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Touch Sensitive


I like boys. There, I've said it. Go ahead, hurl your insults. Pervert, child molester, I don't care, I can't get enough of them. There's something about a little body, sailing through the change of life that just runs me up the wall. Cracking voices, gangly feet, silky soft skin coupled with budding, rippling, teen muscles, DAMN, don't get me started!

So I finally did it. I nabbed me a teen of my own. Yeah, yeah, that's sick and all that shit, but if you don't like it, what the fuck you reading this story for?

As I was saying, I nabbed me a little honey a while back. I'd watched him around the neighborhood like, forever, until I got up the nerve to approach him. I won't bore you with the sordid details of how I did, I know that ain't why you're reading this but, I eventually won him over, convincing him to spend a weekend with me at my cabin.

I was so excited all the way up, I just knew he knew what I was up to. He didn't say much, sitting quietly in the passenger seat, his legs splayed in that boyish way. Every time I glanced over at him, I threw a boner. He's only 14, closer to 15, but he's not one of those skinny, underdeveloped kids like a lot of 14 year olds. No, this kid got an early start on manhood, his small frame filling out nicely.

Oh yeah! For the record, I'm Black, 31, 6 feet tall, 210 pounds, almond colored and sporting a nice hard 7 inches. My little boy, that's what I call him now, is also Black, a nice shade of smooth deep rich caramel, about 5'6" tall, 119 pounds and cute as hell.

So like I was saying, he's sitting there, wearing his basketball shorts, his smooth legs all gapped open and I'm going outta my head! We get to the cabin, this nice place way out in the middle of nowhere, and I play it cool, going through all the usual things you do when you have guests.

We talked a little while he unpacked, (a total waste of time, considering what I had in mind) then, horny as hell, I suggested we have a little something to eat. Sitting across from the little darling, I gaped at his beautiful, full sensuous lips, his fresh growth of peach fuzz atop his upper lip, my dick raging hard beneath the table.

My appetite was shot, and all I could do was play with my food as we ate. I'd slipped a mickey in his drink and it seemed like an eternity before it finally took effect. Chatting idly with him, I watched as he started to drift. Eventually surrendering to the drug, he slumped over in his chair. God! What a site! My own, gorgeous teenage boy, laid out, at my mercy! Weeks later, he literally throws a boner whenever I start in on him, now. It wasn't like that at first, though.

When he awoke to find himself trussed up like a pig on a spit, he nearly had a heart attack.

"Let me go!" he yelped, struggling against his restraints. I'd tied him up pretty good, though, and he wasn't going anywhere.

Laying flat his back, he was racked tight to the table via a network of ropes, pulleys, and rings made into the woodwork. His leg spread wide, he was secured in my favorite position, spread eagle.

I drooled at my handy work, anxious to get at that ass, but that would have to wait. I had plenty I wanted him to learn.

His first lesson, he complained and struggled, but I plowed ahead, determined. What I had in mind was to train him to respond to tactile stimulation. Covering his eyes with a blindfold so he couldn't see, and plugging his ears so he couldn't hear, I spent countless hours, entering the back room for the express purpose of getting him hard from touch.

You see, I'm a foot freak and I've always wondered if a kid could be trained to throw hard just by playing with his feet. Kinky huh?

With his eyes covered, and his ears plugged, he never knew when I was approaching leaving him to depend on his other, underdeveloped sense, touch. When he knew it, I was on his feet, licking those soft supple soles as I stroked his stiff, 6 inches to a raging hard-on. I guess it eventually got to him because he soon stopped all his complaining whenever I started in on him.

Licking between his toes and up his broad, flat soles, I'd simultaneously play with his dick, imprinting the pairing in his psyche. Bringing him several times a day to the very brink of orgasm, I'd hold him back, refusing let him blow. In addition, I started removing an earplug so I could whisper things in his ear, once he was rip-roaring hard.
"You want me to let you come?" I'd whisper, licking his toes, while my hand played with that hot bod of his.

