Toys Will Be Toys


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Style : Contemporary

Codes: (m/bbb - oral, anal)


Part 5      

   The paperboy rebounded to his favourite customer's house after a couple of weeks. He'd been swamped with homework and had gone to the lake during the weekend. All the time, he had hungered to see his doll. Finally, that day had come.

Mr. Robson was very happy to see him. He smiled a lot. 

They entered the work studio and Jacob rushed to his duplicate. He inspected the figure, impressed by the realism yet troubled by the confrontation with his image. This is what he looked like? He hadn't even noticed the beauty mark on his ear lobe before! 

The craftsman chuckled when the blond boy pulled on the waistband of the doll's shorts to verify the quality of the imitation down there. They all did that. 

   "I made another one over here." He revealed. "This boy is called Johnny." 

Jacob scanned the young punk. There was something raw and masculine about the new model. He perceived a certain attraction to the bad boy. At the same time, he was jealous. In the past, he had spotted three or four boys coming out of Mr. Robson's home. He couldn't help but feel left out, as if he was the dork in a circle of friends, and everyone laughed at him behind his back. 

Ever since the man had stuck his dick up his bottom, Jacob deemed he deserved to be included. He wasn't shy anymore. The dreary days of social anxiety were behind him. 

   "I like him." He said flatly. 

   "Do you want to meet Johnny or the others?" Robson asked, detecting the boy's glum mood. "After all, you're part of the gang now." 

   "I can?" The boy raised his voice. 

   "Yeah, sure. I told you all the dolls were based on actual kids. There's a party in the basement every last Saturday of the month. You can come if you want. Do you think you could handle it?" 

   "Yes I can." The ten-year-old boy affirmed, instinctively standing very straight to appear taller. 

   "I dunno, you're still young and I have to warn you...once you are part of the group, you can never get out..." Robson stated seriously. 

   "What kind of party is it?" Jacob inquired. 

   "Tyrell didn't mention it?" 


The man leaned over to the boy's ear and whispered, "It's a sex party." 

* * *

   Robson checked his wristwatch. The kid was late. Maybe, he had changed his mind or his excuse to go out on a Saturday evening didn't fly with his folks? Shortly after that thought, the doorbell rang. He ushered Jacob inside the house. The blond boy had put on his classiest attire, cargo pants and a shirt. 

   "You don't need to dress up for a sex party!" Robson chuckled. "It's more like the opposite. The number one rule is you have to be naked." 

Jacob blushed, somewhat embarrassed by his attire. 

In front of the door leading to the basement, clothes were strewn all over the hardwood floor. The man started to undress and Jacob mimicked him, making a pile of his miniature clothes next to the other children's duds. The prospect of seeing Mr. Robson's other models actually alive in the flesh thrilled him. 

   "Let's go." Robson said, opening the door. "Don't worry about a thing. I'm sure everyone will like you." 

Jacob exhaled and scratched his nose. Both naked, the man and boy descended down the stairwell, taking a pause for their eyes to adjust to the darkness. Some drum n' bass music played in the background nearly silencing moans and outbursts of laughter. At the bottom of the stairs, Jacob stepped on the plush carpet. The shaggy floor covering caressed his bare feet lusciously. 

His heart thumped inside his rib cage. The only notion he had of a sex party came from the rumours heard at school. How the popular kids gathered at someone's house and played 'spin the bottle' or paired up in a closet and the girl had to give a blowjob to the boy. 

Jacob surmised what he'd gotten into would extend beyond silly games. He scanned the vast basement repeatedly getting accustomed to the eerie ambiance. Psychedelic light bulbs hanging from the ceiling flooded the maze of hallways with red hues. Two young teens - obviously romantically involved - were making out on a couch. The boys kissed lovingly, looking in each other's eyes, caressing their inner thighs.

Mr. Robson picked up glasses of purple juice off a serving cart. He offered one to his sidekick. 

   "Drink up, this will get rid of whatever inhibitions you have left." He declared. 

Jacob gulped down the grape punch and let out a gigantic burp. 

   "Where are the others?" He asked. 

   "Here and there." The man replied, sipping on his drink. "There are many rooms. You just have to go exploring in order to find what you're looking for. Then you can watch or participate." 


