Hello, this story originally appeared in the nifty archives July 22nd 2011. I am submitting this revised version first; to correct some spelling errors, and to make some changes to the script which I believe will make the story flow more smoothly. I have made major changes to a couple of paragraphs and made slight changes in the wording of some others which I felt were a bit awkward. Secondly; I intend to add to this story in the next few weeks. I will first be submitting a story to Nifty Bi-young friends about the young character from this story and a couple of neighbor kids. I will follow that up with another story here in Gay-adult youth which will directly continue this story. I hope you enjoy.

Regards; TG

Disclaimer; This story is pure fiction, a product of my imagination. Any similarity to real persons or events is strictly coincidence. This story involves contact of a sexual nature between an adult and a consenting minor. This story revolves around the boy’s pleasure not the man’s.

This is my first submission to Nifty and in fact my first story ever. I received good feedback, if not plentiful, from the original post. I can’t stress enough the value of feedback. The authors on nifty want, need and look forward to your feedback both to learn what readers do and don’t like in a story and for the satisfaction of hearing from people who were touched in some way by the story or the characters. Just as Nifty needs donations to stay afloat, authors need your feedback to stay motivated. There are many talented writers here on Nifty and they are worth the time required to drop a quick note.

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Trail Encounter

By Tod Greyson


Hello, my name is Tod Greyson. I am in my mid 30's, 6 feet tall, 190 pounds with dark blond hair and grey eyes. I am fit from walking, though not particularly strong, and reasonably decent looking  I guess.

A few years ago I was hiking the Western States Trail along Folsom Lake near Sacramento, CA. headed east with the intention of hiking until I was tired, at which time I would find a place to camp for the night before heading back to the parking lot at Granite Bay.

I had just rounded a curve passing between some large boulders when I began to hear young, energetic voices coming from further up the trail. I rounded another big rock and there were three boys in scouting uniforms making their way along the trail in haphazard fashion, talking, laughing, grabassing, in other words just being boys.

I am a confirmed boy lover and I proceeded to check them out as I approached. They looked to be about 12 or 13 years old. The first two, though they were fit and well proportioned, were otherwise unremarkable. The third boy was another story entirely. He was slightly taller than the other two with dirty blond hair and straight shoulders and there was just something about the way he carried himself which made him stand out. I knew that he would bear further scrutiny.

As I began to overtake them the three boys became aware of my presence and stepped politely off the trail to allow me to pass. As I came abreast I had a close look at the taller boy.

 He was wearing brown leather hikers and his slightly sun bleached jeans fit him very well. He had a perfect perky butt and enough of a bulge in the front as to leave no doubt about his gender. My eyes continued up past a tight looking tummy and slim waist framed by toned forearms and long fingered hands which looked as though they had done some work. Further up past a well formed chest to those perfectly straight shoulders. Up again to a trim neck and a nicely shaped jaw. I noticed slightly red-ish pert  lips and a beautifully shaped nose. He had perfect complexion with a hint of freckles across the bridge of his nose.

When our eyes met I almost gasped aloud. I was aware only of those incredibly blue eyes. My awareness fell into those deep, blue pools and I lost myself for many heartbeats. Eventually the world fell back into place and I was once again able to take in the face of this beautiful boy. He was just standing at ease looking at me with a friendly, confidant smile, at peace with himself and his situation. The look of a boy with nothing in his past to hide. No regrets. No shame.

I simply said “Hello.” He replied in kind. The other two boys chimed in with their  hello’s as well and they asked what I was doing on the trail. Though I was speaking to all three boys my eyes remained on The boy. I told them in a vague way about my plans for the day and they informed me that their troop had a similar schedule in mind. The boy continued to look at me with that easy smile. Was there a hint of a question hidden there? Was there some slight connection?

Time was passing  The three boys were falling further behind their troop and I figured I had better get moving so as not to hold them up or have someone come back looking for them. I wished them good hiking and resumed my march eastward. In a short time I overtook the rest of the troop and left them behind. I hike as much for the motion of the activity as for the enjoyment of my surroundings and so I tend to hold a brisk pace. My mind was still full of The boy and I was grateful to have met him though my heart was a bit heavy at the shortness of the encounter for I had been drawn to him profoundly..

