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Trailer Park Christmas
by: Kewl Dad

Author's note: This story begins  one hot summer in a small town named Shady Grove where Zed, a young man sent there to open a call center for his company, moves into a small trailer park and befriends two latch key brothers. Their friendship and love grows and when Zed is sent back to his home in Dallas he stays in touch with the boys, but he finally realizes that his life is incomplete without the rough and tumble boys and he gets permission to go back when the call center opens and in addition takes two weeks vacation so he can spend it with his boys. What happens next is magical and a dream come true for them all. So bare with me, eventually we get around to the Christmas part.

It was your typical trailer park with your typical trailer park trash, but Zed didn’t consider himself to be like most of his neighbors. For one thing he had a college education and a good job and the only reason he was living at Happy Acres Trailer Park was because it was the only place  he could find to live in this dump of a town called Shady Grove. And the only reason he was there was because his company had sent him there to check out the area as a possible location for a call center.

Ordinarily he wouldn’t have gone near a dump like Happy Acres, but suddenly he found himself knee deep in divorced moms and more kids than an elementary school. Not that he minded the kids that much, he’d always had a thing for boys, though he didn’t have much experience with them, and some of the boys at SA were really cute and sexy and he was enjoying the eye candy.

His closest neighbor was a woman named Brenda who looked to be 40 or so, but who dressed like a teenager most of the time, wearing cut off shorts so short it was obvious that she wore nothing underneath. She drove a beat up old pickup and seemed to always have a beer in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other. Her only redeeming quality was that she had given birth to two of the cutest boys that Zed had ever seen. The youngest, Billy Joe was nine and every bit a boy, though he sometimes seemed younger. He had long fly away blond hair and the bluest eyes Zed had ever seen. But even as beautiful and perfect as he was, he paled in comparison to his older brother Johnny Paul.

Johnny was twelve and Zed could almost smell the testosterone oozing from the boy as he dived head first into full blown puberty. Like his younger brother he had long blond hair, but instead of blue eyes, Johnny’s were emerald green. His skin was flawless and his body a work of art, a fact easily noticed, since the boy went around shirtless and in shorts most of the time.

His package looked promising too, Zed thought, big for a boy his age. Once Zed had seen him in a pair of very tight shorts and it was obvious from the imprint of his junk that he was uncut.

Uncut males were a big turn on for Zed and this one had him drooling and hard most of the time. He had never been with a boy as young as Johnny, but he admitted to himself that if the opportunity ever arose and he didn’t have to risk prison he would certainly be willing to remedy that.

His days were spent mostly in town surveying businesses and checking out sites, but his evenings and weekends were free for boy watching.  and so perched on his porch one Saturday on an especially hot July afternoon he was sipping a beer when the two boys appeared wearing cut off shorts and nothing else. Like mom their shorts were super short and it was obvious neither boy wore underwear. 

Zed was hard as soon as they appeared and when Johnny bent over to turn on the hose to fill their wading pool, Zed almost came in his shorts.

“Hi Zed,” Billy said in his sweet soft little voice as he waved energetically. They had been on a first name basis practically from the first day Zed had moved in and the boys were very friendly. 

“Hi guys,” Zed called to them as Johnny looked up and smiled. “It’s hot as hell, ain't it Zed?” 

“Sure is guys, you want a soda or something?” Zed asked knowing the boys didn’t get too many treats. 

“Okay,” Billy said grabbing himself like little boys do and starting toward Zed’s porch. Johnny placed the hose in the tiny wading pool and joined Billy as Zed led them inside. They had been in his trailer many times with their mother’s full blessings and felt very comfortable with Zed. Like most boys without a father in their life they were always searching for a male influence and Zed was happy to provide it. 

“Can I have me a beer?” Johnny asked grinning. It was a running joke with them and Zed laughed. 

“When you get hair on your balls,” Zed said giving his mop of hair a ruffing up. 

“How you know I don’t got hair now?” Johnny said grinning mischievously. 

“He don’t got no hair Zed,” Billy said taking a sip of his orange soda. 

“Shut up runt, you ain't even got sperms there.” Johnny said, but not in a mean way. 

“ least I don’t go round rubbing my pecker all the time and making a mess.” Oh, this was getting good, Zed thought. He know knew that Johnny was a shooter and still bald down there...perfect. They went back out to the porch and Zed noticed that the pool was full and spilling over. Johnny noticed too but seemed in no hurry to take care of it. Instead he lingered as he sipped his Coke and gave Zed a better view of his partially clad body. 

“So when I get hair on my nuts, I get a beer...right?” 

“Only problem will I know?” Zed said raising an eyebrow. 

“Oh, you’ll know,” Johnny said grinning and then he ran off the porch and turned off the water hose. Zed watched the two splash and frolic and once their shorts were thoroughly soaked their little dinkers showed through prominently making Zed’s much larger dinker even harder. He was leaking buckets of pre-cum and he knew that if he didn’t go rub one out soon he would go mad with frustration. Fortunately Brenda appeared about then, this time dressed in jeans and a cut off blouse, and when she headed his way his dick began to wilt. 

“Hi neighbor. How you all doin'?” 

“Good, hot as blazes, but this beer helps,” Zed said, “Can I get you one?” 

", no..maybe some other time but right now I gotta go into town and I don’t like to drink and drive,” she lied. She often drove with a snoot full. 

“Oh, okay. You taking the boys with you?” 

“No, no..that’s sort of why I come over here...would you mind kinda keepin' an eye on them? You know so they don’t burn the place down,” she laughed. “I should be back by dark...if things go okay.” 

“ problem. I was gonna grill some burgers, if you want I could feed the boys too.” 

“Oh, well...that’s sweet of you. I’m sure they’d like that. Well, I better get going. Seems like everything is fine here. I’ll just go tell em' and well....I’ll see you later. And Zed...thank you. You’re a life saver.” 

Zed chuckled to himself as he watched Brenda kiss the boys and then hurry off to her beat up old pickup truck. She disappeared in a cloud of dust and smoke and Zed popped the top on his third beer. 

At one point Billy’s shorts came unsnapped and before he could catch them they fell to his thighs giving Zed a glimpse of his two little white buns. Zed sucked in a quick breath and felt his cock throb, but it was Johnny’s ass that he really wanted to see. 

The boys eventually tired of the pool and gravitated to Zed’s porch and he gave them another soda. When they returned to the porch Zed sat down in the middle of the rickety old porch swing and the boys settled in on either side of him, so close he could feel the heat coming off of their bodies, and it did nothing to help his aroused condition. 

He could smell the boys too and to Zed it was the most amazing and erotic scent he had ever inhaled. He closed his eyes and rolled his beer can over his forehead and tried to clear his head, but it was no use. 

“Momma says we’re gonna eat hamboogers with you,” Billy said looking up lovingly at Zed. 

“You sure are and I got chips and even some potato salad if you boys like it...but no baked beans,” Zed joked, “don’t need nothing to make you boys fart any more than you already do.”

Billy giggled and made a farting noise with his mouth and the three of them laughed. Zed had to admit, it was fun spending time with the boys, even if he couldn’t get in their pants, and he was looking forward to the rest of his afternoon. 

Around four Billy began to look droopy and Johnny took him home for a nap. Zed was disappointed at first, but a few minutes later when Johnny returned alone he was all smiles. 

“He’s out like a light,” Johnny said falling down beside Zed this time so close he was practically in his lap. 

He smelled even better now that he had dried out and sweated a little and Zed’s dick throbbed unmercifully. 

“No nap for you?” Zed teased. 

“Naww...I’m 12. I ain't no baby no more.” 

“I can see that,” Zed muttered below his breath. 

“I was wonderin'....” Johnny said suddenly, Zed swallowed hard and tried to keep the excitement out of his voice. Was it really gong to be this easy? 

“Kin I ask you a question about...well...about, you” he said blushing. 

“Well sure buddy, what’s up?” He said almost laughing at his choice of words. 

Johnny sighed and began to swing his feet nervously causing the swing to rock. “’s about my pecker. It gets hard all the time and it’s embarrassin',” he said blushing. 

Zed laughed, “Well buddy, I’m sorry to tell you this, but that’s just part of being a guy. It happens to all of us and sometimes the only way to fix it is to rub one out.” 

“Rub one out?” Johnny said squinting his eyes in a cute way. 

“Masturbate, jerk off, jack, you know...” 

“Oh, yeah, jerkin off. Yeah, I know that one.” 

“So, I assume you do that when it gets hard,” Zed said almost creaming his jeans. 

“Uh huh, a lot. So does Billy...ever since I showed him how.” 

Too much information, system overload, Zed cried out in his mind. 

“Well, then seems like you already know what to do.” 

“Yeah, but I can’t jerk off every time I get hard, it just ain't possible.” 

“Well, have you tried thinking about un-sexy things like dead puppies or homework,” Zed teased. 

“Be serious Zed,” Johnny said shoving Zed playfully, “What do you do?” he said staring straight at Zed’s crotch. 

“Well, I’m a adult so I have a few more options than you, but jerking off is still one of my favorites.” 

“Are you gonna do it now?” Johnny asked looking into Zed’s eyes with his amazing green ones. 

“Not right now, why?” 

“Cause you got a boner. You’ve had one all day. It looks big too.” 

“Uh...well, thanks I guess. It’s ummm average I guess,” Zed said feeling a little uncomfortable but still turned on. 

“Mine’s four inches, I measured it. Is that average or what?” 

“I..uh, I’m not sure. I really don’t have much experience with boy junk,” Zed laughed nervously. 

Johnny sighed, “When will I get hair down there Zed?” 

“Well, since you’ve already starting making sperm, I’d say very soon. The hair usually comes about the same time the spermies do.” 

Suddenly Johnny pulled out the waistband of his shorts and stared into them. Zed was tempted to lean over and take a peek, but he didn’t want to be too obvious. 

“Look at it Zed, it’s still smooth as a baby’s butt. I want my hair to grow. Is there anything I kin do to help it grow faster?” 

Zed wanted to scream, yes let me suck it, but at the last minute he said, “Nope, sorry buddy, mother nature already has it all planned out for you.” 

“I’m gonna go rub one out Zed,” Johnny said causing Zed to almost come...again. 

“Oh...okay, can uh...use my bathroom if you want.” 

“Naw, I like to lay down. I guess I’ll go use my bed....unless I kin use yours.” 

God, he’s killing me, Zed thought as his brain processed what was being offered. If he said yes there was a good chance Johnny would leave a little bit of his spermies behind on the bed and he could wallow in them and jerk himself senseless later. 

“I don’t mind, whatever works for you buddy.” 

“Okay, thanks,” Johnny said jumping up, 

“I’ll be back in about five minutes,” he added grinning. 

“Five minutes. Boy you’re fast,” Zed teased. 

“Time me Zed,” Johnny giggled, “,” he said running inside as the last word left his mouth. 

Zed glanced at his watch, it was 4:30. He rubbed his erection through his shorts as he counted down the minutes and four minutes and 29 seconds later a flushed but smiling Johnny came bursting out the door and sat down heavily next to him. 

Zed was aware of two things immediately, he could smell a new odor mixed with Johnny’s already Heavenly aroma, the smell of boy cum, and that Johnny seemed more relaxed and self confident now. 

“Told ya,” Johnny said grinning, “I know just how ta do it and make it feel real good till I shoot my spermies.” 

And I would have paid a hundred dollars to see that, Zed thought trying not to show just how turned on he was. “Yeah, us guys figure that out pretty quick and seems like no one else can do it better.” 

“Well, I don’t know bout that, cause I ain't had sex...yet.” 

“Well, there’s still time. You’re only 12, heck I was almost 14 before I lost my virginity.” 

“You’re lyin', you didn’t really do it when you was that young did ya?”        “Yep, I did. With the girl who babysat me."

“I’d like to meet her,” Johnny said grinning maniacally. 

“She’d be ummm...almost 30 by now.” “Was she pretty?” “Yeah, except for the braces. But she had nice tits and her pussy was tight.” Zed could see a tent building in Johnny’s shorts again and he kept up the dirty talk to help erect it further. “She even gave me a little head, but I wanted to fuck so I pushed her off and jumped her bones.” 


“Sucking dick.” 

“Oh, yeah,” Johnny laughed nervously, “I knew that. What’s that like Zed, does it feel good?” 

“Imagine how good it feels to jerk off then multiply that by a hundred and you pretty much got it.” 

“Really,” he said grinning, ”I want to try that then.” Was he asking for a beejay? Zed wondered, or just making conversation? 

“I’m sure you will some day soon.” Further discussion was ended as Billy came wandering up looking sleepy eyed and cute as a teddy bear. Zed had a sudden urge to pull the boy into his lap and just hug him, but it quickly passed. 

“Hey buddy, have a good nap?” 

“Naw, it’s too hot. I sweated a lot.” 

“Well, why don’t you come sit down and rest a minute. I’m going to start the charcoal in a few minutes. 

“Can I have another pop Zed?” he said giving Zed puppy dog eyes. 

“Sure buddy, come on. I gotta go get the charcoal and stuff. Both boys followed Zed into the kitchen and Zed dug out an orange soda, Billy’s favorite, and handed it to him. 

“Thanks Zed,” Billy said hugging Zed unexpectedly. Zed was a little confused at first, not having had much experience with little boys, but he recovered quickly and hugged the boy back. Billy broke away after a moment and ran back to the front porch leaving Johnny and Zed to take care of the grill.    
   “He likes you a lot,” Johnny said as they arranged the charcoal in the rusty grill out back. 

“I like him too, in fact I like both of you rotten kids,” Zed teased. 

Johnny smiled, he had been fishing and now he knew Zed liked him and that made him feel good inside. 

“I like you too, even if you do stink,” Johnny teased back. 

“Do not!” Zed said making a face and sticking out his tongue. 

“Ewwww....if I had that thing in my mouth I’d spit it out too.” 

I bet you wouldn’t say that if it was up your butt or swirling around your pecker, Zed thought grinning mysteriously. 

“Whaat?” Johnny said picking up on Zed’s mood. 

“Nothing. You’ll find out some day.” 

“What? About tongues? mean Frenchin?” 

“Yeah, that,” Zed said letting it rest there. 

“And what else?” Johnny said tilting his head like a curious puppy. 

“You’re too young to know what else,” Zed laughed. 

“Am not. I’m 12 and I seen some stuff before.” Zed laughed, 

“Yeah, I bet you’re a wild man.” 

“Well...I could be...if I had the chance. I got me a girlfriend, but I only see her at school.”

“Well, there’s no hurry. You got lots of time till you reach your prime,” Zed said ruffling the boys shaggy hair. 

Suddenly Johnny grabbed his hand and pulled it down and just held it for a moment as he stared into Zed’s eyes and grinned. He looked as if he wanted to say something but then the moment passed and he dropped Zed’s arm and turned away. 

Zed frowned, there was something going on that he couldn’t quite figure out and he wished he had more experience with boys from which to draw upon. 

“She won’t be back till late,” Johnny suddenly said. 


“My mom..she won’t be home till after the bars close. Unless she meets some man, then she might not be home till mornin',” he said without emotion. 

“Well, you guys can hang with me till she does get home. I’m off tomorrow and I stay up late anyway. If she doesn’t get home before you guys go to bed I can walk you over and make sure you’re okay and I’m right next door if you need me.” 

Johnny smiled, “We’ll be fine, but thanks.” 

Zed nodded, “Well I think I’ll go in and make the burger patties. Wanna come?” “Naw, I’m gonna watch the charcoal,” Johnny said sadly.

Zed gave him a pat on the shoulder then went inside to make the patties. Billy wandered in a few minutes later and tossed his empty can in the trash and went over to see what Zed was doing. 

“’s all bloody,” he said making a face, “dead cow,” he laughed. 

“Yeah, but when I’m done with him it will be cooked dead cow and deeeelicious. Are you hungry buddy?” 

“Yeah, where’s Johnny?” 

“Right here,” I said picking up a handful of hamburger meat, ”and he is gonna be really good to eat when he’s done.” 

“Huh uh,” Billy said laughing, “he’s too tough to eat.” 

“Yeah, probably so. He’s out minding the charcoal. If you go out there stay away from the grill, those coals are super hot.” 

He ran out then leaving Zed to the task at hand and when he was finished he covered the plate of burgers with foil and carried it outside. Johnny and Billy were rolling around on the grass and giggling causing Zed to smile. For two brothers they got along especially well and Zed decided it might be because of their family situation. Since their mother was gone a lot they had learned to depend on each other and that had caused them to form an unbreakable bond.

 When the coals turned grey Zed placed the burgers on the grill and pulled a ragged lawn chair up and sat down nearby. As soon as he sat down Billy came over and stood by his chair breathing heavily from his exertion and smelling of sweat and boy. 

“I see you’re awake now,” Zed chuckled. 

“Stupid Johnny trying to grab my weenie,” he giggled. 

“Did not!” Johnny said pounding him on the arm, 

“You little prevert,” Johnny giggled mispronouncing the word on purpose.

“Am not. Least I don’t play with mine all the time.” 

“Do too,” Johnny all but shouted,

”I seen you last night beaten it like it was on far.” 

Zed laughed, “Boys, boys, cool it. We all know boys do that stuff and it’s nothing to tease each other about.” 

“Bet you don’t do you Zed?” 

“Course he does stupid,” Johnny said quickly, “how else is he gonna get his boner to go down.” 

Speaking of boners, Zed was now sporting one at about half mast and growing by the minute. “Time to turn the burgers,” Zed said hopping up and rearranging his junk. 

“See...he’s gots one now. Hey Zed you gonna go jerk it?” he teased. 

Billy came close and all but stared at the bulge in Zed’s shorts with a sly little grin on his face, “Huh uh, he’s just gots a big one. Right Zed?”

“Let’s just drop it, okay guys?” Zed said blushing. He didn’t like being out of control especially with two wet behind the ears boys. 

When the burgers were done they fixed their plates and sat down, Zed in his chair, and the boys at his feet on the wooden steps. The boys ate as if they had never tasted hamburger before and Zed felt a little sad. He was growing fonder of the boys every day and when he had to finally leave them it was going to be hard on all three of them. 

For dessert Zed fixed the boys ice cream cones with sprinkles but he opted for another beer for himself. As the boys sat at his feet eating their sticky melting treat they talked softly to each other, occasionally pulling Zed into their world. He smiled at the easy familiarity they had formed and he wondered if this was what having kids of your own felt like. Only he was pretty sure that most dads didn’t lust after their sons the way he was lusting after Johnny. 

By the time the boys were finished with their ice cream they were a sticky mess and Zed suggested they clean up using the hose at the back of the house. What started out as a clean up quickly turned into a spray and splash and before long both boys were soaked once more. 

Zed sat watching them with a full blown boner now that their clinging wet shorts showed off their cute butts and packages and he rubbed it absentmindedly. 

Billy ran over after a while and hid behind Zed while Johnny tried to lure him back. Eventually Johnny gave up and turned off the water and came over to join them. 

When the sun started to go down the temperature began to drop a little, but it was still hot and muggy, and since neither trailer had air conditioning they remained outside. By the time darkness began to settle on them and the mosquitoes came out to feast, Zed led the boys inside and sat them down on his worn but comfy couch. 

They were dry by then and probably as clean as they ever were, but Zed felt sticky and decided a shower was in order. He excused himself and went off to the bathroom and started the shower while he took a much needed piss. He was just shaking off the last few drops when Billy came knocking on the door. 

“Can I come in and pee Zed..please..I gotta go bad.”

“Sure buddy, but hurry. I want to get in the shower as soon as possible.”      Zed started out to give Billy some privacy but it was obvious the kid needed none. Like most little kids he had no body modesty and being a boy he was comfortable around other males. He whipped out his little pecker before Zed got to the door giving him an eyeful to remember fondly later as he lay in bed jerking the gherkin. It was small, as expected, and uncut, which he knew, but he had never expected to be so touched by the sight of it. It was like a little flower nestled in a bed of wrinkled leaves and so pink it reminded him of bubble gum. 

In the hall he ran into Johnny who announced he needed to pee too and Zed just sighed. 

“You can watch if you want,” Johnny laughed. Billy giggled then tucked his dinker away and ran off to grab a soda and watch TV leaving the two alone for a moment. 

“Only if you beg me,” Zed teased. 

“Pleaaaaassssse,” Johnny giggled. 

“Well, if you insist,” Zed said stepping in and grabbing a towel and washcloth for his shower. He tried not to stare at Johnny’s junk or be too obvious but he did manage to get an eyeful and it was everything he had expected and more. Uncut and about 3 inches soft it was perfectly shaped with a rosy red head that peaked out from beneath the soft looking sheathe of foreskin. He had pulled down his shorts enough to expose two hairless balls containing acorn sized testes that literally caused Zed’s mouth to water.

“Like it?” Johnny said turning to grin at Zed. 

“Looks pretty good. I assume it works properly. Skin retracts and all that stuff?” 

“Sure, see,” he said pulling the skin back and forth to demonstrate, “Uh...better be careful..might pop a boner and have to jerk it again,” he giggled. 

“Okay, okay...get out. I gotta get a shower. I stink and I’m sweating like a furnace tender in Hell.” 

Johnny laughed and stored his junk, but not before giving it one more tug to show Zed that it had grown. It was semi hard now and almost at it’s full 4 inches and Zed could barely pull his eyes away. 

“No fair that you seen mine and I don’t getta’ see yours.” 

“What? Well, sneak a peek...I don’t care,” Zed said stripping off his tee shirt.

Johnny leaned against the door frame and watched with anticipation as Zed dropped his shorts. He was semi-hard and growing and he wondered if this was such a good idea, but it was too late to stop now. As he dropped his briefs Johnny’s full attention was turned to his crotch and his eyes grew big with surprise. 

“Wow, it sure is big and it ain't even hard it?” 

“No, but it’s on the way,” Zed said under his breath. 

“Get it hard Zed, I wanna see how big it is.” 

“I think you’ve seen enough....better go before you’re warped for life,” Zed teased. 

Suddenly Johnny closed the door and turned the latch, “I ain't leavin’ till I see it all the way hard.” 

Zed’s eyes went wide with surprise at the boy’s boldness and aggressiveness, but he had to admit it was a bit of a turn on. 

“I can’t promise I can make it hard, it just know,” Zed stuttered. 

“Bet I can make it all the way hard,” Johnny said grinning almost evilly. Zed had no doubt of that, one touch of his hand would do the trick, or better still a peek at his firm little butt. 

“What do you mean?” Zed asked playing along.

“This....” Johnny said moving closer and grabbing Zed’s cock before he could react. 

The effect was immediate and suddenly Johnny held 7” inches of hard fat cock in his small hand. 

“Wow, it’s huge...and fat. I kin barely get my hand round it,” Johnny said smiling up at Zed who was having a hard time staying conscious and not coming all over both of them. 

