and its presence in the ejaculatory duct produces a stimulation in your nervous system called the feeling of inevitability...or as we say in the gay community...being "locked and loaded" . When this point is arrived at, it is virtually impossible, without extraordinary effort, to stop the ejaculation from occurring.

"I know that feeling." Danny affirmed.

"Exactly. At that point, your penis will have already become erect...or hard...due to the sphincters at the base of your penis releasing your blood into the penis tissues, which act as a sponge. Those sponge like tissues become engorged with blood...that's what makes your penis get hard, Danny...blood." I explained.

"Cool!" Danny said again.

Now your scrotum will have retracted, and pulled your balls up against your abdomen. You're ready to do so, muscles at the base of your penis will begin a set of spasms, along with your ejaculatory ducts, which push your semen to the base of your penis to be ejaculated.

That's when you cum, and shoot your, delicious, I might add, cum from your meatus...hopefully into my mouth." I said with a big smile.

Danny smiled at my suggestion. He was still holding onto my happy epididymis and squeezing it gently.

"OK, let's show you how your inside glands respond, by milking them." I suggested.

"Sounds like fun." Danny replied with a smile.

"I suppose so, Danny, but I want you to pay attention and learn, not just enjoy the milking...OK?" I said.

"OK...I'll try." Danny said, still smiling.

"All right, then. Both your Cowper's and your prostate can be reached and milked from your rectum, Danny. So I'm going to lube your anus and insert my finger to get to your Cowper's first, then your prostate." I suggested.

"OK." Danny replied.

I lubed up Danny's cute little pink anus wit the Liquid K-Y, massaging it in until I felt him open up to me. I gently inserted my finger into his butt hole. He took in a deep breath as he felt me enter.

"That feels great, Barry." Danny declared.

"Yes, the anus is, itself, very erotic. I affirmed.

I found his Cowper's:

"OK, Danny, I'm going to milk your Cowper's for what comes out of your penis as I do." I instructed.

"OK" Danny said, as he looked down at the tip of his penis, taking it in one hand to point his meatus for better viewing.

I massaged Danny's Cowper's glands. Copious amounts of Danny's precious precum began to be pumped from his meatus onto his abdomen.

"Wow, I never made that much precum before." Danny said

"I want it too." Travis chuckled.

"Wait till I drain his Cowper's glands completely, Travis." I said.

I continued to massage Danny's Cowper's glands until the flow of his precum finally subsided.

"May I have it, Danny?" Travis begged.

"Sure!" Danny replied.

Travis wasted no time to lean over and lick Danny's precum onto his tongue, taking it, then, into his mouth.

"Delicious, Danny. Thank you!" Travis declared

"You're welcome...glad you liked it." Danny replied.

"OK, Danny, I'm going up a bit deeper into your rectum to milk your prostate, now...ready?" I asked.

"Ready." Danny replied.

I inserted my finger more deeply along the wall of Danny's rectum until I detected the presence of his prostate, resting against it.

"OK, here it is, Danny. I'm going to milk it now." I reported.

As I began to put pressure on Danny's prostate he commented:

"It makes me feel like I'm going to cum, Barry."

"You are about to cum, Baby, but without the orgasm." I said.

"Cool!" Danny said, as he continued to watch his meatus.

I began milking Danny's young prostate. It was softy and pillow-like, obviously engorged and ready to deliver.

It did!

Danny's white cum began pouring from his meatus and pooling upon his abdomen, filling his navel and the surrounding area.

"Wow...I'm cumming, Barry, and you never touched my penis...or anything." Danny said.

"You are cumming, indeed, and generously, at that. This time it's going to my turn. I want it." I said with a chuckle.

"OK, Barry. You can have it." Danny said, as he watched his penis continue to pump his cum onto his abdomen, as I milked his prostate relentlessly.

"'s a lot, huh?" Danny observed.

"No more than you usually produce, Danny, you just aren't aware of the fountain of cum you produce while you're too busy enjoying the orgasm." I said.

"Really...I cum a lot, huh?" Danny said.

"Yes, you do." I affirmed.

"You sure do, Danny, like Barry're like a cum-fountain." Travis added.

Danny smiled, still watching the cum pour forth from his penis.

