Toys Will Be Toys


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Style : Contemporary

Codes: (m/bbb - oral, anal)


Part 2      

   Tyrell hurled the nude teenaged doll belly down on the waterbed. He took off his clothes and straddled the backside of the toy. For some reason, the black boy was fond of that particular one. The silicone effigy of an emo teen allured him, perhaps because it seemed like someone who was reckless. He could relate to that.

He pinched the chin of the doll and turned the wobbly head to look at it straight in the face. Its lips and eyebrows were pierced with silver studs. A mop of jet-black hair cascaded down the forehead. 

   "Ya want it, whitey?" Tyrell muttered. "Ya want it up yer butt. I'm a'gonna fawk ya good. You'll see." 

He squeezed the bottle of baby oil on the doll's anus and jammed two fingers in it right away. 

   "Hmmm, ya like this, uh?" He sniggered, adding another digit and another one until his whole fist disappeared in the distended plastic orifice.

   "Take that!" He repeated again and again, punching the dummy's entrails. "Yeah, I'm fist fawking your ass!"

Bored by the sterile nature of his game, the eleven-year-old flipped the teen over. He compressed the doll's scrotum to make the dick stick up. It was the ideal size for him, about five inches long and not too thick. He lubed his butt hole and gently wormed the plastic erection inside him.

Mr. Robson strode to his bedroom, wondering what his young guest was up to. He leaned in the doorway and stared at the crazy kid. Tyrell had his back turned to him. He could take a moment to spy on the boy. His eyes focused on the sandy balls of his heels. They moved up to his brown bubble butt then to the pointy pyramids of his shoulder blades protruding from his back. The kid's elbow jerked rhythmically leaving no doubt as to was he was doing. 

The doll maker mused on how easy it had been to convince Tyrell to model for him. He had come in contact with the little sex fiend via an online acquaintance - the boy's boxing coach. The anonymous correspondent told him of a black child always clowning around naked in the showers. The man had been adamant on the fact he had managed to lure Tyrell in his bed with almost no coercion from his part. 

When Robson read the e-mail, he recognized a perfect candidate. His catalogue of dolls called for a variety of products. He knew the black kid would be a spectacular addition. And Tyrell had accepted readily, utterly unconcerned by the use of his image. 

Robson watched the boy ride the doll a few more minutes and denuded from the waist down without making a noise. His hard-on wagged left and right as he sought to find his balance on the waterbed.

   "Are you horny today?" He asked the boy. 

   "Yeah." Tyrell grinned, grabbing the man's pole with his free hand. He licked up the underside and swirled his tongue on the shapely mushroom head. His lips descended upon the cock, stretching grotesquely around the large diameter. Then, he started slamming his head down to suck the meaty sausage. 

Robson surveyed the hungry mouth with admiration. He moaned, surrendering to the moist stimulation. The kid's coordination was impressive. He continued to bounce on the doll's dick, at the same time masturbating and blowing his fat cock. 

Ever since he'd met Tyrell, Robson had had sex with him a countless number of times. He was one of the rare little boys who didn't duck at the sight of his eight-inch pole. Stuffed inside his little mouth, it was magnified tenfold. 

Tyrell sucked faster, twitching from his impending climax. Mr. Robson yanked his dick out and tackled him on the bed before he got off. The man spooned behind him, his hand caressing along the flank. He wanted so much to give the black child all the affection in the world. He could have kissed him all over and suckle his toes one by one, wishing the boy would realize, even for just a fleeting instant, the unconditional love he deserved. But Tyrell was more of an 'action' boy. 

So Robson slipped his dick head between the kid's buns, nestling it in the warm greasy funnel of his asshole. With two fingers, he brushed the boy's brown boner delicately. 

   "I have a favour to ask you." He said. "There's this blond kid in your class, kind of shy and clean-cut, named Jacob." 

   "Yeah, I know him. He been in my room." Tyrell interjected. 

   "Oh!" The man exclaimed, elated by the turn of events. "Well, I want to persuade him to model for me. I was thinking you could chat with him. Maybe, explain how it goes." 

   "I dunno." The black boy whined, impatient to finish the conversation and get back to taking care of his dick. "I guess I can talk to him." 

   "Great." The man perked up. His fingers tugged on the boy's stiff penis faster. "Now, how about you get a real cock inside you instead of a cold silicone pin? It's been a while. I'll give you ten bucks for it." He proposed. 

   "Fifty dolla. Take it or leave it." Tyrell snapped back. 

   "You're a ruthless negotiator!" Robson remarked, bending the boy's leg against his chest. The round little butt opened up like a clam. Hard tool in hand, he probed for the rectal opening, poking inside occasionally. The loosened sphincter still defended itself. This was going to be good. 

He persisted, pressing on the brown ring. The folds of the anus smoothed out around his dick head. 

   "Urnnnghh!" Tyrell lamented as the thick mass eased into him. 

Robson cooed, eyeing the penetration closely. The vision of his white pole sandwiched between the black buttocks always made his heart race. He took a breather, comfortably embedded inside the child. 

   "Do you know how many Tyrell dolls I have sold already?" He asked softly. 

   "I dunno. Ten." 

   "Don't be so modest. You're the first black boy doll on the market. That makes you unique." He stated. "I have shipped one hundred all over the planet. Do you know what this means?" 