“ that....or you’re gonna make a mess,” Zed gasped. 

“Okay, well see ya’ when you’re done,” Johnny said suddenly dropping Zed’s cock and heading toward the door and leaving Zed with the worst case of blue balls ever. 

Once in the shower Zed’s hand went straight to his cock and in two seconds he was blasting the faux tile wall with a gallon of hot sticky man spermies. His knees had gone weak as he begun to come and he was breathing heavily and leaning against the wall as he recovered. “If I came that hard just from him touching me for a few seconds...what would it be like if I got to do more?” he muttered under his breath. 

He took a long hot shower with lots of soap then turned the temp down and cooled his body down before climbing out and toweling off. In his haste to get in the shower he had forgotten to grab clean undies so he wrapped the towel around his slender waist and crossed the hall to his bedroom. 

At 28 Zed looked years younger and had a body he was proud of. Just 6’ tall and weighing a buck twenty five he was lean, yet muscled with the beginning of a full blown six pack and nice muscle definition in his arms and legs. He kept his pubes trimmed and his nuts and ass shaved and plucked which made him look even younger when naked. 

He liked guys who took care of themselves, the younger the better, but except for one encounter with a sixteen year old, all of his partners had been at least 18. He knew he liked boys, always had, but like most gay males he was wary of treading that path for fear of legal complications. Heck even some teenagers were winding up as sex offenders just for having sex with someone a few years younger than they were and he had no desire to wind up in their shoes. 

He slipped on underwear and a pair of nylon running shorts but decided to go shirtless since it was still quite warm in the trailer. When he returned to the living room he found the boys piled down on the couch watching some silly cartoon he’d never heard of.

“Did you jerk off?” Johnny laughed. 

“None of your beeswax,” Zed said plopping down in the the only chair in the tiny room. 

“Bet he did,” Johnny said punching Billy in the arm. 

“ what? You do it all the time. It’s a..a guy thing, right Zed?” 

“Yep, a guy thing....and I think we should just keep this between us guys, okay?” 

“Oh, sure...we would never talk about that stuff with momma. She don’t know nuthin’ bout boy stuff.” 

Zed doubted that, she’d probably seen more penises than a urologist, but that was the answer he wanted to hear. 

“Yeah, we don’t know much about girl stuff and girls don’t know bout our stuff.” Billy sighed suddenly and yawned widely, 

“Kin we sleep over here tonight Zed?” 

“What, why? I mean your momma will probably be back soon.” 

“Naw, she won’t, and I don’t wanna sleep at our house.” 

“Well...we’ll talk about it later if she doesn’t show up before bedtime,” Zed assured him. 

“Okay.” Then switching gears he said, “My bobo itches,” he said raising up and scratching his behind. 

Zed laughed but it was a bit of a turn on too. 

“Well, do you need a shower and maybe some clean drawers?” 

“A baff...can I take a baff?” 

“Well, sure. Johnny would you mind going home and grabbing Billy some clean undies and shorts?” 

“Naw, I need some too...if we’re sleepin’ over here.” 

“That hasn’t been decided yet, but go on and get some for both of you and I’ll go clean out that tub and run some water.” 

While Johnny was gone Zed cleaned out the tub and was just starting the water when Billy wandered in. Zed stood and as he did Billy pushed down his shorts and let them fall to the floor exposing his naked boy stuff in one fluid movement. 

Zed tried not to stare, but naked the boy was even more beautiful, and his penis and balls were prominent and lovelier than before, if that were possible. Reaching down Billy scratched his little marbles as he dug in one ear with his finger. 

Stepping forward as he got to his feet, Zed got a look at his perfect ass next. It was small and white where the sun never touched it, which wasn’t much from the looks of it, and perfect in every way. Soft and round looking it was blemish free and lovely and Zed wanted so badly to bury his face between those twin mounds and tongue fuck the boy till he passed out.

What happened next would be embedded in Zed’s mind for a long time to come however. Bending to test the water temperature, Billy exposed his little pink hole, which to Zed looked like a wad of bubble gum stuck between those perfect pale cheeks. Zed drew in a sharp breath and his cock went form zero to hero in about two seconds. 

“Just right,” Billy said stepping into the tub. 

Zed was about to reply, to grunt out his agreement, but Johnny stormed in at that moment and saved him further distress. 

“Move over runt,” Johnny said stripping off his shorts so quickly that Zed’s head almost came off as he craned his neck to see Johnny’s perfect body come into view. Then hopping into the tub at the other end he gave Zed a mischievous grin. 

“Now you got two nekkid boys in your tub.” 

Zed recovered enough to toss washcloths to the boys, and trying to act normal, he muttered something about using soap and scrubbing behind their ears then he started to leave. 

“Awww...don’t go yet,” Billy whined, “Can you rub-a-dub me Zed,” the small boy said holding up his wet washcloth. ”like momma used to?” 

It was the last part that touched Zed’s heart and with trembling hands he knelt beside the tub and took the washcloth from Billy and began lathering it up. He started with the boys small skinny arms then moved up to his neck and chest roaming around to his back and going lower with each pass until he had covered all the area above the water. 

“Okay,raise your foot and I’ll wash that,” Zed said smiling at the little boy who looked so cute and happy. Billy giggled as Zed washed between his dirty little toes then ran the washcloth across the soul of his tiny foot. Then running the washcloth up his leg as far as he could he set that foot down and picked up the other. 

Zed was aware of Johnny watching him with interest as he ran his hand through the water making little waves. He could just make out both of the boys flaccid cocks floating just under the water, but for some reason he wasn’t as turned on as he had been earlier. It was if he had shifted roles now, no longer a predator, but now a protector, and it was confusing. 

“Okay, all done. You’ll have to do the rest yourself.”

“Un uh, you do it,” Billy said standing suddenly as Zed came face to face with his little dinker and marbles. 

“Well...might as well,” Zed muttered. 

Then re-soaping the washcloth he hesitated only a moment before starting. He began by gently washing the tops of the boy’s legs then his tummy and finally taking a deep breath he began washing his privates. Again he was surprised that this wasn’t the turn on that he would have believed it would be, but he attributed it to nervousness and the fact that Johnny was watching his every move. 

“Now by bobo,so it won’t itch,” Billy said turning around suddenly and exposing his boy hole for Zed to clean. Sighing Zed rinsed the washcloth and rubbed soap on it before running it up and down the length of Billy’s crack. Billy sighed and made a little oh sound as he vibrated with pleasure from the contact of the soft cloth on his anus. 

“There, I think it’s clean,” Zed said slapping Billy on the butt playfully.

“Okay,” Billy said sitting down and in the process causing a tidal wave which forced a little water over the edge and onto the floor. 

Now do me,” Johnny laughed as he held up his arms. Zed threw the washcloth at Johnny as he stood up, 

“Nice try. I think you can reach all your parts okay?” 

Johnny stuck out his tongue and shook his head, “No fair. I want my b-hole washed too,” he giggled. 

“Maybe Billy will wash it for you. I’m gonna go grab a beer.” 

Zed left quickly and once he had his beer in hand he retreated to the living room and tried to collect his thoughts. Why did I say no? He wondered, Was it because I’m afraid I’ll get too excited touching Johnny’s junk? He fumed the whole time the boys were finishing their bath but when they appeared looking and smelling fresh and clean he had recovered enough to give them a warm smile. 

“How’s the bobo now?” he chuckled. 

“Fine,” Billy said leaning into Zed and grinning, “but I think Johnny’s mad at you.” 

“Shut up stupid,” Johnny fumed as he sat down heavily on the couch. Zed grimaced, 

“What did I do?” 

“You didn’t give him a baff. He wanted you to.” 

“What? I thought you were kidding buddy,” Zed apologized, “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.” 

“You didn’t. I’m fine. Billy is full of it.” 

Billy just shrugged, 

“Zed, can I have some cereal?” 

“Sure buddy. You know where it is, just help yourself.” 

When Billy was gone Zed got up and sat down on the couch next to Johnny. Johnny had his arms crossed and was pretending to be absorbed in what was on TV and when Zed moved over by him he pulled into himself even more. 

“Johnny..buddy, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. We’re pals right?” Zed said offering his fist to bump. 

He’d introduced the two brothers to fist bumping upon their first meeting and he noticed they had passed it on to other kids in the park. 

Reluctantly Johnny bumped fists then sighed dramatically, “I thought you liked me best, but you must like Billy better cause you washed him.” 

It suddenly occurred to Zed how silly all this was, but he knew it was kid stuff and important to Johnny. 

“I do like you best,” he said softly, “but don’t tell Billy. I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I like him a lot too, but you and me...we’re bros...okay?” 

Johnny managed a weak smile, “You mean it?" 

"Cross my heart and hope to die,” Zed said making the motions.

“Well, okay....but next time....” 

“I will wash your dirty butt for you...” Zed laughed. 

Johnny smiled, “Okay, deal. Anyway I thought you’d like touching me down there. You like lookin', don’t ya?” 

“Johnny, that could get me in a lot of trouble. I don’t want you to think I’m trying to molest you or Billy. It’s not like that,” Zed said nervously. 

“Heck, I know that. Anyways if I like it, it ain't mo...lestin' is it?” Johnny laughed.

Zed relaxed, “No, but I could still get into trouble if anyone found out.” 

He nodded, “I ain't stupid. I know thatl and ain't nobody ever gonna know nuthin’ about whut goes on tween us three.” 

“Us three?” 

“Sure, you and me and Billy.” 

Zed swallowed hard, “Look, I don’t know what you think I’m doing here, but I’m not interested in Billy that way.” 

“Oh..okay, so just me then?” 

Zed blew out a nervous breath, “Uh...what do you mean?” 

“You know, but we don’t hafta talk about it. I know and you know and that’s okay.” 

Billy returned then and Johnny clammed up and started watching TV again. Billy sat down on the floor with his cereal bowl on the coffee table and ate slowly while watching TV leaving Zed to think about what Johnny had said and all that it implied. Was it that obvious how he felt about the boy? If so had their mom picked up on his interest as well? But on the other hand she wasn’t exactly the world’s greatest mom and maybe she was just glad that someone was paying attention to them. Still he felt weird knowing that Johnny was on to him and he vowed to take it slow from here on out. 

As Johnny had predicted Brenda was a no show and by eleven both boys were yawning and looking sleepy eyed and Zed decided to give in and let them sleep in the spare bedroom. The bed was barely large enough for the two but they didn’t seem to mind and were snuggled up close when Zed left them to go off to his own bed. 

It had been a good day, interesting and enlightening, as well as disturbing, and he was looking forward to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. He stripped off his running shorts and piled into bed and despite the heat and the ineffectiveness of the window fan he was soon asleep. 

Come morning Zed fixed the boys breakfast and around 11 Brenda finally came driving up looking like she’d had a hard night. Zed chuckled to himself, instead of the walk of shame he guessed she was doing the drive of shame.

“Mornin',” she said winching as if speaking hurt her head, which no doubt it did. 

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind but I let the boys sleep in the spare bedroom last night,” Zed said not wanting to keep too many secrets. 

“Well ain't you the sweetest thing. I’m awful sorry I stayed out so late. I had a..a sick friend.” 

I bet, Zed thought, sick and horny. “No problem, I didn’t mind actually. We had a good time cooking out and watching TV.” 

“Well, you boys come on and leave Zed alone now. Momma’s gonna take a little nap but when I get up I’ll fix you all some lunch. 

“We already ate at Zed’s,” Johnny said looking a little peeved, “We had bacon and eggs and panny cakes.” 

“Well,” Brenda said giving Zed a curious look, “ain't you something...sweet and you can cook.” 

“I learned to cook when I was living at home and it’s paid off ever since. Living alone and traveling like I do.” 

“Well, I’m gonna go take that nap now. If these younguns' get on your nerves just send em’ on home. But if you boys know what’s good fer ya’ you won’t wake momma up.” 

“Yes momma,” Billy said grinning. When she was gone Johnny looked at Zed and frowned, 

“She ain't the best momma in the world, but she’s all we got since our daddy got himself killed.” This was new to Zed and he couldn’t just let that go without learning more. 

“Oh, what exactly happened to your daddy?” 

“Him and this other guy got into a fight over some money or somethin’ and this other guy shot him. That guy went to prison, but someone kilt him while he was there so both of em’ is dead.” 

“Wow, I’m really sorry,” Zed said sincerely. 

“It’s okay, we was real little then and I don’t even remember him much and I bet Billy don’t remember him hardly at all.” 

“Do too,” Billy said making a sad face, “he used to ride me on his shoulders and he called me Bubba all the time.” 

Johnny just shrugged, “Anyways that’s why we ain't got no daddy.” 

“Well, sounds like you boys are doin’ okay and now you got me, at least until the company tells me to come back home.”

“When will that be Zed?” 

“Well the plan is to have me back by August or early September, but we’ll see.” 

“Darn, I wish you could stay forever. We like havin’ you here, don’t we Billy?” 

“Uh huh,” Billy said hugging Zed’s legs playfully and gazing up at him with his amazing blue eyes, “we love you Zed.” 

Nothing had ever touched Zed’s heart like this little boys heart felt admission and he suddenly reached down and picked Billy up and sat him on his hip. Billy’s arms went around his neck in a pose as natural as life itself. 

The next natural act was Billy leaning in and giving Zed a sweet little kiss on his cheek. If his heart wasn’t already melted, it was now. Only problem was, Johnny was looking like a green-eyed monster giving both of them go to hell stares with balled up fists. 

Who knew little boys could be so jealous? Zed thought. Then instinct kicked in and Zed held out his free arm (the one not supporting Billy’s warm little butt) and Johnny slowly sauntered over and allowed Zed to pull him into a one armed hug. 

“You guys are my buds,” Zed said softly. And as long as I’m here you gotta place to go and a friend that will never let you down.” 

Johnny seemed to loosen up then and he was actually smiling by the time they broke the group hug and headed outside to the porch. 

The boys eventually moved to the pool while Zed sat sipping a beer and watching them with interest. He had seen both boys naked just last night, but there was something very erotic about seeing them in clingy wet shorts and his cock was rock hard in minutes. Even if he never got to do the things his dick wanted him to, he knew he could be happy just being near the boys and gazing upon their perfect beauty. 

Eventually Brenda woke up and ran the boys inside to change and a half hour later they all climbed into the pickup and drove away. The boys waved and Zed waved back then he went inside, took a cold shower, and fell into bed for a nap. 

The weeks slipped by and each weekend Zed would have custody of the boys from Friday evening till late Sunday afternoon. Nothing was ever planned or arranged, it just happened that way and no one complained, least of all Zed. 

The boys played in the pool or wrestled in the yard and Zed would cook out or order pizza or Chinese. Bath time was more interesting now since he was bathing Johnny as well as Billy and eventually they started showering together. The first time, Billy’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Zed’s erection, but since he and Johnny were also sporting wood he wasn’t bothered by it, he was just surprised at it’s size. 

“Wow,’s big. Biggern' Johnny’s even....and his is biggern' mine.” 

“That’s cause he’s a man stupid. Yours will get bigger when you get older. Heck it might even be biggern’ mine when you’re my age.” 

“I hope so,” Billy said eying Zed’s cock with interest, 

“Kin I touch it Zed?” 

Johnny laughed, “You think he’s gonna say no?” 

Billy shrugged and looked up into Zed’s eyes and when Zed nodded he grinned and put his small hand around it as far as he could reach. 

“It’s nice Zed...but how come you don’t got no skin on it?” 

Zed took a minute to explain about circumcision, even though it was almost impossible to put words together into coherent thoughts with Billy’s small hand wrapped around his cock, and Billy seemed to be satisfied with the explanation. 

“We gots our skin,” he said reaching down with his other hand and giving his foreskin a tug, “and it feels good when I skin it back an forth like this.”

Zed almost came when he looked down and saw Billy’s hand on his cock and the other on his own, but he didn’t want to scare the boy and ruin things for them. Instead he pulled Billy’s small hand from his cock and grabbed the body wash and a poof and started lathering up. 

When he was done with his own body he turned his attention to Billy, then to Johnny and they took turns rinsing off under the shower head. As they were drying off Billy seemed quiet and thoughtful and when it was time to get dressed he asked Zed to help him. 

Zed knew he didn’t need his help, both of the boys were very self-sufficient, but he was glad to help anyway. Billy was warm and soft and smelled nice after the shower and as Zed helped him get his underwear on Billy slipped his arms around Zed’s neck and gave him a soft kiss on his face. Zed was surprised but pleased. He had become very attached to both of the boys and thought they were both very sweet. 

When Billy was dressed he leaned into Zed and sighed, “I’m gonna be sad when you go Zed.” 

“I think I will be too,” Zed said realizing just how much he had grown to love his two trailer park boys. 

“Don’t make im’ feel bad,” Johnny scolded, “He’s got a life you know and it don’t include us.” 

Zed looked at Johnny and smiled, “It didn’t used to.....but now....” he said trailing off. 

“Wish you could stay,” Johnny said, “but I know you can’t so that’s that.” 

“I might be back...when the call center opens,” Zed said hoping he could make that happen when the time came. 

“Really?” Billy asked with wide eyes and a grin as big as his face. 

“I can’t promise, but if they will let me...” 

“You won’t,” Johnny said sadly, “I’m gonna go outside and think for a while, okay?” 

“Sure,” Zed said wishing he could find the right words to say, "When you get back we’ll watch some TV or something.” 

Johnny nodded and left then and when he was gone Billy climbed into Zed’s lap as if it was his rightful place, and maybe it was. He leaned back into Zed and sighed. 

“Know what Zed?” 

“What buddy?” 

“Johnny likes you a lot and he’s gonna miss you even more than I will.” 

“I like him a lot too..both of you, and I’m gonna miss you too, but we shouldn’t be sad now. We need to enjoy each other’s company while we can.” 

“Okay,” Billy said softly. Zed sat there thinking his own thoughts for a while and presently he was aware that Billy was snoring softly. Me smiled down at the sleeping angel in his lap and he felt a flutter in his heart. Why are sleeping children so beautiful? He wondered. Is it because they are so innocent? He watched him sleep for a long time, but eventually he began to worry about Johnny. He laid Billy down gently and patted him for a moment to make sure he stayed asleep then quietly left to find Johnny. 

He didn’t have to go far, the boy was sitting on the porch steps with his head propped up on his hand as he gazed into the darkness. Zed quietly sat down beside him and put an arm around his slim shoulders. 

“You okay buddy?” 

Johnny just shook his head and continued to stare as if captivated by something in the distance. Then slowly he turned to face Zed before speaking. 

“Sometimes I wish you’d never come here,” he said softly, but there was no anger in his words, just reflection, “then I think how much fun we’ve had and how much...well, how much I like you and I’m glad.” 

“I’m glad too. When I first moved here I was afraid I’d be bored and lonely, but you and Billy changed all that. I wouldn’t trade knowing you two for anything in the world.” 

“Really? I guess I feel the same way too.” 

“So, what say we go back inside and watch some TV?” 

“Where’s Billy?” 

“Asleep,” Zed chuckled, “he hopped up in my lap and I rocked him to sleep.”

“Wanna rock me to sleep?” Johnny teased. 

“Sure, let me grab a couple of big rocks....” Zed teased back. 



“How come you ain't married or got a girlfriend?” 

“How do you know I don’t have a girlfriend?” 

“Momma says like guys. Is that true?” 

Zed was surprised but not alarmed at Brenda’s observation. She had probably picked up on his lack of interest in her scantly clad body and come to the logical conclusion that she lacked the right equipment. But that brought up another issue. If she suspected he was gay then why was she practically pushing her two boys off on him? Was she acting upon the assumption that most gay males weren’t interested in underage boys, or was it that she didn’t really care?

“Why does she think that?” Zed asked feeling the boy out. 

He shrugged, “She said she gave you the straight test...whatever that is.” 

Zed laughed, “If I said she was right would you still want to be my friend?” 

“Heck yeah, I don’t care. Shucks me and my friend Roger done some stuff together. I mean we don’t kiss or nothin’, but we handled each other’s peckers and stuff.” 

Zed relaxed, “That’s pretty normal boy stuff. It doesn’t mean anything, but thanks for sharing that with me.” 

“ like guys...for,, right?” 

Zed nodded, no point in lying now, “I’ve always liked boys...ever since I was your age...maybe even Billy’s.” 

“Do you like us that way too?” 

“Well...not exactly that way. I could get into a lot of trouble if I did things with you guys since you’re so young.....” 

“Heck we wouldn’t tell nobody.” 

“I know, but your mom might find out somehow and I could go to jail for a very long time.” 

Johnny laughed, “You think momma would care? She says sex is sex and she don’t worry about that none at all. Only thing she said is don’t get no girl pregnant.” 

“Does your momma think I’ve been having sex with you?” 

“Don’t know, but ifn’ she did she don’t care none.” 

Well that was interesting news, Zed thought, a green light for molesting her sons? 

“I like you guys a lot, maybe even love you, and I’d never want to do anything to hurt you so...I think it’s best we just keep it at friends at this point.” 

“Okay, but if you change your mind...well, we don’t mind some playin’ around.” 

“I’ll keep that in mind. So..wanna go in and watch some TV with me?” 

“Naw, I think I’m gonna go to bed if it’s okay. I’m pretty tired.” Zed was surprised, but not bothered by Johnny’s words, after all it had been a rather long and tiring day, but he still wondered if there was more to his aloofness.

“I think I’ll stay up a while,” Zed said helping Johnny up from the patio step. 

“Oh, okay...night then, see ya in the mornin;.” 

Once they were inside Zed hugged the boy and Johnny clung to him desperately. Presently Zed realized the boy was sobbing softly and he felt helpless. He knew what it all about and he felt like it was his fault. Why had he gotten so attached to these two brothers, and worse why had he allowed them to become attached to him? When he left everyone would be sad, and if the truth be told, he would probably be the saddest of all. 

Leading Johnny to the couch Zed pulled him into his lap and Johnny buried his head in Zed’s shoulder. He was twelve, but not much bigger than Billy and he felt just right for lap sitting. He was warm and soft and he smelled delightful and Zed never wanted this moment to end. He kissed the boy’s soft hair, hair that these days was clean and well cared for and he knew he had a lot to do with that. Before he had come these two wild boys had behaved like little animals and he had tamed them, and the wonderful thing was...they liked being tame. 

“You know we’ll always be friends..right? No matter where I go I’ll always think of you and Billy and you’ll always have a place in my heart,” Zed managed to choke out. 

Johnny nodded, but words wouldn’t come...yet. He was consumed with his sadness and it wasn’t just about Zed. He was crying for all the injustices that had ever been done to him and he would never have been able to do that if this wonderful loving man hadn’t come into his life. 

“,” Johnny sobbed, “more even than...than my momma,” he confessed. 