   "Yes, have sex." The man winked. "Suck or get sucked. Fuck or get fucked. Whatever." 

   "Oh, okay." The blond boy smiled slyly. 

   "There's a toilet and shower right over here, if you need to pee or clean up." Robson informed his guest, guiding him to the adjacent passage. 

Jacob peeked inside the modern bathroom. A toddler was sitting in the tub. Two of his buddies were pissing on him, aiming their streams of urine on his face and chest. The whole gang giggled madly. 

   "You're on your own now." Robson said. "Just walk around and have fun! You can find Johnny somewhere." 

Jacob nodded. He advanced on the fluffy carpet. A minute into his trek, he turned around and the adult was already gone. Alone, he continued trotting. His little pecker jutted up as if pointing in the direction he was heading. He opened a bedroom door but it was empty. A mattress lay on the floor. Bottles of lubricant and dildos were discarded nearby. 

Everywhere he went the nude human dolls of Mr. Robson were scattered on the floor. It was difficult to tell if they were real boys because of the dim lighting. He strolled in the hallways, giddy and excited. The adventure reminded of a treasure hunt. 

Soon, he found a room that was occupied. In the middle of it, a group of boys around his age were engaged in an orgy. The heap of tangled limbs moved on the carpet at a sluggish pace. There were five kids in the bunch. Two were kissing. Another one nibbled on the nipples of the other. One was going from one penis to the next, sucking it briefly. And the last one lingered between the separated buttocks of his partner, licking his pink asshole. 

For a moment, Jacob admired the fornicating gang with twinkling eyes. They were surely nice quiet boys like him. It stunned him to see how they could turn into naughty little beasts given the chance. He combated the urge to join them, choosing to seek an older boy to play with, someone with a bigger dick. 

In the hallway, the toddlers were now chasing each other, their tiny limp weenies flailing. The moans were getting louder throughout the basement. Sometimes, a cry of joy resounded. 

Moments later, Jacob stumbled upon Tyrell in a brightly lit room. The black boy was bent over a bed. A teenaged jock maintained both hands on his brown buttocks, spreading them. The late teen munched on a candy bar sticking out of Tyrell's asshole.

Jacob noticed a chubby kid standing in the corner. The voyeur with freckles on his face tugged on his boner, obviously enjoying what he was seeing. Jacob stepped next to the boy and fondled his own stiffy, comforted by the presence of an acolyte. 

The husky teenager finished eating the candy bar and rimmed Tyrell's hole, lapping up all the melted chocolate. He reached for a bottle of lube close by and coated his big cock, keeping his tongue up the black boy's anus. 

Tyrell rolled over on his back and grabbed himself under the knees. He glanced at the audience in the corner and grinned to show he didn't care that they spied on him. 

   "Fawk my butt hard." He said to the teen, hissing and bouncing on the bed. 

   "I'm so horny, you're gonna get fuckin' nailed!" The teenager announced. 

He placed the head of his dick on Tyrell's rectal opening and eyed the organ disappearing inside of it in one long slow thrust. The eleven-year-old stiffened and winced. The older boy was already inclined between his legs and pumping his white pole into his rectum roughly. 

The chubby kid left the corner and approached to get a better view, jerking his pecker at a frantic speed next to the scene. Jacob accompanied him, enthralled by the squishy noises of the copulation. He gazed at the thick teenage cock plugging the black boy's ass. The brown ring of the anus was stretched around the white piece of flesh. Tyrell hooked his arms around the teenager's neck, holding on to him, surrendering his ass to the piston. 

   "Uh fawk! Fawk me, yiss! FAWK ME!" He ranted. 

Jacob had never witnessed anything so tribal and brutal this close. The stench of sex and the thud of the bodies colliding were all too real. The muscular teenager climbed over his small partner. He balanced his hips faster and fucked the boy hardcore chanting, "Oh shit yeah, oh shit! TAKE MY COCK! SHIT YEAH!" 

Tyrell screamed. His face was a mess of grimaces. His twisted little body sprung on the bed from the thunderous ass pounding. 

