Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence. Readers of this story should familiar with my story: Forgive me, Jody, as particulars from that story are recounted here.


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Dinner was the usual superb experience that Trey always blesses us with. Beau had his desires met with his own large portion of Prime Rib. I encouraged both Beau and Danny to try a sample of shrimp cocktail and Lobster to see, one, if they would like it...since neither had ever had it, and, two that it would be an option for them in future gatherings. Both Beau and Danny like the shrimp and the lobster very much. Danny, especially, liked the shrimp cocktail. I was pleased with myself for coaching them into trying something new.

As dinner was coming to a close, I looked at Beau and watched his eyes sparkle in the candlelight from our table candle. I wanted to take him home along with Danny, but of course I knew that to be impossible. Still I spoke to him:

"Beau, please know that if things were different...and you didn't have the twins to care for and all the other responsibilities you have taken on, we would pack you up, even as you did with Danny and bring you, too to our side. We love you very much and want you to know it. Also, know we are here for you. You only need call."

"That's about the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, Barry. It means more to me than you know. If things were different, as you put it...well...I'd rush to be with you as Danny has. I'm so grateful and so happy that he is with you. I'm joyful for him and, selfishly, it brings great relief to me to know he's being cared for by those who love him so much as to serenade him, as you did earlier." Beau said, as he formed a wide and sparkling smile.

"You can rest assured that we love Danny more than any song or serenade could ever express. You need not worry about him. We'll take the best possible care of him. Still, Beau, we consider you a dear friend, and we love you very much. I just want you to know that." I said.

"I do know it, Guys. As I said earlier, it means more to me than you can imagine. Knowing you love me and that I can call upon you should anything go wrong is, in and of itself, tremendously consoling to me." Beau said

Beau looked from side to side until he had looked us each in the eyes and then said:

"Besides, I want you to know that I love you too, each of you. You have helped put new meaning into my life. I can't thank you enough for that gift. Never doubt, Barry, Travis, and David...I love you each...very, very much." Danny is my brother so I love him, naturally. You guys have engendered that love in me for each of you. Your love for me and for Danny is a unique and delicious confection. You have blessed both Danny and me with it. I want to return that love to you in my own I say once more: I LOVE YOU!"

I was about to start my usual balling, so I changed the subject with a toast, raising my glass to say:

"Here's to our beloved Beau. May he be blessed in every way on this and on every day of his life. May he continue to pour his love, his soul, on us...who love him so very much."

Glasses clinked round the table

"OK, now,'re gonna have me crying in a minute." Beau said.

"Well, it's been a great dinner, I suppose it's time to get Danny back before he turns into a pumpkin." I suggested.

Travis interjected:

"And if he did, he'd be the most beautiful pumpkin to ever exist"

David jumped in:

"But O Pumpkin Boy...just doesn't work...does it?"

Everyone laughed.

We delivered goodbye hugs and kisses to Trey...who, I suspect, was hard as a rock by the time Beau had hugged and kissed him.

In the parking lot, we delivered similar hugs and kisses to Beau, who reciprocated. Beau, as he hugged and kissed each of us saying:

"I Love you, Travis."

"I love you, David."

"I love you, Barry."

He, then picked up his little brother, who hugged Beau around his neck as Beau said:

"I love you Little Brother...always remember that."

"I love you too, Beau...I will always love you."

It was a brief but touching interlude.

It was somewhat painful to watch Beau drive away. I'd have preferred to load him into our car, and just take him home with us, and be done with it.

Oh well... I thought to myself.

We were all lost in our thoughts as David drove us home. Not much was said.

Danny had stretched out across the back seat and his cheek was resting on my upper thigh.

I gently stroked his silky fine blond hair and marveled in what an ambulatory miracle he was. He was precious beyond expression. I guess that's what God had in mind...that there be no adequate way to recognize just how precious such a little angel is.

When we arrived back at the house, Travis was asleep as well, his head bowed, as if praying.

Travis awakened when he heard the garage door opener-motor operating to close the door behind us. Danny, on the other hand was out cold. I knelt on the floor of the backseat before him, and scooped him into my arms. He was limp as the proverbial rag doll. It was awkward to get out of the car with this little angel in my arms, but with a little help from Travis, I finally made it without banging Danny's precious head...or my own.