“Oh buddy...I love you too, more than anyone in my life. You and Billy have my heart now and that’s a very special thing.” Zed said softly as tears ran down his face. 

“I wish you could take us with ya..or stay here forever...” 

“I wish that too, but we both know that can’t happen. So...we just have to enjoy each other while we can and when I leave we’ll keep in touch. I’ll get you a cell phone and pay the bill and we can talk everyday.” This was something Zed had thought about for a long time and now he was cementing that thought into reality. And I’ll come visit you when I can. I’ll send you stuff too. I won’t let you forget me,” he laughed sadly, “And I will never, ever forget you.” 

“Promise...” Johnny said wiping tears from his amazing green eyes. 

“Cross my heart,” Zed said making the sign. 

“Can...can I sleep in your bed tonight Zed?” Johnny asked giving Zed puppy dog eyes. 

“Okay sport. You ready?” “Yeah, just gotta pee first.” 

“And brush your toofies,” Zed said as Johnny slid off his lap.

”And don’t pee on the seat,” he teased as he gave the boy a swat on the rear. Johnny giggled and Zed smiled. 

Kids are so resilient, he thought, one minute they’re crying and the next they’re laughing.

After carrying Billy to his bed and tucking him in he joined Johnny in the bathroom and brushed his teeth while Johnny watched him as if he were afraid Zed would try to slip away. Then when they started for bed Johnny grabbed Zed’s hand and led him to the bedroom. Zed shucked his shorts and tee but left his boxers on despite the heat and Johnny stripped down to his tighty whities.

As they settled into bed Zed turned off the bedside lamp and Johnny scooted closer until his small foot touched Zed’s leg. It sent electric shocks through his whole body, but it wasn’t really so much erotic as it was comforting and soothing. 

Johnny sighed and rolled onto his side and his small hand went to Zed’s chest. At first he just let it lay there, warm and soft against Zed’s skin, but after a few minutes he began to rub Zed’s muscled chest in lazy circles. It felt amazing and before too long Zed was sporting an erection. He didn’t bother trying to hide it. Both boys had seen him erect and he had seen them erect as well and they had agreed it was a guy thing and no big deal. But it was a big deal right now and Zed knew it. 

He knew Johnny well enough to know that everything he did was for a purpose and he was convinced Johnny was trying to seduce him. He smiled to himself. He had always been the one in control, the one leading the way, and to think that this young boy was in control now surprised and delighted him. The question was, how far would he let the boy go before he called a halt to his shenanigans. 

The hand continued to move lower and lower and after a while it was resting on Zed’s flat firm stomach. A curious finger found his innie belly button and probed it gently causing Zed to sigh. Then sliding to the top of Zed’s boxers Johnny’s hand ran along the waist band from one side to the other causing goose bumps to pop up all over Zed’s body. He knew the longer he delayed the harder it would be to put an end to all this, but it felt so amazing and wonderful he was paralyzed. Suddenly a small finger wiggled beneath the elastic of his boxers and ran the length from end to end delicately rubbing flesh that few had touched. And to think that it was being touched by a boy as beautiful as Johnny was intoxicating.

“Uh, wahtcha' doin’?” Zed gasped as Johnny’s finger slipped lower and grazed his erection. 

“Nuttin’, just tryin’ to go to sleep,” Johnny said dreamily. 

Nuttin’ is right, Zed thought, much more of that and I’ll be nuttin’ all over the place. 

Zed reached down and grabbed Johnny’s hand and pulled it back up to his stomach. 

“Let’s just keep it above the waistband okay?” 

“Okay,” Johnny sighed. He had thought it would be easier than this to get Zed to do what he wanted. 

“How about if I lay on my side and you snuggle up to my backside?” 


Once they were spooning Jed realized there was a new problem. Something hard and hot was pressing against his butt and it wasn’t a flashlight. As long as the kid doesn’t start humping me I guess it will be okay, Zed mused. Johnny’s arm was around Zed again and his hand on his stomach but this time it was just resting there and not roaming. Zed had to admit it felt really nice having Johnny snuggled up to him and soon he found himself drifting off to sleep. 

He awoke to a new feeling. Johnny was still snuggled up to his backside snoring soundly now, but in front of him was something equally warm and soft. His arm was around that warmth and softness and as his head cleared he realized it was Billy he was snuggled up to. At some point the little boy had joined them and snuggled into his arms without waking him. He patted the small boy’s tummy and felt the warmth and softness there and he was overwhelmed with love for him. Both boys had his heart and he realized he had never been so happy in his life. 

How could he go back to his old lonely life now that he had found the love of a boy, or in this case.. two boys? It was some time before he was able to fall back asleep but he never moved the entire night and when he awoke the two brothers were still sandwiching him. He was painfully aware of the need to pee, but he didn’t want to disturb Billy so he held it until finally the boy stirred and yawned as he awoke. 

“Good morning little man,” Zed said smiling. 

“Good morning. Sorry..I got lonely and came to find you two.” 

“No worries, did you sleep good?” 

“Uh huh, real good, but I gotta go pee real bad,” he said holding himself. 

“Me too buddy, you lead the way and I’ll be right behind you.” 

Billy peed first then Zed and as he was shaking off the last few drops Johnny stumbled in looking sleepy eyed and scratching his butt. 

“Well, good morning buddy. Did you sleep okay?” 

“Uh huh...did you?” he asked sheepishly. 

“Like a piece of bologna between two pieces of white bread.” 

“Huh?” Johnny asked as he took his place at the toilet, “Oh...I get it.” 

“I’m surprised we didn’t sweat out as hot as it was with the three of us all snuggled up, but I don’t know when I’ve slept better.” 

“Hot...yeah, hot,” Johnny muttered. 

“Are you hungry guys?” Zed asked as he washed up at the sink. 

“Uh huh, can we have waffles?” Billy begged. 

“Waffles okay Johnny?” 

“Sure...and bacon.” 

“Bacon and waffles it is. Come on let’s get dressed and you guys can help me. 

After breakfast Zed drove the boys to Walmart and bought the boys squirt guns and afterwards they stopped for ice cream at the Tasty Freeze. As they sat under a huge shade tree perched around a picnic table Johnny seemed especially quiet and Zed kept having to pull him into the conversation. Even then most of his answers were single syllable or simply grunts. Was he upset that I stopped him last night? Zed wondered, or sad because he knows this will all be ending soon? 

On the way back to the trailer Billy sat between them with his small hand on Zed’s leg and his head leaning on his shoulder as if he too knew the end was approaching fast, but none of them were prepared for just how fast. Stopping at the office to collect his mail Zed noticed a letter from the home office marked urgent. He didn’t want to alarm the boys, but he was pretty sure he knew what the letter would say and it was not going to be easy to keep it a secret for long. 

“You guys wanna play in the pool and try out your new squirt guns?” Zed asked. 

The boys hurried off and soon they were involved in a water fight as Zed sat on the porch and with shaking hands opened the letter. He read it twice before he finally slipped it back in the envelope and stuck it in his pocket. It was pretty much what he had expected, he’d been recalled to the home office and he had one week to wrap things up here. He was certain he could convince his boss to let him come back for the opening of the new call center but that wouldn’t be until late November or early December. 

Perhaps he’d be able to hang around for the holidays and give the boys a special Christmas. He knew that would make them happy, but what would they do in the meantime? They’d become dependent on him and he on them, and it wasn’t fair to just pick up and leave them on their own. But what could he do? Short of quitting his 60,000 dollar a year job with full health benefits and three weeks paid vacation there was no way he could stay here any longer than the company allowed. There was always the possibility that he could transfer to the call center as a supervisor at a huge cut in pay, but he wasn’t sure he could make himself do that....not even for the boys. 

He was moody and sad the rest of the afternoon and when the boys tired of playing and came in for a soda they picked up on his mood immediately. But it was Johnny who cut straight to the chase. 

“You gotta letter today,” he said softly, “and you gotta leave, don’t ya?”

There was no need to lie, he’d have to tell them eventually and now was as good a time as any. Nodding Zed held out his arms and Billy swarmed into them, but Johnny held back looking angry and abandoned. 

”I’m sorry guys, I have one week, then I have to be back at the home office.” 

“It’s not fair,” Johnny said stubbornly, “I don’t want you to go. It’s not fair, it’s not’s...not....fair,” he said becoming more agitated with each word. Then balling up his fists he punched the wall of the trailer and ran down the porch and toward the woods that bordered the park. 

“Johnny!” Billy yelled. 

“Let him go buddy,” Zed said hugging the littlest brother to him, “he needs to work this out for himself. You understand?” 

Billy nodded, but his little heart was breaking too. He was nine and he’d lost a lot in his young life, but this was the worst loss of all. 

“ remember us?” Billy said trying to hold back the flood of tears he felt building. 

“I will never forget you and I will call you every day.” he said then he repeated the plans he’d shared with Billy about keeping in touch. 

“Who will watch out for us once you’re gone?” Billy said softly. Both of them had gotten so used to Zed’s gentle and loving presence that they had forgotten that they had once ran free and watched out for themselves. Children are like that, they think they want freedom, but what they really crave is someone who cares enough to say no when it is necessary. 

Zed wiped a tear from his eye, “You gotta watch out for each other. Can you do that buddy?” 

Billy nodded, “Uh huh. But you promise you’ll be back to see us sometime?” 

“I swear. And I’ll write to you too and send you stuff.” 

“I don’t care about the stuff,” Billy said sadly, “I...I just want you,” he said finally letting the tears flow. 

“Oh buddy......” Zed said as his own tears mingled with Billy’s, “I love you so much and it’s breaking my heart to have to leave you.” 

“Then don’t go....” Billy sobbed. 

“I wish I could stay, but I can’t,” Zed said softly, but Billy never heard the words, he had cried himself to sleep. Zed gently carried Billy inside and placed him on the couch and turned the window fan on him. He watched him sleep for a long time before quietly slipping out the door and going in search of Johnny. 

He found him sitting on the bank of the tiny creek that ran through the woods behind the park. He had been there a couple of times before with the boys and he had picked up on the fact that this was a special place for them. Maybe it was a place they could go to escape, a place to sit and think about things and leave their sad lives behind. 

Johnny didn’t look up when he heard Zed approach, but he knew it was him. He had known he would come looking for him and he knew this was the place to go. As Zed sat down beside him Johnny threw a rock into the creek scaring a small fish away. 

“Hi, you okay buddy?” 

Johnny shrugged, “Yeah, fine. Where’s Billy?” 

“Asleep, he cried himself to sleep.” 

That hit Johnny in the pit of his stomach and he was ashamed for running away and leaving his little brother to suffer alone. Only he knew Zed would take care of him, he always did. He always knew just what to say and what to do, but nothing he could say or do would make this right. 

“When will you be leaving?” 

“I’ll fly out Sunday night. My airline ticket was included in the letter. We’ll have this week and most of the weekend....” 

“Yeah, sure..that’s great,” he said without conviction. 

“Tell you what, we’ll make this week special. We’ll go places and do stuff together and eat out and have lots of fun.” 

“Well, okay...but I want to sleep with you every night too.” 

Zed smiled, “Well, as long as you behave yourself,” Zed laughed. 

“Uh huh, can we just stay home tonight and watch TV with ya?” 

“Sure, that’s fine. Want me to cook burgers on the grill?” 

“Yeah, just like the first time,” Johnny said wistfully, “when we were just starting to be friends. 

Zed leaned in an kissed the top of Johnny’s head. He had sweated some, but he still smelled wonderful and familiar and comfortable. He smelled like love, yeah that was it. The warm comfortable smell of love, that’s what this boy was. He slipped his arm around the boy and he melted into him and they sat there like that until the sun began to go down. 

The week passed quickly but it was filled with laughter and fun and love and each night the three of them piled down in Zed’s bed and snuggled and talked softly until sleep filled their heads. Once of twice Johnny tried to get a little too intimate and Zed gently corrected him, but Johnny didn’t mind. It was sort of a game with them, and Johnny took no offense at not winning. 

On the Saturday night before Zed was to leave, Zed took the two boys and their mother out to a fancy restaurant in the larger city nearby. He had bought the boys new clothes just for the occasion and thankfully Brenda wore a dress and actually looked quite nice. The boys and Brenda both looked a little panicky as they gazed at the menu and Zed wound up ordering for them. He knew what the boys liked and Brenda didn’t seem too picky so it worked out well. 

Over dinner they talked about that summer and Brenda offered her own words of praise to Zed. “It’s been really nice having you to watch after the boys this summer and we’re sure gonna miss ya.” 

“Well, it’s been fun...really. I didn’t think I’d like it know in this small town, but it turned out to be the best summer of my life. Thanks for trusting me with them and for sharing them. That means a lot to me.” 

“Why wouldn’t I trust you?” she said looking at him strangely , “I know you ain’t gonna hurt them. You love those boys, don’t ya?” 

Zed nodded, “I’m afraid so. I...never had much experience with kids before, but now I know just how special kids are, especially these two.” 

“Well, they love you too and they are gonna miss you something awful. I don’t know what I’m gonna with them,” she laughed. 

“Well, as I said I’ll be calling them everyday and writing them and I’ll come back to visit as soon as I can, maybe around Christmas.” 

The conversation turned to lighter things and the time passed quickly. Zed paid the check using his company credit card and left a nice tip and drove them back to the park. Brenda excused herself saying she had something she had to take care of, and Zed wondered if that something was a man. 

He wanted their last night together to be special but all the boys seemed to want was to be near Zed. They piled down on the couch together and watched TV as they sipped sodas and ate popcorn and before long the night had slipped away and it was bedtime. The boys seemed quiet and subdued as they got ready for bed and when they climbed into bed that night they snuggled especially close. 

Both boys had their hand on Zed’s chest as they snuggled in on either side of him and he was overwhelmed with love for them. How could he go back to his dreary and lonely life after he’d been loved by these two beautiful boys? 

“Tonight is our last night Zed,” Johnny said softly against his ear, “Are you gonna let me do it tonight?” 

Zed sighed, he didn’t ask what “it” was, he knew. He’d been avoiding it since that first night, derailing Johnny’s plan to take their relationship to the next level and now that he was leaving there was no more time to stall. 

“Are you sure? What about Billy?” 

“He wants ta do it too. Can we please?” 

“I..I’m afraid,” Zed admitted, “I love you guys so much and I don’t want to hurt you...ever.” 

“Only way you can hurt us is if you say no,” Johnny said defiantly. 

“Yeah, we wanna do it,” Billy said softly into the other ear, “we been talking about it all week.” 

Zed sighed, “I...I don’t know what to say. I guess, I’m okay with it if you are.” 

“Good,” Johnny said happily and he wasted no time starting. Zed let the boys explore his body with their small hands as they rubbed their hard little pricks against him in the process. Eventually the clothes came off and Zed began to return the favor, feeling the boys soft smooth skin and marveling at their perfection. He wanted so badly to take them in his mouth, to taste them and feel them, to drink down Johnny’s boy cum, but he was afraid he might scare them if he was too aggressive. Instead he let them lead and when Billy climbed onto him and straddled is chest he gave in to the inevitable. 

Billy pushed his small hard prick toward Zed’s mouth and Zed took the hint and opened wide. Billy lunged forward planting his hard nail in Zed’s mouth and soon he began to move with determination, fucking Zed’s mouth as if his life depended on it. 

Zed was overcome by his smell, his taste, and the feel of his velvety soft foreskin as it glided across his lips. It didn’t take long for the little boy to have his dry orgasm but even when it was over and his breathing returned to normal he continued to gently thrust working on a second orgasm. 

Zed smiled around his small savory prick. He supposed that since his orgasms were dry the boy could come again and again without tiring and that was fine with him. 

Eventually Billy reached his second orgasm and this time he rolled off onto his back and put his hands behind his head. 

“Okay, your turn Johnny,” he said sighing. 

“Wait,” Zed said raising up, “I want to be in control this time.” 

Johnny just smiled and rolled onto this back with his hard boy cock jutting straight up. It was as lovely as Zed had remembered, but somehow tonight it looked bigger and more fierce. The head peeked out, lovely and pink beneath the foreskin, and Zed could smell his musky excitement as a single drop of pre-cum glistened at the opening. 

“ look so yummy,” Zed gasped. Then reaching out he grasped Johnny’s cock causing the boy to hiss with approval. Pulling back the loose sheaf of skin Zed was overcome by more of the boy’s exotic scent. If this is head cheese, I want a case of it, Zed thought. His experience with uncut cock was limited but his opinion on the subject had changed drastically since meeting these two uncut cuties. He lapped at the sticky head of the boy’s cock and Johnny grasped the covers and moaned, 

“Mmmm...even better than you do it Billy,” he said dreamily. 

That was interesting news, Zed thought, but not surprising. Even he knew boys, especially brothers, experimented with sex and these two were especially close so it only stood to reason that their experimentation would go that far.

Swallowing the whole 3.5 or 4 inches in one gulp he heard Johnny cry out as he clutched at his hair and held on for dear life. He used everything he had ever learned about oral sex on the boy, but somehow it seemed different this time. Maybe it was the way Johnny reacted or the novelty of sucking a young boy off, but whatever it was it was the most amazing thing he had ever experienced. Presently he left Johnny’s cock long enough to lick and suck on his smooth hairless balls and that brought Johnny to new heights of ecstasy. 

“Oh..oh..Billy..he’s lickin’ my nuts,” he gasped. 

Apparently this was something new for the two and Zed was glad he could teach them something new. That made it all the more exciting as Zed’s tongue began to roam, growing bolder and exploring new areas as he went along. Suddenly overcome with lust and desire he pushed the boy’s legs up high and attacked his hole with his hot wet tongue. 

“Oh...oh...shit...oh...mmmyyyy God...he’s lickin' my b-hole Billy and it’s fuckin’ amazing.” 

“Ewww..” Billy said making a face, but Zed could tell the boy wasn’t as turned off as he was acting and he was sure a tongue up his butt would end all that in a hurry. 

“’s great,” Zed said coming up for air, “And you’re next.” 

Billy just smiled and looked shy, but Zed knew he’d offer no resistance. Going back to Johnny’s sweet ass he ate until his tongue was numb and when he returned to his cock once more it only took a few minutes to bring him to a bed shaking and guttural orgasm. 

“Ahhhhhh...oh..oh..oh..oh...shit..uhhh, damn shit.” 

As Zed greedily swallowed down Johnny’s sweet boy cum he wondered if Billy did the same when he sucked his older brother off and that made him even hornier than he already was. When he had milked the boy dry he kissed his sweet cock and rested his head on his tummy and lay there till his heart slowed down. 

“Your turn,” Johnny announced after a while, “Come on Billy, we’re both gonna do him.” 

“Yeah!” Billy said excitedly. Johnny helped Zed get in position, flat on is back in the middle of the bed and the two boys scooted down until they were eye level with his hard as steel seven inch cock. He was leaking like crazy and as Johnny reached over and smeared it across his slit he shivered and almost came. Closing his eyes he tried to think of non sexy things to postpone his orgasm but suddenly he felt two soft hands on his cock and his eyes jerked open just as their tiny pink tongues darted out washing his cockhead on either side. 

“Awwwww shit,” Zed gasped, “That feels so fucking awesome.” Both boys giggled and then both little mouths went to work seriously on his aching cock.

He lasted much longer than he thought he would and it was Johnny who was deep-throating him when he cried out and began to spurt like a fountain. Johnny gagged once then pulled up then moved off giving Billy a chance to take his turn and they shared his hot copious cum as if it were ice cream. He felt as if his balls had been turned inside out and he felt a throbbing deep inside his ass even though nothing had gone on there. He figured it was his prostate and he wondered why he had never felt that sensation before. 

They licked him clean and only when he became too sensitive and pushed them away did they give it up. He pulled them into his sides with their heads resting on his shoulders and he hugged them closely. 

“That was the most amazing sex I have ever had,” Zed gasped, “Where did you learn to do that?” 

Johnny shrugged, “I told you we weren’t all that innocent. We learned some of it from our cousin Robbie and some from one of momma’s boyfriends.” 

The boyfriend thing bothered Zed more than the cousin, but after feeling the boys out he discovered the boyfriend was long gone and had apparently done nothing more than teach them oral sex. Zed was worried that someone might have taken their cherries, because he didn’t think either of them were ready for that. 

“You said you was gonna lick my b-hole next,” Billy said after a while causing Zed to chuckle. 

“Oh yea,I did, didn’t I. Well, let’s try it a different way. Johnny move over a bit and let your brother straddle me...yeah with your butt towards me...yeah, like that” Zed trembled in anticipation as Billy’s perfect little ass came into view and when he pried the golden globes apart and caught a glimpse of his little pink starfish he felt his cock jump to attention once more.

It looked like a little wad of pink bubblegum and the aroma coming off the boy was musky and intoxicating. For as long as he would live he would always associate that smell with love, and boys, and the happiness he felt that night. 

When his hot wet tongue touched Billy’s pucker he cried out as if he had been stung by a bee. 

“Awwwwwww....oh....uhhhhh, shit, shit, shit...oh’s soooo good.” 

“Told ya,” Johnny laughed, “and it gets better.” 

By the time Zed was through with Billy’s b-hole the boy was mumbling incoherently and pushing back trying to get more and more tongue in his hot tight behind. He was breathing hard and sweating profusely and his little rod was so stiff it looked painful. Reaching around him Zed took it in his hand and began to work the loose skin on it as he tongue dived one last time into his hot tight hole and suddenly Billy cried out one last time as a mind blowing knee bucking dry orgasm washed over him.  

“Oh...uh....ummmm...shitttttt.....uh..uh..uh,” he cried out as he thrust his butt into Zed’s face once, twice, three times before collapsing atop him with his cute ass still in the air. 

“Good one huh?” Johnny laughed. 

“Uhhhhhh,” Billy moaned,”So tired...” 

Zed helped him lay down beside him and in a few minutes the boy was snoring softly. 

“He really asleep?” Johnny whispered as he snuggled up to me. 

“Yep, poor little guy never came that hard before I guess.” 

“Yeah, I know. That’s how I felt too.. when you licked my behind.” 

“So you learned something new. I’m glad.” 

“Just never thought of that before. You know we done other stuff back there, but not licking.” 

“Oh, like what?” Zed asked intrigued by that information. 

“You know...butt stuff...corn holin'. Billy let’s me do that to him, but he’s too little to do it to me.” 

Zed’s erection throbbed at the thought of that and he considered waking Billy up just so he could watch Johnny bugger his brother. 

“Oh,wow...that’s pretty intense stuff...real sex.” 

“Uh huh, you wanna butt fuck me now?” Johnny said almost causing Zed to faint. 

Had he heard the boy right? “ way? I’m way too big...” 

“Nope, not too big. I done it with my cousin and he’s almost as big as you. He’s 16 and gots big nuts too.” 