Jacob's eyes bulged out of their sockets. The violence of the act was too much for the ten-year-old boy. He felt out place in the room and drifted away, leaving the chubby voyeur with the horny couple still fucking like rabbits. 

At the end of the hallway, he found Johnny the punk boy, but another kid was already prostrate at his feet slurping on his hard-on. Nonetheless, Jacob knelt in front of the skinhead and licked his big balls. The other kid of about seven was hogging the cock, his fist wrapped tightly around it while he bobbed his head to suck the engorged flesh. 

Johnny moaned seeing the two little boys nudging each other, fighting over his dick. 

   "Let him suck it too!" He said. 

Jacob jumped on the opportunity and crammed the thirteen-year-old boy's erection in his mouth. For a while, he competed with the other kid, sucking the punk boy with devotion. 

Gasping for air, Johnny nearly lost his marbles getting serviced by the wondrous little mouths. He gazed down at the top of two heads alternating in front of his crotch, one blond and the other brown. Both children were equally effective in siphoning his prick until he whimpered for relief. Pearls of sweat gleamed on his forehead from the formidable efforts required to repress the mounting pleasure. If he stared too long at their angelic faces eating his cock, he would certainly cum right away. 

   "Who wants it up the butt?" He demanded. 

Jacob glanced sideways at the other kid. The youngster shook his head and scurried away. 

   "You can do it to me." Jacob peeped. 

Lazily, he stretched on the bare mattress, grinding his stiff pecker on the surface. While the older boy's fingers poked in his ass crack to lubricate his hole, he recalled the savagery of the teenager in the other room. Anxiety gripped his soul. 

   "Ever been fucked up the butt?" Johnny asked, sensing the child's nervousness. 

   "Uh-uh." Jacob whined. 

   "I used to do it a lot with my little brother and he loved it. So I think you're gonna like it too." 

The encouraging words heartened the blond boy. Johnny crawled on top of him and slipped his dick between his cheeks. Jacob braced himself for the penetration. He let out a muffled yelp when the glans pierced his anus then he relaxed as the punk boy began fucking him cautiously. 

His jaw on the mattress, Jacob relished the vibrant stick in his guts. The big boy gradually rested his weight on him, crushing him into submission. He opened in legs in a V, allowing the young teen to bounce on his bubble butt. Drool dribbled on his chin. He shut his eyes, focusing on the curious blend of pain and pleasure. 

   "Fuck, you got a tight hole!" Johnny commented. 

He lifted the child's slim waist and pulled him onto his lap, remembering how his little brother loved it when he got fucked and jerked at the same time. Once the kid was in the proper position, the punk boy groped for his small erection and tugged on it as he banged his bottom with frenetic thrusts. 

   "Uhhh, yess, uhhhh!" Jacob moaned. 

He tilted his head back, savouring the wild lovemaking of the street bum. The rigid penis stabbed inside his rectum at an unwavering predictable rhythm that hypnotized him into a blissful lull. 

   "Do you want it harder?" Johnny asked. 

   "Yessss." Jacob hissed, out of breath. 

The punk boy grinned. He grasped a fistful of blond hair on the back of the kid's head and pulled on it. Johnny had already learned that fucking was boring if you didn't give it all you got. The noise of his balls slapping started to resonate as he rammed his cock to the root in Jacob's asshole. Despite the sudden brutality, the preteen didn't crash down from the level of pleasure he had attained. He just grunted every time Johnny's pelvis smacked his buttocks or when he pulled too hard on his hair. 

Robson strolled in the basement, peering at the children engaged in various sexual acts. The party was a big hit once again. He stopped in front of a couple of cuties trying out vibrators up their bottoms. 'Damn, if the parents knew what their sons were doing here, they would surely have a heart attack!' He mused. 

When the man reached the room where his latest models were rutting, his erection was rampant. He knelt in front of Jacob and slapped his hard-on on the kid's nose. The boy opened up and accepted the fat cock in his mouth. Robson grabbed his small ears and fucked his face while the punk boy nailed him up the ass. 

   "That's it baby, take those big cocks. That's a good boy." The man said. 

Jacob grumbled, fucked at both ends on his hands and knees. His body had never been so alive and his pecker so stiff. The adult's praise fuelled his lust. For once, he felt like he belonged, in a perverse kind of way. He swooned feeling the throbbing flesh filling both his holes. 

