Toys Will Be Toys


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Style : Contemporary

Codes: (m/bbb - oral, anal)


Part 3      

   In the work studio, Mr. Robson slouched over his work in his dirty smock, resuming a paint job. Meanwhile, Jacob ran in circles around the many full body plaster casts. The ten-year-old boy felt at ease there. The other rooms of the house were decorated in a Zen-like style. The sleek furniture looked expensive. He didn't want to scratch it by accident.

Beyond the moulding area, the shelves were loaded with rolls of fabric and creepy doll parts: eyes, hair and teeth. This is where Jacob discovered a cardboard box filled with dildos. 

   "What are these for?" He burst out laughing. 

Robson glimpsed at his young friend clutching a limp jelly prick. 

   "Sex toys. I make those too." He chose to be honest. "Some people like to stick them up their butts." 

   "Oh." Jacob said, weighing the different sized cocks, speculating on how painful it would be to have it back there. 

   "Why do they do that?" 

   "For stimulation." The man responded. "Sex rules the world. Well, money too. If you can't have either than you end up with religion." He pursued, fishing out a miniature Snickers from his coat pocket. 

   "But for a kid your age, it's all about fun and candy, right?" 

The blond boy nodded, snatching the chocolate bar. He unwrapped it and spoke with his mouth full. 

   "What's the sex machine?" 

   "Tyrell told you about that, uh?" 


   "Mmm. Well, it's an interpreter of the fantasies currently hidden in your unconscious. It's not for kids." 

   "Tyrell's been in it." Jacob contested the argument, dumbfounding the man for an instant. 

   "Tell you what. I'll let you try the sex machine if you agree to model for me..." Mr. Robson countered. 

The boy bowed his head, lost in his thoughts. 

   "Will my mom ever find out I became a doll?" 

   "Nope." Robson said. "Unless she surfs the net for sex toys..." 

Jacob thought about it, assessing his level of comfort. "Okay then. I'll do it!" He exalted. 

   "That's the spirit." Mr. Robson smiled. "They are many lonely men out there who are troubled by social interactions. You will make them happy. I'm sure they will enjoy your company very much. Now, let's go see that machine."

He clutched the kid's shoulders and steered him to the back of the house. 

   "Over here, in the garage. This is it. The big box." He said. 

The sex machine was similar to a photo booth. Instead of a curtain to protect privacy, there was a door. Robson opened it and doled out the instructions. 

   "First off, you get naked. Then you sit on the bench and stick the disc of the electrode over your heart. Got that so far?"    

   "Yes. I'm not dumb." Jacob scowled. 

   "Right. Then you tuck your penis in the latex tube here. After that, you're ready to push the button and watch the screen. Have fun!"

The blond boy grinned and shut himself excitedly in the machine. He executed the directives in the order they had been recited. Sitting alone and nude in the darkness, he smiled wickedly, anticipating a deluge of blissful tingles. His little dick was already stiff in the squishy tubular contraption. It contained some sort of warm liquid that felt good.

Every time he did naughty forbidden things, his nose itched. So, he scratched it before turning on the machine. 

A series of pictures popped up on the monitor: a redhead girl with tons of freckles, a bull with a nose ring, a diapered baby, a wrestler, a cougar, a Latino woman with large breasts etc. 

Jacob sighed, disappointed by the slide show. But he persisted in watching the random images, hoping for something smutty to titillate him. The computer scanned the movement of his pupils, analyzing where they lingered on the pictures. It recorded his temperature and the pace of his heartbeat. As well, every slight flutter of his penis. 

Five minutes passed and a movie started playing. Jacob wriggled on the bench and gazed at the screen. The lone character of the animated flick was a 3-D rendition of a naked blond boy with an erection. Although the farm background and boy came close to what you saw in conventional films, Jacob knew it was computer drawings. 

The boy on the screen was masturbating. He had one arm behind him. The camera dove around his waist and showed how he violated his asshole with a large dildo. Slowly, the point of view zoomed closer. The boy's anus gleamed, stretched around the sex toy. The textures were beautifully depicted.