I carried him to the bedroom and stripped him to his glorious nakedness. David had to help me place Danny into the position he had invented for himself the night before, but soon he was in that position resting his cheek at my genitals.

David and Travis assumed their respective normal positions and soon the four of us were asleep. I expected to lie awake, thinking my usual thoughts about Jody and falling asleep much after the three angels. But, I guess the day had worn me out to a greater extent than I had realized, and I too, was quickly asleep.

I don't know why Ganymede has blessed me with these three angels; I surely don't deserve them. I thought to my self as I relished in Danny's warm breath fall upon my genitals. The serenity and comfort that I felt at having the three of them in contact with me allowed me to fall asleep without my mind in its usual state of turmoil. I slept like the proverbial log.

We each awoke in the usual order and found ourselves settled into what had become our routine. David awoke first, kissed me gently and left us for the kitchen and his usual coffee and breakfast chores.

Travis awoke to the aroma of David's coffee brewing. He looked to see Danny, nuzzling his nose into my public hair, his lips at my meatus.

"He's really something, isn't he?" Travis whispered.

"He certainly is, Lover. I don't think we could ever be without him now... and I never want to find out." I whispered back.

"Look, he's already hard as a rock." Travis observed, still whispering

"Yes, he didn't get to have an ejaculation last night before he went to sleep, he's probably packing quite a load about now." I suggested in my own whisper.

We continued to whisper to each other to not awaken Danny before he was ready.

"Could just be a piss-hard, I suppose." Travis suggested

"Could be. We'll find out when he wakes up...either way he'll be looking for satisfaction." I smiled

Danny's youthful erections were to be envied. He becomes so hard that virtually no sponge-like quality remains in his penis... He becomes extremely hard, even as Travis had observed.

Even though we were whispering, Danny began to stir.

He opened his eyes to find my meatus at his lips. He took my penis in hand and kissed my meatus, and kissed his way down the shaft of my penis to arrive at my testicles, which he gently and lovingly kissed as well.

"Good Morning to you, as well, Danny." I chuckled.

"I sleep so well when I have your smell at my nose all night." Danny declared.

"He does have a delicious smell, doesn't he?" Travis observed.

"You have his heartbeat all night, I have his smell. David embraces him all night and holds him in his arms. We each have our special portion of Barry, huh?" Danny said.

"I suppose so, Danny, I can't sleep without his heartbeat in my ear, that's for sure. It makes me sad for David, though, he'll be going back to Italy in a few days, he won't have any of us to sleep with. I think he really appreciated having me with him in Italy during my visit, he held me tightly as he slept. I tried to sleep with his heartbeat in my ear, but it just wasn't the same. I know he'll miss being with us, especially at bedtime." Travis explained.

"I know, Travis... we'll miss him just as much too." Danny said.

David delivered coffee to each of us but did not offer stay and visit.

"I'd better start breakfast." David suggested.

"David, I don't know about the others, but I'm still stuffed from last night. Why don't we put off breakfast for a while?" I suggested.

Ah... Brunch...that sounds good. How about if I just make up a fruit and bagel plate for us to snack on till we get hungry?" David said.

"Great! Travis exclaimed. That will give Danny and me a chance to do our laps, is that OK with you, Danny?" Travis suggested.

"Yeah...though some fruit and a bagel sounds good, too." Danny answered.

"We must remember that Danny's 16 year old appetite might be less patient than ours, guys." I said, with a chuckle.

David smiled and said:

"Fruit and bagels coming right up."

David left the room once more to prepare the snacks.

"Danny, before you awoke, Travis and I were observing that you are hard as a appears that you still are. Do you need to urinate, or do you require another type of satisfaction?" I asked with a coy smile

"I need to cum... Big Time! Barry." Danny replied with his usual bluntness.

"I was hoping that to be the case. Can we help?" I suggested.

"Don't wait long, I can feel I'm reaching the...what do you call it...the locked and loaded point." Danny advised.

"OK, Move up into the bed a bit farther. I'll masturbate you and Travis can be ready to take you in." I asked.