   "It means a hundred men are sticking their dicks up your butt every night!" 

Tyrell snorted. The hard penis slipped further inside him and he winced. 

   "Do it now." 

Robson leaned in, holding the kid's leg up in the air. He buried half his prick in the strangling hole and began pumping gently. Tyrell grasped the bed sheets to maintain his body poised to receive the sliding pole. Soon, the man was on cruise control, pulling out and thrusting into his butt, gradually faster and harder. 

    "Awwww yisss, it's gettin' nice." Tyrell grumbled. 

Robson never questioned the boy's enjoyment of anal sex. He had seen him climax during intercourse so many times in the past. Nonetheless, he decided to verify if his jubilance was sincere. While he fucked away, his hand drifted to the kid's throbbing boydick. A couple of tugs and it quaked. A viscous glob of sauce smeared his fingertips, the kid's first of many spills. 

   "Cum already?" He said. 

   "Go awn!" Tyrell implored.

Robson rotated on his back and brought the black boy on top of him. He hugged the dainty rib cage and lifted his hips off the waterbed to send his cock up the tight little ass. Tyrell let out a plaintive cry, shaken by the repetitive stabs. A grimace of pain and pleasure formed on his face. Toes curled up and legs trembling, his body swayed above the man's chiselled chest. He pushed his butt down whenever the cock surged up, taking another inch of it inside him and another one, masturbating frantically the whole time.

   "Do you think it can all go in again?" The man asked. 

   "Yeaahhh." Tyrell said, bouncing on the remaining inches of the spike. 

   "Awwwwww!" He cried out seconds later, finally impaled to the hilt on the prong 

It stunned the man every time he witnessed how much the kid craved a huge pipe up his butt. Tyrell turned his head and gave him a torrid look of triumph. 

Robson put his hands under the boy's knee joints and held him steady against his pectorals. He nibbled the boy's earlobe and shoved his cock up his asshole roughly until his groin met with his bum from under. Tyrell jerked in the grasp and wailed. After a bumpy ride on the man's cock, he came a second time. Droplets of boy juice rained on his belly button. 

Seeing the child in delight enchanted Robson. He loved to hear the panic in the kid's breathing. He loved to see his little body contorted by spasms and at the precise second when the pleasure soared, the luminous smile on his face, beautiful and disarming. 

Swiftly, Robson pulled out and rolled his young partner into a ball, pinning his ankles down with both hands. This way he would be able to see the facial expressions of pure bliss during the next orgasm. Plus, the boy looked mighty hot like this. His butt split open, the slimy dark anus winking at him. Robson plunged deeply into the child's quivering hole. Tyrell took the entire length without a whimper. 

   "Do it the hawrdest, now! I'm cool with dat!" He announced, supporting the adult's weight only with his ass. 

   "Are you sure?" 


   "Okay, here we go." Robson said. He let gravity do all the work, springing up and down on the upturned little butt. He sodomized the willing kid with more gusto as each second passed. The waterbed sloshed louder and louder. Waves rippled under their merged bodies. "Oh fuck yeah! FUCK YEAH!" He raved, ramming his cock balldeep into the dilated brown hole. 

Tyrell relished the frenzied coupling, teeth clenched. His boxing coach had fucked him very hard for years, but Mr. Robson was truly a stud. His huge cock punched inside him at the speed of light and his big balls slapped his ass as if he was getting spanked. He tossed his head left and right, trying to defer the upcoming cum. But he could not impede the galloping rush to his climax. 

   "Uhhhhh Yisss! Yisss!" He hollered. 

Robson watched the boy shut his eyes and bite his lower lip, savouring the jolts of ecstasy. He slowed down to examine the sweaty face, captivated by the lovely wrinkles of joy. 

His cock was becoming sore. They'd been at it for at least a half-hour. But he wanted to tilt the black boy like a pinball machine one more time. Leaving the warmth of his guts, he gestured to him. 

   "Bend over here."

Tyrell obediently stood up. He wiped the sweat off his brow, turned his back and placed one foot on the edge of the waterbed. 

   "You want this?" He said, leaning slightly and wiggling his bottom. 

Robson caressed the lovely bum tenderly and peeked at the gaping hole. The rim was all reddish and inflamed. Damn, the kid was nuts letting himself be used like this! 

But this wasn't the time for philosophical dissertations. He crammed his cock into his rectum and just went berserk nailing him from the get go. Both hands on the boy's frail shoulders, he pulled him to his crotch, driving his big white fuckstick up his sweet lil' black ass with unrelenting ardour. 

   "Uhhhhh FAWK ME! Unnnnghhh FAWK ME HARD!" Tyrell roared. 

   "Like THAT! You love that BIG COCK, uh!" 


Robson didn't restrain himself one second. He pounded the small butt like a beast in heat for ten minutes straight. His pelvis hammered the firm buns. Moans soared from his throat as the frenzied cadence drained his energy. But he didn't want to give the kid a minute of respite and continued fucking him as hard as he could with powerful lunges. Amidst the loud noises of their bodies colliding, Tyrell yipped from his cum. 

In a feverish state, the man pulled his dick out of the squeezing anus. His knees sagged. 

   "Orrhhhh! ORRRHH!" He groaned. Shots after shots of boiling sauce exploded from his straining erection onto the kid's back until the ebony slope was streaked with ivory lines of his copious ejaculation. 


To be continued...     

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