At first he wouldn't answer me, leaving me to gage how close he was by how much he was panting. Squirming about on the table, his dick would bob between his legs, dying to blow. What luck, picking a boy that was so easily stimulated. Who would've ever thought it, the kid was a little sex machine, waiting for someone to turn him on!

By the third day, he was so helplessly hot, he gasped a hushed answer to my lewd solicitations.

"Yes," he hissed, his leaking dick swelling in my hand.

"Beg me to let you come," I teased, tweaking his twin nipples, jutting from his hairless chest.

"Pleeeez," he whispered, trembling as I licked his toes and gloved his pleading cock.

Spreading a fresh coat of his steamy pre-cum around his pulsing length, I licked feverishly at his toes, sucking them as I palmed his dick. Shaking and writhing about, he grunted, wiggling his spit-lubed toes as his spear pointed toward the ceiling. Laving his dainty toes with my tongue I pulled his rocket through my hand once more. Shaking violently, his dick stood straight up and spurted, copious lobs of boy cum gushing out its angry, bulbous head and sailing into the air like unassigned missiles.

Panting and squirming he continued to shoot, ejecting the last three days of utter frustration out his

brick-hard boy cock. All the while, I continued licking and suckling his toes, praying the stimulation would become vital to his next orgasm.




It wasn't until late that night, I finally returned to his room. Walking around the table, I salivated over his sexy body. He's got the silkiest soft, caramel colored skin I've ever seen. Damn! I mean, even with his dick soft, he was hot! And that ass!

His ears were plugged again so he didn't know I was there until I started licking his dainty-soft, pinkish-brown soles. Sensing my wet tongue on his exposed foot, he turned in my direction. Wiggling his toes, he started to squirm, his sexually raw body responding to my every lick. Watching his dick, I waited, hopeful.

He didn't get hard that particular time, but that didn’t faze me, we had all the time in the world. Bringing him off only when he dared to beg me, I continued his training, doggedly pursuing my goal. Seven days in, I got my reward.

Entering his room well past 2:00 a.m. that night, I quietly repositioned him for this intense session. His youthful joints were so pliant, I could easily pull his limber legs astride his torso, pinning his knees almost flushed against the table. Split like a frog in a lab, his little ass literally rose up off the table, he was so spread. His feet remarkably close to his delicate ears, I removed his earplug so he could hear my tongue as it loudly lapped at them.

Groaning and panting, he input the sensual stimulation, wiggling his tender toes as I painted them, then, like a flower in spring, his dick blossomed, growing to all its full 6 inch glory. It was all so kinky, I didn't even need to fantasize about our session to blow my load. Gripping my own stiff, 7 inches, I spurted all over the floor beneath as I continued licking his toes and watching his dick harden.

I didn't let him come until the next day and boy did he blow. From then on, all I had to do to make him salute was lick on his feet. Whether he'd just finished blowing or was awakened from a dead sleep, his dick would jerk hard, sticking up from his pelvis as it reached for the ceiling. DAMN! What a site!




Having successfully trained him to respond like Pavlov's dogs every time I licked on his tender feet, I couldn't get enough of it. Stimulating him until he'd tremble like a wet puppy, I'd withhold his climax until he was literally begging me to let him blow.

"Pleeeez," he'd plead, his dick dripping hot sticky drops of boy juice.

I'd since learned my little boy was pretty much a virgin. Tortuously withholding his much needed release, I'd interrogate him, eventually getting the answers I wanted.

"You ever jack off before?" I asked one day, as I licked on his feet and gloved his stabbing hard erection.

"Little," he hissed, writhing about on the table.

"Ever fuck?" Shaking his head no, he whispered his learned supplication again, begging me to let him release.

"With a boy?" Shaking his head no again, he said nothing.

"Never did nothing with a boy?" I said, dragging my tongue up his soft sole. I swear, I couldn't get enough of that boy's feet!

"No," he whispered, his dick pulsing in my stroking hand.

"How 'bout a girl?"

"No," he whispered again.

