Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 13

"Hello Mrs. Brewer," said Greg, "this is Greg Holt calling. How are you this evening?"

"I'm fine." said Terry's mom. "What can I do for you? Is there some kind of problem with Terry?"

"No. There's no problem at all." said Greg. "Well, that's not completely true. Terry does seem to be upset about something, and it has something to do with him going back to New York."

"Oh no!" exclaimed Terry's mom. "What has he told you?"

"He hasn't said anything." lied Greg. "He is just very upset. He almost acts like he's afraid to return to New York. Is he in any kind of danger from someone over what has happened with the man that showed up there?"

"Of course not." said Terry's mom. "I don't have any idea what may be upsetting him. There's no reason to get anyone else involved in this again."

"Well," said Greg, "I wasn't thinking of getting anyone else involved, unless I begin to think it may be in Terry's best interest. What I was thinking is maybe Terry might be able to spend a little more time here than we originally agreed on."

"What are you talking about Mr. Holt?" asked Terry's mom. "You're not trying to take our son away from us, are you?"

"No, no." said Greg. "That's not what I'm talking about at all, at least not at this time. I am very concerned about his state of mind right now though. If there is any kind of problem there, I would be more than happy to have him stay here as long as necessary."

"I'll have to discuss this with my husband." said Terry's mom. "I really don't see any reason for him to stay any longer than we originally agreed though. If there isn't anything else, I'll be in touch with you later Mr. Holt."

"That's all that I wanted to discuss right now." said Greg. "I hope you do think about letting him stay though. My only interest is Terry's happiness and well being. Please consider what I've asked you."

"We'll be in touch Mr. Holt." said Terry's mom. "Good-bye until then."

When Greg got off the phone he said to himself, "That didn't go as well as I had hoped."

The next two weeks were tension filled at Greg's house. Shane was more worried about his test results than anyone else was. For that reason Greg decided to wait until the tests were behind them before enrolling Shane in school. In the meanwhile Greg did hire a tutor so that Shane wouldn't fall any further behind in his education than he already had.

Terry was also going through a lot of stress for the first week, not knowing whether his parents would let him stay or not. After the first week his mother did call back though. She said they may let Terry spend the summer there, but they wanted him to return home the following Saturday morning. Greg tried to change her mind but she told Greg that the tickets were paid for and would be waiting at the airport. She also said that if Terry wasn't on that flight, they would file a complaint with the Orlando Police. Terry and Shane did not take this news very well, but there was nothing anyone could do about it at this point. Greg did suggest contacting the FBI again, but Terry didn't want to do that in spite of how much he wanted to stay in Orlando.

Greg did take the boys out on days when Shane wasn't being tutored, to try and cheer them up. Mostly though, Greg threw himself into his writing. Greg was feeling slightly depressed because the house wouldn't be the same when Terry was gone. Greg's writing kept him from dwelling on that.

The doctor finally called to confirm that the test results would be ready on the day before Terry was to leave. The doctor assured all three that these test results would be accurate enough to clear up any doubts that they were feeling. That Friday finally came around, so all three made the trip to the doctor's office. When they went in, they informed the doctor that they wanted to hear their results together.

"Well," said the doctor, "we don't normally handle things that way."

"Could you make an exception this time?" asked Greg. "I really think all of us need to hear it at the same time."

"In your case Greg, I think we can do that." said the doctor. The three guys followed the doctor to his office, then the doctor continued. "I think we can shorten this process just a bit. All three test results came back with the same result. All tests are negative."

Greg, Shane, and Terry threw their arms around each other and cried with joy at the news. Then the doctor went on to say, "I know this must be a relief for all three of you, and I hope I don't have to give you the lecture about protecting yourselves again. Now although I'm certain you guys don't have anything to worry about, I think it would be a good idea to repeat the test in six months. I don't see the results changing as long as you take care of yourselves, but it is a wise precaution to take."

Greg grabbed the doctor's hand and shook it wildly while saying, "Thank you doctor. We will take the test again in six months."

All three guys were happy when they left the doctor's office, even though Terry would have to return home tomorrow. They weren't going to worry about that right now, because right now it was time to celebrate. Greg decided to take the boys home, so they could get ready to go out for the afternoon and evening.

It was decided that they would visit the small park that was home to the world's tallest skycoaster. As they approached eastbound U.S. 192, they could see the towering structure from the freeway. They were still about two miles from the exit and three miles from the park at this point, which made the boys slightly nervous. They were even more awestruck and nervous as Greg pulled into the park. It was the tallest thing either boy had ever seen, besides the skyscrapers of Manhattan. They spent a few hours riding the smaller rides, while Greg let the boys work up their nerve to try the ride they went there for. Finally Greg felt the boys were ready to challenge the 300 foot tall tower that they would be pulled to the top of. Laying face down 300 feet in the air, with nothing between them and the ground below, was an experience the boys had never felt before. When it came time to pull the ripcord and plummet from that height, both boys screamed like they had never screamed before. When the ride was over they immediately wanted to go right back on.

After the next time on the ride it was time to go to the nearby dinner theater, which featured a medieval tournament show complete with King Arthur. Today had been the best time all three guys had since Terry came to visit them, but Shane was prepared to make tonight even better for Terry. In the two weeks that the boys were waiting for their test results, they had been too afraid to put themselves inside each other. Tonight was going to be much different.

As soon as Greg pulled back into the driveway, Shane grabbed Terry and ran upstairs with him. Shane wasted no time in getting Terry undressed.

"Dude," said Terry, "you can slow down a little. We have all night."

"I'm sorry but I don't want to waste a minute of this night." replied Shane.

Terry giggled as Shane frantically undressed himself. Once that was done though Shane pushed Terry onto the bed, then jumped on next to next to his boyfriend. Shane pressed his lips against Terry's then explored the inside of the other boy's mouth. After several minutes both boys were gasping for breath and panting heavily.