Danny complied. In the course of that movement, Danny's penis began pumping his delicious pre-cum, which Travis licked from Danny's meatus into his mouth, coating his lips with Danny's pre-cum.

I put my face at Danny's genitals and prepared to lick his penis and balls, as I did, I couldn't help but observe:

"You have a particularly compelling smell of your own, Danny, it pheromone-rich and makes me extremely horny as I drink in that smell."

"Really?" Danny asked.

"Really, Danny, I've been excited too, every time I bend close to your balls to take in your cum. It's a powerful thing." Travis jumped in

"Wow, Thanks, guys. I didn't realize I had such a strong smell. I'm glad you like it." Danny said.

He went on:

"I'm locked and loaded, Barry."

"OK, let's not keep your penis and balls waiting, then." I said, as I took his penis in hand and began stroking it.

After a minute, at most Danny looked into my eyes and said:

"I'm gonna cum now, Barry."

"Look into my eyes while you do, Baby, Travis will take you in and share it with me." I said.

Danny did so; he looked lovingly into my eyes as he pumped his precious cum into Travis' happy mouth. His eyes fluttered a bit as his orgasm was realized. When his ejaculation eventually subsided, Danny placed a palm on each of my cheeks and, still looking into my eyes said:

"I love you, Barry. I love you so much." He turned to look at Travis, who was still had Danny's penis entirely in his mouth as Danny's residual cum continued to issue forth and said:

"You too, Travis. I love you. I hope my cum tastes good to you. It's all I have to offer"

"Not true, Danny. You, yourself, are the most wonderful gift in the world. We are so lucky that have decided to give yourself to us...nothing more is required. You are truly precious. Please always understand that. You, Danny, are our treasure, worth more than all the gold in the world." I declared firmly.

Danny smiled at me with is unique wide smile. He leaned over to me and kissed me passionately.

Travis, holding a mouthful of Danny's precious cum was in no position to speak.

He moved to me and kissed Danny's delicious cum into my mouth. I accepted it eagerly, perhaps even greedily.

When Travis could, finally, speak:

"Danny, I don't ever want to hear you speak that way again. Barry is right. You are your own gift to us. You are one with us, now. We love you more than words could ever tell. You must never think that somehow we expect more from you than the love you have given don't ever diminish yourself by suggesting you need to give us more than yourself."

Travis adopted a stern expression, which was given the lie by his smile:

"Do you understand me, young man?" Travis tried to say sternly, but eventually cracked into his usual glorious smile

"Yes Sir!" Danny replied with his own smile.

Travis took Danny into his arms and embraced him lovingly. Danny's residual cum dripped his final drops onto Travis' thigh.

David appeared with the fruit plate and quickly observed Danny's residual cum running down Travis's thigh:

"Ah... Darn didn't save any for me? David complained.

"Don't worry David, I'll make you a fresh batch...just for you." Danny advised.

David smiled and replied:

"I bet you will, Danny, I can't wait. I can have that little bit that's running down Travis' leg, though...can't I?" David observed.

Travis put Danny into my arms to accommodate David, who licked Danny's cum from Travis' leg. David continued to lick his way to Travis' balls. Travis responded with is own powerful erection.

David looked up at Travis and said, simply:

"May I?"

Travis nodded.

"Save us some." Danny insisted.

David kissed Travis' balls very gently, licking his pheromone off each testicle slowly and deliberately. He took Travis' beautiful penis in one hand, holding it at its base. He kissed Travis' penis starting at his meatus, running his tongue around Travis' corona and kissing his shaft up one side and down the other.

"I'm almost ready, Lover." Travis told David.

David reached both arms around Travis' butt, forming a cradle to support his weight during his imminent ejaculation. David held Travis' penis in his mouth as he delivered a powerful fellatio. Travis' penis throbbed in response to David's masterful technique.

Travis looked at Danny and me and then closed his eyes to make his deposit.

"This is for you two, also." Travis declared as his eyes went closed.

Travis' urethra expanded as his cum was pumped into David's eager mouth. As always, the volume of Travis' ejaculation was more than one can swallow fast enough to get it all. The extra began to run down David's chin.

Danny realized that some portion of Travis' cum would soon drip onto the floor, moved quickly to place his palm under David's chin to collect that extra cum.

