Toys Will Be Toys


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Style : Contemporary

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" I've got to get to you first. Before they do. It's just a question of time. Before they lay their hands on you. And make you just like the rest. " -DM


Part 1      

   He trotted to the last house on his paper route to collect the due balance. Mr. Robson's residence was a singular example of modern architecture. It consisted of concrete cubes attached together, resembling a giant Lego sculpture. The boy thought it looked really cool because the odd construction stood out in the middle class neighbourhood.

His confidence was strong approaching the entrance. So far, he had shouldered the burdens of independence and responsibility very well. Money piled up in his short's pocket. The folks were content with the assiduous service of his paper delivery enterprise. 

He could do this.

He was ten-years-old.

He could break free from the chronic bouts of shyness. 

Nothing would scare him anymore. 

He rang the doorbell and presented a bill as soon as Mr. Robson opened the door. The well-groomed man glanced down and smiled. 

   "You must be the new paperboy?" He beamed. "Jacob, right?" He added, recalling the name on the notification card he'd received in the mail.

   "Yes, Mister." The boy piped nervously. "You owe me ten dollars." 

   "Yeah, of course." The man concurred, concealing his enchantment. 

Of all the paperboys he'd encouraged, Jacob was the youngest and the most attractive. The skinny tow-headed kid seemed reserved and pleasantly innocent. His sneakers were in mint condition. His pale bare legs were devoid of any scratches. And the front of his t-shirt was immaculate. How unusual! 

Robson found the fresh face quite charming and gladly completed the transaction, including a ten-dollar tip, which garnered resounding thanks from the polite paperboy. 

   "I will come to your house first every morning!" Jacob promised. 

At the end of his gleeful outburst, he noticed something behind the generous customer. His liveliness vanished at once. In the middle of the living room, a nude boy lay inert on the floor. The left arm of the corpse was missing. 

Jacob gasped and froze on the spot, eyes glued on the dead child. 

Robson pivoted his head quickly to see what had caused such panic in his young visitor. 

   "Oh! Don't be frightened! That's just a doll!" He laughed. "I was fixing it when you arrived." 

Jacob observed the man walk to the lifeless body and pick it off the floor. 

   "Hello, I'm a doll." Mr. Robson said to him, moving the thing comically. 

The blond boy regained his colours gradually. He advanced hesitantly towards the doll. It was so...lifelike! Everything inch of it was a perfect reproduction, right down to the tiniest freckles on its nose. 

   "Wow, mister. This is weird..." He squealed, touching the doll's nipples with his index. His gaze went to the exposed hairless genitals. The small pink penis rested limply on two smooth nuggets. It was so similar to his weenie, with the small donut of foreskin at the tip. 

   "It's nice, uh? I make these for a living. Do you want to see more in the warehouse?" Robson asked, sensing the child's curiosity. 

The boy nodded. His guts were telling him it was all right. The goofy thirty-year-old man did not correspond to the image of the monsters his mom had warned him about. Mr. Robson wore designer jeans and a CK t-shirt. Frequent grins illuminated his clean-shaven mug. Jacob felt he could follow him without a worry. 

* * *

   The neon light flickered in the lofty white room. They appeared out of the darkness. Twenty boy mannequins, dressed casually, sitting on wooden chairs. Jacob felt a shiver creep up his spine the way they all stared at him, mouth slightly open, and a peaceful blank expression on their petrified faces. He strolled amidst the human dolls. There were toddlers here and there, boys like him and teenagers. Their hair and eyes seemed so real! 

   "Cool!" He exclaimed.

   "They're made of silicone." Robson declared. "All of these are based on actual kids."

   "For real!" 

   "Yep." The man confirmed. "My customers are mostly Japanese. They can be fussy regarding certain details." 

   "How much do they cost?" Jacob asked, thinking it would be great to have an identical twin to play with or put under the covers to sneak out at night! 

   "Oh, too much for you buddy!" Robson ruffled the boy's hair. "Trust me, kids can't afford to buy one. Only grown men play with these...hmm...cuddly dolls." 

The ten-year-old stared silently at the magnificent toys, wondering why grown men would play with little boy dolls? From the tone of the adult's voice and his uneasy innuendos, he presumed it had to do with sex. His penis stiffened in his shorts. 

The only black boy in the room piqued his interest. He breezed to it and recognized immediately a schoolmate. The quality of the replica was uncanny. The doll had exactly the same fleshy lips and flat nose, the same thin layer of curly hair on the scalp and the same skin pigmentation, a dark maroon. Even the clothes had been chosen appropriately. The dummy sported the black kid's Adidas jogging pants and the high-top runners he boasted about.

   "Do you know Tyrell?" Robson asked, seeing the boy's reaction. 

