Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 11

Greg awoke the next morning to find both boys in bed with him, with their arms laying across his chest. Greg thought to himself, "I don't have to get up just yet," so he put an arm around each boy and laid there enjoying the contact with them. Before long though Greg felt a hand wrap itself around his cock. He didn't want to take things this far, but he could not find his voice to stop it either. A few moments later the hand that was slowly playing with his cock was joined by another hand from the other boy. Greg thought, "Now I don't have to worry about who is doing it." Greg was also becoming very hard.

Shane started to awake and mumbled, "Morning dad. How are you?"

"Very funny!" remarked Greg. "As if you didn't know." Greg then chuckled lightly as he gave Shane's shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"Sorry," replied Shane, "I just couldn't help myself this morning. And guess what? Terry's hand was already there. I think he really trusts that you wouldn't do anything to hurt him."

"I hope he does," said Greg, "because it's true."

"Good!" exclaimed Shane. "Cause what we're doing right now doesn't hurt, does it?"

"Are you absolutely sure that you boys want do do this?" asked Greg.

"I thought that would be obvious by now." laughed Shane.

With that, Greg took his arms from around each boy and placed each hand around a boy's cock. His efforts were met with an "Mmmm" from each boy. He gently stroked both boys until they had become as erect as he was. Then he turned his head to the right and gave Shane a deep kiss. Shane's and Greg's tongues explored each other's mouths for a few moments before Greg broke the kiss. He then turned his head to the left to be greeted by one of the biggest smiles he had ever seen. Greg leaned his head toward Terry, and Terry met Greg's lips with his own. Greg pressed his tongue against Terry's lips, which Terry parted immediately. Greg gently caressed Terry's tongue and the inside of Terry's mouth with his tongue.

Suddenly the hands that had been gently playing with Greg's cock were replaced by a familiar warm, moist feeling. Greg looked down to see Shane sucking his cock. "Oh son," moaned Greg, "that feels so wonderful."

This caused Terry to look down to see Shane sucking his dad's cock. Terry now wanted some action of his own, so he crawled up the bed on all fours and turned around so that his cock was hovering over Greg's head. Greg immediately grabbed the boy's hips and pulled Terry's cock down into his mouth. When Terry began moaning, Shane looked up to see his dad sucking Terry's cock. Shane then turned around without losing contact with Greg's cock. Terry saw Shane do this and lowered his head to take Shane's cock into his mouth. All three guys were now lovingly sucking on someone's cock. After several minutes all three guys were moaning loudly while sucking on the person who was throbbing in their mouth.

Terry then decided that he wanted to see what Greg tasted like, so the two boys switched positions. Shane had already taught Terry well as Terry was now making Greg feel better than he had felt in a long time. Terry was putting a light amount of suction on Greg's cock as it was going all the way into, and then almost all the way out of Terry's mouth. Greg was sucking Shane's cock as though he were dying of thirst, and Shane's cock was the only source of water for miles. Shane absolutely loved Terry's cock and was doing everything he could to prove it.

With everything that Shane was doing to Terry's cock, Terry was first to cum. The sweetness of the cum that was flooding Shane's mouth caused him to be the next to cum into Greg's mouth. Greg savored Shane's taste as he began shooting into Terry's sucking mouth. Greg tasted much different to Terry than Shane did, but it was not at all unpleasant to Terry which caused him to cum a little bit more into Shane's mouth. All three guys nursed each other until they began getting flaccid again.

"That was the most wonderful thing I ever felt." said Greg. "I do have to tell Terry the same thing I once told you Shane. This can't be a regular thing. You boys need to be with someone closer to your own age."

"I do love Shane." said Terry. "We really just wanted to see what it would be like for all three of us to be together though. I knew you would treat me very good Uncle Greg, that's why I talked Shane into it. I promise that we won't expect this too much."

"Yeah dad." said Shane. "I already promised you that once before, and I did mean it. As long as you don't mind making love to us every once in a while, that's all we ask."

"You know I want you boys to be happy." said Greg. "As long as it doesn't get out of hand, I'll do what I can for you guys. I do want to talk to you guys about something else though. When you get ready, come on downstairs and join me for coffee." Greg finally got out of bed and put his robe on then went downstairs for a coffee and smoke.

A few minutes later he was joined by Shane and Terry, dressed in loose shorts and t-shirts. Shane poured himself a cup of coffee and asked Terry if he would like one.

"Sure!" replied Terry. "I'll take one this morning."

Shane also poured Terry a cup, then joined Terry and Greg at the counter. Shane lit a cigarette and took a sip of coffee. Then he offered Terry a smoke. Terry declined his offer at first, but after a few moments he changed his mind.

"Terry, I didn't know you smoked." said Greg.

"Not very many people do." said Terry. "I only do it once in a great while, usually when I'm nervous." Shane held out a light, and Terry took the first drag off his smoke.