When Travis' plentiful ejaculation subsided, David slowly extracted Travis', still swollen, penis from his mouth to deliver a mouthful of Travis' precious essence to me. Danny quickly took David's place and took Travis' happy penis into his mouth to accept any residual. He had learned well some techniques I had taught him earlier. He traced his forefinger along Travis' perineum to push any remaining cum to Travis' meatus where he could take it in.

Danny remained in position, Travis' penis in his mouth.

David moved to me and delivered a mouth full of Travis' essence into my eager mouth. Travis still tasted sweet, his cum having a special texture and very much sugared taste.

"Delicious as always, Lover." I proclaimed to Travis, having swallowed his wonderful semen.

When Danny was sure he had gotten it all, he removed Travis' still erect penis long enough to say:

"You really are good, Travis...very sweet."

"No more than you, Danny. Your cum is very sweet as well. Guess that's something we have in common." Travis observed, as Danny went back to work licking around Travis', now hypersensitive corona and frenulum. Travis twitched and shuddered at the intense sensation produced in him by Danny's technique. Finally Travis was able to speak:

"Barry taught you well, Danny, you know all the right buttons to push."

"Thanks, Travis. I tried to learn everything that Barry taught me." Danny replied.

Barry, you and David haven't had your morning cum about we take care of that matter right now?" Travis suggested.

"Yeah, Travis and I can both work on you at the same time." Danny suggested.

I interjected:

"Actually, since David leaves us in a few short days, I was going to be selfish and satisfy him myself." I said with a big smile.

"We can help get him ready...I want to be part of this, too." Danny said

David turned to Danny and said:

"I'd never exclude you Danny. You can help, you can both help."

David positioned us, as he wanted us.

Danny was in place to massage David's Cowper's and his prostate; Travis slow stroked him while licking at his balls. David and I exchanged protracted kisses as all this was going on. David looked into my eyes with his own glorious hazel eyes and said:

"I love you, Barry. I always have. God, how I'll miss you."

"I've been in love with you, David, since you first wrote `TEAMO' on that little board at the hospital. That love has only increased with every passing day. I will miss you too, but it's over in just a few more months, then you'll be home with us." I replied.

David nodded and delivered another protracted and passionate kiss to me.

Danny and Travis continued to deliver all the pleasure to David's genitalia, both external and internal. Soon, David interrupted his kiss and looked at me with that expression I had come to recognize over the years.

"Let me have him now, guys, he's ready to cum." I proclaimed.

Travis moved aside and I assumed his place at David's penis, taking it deeply into my mouth. I had barely gotten it in when David emitted a whispered groan:

"Uhhhhh...Uhhhhhh. I'm cumming, Barry."

Instantly, upon say that, David unloaded his precious cargo into me. I was in heaven. I had the taste of all three of my angels, exciting my taste buds and my olfactory. I swallowed, but tried to retain enough of David's cum to share with Danny and Travis. David kept filling my mouth, however, and soon Danny was there, collecting David's excess cum into his hand, as he had done earlier with Travis. Now Danny had some of Travis' cum, which had begun to dry in his hand mixed with a fresh portion of David's cum. Danny licked this delicious appetizer from his hand, and replaced his palm to collect any more that might still be being delivered.

I slowly removed David's beautiful penis and motioned the guys to come to me that I might share David's cum with them. They wasted no time in complying.

I kissed a mouthful into Travis' mouth as Danny took David's penis into his mouth to receive the residual, which David was still producing in generous quantities.

When David was finished with his precious delivery, he signaled Travis and Danny to work their magic on me.

They did. Soon, I felt Danny lubing my anus with some of David's cum, then inserting his finger into my rectum to massage my Cowper's and my prostate. I was so hot, in my passion; I began to consider that spontaneous human combustion might, at last, be for real. Surely I couldn't be far from it. I was sunburn-red from head to toe and could feel my cum swelling up in me, demanding its release.

Travis was busy licking my shaft, getting it slick with his saliva and some of David's cum, which Travis still held in his mouth.

I nodded that nod to David. He knew what it meant.

"He's about to cum...let me have him, now." David said.