Between Jacob's legs, the latex tube shrunk and milked his boner. He freaked out a second then succumbed to the pleasure. The boy on the screen suddenly crawled under a donkey sporting a foot long dong hanging down between its hind legs. The boy put the animal's penis in his mouth and sucked it. 

Jacob moaned. The machine was in tune with his growing lust. The tube milked his dick faster like it was his own hand. A small plastic finger sprung out from the seat and entered his poop hole. He focused on the movie, watching the blond boy suck the donkey at the same time fucking himself with the dildo. 

The rising pleasure overwhelmed Jacob. The machine crunched the numbers of his body stats and intensified the double stimulation. He slumped back on the bench, his legs stiff and his feet pointing. His moans echoed in the box. The finger drilled into his tender anus faster. The tube siphoned his genitals as if a million little mouths were on it. 

All the fuzzy hairs on the nape of his neck stood on end. He experienced the quickest and most powerful orgasm of his young life. Electric undulations raced inside his boner and he yelped. The machine continued to stimulate him, gently bringing him down from the apex of his pleasure. 

Jacob dressed nonchalantly still basking in the afterglow of his cum. He came out of the machine, his head spinning. 

   "That was really weird, but lotsa fun!" He commented. 

Robson escorted the dazed preteen to the front door. 

   "Come back tomorrow after school, we'll start working on your doll!" 


Robson rushed back to the machine, curious to view the latest entry. The poser movie of the 3-D boy and donkey confounded him. Either the paperboy had a twisted imagination or the software required some adjustments... 

* * *

   The doll maker decided to get the difficult part out of the way. He applied the plaster to Jacob's head, encasing it in the mushy substance. His subjects were usually antsy because they could only breathe through straws sticking out of their nostrils. 

Jacob remained calm, obediently waiting for the plaster to harden. Over the weeks, an intimate bond with the man had been established. They often roughhoused or chased each other with water pistols. The ten-year-old didn't squirm away from the adult's hugs and amorous caresses. He felt totally secure with the stranger now. 

He took off his socks and shorts to do the cast of his lower limbs. He removed his t-shirt for the torso part. When the time came to do the midsection, Mr. Robson said, "I'll take off my clothes off too so you won't feel embarrassed." 

Once nude, the man coated his bare bum and crotch with the stuff. 

   "Don't get a stiffy or you'll ruin it!" He warned. 

Robson praised his young model for his patience. After the moulding was completed, he cut a lock of blond hair on the child's head and snapped extreme close-ups of his skinny body from head to toe. The feet, hands and face required several shots from different angles to capture all the fine details. He made the boy bend over to photograph his tiny butt hole. Jacob's buttocks were round with a natural gap at the bottom. 'Damn. He's gonna be a great fuck doll.' Robson thought silently. 

Jacob smirked from all the attention. No one had ever wanted to get that close to him. Throughout the twisting and turning, he peeked at the man's drooping long appendage hanging from a trimmed bush of hair. Mr. Robson was definitely bigger than his dad. 

The artist guided his model to an armchair. He made the boy sit and put each foot on the arms so that his crotch was accessible to the camera. 

   "Play with your dick, I need pictures of it hard." He said. 

Jacob gave him a naughty grin, happy to contribute. It was the one thing he knew how to do very well. His fingers tugged on the limp tidbit of flesh, rapidly beating life into it. 

Robson loved the way boys got erections so easily. Their dicks were short; the blood gorged the cavernous chambers in a flash. Soon, he was taking snapshots of the bloated cocktail weenie. 

He measured the sturdy erection, three inches up and about the same around. All the necessary components to make the doll were collected. He knelt in front of the armchair and engulfed the kid's smooth nutsac, swirling the small testicles in his mouth, hoping the kid was in the mood for some fun. 

   "Suck my pee-nis, too!" Jacob giggled. 

