Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 12

"Okay Uncle Greg," said Terry, "I'll tell you what I think is really going on. It all started about two years ago. My dad's company was working on a government project when my dad realized that the project was going to be over budget. My mom and dad went through the books over and over again, but it didn't do any good. My parents were saying that it would ruin the family business if we lost that contract. Then my dad came across a way to cut his costs and keep the project on budget. He began talking to a man who said he could help my dad re-negotiate his labor contract, and reduce his labor costs. The man also had suppliers who could deliver materials to my dad for a much lower cost. He did take quite a huge cut from the money he saved my dad, but the project was still back on budget, so my dad didn't say anything about it.

That's when the problems started. During contract negotiations with the union, people were complaining that they were being threatened by the mafia. Several people ended up disappearing, and the contract was finally passed in my dad's favor. About half of his employees ended up quitting though, but the man who was helping my dad also helped him replace the employees who quit.

Then the new materials started arriving. My dad was upset because the materials he was getting were no where near the quality of what he had been using. My dad screamed at the man who was helping him that he would be lucky if the government and state inspectors passed the building when it was finished. The man and my dad went out to talk for several hours, and when my dad came back everything was suddenly okay.

Then strangers, who acted a lot like Agent Scott, began showing up to question my dad about his business associates. My dad never told them anything that they wanted to hear. Then the man, that I figured out was a mobster, showed up to talk to my dad again. When they were through my dad seemed very nervous all the time. The men, who I figured out were FBI agents, never gave up questioning my dad. Anyone who did say anything to the federal agents would end up missing, but my dad never cracked.

Things finally got so bad that my dad was called before a grand jury a few months ago. By that time the mobster and his friends were hanging out around my dad all the time, but my dad would never say anything about them. The grand jury threatened to put my dad in jail, but the lawyers that the mobster provided to my dad made sure that they didn't have enough evidence to do anything to my dad. After that, my dad seemed to be a part of the mobster's group of close friends.

I think when the FBI showed up because of me, it made my dad very nervous. Now he's afraid that I may say or do something that might get him into trouble. I'm so scared right now Uncle Greg." Terry threw himself into Greg's arms and began crying.

Greg had a shocked look on his face and said, "Holy shit!" several times. Greg knew he could handle most people and situations, but the FBI and the mafia together was really intimidating to Greg. Greg thought the situation over for several minutes then said, "I don't really know what I can do to help you right now Terry, but I'll think of something. I just have to think of something where me, you, nor Shane will be in any danger or trouble. I will think of something though, I promise. You shouldn't be placed in such a horrible position. I'll do anything I can for you."

"Thanks Uncle Greg." said Terry. "I really love you and Shane both. If you can think of something, that would be great."

"I'll do what I can kiddo." said Greg as he ruffled Terry's hair. "If Shane asks anything about this though, don't say anything to him. At least not until this is well behind us. Instead, tell him to come talk to me. It would be best for him not to know more than he needs to right now."

"Okay Uncle Greg, I'll do that." said Terry. "Thanks for everything you've done for me this week."

"You're welcome my boy." said Greg as he playfully swatted Terry on the rear. "Now go find Shane and have a good time. I'll take care of everything else." Greg would have to talk to Terry's mom again, but first he would have to figure out what to say.

Greg took the boys out to dinner that evening while still trying to think of how to help Terry, and what to say to Terry's mom. The boys noticed that Greg seemed distracted all evening. Terry knew why but Shane didn't have any idea. That night, before going to bed, Shane came downstairs to talk to Greg.

"Dad," said Shane, "why are you so distracted tonight, and why won't Terry tell me anything?"

"Come on in and sit down son." said Greg. Once Shane was seated Greg continued, "Your friend has a lot on his mind son. His dad is involved in some things that he probably shouldn't be, and Terry is afraid because he feels that his parents think the situation between him and Ron may draw attention to his dad. His dad seems to be very nervous about the FBI being in and around their house this week."

"Why would Terry's dad be nervous though?" asked Shane. "This whole thing had nothing to do with his dad."

"It's because of the people that his dad does business with." said Greg. "Let's just say they're not very good people."

"His dad isn't involved with the mafia, is he?" asked Shane.