   "OHHHHHH FUCK!" Johnny roared. "I'm cumming!" 

Trembling from the surge of his climax, he jammed his cock deeply into the child's bum and emptied his balls. Each spurt of spunk discharged into Jacob's rectum sent a jolt of electricity coursing into the young teen's limbs. He regained his composure after a minute and pulled his dick out of the kid's twitching hole.

Robson wrapped himself around the blond boy like an octopus and cuddled him. He massaged his little butt and slithered two fingers inside the dilated hole. Johnny had done a good job of stretching it. The man's fingers dipped in the young punk's load and used it to lube the orifice. 

   "I think you can take me now. How about you sit on my dick?" He said softly, gripping the base of his cock to keep it straight up. 

Johnny shrugged, pursued the onslaught, oblivious to the discourse. Robson took the opportunity to inspect his anatomy. The white mounds of his ass were small. He couldn't conceive how he managed to hold up a pair of jeans with those puny buns. His feet had definitely grown too fast; they projected like diving fins at the end of his slender legs.

Without hesitation, Jacob squatted over the adult's hips and perched himself on top of his phallus. He beamed, happy to please the man who'd introduced him to the forbidden world of physical delights. His eyes shining, he slowly impaled himself on the prong. 

   "Yes, sit on that big cock! That's it!" Robson raved, feeling the tight embrace of the child's constricting anus on the shaft of his penis. 

   "Uhhhhhhh Unnnggghhhh!" Jacob wailed, taking more hard meat inside of him. 

Three quarters of it lodged up his butt, he stopped. 

   "I can't take more!" He cried out, wiping a tear away. 

   "That's ok. Move on it now. Fuck yourself." 

Robson put a pillow under his neck and watched the eager little boy ride him. The kid lifted his ass up and lowered it in a steady motion, both hands on his knees, keeping a good balance. Johnny sat Indian style in a corner admiring the scene, masturbating. He wouldn't have missed it for the world. 

Jacob giggled, wallowing in the attentive stares upon him. He was a star. Mr. Robson keeled him over on the side and raised his right leg in the air. Immediately, the powerful lunges of the adult shook his body. The huge cock slammed inside his rectum. Much like the punk boy, Mr. Robson sodomized him with an animalistic fervour. But this time, the fullness inside his entrails was barely tolerable. 

   "Argggh! Argggh!" He yelled, in a state of panic.

   "Give it a few seconds, you're gonna start liking it." Robson reassured him. 

The blond boy scrunched his face. With each passing moment, his body relaxed until it went limp like a puppet and the constant pumping of the thick cock in his asshole didn't hurt anymore. He started to coo, abandoning himself to the virile passion of the adult. 

Robson smiled seeing the boy calming down. He slipped his hands under his armpits and leaned over him, burying his entire cock inside his hole. Jacob emitted a gasp of shock. Robson bucked his hips, pummelling the kid's moist rectum with the full length of his manhood. 

   "You have such a great butt. Time for a good hard fuck!" He said. 

Jacob breathed erratically for the duration of the long anal ride. Mr. Robson immobilized him and rammed his enormous cock deep in his small ass with a force he'd never experienced before. The adult's frame cast a shadow over him. He gripped the hairy arms, digging his fingernails in the skin. His wails sounded like a siren as the massive pole ravaged his defenseless little poop hole and the heavy bag of testicles banged against the cleft of his butt. 

His stiffy had not softened since the beginning. Jacob couldn't believe how much he enjoyed being possessed by the grunting man. The revelation flustered him. 

His balls tightened up and he came. The tip of his little penis tingled as a couple of droplets of juice sprayed out of it. Mr. Robson groaned like the engine of plane. Jacob felt the wide diameter of the cock expand, stretching his anus further, and the second load of hot sauce spilled inside him. 

The duo moaned in the throes of their orgasms. They both turned their heads when the five naked adults entered the room, rubbing their glistening erections. Robson bit the blond boy's ear lobe, still dazed by the pleasure of his ejaculating penis. Then he blurted out, "For some men, dolls are not enough, Jacob. Welcome to the club." 


THE END     

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