I hiked on until late in the day and enjoyed the surroundings though I spent most of the time thinking about The boy and trying to fix his beauty in my memory as best I could.

At one point I did have some excitement as I came down into a grove of valley oaks where a creek fed in to the lake. I began to hear quite a clattering and came around a bend in time to see a pair of buck deer up on their hind legs sparing loudly and for all they were worth. That wasn’t something I expected to encounter so close to civilization.  

I decided to stop for the night at an empty camping site with three or four  widely spaced fire rings and a pit toilet. I pitched my small three man tent, a burden which I happily carry for the extra room, in a space at the far end of the camp which was well screened by trees, and got things in order so I wouldn’t have to do any work after dark. I lit a small fire, got some coffee going and was eating my cold dinner of a sandwich, chips and fruit when I heard the approach of a group of people. The group, of course, was the troop of scouts I had encountered earlier. They came into camp and began setting up for the night.

Most guys my age would have been less than happy under the circumstances what with having their quiet evening shattered by a group of boys, er... well, I’m not most guys as you know. I enjoyed watching the lively scene of these kids setting up shop and they actually went about it in a reasonably efficient manner, though with much laughing and horseplay. I especially enjoyed watching The boy who was only slightly more reserved than his companions. At one point he looked up and noticed me watching. His eyes lit with recognition. He smiled and gave a quick wave. I waved back. I continued to watch him work as I drank my coffee. His hands were sure and he performed his tasks with an economy and grace of motion achieved through long hours of repetitive physical activity. I have always enjoyed watching a strong young boy at work and the opportunity to do so doesn’t come along that often as most boys shy away from hard work.

Once the boys had their camp well under construction the three adults with them retired to the farthest end of the camping area and began to set up their own tents. It appeared that they were prepared to offer the boys as much autonomy as was prudent. That arrangement was much to my liking as they were far enough away that I couldn’t hear their conversation and I had an uninterrupted view of the main camp.

Eventually the activity shifted from one of construction to one of preparing the boy fuel necessary for replenishing all the energy which had been expended in getting to and preparing their camp. The boys settled down to consume their dinner of hot dogs, chips, fruit and sodas amongst much laughter and light hearted conversation.

After dinner and a cursory cleanup the boys disappeared into their tents only to appear a few minutes later in swim trunks and flip flops. They headed for the lake to enjoy an evening swim in the hour or so before darkness descended on our part of the world. I contented myself with listening to the sounds of laughter, shouting, splashing etc. which tend to accompany such times in the lives of boy.

Eventually they came back into camp with that look of adolescents who have finally worked out their excess energy. They disappeared once again into tents and re appeared moments later in jeans and tee shirts. Activity around the camp fires was soon followed by the aroma of hot chocolate and S’mores. I was relaxed, enjoying the memories of such events in my own past and enjoying the play of firelight over a soft cheek, a rounded jaw , a smooth forehead... when, to my surprise, The boy was standing in front of me.

“Hello” he said

“Hello There. Are you enjoying the camp out?”

“Yes it’s fun. I like the walking and being with my friends. What’s your name?”

“Tod” I said. “Tod Greyson and yours?”

“Oh, sorry. My name is Jacob Carlson. Jake to my friends.

We shook hands.

“How old are you Jake”

“I’m twelve...and a half”

I laughed and asked; “Would you like to sit down Jake”

“Um, sure.”

Jake sat down on a rock where I was able to get a good look at him in the firelight.

I was entranced by the sparkle of the firelight in his eyes and by the shadows it played across his jeans and t-shirt covered body. He looked lean and fit for his age and his jeans showed off his butt to good effect. I could see the hint of his young package at the vee of his legs.

“So Jake do you live around here?”

“Sort of. My mom and dad have a ranch down in Lodi. We raise milk cows and alfalfa.”

“Ah. That explains it then.”


“Oh, I just noticed that you looked to be in better shape than the average kid.”