"I haven't figured it out, Danny. Somehow, you and Travis share that attribute. Your ejaculatory spasms, like Travis' aren't short, producing brief spurts of cum. They are more protracted and produce a stream of cum that varies in volume as you ejaculate but is never fully interrupted until you have completely finished. Travis has always been that appears that you are as well, Danny." I reported.

"Cool, We're alike, Travis." Danny said, as, at last his cumming began to subside. Cum was running to both sides and down toward the sheets, as Travis began scooping it into his hands.

"Well, I can, at least have this much, can't I?" Travis asked with a smile.

"Of course...I'll share, Baby." I replied with my own smile.

I slowly retracted my finger from Danny's sweet little anus, feeling it snap shut as I made my exit.

"Get it while it's HOT! Danny laughed.

We did. Travis and I wasted no time in licking Danny's essence into our eager mouth from either side. I got the little pool that had formed in his navel.

"God, he is so delicious." I declared.

"He really is." Travis added.

"Before we finish up, Danny, I want to show you the areas of your penis that are most sensitive. Since you just had a massive cum, your corona and frenulum should be especially sensitive...not as much as if you had experienced an orgasm, perhaps, but sensitive, nevertheless."

"OK" Danny said.

I took Danny's penis...still hard as a rock, from his hand into my own. I licked the residual cum from his meatus...none should be wasted.

"That felt good, Barry." Danny commented.

"Yes, sweetie, I licked the cum off your meatus, and along the way, I ran my tongue along your frenulum. The frenulum, this little flap of skin on the underside of your penis, that runs from the head of your penis down toward your circumcision point, is loaded with nerves and is very sensitive to touch, especially during sexual stimulation and just after an ejaculation...same with you corona ring." I said, as I ran my finger around his corona.

"Hell, Yes...that feels great."

"Yes, this ring at the rear of the glans, is your too, is loaded with nerves which produce great pleasure during stimulation and especially at and just after ejaculation." I instructed.

"It really is a Hell of a design, Barry said earlier." Travis added.

"When everything happens in concert, as it is supposed to, it's one heck of a system." I affirmed.

"And mine is all working right...Right?" Danny asked.

"It sure as Hell is." I affirmed.

Danny smiled at my confirmation that his system was in good working order.

"It's SOUP!" David called from the kitchen.

"Be right there!" Travis called back to him.

"Barry?" Danny asked as we rose to leave the bedroom for breakfast.

"What is it, sweetie?" I asked.

"Can I milk you later?" Danny requested.

"If you want. Actually, it would be good for you to know where each of the structures is and how to stimulate them, you'll know better how to position your penis during sex to produce a greater orgasm and ejaculation in your partner...hopefully, me." I said with a smile.

Danny smiled.

David awaited us in the breakfast nook, with a big smile on his beautiful face.

"I made something special for you, Danny." David announced.

We took our places. Danny removed the silver dome from his breakfast first. His eyes grew large and he exclaimed:

"I don't know what it is, but it looks GREAT!"

"It's Eggs Benedict, Danny...I think you'll like it." David proclaimed.

"He practiced on Travis and me, IS delicious, Danny." I remarked.

Danny took his first bite. After swallowing, he looked up at David and proclaimed:

"God, it's delicious, David...thanks for making it for me. Beau would love this, too. He loves eggs for breakfast...I bet he's never had anything like this." Danny reported.

Danny went back to his meal.

"Well, perhaps I can prepare it for him sometime, Danny, thanks for the tip." David replied.

Danny made no answer, as he was too busy enjoying his meal.

David smiled, happy that Danny was approving of the Eggs Benedict.

"Danny, would you like me to take you over to St.Anthony's and let you start to learn to drive on the parking lot, after we finish our breakfast?" David suggested.

"That would be GREAT!" Danny replied.

"Then, you can do laps with me, when you get back, Danny." Travis suggested as well.

"OK, Travis, as soon as we get back. I'm anxious to learn to drive" Danny replied.

"Well, David is a good teacher. I'm sure he will do a good job with you, Danny. In the meantime, Travis and I can enjoy the morning Sun and let our breakfast settle." I said.