"I'm afraid so." said Greg. "What's important now is that we keep Terry happy. I'll work on seeing what I can do to make sure Terry is safe. This thing may just be a huge misunderstanding. I'll know more when I talk to his mom tomorrow."

"Okay dad." said Shane. "Thanks for helping Terry, I love him so much now."

"You're welcome son." said Greg as he smiled. "Have a good night, and I'll see you boys in the morning." Greg then kissed Shane on the forehead and sent him on his way.

Greg didn't get much sleep that night, as he was busy thinking about what to say to Terry's mom. Shane and Terry also wasn't getting much sleep either, but for an entirely different reason.

Terry was falling hopelessly in love with the boy he'd had his eye on for so long. He was hoping that when Shane went to the doctor tomorrow, the doctor would say Shane was completely healed from when his real dad attacked him. Terry wanted Shane to be the first person to have anal sex with him, although he didn't mind the things they had been doing, including tonight. After all, Terry had begun to love the taste of Shane's cum. But he also wanted to know what it felt like to put himself inside another guy, and have the other guy inside him. As both boys were laying on the bed in a '69' position, Shane slipped a finger inside Terry. This caused the cock that Shane had been sucking on for the last 15 minutes to throb in his mouth, and it caused Terry to let out a gasp. Within moments both boys emptied their cum into each other's mouths. After the last drops had been drained from both boys, Shane turned back around and the boys fell into a tight embrace. After quite some time of kissing and hugging, the boys fell sound asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning the boys woke up and got ready to join Greg downstairs for coffee. Shane poured Terry and himself a cup, then joined Greg and Terry at the kitchen counter and lit his morning smoke.

"We have to get ready pretty soon to make your doctor's appointment, Shane." said Greg.

"Okay." said Shane. "You want to stop on the way for breakfast then?"

"Sure." said Greg. "Also, after the doctor, we have to try and remember to stop by the school and get you enrolled."

"Okay." said Shane glumly. "If we have to."

The three guys then showered and got ready to leave for the doctor's office. This time Greg had official custody of Shane, so there would be no need to go in the back door. When they got to the office, Shane followed the doctor to the examination room by himself. After about twenty minutes, the doctor came out and asked Greg to join he and Shane in his office.

Once Greg was seated next to Shane the doctor said, "First it appears as thought the tear in Shane's rectum has healed completely. I don't believe that there's any reason to worry about that any more."

"That's a relief!" exclaimed Shane. "Is there any activity that I should avoid?"

"I don't believe there should be any problems there." said the doctor. "I would however like to discuss some test results with both of you."

"Why?" asked Greg. "What's the problem?"

"Okay," said the doctor, "I'll need both of you to hear me out first. When we run HIV tests, we normally run two separate tests. The second test is a backup to the first test. These tests can provide false results, both positive and negative. False positive tests are much more common than false negative tests." As the doctor was telling this to Greg and Shane, they both started to appear very concerned. The doctor continued, "The tests we ran on Shane reported a positive and a negative result. We'll need to run the tests again to confirm one result or the other, and again in six months."

Shane began crying, while Greg sat there with a shocked look on his face. Finally Greg said, "Are you sure about these results doc?" Greg then wrapped his arms around Shane.

"That's just the point." said the doctor. "We aren't sure about the results. That's why the tests have to be done again. I want both of you to know that Shane is most likely negative, like I said before false positives are a lot more common. However at this time I cannot tell you for certain that he is negative. After we run the tests again, we'll be a little more certain." The doctor lifted Shane's chin so he could look him in the eyes. "In the meantime, I don't want you to worry so much Shane. I'm confident that you'll be fine. Besides a boy like you shouldn't have to worry so much. While we're waiting for the second set of tests though, you need to consider your sexual activity. Are you sexually active Shane?"

"Yes sir." said Shane as he tried to dry his tears.

"Okay then," said the doctor, "in that case anyone you've had sexual contact with should be tested as well, unless you've been using protection. Also if you continue to be sexually active, you absolutely have to use protection. There are to be no arguments about this. Once you and your partner have come back negative, then we can relax a little. I know you were attacked by your real father, and it is possible to contract diseases that way, but you should never have unprotected sex with someone unless they've been tested and you know that they are safe. Do you have any questions?"