“Ah, ya, I guess so. I do a lot of chores that is. I clean stalls, feed cattle, help with the milking and calving, and I have to do a lot of hard work when we cut and bail the hay. My dad is showing me how to operate the tractors and other machinery this year though and that is way cool. Do you really think I look like I’m in good shape?”

I laughed and said “Do you really have to ask that question Jake?”

Shyly; “Well, I guess I am stronger than most of the kids in my grade. There are a few guys I know who are pretty strong though.”

We talked for another ten minutes or so and then Jake was silent for a time, contemplative. He had the side of his lower lip between his teeth and was fidgeting slightly. I was just enjoying the view and Jake’s company when he stood up and said;

“Well I guess I better go back before the guys start wondering where I went.”

“All right , Jake. I enjoyed talking to you.”

“Ya, me to.”

He looked at me for a few moments with an expression that I couldn’t fathom.

“Good night Jake.” I said.

“Night Tod.”

Walking away he said “See ya later.”

I watched him walk away. His stride was effortless and as graceful as a cat. What was that all about? I wondered to myself.

I got in to my sleeping bag and read for a bit before turning out the little pack light and rolling over for some much needed sleep. It was warm out and I lay there with the bag mostly open and thoughts of a beautiful boy flying through my mind.

It seamed like moments later when I was awakened by a scratching on my tent flap. I waited and the scratching came again followed by a whispered question.


“Tod? Are you awake?”

 I asked “Jake? What’s up?”

Um, could I come in?

My heart began to beat a bit faster. I said “Sure, ok.”

Jake came in and closed the flap behind him. In the ambient light from the remnants of the fire and a full moon I could see that Jake was dressed in a white t shirt, flip flops and a thin pair of cotton boxer briefs which were loose around the legs but which cuddled his crotch nicely. As he stepped closer I could detect his scent, a slight odor of clean sweat and something else that I can only describe as boy scent. he knelt in front of me and said;

“Tod could I ask you something?”

You may.

“Do you like me?”

Jake looked very unsure of himself at this point. I was feeling a bit wary. I asked;

“Well Jake, what do you mean?”

You, um,.. I just thought... ya know, the way you looked at me when we met on the trail and the way you have been watching me and, and I was just wondering if you liked me, um...liked the way I look?

With kindness; “Jake, you are a perceptive young man and I am sure you can look in my eyes and see the answer to your question.”

Jake, looking quite nervous now and with a sheen of sweat on his face, looked me in the eye and asked “ Do you want to do some stuff with me?

I was thinking Hell yes! My cock was at full mast. My heart was beating hard now. I had to be careful for both of us. “What sort of stuff do you have in mind?

Jake’s face was turning red and his eyes dropped from mine. He was starting to tremble slightly.

I put my fingers under his chin and gently brought his eyes up to meet mine and said; “Jake, there is no judgement here and we both have some fear. The answer to your question is yes, but I also need an answer from you.”

Barely audible: “You...um could give me a blowjob maybe.”

I felt as if this were a dream, the world moved thickly around the two of us. I asked;

“Have you ever done anything like this before Jake?”


Ok. What made  you choose me. Are you attracted to me?”

“Well I guess you look ok but I’m not really gay”.

I was a bit confused at this and said: “Then I really need to know what this is about.”

“Well, I just sorta wanted to know what it was like, but I don’t want to get a girl pregnant that’s all”.

He was beginning to sound a bit desperate.

I asked again: ‘So, why me Jake?”

“I don’t know. I just saw the way you looked at me on the trail. Sometimes girls look at me like that so I sort of recognise it. You looked nice and I sort of got the idea that you liked how I look you know?  And you look like you wouldn’t hurt me”.

“Jake I am flattered and I would definitely like to do some... stuff with you, as you put it, but you have to understand something. Once this is done it can’t be taken back. You can’t go back to being an innocent boy. I don’t want for us to do something that you will regret. Regret can be the worst hurt of all. Do you understand ?

“I think so Tod, Grownups always think that kids can’t handle hard things but they're wrong Tod.

I am so desperate for this. Well, I’m desperate all the time but this is something I have thought of for a while now and today I saw a chance with you. I won’t regret it. I’ve been waiting for it all my life.”

I chuckle and said; “ Ah, and such a long life too.”