Travis moved aside, and Danny continued to massage my prostate, I could feel a unusually huge ejaculation about to make itself known.

My ejaculation was, protracted and powerful. David took it in, and milked my penis to ensure maximum firepower from my penile weapon. I could feel my anus pinching against Danny's finger with each of my ejaculatory spasms. It was wonderful beyond words. All three of my angels involved with my ejaculation and its associated orgasm. The experience was so intense; I thought I would surely pass out. I was glad, therefore that I was lying down. I was left exhausted from this orgasm. David moved to allow Travis to accept a mouthful of my cum, which he kissed into Travis' and then Danny's mouths.

My ejaculation eventually ceased, and I was totally spent. I don't think I could have stood and walked if the house were ablaze. They had really taken every ounce of strength out of me. It was not just a sexual pleasure, beyond measure but also a spiritual joy.

My ejaculation was over, but Danny, instinctively kept his finger in my rectum and massaged my prostate.

"I can't believe how hard you were squeezing my finger with your butt-hole, Barry." Danny announced.

David smiled:

"Anus, Danny, it's a far more proper term than butt-hole...although, technically, it is just that, I suppose."

"Well, you've got a powerful anus, Barry. My finger was trapped in there for a while. I don't think I could have pulled it out, even if I wanted to." Danny amplified.

My angels enjoyed their fruit and bagels, as I regained my strength. Then I, too, enjoyed my coffee and snack.

"Ready for some laps?" Travis asked.

"Sure." Danny replied.

I was so very happy that Travis had, not only accepted Danny, but had come to bond with him so closely. They really enjoyed each other's company. The affection that Travis poured out upon Danny was a constant reassurance that welcoming Danny into our midst was the right decision. He belonged... he was one of us.

"While you guys are doing laps, I need to do a little research on the Internet for my next article. So I'll get to work on that." I said.

"I think I'll get a little Sun and watch the guys do their laps. Just watching them makes me tired. David said, with a chuckle.

Soon we were about our respective activities.

My home computer doubles as a remote terminal from The Herald, so I have access to their library and resources, also I can submit my articles and other work from home, so I don't have go into the office except for occasional meetings.

I had plugged into my tickler file some names of interest, such that anything in the news that might pop up would be brought to my attention. I was always interested in any politicians who make the news, for better...or more likely, for worse.

That flag was flashing, once I had logged in, so I went to it right away.

I was taken aback.

It was an obituary. It was the obituary of Travis' father.

I immediately considered how I would tell Travis that his father was dead and how he would react. He had seen or spoken with his father in the years since Ganymede had brought him to me, his father essentially abandoning him to the fates because of his sexual orientation.

As I pondered what words to choose to inform Travis, I hit the print key and produced a hard copy of the obituary, so that Travis could be sure that I was not mistaken.

I walked slowly to the pool. The boys had finished their laps and were sunning themselves.

"Travis, my sweet, I have something here that you need to know about. " I said solemnly.

"What is it, Barry. Why so sad?" Travis replied.

"Travis, there isn't an easy way to tell you this. Your father has died. This is his obituary." I replied.

Travis took the obituary from me and read it. David and Danny sat up and remained in the ready to console Travis.

"So...old smegmahead has gone to his reward, huh?" Travis replied with no emotion whatsoever.

"It appears so, Travis. The funeral is tomorrow." I reported

"I really have no desire to attend, Barry." Travis said.

"I certainly wouldn't coerce you to do so, Lover. I thought it might bring you some closure to that unhappy epoch of your life. That's all."

"Perhaps it would, Barry. I can't bear the thought of ever seeing that damned place again, though...would you go with me?" Travis asked.

Before I could answer, David jumped in:

"We'll all with you, Travis. We are ONE; remember?

"Me too, Travis, I'll go. I know it will be sad, like when my Mom died, but I'll go." Danny added.

"You guys are really something. Seeing that place again will be horrifying, if I go, I'll need your strength to be with me." Travis said.

"We ARE ONE!" I repeated.

"I should be feeling something, right now... but I don't. I feel nothing, no sadness, not even my hatred for the old bastard, Barry taught me long ago what a waste of effort it is to hate... I feel nothing. I don't feel duty-bound to go. At least by going, that will mean an end to it end to that old bastard." Travis proclaimed.