We finished our breakfast and Danny seemed more than pleased:

"That was the best breakfast I've ever had, David. Thanks!"

David looked at Danny lovingly:

"You're entirely welcome, Danny. I was happy to prepare it and even more happy that you liked it. Consider it a sign of my love for you. I want to do as many things for you as I can before I have to return to Italy."

Danny returned the loving gaze:

"I Love You, David. I wish you didn't have to go. We'll miss you a bunch." Danny reported.

"I know. I'll miss you guys, too...but it'll be the last time. I'll be home to stay afterwards." David said reassuringly.

David changed the subject:

"So, Danny, are you ready for your first driving lesson?"

Danny jumped up from the table and ran toward the door, leading from the utility room into the garage.

"Danny?" David chuckled

"Yeah." Danny replied from the garage door.

"This may be one of those rare occasions where clothing might be appropriate." David said.

Travis and I laughed, not at, but with Danny, who was laughing as well.

Once dressed in sweat shorts and tee shirts, David and Danny left for St. Anthony's.

Travis and I retired to the patio to have some coffee and let our breakfast digest.

"That kid has really won us over, hasn't he? He's so's impossible not to love him immediately." Travis opened our conversation.

"He really has and is. I can't imagine not having him here with us now." I added.

"Was I precious, like Danny, when Ganymede first brought me here?" Travis inquired.

"Were and still are, my sweet Travis. You remain as precious as when I first looked into your sad eyes, on that first day. Hell, Travis, you'll always be me...and to David...and now, to Danny, as well." I reassured him.

"You're as sweet as then, too, Barry. You saved my gave me a life." Travis replied.

"Stop'll have me know how I am." I stated.

Travis smiled and nodded.

"I love our little Danny, in any case. I want to do all the same good things for him that you did for me, Barry." Travis said.

"He seems to have really taken to the three of us. He trusts you, completely, Travis. He relaxed for you in the water... which Beau recognizes as a veritable miracle...and is completely comfortable in your and out of the water. It's a high compliment." I advised.

"I know...and it has facilitated my bond with him tremendously. I'd kill anyone who ever tried to hurt him." Travis declared.

" you understand...that's how I felt about David and about you from the very beginning. Like you, I feel that way about Danny now, too." I explained.

Travis nodded and said:

"I always understood it, Barry, but with Danny here with us now, I understand it even better, and in a way I never could have."

"We'll protect him...each of us will." I affirmed.

"He's so little...he makes me think of myself when I first came here." Travis observed.

"He is rather diminutive, for someone nearly legally eligible to drive. He's nearly 16, and looks more like he's 12." Beau said, at one point that he gets it from his Mom who was small, as well." I suggested.

"I see." Travis replied.

"I think his small stature makes him all the more a treasure...he's so cute." I remarked

"Yeah...he really is." Travis agreed, with a smile and a nod.

"I was thinking that, later in the Day, you might take him and get him some new clothes for David put it, those rare occasions where clothing might be appropriate." I said with a chuckle.

"Will there be time? We have to be at Trey." Travis said.

"That reminds me...hopefully Beau will call soon and let us know if and at what time he can join us. If he says he's available for the evening, there will certainly be time...if can take him tomorrow, after class. I'd like you to do it, since you're the youngest of us, and are more familiar with the popular styles and such. I know you will dress him well, but not get carried away with some of the nonsense I see too often with young guys these days. I hate to sound like an old fuddy-duddy...but, My God, pants baggy enough to put two kids into, hanging below the butt...REALLY!"

"God, I'd never put him into anything like that, Barry." Travis proclaimed.

"I know."

"I'll be so glad when that fashion statement is passť. It's so unbecoming." Travis said.

"I told you about my experience at the Post Office, a few days ago, didn't I?" I asked.

"No. I don't believe you did, Barry, at least I don't recall it." Travis replied.

"It must have been David, I mentioned it to...Anyway...I stopped by the Post Office to pick up the mail. As I got out of the car a boy, a young teen, got out of the car, leaving his Mom to wait. He walked into the Post Office next to me...and as it turned out...the box he emptied was only a few away from ours. Apparently, no one told him that, when you wear your jeans below your butt, you still leave your underwear to cover your, there he was with his entire butt exposed, the waistband of his boxers still at his jeans-level." I began the story.