   "Uh-uh," Jacob said. "He's in my class." 

The vision of the familiar face mesmerized Jacob. He had never thought much of his dark-skinned classmate. Tyrell was a year older. He had flunked the fifth grade and had been forced to do it all over again. Now that Jacob knew Tyrell had modeled for a doll, his perception of the boy changed entirely. 

   "Do you want to punch him?" Robson proposed. "Go ahead! He won't mind. That's what they are for. You can do whatever you want with them." 

Jacob giggled. He curled his fingers into a fist and delivered a solid jab to the doll's jaw. 

   "Good one!" The man cheered.

   "Is he, like exactly identical?" Jacob inquired, blushing. 

Robson grinned wickedly, understanding the true intent of the question. "If you're asking if my dolls are anatomically correct, then the answer is yes." He whispered. "Let's have a look." 

Jacob surveyed the man as he grabbed the doll under the armpits and hoisted it on its feet. The next instant, Tyrell's jogging pants and his briefs were bunched up around his ankles. 

Robson loved his occupation. He could blabber about it for hours. Gepetto wished his creation would become a real boy. Robson wished a real boy would become a perfect doll. And unlike the old puppet maker, he didn't get upset with lies and body parts lengthening. 

   "You see. This is no G.I. Joe. That's a perfect copy of his testicles." He said, jiggling the pendulous little eggs with his fingers. "Same for his dick. You get an accurate result if you use the proper compound for the mold." 

Jacob stared at the exposed privates, feeling queasy inside that he could do it without any repercussion from their owner. Mr. Robson flipped the life-sized dummy over and separated its firm brown buttocks. 

   "They even have a poop hole, but nothing ever comes out of it!" He blurted out. "Go on, put a finger in it." 

The bashful boy raised his index finger and carefully inserted it in the puckered aperture. The plastic ring clung to his knuckle. He pulled his digit out quickly and giggled. 

   "Do you think you could model for me?" Robson asked tentatively. "You're a very handsome chap!" 

Jacob shook his head vehemently. He wasn't aware of the process to create a clone of his self, but he had figured out it involved disrobing. A lot of disrobing! The man's sudden interest in him was alarming. 

   "So you're shy?" Robson chuckled. "I thought you were a brave kid. After all, you're alone in this room with a stranger?" 

The word 'stranger' put Jacob on the defensive. The friendly man sounded more and more like a pervert. 

   "Uh, I have to go now. Bye." He said and scampered to the exit. 

   "Goodbye, Jacob! See you next week." Robson cried out. 

* * *

   That very night, sleep didn't come for Jacob. The youngster kept thinking of the human dolls in the warehouse, how all these boys had to get naked for the man to make a replica. His hand slithered into his pajama pants and fondled his rigid little penis. The number of times he masturbated was cause for concern, but he couldn't help himself lately. He was mutating into a monster. 

The first sign of his body changing was fine golden hair at the armpits. His mom also said he stunk up the car after soccer practice. She demanded he put on deodorant on a daily basis. But he forgot. 

The boy's hormonal flare up disconcerted the mother. Her precious son was slipping away from her. "Chemicals. It's all those chemicals!" She cursed. 

Jacob didn't share her despair even though the premature onset of puberty affected him greatly. 

His sexual impulses had become uncontrollable. It seemed he was in a permanent state of arousal. Unconsciously, his hand migrated on its own to his crotch to pet the bulge tenting his shorts. Before gym class, he had to shut his eyes in order to avoid ogling at the other boys undressing. Even something as uninspiring as the bare feet of his schoolmates awoke his pecker! He masturbated every chance he got and luxuriated in the glorious pleasure. 

The images of Tyrell's genitals were still vivid on his mind. Everything was slightly bigger than his. He felt a hint of jealousy as he tugged on his penis under the covers. A movie started playing in his head. He was naked in the warehouse. All the dolls had no clothes on too. He cavorted amidst the crowd of nude boys and rubbed his stiffy on their silky bodies. He kissed them, touched their dicks and their butts. Oh! 

A yelp escaped his lips. His body trembled on the mattress. The intensity of his orgasm paralysed him momentarily. Then, he exhaled, gently caressing his softening boyhood. 

* * *

   The next time Jacob walked over to Mr. Robson's home to collect his due, he bowed his head and asked sheepishly, "Can I see the dolls again?" 

The silicone artist snickered. 

   "Yeah, come on over. I'll show you neat stuff." 

Inside the warehouse, Jacob grabbed an Asian toddler doll and cradled it in one arm. With the other he touched the face, exploring every feature. 

   "What's his name?" 

   "Hiroshi." Robson smiled, happy that the paperboy had warmed up to his uncommon work. "He's a big seller." 