"You'll demonstrate yourself to be a far better person than he, Travis. Knowing the disdain, perhaps even hatred he nurtured for you, you will show that you are magnanimous and that he is small of soul. I think you'll be happy you've attended his funeral. As you put it, it will be the end of will be closure." I suggested.

OK, then. I'll go. Thanks for going with me, you guys." Travis concluded.

We went about our day, pretty much as usual. Travis seemed undistracted by the news of his father's death. He and Danny laughed and splashed about in the pool and enjoyed each other. We dove headlong into another wonderful dinner, which David had prepared for us. Soon we had emerged from our bedtime hot shower and were in place in bed; Danny breathing his warmth upon my genitals, Travis' ear resting upon my breast, and David on his side, holding in me in his embrace. I was somewhat anxious about attending the funeral... The old man might be dead, but who knows what other characters might demonstrate what assholes these bible-thumping hypocrites can be.

Pondering all this caused me not to sleep well through the night. Travis, at one point was having a nightmare, and he twitched and his breath became rapid, and, in his REM, he trembled in my arms. Finally, I shook him gently to awaken him and said:

"Wake up Lover; you're having a nightmare."

"That old know, Barry, I'm actually glad he's gone. He can't torture anyone else in his sanctimony." Travis said resolutely.

"I understand, sweetheart. He can't hurt you anymore. We'll be with you the whole time. God help anyone who says anything out of line to you. David's temper would surely snap and a free karate lesson would quickly ensue." I suggested.

"I love you guys, especially you, Barry. You saved my life. Had you not taken me in, I would have surely frozen to death in that dammed ice storm." Travis recalled.

"As horrible as the experience was for you, sweet Travis, it turned into a blessing for us. You became One with David and I... and now with Danny. I suppose that was worth the time you spent freezing your cute balls off in that `damned ice storm' as you put it." I said.

Travis only kissed my breast and returned to listening to my heartbeat. Soon, he was asleep.

The next morning arrived too soon. David prepared a light breakfast for us, as well as some sandwiches and drinks, which he placed in the ice cooler to take along for the drive to Waco.

Since Danny had no suit or other formal wear. We decided we would all go in casual attire. I'd make sure that Danny would have a suit in the future, but there was no time to rectify the situation at the moment

As we came in sight of the Temple, from which Travis was expelled many years before, Travis announced:

"This is making me nauseous...just seeing the damned place. Can we, maybe, just follow along to the gravesite service...I really don't ever want to set foot in that place again...NEVER!"

"Of course, Travis...we don't have to be present for any of it, if you've changed your mind. I can turn the car around, right now, and we can just go home." I replied.

"No... we've come this far. I think I can do the gravesite part of it...the casket will be closed and I won't have to see that old bastard...and I won't have to see the inside of that damned place again either. If ever there was a place that God, Himself would personally damn, it would have to be that place" Travis declared.

We waited till the funeral procession began and fell in behind it.

After the rest of the attendees had gathered around the grave and the casket we filled in behind them. I felt better about our casual attire, as most of the others were in similar dress.

Travis stood between David and me and Danny stood in front of Travis. Travis placed a hand on each of Danny's shoulders as the service proceeded. I had never seen such an affair and was practically frightened at the goings on. I had never seen such babbling and rolling around on the ground and other bizarre behavior. Small wonder, then, that Danny would have been scared half out of his wits living with such maniacs.

Danny looked up at me, as if to say, `let's get the Hell out of here'.

I nodded to him that it would be all right.

During the service, I notice a fellow observing Travis, repeatedly, and at length. Travis had picked up on it, too.

I was not surprised, then, that when the service, mercifully, came to an end and we were making our way back to the car, I heard, from behind us:


Before Travis even turned he spoke:

"Hello, Jacob."

Travis turned to face him.

"God, Travis, it's so good to see you. None of us knew what had become of you." Jacob reported.

"Did anyone actually care?" Travis replied.

"I did." Jacob said passionately.

He went on:

"The only reason I came here today, was in hopes you would be here and I would be able to say some things to you, that I have always wanted to. None of us knew where to find you, so I've held these things in my heart all these years." Jacob said.