"No Way!" Travis chuckled

"Way" I responded.

I continued:

"I thought I could embarrass pun intended...and make him realize how inappropriate it was to expose himself that way. So...I turned to him, let him see that I was staring at his butt, and said:

`WOW...what a cute BUTT!'

To my great surprise, he turned to look at his own butt, on full display as it was, and looked back at me saying: `Thanks, Mister'...I couldn't believe it." I concluded.

"So it was no mistake...he knew his butt was on display, huh?" Travis remarked.

"Apparently." I said.

"Well, not to worry, I'll dress Danny smartly, but conservatively." Travis assured me.

"I know you will, sweetie, even as you dress yourself." I said.

"Barry?" Travis asked.

"What, lover?" I replied.

"What are going to do about Danny's education...he's been out of school for far too long. It will be nearly impossible for him to catch up, now." Travis observed.

"I know. I've given it much thought. I need to understand why he doesn't want to go to school in the first place. Otherwise, the very notion of our wanting him to return to school will result in a big fight...he might even return to Beau to avoid we must proceed with caution." I suggested.

"Oh God...surely he wouldn't leave us over that!" Travis said.

"I don't want to find you?" I said.

"Of course not." Travis agreed.

"We'll work our way into the subject, Travis. He's only been ours for one day, let's not overwhelm him." I said.

"OK...makes sense." Travis agreed.

"So...David and I have a special song we want to sing to Danny later, at Trey. It'll be fun." Travis informed me.

"Just don't do it in front of know how I feel about that sort of thing." I said.

"David and I both feel the same way. We don't show our affection for friends or loved ones, by embarrassing them in a public venue...don't worry." Travis said.

"I think I know what the song is anyway... it's `O Danny Boy' isn't it?" I asked, to show how clever I was.

"Not exactly...David has changed the lyrics, it's `Our Danny Boy'...but it's the same tune." Travis informed me.

Travis taught me the new lyrics, so I could join in, when the time would come, later at Trey.

Travis snuggled up to me and laid his cheek on my breast.

"I love you, Barry. Do you suppose other people realize the peace and joy we share in our unique relationship...the three of us, and now with Danny...the four of us?" Travis pondered.

"It really is quite remarkable, sweetie...who cares, in the end, whether any understand it. It's only important that we understand and relish in it." I asserted.

Travis embraced me tightly and kissed my nipple sweetly:

"We're so lucky to have each other...Danny is the icing on our cake, he somehow makes us complete." Travis observed.

"He really does, doesn't he? He's a special boy. I regret that it wasn't in the cards for us to meet and know Beau when he was younger...I'm very much impressed with him, too." I observed.

"Like you said, Barry, Ganymede needed him to be home for his brothers. He's done a remarkable job with them. I hope they appreciate him." Travis said.

As if on cue, the phone rang. It was Beau.

"Hi, Barry. Well, here's the situation. The twins thank you for the offer, but they had planned to go skating with some friends. So, I'll be able to join you for dinner, if the offer is still open." Beau said.

"Of course it is, Beau. We'll be delighted for you to join us."

"GREAT!... I've been dying to try that Prime Rib. Danny's leftovers really whetted my appetite for more." Beau said.

"OK. If you'd like, you can come for a visit, maybe have your first swim lesson with Travis, and we could all just go to Trey together." I suggested.

"I'd love to, but I need to take advantage of the twins being gone, to use the peace and quiet to catch up on some studying." Beau replied.

"No problem, Beau, I understand. We can do the swim lesson and such another time." I said.

"Great, I'd love for Travis to teach me to swim. I can't get over how quickly he had Danny swimming. It was amazing." Beau insisted.

"We'll get you swimming too, Beau, Travis is an excellent swim'll see." I said.

"I already saw, Barry. He took Danny, who was scared to death of the water and had him swimming like a fish in no time at all. I look forward to it...besides, Travis is so cute, stretching out across his arms as he holds me in the water, is not a frightening notion." Beau said with a chuckle.

"I suppose that's true too, Beau. Anyway, we'll be happy to see you later at Trey. Study hard, in the meantime." I said.

"I will, Barry...see you there." Beau said.