Jake giggled softly.

“Tod you can’t hurt me. My mom and dad taught me to learn from my mistakes and then to let them go. If I am sorry about things than I will learn and let go. I sure won’t tell anyone. Jeesh, if my parents ever found out!”

I laughed quietly. “All right Josh, I needed to know where you were coming from and I think you are ok. I wanted to make sure you weren't just thinking with a hard dick.”

Jake gave a nervous laugh.

I could see the need, the excitement and fear of the unknown in his eyes. I could see the hardness and the little wet spot where his cock tented his underwear.. I could feel the heat of him and smell his readiness. I thought to myself “Oh lord I hope this is not a big mistake.”

My nerves were thrumming with excitement and desire by this time and I had trouble thinking and talking straight. I looked down into Jake’s face. He was so beautiful. His eyes were so blue. I could hardly breathe thinking about what was to come. I reached out and took hold of the hem of his t shirt. He lifted his arms as I pulled it up and over his head. His body looked so smooth in the dim light. His chest and stomach were perfectly formed and showed the hard work he did on the farm. I guided him to lay down on his back. I stroked his forehead and cheeks and ran my hands down over his shoulders, his arms and back up his inner arms. He shivered slightly as my hands passed over his chest and down his sides. I bypassed his pubic area and continued to run my hands down the inside of his thighs. He moaned softly as I did so. When I got to his feet I  ran my fingers between each of his toes and  lightly along each sole causing a little shudder. I slid my hands slowly up the outside of his legs and gently took hold of the waistband of his boxer briefs. I could see his cock pulsing slightly and his eyes were pleading.

Jake raised his hips slightly as I pulled his boxers over his cock, down his slim legs and off his feet. Before my wondering eyes stood four and a quarter inches of proud, uncut boy cock. The foreskin was retracted slightly revealing about half of his glistening pink crown. There was already a nice trickle of clear fluid beginning to run down the front of his penis. This was one excited boy!

I reached out, took hold of his shaft and gently retracted his foreskin. As his frenulum pulled tight his penis throbbed and he sucked in a breath between clenched teeth. The air was filled with  a visceral scent of boy which, though strong, was not unpleasant and not totally unfamiliar. I might describe it as being related to pussy smell but boy instead of girl. Jake audibly blew out his breath.

I examined Jake’s dick. It had a slight upward curve but was otherwise straight. His crown and inner foreskin were a glistening clean pink with a slight darkening around the ridge and at the tip. I put out my tongue and licked up the underside and over his piss slit. Jake yelped and his dick jumped. I tasted the salty sweetness of his precum. I knew he would not last long so figured I would just give him a quick cum  and then see what could be done to make things special once he recovered.

I closed my mouth over the end of his cock and slowly swirled my tongue as I slid down to the base. Jake cried out;

“Aaaagaaahu! Oh Tod!” His hands clamped into fists around the sleeping bag, his hips came off the ground and his cock flexed hard before relaxing.

I stopped long enough to say “ Jake, if you keep doing that we will get caught before I can make you cum. Put a pillow over your face if you need to ok.”

He just said “ Uhu.”

I put my mouth back on him and, while applying slight suction , began to move my mouth slowly up and down his penis giving a slow swirl around the ridge each time I came up.

He said “ Ah, uh, Tod, uh ogod, nuh, I can’t uh, believe how this feels”

Jake kept his fists clenched to the bag and continued to make muffled gasping and whimpering noises. My breathing was also raged with excitement. I could hear light slurping sounds and I could feel Jake’s dick involuntarily flexing. Once in a while Jake would slightly rock his hips but otherwise he was too tensed up from the new feelings coursing through his young body to do much moving around.

After a few more minutes of this I started to feel a change in Jake’s tension, and the sounds he was making were becoming more urgent. I also began to notice that Jake’s dick was no longer relaxing after each flex but was getting tighter with each one. I could feel the sides of his piss slit hard against my tongue and Jake was beginning to push back at me with his hips. Suddenly Jake’s nut sack pulled up tight against my chin, his stomach went rigid, he sucked in and held his breath his cock became like a steel rod in my mouth... and we fell over into orgasm. His dick began to spasm hard, he began making sort of a gasping, whining noise and I felt and tasted three small jets of sweet thin boy cum on my tongue. I slid my mouth hard against his pubic bone and held it there only clenching and relaxing my soft pallet to produce and release suction. I didn’t want him to have to push me away when his after cum sensitivity hit. Eventually his body and cock relaxed and he began to breathe again. I held him in my mouth until he started to calm down. He did not go soft.