“Well...I don’t know, that’s pretty serious stuff....” 

“Aww...come on, it’s our last night and you been fightin’ me the whole time, now you finally gave in. Might as well go all the way.” 

Zed sighed, in the end it was his cock who made the decision and Johnny who heard it’s call. 

“See you want to and your pecker is hard as a log..and all wet. That wet is for making it slip in easy. But might need some spit too.” 

Zed was as lost as he had ever been as he pushed Johnny onto his stomach and attacked his ass with his lips and tongue. If he was going to prison for sodomy, he might as well make it worthwhile. He slobbered on the boy’s hole till he was sure he was wet enough then he rolled him over and pushed his legs up high. He wanted to see the boy’s face as he fucked him and he promised himself that if he saw the least bit of discomfort there he would stop immediately. Entry was much easier than he had expected and Johnny seemed to feel nothing but pleasure as he sank in deeper and deeper until his pubes brushed the boy’s smooth soft ass cheeks.

“You okay buddy?” 

“Uh huh, feels good. Do it fast, that feels best,” Johnny said dreamily. 

“Okay, but if I hurt you tell me and I’ll stop.” 

“You ain’t gonna hurt me, now go ahead and butt fuck me Zed.” 

Zed almost laughed, if there was ever any doubt of who was in control here it was obvious now. The boy was hot and tight and so silky smooth inside that Zed didn’t think he could last very long. Each thrust brought feelings he had never experienced before and gazing into the boy’s eyes it was as if they were joined not only in body but in soul as well. His eyes traveled down to where his 7 inches of hard cock moved in and out of the slightly swollen pucker of the boy’s ass and he felt light headed. 

He had fucked dozens of men before but nothing would ever come close to what he felt with this boy who was barely into puberty. Maybe that was it, the fact that it was taboo, that made it so perfect, but whatever it was he never wanted it to end. But end it did and when the end came he felt as if his very essence was flowing out of his body and into Johnny’s. 

Through the whole joining both had been very verbal but now they lay silent as they recovered from what was for both the most amazing experience of their life. Eventually Zed’s cock softened and slipped out of Johnny leaving a slimy trail across his butt cheeks. Lovingly Zed lowered his face to the boy’s butt and licked him clean tasting his own come and Johnny’s ass and savoring the flavor. Then crawling up beside the boy he nuzzled his neck and kissed his face lovingly as he hugged him close. 

“Now, you really love me...don’t ya?” 

“Ummm...yeah, if it’s possible I guess I love you more but it’s different now.” 

“I know, I love you different too...and...and now it’s even harder to say goodbye.” 

Zed hadn’t thought of that, but now that Johnny had vocalized it he knew he felt the same way too. 

“Did you do this to try to make me stay?” 

“No, but I didn’t think about how hard it would be to let you go...after we did it.” 

“Well, at least we have something wonderful to remember...this night, the three of last time together.” 

“No...don’t say that...not the last time,” he whined, “We’ll be together again, you promised.” 

“Yes, I did and I meant it. I just meant one last time before I leave.” 

“You guys....” came a little voice from beside us, “Don’t fight.” 

Zed laughed and pulled Billy into his embrace, “Okay buddy. We won’t..tonight is about love, not fighting.” 

“Good cause someone needs to love my butt some more.” He giggled. 

“I’ll love it with my pecker,” Johnny offered, and just like that Zed got his wish...he got to watch Johnny fuck his little brother.

There were hugs and tears the day Zed left. He didn’t want them to have to suffer through parting in a strange place so he decided to say his goodbyes at the trailer park that day. Brenda hung around for a few minutes, but it was as if she sensed the boys would rather be alone with Zed and she disappeared inside. They sat on Zed’s porch swing once more and reflected on the fun they’d had that summer and for one moment their sadness was forgotten. Then like a splinter working it’s way to the surface, the pain was back, pricking them to their soul and engulfing them completely. 

“I’ll call you as soon as I’m off the plane,” Zed said hugging Johnny one last time. 

He had bought the boys a smart phone and arranged for the bills to go directly to him and he’d spent three days teaching them how to use it. It had internet as well and they were excited at the possibilities it opened up for them. 

“Johnny, I’m depending on you to take care of Billy...okay?” 

“Yep, always have, always will,” he said proudly. 

“And Billy, you mind your brother and be good...okay?” Billy jumped into his arms and Zed picked him up and held him like a baby as the boy buried his face in Zed’s shoulder. 

“Don’t go...please,” he sobbed. 

“Billy, you know he has to go. Don’t make him feel worse than he does.” 

“I’m sowwwry,” he said wiping his eyes, “I...I wuv you Zed,” he said placing a sweet kiss on Zed’s cheek. 

“And I love you too buddy, forever..and always.” 

He sat the boy down reluctantly and wiped his own tears away. His bags were stowed in his rental car and it was time to go. 

“I better get on the road, I don’t want to be late for the plane. “Group hug,” he said holding out both arms as the boys swarmed him. 

They hugged and then Zed kissed each boy on the top of his head and they walked him to the car. As he climbed in he felt as if his heart would break, but he had a job to do and he had to go. He’d be back, he was certain of that, but if leaving was this painful every time, then how would he survive the next time? 

As he drove away that dusty hot August morning he thought about how his life had changed and how much he had learned that summer and he knew he would never be the same again. 

The plane trip was long and uneventful and he was spent by the time the plane landed in Dallas. In the terminal he made the call to the boys and Johnny answered on the first ring. He tried to sound cheerful but he knew he was failing miserably. He missed them so much it was a physical pain and he had trouble putting words together. When he finally hung up after a dozen I miss yous and I love yous he located his luggage and took a cab to his apartment. 

As much as he missed the boys, it was nice to be home once more, but the opulence of his apartment seemed outrageous compared to the spartan little trailer he had just left behind. He smiled as he realized that it wasn’t fancy things that made a home, but people...the ones you loved, and that little trailer had been more of a home than this lavish apartment would ever be. He wondered what the boys would think of his huge flat screen TV and computer, his stereo and all the other modern amenities, but he supposed he’d never know. They were simple souls living a simple life and they couldn’t miss what they never had. 

He took a long hot shower and washed away the aches and pains the cramped flight had inflicted upon him and once he was dried off he felt half way human again. He hadn’t eaten since lunch and suddenly he was starved. He thought about the boys as he opened a can of beef stew and wondered what they had eaten for supper. He had given Brenda all the left over food in his trailer and had even bought extra knowing it would go to a good cause. 

As he sat gazing out the patio doors onto his balcony he thought about their last night together. The easy way the boys had pulled him into intimacy and just how wonderful it had been. He wondered if he would ever find anyone who could please him as much as they had, but he didn’t suppose he’d be looking anytime soon. He needed time to heal and immersing himself in his work was the best way to do that. 

He turned in early but even in bed his thoughts turned to the boys and the time they’d shared together. He tossed and turned and pounded his pillow into submission and finally drifted off into a restless sleep.


The days turned into weeks and Zed’s pain lessened somewhat, partly because he was able to talk with them each evening by phone. He had mailed them gifts for their birthday, Johnny’s having been October 1st and Billy’s a few days later on the 5th and they had sent him hand made thank you cards which to Zed were more valuable than the Mona Lisa. He cherished anything his boys produced, and saved each letter and card in a scrapbook. 

Brenda sent a 5x7 school picture of each and both boys looked like they’d grown an inch since he’d last seen them. He framed their pictures in expensive silver frames and they sat proudly on his desk next to his computer where he could gaze upon them whenever he was working there. He longed to see them, to hug them, and to laugh with them once more and that longing burned within him like a wildfire. 

It was nearing Thanksgiving when he finally approached his supervisor about his returning to the call center when it opened in early December. At first his supervisor was surprised by his request, then upon hearing his reason he laughed. “Let me get this straight, You got attached to a family back there in the trailer park where you were living and you want to go back and spend Christmas with them.” 

“Well, yeah, but I could check up on things at the call center too.” 

“Hummm...tell you what, I’ll send you back for a week,and if you want you can take a couple weeks of vacation. You have six weeks you need to burn before April anyway.”

Zed wrapped up his work in Dallas and the day after Thanksgiving he fought the crowds at DFW and he was headed back to his boys. He hadn’t warned them ahead of time, he wanted it to a total surprise, but they must’ve wondered why he was so cheery the evening before. 

He rented a car at the airport and drove the 45 miles to the little town where he had left his heart and as he rolled into the Happy Acres Trailer Park the first thing he noticed was that his old trailer was gone. He frowned, the boys hadn’t mentioned anything about his trailer going missing, but of course they had no idea he would be coming back so soon. 

As he pulled to a stop in front of the boys’ trailer he expected them to come running out, but when no one appeared after a few minutes he began to get worried. He knew they were still living here, he had received a letter from them just a few days ago, and it still listed this address, but apparently they weren’t home. 

He climbed out of his rental car and closed the door. August’s heat had turned to November’s chill and he shivered and pulled his coat up around him. He looked around and took in the scenery. Nothing had changed, it was still as dull and run down as he’d remembered, but to him nothing had ever looked as beautiful. 

He inhaled the cool November air and detected a slight scent of pine and wood burning somewhere. He stretched his legs before heading toward the boys’ trailer and when he reached it he knocked loudly. 

He was just getting ready to knock again when he heard a familiar sound and spinning around he saw Brenda’s beat up old pickup coming up the road. He smiled to himself as butterflies of anticipation fluttered around in his stomach. He watched as they approached and when they were close enough for him to see inside, he saw the boys’ faces wide with smiles as they pointed his way. 

The truck had barely ground to a stop when the passenger’s side door flew open and out spilled his boys. He walked down off the porch and touched dirt just as he was dive bombed by less than a hundred fifty pounds of boy flesh. 

“You jerk, why didn’t you tell us you were coming,” Johnny said as he and Billy wrestled him to the ground. 

“I wanted to surprise you. Surprise!” He giggled. 

“Zed, are you back to stay?” Billy asked voicing the question for them both. 

Brenda had finally made her way over and was staring down laughing at the three rolling around on the ground at her feet. 

“Well, welcome back Zed. These two been half crazy since you left, and now they done gone the rest of the way I guess.”

Zed managed to get up and dusted himself off as the two boys hung onto him as if he would slip away any moment. 

“I came back for the opening but I’m taking a couple of weeks vacation too so I’ll be around for the holidays.” 

“Yeah!” both boys cheered. 

“But where are you staying?” Johnny asked frowning, “Your trailer is gone. Some guy bought it and moved it away.” 

“I have a motel booked for tonight and tomorrow I’ll try to figure something out.” 

“You could stay with us, couldn’t he momma?” 

“I doubt he’d want to live in our dinky little trailer but he’d sure be welcome if he wanted.” 

“Thanks, but I don’t want to impose. I’ll figure something out. Do you know of any vacancies in the park?” 

“Check with Clarence over in the office, he would know for sure.” 

“Great, I’ll do that before I check in to the motel. So what have you guys been up to since I’ve been gone?” 

“Just goin’ to school. It’s been kinda boring,” Johnny said tugging at Zed’s arm. 

“Well, it won’t be boring anymore,” Zed laughed, 

“How about I take all of you out for dinner tonight?” 

“Oh Zed you don’t have to, but if you really want to...I guess we can stand it,” Brenda laughed, 

“I know these two aren’t gonna’ wanna lose sight of you for a while.” 

“Okay, so why don’t I go check in to the motel and take a shower and change and I’ll be back around six. How does that sound?” 

“ you have to go now?” Billy whined. 

“Can we go with ya to the motel?” Johnny asked excitedly, “I ain't never seen a motel room before.” 

“Well, it’s fine with me if it’s okay with your mom, but don’t blame me if you’re bored.” 

“We won’t be. Can we momma, can we go with Zed?” 

“I don’t care. If Zed can stand you it’s fine with me. Give me a chance to rest without listenin’ to you all whine,” she said smiling. 

Zed knew she was only teasing and that she really loved her boys, even if she wasn’t always there for them. 

“Okay, then. Let’s roll guys. I need to check in by 3 and it’s a good twenty minutes drive. The closest place I could find was out on the interstate.” 

“Yeah, the only thing we got here is no-tell motels,” Brenda laughed, “You know the kind that rent by the hour and don’t ask no questions.” 

Zed wondered if Brenda had used a few of those herself, but he just smiled and said goodbye. The boys piled into his rental car, a red Camry, Johnny in the front and Billy in the rear, and they headed off to the motel. 

The traffic was light and they arrived there in about fifteen minutes. The motel was an almost new Motel Six which boasted free Wi-Fi and cable and an indoor pool and hot tub. 

The boys waited in the car while Zed checked in and when he came back he drove around to the back of the motel and parked near the rear entrance. The boys were intrigued by Zed’s use of the key card to open the outside door and were all eyes as they chattered excitedly once they were inside. 

All the room entrances were inside and Zed found room 106 easily. On the way they passed the indoor pool and the boys gasped with excitement as they gazed through the window at the sparkling blue water. 

“You mean they got a real swimmin’ pool inside?” Johnny asked excitedly. 

“Yeah, and a hot tub. If I’d of thought of it I’d have had you bring your swim trunks and we could’ve taken a swim.” 

“We ain't got no swim trunks Zed,” Billy said frowning, “We always just swim in our shorts.” 

“Well, we’ll get you some then, if I can find any this late in the year. Might have to try a sporting goods store.” 

“Really?” Billy said hugging Zed’s arm to him, “We love you Zed.” 

“I love you too buddy,” Zed said as he let them into the room.Once inside the boys went crazy, peeking into every nook and cranny and trying out the bed and TV until Zed finally calmed them down. 

“You boys watch TV and I’ll go take my shower,” he said as he started unpacking his one bag. He pulled out jeans and a pullover and laid them out on the bed then grabbed a pair of boxer briefs and his shave kit and headed off to the bathroom. 

“Be back in a little bit,” Zed said to the boys who were laying down on their tummies watching TV. 

“Okay Zed,” Johnny mumbled, “See ya when you’re done.” 

Zed shaved and took a dump and hopped in the shower and was just rinsing his hair when he felt a draft and heard the bathroom door open. 

“Just had to pee,” Johnny called from the other side of the curtain. 

"Okay, but don’t flush otherwise I’ll get scalded,” Zed warned. 

“Oh, okay,” Johnny said and a few seconds later Zed heard his piss stream hitting the toilet. 

“Remember, don’t flush,” Zed warned again just as Johnny shook off the last few drops. Instead Johnny put the lid down noisily and sat down, “I didn’t. Can we talk?” 

“Well, sure,” Zed said as he started to soap up his body, “What’s up?” 

“Nuttin’, just wanted to talk to ya. I missed ya a lot.” 

“I missed you too, but we’re gonna make up for lost time and we can spend Christmas together if your mom doesn’t care.” 

“We don’t go in much for Christmas at our house,” Johnny said sounding embarrassed. 

“Why’s that?” Zed asked hoping he wasn’t imposing upon them. 

“Well...momma ain’t got much money so...we just don’t celebrate it much.” 

“But you’d like to..right?” 

“Well..sure, I reckon. I guess you better talk to momma about that.” 

“Okay I will, but I still want to get you and Billy a gift. Is that okay?” 

“You already did Zed,” Johnny said softly, “You came back.” 

Zed opened the curtain and stuck his head out, “I have thought about you every day since I left here. I had to come back.” 

“Billy cried for a week after you left,” Johnny said softly, not adding that he did his own share of crying when Billy wasn’t around. 

“Awww...I’m sorry, but I had to go. Let’s not talk about the sad stuff, okay?” 

“Okay, what kin we talk about then,” Johnny said suggestively. 

“Well...” Zed said closing the curtain, “tell me what you guys have been up to.” 

“Like what, that I butt fucked Billy last night?” Johnny giggled. 

Zed’s cock perked up when he heard that and he gave it a good rubbing with the wash cloth. 

“Oh really. That’s nice. I assume he liked it.” 

“Oh yeah, he begs me to do it and ...well, now I sort of know why since you did it to me.” 

“I thought I dreamed that,” Zed teased. 

“Uh uh, it happened Zed. You stuck your big ole' peter in my little b-hole.”

Now Zed’s cock was fully engorged and throbbing, “Stop talking about it or it might happen again.” Zed hissed. 

“Okay by me, want me to get nekkid and come in there with ya?” 

As tempting as that was, Zed didn’t think it was a good idea, especially with Billy in the next room. 

“Let’s put that on hold and talk about it later. Right now I just want to get clean and get dressed.” 

“O..kay..” Johnny said sounding disappointed. 

Zed turned off the shower and pulled the curtain open and Johnny’s eyes went straight to his hard 7” cock. 

“Wow, Zed it looks bigger today. Did it grow?” 

“Naw, but all that dirty talk made it super hard,” Zed chuckled. 

“Kin I touch it at least?” 

“Okay, but just for a minute. I need to get dried off and dressed.” 

But a minute turned into two and soon Zed was moaning softly as Johnny’s small soft hand worked his throbbing hard cock to a knee collapsing orgasm. As thick hot fizz arched out of his swollen slit and splattered on the floor Billy chose that moment to come looking for them. Standing in the doorway wide eyed, his mouth forming a perfect O, he watched until the last drop hit the floor before making his presence known. 

“No fair, I wanted to play,” Billy whined and they Johnny and Zed laughed. 

“Uh...well, I guess we should have waited for you,” Zed chuckled. 

“Heck, but we kin do it later…right?” 

“Sure, next time you can play, but it’s between us guys...right?” 

“Sure Zed, we ain’t gonna tell nobody else. Sides it’s fun and we like it, don’t we Billy?” 

“Yeah, it’s fun and it feels real good.” 

“Okay guys, I guess we got that settled, now let me get cleaned up and dressed or we’ll never make it to dinner.” 

Zed picked up Brenda and drove back to the interstate near the motel where there were a few chain restaurants in a row. He chose The Crackle Barrel because he knew it had a kid friendly menu and the food was usually good and Brenda seemed more comfortable here than she had the last time they ate out. 

The boys had chicken fried steak and French fries and Zed and Brenda had meatloaf. As they ate, the boys brought him up to speed on their lives since he’d left and in turn he gave them an abbreviated version of his life without them. 

“I swear I thought these two were gonna mope themselves to death when you left,” Brenda laughed, 

“I was bout’ ready to crate em’ up and ship em’ off to ya’.” 

“Well, that would have been a shock when I opened that package,” I teased. 

“Sometimes I cried,” Billy said pooching out his bottom lip, “but now I’m happy,” he said giggling. 

“How long can you stay Zed?” 

“Till after New Years, I’m burning some of my vacation so I won’t loose it.” 

“Yeah, we can drink some champagne and ring in the new year.” Johnny cheered.

“Well, maybe some non-alcoholic champagne,” I laughed. 

“Oh Heavens, I think they can get a sip of the real stuff and not go crazy,” Brenda said rolling her eyes, “God knows they’ve done worse things.” 

Oh, and what? Zed wondered. 

“Meanwhile there’s Christmas coming up in about a month and I promise this one is gonna be a good one….for all of us.” 

Brenda looked a little embarrassed and turned her attention to her plate and Zed wondered if he’d said too much. He didn’t want to rub it in her face that she couldn’t provide the kind of Christmas the boys deserved, but he was determined to make this the one they would remember forever. 

They talked about the weather and school and pretty soon it was time to go. Zed paid the check and left a nice tip and as they walked out into the crisp November air, Zed realized how alive he felt since returning. All the time he had been back in Dallas seemed like a dull ache now. Between working and hanging out at his apartment he had just been marking time, waiting for this, and now that he was back, he didn’t know how he would ever find the willpower to leave again. 

As they drove back to the trailer park the boys seemed quiet, however Brenda seemed to be bubbling over with excitement. 

“Oh, I forgot to tell ya, I got me a new job and it pays more and I don’t have to work so much.” 

“Oh, really? What are you doing now?” 

“I’m the head bartender down at the club now, and the tips are more than I used to make as a hostess.” 

“That’s wonderful, I’m very happy for you.” 

“Thanks, I still have to work Friday and Saturday night, but I’m off most of the other nights. So…tomorrow night while I’m working I was wondering if you and the boys would like to do something, I mean unless you got plans.” 

I laughed, “Brenda, the only reason I came all this way was to spend time with these two ornery boys, so yeah…I think that would be just fine.” 

“Well, I was wonderin’…if you want to keep them till Sunday then?” 

“Yeah, that would be great. Give you a chance to rest up between shifts and give us a chance to get to know each other again.” I said excitedly. 

“Yeah!” the boys cheered. 

“But what about tonight?” Johnny said looking at me hopefully. 

“I’m pretty tired buddy, so I think tonight I’m just gonna go back to the motel and crash. I’ll come pick you up sometime after noon okay?” 

“Awww…I guess,” Johnny said sounding disappointed. 

“Hey, cheer up. You’ll get tired of me soon enough.” 

“Huh uh, never.” 

When they got to the trailer park Brenda went on in leaving the three to say their good nights. She knew the boys had a lot to talk about and she was fine with it. 

“Did you really miss us?” Billy said wanting to hear it one more time. 

“I missed you so much it hurt. If I hadn’t got to talk to you guys every night I’d have never have made it.” 

“So why don’t you just stay this time?” 

“Billy, he already told you…he can’t, he has his job and all.” 

“I wish I could buddy. I’ve even thought about taking a demotion and going to work in the call center, but I’d be miserable ther..even with you two to keep me company.” 

“We understand,” Johnny sighed. “But we’ll have a great time while I’m here and then we’ll do the phone thing till I can come back next summer.”

“Well, least we get to see you sometimes,” Billy said clinging to Zed like Velcro. 

“Will you hold me like you used to?” he said turning on the puppy dog eyes.

“Whoa, you’ve grown,” Zed said picking the boy up and cradling him on his hip. 

“Me too,” Johnny reminded him, “and not just the part you can see,” he giggled. 

“His wiener is bigger too,” Billy giggled, “and so’s mine.” 

“Well, mine’s the same,” Zed sighed. 

“And something else is different too,” Johnny said grinning like the Cheshire Cat. 

"Oh, I can hardly wait to see what it is,” Zed chuckled. 

“Tomorrow night for sure. Well, I reckon we should let you go get some sleep. Come on Billy give him a kiss and let’s go.” 

Billy hugged Zed’s neck and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek and when Zed sat him down it was hard to let go of him. When he finally untangled himself from Billy he looked over at Johnny and held out his arms, “Well, where’s my hug and kiss from you?” 

Johnny played coy, but this was exactly what he needed, and though he pretended it was a chore he melted into Zed and kissed him with a sigh. 

“I wish we were going back with you.” 

“Tomorrow we’ll be together, I promise.” 

Zed finally managed to break free and as he drove away he watched the boys in the rear view mirror. They waved until he was out of sight then went inside to get ready for bed. 