I gave Beau directions and told him what time to be there. As I hung the receiver up, I began to hear much laughter coming from the garage. The garage door flew open and in ran Danny, with David close on his heels. It was amusing to see David behaving, himself, like a boy. He was having fun. I was having fun watching the two of them enjoying each other.

"David says I'll be driving soon...huh, David?" Danny said.

"Yes, it seems to naturally to you. Your reflexes are good, and with a little more practice, you'll be ready to try the clutch on Barry's Camaro. The only thing we need to concentrate on, next time, is parallel parking. Then you'll be ready to solo." David explained.

Danny was all smiles. He was pleased with himself and with the compliment that David had given him.

He and David wasted no time in shedding their clothes and placing their, respective, glorious nakedness back on full display.

"Ready for some laps, Danny?" Travis asked.

"Let's go!" Danny replied.

Soon, Travis and Danny were in the water, performing their laps, and laughing much.

"We must try not to wear Danny completely out on his very first day with us." I said.

"Are you kidding, Barry, Danny has more pent up energy than just about anyone I've ever known...It will, likely, be us who gets worn out...not Danny." David said with a chuckle.

"I suppose you're right, at that, David." I replied.

Travis and Danny swam lap after lap, laughing and racing and, generally having a great time. When they finally decided to get out of the water, before they turned into prunes, they dried off with towels, rather than dry off in the Sun, as the breeze was rather cool.

Travis bade me to join him in the extra wide lounge, designed for two...or for tow do do...whatever.

I did, as requested.

Travis sat next to me, lifted my arm to position it around his neck, and laid his head on my breast. Danny joined us to sit on my lap, as had become his custom such that my penis was in his butt crack...he too rested his cheek on my other breast, only higher toward my neck. Danny and Travis were kissing close to each other in this position...indeed, at one point Travis kissed Danny on the lips and said:

"God, I'm so glad you're here with us, Danny."

"Me too, Travis." Danny replied.

David came from the house with cold drinks for all. He sat them on the table and pointed at Travis and Danny. They were both asleep.

David smiled at the sight. He was pleased at what he observed. He looked at me and whispered:


I nodded.

David handed me a cold glass of lemonade, from which I took a sip.

H sat down in the next chair and placed it in the reclining position.

Once more he whispered:

"It's just as well they get in a little nap, before we go to Trey. They played hard, they both need the rest. I'm so glad that Travis and Danny have hit it off so well. They really love each other." David observed.

"Danny is good for us all, he cements our bond all the more, David. He brings his own precious love to our relationship and strengthens it. I'm so glad he's with us now." I affirmed.

"I know you had some trepidation at first, Barry...cause he reminds you, in so many ways of Jody...but now that he's ours, I think Jody would be pleased...don't you?" David said.

"He would, indeed, David...he would, indeed." I affirmed.

"He's so adorable." David observed.

I stroked Danny's hair, gently, and said:

"He is adorable, David, just as Travis and you are...have always been." I insisted.

"He does remind me of Jody, in some ways, but he's very different I don't think I'll pine for Jody each time I look at Danny. They were both diminutive, and filled with boundless energy...They both didn't like to sleep alone or in the dark...there are other similarities. Danny has a very different personality than Jody, and as you said, David, I think that Jody would be pleased to see Danny here with us. He'd know, too, that we'll take good care of this little angel. He'd be quite pleased." I said.

"I know he would be pleased, Barry." David said.

"I will never get over losing Jody; of course, David...and I don't think I'm supposed to get over losing him. Perhaps it would be the right thing to do psychologically...but it's not the right thing to do spiritually. Once you unite you soul with another...well, it's an eternal bond, not a temporal one. It would be the same should, God forbid; I ever lose you or Travis, or Danny. The hole it would tear into my soul could never be filled again until I would once more be with you...that's just the fact of it. Of course, my love for Jody, doesn't in any diminish my love for you, or Travis or understand that..I just wish Jody could be here too. I worry that when the time comes, and I find myself on the other side...will Jody run to me to embrace me...or run to me to condemn me. You know he'd possibly still be alive, if only I hadn't taken that trip." I concluded.

