Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 10

After breakfast Greg decided everyone needed to relax, so he took Shane and Terry to Disney World. They started off the day at Animal Kingdom because Greg thought the boys might enjoy the newest ride there. Besides, the lines weren't usually too bad there if you got there early. They were able to get on the first few rides without too much waiting.

Before the guys left Dino Land, the boys wanted to get a drink and a snack. While they were doing that, Greg decided to find the nearest smoking area. While there he began talking to a very good looking English teen boy.

"Hello," said Greg, "are you having a good time today?"

"Yes, I'm having an absolutely brilliant time today." said the boy.

"Ah," said Greg, "you're English."

"Very good!" exclaimed the boy. "I hope that's not a problem."

"Of course not." said Greg. "I have many English friends. I'm a writer, so I end up talking to people from all over the world. I've talked to people from Canada, England, Eastern Europe, Australia, and even South Korea. By the way my name is Greg."

"Hello Greg, my name is Ian." said the boy. "So what type of books do you write?"

"Mostly mystery stories." replied Greg.

Ian and Greg talked for several minutes until Ian had to leave. Greg watched as Ian walked away thinking how attractive Ian looked. He was also kind of relieved that Ian didn't recognize who he was. A few moments later, Terry and Shane caught up to Greg. Greg was relieved that he brought his camera today, as he couldn't resist getting a picture of Shane and Terry with matching milk shake mustaches.

The rest of the day at Disney went very well for the guys. Greg got several great pictures of the boys having fun and being boys. Terry and Shane had the time of their lives while they were visiting as many parks as they could that day.

When they returned home, Greg found a message to call Terry's mother. Greg dialed the number, and Terry's mother picked it up on the first ring.

"Hello," said Greg, "I got a message that you wanted to talk."

"Yes," said Terry's mother, "I have a favor to ask you Mister Holt. I know that you were only going to let Terry stay with you for a few days, but is there any way that I could possibly get you to let him stay there for a few weeks?"

"I don't have any problem with that at all." said Greg. "What made you change your plans?"

"Don't take me the wrong way." said Terry's mother. "I want my son to come back soon, but his father is a little freaked out by having the FBI around here lately. I'm sure he'll settle down soon, but in the meantime I think it would be better if Terry stayed there."

"Don't worry about a thing." said Greg. "It'll be a pleasure to have him here for a few weeks."

"Thank you very much Mister Holt." said Terry's mother. "I'll get in touch with you again in a few weeks."

When Greg finished the call he thought to himself, "That sure was a weird call." Then he went to break the news to the boys. When Terry and Shane heard the news, they hugged each other as they laughed and screamed about it. Greg chuckled to himself as he realized the boys considered it very good news. However Greg couldn't help but wonder what was going on at Terry's home.

Greg also wanted to find out what was happening with the man who killed Ron. He felt bad for the man seeing as how he was the brother of one of Ron's victims, so while the boys were upstairs in Shane's room Greg decided to call Agent Scott. Agent Scott informed Greg that the man was being held in a federal facility until they could come up with a lawyer for him. It seemed as though the young man could not afford a lawyer himself. When Greg heard that news he told Agent Scott not to worry about finding the man a lawyer, that he would take care of that matter.

After the call to Agent Scott, Greg got on the phone to his lawyer. He explained the situation concerning the man who killed Ron, then told his lawyer that he would like to find the young man the best lawyer in the New York area, and for the lawyer to explain to the young man that the charges for his services would be taken care of.

While Greg was on the phone, Terry and Shane were in Shane's room talking about what they would do with Terry's extended stay. Well, they were talking as much as they could with their arms wrapped around each other. If you also consider the occasional kissing they were doing, they didn't do a lot of talking but they were having fun.

"I can't believe you'll get to stay with us for a few weeks." said Shane.

"Yeah," said Terry, "that is really cool. I wonder what is going on at home that would make my mom want me to stay here though?"

"I don't know," said Shane, "but whatever the reason is, it can't be all bad. After all, I get to spend a few weeks with you now!" With that Shane placed his hand on Terry's thigh and began rubbing his friend's leg. Terry followed Shane's lead and before long both boys were totally aroused.

They knew they didn't have much time before Greg would be checking on them about supper, but they made good use out of what time they had. In no time Shane was massaging his friend's groin through his pants. Terry wanted to do the same thing, but he didn't want to deal with Shane's pants, so he quickly unbuckled them and began tugging them off Shane. Shane lifted up slightly to help Terry out, and as soon as his pants were off he began working on Terry's pants. Soon both boys pants were laying in the floor beside the bed.

