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(M/t) (Bond, Con, foot fetish, anal)

Touch Sensitive

Part II.

(Continued from part I.)

Watching his body shudder through its tender boy orgasm, I suppose I should've been totally satisfied. As great as that was, I wasn't, however. It was time to move to the next level…


Nabbing that little kid has turned out to be the best thing I've ever done. We've been up here weeks now and he's never once complained about wanting to leave. I've even had him called his mom, a real derelict type that, apparently, doesn't give a shit where he's at as long as he checks in. Ordering him to tell her he was fine, he readily complied.

Realizing he was mine to do with as I pleased, I eyed him lewdly after he hung up the phone, my mind racing. Since that night he blew his wad all over himself, just because I was tonguing his feet, I've allowed him a little more freedom. Sometimes I'll get one of my T-shirts for him to wear, but most of the times he wanders around bare balls naked!

Standing there, dwarfed by one of my white T-shirts, (the thing hangs halfway his body) he looked up at me, waiting my next move. As long as we've been up here, you'd think he would've either wailed and fussed, fighting to leave or become a little nymphomaniac for sex, but he hasn't done either. Every time we do something it's like we're doing it for the first time. There's actually been times he's tussled with me, intent on preventing my newest action. It's those times I like the best.

So I decided to take him right there, in the kitchen. Plopping his bare bottom on top of the counter, I lifted the T-shirt he was wearing, exposing his boy cock. It was soft, for a change, and I started stroking it. Instantly the thing jumped hard, raising up between his legs.

Moving him to the edge of the counter, I had him lay back a little to see that ass. Listen, you haven't seen anything so beautiful, man! For a kid so young, it's miraculous to see an ass like this. Round and firm, it's like a sweet summer peach. No! A nectarine. No hair, smooth! Know what I mean?

Lifting one his legs, I started working on his weak spot, those supple, tender feet of his. Of course, this just splits him open and gives me a better angle on that, to-die-for ass of his.

I'm tonguing his feet again and in no time, he's squirming and moaning, his dick all hard and dripping. So I reach down and start caressing that little baby bottom of his. He tenses up, concern etched across his face. What's he doing, his face seems to be saying?

When my hand slipped between those two loaves, he reached down to move it. I slapped him one on his ass, warning him to knock it off, but soon as I tried parting his valley again, he starts pulling at my hand. I figure he's got too much freedom, so, lifting his little frame up, I take him to the back room again.

Instead of using the rack, I decide to put him in the sling. If you thought seeing him strapped to that table was hot, you should see him split in that sling!

I like it best when he's at a 45 degree angle. That way his ass is level with my dick, I can see his face but he's still low enough to split his legs like a frog. All while I'm tying him up, he just lays there, never once protesting. By the time I get him fully restrained, his legs bent at the knees and gapped to the far corners of the room, the little punks got a raging hard-on. You tell me… You think he protests, just so I'll string 'em up?

Reaching between his legs again, I taunted him, caressing his dangling balls first. Fondling his little orbs, I threw a boner watching him wiggle his toes. Every time I swept my hands across those dangling spheres, his toes curled down atop his wrinkled soles. You feet lovers out there KNOW what that looks like! HOT baby!

Slipping my hand further south, I softly stroked that space of skin between his balls and his asshole. When I moved my hand across his super sensitive, exposed asshole, he visibly flinched. His feet are going crazy now, his toes wiggling and bending and I'm dripping myself, now.

I always keep a bottle of lube handy and I stopped just long enough to slather a big glob of it on my hand. When my lubricated hand sliced over his little flower again, he closed his eyes and moaned. Passing it back and forth, I got his ass real slippery, then I started to push.

"Uggnnnhhh," he panicked, his eyes flinging open.

Immediately he clenched down, trying to prevent my finger from entering, a natural reaction.

"Relax," I instructed, "It'll just hurt more if you clench down." He wouldn't listen, continuing to push, until my finger started to spread his hole.

Slipping in to the first knuckle I felt his drum tight asshole slap tight around it. He started wiggling and squirming, offering a little protest, but I just held it there. Bending over him, I licked on his feet, alternating between them and his dick until he forgot all about my finger.

It was real nice, feeling his asshole suck on my advancing finger. As it slipped inside him, he wiggled and flexed at times, I guess because he'd never been fingered before. I kept pushing in until I was up to the last knuckle, several inches inside his boy twat.

He moaned and offered that mild protest again, but I had a little surprise for him. Turning my hand palm up, I lifted my finger against his prostate and pulled it back out. Feeling it slice across his sensitive man-bud, his eyes bucked wide and his toes all stood straight up.

"Mmmmm," he grunted, sensing the way that bulge in his ass was sliding across my finger.