"Actually, Barry, we've had this discussion have no way to know if Jody would not have been killed by Gary had you still been in's just as likely...perhaps far more likely, that it would have made no difference at all. You should really stop torturing yourself about it. I think Jody, if he were here, would kick you in the butt for blaming yourself for his death. He'd be most unhappy with you. You needn't worry, when that time comes, and Travis and I pray that it won't for many decades yet to come, Jody will, no doubt run to you with his loving embrace." David insisted.

"I hope you're right, David." I replied.

"Want some more lemonade?" David asked.

"Please!" I replied.

I pondered our discussion, as Travis and Danny continued to sleep in my arms, and David went back inside to fill our glasses.

Perhaps David was right, and I'm just torturing myself, needlessly. Then again...

"Here you go, Lover!" David said, having returned with a fresh glass of his delicious lemonade.

Danny, cold to the touch, from the pool water, when he first sat upon my lap, had warmed up now. His warmth was quite comforting. Travis too, added his body heat to Danny's to ensure that I would feel as if I were in Heaven...perhaps I was.

David and I continued to discuss matters at hand, including his return to Italy, and many other matters, as well.

Finally, Travis was the first squirm in my embrace. He was waking up.

"Thanks, Barry." He said as he opened his eyes and rubbed the sleep from them.

"Whatever for, Lover?" I asked.

"For letting me sleep in your arms. You know I can't sleep otherwise." Travis complimented me.

He went on:

"I heard you and David discussing Jody, even though I was asleep. David's right. Jody would kick your butt for blaming yourself about his death. Jody still loves you, I can sense it. You are not to blame for his death...he can't wait to see you again and to hold you in his arms...I'm sure of it." Travis consoled me.

"I hope so, Baby." I replied.

"There's some lemonade for you and Danny...I think the ice has mostly melted, but there's more in the ice bucket." David reported.

"Thanks, David...looks delicious." Travis said.

Travis sat up to drink his lemonade. Danny continued to slumber in my arms.

Whatever did I do to be worthy of being surrounded by these three angels? I pondered to myself.

"Would you like a snack or anything, Barry?" David asked to break my thoughts.

"No...I want to save my appetite for Trey." I said.

I had neglected to whisper, so my remarks awakened Danny, who twitched in my arms several times, and eventually sat up in my lap. He was awake.

"Barry?" he said.

"Yes, sweetheart." I replied.

"Who's Jody?" Danny asked.

David jumped in:

"Danny...before there was Danny, before there was Travis, and before there was even me... Barry loved a young man named Jody. Jody was killed during a fight with his half brother, Gary. It's a long story, but Jody was shot in the head and killed instantly. Barry has, for years, blamed himself about the matter...even though Travis and I keep telling him that it was, absolutely NOT his fault. It's hard to get over losing someone you love as much as Barry loved Jody. So you can help us tell Barry, every time he gets sad about Jody...that it's NOT is fault."

Danny turned to see me tearing up:

"Barry, I know you'd never kill anyone. We all know that. Please don't be sad."

Danny wiped the tears from my cheeks, and I struggled not to make any more.

"How could I be sad, Danny...we're about to celebrate that you are with us. We'll have a GREAT time at Trey...Beau will be there, too." I said, changing the subject.

"I know it will be fun...I can't wait!" Danny said with a big smile.

Well, we won't have to wait long, sweetie, by the time we shower and dress it will be time to leave for Trey.

Oh...I forgot to take Danny to look at some new clothes... I'm sorry." Travis apologized.

"No problem. We can do that some other time. Danny's got plenty of clothes. Beau brought them...but with the caveat that Danny had outgrown many of I just thought..."

Danny interjected:

" I can still wear lots of them, Barry. Besides I don't need any to be around here."

"That's true." I laughed

"Still, we'll make sure that you have what you need for any special occasions...but it can wait." I went on.

"OK." Danny replied.

"Barry, why don't you and Danny shower first? I'll take Travis and gas-up the car before we leave for Trey." David suggested.

"Fine." I said.

"OK, Danny let's head for the shower." I said.

As we walked toward the master bedroom and the shower, Danny said:

"You said I could milk there time?"

"I suppose. Let me clean out my colon, first." I suggested.

"Why do you need to do that?"