Shane then took Terry's erection into his hand and began gently stroking it. Terry was matching Shane's efforts on his friend's hard cock as well. Soon though that was not enough for Terry, so he laid Shane back on the bed. He then turned around into a 69 position and took Shane's cock into his mouth. Shane moaned loudly before putting his lips around Terry's shaft. Shane loved the taste of Terry's cock more than any other he had ever tasted. Both boys were in complete bliss as they worked on each others erections. Pretty soon Terry started grunting and groaning as he was quickly approaching his orgasm. Shane was not very far behind his friend.

Soon Shane was rewarded with the sweet taste of Terry's cum shooting into his waiting mouth. As he swallowed his friend's load he became overwhelmed with arousal and began shooting his own load into Terry's hungry mouth. Both boys continued to suck until their cocks began to deflate, then they laid there in each others arms. When they had just about recovered from their orgasms, Greg began knocking on their door.

"When you guys are done in there I've got pizza on the way." called Greg through the door. "That is if you guys are still hungry." Greg chuckled as he thought that at least he wouldn't have to worry about the boys keeping themselves entertained. It's not that he was snooping on them, but as he passed by the room a few moments earlier he couldn't help but to hear them. Apparently both boys were very loud at making love.

Shane and Terry finally got dressed and came out of the room blushing slightly.

Greg noticed them blushing and said, "Don't worry about what you were doing in there. I have no problem with it. If you don't want other people knowing what you're doing though, you should be a little quieter."

"We're sorry dad." said Shane. "Sometimes I just don't realize how loud I'm being. I guess Terry is the same way."

Greg laughed lightly and said, "Don't worry about it. I certainly don't mind the sound of you guys making love to each other." He then ruffled both boys hair, and gave them each a light kiss on the forehead. "I love you boys and I want you to be able to do whatever makes you happy. It makes me happy to know that you boys are enjoying yourselves so much. Now, let's get downstairs before supper gets here."

With that everyone headed downstairs. The pizza and everything that Greg had ordered with it arrived as soon as they were downstairs. As they were enjoying their supper, Greg was telling the boys about what he was doing for the young man who had killed Ron. Shane and Terry both thought that it was a very good idea. They also told Greg that they would like to meet the young man, who's name Greg found out was Jeremy. Greg didn't know if that would be possible, but he told the boys that he would do what he could.

After supper the rest of the evening was spent by the three guys curled up on the couch, watching movies. Greg found himself with a happy boy cuddled up on either side of him. This was about as close to heaven as Greg felt he could possibly get, as he wrapped an arm around each boy. Halfway through the second movie Shane and Terry began nodding off to sleep. By the time the movie was over, both boys were snoring very softly. Greg carried them up to Shane's room one at a time, then undressed the boys and tucked them into bed. Before leaving the room, Greg kissed them gently on the forehead and turned out the lights.

Terry awoke at about 2 A.M. and woke Shane to keep him company. Well, that wasn't the only thing that Terry had on his mind as Shane soon found out. When Terry began caressing Shane's cock, Shane had a pretty good idea what his friend wanted. Shane was more than happy to make his friend happy because he was quickly falling deeply in love with Terry.

Now it was Terry's turn to take the lead. Terry began by kissing his way from Shane's mouth to his nipples, then all the way down to his crotch. Terry kept himself laying in the same direction on the bed as Shane. He wanted Shane to watch everything he did. Shane watched his friend work on his cock with a smile on his face. Terry was also enjoying sucking on his best friend's erection. Shane was able to hold off his orgasm quite a while, as he had already cum earlier. This gave Terry the opportunity to suck on Shane's balls as well. Shane was in heaven as he felt his testicles being bathed in his friend's warm mouth. When Shane did cum he practically exploded as he watched Terry suck all of the juice from his cock.

Shane immediately turned Terry over and began to work his swollen cock. He was determined to give Terry the best blow job he had ever delivered to anyone. He began by slowly going up and down on Terry's cock, occasionally massaging around the head with his tongue. Terry moaned his appreciation of Shane's efforts. Then Shane decided to bathe Terry's balls as well. He alternated between Terry's balls and his cock for the next several minutes. Then he did something which caught Terry off guard and drove him crazy with pleasure. Shane grabbed Terry's legs and lifted them up into the air, then he licked from Terry's balls back to his pucker. He bathed his friend's rosebud for a few moments before gently pushing his tongue up inside Terry's rectum. They were lucky that Terry was not reported for disturbing the peace, because his moans were that of a person who had been driven insane with the most intense feelings of pleasure. After a few moments of licking out the insides of his friend, Shane replaced his tongue with his finger. He then went back to work on Terry's urgently stiff cock. That was all Terry could take as he began pumping his load into Shane's mouth. Terry's cock spat out more cum than it had ever unloaded before. When the orgasm was over, Terry laid on the bed unable to move but with the biggest smile he could manage across his face.

After the boys had recovered for about half an hour, they decided that they would spend the rest of the night in the bed of the other guy that they both loved.

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