"Well there's really nothing to be nervous about." said Greg. "I'm not upset about what happened this morning, as a matter of fact I enjoyed it very much. You two are very good at lovemaking." This caused Terry and Shane to blush slightly. "What I wanted to discuss was how you guys seem to sound like Terry will be here permanently. You do remember that his mother said that this was only for two weeks, don't you?"

"I wish he could stay here forever." said Shane.

Terry kissed Shane on the cheek and said, "Thanks dude, I love you very much too."

"Why can't he stay dad?" asked Shane.

"I'm afraid that's not up to us son." said Greg. "His mom and dad have complete control over where Terry lives."

"I know," said Shane, "but that doesn't mean we have to like it."

"I wouldn't mind staying here either." said Terry. "If my dad was freaked out about the FBI being around the house this week, I don't know if I want to go back there or not."

"Is there something that you're not telling us?" asked Greg. Greg and Shane looked anxiously at Terry, who nervously took a sip of coffee and a drag off his cigarette.

"I really can't say anything." said Terry. "I shouldn't have said that to begin with."

"Are you afraid that you will get someone in trouble?" asked Shane. Terry didn't answer Shane's question, but the look on his face told Shane and Greg that something was definitely wrong.

"Terry," said Greg, "you have nothing to be afraid of as long as you're with us. We would never say anything to anyone that would cause you trouble, so if there is something wrong it might help to talk to us."

"If I talk to anyone it should be my mother first." said Terry. "I would need a few hours undisturbed for that though."

"That's not a problem at all." said Greg. "Shane and I can find something to do for a few hours. You take all the time you need, and if you need us afterward we're here for you."

"Yeah dude," said Shane, "we'll do anything we can for you. I love you Terry."

"I know you love me Shane." said Terry. "I also know you guys would help me in any way I need it. Thanks." Terry then gave Greg a warm hug. Once that was over, he gave Shane a much hotter hug.

After the hug Greg and Shane went out so Terry could have a talk with his mother. They decided to go to Universal for a little while. Naturally Shane met two boys there. Their names were Rusty and Allen. Shane and Greg hung out with the two boys for a while, long enough for Rusty to invite them to his upcoming birthday party in two weeks. Meanwhile back at the house, Terry was talking to his mother.

"It really makes me kinda nervous that you told Mr. Holt that you want me too stay here for a few weeks because dad freaked out over the FBI." said Terry. "Does this have anything to do with me, or with the problem he had last year?"

"How do you know about last year?" Terry's mom almost screamed into the phone. "We certainly never said anything to you about that!"

"Well," said Terry "you didn't exactly talk low enough at times to keep it a secret either."

"In any event that's none of your business young man!" exclaimed Terry's mom. "Just don't go around discussing what you think you know with anyone else. We'll talk more about this when you come home."

"Yes ma'am." said Terry. He continued to talk to his mother for quite a while, trying to get some idea of how his parents might react to the idea of letting him stay in Florida on a more regular basis. He did not come right out and ask though. By the end of the call he was convinced that the idea would not go over well right now. Shane and Greg returned later that afternoon to find Terry almost in tears.

"What's wrong Terry?" asked Shane.

"My parents will never allow me to stay here, and if they ever find out that I'm gay they'll kill me." sobbed Terry. "I wish I could stay here forever, I'm afraid of them."

"Aw dad," whined Shane, "we have to find some way to help Terry."

"I told you boys that I'll do whatever I can to help," said Greg, "but I'm not sure what can be done if his parents want him to come home. Shane, can you excuse me and Terry while we talk?"

"Sure dad." said Shane. "I'll go upstairs and write some."

As soon as Shane was upstairs Greg turned to Terry and asked, "Okay son, what's going on?"

"I-I don't know what you mean Uncle Greg." stammered Terry.

"Come here and sit on my knee son." said Greg. As soon as Terry was seated Greg continued, "I've been around a long time Terry. I've been all over the world and met a lot of people. I write stories with plot twists so wicked, most people are amazed. You just don't live the kind of life that I've lived without hearing everything there is to hear. You also become very adept at being able to tell when someone is not being straight with you. I would hope you would trust me enough to tell me what is really going on son."

Terry sniffed back a few tears and said, "How did you know? I didn't think I gave you any reason not to believe me. If I told you what is really going on, my parents would kill me."

Greg patted the boy on the top of his head and kissed his forehead. Then he said, "I just couldn't believe that your parents want you back so badly if they suspect that you might be gay and they don't like gay people. Plus not only did you look upset when we came home, which is understandable, but you also looked very nervous like you were hiding something. I want you to know you can tell me anything, and I won't let anyone hurt you because of it. Whatever you tell me will stay between me and you, but it also might help me figure out how to help you."

"Okay uncle Greg," said Terry, "I'll tell you what I think is really going on. It all started about two years ago....................................."

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