"Well, sweetie, it's been long enough since we ate lunch that my rectum could be occupied. I don't sense that I need to `poop' but it's best to use an enema to make sure there's nothing up there that you wouldn't want to stick your finger into...OK?" I said with a coy smile

"I never have done that." Danny responded

"I know, but you really should, it's good hygiene. I know from fingering you with the lube that your rectum has been empty each time I have made love to you, otherwise, I would have brought you in here and given you an enema." I said.

"Really?" Danny asked.

"Of course, sweetheart. You wouldn't want me to get your poop all over my penis while we make love, would you?" I asked.

"Of course not...I never even thought about it." Danny said.

I showed Danny how to use the prepackaged enema bottle, as I cleaned myself out. Fortunately there was nothing in my rectum to begin with. At least Danny now knew how to clean himself out, when need be.

"OK, sweetheart. Now I'm going to bend over here in the shower stall, so as you milk me the fluids can simply fall to the drain." I said

"No Way!...I want to take it all in, like you and Travis did me." Danny insisted.

"OK, I'll lie down on the bed." I said.

"OK" Danny replied.

"The lube is there on the bedside table from this morning. Do you know what to do?" I asked.

"Sure, I remember from this morning." Danny replied.

He lubed up his forefinger and middle finger with the lube and massaged my anus with it until I opened up for him. That didn't take long as the enema had already prepared my anus for penetration. He inserted his fingers into my anus and said:

"How far in do I need to go?"

"Well, you're in far enough to massage my Cowper' you feel a little round bump toward the front of me? I asked.

Danny moved his fingers around for a moment, and said:

"Yeah, I think this must be them."

"Put a little pressure on them, Danny." I said.

He did. He was in the right place, I could feel my urethra filling up with my precum

"That's it, Danny, watch my penis and massage my Cowper's. Use a little more pressure, but not too much."

He massaged my Cowper's and watched as I pumped precum onto my abdomen:

"Wow...that's just what I did this make a lot of precum, Barry...COOL!" Danny remarked.

"Go ahead and milk me till I stop pumping precum out." I requested.

Danny did as I requested. When he had drained my Cowper's he said:

"I think that's all of it, Barry. Can I lick it?"

"Go ahead." I said.

I spread my legs as far as I could, so he could keep his fingers inside me, but lean between my legs and take in my precum. He did. It was wonderful...his hot tongue working to take in my precum.

When he had gotten it all:

"OK, Barry, how much farther up in you do I go now?"

"Well, continue into me slowly till you reach my prostate gland. It will be a much larger lump along the front of my'll feel it. . When you think you've found it, press on it gently...I'll tell you if you're in the right place." I instructed.

He gently moved along the wall of my colon. I could feel he had found the mark and started to tell him so, when he instead said:

"Ah, here it is."

He pressed it as I had instructed him and in response, my penis began to issue semen onto my belly. It felt really good. No one had milked my prostate that way in a long time.

"Feels good, Danny. Go ahead, milk it dry." I asked.

He did. Soon he had unloaded my entire prostate's content onto my abdomen.

"Excellent, Danny. Now remember where the prostate'll want to milk it with your penis during lovemaking. While your penis is in there, however, The pressure pinches shut the urethra so many time you can't really cum until the penis is removed. That's what happens with you...then, when my penis is slid back toward the anus...well, that's when you become the cum all gets released at once and you shoot like a fountain...actually it's quite beautiful. You're always too busy with the orgasm to pay attention to it, but it's a beautiful sight." I said.

"Wow!" Danny remarked.

"Wow, indeed, Danny you are a forceful cummer." I chuckled.

"Well, if you want it, you better take it in...Travis and David will be back soon, and want to take their turn in the shower." I said.

Danny licked all my cum onto his hot young tongue and carried it to his mouth. He got it all and seemed to want more.

We had barely completed our shower when Travis and David appeared:

"Still in the shower, I see...Did we get distracted into other things?" David laughed.

"Actually, yes. I had promised Danny I would show him where the Cowper's and Prostate arte located, and how to milk he now knows...and he's damned good at it too." I said with my own laugh.

"Great, Danny. That's important information to have. Barry taught Travis and me how to do that, years ago. I'm glad you have already learned it." David said.