Jacob deposited the doll back on its chair and scooted to a young teenager dressed in a school uniform. He proceeded to unbuckle its trousers and bare its midsection. A patch of wiry dark hair adorned the doll's pubic mound. 

   "I'll show you something." Robson said, amused by the boy's sudden boldness. "See. If you squeeze his balls, his dick swells up. Like this." 

Jacob watched the doll's penis slowly rise and curve up. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft and compressed the hardened rubber. 

   "It feels real!" 

   "Yeah, that's the whole point. Lemme show you something fun." Robson said. 

He strolled to a table, picked up a pastry bag and returned. 

   "This is vanilla icing you put on cakes. There's a small hole, right here on the hip. You squeeze it inside, then when you push the tiny button here..." 

A thick jet of white icing squirted out of the doll's erection. 

Jacob laughed wholeheartedly. 

   "Neat, uh? Older boys and men can do that." Robson explained. 

The little boy frowned in embarrassment. He knew that. Whenever he masturbated and reached the peak of pleasure, a sticky droplet always appeared through the slit of his glans. Once, he had seen porno clips on the Internet when his father forgot to activate the parental filter software. The white stuff gushed out of the men's penises at the end of every scene. 

Mr. Robson knelt on the floor and licked up the dollops of icing dribbling on the sides of the teenage hard-on. He opened wide and engulfed the entire thing, moaning sensuously. His sucking lips slid on the length of the false dick, collecting the creamy smears.

The whole time, Jacob chuckled, watching the obscene spectacle. The man was nothing like the other adults in his life. They were always reminding him of the things he could not do, whereas Mr. Robson let him touch whatever he wanted and didn't make up phoney answers to his questions. The outgoing man looked like someone he should aspire to become, unlike his pot-bellied uncles who were always broke and drank beer all day. 

   "You wanna try it? I'll load him up again." Mr. Robson suggested. 

Jacob fell on his knees between the dummy's legs. He inspected the flesh-coloured plastic, amazed by the precise imitation. Then he lowered his mouth on the penis and began sucking it at once. The teen's erect member bumped the inside of his cheeks, bulging them out. He had never felt naughtier. The sexy game excited him so much. 

Robson examined the blond head bobbing over the crotch of the mannequin, wishing he were the one sitting there instead of a stupid lifeless thing unable to appreciate it. He stepped behind the doll and manipulated the head. 

   "Yes, suck my dick, Jacob! This feels so goooood. You're my best friend! Get ready here it comes!" 

Jacob braced himself for the sugary reward. Mr. Robson pressed on the button. A gob of icing exploded in the back of the boy's throat. He choked on it and backed off slightly to swallow the gooey sweet cream. 

Giddy from the experience, he took to his feet and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. 

   "That was fun." He said, moseying towards the door. 

   "Are you leaving already?" 

   "Yes." Jacob blushed. 

Robson spotted the contours of the kid's boner pushing against the fabric of his shorts. 

   "Okay, I guess you need to take care of a little something." 

Once the paperboy had bolted out the door, the man hurried back to the warehouse. He grabbed the first of his creation he could get his hands on and yanked its pants down. The doll lay limply, bent over the chair awaiting to be raped. Robson released his leaking cock from the confines of his jeans and speared it up its anus. His pent-up frustrations had him growling. He shagged the love doll violently, thinking of Jacob, bucking against the plastic rump. 

After a minute of unbridled rutting, he came. His cock spilled a huge wad of sperm in the satin bowel of the boy who hadn't complained once. 

* * *

   Jacob had never seen the black kid that much before. But now that he was aware of the link with Mr. Robson, it seemed Tyrell popped up everywhere around him. Besides school, Jacob saw him at the grocery store, the park or riding his bike on the streets around the block. Every time, he stared at him with a genuine fascination. 

The growing obsession prompted him to follow the classmate after school. Just to see where he lived. Tyrell marched to his home with that nonchalant gait common to wannabe hoodlums. He took out his key and finally noticed the shadow lurking behind him. 

   "Watcha want?" He demanded, spinning around on a dime. 

Jacob flinched, caught in his spying. He said the first thing that surfaced on his mind. 

   "I saw you..." 

   "Watchu talkin' 'bout?" 

   "I saw you at Mr. Robson's place." 

Tyrell loosened up and grinned at the white boy. 

   "He's a cool dude, uh?" 

Jacob nodded timidly, still intimated. After all, the black boy was eleven and he was just ten. As well, he must have known about his inability to assert himself. Everyone on his grade level knew he was always picked last at dodgeball, after the fat kid. 

   "Did he play with ya on the waterbed? D'ya go in the sex machine?" Tyrell went on. 

A sex machine? 