I released his cock and helped Jake to a sitting position with his back to me I wrapped my arms around him and we cuddled while he unwound.

Finally he said; “Wow Tod, that was the best thing I ever felt! I didn’t know I could feel like that. When you put your mouth on it I felt like electricity was going into me. Is that what it is like to have sex?”

“Well sort of but not exactly. Your mind and your dick will both know that you are in a vagina,  and that will add to the excitement. Your inner foreskin actually has estrogen receptors and women have estrogen in their body fluids. I don’t know exactly what those receptors do because I am circumcised, but I bet they give you a little something extra when you are actually having sex with a woman.”

“Oh, man I’m sorry. I’m glad mom and dad didn’t do that to me. But if it feels different from what we just did than how does it feel different?”

“I don’t really know Jake, I haven’t been there before. I guess that you still have some new discoveries ahead of you. It is hard for me to explain better because I like boys and never paid  much attention to girls.”

“Tod, Is it really wrong what we just did?”

“Well, it was illegal for me to do what I did to you but you didn’t break any laws. As far as the law is concerned you are now a victim of a crime.”

“Huh, but I asked you to do it!”

“Doesn’t make any difference.”

“Aw! Well that’s just dumb. 

“I know.”

Tod, do you think it makes me gay for liking it?”

“No Jake it doesn’t. It just means that you like being sucked and having orgasms.Do you feel any different about sex now? Do you still like girls and want to have sex with them?”

“No I don’t feel different. and Hell Yes I still want sex with girls.”

“So you see Jake, whats changed is that you have used up a “First time” and there will never be another like it and that is a big deal.” Are you ok with that? Do you feel that you have spent it wisely?”

Jacob sat in silence for a moment and then pulled my arms tighter around himself, tilted his head back to look in my eyes. With a wide grin on his face said; giggling, “Yes!”

Oh! How my heart melted for this boy! I could stare into his eyes for eternity.

We engaged in idle chitchat for a time. Jake was sitting  cross legged with his back against my stomach and I could see that he was still at about ¾ mast. I reached between his legs and gently fondled his balls. Jake giggled and brought his knees up to give me better access. I tickled the sensitive area on each side of his sack at the crook of his legs and Jake made small sounds of pleasure. His cock rose to full mast again with just the tip of his crown showing. I ran my finger tips lightly along the underside of his shaft and Jake shivered slightly. His eyes were closed. I nuzzled his ear and kissed his cheek at the corner of his right eye. I slowly retracted his foreskin and watched his dick lightly pulse in time with his heart beat, the head was not pink now but instead had a red blush from all the blood that had filled the small capillaries in the mucosa membrane. I pulled Jake’s foreskin all the way up over the head to form a tip, took hold of the little bauble with the thumb and forefinger of my right hand and twiddled it back and forth while lightly tugging. Jake giggled again and looked up at me with a mischievous grin and asked;

Tod, can you please break the law again?

I kissed him on the temple and whispered “Lay down cutie.”

I started with his ears nibbling and licking my way down his neck, shoulders, underarms, chest and on down pausing at his belly button. I had him roll over and then I kissed and licked my way down his spine, which really caused him to shiver. I paid particular attention to the small of his back above the round hard globes of his boy butt. I lovingly kissed and nibbled each mound in turn causing them to tense and relax as Jake shivered and produced little cooing sounds. I placed a hand on each of Jake’s butt cheeks and spread them apart to reveal his puckered anus. I investigated with my nose and discovered the odor of soap and lake and sweat and boy. He was still clean from his swim. I stuck my tongue in between and licked from his nut sack up over his rosebud and up to his spine.

“Jees Tod, what are you doing?”

I Stopped long enough to ask; “Do you like it?”