Back at the motel Zed checked his emails and found one from his boss giving him contact information for the call center and wishing him a pleasant visit. He smiled as he shut down his laptop and a second later his phone rang. As he picked it up he smiled, it was the boys wishing him a good night once again. 

They talked for a few minutes then Zed took another shower and hopped into bed naked. As he settled in he regretted not bringing the boys back with him. It seemed lonely here without them and he tried to will himself to sleep so the morning would come quicker and he could see them again. 

As he lay there he thought about the boys and how much he had missed them and he frowned at the thought of having to leave them again. The boys had grown so much in the short time he was away and every time he left it would be the same. Sleep finally overtook him and he slept well and awoke rested and eager to start the day. 

The next morning he hopped out of bed and got dressed and went down to the breakfast buffet and loaded up on scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits and gravy. A family with two small boys caught his eye and he found himself watching the two waifs and smiling at their antics. 

He liked the way the father interacted with the boys and he thought of Johnny and Billy and how much he loved them. He knew his relationship with his boys was different, but he couldn’t have loved them more if they had been his own flesh and blood. 

After breakfast he hurried back to his room and brushed his teeth and then stopped by the front desk to tell the clerk that he’d be staying until further notice. She made a note of it and wished him a good day and he was on his way. He decided to stop along the way and buy gifts for the boys and maybe something for Brenda as well. 

Just as in every other small town in America this one had a Walmart nearby and he was able to find everything he wanted there. To his surprise they even had some swim trunks in the sporting goods department and he bought the boys a pair and some new flip flops and a few toys. 

He didn’t want to get Brenda anything too personal but they had some nice ladies watches on sale and he figured she could use one for work. He bought gift bags for the presents and then headed off to the food section and loaded up on soda and snacks to take back to the motel with them. 

By the time he got to the trailer park it was nearing twelve o’clock and as he pulled into the park he saw the boys out front as if they’d been waiting there for him all morning. As he pulled up next to them they hopped in and greeted him noisily. 

“You’re early,” Johnny said happily, “we been up since eight waiting for ya.” 

“Where’s your mom?” 

“She went to visit a friend last night and didn’t come home yet.” 

Zed tried not to show how annoyed he was that Brenda had left them unattended one more time and he wished again that he had taken them with him the night before. 

“Well, then I guess you guys are ready to go. Do you need to grab some clothes or anything?” 

“Yeah, we got our stuff all packed. Come in with times he still found it depressing. The couch was piled up with newspapers and clothes and glancing toward the kitchen he saw the sink was piled up with dirty dishes.

The boys bounced off to their bedroom and returned a few minutes later with a worn backpack stuffed so full it was straining at the seams. He decided to leave the watch for Brenda to find when she returned, even though he didn’t feel as if she deserved it quite as much as he did when he’d bought it. She certainly wasn’t going to make mother of the year, but he supposed it could be worse. 

The boys watched with interest as he opened the trunk and pulled out the gift bag with the watch and when they saw the other bags they just smiled. 

“Later I have some surprises for you,” Zed explained, “but this is for your mom.” 

He sat it in the middle of the kitchen table which was surprisingly clean, and then as an afterthought he left her a note on a piece of notebook paper the boys dug up for him. 

Brenda: I came by around 12 and picked up the boys. I brought you a little gift, hope you can use it. I’ll bring the boys back sometime Sunday afternoon if it’s okay. You have my number, call me if you need anything. 

    “What is it Zed?” Billy asked peeking in the bag. 

“A watch, I hope she likes it.” 

“Oh yeah, she will. She don’t got one, her’s broke a long time ago.” 

“Good, well you guys ready to roll?” 

“Yeah, what are we gonna do today?” Johnny asked excitedly. 

“Well, I thought first we’d go back to the motel and take a swim. How does that sound?” 

“Good, but what about swim suits?” 

“I got it covered.” 

The boys were bubbling over with excitement as they drove back to the motel and when they got there Zed pulled out the sacks from Walmart and the boys helped him carry them in. It was all they could do not to snoop in the sacks, but when they got inside Zed pulled out the gift bags and handed them to the boys. 

“What is it…oh…cool. Oh, thank you so much Zed,” Billy said pulling out the colorful cars and other toys from his sack. 

Johnny was all smiles too as he opened his bag and pulled out the gifts Zed had bought for him. 

“And here’s the swim suits guys. Let’s get dressed and hit the pool.” 

The boys threw down their toys and grabbed their new swimsuits and pulled off the tags. Zed had done a good job of sizing them and as he watched they dropped their shorts and as usual they were naked beneath. 

“I was gonna save it for a surprise for later, but…look, I got hairs now…so I guess I get that beer now.” 

Zed laughed and bent down to get a closer look. Sure enough just above Johnny’s cock there were a few wiry looking little hairs, and it appeared that his cock had grown some as well. 

“Well, I’m so happy for you. I guess we better stop by the c-store and grab a six pack later.” 

They slipped on their swim trunks and headed down to the pool laughing and talking all the way there. Zed grabbed towels for them from a big metal cart and they staked out a couple of chairs and then waded into the cool blue water of the pool. 

“This is so cool, it’s so clean and blue and just the right temperature. Not too cold.” Johnny said wading in up to his waist. 

They had the pool all to themselves for a long time before the family that Zed had seen at breakfast showed up and greeted them warmly. Zed was a little disappointed at first but when he saw how easily his boys got along with the other two little boys he left them to play and got in the Jacuzzi.

The father wandered over eventually and stepped into the warm water and sat down. He was older than Zed, maybe 45 or so and a little overweight, but not obese, and his hairline had started to recede a little. 

“Your boys?” 

“Not exactly,” Zed said not really knowing what to say,” they belong to a friend of mine, I’m sort of baby sitting them while she works.” 

“Good looking boys and they seem to be getting along with my two hellions,” he chuckled. 

“They’re good boys, a little rough around the edges but sweet.” Zed said then blushed, why did he have to use that word. 

“Yeah, well…mine are salty,” the guys laughed, “I’m Dave, by the way. That’s Sally over there and Danny’s the one in the red trunks, he’s 10 and the other is Ronnie, he’s 11. 

“Johnny is 13 and Billy is 10 now. They both had birthdays last month.” 

“The mom, she your girlfriend?” 

“No, nothing like that. We used to be neighbors and we became friends, that’s all.” 

“Working mom I guess,” he sighed, “latch key kids…see a lot of that these days. Well, she’s lucky to have you to watch out for them.” 

“We get along really good. They keep me busy, but it’s nice really. Sort of like having my own family.” 

“Sometimes I wish I could get away from mine for a while, but I always miss them when I’m away too long. My wife doesn’t work so she’s home with them all the time. Poor woman.” 

“So are you on vacation….or just passing through?” 

“Visiting her mom, this was the nearest motel to where she lives and her place is too small so we’re here for a few days. Nice place though. It looks pretty new. Don’t remember it being here last time we came through here.” 

“Yeah, it’s new. I guess I’ll be staying here till the new year unless I can find a place to stay pretty soon.” 

“Oh, I thought you were local.” 

“I used to be, but I moved back to Dallas and I’m just visiting for a while.” 

“Got family here?” 

“No, just the boys and their mom.” 

“Well, have fun, I’m gonna go swim some. It’s getting too hot for me in here.” 

“Okay, later. It was nice meeting you. Enjoy your stay. Maybe we’ll bump into each other again.” 

“Could be.” Zed watched as Dave stood up and noticed there seemed to be a slight tenting in his swim trunks now and he wondered if Dave was one of those married guys who liked a little action on the side. 

After a while Zed got out of the Jacuzzi and joined the boys in the pool. By then Dave had taken up a place beside his wife on a lounger and seemed to be sleeping. The tent in his trunks was gone now, but it looked like he had a decent package and again Zed wondered if it had ever had another dude’s mouth on it. 

The boys pulled Zed into their play and before too long Danny and Ronnie had warmed up him and were treating him like an old friend. Eventually Sally and Dave called their boys out and they left to go visit Sally’s mom and the three were left alone again. 

“Can we get in that thing over there?” Johnny asked pointing at the Jacuzzi. 

“Sure, come on guys. You’re gonna love it.” As soon as the boys were seated in the hot tub they began to giggle as the water jets touched their bodies. 

“Tickles, I wonder what it feels like on your pecker” Johnny laughed. 

“Try it,” Billy said kneeling on the seat and pushing his pecker up toward the jet of water.

“Feels good,” Johnny giggled, “it’s giving me a boner.” 

“Anything gives you a boner,” Zed laughed. 

“We should take our peckers out and let the water hit em’.” 

“Guys, keep it legal. We don’t want to get thrown out of the motel,” Zed warned. 

“Okay Zed, how bout if I put my feet up there?” Billy said anxious to explore all the possibilities. 

Zed watched the two as they played around, happier than he’d been since he left their little world back in August. He tried not to think about what would happen when it was time to leave, but the thought of going back to his dull lonely world didn’t seem at all appealing. 

“Zed, can we go swim some more?” Johnny said pulling Zed out of my stupor. 

“Oh, sure. It is getting a little warm in here anyway. We can swim a little while then we’ll go wash the chlorine off and go have some dinner.” 

They played in the water for another hour or so before Zed suggested they get out and the boys agreed without any argument. Back in the room Zed suggested the boys go take a shower together and wash off the chlorine but they insisted that he join them and he couldn’t see any reason to refuse. 

He helped wash the boys and in the process all three of them were sporting erections before the shower was over. Of course the boys wanted to play sexy, but Zed assured them there would be plenty of time for that later and finally managed to coax them out. He helped them dry off and get dressed, noticing the condition of their clothes. Although their clothes looked clean they were well worn and Johnny’s looked a little small for him while Billy’s looked a little big. 

He figured Billy got Johnny’s hand me downs, which was no big deal, except it looked like Johnny wore them out before Billy got them. 

“How would you guys like to go shopping?” 

“What for Zed, what’re are ya gonna buy?” Johnny asked sounding excited. 

“Are you gonna buy some beer?” Billy giggled. 

“Oh, yeah, that too. But I need some other stuff too. I thought we’d go to Walmart, how does that sound guys?” 

“You hear that Johnny, we’re gonna go to Walmarts. It’s sooo big and they got everything in the whole world there,” Billy said as his eyes lit up with delight and wonder. 

Zed felt bad that something like a trip to Walmart was such a big deal for these two, and he planned on making it something they’d remember for a long time. 

They finished dressing and Zed lovingly brushed the boys’ hair and have them a hug. 

“I have missed you guys so much,” he said choking up. 

“We missed you too Zed. We love you,” Billy said giving Zed a butterfly kiss on the cheek. 

Zed touched his cheek and smiled, “I love you guys too. You’re my buds.” 

“I wish you was our daddy?” Billy said shyly. 

“This is better,” Zed assured him, “Cause daddies aren’t supposed to get sexy with their sons,” he laughed. 

“Oh yeah, buddies is better,” Billy giggled. 

On the way to Walmart the boys filled Zed in on their lives since they’d seen him last and he listened with great interest. He wanted to know everything about them and share their lives in every way possible. He wondered if Johnny had discovered girls yet, or if he had any interest, but he was reluctant to ask. 

At Walmart the boys surprised Zed by staying right with him and not wandering off. It was as if they were in awe of all the people and things around them. Zed led them first to the boys department and began looking for clothes for the two. 

“What are you doin’?” Billy asked smiling. 

“Come here buddy,” Zed said not explaining, and when Billy complied he grabbed a pair of pants and held them up to Billy’s to see if they were close to his size. 

“Hmmm…maybe the next size up. Why don’t we try both on and see which fits better.” 

Billy looked at Johnny with an excited look then frowned. He didn’t want new pants if Johnny didn’t get a pair as well. 

“Now for you bud,” Zed said grabbing up a larger pair and holding them up to Johnny. 

“These look just right, but you should try them on to make sure. But first let’s find some shirts and you can try those on too.” Zed picked out two pair of jeans for each boy plus a couple of shirts and led them to the dressing room area and waited outside while they tried on the clothing. 

The lady who had let them in the dressing room gave Zed a smile, but didn’t say anything or ask any questions about their situation. Billy emerged first wearing jeans and a striped pullover and Zed went over to check him out.

Running a finger around the waistband of the jeans he could see there was room to grow, and yet the jeans fit him well. Johnny’s clothes fit him perfectly as well and when they emerged dressed in their old clothes Zed led them back to the boys department and picked out another pair of jeans and let the boys pick out the shirts the liked best. 

Next they picked out underwear and socks. Placing the clothes in the basket, Zed then led them to the shoe department where he had them try on fashionable, yet inexpensive shoes which he also placed in the basket. 

“Is this our Christmas presents?” Billy asked excitedly. 

“Nope, this is just cause I love you and missed you. Your Christmas presents will be coming from Santa and they’ll be fun stuff, like toys.” 

Billy grinned at Johnny who’s heart was so full of love for Zed at that moment that he could barely contain himself. He wanted to throw himself at Zed and hug him right there in Walmart, but he didn’t want to look like a little kid or anything. 

“Okay, let’s see. What else do we need?” Zed said looking thoughtful. 

“Beer,” Johnny giggled. 

“Really? Do you want some beer? 

“Only if you do,” Johnny admitted. 

“We’ll see. You know, we could probably use a beach ball or something for the pool. Come on guys lets go see what kind of pool toys they have.” 

Zed bought a beach ball and swim noodles,and squirt guns for the boys and even one for himself. Being with the boys made him feel like a kid again and he was having almost as much fun as they were. In the grocery section they got chips and dip and a six pack of beer, though he doubted Johnny would like the taste of it, he decided he wouldn’t mind having one or two himself later. They checked out and the boys seemed amazed when he whipped out his gold card and paid for it all without using any money. 

On the way back to the motel they stopped at a local burger place and had greasy burgers and fries that Zed thought were the most delicious things he had ever eaten. The boys had milkshakes with theirs and Zed had a large Coke, and for dessert they had fried pies that were just as delicious as the other food had been. 

Stuffed like Thanksgiving turkeys they waddled out to the car and drove back to the motel. As soon as they got there the boy insisted on trying on some of their new clothes and put on a little fashion show for Zed starting with just underwear. 

It was all Zed could do grab them and ravage the two cuties as they paraded about in their new underwear, making teasing poses and thrusting their boners out suggestively. 

“You guys are making me horny,” Zed chuckled. 

“That’s okay Zed, we’re horny too. We can play if you want to. We can try our clothes on later.” Johnny said looking excited. 

“Ummm..tempting, but I really want to save it for tonight. Why don’t you try on the other things and let’s see how they look.” 

The two were a little disappointed but soon got over it when they had their new clothes on and were strutting around proudly. 

“You guys are so handsome,” Zed said sincerely, “you could be fashion models or in a Disney movie.” 

“Awww…think so Zed?” Johnny said smiling, “Cause I’d love to be an actor or something like that.” 

“I bet you’d be good at it. God knows you have the looks, both of you do.” 

They tried on the second outfit and decided to keep it on and Zed thought it was a good choice. They boys seemed to have gotten over their horniness and Zed was now faced with the problem of entertaining the two the rest of the day. 

“Are there any amusement parks or museums or anything of interest around here?” Zed asked as the boy laced on their new shoes. 

“Not close by, but over by the interstate there’s a Celebration Station. I know cause this one kid at school had a birthday party there and momma drove me over there. It was fun, but the kid was a jerk to me the whole time on account of me being poor and all,” Johnny said looking dejected. 

“Jerk is right,” I said putting my arm around him, “It’s his loss. He will never know what a great kid you are.” 

“Zed?” Billy said looking up at me with serious eyes, “How come some people are poor and some people are rich?” 

“Well…that’s a good question buddy. I guess it’s just one of those things that happens. But sometimes someone who is…well, not as well off, can change that and maybe not be rich, but be better off.” 

“How, by gettin’a good job?” 

“Well, yeah, that’s one way. But getting a good education first is really important. Take me for instance.” 

“Tell us Zed.” 

“Well, it was just me and my mom, sort of like you boys. My mom worked hard and saved for my college all her life and though it wasn’t quite enough I got some grants and a loan and worked part time and managed to get a good education. I found a good job right off the bat once I graduated and so I was able to pay my mom back for all the things she did for me.” 

“That’s what I want to do for my momma,” Billy said smiling. 

“Well, study hard in school and do your best, that’s the first step.” 

“Where does you momma live Zed?” Johnny asked curiously. 

“Well, she died about two years ago,” Zed said looking away, “She had cancer and it took her pretty fast. I still miss her,” Zed said tearing up. 

Billy was there almost instantly hugging him and kissing his face and he felt the sadness slowly disappear. He just knew his mom would have loved these two rough and tumble boys, and although she might not have approved of every facet of his relationship with them, she would have understood his love for them. 

Zed Googled the Celebration Station and made sure they were open, then entered the address in Google maps on his phone and they were ready to roll. 

The trip took almost an hour, but the boys seemed to enjoy the scenery and the excitement of a road trip and Zed loved listening to their bubbly conversation. 

The place was pretty busy for that time of year, but the weather was warmer that day and there wasn’t much else to do in the area so the and the park was benefiting from it. The boys seemed awestruck as they looked around but soon they were running around checking everything out. 

Later roaring around the race track in their go carts the boys, and Zed, were having the time of their lives. Afterwards they played miniature golf and Billy showed off a hidden talent beating both Zed and Johnny after a long fun filled game. 

They drank sodas and ate peanuts and rode all the big kid rides and played games in the arcade and pretty soon it was starting to get dark. Zed suggested they go get some dinner and go back to the motel, and though the boys were a little reluctant to leave all the fun behind, their little tummies won the battle and they agreed. 

They found a Denny’s near the park and the boys surprised Zed by ordering breakfast instead of a burger or other dinner type food. Zed loved breakfast anytime of day and got the Grand Slam and hashbrowns and sweetened ice tea. The boys had pumpkin spiced pancakes and bacon and tall glasses of cold milk and talked excitedly about the day as they ate. 

“This has been the best day of my whole life,” Billy said happily. 

“It’s not over yet,” Zed teased. 

“Yeah,” Johnny said then lowered his voice to a whisper, “There’s still the sexy stuff.” 

The three giggled conspiratorially and resumed eating, talking about more g-rated things. 

“I wonder what momma is doin’” Billy said wiping a little syrup off his cute face. 

“Probly' workin’ at the bar, then she probly' gots a date.” Johnny said casually. 

“Think she misses us?” 

“I’m sure she does,” Zed said jumping in, 

“I think your mother loves you a lot even if she does have to work a lot.” 

“Yeah, she does,” Johnny said frowning, “but I think you love us more.” His words cut Zed like a knife. 

On one hand it felt good to know that Johnny understood how deep his love for them went, but on the other hand there was a sadness in Johnny’s voice that spoke volumes of how he felt about his mother and his life in general. 

“It’s a different kind of love,” Zed said, ”But…I love you as much as if you were my own boys.” 

“Like our daddy, only…better,” Billy giggled, giving Zed a mischievous look. 

“You little stinkers have stole my heart away. I don’t know if I will ever be the same now that I’ve met you guys.” 

“That’s okay, we don’t want you to be the same. We want you to love us and be ours forever.” Johnny said baring his heart for one brief moment. 

Zed wiped at his eyes and sniffed, “Well, no more sadness. Let’s just have fun and enjoy the time we have together and not think about the future, okay?”

The boy surprised Zed by riding in the back of the car on the way back to the motel, but it didn't take him long to figure out they were up to something. Eying them in the rear view mirror he saw them whispering conspiratorially and giggling.

He returned his eyes to the road then a few minutes when he looked back he noticed the two had moved closer together and the look on their faces said they were up to more than talking.

"What are you two up to?" Zed laughed.

"Oh, nothing just playing," Johnny chuckled, "gettin' ready for some fun later."

"Warming up, huh?" Zed laughed.

At the motel the boys took a minute to zip and pull themselves together and Zed had to do a little adjusting of his own crotch before he could get out of the car. In the motel room Zed suggested they get something to drink and rest a minute, and Johnny thought this was as good a time as any to collect that beer Zed had promised him.

"Okay, but I'll have a beer," he said pulling open his pants to reveal his few pubic hairs once again, "See, here's the hairs, now where's the beer?"

Zed laughed and pulled out two beers and a soda and handed one of the beers to Johnny and the soda to Billy.

"No fair, I want some too," Billy whined.

"You kin' have a sip of mine," Johnny said trying hard to twist off the cap of his Bud Lite.

"Here let me," Zed offered as he reached for the beer.

"No, I kin' do it. If I ain't strong enough to open it then I shouldn't be drinkin' it."

Zed laughed, even as long as he'd known the boys he was still leering new things about them and their personalities.

Johnny finally managed to get the cap loose and giving Zed a wicked look he turned the bottle up and took a big swallow. The look on his face was priceless and Zed almost laughed. 

He remembered his fist taste of beer when he was around 16 and how awful it had seemed to him then. He'd drank part of the bottle just to keep up appearances with his friends, but most of it had been poured out in the toilet when he went to pee.

"Well, is it everything you hoped it would be?"

"Uh, it's good," Johnny said belching and causing Billy to laugh.

"Let me try it," Billy begged.

"Here, just a little sip," Johnny said offering the bottle to his younger brother.

Billy wasn't as bold as Johnny and barely let a few drops pass his lips before pulling back and making a face.

"Ewww, tastes like piss," Billy said wiping his lips with the back of his hand.

Zed laughed, "Well, it's an acquired taste. Some guys like, some don't. It's no big deal. When I was 16 I hated it, as I got older I learned to like the taste and the feeling it gave me."

"Like getting drunk," Johnny said grinning, "I think I'd like gettin' drunk."

"It's fun in the right situation, but it's not something anyone should do all the time."

"Like momma," Billy said. From the mouths of babes, and all that.

"Shut up about momma," Johnny warned, "it's part of her job."

"Boys, what say we watch a movie on HBO or something?" Zed didn't want to talk about their mom or her habits, he wanted to enjoy the boys.

"I say we go straight to bed," Johnny said grinning lewdly, "Me and Billy got something special for ya."

"Oh, is it pink and hard?" Zed teased.

"Some of it, but some of it is pink and tight," Johnny said pleased with his clever use of words.

"As long as it's not brown," Zed joked.

"We should take a shower," Billy suggested and wash our bobos."

"Oh, I think we're clean enough. I'd rather taste and smell boy than soap," Zed admitted.

"Then let's get nekkid and do some sex stuff," Johnny said excitedly.

The boys started to undress, but Zed would have none of that and insisted on doing it himself. He started with Billy, skinning his tee shirt over his smooth slender body and then paused to kiss his face and neck and finally his little erect nipples causing the boy to shiver with delight.

Next he knelt and unbuttoned his new jeans and slowly tugged the zipper down exposing a little lump in his new Star Wars underwear.