Soon, we were dressed and headed out to the garage.

Travis drove, David rode shotgun, as he used to call it when he was a kid, and Danny and I were in the backseat.

Murphy and his law must have been hiding in the glove we managed to catch every single light red. It's amazing how much that extends an otherwise brief drive. We joked at one point that the lights aren't really on a timer at all. The traffic dept. just waits till they burn out and replaces them in the opposite sockets.

At last, we were at Trey.

Trey had been watching for us, to open the door, as the restaurant wasn't yet open...except, of course, for us.

Trey immediately said to me:

"One of the most beautiful young men I have ever seen in my entire life is waiting for you in the private you know a `Beau'?"

I smiled and replied:

"Guess he got here a bit early...yes he's our friend, and we were expecting him. He's Danny's older brother and YES!!! He is very beautiful."

Trey waved his hand at his face as if he were cooling himself with a hand fan, and said:

"I'll bring your drinks, and a fresh one for Beau...I'll be right back"

Trey walked to the kitchen, still fanning himself.

Beau was, indeed, stunning. He had dressed very nicely and was...well, he was stunning.

We each took our turn at hugging Beau. He hugged back, and with much affection.

"Hi little Bro. I love you. I'm glad to see you, Danny, I really mean it." Beau said to his little brother, as he delivered a hug and a sweet kiss to Danny's forehead.

"Good to see you, too, Beau. I love you, too." Danny replied.

Beau returned, on cue, with our drinks.

We placed our orders and then winked at Trey. He knew what the wink was about, so he left to take our orders to the kitchen.

He knew to wait till our song was over to actually deliver our meals.

"Well, David, I feel like a little serenade might be in order for this special occasion. What do you think?" I suggested.

"Yeah...why not, David?" Travis added.

"Well...I don't know..."

Danny interjected:

"C'mon, David I love to hear you and Travis sing."

Beau didn't know what we were up to, but was becoming suspicious. He only watched and smiled.

"Well, if you guys really insist..." David started to say

I began to applaud; everyone joined me.

OK, then let's go to the piano..." David suggested.

We gathered around the piano. Danny was placed in the place of honor, at David's insistence.

"It's your day, Danny, you stand right there...that way, if I begin spitting as I sing, it won't land on you."

We all laughed.

I stood directly behind Danny one of my hands resting on each of his shoulders.

By now, Beau knew something was up...but not precisely what. He smiled widely.

Travis stood next to David and was looking out at Danny, as was David as he sat upon the piano stool.

"Ready everyone?" David said, having noticed that Trey has re-entered the room and was also listening.

I nodded for David to begin.

David started the magic he can work with a piano...

He looked into Danny's eyes, Travis joined in:

Our Danny Boy, At last, At last you're with us

How we have prayed to have you at our side...

With thanks to Beau, dear Beau, he sent you to us...


Danny's mouth flew open and formed a huge smile. He was really taken aback.

The next verse, David had to completely rework, as it's original Irish lyrics are sad beyond lugubrious.

I was waiting for the final I could join in. At last it arrived.

"Our Danny Boy...Our Danny Boy...we Lovvvvve Youuuuuu...Soooooo.!

David reached out his arms for Danny to come to him.

Danny ran to him and hugged him tightly and kissed him on the lips. He then ran to Travis and did the same. He turned to see me balling, as was my custom at such emotional outpourings. He ran to me and hugged and kissed me saying:

"No one has ever sang to me, Barry. No one. Thank you guys... I really feel special."

Danny ran to Beau:

"Did you hear them, Beau...they sang to me...Danny Boy! ... No one ever sang to me before."

"Me either, little brother, they really love you a lot." Beau said.

I noticed that Beau's own tears were running down his cheeks. Trey as well..

"Thanks GUYS!" You make me feel very SPECIAL"

"You are special, Danny. VERY SPECIAL! I exclaimed.

"SUPER SPECIAL" Travis added.

"MOST SPECIAL!!!" David exclaimed.

Danny ran to each of us once more and delivered a protracted hug to each of us.

He walked to the center of the group and declared for all to hear:


------------------END PT 8 -----Tornado Warning--------------