Watching him helplessly throw a boner as my finger dragged out his asshole, I knew we'd entered the final phase.



Leaving him tied in that sling for hours at a time, I slowly started schooling him on the wonders of asshole play. Sometimes I'd stroke my finger up his ass until he was all a twitter, his toes wiggling, his dick dripping. Holding him there until he was begging me to let him come, I'd diddle his asshole. Again, it was a site to behold, his legs spread to the max, the succulent globes of his ass dangling off the edge of that sling, and his feet painting the ceiling, toes wiggling and shit.

That little ass of his was so tight, I decided to leave a butt plug up there at times. He really hated that. Clamping down again, he'd wiggle and grunt as I wedged it up his ass. His hole would always snap down on that little neck, socketing that sucker in place. Whew! Can you picture it? A round, baby soft ass, spread nice and wide, while a menacing butt plug is sticking out of the asshole, lube all around it.

In between I'd go back there and stroked his asshole with my finger, loosening it and, hopefully, bringing him closer to my newest goal. Paying special attention to that tender bulge in his asshole, I'd drag my fingers across it, monitoring his reaction, hoping.

Eventually I got what I was after. Letting him cum only when he was dying to, it got to where, my finger diddling him would bring him to the brink of shooting all over himself. The night it finally happened, we were both a mess afterwards.

He'd gotten to where he could take two fingers now and I was torturing him, driving him up the wall. His hands are tied and his legs are split either side the chains the sling is suspended from, opening his ass like a Thanksgiving turkey.

I lubed up real good and started with one finger, slicing it back and forth across that little bulge. He's writhing and moaning before I can get the second finger in. By the time I worked that second finger in, his dick is, like, standing at attention, saluting me.

"Ummmm," he moans, licking his lips that sexy way he does as he squirms about. I double timed it, mashing my fingers against that bud as I'm fingering him and he goes crazy, moaning and wiggling and shit.

His feet are all motion, toes wiggling and soles wrinkling, and his balls started to draw up close to his body. I would've killed to suck those toes, but I don't want him distracted. That night was about his ass, not his feet.

Driving my fingers against his swelling prostate, I watched as his toes spread wide, each one standing up on its end. He moaned real loud, writhing about, then he went stiff as a board, his toes wiggling one last time and BAM! His dick started spurting, cum lashing out and over his silky soft bod. Two strokes on my own dick and my cum joined his, splattering all over his heaving chest.

From then on, his little ass was mine. Yeah, I've had to wrestle him down to get it at times, but once I get my fingers inside, he melts, moaning and shit, happy as a baby on a mama's tit! Whether I got him in the kitchen, the living room, or tied him up, his dick salutes, standing tall until it busts the biggest nut you've ever seen.




Figuring he hadn't had his best fuck yet, I finally made a move on him one night. We were in the front room, watching some program, or was it watching us? He's learned to do things that totally pushes my buttons all for the sole purpose of making me start something with him. Pulling his succulent feet onto the couch, he's purposely sitting there with his legs all spread, his ass in clear view, bare balls naked!

I took it as long as I could then, grabbing one of those petal soft babies, I lifted it to my mouth. He slumps down on the couch as his leg is pulled over his head but never protests.

Savoring that heavenly foot of his, I took my time, wetting it with my mouth. Like clockwork, his dick hardened, bobbling between his legs as he lay, watching me licking his foot. Spreading his legs wide, I gazed at his tender body.

Crumpled in that weird position, the most prominent part of his body was his ass. His legs gapped opened, I finally decided it was time to get that.

As I continued licking on his feet I reached between his legs and ran my hand across that tender hole. Wouldn't you know it, he starts struggling to move his ass away from my probing hand. Go figure, he blows a load like no other whenever he's diddled, but he has to be held down to enjoy it. Holding him tight, I doubled my efforts, my hand exploring his hole.

"Stay right there," I told him, standing to get some lube.

He obeyed, despite his resistance, remaining in the position I'd left him. When I dabbled a glob of lube on his hole, he started wiggling again, clearly uncomfortable with what was happening.

"Stay still," I ordered, but he didn't quite comply. Squirming about, he attempted to dodge my finger as I aimed it at his drum tight hole.

Straining to free himself, he protested loudly when he felt my finger snake up his tunnel.

"Mmmmmmmm!" He moaned, squeezing his eyes shut, his face twisting into a grimace. Driving my digit further up his hole, I kept an eye on his dick. I like making him squirm but I don't like hurting the little kid. Not my cup of tea.

The further I shoved my finger up his chute, the harder his dick got. He may have been protesting with his mouth, but his body was saying, give it to me!