Turning slightly sadistic, I taunted him, whispering lewd suggestions in his ear.

"Feels good, huh?" I whispered. He said nothing, his rigid dick supplying all the info I needed. Squeezing more of his precious juices out, I coated it, salaciously running my fingers across his exceedingly raw erection.

"Feels good when I lick your feet, huh?" I continued, lapping at his wide splayed toes. Hissing, his dick reared up, its dangerously close length swelling in my hand.

"Com'on baby," I taunted, "Give me those toes."

Extending his cute, dainty toes, he reached them toward my hungry wet mouth.

"Uggnnhh," he hissed as I enveloped them in my warm cavern. Sticking my tongue between them, I separated each digit, wetting them as I licked.

"Feels good, don't it?" I repeated. Lifting his pelvis higher off the table, he pushed his dripping dick further into my stroking hand, refusing to answer.

"Guess I'll just stop, then," I taunted, releasing his dick. When I plopped his spit-lubed toes from my mouth also, he groaned, clearly frustrated.

"Pleeeez," he begged again, moving his head to face my general direction. Blindfolded, he cocked his head, turning from side to side straining to hear if I was still there.

Bending over his sexy, rope secured body, I found his drying foot with my mouth again. Tonguing a tortuously sensuous lick across his tender sole, I reveled in the power I now willed over this virginal

14-year-old, teenager. Hissing audibly through his teeth, my little angel grew helplessly hard again the instant he felt my tongue raking across his upturned foot.

"Feels good don't it?" I solicited again.

"What you want me to say?" he huffed, frustrated.

"Oh well…" I said, moving away again.

He was really frustrated now. Smacking his lips angrily, he lay back, waiting for my return. When I licked his toes again, he immediately tensed up. Dangling on the razors edge, his will was crumbling before my eyes. Totally at my mercy, his dick once again reached for the ceiling, sans any tactile stimulation. With just a lick of my hot tongue on his well trained feet, his young body responded, hurtling him toward release.

"It's good ain't it," I tormented.

"Sssss…." He hissed.

"Feels good, huh?"
"yes," he surrendered.

"You like it, don't you?"

"yes…" he whispered.

"You like me licking on your feet, don't you?" I continued, licking between words.

"yes…" he submitted, spreading his toes.

"You hot, baby?"


"Shoot that load for me baby," I commanded.

"Uggnnnhhh," he whined.

"Make that baby pop," I continued, lapping at his toes.

"Uggnnnnhhh," he moaned.

"Shoot it off for daddy,"


"You like this shit, don't you?"


"Your dick likes me licking on your toes, don't it?"


"You're my little freak, ain't you?"


"Beg me to lick your toes."

"Please…. Lick my toes," he cried, wiggling his precious digits.

"Lick me daddy.."

"Lick me daddy," He whined.


"So good…"

"Lick me daddy…"

"Oh! Lick me… Mmmm!… Daddy…" he grunted, then, of its own accord, his dick leaped, spurting its precious cargo all over his body.

Watching him cum all over himself like that, I knew phase one was now complete.


His will broken, I eventually granted him a little more freedom. Shackling his ankle to a leg of the table, I'd take him to the same dining room he'd succumb to the mickey in. He'd been naked before me so long, he never complained about his lack of clothing.

His raw body exposed, it was like the kid was perpetually horny now. No sooner we'd finish one session, he'd spread his legs wide, his randy dick almost instantly filling again. Day, night, on the sofa watching TV, in the bathroom while he'd take a shit, it didn't matter, his body was helplessly at my mercy.

Just yesterday we were at the table eating breakfast when I happened to glance down at his deliciously cute bare feet.

He's got the sexiest feet you've ever seen, if you're into feet, that is. I'd say they were slightly big for a boy his age, but that just makes them hotter. More to love, I'd always say. What really makes them so hot is the way his beautiful caramel complexion abruptly stops right at his soles. I mean, there's literally this unavoidable break in his complexion between the light-brown soles of his feet, and the rest of his body. For some reason, seeing that obvious contrast makes me hotter than July!