"Oh my, what is this...a light saber?" Zed teased as he ran a finger over the boy's hard little prick.

"Uh huh, get it out and you can play with it," Billy giggled.

Zed finished lowering his jeans and had him step out of them. The three removed their shoes upon entering the motel room and now Billy stood naked except for his socks and underwear. 

He was so cute and Zed's heart was filled with such love for this little boy that he could barely contain himself. 

"Let's save those for later," Zed said reaching around and rubbing the little boys perfect behind, "right now I'm gonna help Johnny get undressed."

Johnny was eager for Zed's attention and quickly raised his arms without being told, allowing Zed to snake his tee over his smooth teenage torso. He had a lot more muscle definition than he had when Zed first met him and though he didn't exactly have a six pack yet, the makings were if he should ever get serious about it.

To Zed's surprise he noticed that Johnny had a few blondish hairs in his arm pits and it excited Zed greatly. He had a thing for pits anyway and he couldn't resist bringing his face to one then the other and licking and sniffing there. 

Johnny closed his eyes and enjoyed the whole experience without questioning it in any way. He was learning that there were many different ways to express sexuality and so far he had loved everyone of the things Zed had showed him and this was just one more wonderful thing to enjoy.

"Ewww...isn't his pits all sweaty?" Billy giggled.

"Nope, they smell like boy and Johnny and he tastes just fine there," Zed said as he knelt before Johnny and unbuttoned his jeans.

Like Billy, Johnny was hard beneath the zipper, but instead of printed briefs Johnny was wearing plaid boxer shorts and they looked wonderful on him.

Pulling the pants down inch by inch until Johnny's boxer encased boner swung free Zed felt his breath quicken as he thought of what lay ahead. Never had he been this excited in the presence of another male, or males, and he was desperate to get started.

Helping Johnny step out of his jeans he looked the boy over from head to toe and grunted his approval, "Oh my God, you boys are so beautiful," Zed said reverently.

"Now, let us strip you," Billy said enthusiastically and Zed thought that was a wonderful idea.

A few minutes later they were in bed, still clad in their underwear at Zed's insistence, and though the boys didn't understand his reasoning they did as they were asked without question.

For Zed it was so much more exciting to see the boys wrapped up in their underwear, hard and horny, and the anticipation for him was like foreplay. His cock was wet with pre-cum and was as hard as he could ever remember it being, but still he held back, wanting to unwrap and please his boys first.

Zed began with Billy and as Johnny looked on grinning, he began to kiss and rub on the little boy causing him to purr like a kitten.

"You are so cute," Zed cooed, "But I think you'll be even cuter once we get these off," he said tugging at Billy's little Star Wars briefs.

Billy raised his little butt to allow Zed to remove his underwear then giggled when his hard prong sprang up like a jack in the box. Zed brought the boy's underwear to his face and inhaled them deeply causing both boys to stare in disbelief.

"What are you doin' Zed," Johnny said making a face.

"Well, I'm smelling Billy's sexy smell on his underwear. Smells can be a very important part of sex. Here take a whiff," Jed said offering the small soft garment for Johnny's inspection.

"Uh, that's okay," Johnny said holding up his hands in defense.

"Come on, it's just your brother. Surely you've smelled his unique scent before. After all you live together and sleep in the same room."

"Sometimes he stinks," Johnny laughed.

"Do  not, but you do," Billy said frowning.

"Guys, don't fight...okay. I'm sorry I was just trying to teach you something new, but if you don't want to try it, that's fine."

"I guess I can," Johnny said reaching for the underwear.

"Okay, just keep an open mind. Close your eyes and bring the front to your nose and sniff then, then turn them over and sniff the back."

Johnny still looked doubtful but did as Zed asked. When he sniffed the front he made a little face then sniffed again and smiled.

"Uh, it sort of smells like pee, but something else. Maybe Billy's weenie," he chuckled.

"Now the back."

"Okay, but if it smell like poop I'm gonna puke."

"It doesn't. It smell like Billy's butt, but it's not a bad smell. Think about this, that's the place you put your pecker and you like it so much. I'm sure you've smelled that scent while you were fucking Billy and I bet it made you extra horny for him. There are things called pheromones that our bodies put out while we're excited sexually and they attract others to us."

Johnny sniffed the seat of Billy's underwear and then took a bigger one. 

"I sort of like that smell. It makes my pecker hard," Johnny admitted.

"Mine too, and I bet yours smell even better since you are shooting cum and in full blown puberty now."

"What's pub...whatever you said?"

So Zed found himself explaining puberty as Johnny listened raptly. Billy seemed interested in some parts, but others were too advanced for him and he began to loose interest toward the end.

"Can we just quit talking and get to the sex stuff?" Billy said at last.

"I think that's a great idea," Zed said tickling Billy's sides and causing him to giggle.

"Suck my pecker Zed," Billy said grinning, "and lick my b-hole like you did that other time."

"Mmmm...that sounds good. So which shall I do first...?"

"My butt," Billy said wiggling free and flipping over to expose his cute little rear end. Then arching up he reached back and spread his cheeks flashing Zed with his little starfish.

"Mmmm, that looks so tasty," Zed said moving in closer and giving the boy the sniff test.

As expected the aroma was exciting and delightful and he was tempted to have Johnny give it a whiff. Instead he moved on in and began to run his tongue up and down the crack of Billy's ass and across his pucker.

Billy moaned lowly and pushed back and spread his cheeks even wider and Zed dived in all the way. He pushed his tongue deep into the boy's hole and tasted his very essence and it was amazing.

"You sure like licking his b-hole," Johnny chuckled, "What does it taste like?"

"Here give it a lick," Zed offered.

At first Johnny made a face, then he shrugged and moved a little closer. With one hand on his younger brother's ass he lowered his face and sniffed like a hound dog on a trail. Not finding the smell unpleasant, but rather a little exciting, he stuck out his tongue and touched it to Billy's puckered hole.

Billy took in a deep breath and moaned as he pushed back to invite Johnny's tongue to continue.

Looking up at Zed and smiling he said, "It tastes like oatmeal with cinnamon, but sort of salty too."

Zed laughed, to him it tasted like boy and life and sex and Christmas and the Fourth of July all rolled into one, but he supposed it would taste different to each person who tried it.

Johnny took a few licks more and even attempted to bury his tongue in his brother's squishy center but he got tired after a while and motioned Zed to continue.

"It wasn't that bad, sort of nice. Maybe I'll do it again sometime."

"I'll do you if you do me," Billy said looking back at his brother and smiling.

Johnny laughed and pawed at his hard pecker and nodded, "I guess that's only fair."

Zed paid homage to Billy's butt for a while longer, but there was so much more he wanted to do and two boys to please, so he moved on to the next thing.

Inviting Billy to roll back over Zed raised one of the small boy's feet and skinned off his sock exposing his small pink foot. His toes were perfect and though his nails were ragged they were short, as if he  had chewed them off and Zed wondered about that.

"Awwww...what are you doing?" Billy giggled as Zed brought the small foot to his face and began rubbing it on  his face.

"Loving on your feet, is that okay?"

"Uh huh, feels good," Billy said dreamily, then when Zed begin kissing his feet and licking his toes and the sole of his foot he moaned lowly and began to shiver with delight.

"You okay buddy?" Zed asked with concern.

"Uh huh, feels really good. Do it some more."

Johnny had been watching with curiosity the whole time and when Zed took Billy's small foot into his mouth and began sucking his toes Johnny eyes went wide with amazement.

"You're sucking his toes," Johnny said softly, "Is that sexy?"

"For me it is," Zed said giving up Billy's foot for a moment, "I have a thing for feet and especially small perfect ones like Billy's."

"Guess mine are too big and ugly..."

"Oh no, yours are perfect too and I plan on doing some slobbering on them when I get through with Billy...if it's okay with you."

"Oh, sure..yeah," Johnny said grinning.

Zed worked Billy's feet over for a while longer but eventually he moved up to Billy's middle and began loving on his soft flat tummy and eventually his boy bits.

Taking his entire ball sac into his mouth he rolled the little marbles around with his tongue causing the boy to moan and squirm around. Johnny sat close toying with his hard pecker and watching with interest, anxious for his own session with Zed.

Zed was able to take Billy's balls and his hard pecker into his mouth at once and stimulate him in such a way that he came almost instantly. Clawing at the covers and making a soft mewling sound he came harder than his young body ever had and he was spent and breathless by the time Zed pulled up.

Leaning down Zed kissed Billy's groin and stomach and finally planted a soft kiss on his softening member before moving up and kissing his soft lips. Billy welcomed the kiss, and though he was inexperienced and clumsy at first, he soon warmed up it and by the time the kiss ended he had a new appreciation of kissing.

"Wow, that looked like fun," Johnny said looking at Zed expectantly.

"Well, I'm glad you like watching, cause now it's your turn buddy. What shall it be first, front or back?"

"Front, then you can do the back, both ways," he said blushing.

Zed's pecker throbbed at the thought of it being buried deep inside Johnny's hot tight guts, but Zed would not be rushed, he wanted to take as much time with Johnny as he had with Billy and experience all of him.

He began with a kiss, wet and passionate with lots of tongue, as he pressed his body into Johnny, their cocks dueling between them. Zed was as hard as he could ever remember being and wet with excitement, but then so was Johnny and the slickness and heat of their members pressed together was almost enough to make both of them come.

Breaking the kiss at last Zed moved down and planted little kisses on Johnny's neck and ears and shoulders before finally moving down and attacking his hard pink nipples. Tonguing and nipping at them he was inspired by Johnny's reaction and soft moans of pleasure and remained there for some time before moving down to the boys flat taut tummy.

Zed loved tummies and these two had tummies to die for. He loved Johnny's belly button and gave it a swirl with his tongue causing Johnny to giggle, then sigh contentedly.

It was more than just the feeling of being touched or the sex, for Johnny it was about someone loving him and caring for him and making him feel wanted and needed and worthy of that love. For Johnny it was more than just sex, it was love, love for the man who had came into his and Billy's life and made them feel as if there was hope in a hopeless world. His love was complicated. Being only 13 he had little experience with real love but what he felt was as strong and profound as any love that ever existed. For Johnny this was bliss and he never wanted it to end.

When Zed moved down to those parts that made him all boy Johnny sighed and reached down to run his fingers through the hair of the man he loved. Never had he felt this way, trembling with excitement and yet content just to let Zed lead the way.

He was rewarded for his patience as Zed began to nuzzle and lick his hairless balls sending shock waves of feelings through Johnny's body. When at last Zed turned his attention to Johnny's hard prong it sent electric shocks all through his body.

He'd touched himself almost as long as he could remember and eventually allowed Billy to do so as well, but nothing compared to the feelings this man he loved so much was giving him.

" taste so good," Zed sighed as  he lapped at Johnny's piss slit, tasting his sweet boy pre-cum.

Johnny sighed and patted Zed's head gently and lay back and enjoyed himself, confident that Zed would bring him the same kind of pleasure he had brought to his  younger brother, who was watching with  half lidded eyes beside him.

Johnny loved his brother with all his heart, but it was a different kind of love than that he felt for Zed. With Zed it was more intense, all consuming, sexy and fun, and comforting and deeper than deep. It was hard to explain and a little scary, but exciting and nothing had ever made him feel so alive.

When Zed finally began to suckle on Johnny's almost 5" of hard boy flesh Johnny began moaning in earnest and playing his hand through Zed's hair.

"Oh Zed, that feels so good," Johnny sighed, "I love you soo much."

"I love you too buddy," Zed said feeling such love for this boy that it all but overwhelmed him.

Then returning to Johnny's hard pecker he worshiped it as if it was some phallic God. When at last Johnny arched up and began to spew, Zed gobbled his sweet boy cum down greedily, savoring ever drop and didn't stop till he was sure he had it all.

Then rising up a little he kissed the teen's balls and the tummy and worked his way up to Johnny's lips for another deep kiss, sharing the boy's taste with him.

Johnny was amazed at how aroused tasting his own cum on Zed's tongue and lips made him and his cock remained hard the whole time they kissed. Zed kissed the boy with all the fire and passion he could muster and was reluctant to pull away, but his throbbing cock reminded him that there was more pleasure to come.

This time instead of having Johnny flip over Zed moved down between his legs and raised his legs high so he could get at his taint and tacky hole. He rooted around like a pig after truffles and found his mark and made wet noisy love to the teen's most private part.

Johnny groaned and raised his legs even higher, all the time pushing his ass into Zed's face in an attempt to get more tongue inside him. Getting fucked by Zed had changed his whole world, and though he enjoyed fucking Billy, he felt as if his rightful place with Zed was beneath him, giving him the sort of pleasure that he deserved.

"Fuck me Zed," Johnny all but begged, "put that big ole' pecker in my b-hole."

Zed laughed, he'd been with many men before, mostly bottoms and he knew a bottom boy's cries when he heard them. As rough and tumble as Johnny was he had discovered a side of himself that he hadn't know existed and he was eager to explore it again.

"I will not fuck you," Zed said softly, "but I will make love to you."

Johnny blushed but smiled. He had never felt so loved or alive in his life and he felt near tears.

Zed slicked up his hard seven inches with spit and then applied a liberal amount of spit to Johnny's hole before lining himself up and beginning his assault. Johnny pulled his legs high, grunted and thrust forward and suddenly Zed's cockhead found it's way inside Johnny's rectum.  

"Ahhh...." both sighed at once.

From there the going was easy, inch by inch Zed pushed in until his cock was completely buried in Johnny's tight hot tunnel.

"You okay baby?" Zed asked with affection.

" it," Johnny said looking flushed and eager.

Zed smiled, he knew all about pleasing a bottom boy and Johnny was no exception. Lining himself up just right so he would graze the boy's prostate, he began to move slowly in and out as he held one of Johnny's soft feet in each hand.

As he fucked the boy he would occasionally lick the sole of one of his feet or suckle on a toe, bringing a giggle or a moan from the boy who was watching Zed's every move with loving eyes.

"Faster Zed," Johnny said finally and Zed was quick to oblige.

Thrusting deep and fast, withdrawing almost all the way on each forward movement, it didn't take him long to reach that slippery slope at the edge of total release.

Before Zed could start down that slope however Johnny suddenly cried out and began to squirt his boy batter all over his chest and tummy. As he orgasmed his sphincter tightened sending Zed over the edge and a few seconds later he was painting the insides of Johnny's love tunnel with his thick hot cum.

"Awww...oh God, so good," Zed cried out as his breath came in ragged pants.

"He comed without touching his pecker," Billy exclaimed, "how come?"

Zed was too tired to explain at the moment as he was basking in his all consuming afterglow, but he made a mental note to address the issue later. Johnny meanwhile was coming down from his own orgasmic high, his heart beating as fast a frightened bird, and his breathing hard and fast as if he had ran a race.

"That was amazing," Zed said finally pulling out and falling down between the two brothers.

Johnny felt a loss as Zed pulled out, and achy need inside him craving more of Zed, but at the same time a complete sense of fulfillment from having made Zed feel so good. 

Zed snuggled up to Johnny and Billy snuggled up to Zed and for a while they just lay there enjoying the warmth and love they shared. Billy was hard again and his hard prick was pressed against Jed's leg causing tingles in both of them.

"Zed, how come people think this is bad?" Billy asked innocently. To him love and sex were good things and he found it hard to understand why everyone couldn't see things the same way.

"Well, that's complicated, but let's just say that some of it is ignorance and some of it is because they were taught that way when they were kids. You see you guys can decide for yourself because no one is trying to tell you it's wrong."

"But we like it, right Johnny? and we want to do it all the time now."

Johnny laughed, "We do it almost every night, heck sometimes I think you're hornier than me."

"I just like it, that's all," Billy blushed, "but it's best with Zed..sorry Johnny."

"It's okay, I think so too. I mean I like what we do, but I like the three of us together better."

"That's cause we love you Zed," Billy said kissing Zed's cheek.

"And I love both of you too. Now, I don't know about you two, but I need to pee and I'm thirsty."

They peed and got a soda and returned to bed and talked for a while. Zed explained why Johnny had come without touching himself and Billy seemed very interested in that.

"How come I don't come when Johnny cornholes me?"

"Well, maybe he's not hitting your boy button just right. Maybe next time I can help him get lined up right."

"Can we do it now?" Billy asked excitedly.

"You up for it Johnny boy?"

"Yeah, I can go again. Maybe I should do it like you did...face to face."

Zed assisted by wetting Billy's butthole with his tongue and spit and then slobbered on Johnny's hard pole and then watched intently as they coupled.

"Lift his legs just a little and raise up a bit and change the angle. Billy, when you feel a weird feeling inside let us know."

"Uh...oh..." Billy gasped, "What was that? Was that boy button?"

"Maybe, does it feel sort of like you need to pee only it feels real good too, almost like touching your pecker?"

"Yeah, that's it..oh..oh...Johneeeeeee, that feels so good...." he panted.

Johnny grinned and started rutting harder, hitting Billy's love button on each downstroke and eventually bringing him to a hard dry orgasm. Johnny was right behind him, only his orgasm was wet and splashed inside his brother's tight hot tunnel filing him up with love and contentment.

"," Billy panted.

"It felt really good for me too," Johnny said still buried in Billy's tight behind.

"Uh oh, gonna go again?" Zed laughed.

"I could..."

"Then why not got give my butthole a try?"

"You mean it?" Johnny asked excitedly.

"Sure, you're long enough and thick enough to make it work. What's wrong, don't want to fuck an old dude?" Zed teased.

"No, that's not it," Johnny said quickly, "I love you Zed and I want to make love to you like you did to me."

"Well, then let's do it. How do you want me?"

"Uh, face to face I guess. I want to see your face and maybe kiss you," Johnny said blushing.

Zed was young and supple and raising his legs and exposing his hole for Johnny was no big thing. Johnny was unsure of what to do at first, but lust and instinct took over and suddenly he found himself making love to Zed's body much as Zed had to his. 

He was shy about some things, but quickly got over it when he saw what an effect he was having on the older man. Zed especially liked nipple play and Johnny lingered there a long time before moving up and kissing Zed playfully.

"'re really good at this," Zed cooed, "Are you sure you don't have a girlfriend, or a boyfriend I don't know about?" he teased.

"Nope, just you and Billy...and most of it you taught me," Johnny said beaming.

"Well, you're a fast learner, just take you time and do what feels right. As for me, it's all good."

When Johnny made his way down to Zed's shaved pubic area he ran his hand over the soft skin there causing Zed's hardness to throb in anticipation. Zed's cockhead was covered in a sticky coating of pre-cum and a little ran down the shaft and pooled beneath his equally smooth balls.

"I like how you're smooth," Johnny confessed, "At first I didn't understand why anyone would do that, but now I like it."

"But your hair looks good on you," Zed assured him, "I think it makes you look more grown up."

"Is that what you want Zed, for me to be more grown up?"

"No, I didn't mean that. I love you just the way you are. I loved you when you were smooth as a baby's butt and I love you with your little patch of fur."

"And my cum, you like that too...right?"

"Oh, I love that. It tastes like you and that's very special."

"Well, I like your taste too," and to demonstrate he licked the pre-cum off Zed's hard cock causing Zed to moan lowly.

"Oh, that feel so good."

Johnny fell quiet then and began licking and sucking Zed's nuts and cock, teasing him but never really getting too serious about it.

When he finally nosed into Zed's crack Zed pulled his legs higher to allow him better access and without hesitation Johnny began swiping his tongue over Zed's pucker. It was larger than Billy's of course and the aroma was stronger, but not bad...exciting actually, and Johnny was eagerly anticipating entering that puckered orifice and satisfying his aching need.

Soon his own needs caused him to pull up and with a sly smile he looked into Zed's eyes and said, "I'm ready to go in."

Zed smiled and winked, "Here use a little of this lotion buddy, it's been a while since I've been fucked and I may need a little more lube than spit."

Johnny took the offered tube of hand lotion and slathered his hard cock up and then coated a finger and plunged it into Zed causing him to sigh.

"Oh, that feels good. I can't wait to feel you inside me."

Shaking with lust and anticipation Johnny positioned himself between Zed's raised legs and lined up his aching member and attempted to enter Zed's well oiled hole.

It took several attempts and a little help from Zed, but eventually he scored his mark and with a look of complete and utter concentration he pushed forward.

"Ahhhh...slow...that's it," Zed sighed, "oh  yeah, you feel big inside me," Zed said in an attempt to build the boy's ego some. 

Zed wasn't bottom by nature, but he's had his share of cocks planted in his ass, and he far preferred the smaller ones and Johnny's was perfect.

When Johnny had all he had to give planted as far up Zed's poop chute as he could get it he rested a moment before continuing.

"Nice," Zed said softly, "that's it big boy, just do what comes natural now and fuck that ass. Don't worry about hurting me, just go at as fast and as hard as you want."

Johnny nodded and began to move. He knew from fucking Billy, and from getting fucked by Zed how much fun this simple act could be and he intended to make it last as long as he could.

Leaning down he kissed Zed long and hard as he ground his hard prong into Zed's eager butthole. It felt different than fucking Billy, not as tight, but tight enough and there was something about dominating a man rather than a boy that pleased Johnny.

He felt in control, in charge, and so full of life, and the love he felt for Zed suddenly overwhelmed him. He was near tears as he broke the kiss off and began to move in smooth rhythmic strokes. Zed sighed and pulled his legs up higher to allow Johnny's  hardness to slide in even  further and suddenly Johnny's cock grazed Zed's prostate and he moaned deeply.

"Oh  yeah...Johnny you just hit my boy button, keep it up buddy and we'll both have a nice orgasm pretty soon."

Johnny smiled, proud that he could please as well as take pleasure in this act of coupling. It made him feel grown up and important and worthy of the love he knew Zed felt for him. He had never felt so alive or so happy in all his life and it showed in his face and in his attitude as he continued.

"I love you Zed," Johnny said as he leaned down and kissed Zed once again, then raising up he began to move with urgency as his need for release overrode all else.

"Uh..uh..uh," they both moaned and it was anyone's guess as to which came first.

It was Johnny however who won the race and with one final deep thrust he began to unload his modest amount of boy seed into Zed's hot tight guts. Seconds later, excited by the feel of Johnny inside him and the knowledge that he'd given the boy such great pleasure, Zed began to unload coating them both with is copious sticky cum.

"," Zed panted when he was finally able to speak, "Stay in me...please," he begged.

Johnny nodded but unable to hold himself up any longer he collapsed atop Zed and sighed contentedly.

"Oh Zed, that was the best thing I ever felt in my whole life," he said nuzzling Zed playfully.

"It was pretty amazing for me too. I have never come that hard before from getting fucked."

"I didn't fuck ya' Zed, I made love to ya'."

"You sure did, and it was amazing. Feel like doing it again?"