His asshole is so tight, man. Snapped around my finger like a vice, it literally tugged at my invading finger. Pushing it further, I watched his demeanor change when I hit that magic spot. Visibly shuddering, he actually sighed when it dragged across his bulging prostate.

Having my finger rammed up his ass was still obviously uncomfortable for him, but he wasn't fighting me anymore. Tensed but stimulated, he gradually calmed down. Observing that little change, I ran my finger once again across that sensitive bud.

"Mmmm," he moaned, his eyes flinging open. Staring at me as I diddled him, his face seemed to be saying, 'how the fuck does always you do this to me'?

Adding an additional finger, I slowly fucked his ass, sadistically dragging both of them across his expanding boy bud.

"Feels good, don't it," I taunted, gazing into this quizzical eyes. Nodding his head yes, he spread his legs wider, eagerly riding my advancing fingers.

"My dick is going to feel even better," I informed him.

Bucking his eyes wide, he gazed at me, fearful again. Pulling my merciless digits back across that bulge in his ass again, he was temporarily distracted.

"Ahhhh!" he hissed, sliding his ass closer to the edge of the couch. Just a side note, he really looked good that night.

I mean, think of it. Here's this boy who's slowly learning he likes being drilled, laying flat his back on your couch, his legs spread and practically doubled atop his luscious body. You can see it all, his cute innocent face, scrunched up because he's riding your fingers. His beautiful round eyes, his cute button nose, that fresh growth of peach fuzz on his upper lip, those sexy, pouty lips.

His chest is heaving because he's so helplessly hot and his nipples are hard. His washboard hard stomach is quivering and his soft, pliant legs are dangling above his body. Those sweet, petal-soft feet you've come to love are facing you, the tender, pinkish-brown soles all wrinkled because he's curling his toes.

His ass is spread like two, ripe, honeydew melons and his dick is bone hard, standing between his legs, while his balls are pulled close to his body, raring to release. But best of all is the way his ass is rising and falling, snapped tight around your fingers as it eagerly rides your ass-fucking fingers. Like, ARE YOU GETTING THE FUCKING PICTURE HERE????

Adding a fresh coat of lubricant to his gripping hole, I lubed my standing pole up also. Watching me oil my battering ram, he became resistant again. Resistant again, he moved his ass away from my dick, avoiding its deadly advance. I tried grabbing his legs to hold him still but the little bugger slipped away like a greased pig.

Grabbing him, I pushed him down onto the couch, hot as ever. Don't ask me how this happened, but before I could get a grip on him, he was on his stomach, his sweet little ass under my dick. Feeling it wedge between his cheeks, he squirmed again, offering a weak resistance. Burrowing between those succulent globes, I found his hole and pushed. Wiggling again, he groaned as his asshole spread around the head of my cock.

I guess it was a little painful because he really started struggling then. Squirming about he tried dislodging my spear from his split hole.

"Nooo!" he sputtered, sensing his asshole slipping around my piercing dagger. Clenching tight, he tried keeping it out like he'd did my finger. I just rest my weight atop him and let that do the work.

Deeper it lodged, spreading him wide. Two inches, three inches, four….

"Mmmmm!" he wiggled, his ass impaled on my rod. Six inches, deeper, deeper, then… Resting atop his bubble ass, I felt my groin make contact with his wide splayed asscheeks.

I lay there for a long time, letting him get used to my girth, until he finally relaxed. Seven inches ain't a real donkey dick, but for a virgin boy, it was a lot to accommodate. Besides, it was great feeling his ass quiver around my dick. I swear, it took a lot of control to not spew my load up that warm, wet cavern.

Gripping his shoulders I pushed deeper, extracting a moan from the very soul of the boy. But this wasn't a moan of agony. Shuddering beneath me, my little boy was in pure ecstasy. My dick plowing his sweet hole, he wiggled again, his little body struggling to comprehend all of the stimuli it was receiving.

"Ooooh," he gurgled, my dick raking across his sensitive prostate.

Spreading his legs wider, his ass slid further up my dick, pushing it deep inside him. It was like his body was begging me to skewer him. Looking down, I saw the root of my dick hugging his stretched asshole and nearly lost it. Pulling back a little, I heard him groan again.

Stopping shy the head of my dick, I sunk home, ramming my dick deep inside his gut, watching his feet as I did. Bad idea! When his toes curled as he sensed the knob of my dick spread him again, I had to fight hard not to explode!


I moaned that time, holding him down as I pulled his ass atop my dick. Feeling it lodge high up his asshole, I waited again, willing my load to rescind. Regaining a modicum of control, I slowly started to rock the boy.

Feeling my bayonet slice into him, he tensed up again, his senses nearing overload. Raising up from the couch, he arched his back like a bitch in heat, splitting his ass wider. Driving my full seven inches home with each thrust, I fucked the boy, deep and hard.