   "Uh, yeah." Jacob acquiesced, pretending to comprehend what was being discussed. He didn't want to spoil a budding friendship already.

   "C'mon in. Mamma's not here yet." 

The next moment, both preteens were sitting on Tyrell's bed, playing videogames as if they were best buddies since forever. Jacob cringed when the taller boy stole a joint from his brother's stash. But he sucked on the weed stick and filled his lungs with the smoke to appear cool and mature. His eyelids became heavy. He laughed for no reason, feeling light-headed and carefree. 

For a while, he phased out and stared at the white-socked feet at the end of their legs. Sometimes, there were four and sometimes they were eight. 

   "Am I stone?" He giggled. 

   "Fawk yeah, doofus." Tyrell laughed. "This is boring. You wanna get down?" 

   "Okay." Jacob shrugged his shoulders, unsure what it meant. 

The black boy removed his t-shirt then his Adidas jogging pants. He gave a quick tug to the front of his briefs and glared at his guest who sat motionless. Jacob understood. He mimicked the brazen kid, shucked off his clothes, his heart thumping. His eyes were glued to Tyrell's crotch as he stripped out of his underwear. But there was nothing he had not seen before on the doll, the same brown sac of nuts and wiener. 

Jacob slid his briefs off his short legs. They were both naked now, except for their white socks. Their thighs touching, they fondled their respective penises. Jacob's slim appendage inflated, the knob blossoming through the folds of foreskin. As for Tyrell's dick, it expanded in a flash. The circumcised head was a light violet, a stark contrast against the dark shaft.

They masturbated playfully, peeking at each other's crotches. Jacob envied his new friend's endowment. His dick was pretty beefy and his balls equally. 

   "How many times ya jerk off a day?" Tyrell asked candidly. 

   "I dunno. Four times. No, three times. Uh, maybe." Jacob trailed off. 

   "Me too." 

The response reassured the blond boy. Out of the blue, Tyrell pounced on him. They rolled on the mattress, their hairless forms rubbing together deliciously. Jacob's eyes widened when the sensuous classmate massaged his butt and kissed him full on the lips. The eleven-year-old had evidently done this before and Jacob felt suddenly unqualified. He let his hands roam on the kid's smooth ebony skin, getting comfortable with the omnipresence of another body in his usually selfish sex play. 

Things unfolded smoothly. They touched each other's balls and tugged on their stiff peckers in unison. Jacob gazed at the black boy's erection, yearning to know how it would feel to have it in his mouth? How it would taste? If it would be like the doll's penis? 

   "Can I suck your dick?" He asked. 

   "Go awn." Tyrell smiled, spreading his legs. 

Jacob grasped the erection offered to him and made his tongue dance around the head. He opened up and started to suck the vibrant flesh, taking as much as he could in his mouth. After the initial salty film had gone, all he could taste was the leaking pre-cum. His cheeks hollowed in each time he bobbed his head on the stiff penis. He sucked the black boy steadily, eager to please him. But Tyrell pushed his head away. 

   "Arrh! You ain't doin' it right. It's like you're biting it." He said. "I'll show ya." 

Jacob watched the well-informed child demonstrate in an exaggerated manner how he pursed his lips over his teeth. Tyrell's mouth zoomed to his pink genitals, nibbled his testicles and teased his boydick. Finally, the fleshy lips parted and clamped down around it. Jacob moaned as soon as the wet suction began. He hooked his legs up around the older boy and relished the constant grip of the slimy lips on his rigid little rod. 

   "Unnghhh. Unngh. That feels unggh good." He mumbled, feeling compelled to praise the demented buddy for it to continue longer. 

It was unnecessary. Tyrell enjoyed seeing the skinny white boy go out of his mind. He alternated between sucking his dick and licking his balls. Once in a while, he moved down lower and tickled the younger boy's asshole with the tip of his tongue. 

Jacob's mind reeled from all the exquisite sensations. Tyrell shifted on top of him and parked his knees on each side of his blond head. In other circumstances, Jacob would have told him 'Get your butt outta my face'. But right then, he was transfixed by the dangling balls and elongated pecker above his face. He stretched his neck and bent the black boy's penis to put it in his mouth. 

In a harmonious frenzy, they sucked each other's stiffies. Jacob savoured every second of the sixty-nine. Tyrell slurped his dick like a Popsicle and he devoted the same passion to his chubby, carefully avoiding grazing the sensitive head with his teeth. 

Just like he had done to the doll, he sneaked his index finger between Tyrell's ass cheeks and pushed it in the brown hole. The boy's erection pulsed on his tongue. A bit of cum trickled down his throat. As he swallowed the milky fluid, his little penis twitched. He let out a stifled moan, overcome by the convulsions of his boyish orgasm. 

To be continued...     

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