Jacob looked at the rest of our group as if to suggest he'd like some time alone with Travis. Travis sensed this, too, and preemptively said:

"Jacob, anything you have to say to me can be said in the presence of us all. Barry saved my life and is my lover. So are David and Danny. We have a very unique love you could not understand."

"Actually, I understand well. I, too, have a lover. He's a wonderful person, and I could not live without him. For a moment I thought the young one might be your son, he so favors you. His complexion and features are very much like your own. Then I realized you were not old enough to be his father" Jacob explained.

"What is it, Jacob. What do you want to say to me?" Travis said with an uncharacteristic terseness.

"Travis...I... well, I have long prayed that you had forgiven me for my betrayal. I was scared to death, at the time. They banished you...they wound up merely beating me senseless. That was my punishment for our little interlude. Each of the elders, starting with your father took turns beating me, with a strap on my bare back. It only cemented my feelings of love for you. I've dreamed of knowing you, intimately, again, since then." Jacob explained.

"Please, Travis, I must know that you have forgiven me." Jacob said, welling up with tears.

"Actually, Jacob, I had not forgiven you...until this very moment. I do forgive you, Jacob. You may put it out of your mind. I hold no animus for you." Travis said, himself welling up.

Travis nodded at Jacob, who now had tears running down his face and reluctantly extended his arms for Jacob to move to his embrace.

Jacob ran to that embrace, and repeatedly kissed Travis on the cheek.

"I love you, Travis... I always have. If only I could have found you. I had no idea where to even begin. The Boy's Ranch that your Dad sent you to said that you had not ever come there. I have long feared that you were dead, and it would be my fault."

"It's OK, Jacob. The blessing of it all was that I met and fell in love with Barry, then David and now, Danny. As we put it...We are One!"

"Thank God!" Jacob remarked, as Travis released him from the embrace.

"Or Ganymede." Travis replied.

"Who?" Jacob asked.

"Never mind." Travis replied.

"Can I come visit you, Travis? There's so much to tell you about what went on at the Temple after you left." Jacob said.

"Frankly, Jacob, I don't give a damned about what went on there. Those are some stories you can keep to yourself. As far as visiting goes, I'll give you call and we can discuss it." Travis suggested.

Jacob scribbled his phone number onto the back of one of the flyers, with the words to the songs that were sung and such, from the funeral service and handed it to Travis.

"Please call me sometime, Travis. I'd love to get to know you again. I'm sure my lover already feels that he knows you. He's heard me speak so often of you. He'd be here today, but he's out of town on business. He didn't think you'd come for this, anyway. He'll be so pleased to hear that I saw you." Jacob explained.

"Is he from the Temple, too?" Travis asked.

Jacob smiled and said:

"No, he's Jewish. I've learned so much from him,'ll like him, I'm sure."

Jacob went on:

"I understand your reluctance to engage me as a friend, after what I did to you. I never wanted to be your Judas...I'm so sorry, Travis."

"Sounds like you got the worst of it, Jacob. I should have expected that those bastards would have beaten you... that's how they resolved most issues. I'm sorry you had to endure such a thing, Jacob."

"It was along time ago, Travis." Jacob said.

"It was, indeed." Travis replied.

Jacob turned to the rest of our little contingent and said:

"Travis is a very special person, please take good care of him."

Travis interrupted:

They have taken good care of me, Jacob, all this time."

I interjected:

"You are right about one thing, Jacob, Travis is a very special person. And of course, we'll continue to take good care of him...even as he takes good care of us."

Jacob nodded. He moved once more to kiss Travis on the cheek. Travis allowed it but took no relish in it.

"Thank you, Travis." Jacob said as we were about to part company.

"For what?" Travis replied.

"For forgiving me for the betrayal I served up for you...thank you." Jacob replied.

Travis nodded.

"Take care of yourself, Jacob." Travis said, as we turned to go to the car.

"I will." Jacob replied.

It was a long ride home. Danny, as only Danny can, consoled Travis by sitting next to him in the backseat and holding his hand, kissing him from time to time, as the miles went by.

---------------------------- END PT 9 ----------TORNADO WARNING---------------