His head raised equally high, he bit his lower lip, crying out as I drilled him. Bucking atop my dick, his head bobbed, the muscles in his neck taut as he strained, turning his head to face me. Something was happening, his innocent face was saying, and he wasn't sure just what.

Over and over my dick sliced across his prostate, forcing him to raise his ass higher and higher. Soon the boy had rose upon his spread eagle knees, his back wickedly arched as his head stuck up like a rooster. Believe me, it was another sight to behold. From the side, I'm sure his back would practically be forming a "U," he was so arched. But he wasn't all the way up on his knees. No, they were spread to the max, which in turn split his perfectly round asscheeks wide open. From his very first fuck the boy had learned to open his ass wide, allowing the deepest fuck.

His feet were splayed across the couch, his toes perpetually curled, wrinkling the soles of his feet in the sexiest way. And his dick? Well, when I reached under him to touch it, it was so hard, I thought it would crack!

Aware that he was about to explode, I let it go, doubling my thrusts. Grabbing his shoulders again, I held him in a vice-grip as I plowed him. Body to body, I lay atop him, humping my hips against his backside. Sweat dripping off us, I held him, determined to bring him off.

As I slammed into him, he clambered for purchase, desperately struggling to remain planted. He knew that it was the deep thrusts that sent shivers throughout his body and was destined to ram his asshole as far up my dick possible.

Rutting like pigs now, I felt my little boy go stiff beneath me. A wail, ushering from his belly, gripped him and he belted out, his body shuddering in the process.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" he sobbed, shaking profusely.

Glancing down, I spied the luscious spread of his ass as his tight socket devoured me. Gripping him again, I rode him like a bucking bronco. Feeling my dick pummel his prostate, he lost it, yelling again as his body surrendered.

Reaching my hand beneath him, I was just in time to feel him release. Without a hand touching him, his dick burst, torrents of boy cum squirting from its angry head and into my hand. At the same time his asshole went into convulsions, spasms running up and down the length of it like crazy.

Snapping even tighter around my dick, his little hole gripped me, squeezing the very life out of it. Yelling myself, I drove home, spewing my liquids deep inside his hole as I rode him. Never before in my life had I felt my dick milked like this.

Moaning and contorting, we both rode our orgasms out, he skeeting angry rivulets of cum across the couch while I drenched his innards with hot spunk. It was fucking unbelievable man, and I was turned out, just as well as he was!



After that first, royal fuck, he couldn't get enough of it. Funny thing is, he still protests every time I mount him, struggling until I'm lodged deep him. In the bed, late at night, on top of the breakfast table, on our couch, the floor, in the shower, he twists and squirms until papa sinks home. Then he becomes daddy's freak, his ass my toy until we both cum.

To keep our little game interesting, I still tie him up at times. Strapping his arms behind him, I then lift his legs, high and wide, tying him at the knees to a pair of rings, screwed into the wall behind him, his body laid out in that sling. You already know what position that puts him in and why, so I won't belabor that point.

I recently bought this vibrating dildo and boy has that been fun. Tied and split the way I like him, I lube that baby up and taunt him, passing its length across his tender bud. His dick jumps brick hard, when I do that and his feet just wiggle.

Eventually I aim the tip at his hole and when he feels it knocking at his door, he starts wiggling and protesting again. Sometimes I have to hold him tight until I can breech his chamber, but every time it slips in, he goes all rigid and stops fighting.

Once it's lodged deep up his hole, I turn the vibrator on and he just goes wild. Wiggling and writhing about, his eyes buck and his dick stands straight up. At first I thought the kid was in agony; until he shot his load all over himself, that is.

When I taunt him now, he reluctantly tells me he likes it.

"Why do you fight it so, then?" I finally asked one day. Hunching his shoulders, he answered,

"I know you like it."

"So it doesn't hurt?"

"A little, but I like it," he shrugged. I knew not to ask him any more, it'd taken an act of congress to get that out of him.

It's actually gotten to the place, I know when the kid wants it. Sometimes he'll pick a fight with me, just so I'll pin his little ass to the ground. Once he gets me on top of him, his body tells me the rest.

Sometimes he'll wander away from me, and I'll find him in the back room, a longing look in his eyes. That usually means he wants to be tied and tortured again, and I always comply. And sometimes he just wants a good foot session so he'll wash them up real good and make them extra supple and pink.

If you'd have told me six months ago I would have a boy of my own to manhandle at times and love at other, I would've never believed you. That's all changed now. I mean, just look at him all tied up in that sling, his toes wiggling as his ass holds that vibrating dildo. His body is just begging me to touch it, lick it and bring him off. Too bad you can't be here, he really wails when he shoots….

The End.