"I want you inside me tonight." panted Shane.

"I can't wait." responded Terry. "Then I want you inside me too. I want you to be my first, Shane."

The boys then got into a '69' position to get each other ready. After several minutes of having each other's unsheathed cocks in their mouths for the first time in almost two weeks, Shane slid even further down and held Terry's legs apart.

Then Shane leaned in far enough so that his tongue could reach Terry's ass. Once Shane spread Terry's soft cheeks and ran his tongue along the inside of the cheeks, Terry began moaning in pleasure. Then Terry gave the same treatment to Shane. Both boys were now writhing on top of the bed as they found each other's puckers with their tongues. Terry got his tongue inside Shane easier than Shane was able to get his tongue into Terry. This was not a surprise though, as Terry was still a virgin back there.

"I'm ready now." said Shane. "Go ahead and put some lube on your cock and slip it into me."

Terry raised up to grab the lube while Shane repositioned himself. Once Terry's cock had been covered, Shane told him to put some on the pucker. Terry did as Shane told him then placed his cock against Shane's opening. He pushed against Shane then felt a warm, soft feeling covering his cock. Shane gasped with pleasure as Terry's cock slid inside him.

"Nice and easy to start out." moaned Shane. Terry again did as he was told as he enjoyed the feel of Shane's rectum around his cock. Terry was in no hurry for this to end, so he fucked Shane very slowly as he moaned Shane's name over and over.

The last time this had happened to Shane was the most painful experience of his life, but Terry was being so gentle that Shane could not believe how great it felt. Shane was in no hurry for this to end either, as he softly encouraged Terry to keep going slow and gently. Finally after what must have been thirty minutes, Terry could control his lust no longer. He began pumping harder and faster into Shane's butt. Shane was now begging to feel Terry's warm cum to shoot into him. After only a few more minutes Terry granted Shane's wish and unloaded every ounce he could into Shane. Both boys nearly shouted in ecstasy, then Terry collapsed onto Shane.

Shane let Terry recover for a few minutes then said, "If you think that felt good, wait until I have my cock inside you. There's nothing that feels as good if it's done right.

Then Shane turned Terry over, grabbed the lube, and began preparing his lover to lose his virginity. First Shane massaged the lube into Terry's pucker with one finger. Once Terry began moaning, Shane pressed the finger inside Terry. Terry gasped from surprise, then decided he liked it and told Shane to keep going. Shane stretch Terry as much as he could with one finger, but knew more would be needed. He lubed the next finger and slid it inside Terry with the first. This was definitely more than Terry was use to, so Shane let him relax for a few moments. Once Terry had become comfortable with two fingers, Shane began massaging his rectum with both fingers.

After several minutes of stretching, Shane felt Terry would be ready. Shane lubed his cock and placed it at Terry's pucker. "Do you feel that, my love?" asked Shane.

"Umm huh." moaned Terry.

"It's going to feel even better when I push it inside of you." promised Shane.

"Please be the first one in there now!" begged Terry.

With that Shane pushed his cock into Terry's rectum, and felt Terry's warmth cover his shaft. Terry did yelp slightly, but begged Shane not to take it out. He still wanted to feel Shane inside him no matter what. He couldn't believe how exciting Shane's cock felt, rubbing against the wall of his rectum. It almost made Terry cum once again. If it was going to feel better when Shane began sliding in and out, Terry needed to feel it. The slight pain at first, was now completely gone so Terry begged Shane to fuck him as though his life depended on it. Shane began pumping slowly, so Terry could get use to it and enjoy it as long as possible.

After only fifteen minutes Terry began to feel as though he might cum, so he begged Shane to speed up. He didn't want to cum before Shane could empty himself. He needed to feel Shane's cum shooting into his rectum before anything could affect his senses. He didn't have to wait long as Shane let out a loud yell. The feeling of Shane's cum hitting his rectum caused Terry to let out a yell, and begin shooting again on Shane's bed. Both boys finished cumming at the same time, and Shane collapsed onto Terry with his cock still embedded inside Terry. Once his cock deflated enough to come out of Terry on it's own, Shane rolled terry over. Terry had the biggest goofy smile that Shane had ever seen in his life.

"I take it you liked that my lover!" said Shane.

"Just put your strong arms around me and kiss me." demanded Terry. The boys locked their arms around each other and kissed, until they fell asleep in each others arms.

Saturday morning arrived all too soon for the boys, and it was time to take Terry to the airport. Shane and Greg both told themselves they wouldn't cry, but to no avail. The hardest moment they ever faced was to watch Terry walk through the gate and onto the airplane to New York. Terry almost couldn't bring himself to get on the airplane, but there was no other choice. Shane cried hysterically as he watched the plane taxi out toward the runway. Terry had promised that he would be back for spring break and summer vacation. He promised to call as often as he could. There was no way that could be enough for Shane as he watched the plane disappear from sight.

Once Greg and Shane had made it back to their car, Shane broke down. "Why!" screamed Shane. "Why did he have to go back! Why couldn't we just keep him here? If his parents had called the cops, we could have called the FBI! It isn't fair dad!"

"I know it's not fair son." said Greg. "There is nothing we can legally do right now though. Sure we could call the FBI, but that might put Terry in even more danger. His dad is dealing with some pretty rough people. I'm sure Terry will be fine for now, and I'll have my lawyer do everything he can to help."

"But I want him here now!" cried Shane. "It's not fair!"

"I know son, and I'm truly sorry that he couldn't stay." said Greg. "I know that doesn't make it stop hurting, but we have to try to move on until he can be with us again."

Shane tried to dry his tears and said, "Okay dad, I'll try."

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