"In a minute Zed, I'm pretty tired," Johnny said grinning, "only next time with you on your tummy."

They didn't make love again that night, but it was still fresh on both of their minds when they awoke the next morning. After peeing and brushing their teeth the three fell down into bed and after taking care of Billy's hard prong Zed flipped onto his stomach and let Johnny have his way with him.

Zed didn't come this time from getting fucked but both boys were eager to get him off once Johnny was through.

After showering together, which brought on a bit more of playful sex, they got dressed and Zed drove them to the same Cracker Barrel they'd eaten at with the boys' mom and they had breakfast.

Afterwards Zed took the boys to a movie at the Omniplex in the next town over and they watched the latest Star Wars movie. Zed watched the boys as much as he watched the movie and was content just to be with them. He'd bought them popcorn and candy and large drinks and spent a small fortune, but it was all worth it once he saw the look of delight on their cute faces. 

Zed was falling deeper in love with the two boy by the minute and he knew without uncertainty that he could not go back to his old life without them again. He still didn't know how he could avoid that, but he was determined to figure something out in the next few weeks.

After the movie Zed took the boys to the mall nearby and they went crazy looking at all the stores. It was pushing five by then and the boys wanted to eat in the food court and Zed easily agreed.

The boys had burgers and fries and Zed had Chinese and wound up sharing part of it with the little eating machines. Afterwards they walked around till 6 then reluctantly Zed drove the boys back to their trailer.

Zed had to be at the call center the next morning, and though the boys were disappointed they couldn't stay another night, they didn't beg or try to make Zed feel bad. They knew he had a job to do and they were just happy to spend as much time with him as they could.

"I'll call you guys after I get back to the motel tomorrow evening and see what's going on. Meanwhile be good and be careful," Zed said once they got back to the trailer park. Then hugging them to him he added, "I had so much fun this weekend and I hope you did too."

"Oh Zed, we're happy no matter what we do as long as we're with you," Johnny assured him.

"Yeah Zed, we love you," Billy said giving Zed a kiss to seal the deal.

"I love you guys too. Call me later and tell me goodnight, okay?"

"We will Zed."

Suddenly Brenda appeared at the front door, and seeing the three, she walked out onto the rickety front porch.

"Well, I see you survived a night with these two hellions," she laughed.

"We had fun actually," Zed said with a little more fire than he wanted to. He knew she was only making a joke of it, but how she could call these two angels hellions was beyond him.

"Well, I'm glad. I worked hard all weekend so it was nice to be able to rest some. You want to come in for ice tea or a beer Zed?"

"Thanks, but I really need to get back. I have some calls to make and some emails to answer and then I'm going to hit the hay early. I have a busy day ahead tomorrow." And your two boys have worn me out in bed, he wanted to say.

"Well, when will we see  ya' again?" she asked trying not to sound too anxious.

"I'm not sure, in a day or two probably...the weekend for sure. I still need to find some temporary housing and I was hoping maybe someone at the phone center could give me some suggestions."

"Well, you're welcome anytime, and these two are yours whenever you want em'"

Interesting news, Zed thought. Always glad to get rid of your boys huh?

"Well, thanks for trusting me with them, I really enjoy their company."

"And they're half crazy when you're not around," Brenda laughed.

"Well, I better be going. You guys mind your mom and be good," Zed said unashamedly kissing the top of both boys' head and hugging them one last time, "I'll see you all later."

The boys watched as Zed drove off then went inside with Brenda who grabbed a cigarette and lit up.

"What did you all do?" she asked blowing a puff of blue smoke into the air.

Between the two boys they filled her in on the highlights of the weekend, excluding their fun in bed, and when they were finished she laughed.

"Damn, that man spends more money on you boys than most guys do on a date. He must really like you two...a lot."

"He loves us," Billy said simply and without shame, but once the words left his mouth he feared he'd said too much.

"And we love him," Johnny said almost defiantly, "and it ain't cause he buys us stuff or takes us places, it's cause he loves us back."

Brenda took another drag off her cigarette and contemplated what to say next.

"If he was hurtin' you or making you do stuff you didn't want to'd tell me right?"

"Maw...he don't do nothing to us or hurt us. He just...he just treats us good that's all, right Billy?"

"Yeah, momma he's our friend, that's all." Even at his age he knew what Zed and them did together wasn't the kind of stuff you told your momma about and anyway he liked it and wanted to do it every chance he got.

Satisfied, but not convinced there wasn't more going on, Brenda changed the subject. After all as long as the boys weren't being abused or molested she was fine with them being with Zed, even if she was pretty sure there was some bedtime play going on. 

Brenda had an open mind when it came to sex. Having lost her virginity at age 12 to an 18 year old cousin, she'd discovered early that she liked sex and lots of it. By the time she was in High School she's blown or fucked most of the willing boys in her neighborhood as well as a few cousins, including the one who had taken her virginity.

As an adult she continued to pursue men and though she wasn't as cute or desirable as she had once been, she could still attract men and occasionally women for a little play in bed. She loved getting fucked, front and back and loved sucking cock as well as eating pussy. She referred to herself as try-sexual...willing to try anything once, and she had no problem with her boys adopting the same outlook on sex. As long as no one was abusing them or forcing them she would not interfere. Besides, she reasoned, having Zed around was beneficial in more ways than one. Not only did he keep the boys entertained while she was busy pursuing her own interests, but he also fed and clothed the boys and kept them happy.

"You boys hungry?"

"No ma'am, Zed bought us dinner at the mall. It was so neat maw, you should have seen it."

"Well, I'm glad you had a good time. Momma's gotta go see a friend now and I may be gone till bedtime so be sure to take a bath and no cooking. Don't want you all burning the place down."

The boys walked their mom to her beat up old pickup and watched as she drove away. Ordinarily they would have been upset, maybe a little sad to be left alone, but Zed was back in their lives now and they were too happy to care.


Out on the interstate, Zed was just pulling into the parking lot as Brenda was speeding away from the trailer heading for her rendezvous with her latest conquest.

Once inside Zed grabbed his laptop and fired it up and logged onto the motels wi-fi and brought up his email. There was the  usual interoffice bullshit and one or two directed at him, but none required him to reply. He was about to log off when he noticed an email from a strange address.

At first he thought it was spam but after opening it he discovered it was from his mother's attorney, Jack Willis. Though there wasn't much of an estate when his mother died, his mother had a friend who was a lawyer and he took care of all the legal work and made sure the burial expenses and such were taken care of.

His mother had rented and so she owned no real estate, and now her personal belonging were in a storage facility in Dallas, the rent on it paid monthly by Zed simply because he couldn't bare the thought of getting rid of her things so soon.

Zed assumed it was a final bill or perhaps just a follow up note of condolence but as he began to read it his mouth fell open and he had to read it twice before he could comprehend what it said.

It seemed that at some point his mother had taken out a 500,000 dollar life insurance policy. She had been quite young when she did so and the rates were quite low for most of the policy's life. But even when the premiums had increased his mother had kept the payments up and only when the payments stopped did the insurance company become suspicious that something untoward had happened. 

Because the policy premiums were paid six months at a time it took them several months to figure out exactly what happened and a couple more for them to track down Zed's mother's lawyer and notify him that the policy was still in force at the time of Zed's mom's death and that the beneficiary, Zed Lincoln Taylor was entitled to the entire amount of one half million dollars.

"A half  million dollars," Zed said softly to himself as he sat back on the couch and absorbed that fact. 

A half million dollars wasn't a fortune these days, but it could buy him what he desired most, to live near his boys. He could afford to take a lesser job or not work at all for a while. Who knew the boys might out grow their need for him, or Brenda might move and take them away, but until then he would be near them and that was all that mattered.

He quickly fired off a reply to the attorney and was surprised to receive and answer right away. Mr. Wills had been checking his own email just as Zed was and had decided to answer the email now rather than wait for morning.

He included a phone number and soon they were talking on the phone. After a lengthy conversation Zed hung up the phone and then went online to purchase a round trip ticket to Kansas City where his mother had lived and where Mr. Wills had his practice.

When the boys called later Zed didn't share the nature of his upcoming trip but assured the boys all was well and that he would be back on Tuesday with good news. The boys tried to get him to open up about the surprise, but Zed wanted to make sure everything was as he hoped before he sprung the good news on them.

Zed packed and took a shower and after leaving an email for his supervisor back in Dallas and one for the contact at the phone center he went to bed. He slept fitfully, arose early and showered and dressed and stopped by the office to inform the motel that he'd be gone for a day, but wanted to keep the room till further notice. 

The desk clerk made a note of it, but since the room was being charged to Zed's company account it made no difference to them if he was there or not, they got paid either way.

The flight to KC was uneventful and the Uber ride from the airport to Mr. Wills office was a short one. He was greeted by a rotund balding man with a kind face and an easy smile and Zed found himself liking the man right away.

They talked for a while, getting to know one another, and Zed discovered that in addition to being his mother's attorney, Mr. Wills had also been her friend.

"Mildred was a lovely woman and so much fun to be with. I even entertained the thought of asking her to marry me at one time, but she made it clear she had no intention of marrying at her age. I always wondered what life would have been like if she had changed her mind and said yes."

"She mentioned a John a lot, I guess that was you?"

"I suppose, as far as I knew she didn't have any other men in her life, lots of fellow women, what with her job and her volunteer work, but no men that I knew of."

"She spoke fondly of you then, and I can see why," Zed said wiping at his eyes. Even after all this time, talking about his mother still made him nostalgic.

"But you didn't fly all the way here to talk over old times. Why don't we get down to business. I'll be brief. The full amount of the policy is a half million dollars and you are the sole beneficiary...and since under the circumstances that sum is not taxable you will receive the full amount. I have contacted the insurance company in your behalf and they have agreed to let me send the notarized documents required to release the funds and they will either mail you a cashier's check or deposit it directly into your checking account. I recommend the later myself, it's quicker and safer."

"Thank you Mr. Wills..."

"Jack please..."

"Thank you Jack, thank you so much. It's so like my mother to provide something like this for me and then forget to mention it...ever," Zed laughed sadly.

"She was a wonderful lady and she loved you dearly. She wanted to provide for you, but as it turned out she almost messed up. If the insurance company hadn't discovered what had happened we might have never known it existed."

"I suppose there may be some documentation in all that stuff in the storage unit, but I just couldn't bring myself to look through all of it. I just stored it away and forgot about it."

"I'm sure you're right, any rate, it's all taken care of now."

"Well, I hate to run, but I have a flight to catch..Mr...uh, Jack. It's been a pleasure meeting you. What do I owe you for all your trouble?"

"Nothing, not a penny. Your mother was my friend and I did most of the work for her pro bono, but if you should feel the need to repay me, just find a charity that helps children and donate the money to help those less fortunate than us."

"I'll do that. I love kids myself and I know just the right charity."

Zed ate lunch at the airport then boarded his flight back to Alabama and was back at the hotel by six thirty that evening. The first thing he did was call the boys and they were ecstatic to hear from him.

"What is the surprise Zed, can you tell us now?" Johnny begged.

"Not yet, but soon, and I promise you're gonna like it...a lot."

"Can you come over tonight and get us Zed, momma has to work and we're bored."

The truth was Brenda hadn't been home since she left the night before. She'd called the next morning to tell the boys she was staying over a friend's house and then going to work from there. They were used to her antics by now and though they felt bad about being abandoned, with Zed back in their lives the pain was lessened.

"I'll be there in an hour, we'll go get some dinner and then talk some, but you can't spend the night. I have to do something in the morning and it may take all day."

The boys were disappointed they wouldn't be sleeping over, but happy just to know they'd soon be with Zed and they quickly got dressed in some of the new things Zed had bought them and waited anxiously on the front porch for his arrival.

Zed showered, got dressed and made it to the boys' trailer in record time. They ate at the burger place again and talked and laughed and genuinely had a good time. When it was time to take the boys home Zed almost changed his mind about them sleeping over, but he knew he needed to get some rest and what he was going to do the next day he needed to do alone. They said their goodnights and hugged and Billy rewarded him with a butterfly kiss and then Zed watched till the boys were inside before he drove off.


The next day Zed called the call center and talked to the lead man inquiring about the housing availability nearby. It was much as he had expected, mostly trailer parks, apartments and a few older houses for rent, but not exactly what Zed had in mind.

He dressed and after a donut and a tall Mt.Dew he headed into town to the one real estate agent in the town. The man's name was Dixon and his office was beside a luandromat on the main street of the small town.

"I was wondering if there are any duplexes available in Shady Grove or nearby," Zach said once they'd introduced themselves.

"Well, there's that new one over on Berry street. The builder was planning on building six or eight of em' then ran out of money, filed bankruptcy and left the thing about three quarters finished."

"Is it available for sale or is it tied up in the bankruptcy?"

"I think the bank owns it and I'm willing to bet they'd love to unload it. Are you interested?"

"I'd like to see it first, see what it would take to finish it, and how big it is and all first."

So Mr. Dixon drove Zed the short distance to Berry street. There were a number of older well kept homes along the way and once they reached the end of the street there stood a lone duplex and surrounding it grassy lots that had once been destined to hold similar structures.

"Is the surrounding land available as well?"

"I suppose the bank has that too, I could make a call and find out for sure," Mr. Dixon said once they'd parked and while Zed got out and looked the place over he called the bank.

The Duplex was larger than Zed had expected, and as far as he could tell both were three bedroom with two full baths, a living area at the back as well as a kitchen and dining room. A master bedroom at the back and two smaller bedrooms and a bath up front. Two single car garages separated the two sides offering not only noise suppression, but privacy and it seemed ideal for what Zed had in mind.

Mr. Dixon joined Zed then and using his master key he opened the lock box by the front door and led Zed inside. 

The place smelled of new drywall and carpet, but was finished completely inside. The only thing missing were kitchen and laundry appliances and that could easily be remedied if Zed could talk the bank into selling at a reasonable price.

"The bank owns the duplex, and the four adjoining lots. They're asking 150,000 for the lot, but my guess is you could get it for 100 if you  have your own financing."

"How about cash?"

"Then I'd say it was a done deal," Mr. Dixon said mentally figuring out his commission.

"I'd need to know I had clear title and that everything was up to code and so forth. I don't want to buy it then find out I have to spend a fortune bringing it up to code or hooking up utilities or whatever."

"Oh, we'd make sure of that. We'd have it inspected inside and out and make sure it was up to code, no problem. So are you interested...assuming your conditions are met?"

"Yes, shall we go make the bank an offer?"

Zed still wasn't ready to tell the boys what he was up to, but he did tell them he had decided to stay in Shady Grove. As expected they were ecstatic and danced around joyously hugging him and dragging him to the brown grass of their lawn.

"Where will you be living Zed," Johnny wanted to know, "Are you gonna buy a trailer or something and live here by us?"

"Nope, it will be someplace even better...but close. You'll see," Zed said smugly.

The boys eventually tired of nagging him and they spend the next week enjoying Zed's company when he wasn't at the call center or engaging in his mysterious work finding some place to live.

The proceeds from his mother's life insurance policy were wired directly to his bank that next week and as promised he made several contributions to charities that targeted children and families directly. He sent a thank you card to Mr. Wills with the information about the contributions and Mr. Wills called to thank him and make sure everything was going okay.

The inspector deemed the duplex to be up to code and everything in order and so Zed made the final arrangements paying 95,000 dollars cash for the duplex and the four lots. The price would have been a real steal in a more suburban location but for Shady Grove it was about right.

Zed ordered appliances and furniture from a local business to help the local economy and they were installed and the duplex cleaned and aired and readied for occupancy two days before Christmas. Later he would make a trip back to Dallas for his belongings there and to settle up the lease on his apartment, but for now he was officially a resident of Shady Grove.

Zed had long since finished his shopping for the boys, having spent almost a thousand dollars on each boy. Some of the things, like a computer and gaming system and flat screen TV were for the new Duplex they'd be living in, but most were more personal things that through careful observation, he was sure the boys would love.

The last hurdle was to talk to Brenda and make sure she was willing to do what he had in mind. He chose a time when the boys were in school to breach the subject over coffee at the little cafe on main street.

"I guess you probably wonder what all the secrecy has been about and what my plans are for staying here."

"Well, I gotta admit I'm as curious as a hound at a gopher hole, but I figured you'd tell us when you was ready."

"Brenda I want you to know that I love your boys with all my heart and I only want what's best for them. Now that doesn't mean that I don't think you've done a good job taking care of them, and I don't want to undermine you in any way..."

"Oh hell Zed, we both know I'm a terrible mother, but I do love those boys with all my heart...I just...I just don't seem to be able to keep my head in the right place sometimes."

"It's hard being a single parent, I get that...and I was glad to help with the boys and make things easier for all of you."

"Well Zed, Heaven knows I appreciate it in more ways than I can say. For one thing, the boys, my boys are better now. They're sweeter and kinder and they're doin' better in school and don't get into near as much trouble as they used ta."

Zed smiled, he knew he had a lot to do with that, telling the boys that getting a good education was important and teaching them life lessons along the way.

"So, whatever it is you want to tell me, just do it. I'm willing to do most anything to make sure those boys grow up to be bettern' their worthless father...getting himself killed over somethin' stupid."

Zed had heard Johnny relate the story of how his father had died, but this was the first time Brenda had confirmed it. In fact this was only the second time Brenda had even metioned her late husband.

"Well, as I'm sure the boys have told you I've decided to stay here in Shady Grove, at least for the time being. My mother, God rest her soul, had a rather larger insurance policy, and though it took some time for the insurance company to figure out she had passed away," Zed paused at this point to collect himself. Talking about his mother always brought back the sadness her passing  had caused. "Anyway to make a long story short, I have enough money to take it easy for a while and since I don't have any family anywhere else...."

"You want to stay here cause of my boys," Brenda said smiling.

Zed nodded, "I know that might sound strange to some people, and I hope you understand how I feel about them."

She nodded, "Zed, you bein' around has been the best thing ever happened to those two younguns and for me too. When you're around I don't have to worry about them and you take care of them like I whatever you want to do is fine by me."

Zed still wasn't sure how she's react to the news that he'd bought the duplex and intended to live in one side of it and her and the boys in the other side, but she took the news well.

"You mean you want us to live right beside you in a real house...not a trailer?" she laughed, "Praise the Lord, I never thought I'd ever live in a house that didn't have wheels on it again." Then she sobered a little, "But how much is this gonna cost Zed? I only pay about 400 a month here, will it be much more than that?"

"How would 200.00 a month be?" Zed asked smiling. He'd considered telling her she could live there for free, but even Brenda had pride and he decided she needed to feel as if she was providing for her boys, even if she didn't always do that very well. Besides he figured she's be late with the rent half the time anyway, and he really didn't care.

"200? Well how could I refuse. And you say this place has three bedrooms and two whole bathrooms?"

"It sure does, would you like to go see it? I had it furnished and it's all ready to move into. I've already moved into my part, but I've been keeping it a secret from the boys. What I had in mind was to celebrate Christmas at your trailer then spring the news on them. We can move you in right away. You won't need furniture, so it shouldn't take long to move your personal things in."

For the first time since he'd known her he saw a look of humility on her face. She wasn't a bad looking woman and she had all the right curves and Zed supposed that most straight guys found her desirable, but of course he was immune to such things. Still he felt like  hugging her at the moment, simply because she looked a little lost and vulnerable.

"Are you okay Brenda?"

"Yeah, fine," she said pulling herself together, "Let's go see our new place."

As expected Brenda was in awe of the duplex and oohed and ahed as she looked around. Zed had picked out the furniture himself and Brenda's room, the master bedroom, was done up in coral and green with matching drapes and bedspread, a queen size bed, a mirrored dresser and matching bedside tables and an armoire. In addition there was a flat screen TV on the wall across from the bed and a bookshelf with a small compact stereo.

"Zed, this is the most amazin' thing I've ever seen. You say you did all this yourself?"

"Well, I picked it out, but I did have some guys help me arrange it and install the TV."

"I guess it's true what they say about gay people," she laughed, "they do have an eye for this stuff."

Zed didn't know how to react. He knew that Brenda suspected he was gay, the boys had said as much, but this was the first time she had ever confirmed her suspicions.

"What? I didn't mean nothin' bad by that Zed. I know sometimes I say things too quick and ain't very proper about it, but it don't matter none to me...cept' maybe I feel like it's a waste," she giggled, "I'd sure have taken a tumble with ya' ifn' you'd been bent my way."

"I hope this doesn't affect how you feel about my being around the boys, but yes...I am gay. But I'm not totally out. I'm comfortable with who I am, but I don't go around shouting it from the rooftops."

"Like I said, don't matter none to me and the boys have known it for as long as I have. They don't care none either, heck...they might be little gay boys too for all I know."

If you only knew what they did in bed, Zed thought.

"Let me show you the boys' rooms," Zed said changing the subject.

Billy's room was done up in Star Wars themes with a little desk and chair, a laptop, bookcase with stereo and an X box and 19" flat screen TV. A full size bed, stand up dresser and night stand finished out the room. The drapes matched the bedspread and beneath them were mini blinds.

Johnny's room was more grown up, a teenager's room. Done up in subtle shades of blue with a mirrored dresser, full size bed, desk and chair and desktop PC, Wii and 32" flat screen TV and bookcase with stereo and a number of books that Zed hoped Johnny would eventually read.

"Oh my, those two will go absolutely nuts. Zed...why?" she choked out, "why would you do all this for...for us?"

Zed simply smiled, though he'd come to like Brenda as a person during the time he's known her, he still didn't approve of some of the things she did, but it was in the love of her two sons that they both had common ground.

"Brenda, I love your boys as if they were my own. Until they came into my life I was just going through each day without purpose. I immersed myself in my job to try to fill my empty hours, but that I have found out what truly loving someone is all about I can't go back to that lonely life. I can afford to do this, and I want to...if you'll allow it. I promise I won't try to interfere in how you raise your boys, but I want to be a part of their life and to share them whenever you feel like doing so."

She smiled, "You're something else. Well, I don't understand all of it. Cause you could still see them even if you didn't do this, but I guess if this is what you want to do...then that's fine by me and I know those two will love it."

"So you're cool with my plan then? We celebrate Christmas at your trailer. We'll decorate a tree and lights and the whole works, then after they open their gifts I'll tell them we have one more gift for them and then we'll drive here and show them where they'll be living. Oh, and I almost forgot, there are new bikes for them in the garage. And...we'll see about getting you a better car too..."

"Oh Zed, that's too much...but, who am I to keep you from spending your money?" she chuckled.

So it was all set. They spent the rest of the afternoon decorating the trailer and by the time the boys got home they practically wet themselves with excitement.

"Whoa, look at all the pretty lights," Billy said wide-eyed, "and all those presents under the tree...."