"Only about a million." said Shane sadly. "I guess the most important one is, if I have it am I gonna die?"

"Like I already said, I'm optimistic that you don't." said the doctor. "I am glad you asked though, because people don't know as much about HIV today as they should. There have been a lot of advancements in treatment in the past ten years, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we can control it. We have had definite successes like Magic Johnson, but the fact remains that people still die from complications of AIDS every day. A lot depends on how early it's detected and how well you follow treatment. There are still cases of people who's bodies reject treatment after a period of time, but treatment is generally better tolerated than it has been in the past. HIV and AIDS are no longer the sure death sentence they use to be, but there are also no guarantees in treating it. With that said, I'm still optimistic that we won't have to worry about any of that. Please don't let this eat you up until after we get the results from the next set of tests back."

"Okay," said Shane. "I'll try not to."

"There's one more thing doc." said Greg. He lowered his head and continued, "You may as well test me too while we're here. I .....I've ....kinda had sex with Shane."

"Don't worry Greg," said the doctor, "I've known you for many years. I'm not going to judge what you do in private. I am glad that you are man enough to be honest about this though."

"There is someone else too, doctor." said Shane. "A friend of mine is in town, and we've had sex together too."

"I take it that it would be best if his parents were to not find out about this?" asked the doctor.

"It probably wouldn't be good if they did find out right now." said Greg.

"Okay," said the doctor, "it's a violation of rules but I'll sneak his test in with yours and Shane's."

"Also, he may be going home to New York a week from this Friday." said Greg. "I'm trying to get that put off for a while, but could you rush the results back just in case?"

"I'll see what I can do." said the doctor.

Shane went out to the waiting room to get Terry, then everyone went through the explanation and questions one more time for Terry. After blood had been drawn from all three guys, and Greg spoke to the doctor alone, everyone left the doctor's office in a very somber mood. The ride home was very quiet and registering Shane for school was once again forgotten.

Once inside the house Shane threw his arms around Greg and Terry both and began crying again. Once he could stop sobbing long enough he said, "I'm so sorry to both of you. I love you guys and I never meant to put either of you in any danger." Shane again broke down in their arms.

"Shh," comforted Greg, "I know you didn't my beautiful son. This isn't anyone's fault, and certainly not yours. If it were anyone's fault it would be mine. I'm the adult here, and I didn't stop to think about any of this."

Shane looked up at Greg and asked, "You mean you feel bad about what we did? Please dad, I just wanted to show you how much I love you." Shane began crying even harder.

"Please son, don't cry." said Greg as he choked back tears of his own. "I'm not sorry about what we did because it felt great. I am sorry about what has happened because of it though. I know you guys both love me and I feel like the luckiest man on Earth because of that, but there are other ways to express love. Besides, this whole thing may not have been very fair to Terry."

"I love you too Uncle Greg." cried Terry. "I don't feel bad because of what we did."

"I know you do." said Greg. "The kind of love you two boys share should be special to just the two of you though. Do you both understand that?"

"Yes, I guess so." replied both boys in unison.

"Now," said Greg, "I think you boys need to have a talk with each other. I'm going to go out and pick something up for you. Please don't have any sexual contact until I return. If you have anything you want to ask me, I'll try to answer any questions for you then."

Greg left the boys to talk, while he went to the pharmacy to buy some things for the boys. When he got back, he took the bag to the boys. "Okay boys," said Greg, "I have a few things that I want you to use from this point on, at least until we hear back from the doctor. First I got you a couple different types of condoms. Do either of you know how to put them on?"

"Yeah," replied Shane, "I know how to use them."

"Good!" said Greg. "You can teach Terry how to use them then. I also got you some water based lubricant to use. If you use a lubricant that is petroleum based, it can cause the latex in the condoms to break down."

"Does this mean that it's okay for Terry and me to still have sex?" asked Shane.

"Yes," said Greg, "just make sure you use the condoms. Also try to keep aware of how the condom feels while you're using it, if it breaks you can usually feel it. If either of you have any more questions, I'll be downstairs. I have to talk to Terry's mother now."

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