Jake said: “Oh Fuck.”

I take that to mean yes.

I went back to work. I  ran my tongue back and forth over his pucker and circled my tongue around as Jake wiggled and squeaked. After a few minutes of this Jake said

“Oh man Tod, my dick is so hard it hurts please can you suck it now?”

I rolled him over, took hold of his precum wet cock and retracted his loose foreskin. I could see his clear fluid slowly trickling from the tip with each pulse of his heart beat. I stuck my tongue out and cleaned the tip of his head and then began to lick up and down, back and forth on his frenulum. Jake’s dick flexed and jumped each time my tongue and lips crossed this most sensitive part of the boy.

“Oh god Tod that feels so, so good and it’s gona make me shoot pretty fast.”

I brought my tongue up to the tip of his cock and began to flick my tongue rapidly across the tip of his dick and up and down his piss slit. Jake started sucking in short gasps and grunting and then his legs started to twitch. It was a bit too much stimulation so I brought his skin up until it covered about half of his crown and began to slowly roll my tongue around and around his head along the edge of his foreskin breaking things up with an occasional lick back and forth over the tip.

Jake was now whimpering and nearly crying with pleasure and excitement and his entire body was tensing and relaxing. His eyes were tightly shut and he had lifted his legs up so his heels were on the ground with his knees up and slightly bent. He occasionally arched his back off the ground and his hands were clenched into fists.

After a few more minutes of this Jake gasped out; “Ah! Uh! Oh Man, I can’t take this much longer. I’m getting really close.”

I stopped what I was doing and started to bob up and down furiously on his cock while jacking his foreskin.

Jake began bucking his hips  and repeating; “Ooyeh, ooyeh, ooyeh” between each labored breath.

His cock swelled rock hard and suddenly he grabbed my head and pushed down while thrusting up hard against my mouth and jerkily rocking his crotch against my face. Jake’s rod began to pulse hard and the crown swelled in the back of my throat.

He began a squeaking;  “Uh, uh, uh” with each spurt of his clear sweet boy nectar.

 He continued to pulse for about ten seconds after he stopped squirting. After he calmed down a bit, and let go of my hair, I let his deflating penis slip out of my mouth, crawled up beside him and wrapped my arms around his chest.

I kissed his cheek and forehead and asked; “How was that Jake, did it meet expectations?”

He giggled and said: “Shit Tod, I thought I was going to pass out. I didn’t know I could cum so hard. I can hardly move right now. I feel really tired.”

“You go ahead and sleep for a while. I’ll wake you up in an hour or so.”

I laid with Jake in my arms listening to his steady breathing and thinking about the beauty and wonder that was this boy named Jakob. I sighed and let myself drift for a while. I would wait to take care of my own needs when I didn’t have a boy in my arms.

An hour or so later I woke Jake up and helped get him ready to go back to his own tent. I hugged him one last time and then I was alone. I slept until I heard the sounds of the scout troop up and about. I got up, made a pot of coffee and ate some oatmeal and a banana as I watched the troop breaking camp and preparing to head out.

I was taking down my own camp when I heard a noise behind me. It was Jake.

“Hey Jake I see you are about ready to go.”

“Ya, I guess so. Um... Tod, I just wanted to thank you for last night. I won’t ever forget it and I won’t forget you.”

“Jake, Ill never forget you either. Your a good boy and I will always keep you in my heart.”

Jacob with a tear on his cheek asked “Will I ever see you again?”

I thought for a  moment and then handed him a small piece of paper with a phone number on it.

I said; “This number is to a prepaid phone that is not in my name. You can call me any time you need  the sort of friendship we share or if you just need to talk. There is no obligation. If you choose not to call than just know that I will always remember you and keep you in my heart.

Jake and I shook hands and he went back to his troop . I watched as the troop got their packs on and began to head back down the trail. As he left the clearing of the camp Jacob turned back to me and our eyes met. He looked at me with a friendly confident smile, at peace with himself and his situation. The look of a boy with nothing in his past to hide. No regrets. No shame. I was struck again by his beauty. I said “Good by Jacob Carlson. He waved, then turned and walked away down the trail.