He's sitting there, gulping down his bowl of Cap'n Crunch and I'm looking at his feet. He glances up and sees what I'm looking at and that was all it took. Waiting to see what I'd do next, his appetite quickly waned, his gulps dwindling to nothing.

Reaching down, I lifted his foot, placing it on the table. Bending low, I traced my tongue over the soft skin, invoking a soft sigh from him. Pulling his foot closer, I delved between those long, lickable toes of his with my lapping tongue. Spreading his legs, his dick speared upwards, raising to a full, aching-to-be-relieved erection.

Tonguing his long, slender foot, I tortured him, refusing to touch his pulsating dick. What was so great about the whole scene was the way he wouldn't touch his own dick. His hands weren't tied anymore and he could've easily started stroking his rigid tool, but he never did. You see, he'd been trained well. There was no way he'd ever be able to make himself cream the way I could, and he knew that. We'd never discussed it. It was just understood.

His dick was dripping now, a solid stalk sprouting up between his wide splayed legs. Switching to his other foot, I laved it too, paying special attention to each toe. His legs bowed and spread wide atop the table, I could clearly see his rigid erection, his taut balls, even the smooth surface of his puckering virgin asshole. Moaning loudly, he threw his head back, wiggling his toes as I suckled them.

Standing, I cleared the table, then lifted his light frame from his chair and lay him atop it. Almost of their own accord, his legs went spread eagle, eager to give me full access to his hot, rod and reel. He'd become so accustomed to hearing me lick his feet, he didn’t stop spreading until they were raised high and astride his head.

Lowering to service him, I lapped, alternating between licks on his delicate ears and his upturned feet. Whispering dirty words in his ears, I drove him to a state of frenzy, his taut body trembling as he writhed, anxious for sweet release.

"You're really hot today, baby," I whispered, lapping at his curling toes.

"You got such a sexy body," I noted, pulling his big toe into my mouth.

"You like this?"

"yes," he whispered, trembling.

"You my freak?"


"Daddy turned you out, huh?"

"yes," he whimpered, shaking.

"You didn't know you could be a freak, huh?"


"Fucked yo' shit up, huh?"

"Yes," he whimpered, panting.

"You want daddy to bring you off?"


"Spread your legs for me," I instructed. Trembling even more, he widened his legs, spreading the smooth globes of his bubble ass, exposing his virginal bud for me.

Damn! That shit was looking so good, I almost hopped on top of him. Stilling myself, I remembered my goal and gripped his dripping dick instead. Whimpering, his body shuddered, his impatient climax nearing.

Stimulating both his feet and dick, I extracted enough of his leaking liquids to lube his pole up. Panting and quivering, he anticipated his orgasm, waiting for me to bring him off. Gloving his pre-cum lubed poker in my hand, I watched his youthful body tense up, all of his effort focused on the hot liquid caught in his taut balls, raring to eject.

Moving my hand between his legs, I found those tender orbs. Squeezing them, hard, his body reacted, his rigidity diminishing slightly. Releasing them, I played with them for a few seconds, extending his torture. He raised dick up again, the mushroom like head swelling every time he flexed.

Figuring he'd paid long enough, I mercifully gripped it for him. Stroking his pole steadily now, I watched him squirm, pushing his aching-hard dick into my hand, his body working the wonder of release. Wiggling his toes as I lapped at them, he writhed about. Slipping my hand up and down his splitting length, I eventually found his g-spot, that raw knot of flesh just below his pee-hole, and stroked it masterfully.

"Ugggggghhhhh!" he groaned, shuddering like a leaf, his dick swelling in my hand. The tiny lips of his pee-hole gaping open, his precious fluid squirted out, pelting his body with creamy dollops of hot boy cum.

Watching his body shudder through its tender boy orgasm, I suppose I should've been totally satisfied. As great as that was, I wasn't, however. It was time to move to the next level…

I hope you like the story so far. If the response is favorable enough, I'll add another chapter.