Robson pulled on his leaking prick and ran his tongue on the kid's rigid pecker. He licked the piss slit and under the head where the delicate foreskin had retracted into a tight red band. Jacob gasped for air, drowning in the pleasure. More so, when the man's mouth started sucking until his lips kissed the bald skin at the base. 

   "Uhhh suck it! Suck it!" Jacob shouted. 

The man continued a while then he pulled the boy's bum closer. Still jerking his rampant erection, he tickled the kid's pink anus with the tip of his tongue. The puckered hole opened slightly. He kissed the hairless valley and lapped up all around, avoiding the rosebud. Jacob squirmed in the armchair, primed up for a good ass licking. 

Robson darted his tongue at the small orifice, watching it quiver from the teasing. He parted the boy's little buttocks and dove down, attacking the virginal anus with ravenous swipes of his tongue. The receptive hole allowed him entry. He plunged his big wet tongue inside and wiggled it. 

Jacob writhed from the delightful intrusion. For the next while, Mr. Robson licked his poop hole, fingered it and sucked his pecker. He was glad he had conquered his shyness! 

The man rubbed the spongy head of his penis on his poop hole. It was all slimy and hot. Then he said, "Relax now. I'm going to stick my dick in your butt a little. You'll like this." 

Jacob nodded, feeling the pressure increase between his ass cheeks. It was like taking a dump in reverse. At the instant the pain was too sharp, he flailed his legs and the man pulled back only to return with more determination. Jacob wanted it to happen. He thought it was so dirty and naughty to have Mr. Robson's big pisser in his butt hole! But the darn thing deviated from its goal constantly. His anus twitched from the constant offensives. 

   "It won't go in. I'm too small." He resigned himself. 

   "Don't worry. Tyrell takes it in the can all the time." Mr. Robson declared. 

With that, the blond boy felt the bulbous head pop inside him. He scrunched his face and winced as the massive cock invaded his rectum. 

Robson had deflowered a few boys in his life, but Jacob was the tightest cherry. He tugged on the kid's stiffy and began fucking him gently. The boy looked up at him with a strange expression on his mug, a mix of shock and lust. Robson smiled to show him everything would be okay.

It was out of the question to go rabid on him. The nice kid merited some consideration. He put both of the boy's ankles on his shoulders and continued to fuck him with measured strokes, watching him assimilate all the sensations of his first fuck. 

Jacob gawked at the pole moving between the mounds of his butt. He almost couldn't believe that the immense manhood had fit inside his teeny hole. 

   "It's so big inside." He muttered, his chest heaving. 

   "Yep. That's a mighty big one for your first time." Robson said. "Just wait 'til you cum, you're going to like it." 

He turned Jacob sideways and pulled on the boy's stiff little pecker with his fingers. His hips thrust slightly faster as he endeavoured to provide a big dose of pleasure. The kid's body jerked up and a squeak escaped his mouth every time he plunged too deep. 

    "Close your eyes. Concentrate on your dick and your butt." Robson instructed, fucking the kid with the same leisurely tempo. 

He tried to hold back but Jacob wouldn't cum. So he skipped to the second gear, driving his cock harder into the little butt and tugging mercilessly on the little boner. The boy's body started shaking like a love doll. 

   "Are you there yet?" Robson demanded. 

   "Yesss, yess!" Jacob howled. 

His limbs stiffened suddenly. The pressure against his immature prostate multiplied the pleasure. Tears of joy welled up in his eyes as the intense orgasm contracted his little balls. 

   "Uhhhhgnnnnh!" He cried out. 

Once the boy's anus unclenched around Robson's cock, he pulled out carefully. Only a few flicks of the wrist were necessary and three blasts of semen exploded out of his glans, hitting Jacob in the face. The boy veered his head. The remaining spurts of thick sauce landed on his cheek and oozed down.

Robson grinned seeing the kid's face covered with sperm. It was one of the many reasons why doll making was the most rewarding business in the world. 


To be continued...     

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