Zed and Brenda had hauled the wrapped presents from Zed's duplex to the trailer and arranged them beneath the six foot tree, but there were so many that some were spilling over onto the end table and beneath it.

"When did you do all this?" Johnny said in awe.

"We didn't. We just came in an poof there it was," Zed teased.

Johnny smiled and gave Zed a playful shove, "You said it was gonna be a good Christmas and it is...cause you're here," he said unashamedly giving Zed a hug. 

Of course Billy had to get on that and soon Zed had both boys clinging to him like Velcro.

Later Zed took them out to eat and then they came back to the trailer and talked about their Christmas plans before Zed headed back to the duplex. He was so tempted to take the boys with him, but he didn't want to spoil the surprise, so he begged off saying he had a lot to do tomorrow.

The next day Zed went shopping for fixings for Christmas dinner. His mom had taught him how to cook and he was quite good at it,  but some parts, like the pies he bought ready baked. He bought a twelve pound turkey, yams, cranberries, salad fixings, veggies, bake-and-serve rolls, as well as potatoes and gravy mix, drinks and whipped cream and everything else he thought was needed to make it the best Christmas ever.

That evening was Christmas Eve and Zed surprised the three by bringing Chinese take out for them and after they'd eaten they gathered around the tree and sang Christmas carols.

The boys sweet voices rang out joyfully and surprisingly Brenda had a very nice voice as well. When the last note of Jingle Bells died out Zed put his arms around the boys and hugged them to him.

"When I was growing up we had this family tradition that we always opened one present on Christmas Eve. I wondered if you guys would be interested in making that a tradition in your family too?"

"Yeah," Johnny said eying his mother for approval, "and we even got you one to open too. Don't we momma?"

Brenda smiled conspiratorially and nodded, "I gotta good Christmas bonus this year and've done so much for us..." she said blushing.

"Oh, well...thank you guys, that means a lot to me. Now then let me see...which one shall I have you open...?"

For Billy Zed had chosen a remote control Monster Truck that he was sure any boy would like, and he had to admit it looked like fun even for someone his age. For Johnny he chose a special gift, a powerful 11" tablet. He already had internet and wi fi installed at the duplex and a modem set up in each unit so the boys would have internet access.

For Brenda he chose a nice Perfume set with bubble bath and lotions and a loofah. In the old trailer it wouldn't have been much good, but he figured in the new luxurious bath at the duplex she might get some use out of it.

The boys went crazy when they ripped the wrapping off their presents and Brenda looked a little weepy as she lovingly fondled the pretty packaging of her gift and the contents.

"Thank you Zed, this is really nice," she said smiling, "you've made me love Christmas again," she said choking up a little.

The boys bubbled over with excitement and thanked Zed with hugs and kisses before opening the packages and starting to explore their gifts.

"Open yours Zed," Johnny said laying his table aside for a moment, "I bet you're gonna like it a lot."

Zed picked up the somewhat neatly wrapped package and smiled. It was obvious the boys had wrapped it and he recognized Johnny handwriting on the name tag immediately.


From: Johnny and Billy

we love you

Zed carefully unwrapped the gift with trembling hands. It was fairly heavy and about ten inches by 8 inches and he was pretty sure it was a picture, but of what he wondered. Then suddenly as the paper came off his face split wide open in a smile. It was a professional portrait of the boys, dressed in some of the new clothes Zed had bought them, and they were absolutely radiant looking.

"Oh..." Zed said taking a moment to compose himself, "it's pefect. You guys  look so handsome. When did you have this taken?" Zed asked turning to Brenda.

"We had it taken at the Sears over in the Mall. They have a special place set up there and I thought it would be nice to have some pictures to remember what the boys looked like and then I thought, well...maybe Zed would like one too so I had this one made special and framed and all...I hope you like it."

"I love it Brenda. It's perfect. Thank you so much...all of you. Come here guys and give me a hug. I will keep this forever and every time I look at it I will remember this year and what fun we had and the love we shared," Zed said getting all teary eyed.

"Do you really like it?" Johnny said smiling shyly, which was very unlike him.

"I can't think of any gift I'd rather have, well...except having you two around I guess," Zed chuckled.

"I'm glad Zed cause we don't want you to ever forget us."

"I promise I never will. You will be my buddies forever."

"Enough sappy stuff," Brenda laughed, "who wants a piece of the pecan pie I bought at the store today? Got whipped cream too..."

Over pecan pie and iced tea they talked and laughed and enjoyed themselves and when it was time for Zed to go the boys begged to go too. It broke Zed's heart to have to say no, but it would have ruined the surprise and eventually he convinced the boys that they should be home on Christmas Eve, but that tomorrow night they could sleep over if they wanted to.

Of course they did and as far as they knew Zed was still living in the motel and they hoped to swim in the indoor pool there. Little did they know what lay ahead.

That night Zed called his boss and wished him a Merry Christmas and apologized once more for quitting so abruptly.

"It's fine Zed. We'll miss you here, but sometimes a guy just has to follow his heart. I'm glad you've found something to fill your life and that you came into enough money to make it all happen. Heck, I envy you in some ways. But if you ever change your mind and want to come back, there's a place for you here or even there at the call center."

"Thanks I appreciate that Art and thanks for making sure I got my bonus and my unused vacation. I didn't expect that."

"Fair is fair. Use that money to give your little family a good Christmas."

"I will, thanks again and Merry Christmas. I'll keep in touch."

"Merry Christmas Zed, call me any time. I mean that."

"I will, thanks. Goodnight Art."

"Nite' Zed, enjoy your new life."

Once Zed was home he prepped the turkey for baking, candied the yams, and did as much prep work as possible. All that was left was the turkey, which he'd put on to bake around 4am and a few dishes that could wait till tomorrow.

After showering and brushing his teeth Zed fell into bed naked and pulled the covers up over him. The weather had taken a turn of for the worse and it had been cold and gray looking all day. The weather man had hinted there might be a chance for snow, but none had fallen so far and Zed figure a white Christmas was out of the question. Not that Zed cared one way or the other at this point. All he needed to have a Merry Christmas was his two boys and that was a done deal.

He was smiling as he drifted off to sleep and didn't waken till the alarm signaled it was time to put the turkey in the oven. Afterwards he fell back into bed and asleep instantly.

When he awoke the next morning he realized something was different as he gazed toward the window across from his bed.

It was bright, but not sunshiny bright outside, and Zed thought he knew what had happened but he needed to confirm it. Hopping out bed he made his way to the window and looked out to see a fresh blanket of snow on the ground.

"It snowed," Zed said as happy as a schoolboy, "A white Christmas and my boys, who could ask for more?"

No sooner was he dressed than his cell phone began to chirp. Picking it up he smiled as he saw it was the boys calling.

"Merry Christmas guys," Zed said happily, "and a white one at that."

"I know, its so neat," Johnny said excitedly, "we hardly ever get snow and I don't ever remember having a white Christmas before."

"Its so pretty," Billy chimed in. Johnny had the phone on speaker so both boys could talk and listen.

"Well, how bout' if I come over there and we have a little snack before dinner and open the rest of those presents."

"Okay, but be careful Zed, its slick out there," Johnny said sounding worried.

"Not to worry buddy, I have front wheel drive. I'll see you guys in about an hour.

Zed planned on buying a new car of his own later, but he didn't want to tip off the boys to what was going on and he figured they should have some say in what he bought anyway, so for now he still had the Toyota Camry he's rented upon his return.

Before leaving he removed the turkey from the oven and wrapped it up tightly and put the lid back on the roaster. Leaving the oven on so it would stay warm, he grabbed his jacket and the items he'd bought the day before for their breakfast and headed out.

The roads were actually not all that bad. The snow was mostly powder and hadn't been packed down hard enough to be slick, it being Christmas day, though that might change later as some thawing and refreezing occurred.

The duplex was actually much closer than the motel had been but Zed had killed enough time with the turkey to take up the extra time and arrived right on time. The boys were outside playing in the snow and Zed caught a snow ball in the side of his head as he stepped out of his car.

"All right, you're dead now," Zed laughed as he scooped up a handful of snow and began packing it into a ball.

"It was Johnny," Billy giggled, "let him have it Zed, he's been hittin' me all morning."

Johnny attempted to run around the side of the trailer to hide but slipped and fell making him an easy target for Zed who nailed him squarely on the butt.

" butt. You hit me in the butt, now I'm gonna have a bruise," Johnny said laughing so hard he could hardly breath.

"Come on you guys, its freezing out here, I brought cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk for breakfast."

"Yummy," Billy said helping Zed with the sacks.

Brenda seemed happier than usual and was dressed in a new red dress with white trim that she'd bought just for the occasion. Zed had to admit she looked quite pretty all dressed up and he complimented her appearance causing her to blush.

"I brought breakfast, then we can open some presents and I'm going to take you all to a special place for dinner."

"Where Zed?" Johnny asked curiously, "I thought every place was closed on Christmas."

"Well not this one," Zed said grinning, "you'll see..."

The prospect of presents to open and gooey cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk soon got the boys' minds off of the subject of the mystery dinner however and Zed relaxed a little.

The rolls he had bought at the local bakery the day before they were still fresh and amazingly delicious especially after being microwaved for a few minutes. The boys and Zed had chocolate milk and Brenda coffee and soon they were full and ready to open gifts.

There were at least a dozen gifts for each boys and four more for Brenda, three from the boys (bankrolled by Zed) and one more from Zed, a new cell phone. In addition Zed had three more presents, two from the boys and one from Brenda, and so for a while all four were busy unwrapping gifts.

Zed grabbed his phone and began making a video of the boys unwrapping their gifts and they played to the camera as they held each new gift up excitedly and expressed their joy and thanks.

Brenda almost cried when she saw her new phone and when Zed explained that she was now on his plan and wouldn't have to pay any more phone bills she couldn't contain her appreciation. Rising she kissed Zed on the cheek and hugged him while wiping a tear from her eye. She knew Zed was gay and untouchable, but she had come to care for him nonetheless and she appreciated all he had done for her and the boys.

Zed's gifts from the boys were a warm cap and a pair of gloves and a nice sweater and the gift from Brenda was  new wallet, all of which Zed truly loved and he thanked them warmly, returning Brenda's hug in the process.

After all the gifts were unwrapped Johnny and Billy swarmed Zed and hugged him to the floor and laid there atop him loving on his oblivious of how it might look to their mom. Not that there was anything sexual about it, but anyone could see the three were very comfortable with the intimacy of the moment.

"That was the  most stuff I ever got in my whole life," Billy said later as they sat on the couch and rested.

"Well, I guess Santa was trying to make up for lost time," Zed teased.

"Thank you Santa," Billy laughed and then threw himself at Zed and hugged him close.

Around 11 Zed suggested they get ready to go to dinner and the boys perked up again and began asking questions.

"All I will tell you is that we'll be spending the night there, so go pack a few things," Zed said grinning.

"Let me help you boys," Brenda said giving Zed a wink. 

They would come back later for the bulk of their stuff, but since the weather had gotten bad Zed had thought it a good idea to have them bring a couple days worth of clothing. There was soap and shampoo and towels and even toothbrushes at the new place, yes Zed had thought of everything, and all that was needed was a few changes of clothes and perhaps their favorite toys for now.

One of the gifts Zed had bought the boys was new soft side zip-up gym bags for overnights and with them stuffed full the boys piled into the back of the Camry while Brenda carried a small overnight bag with her in the front seat.

The roads were still passable though a light snow was still falling and the scenery along the way was peaceful and beautiful. Even the dank and grungy trailer park looked more cheerful with a coat of white snow and almost beautiful.

The boys had been busy looking at the scenery and seemed surprised when Zed slowed down and began to turn into the driveway of the duplex, then as the door opened to the garage they scooted forward and stared at Zed expectantly.

"Where are we Zed, who lives here? Do you have a girlfriend or somethin'?" Johnny asked looking worried.

Zed laughed, "You'll see. Just keep your britches on." Zed said parking the car inside the wide garage and closing the door behind them.

Zed got out first and waited for the others before starting for the door leading from the garage to the kitchen. The door was unlocked and as they stepped up and into the garage the heavenly smell of cooked turkey filled their senses.

"Mmmm...smells good in here. Who lives here Zed?" Billy said looking around.

"Well, a nice young man lives here and he is going to fix us a Christmas dinner you will never forget."

Johnny squinted his eyes and his voice was serious when he spoke then, "Zed what are you talking about? Who is this you have a boyfriend now?" he said then blushed. This was the first time Johnny had admitted he knew Zed's sexuality in front of his mother.

Zed just laughed, "Well, I do like this guy who lives here. He reminds me a lot of myself...oh wait, he is me," Zed laughed, "This is my new place. Do you like it?"

"Are you serious? Oh Zed you had me worried. Why didn't  you tell us before you jerk? Is this why we couldn't come home with ya yesterday?"

"Yep, I wanted it to be a big!" Zed laughed.

"All right!" Bill cried, "this is so neat. I love it Zed, can we look around?"

"Well sure, go right ahead, but...I have a better idea. Why don't we look at the unit next door instead? I think you'll find it more interesting."

Johnny and Billy looked at Zed then Brenda who was trying hard not to burst out laughing and finally back to Zed who did laugh.

"Come on guys let me show you something neat."

Leading the dumbstruck boys and Brenda back into the garage he used a key to unlock a door they hadn't noticed upon their arrival a few minutes ago. Zed had had the carpenters install the door between the two garages so the boys could come and go between their unit and his without going outside, and now it was paying off what with the snow outside.

The other garage was a mirror image of Zed's as was the rest of the duplex, only this side was uniquely decorated for Brenda and the boys.

"Who lives here?" Johnny asked as they stepped inside the garage, "Oh cool they got new bikes whoever they are?"

"Oh a nice family, you'd like them. A mom and two nice boys," Zed chuckled, "and those new bikes are theirs."

"Its us ain't it Zed?" Billy said catching on first and heading toward the smaller of the two new bicycles. There was a read ribbon attched to the handlebars and a card that said to Billy form Santa.

"It's perfect Zed," Billy said excitedly, "Johnny come see and you got one too."

Johnny was as excited as Billy about his new bike, but a little upset that since it had snowed they wouldn't be able to try them out any time soon.

"Thank you sooo much Zed," the boys said at the same time then laughing they hugged him and almost drug him to the floor.

Zed laughed, "Whoa, take it easy guys. Why don't you boys go check out the two bedrooms on the right side of the hall?"

The two boys took off in a flash and Zed turned to Brenda and smiled, "Let's go see what they think, okay?"

They found the boys in Johnny's room and though they were a little uncertain at first they soon realized exactly what all this meant. It was Johnny who spoke up first.

"You bought this place and you fixed it up just for us, didn't you?" He said sounding very emotional.

"Pretty sneaky right?" Zed laughed, "Tell you what, let's check out the rest of the place and then I'll explain."

They lingered in Johnny's room long enough for Zed to show him all the features, but Billy was getting anxious to see his own room and so they finally pulled away, but not before Johnny took one last room and rubbed his eyes as if he thought he was dreaming.

Billy went crazy when he saw his Star Wars themed room complete with some action figures on his bookcase. He had fallen in love with the whole Star Wars saga when Zed had taken the boys to a movie back in the summer and couldn't get enough of it.

It took some doing to pull Billy away from his room but they eventually made it to Brenda's room and the boys oohed and ahhed while Brenda looked like she was ready to cry. In all her life she had never had anything new or as nice as this and she was a little shaky. She looked back at her life and realized much of it had been wasted and she suddenly wanted to be better than that. She wanted to love her boys and take care of them like a good mother should and she felt she had a chance now, with Zed's help.

She had no romantic inclinations toward Zed, although he was a handsome and sexy man, but she felt that with his influence in their lives they could live a better life, and not just because of his money.

"It's the prettiest thing I ever saw," Brenda said touching the bedspread almost reverently. I never slept in a place this nice, I might lay awake all night just lookin' at it," she joked.

"You'll get used to it. I admit its taken me some time to get used to my new digs as well. Well, have you seen enough boys? If so let's go back to my side and I'll tell you all about what I've been up to while your mom and I finish fixing our Christmas dinner."

The boys listened raptly as Zed related all that happened since his arrival, the lawyer contacting him and the trip to the realtor, and how he came to purchase the duplex and the adjoining lots.

"I've already talked to a contractor about building on the other lots and by spring we'll have neighbors on either side of us, but for now we're it." 

"I figure the income from the rentals will more than pay for the initial investment and give me a steady income. I can keep and eye on things and do some of the light maintenance myself and keep busy that way."

"We're real sorry about your mom and all," Johnny said sadly, "but I know she'd be happy to know you used the money to make all of us happy and yourself too."

Zed nodded, "I agree and I just know that if mom had met all of you she would have liked you too. She loved kids and was one of the sweetest people on earth. I know Heaven is a better place with her in it now," Zed said wiping away a few tears.

Johnny walked over and hugged Zed then looked up at him and smiled, "This is the best day of my life."

"It is pretty special," Zed said recovering quickly and it will be even better with a bellyfull of turkey and stuffing," he laughed. 

The table was set, complete with a centerpiece with candles, and once lit the candles glowed merrily as the snow continued to fall outside the bay window of the dining room. As they sat down, Brenda at one end, Zed at the other, and the boys on either side of the huge table they joined hands and said a prayer of thanks.

Zed carved the turkey and filled a platter then they began passing the food around and soon everyone had a plate full and the eating began. There was laughter and love aplenty that day and it was indeed a Christmas that all of them would keep in their hearts for a very long time to come.

After the leftovers were stowed and the dishes loaded in the dishwasher to wash, the four sat around in the living room and while A Christmas Story played on the TV, they each thought their own thoughts.

For Zed this had been a year that had changed his whole life and for the better. He had hope now and a purpose and love, and even though he knew boys grew up and moved on, and that love was transient, he was content to share his love with these two amazing boys as long as they allowed it.

For Johnny Zed was the father he'd never had, the older brother he'd always wanted, and the love he'd not known he needed until he came along. He was quite sure his life would never be the same now and someday when he was older he hoped he could prove to Zed that he was worthy of his love and that they could be more than just friends. He knew it was a long shot and that the age difference would always be a stumbling block as far as Zed was concerned, but to him it mattered not. Were it legal or allowed he would confess his love to Zed now and ask him to be his and  his alone, but as it was he knew he could only take what Zed allowed and no more and that would have to be enough..for now.

The snow continued to fall and the boys insisted on going out and building a snow man and Zed was right there with them. Even Brenda came out after a while and helpled, bringing an old scarf and a carrot for a nose, and raisins for the snowman's eyes and mouth.

Eventually they went back inside and had hot cocoa and when darkness fell they dined on microwaved leftovers and watched more Christmas movies. Around nine Brenday yawned and said she was going to turn in early but that the boys were welcome to stay as long as I wanted them to.

"Can we spend the night Zed?" Johnny begged.

"I thought that was the plan," Zed laughed, and I have a little surprise for you guys," he added giving Brenda a wink.

"What is it Zed? 

"More surprises Zed," Johnny swooned, "I can't take no more Zed."

Everyone laughed, but Johnny was right on Zed's heals as he led them to the bedroom he had fixed up for them. He's had most of the adjoining wall removed between the two bedrooms and had made it into a combination game room and bedroom with cool bunkbeds with a built in ladder. 

There was a couch and gaming chairs, a 55" wall mounted TV and two game systems, a surround sound system and stereo and even a little mini fridge. 

Zed knew the bunk beds were just for show and that when the boys slept over they'd be in his king size bed with him, but he couldn't very well advertise that.

"It's it's...amazing, stupendous,'s the best thing I've ever seen in my whooole life," Johnny said pulling at his hair comically.

"Calm down Johnny," Bill giggled, "don't have a heart attack or somethin'."

"I didn't figure they'd need a dresser since their clothes are next door so I just got the beds for when they sleep over. Meanwhile I have a cool gaming room for when they're not around."

"Which is gonna be like never," Johnny laughed.

"Oh, planning on quiting school are you?" Zed laughed.

"Oh yeah...that. Well...I guess you'll have a little time alone."

The boys sat down on the couch and began playing a video game and Zed walked Brenda to the door that led out into the garage.

"Well, it's been a crazy fun day Zed, thanks again."

"You're welcome. If you'd like you can come have breakfast with us in the morning, I fix some awesome waffles."

"I might just do that, just send one of the boys over to get me when it's ready, or earlier if you need help."

"Will do. Well goodnight and Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas Zed," Brenda said giving him a quick peck on the cheek, "I can't wait to see what's ahead for the new year."

Zed closed the door behind him and went back to join the boys. As soon as he walked into the room they paused the game and looked at him expectantly.

"Is momma gone?" Johnny asked raising an eyebrow humorously.

"Yep, it's just us."

"Get im' Billy," Johnny cried as he jumped Zed, "rip his clothes off and let's molest him."

"Best offer I've had all day," Zed laughed, "bring it on boys. I still have one more present for you boys to unwrap and it's about 7" long.

The End


By Spring Zed and Brenda and the boys had neighbors on either side and one of the families had boys near Johnny and Billy's age. The father was the new call center manager and the mother a nurse at the local hospital.

The boys thrived away from the dirty and dangerous life at the trailer park and spent as much time at Zed's as they did at their own house. Brenda had started attending some classes at the Community College in the next town, driving her new SUV to and from and working part time at the Cafe on mainstreet instead of the bar. She was seeing a man she'd met a the college but still hadn't brought him home to meet the boys.

Zed thrived as well, he had his boys to love, in and out of bed, and as he watched them grow and evolve he felt a deep feeling of satifaction. Perhaps the kind of satisfaction a parent felt, he supposed, and it was the most wonderful feeling on earth.

As he sat at the table staring out at the cute Hispanic guy mowing the lawn he thought about how his life had changed. Did he miss any of his old life? Yes..sometimes, but his new life was far better and richer. He spent his time between taking care of his growing rental properties and his boys and he had never been happier or felt more fulfilled.

Johnny was growing like a weed, well both boys were, but Johnny was starting to fill out and mature at a rapid rate and now had a thick v of hair atop his 5" cock. He was still hairless below and Zed liked that just fine, but he liked the hair too. He liked that Johnny was growing up, but he worried some too. 

There was always the possibility that Johnny would discover girls and end the sexual part of their relationship, but if that was what Johnny wanted then Zed was determined to help him along anyway he could. He still had Billy who was growing hornier by the day, and so he supposed he'd never want for physical love, at least not for a while.

It has started simple enough, and in the beginning he didn't have a clue what was going on, then he'd found what had been missing in his life, and it all fell into place. It had started one magical summer in a sleep little town in a run down trailer park and it was only fitting that it end there one snowy Christmas day. But from every ending comes a new beginning and thus Zed and his boys had a new beginning, one to be shared for as long as fate allowed.

Kewl Dad


Happy Holidays 

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