Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 14

Shane did go to the birthday party for his new friend Rusty that afternoon. He had met Rusty and Allen at a local theme park a few weeks earlier, and wanted to develop a friendship with them. A few minutes after Shane had finished dancing with Allen, Allen came up to him.

"Hey dude," said Allen, "what's wrong? You look like someone who is really hurting right now."

"My best friend and boyfriend had to go back to New York this morning." said Shane. "I really didn't want him to go, but there was nothing I could do about it. His parents wouldn't let him stay any longer."

"That really sucks!" said Allen. "It's too bad your boyfriend couldn't stay around. If there's anything I can do to help you just let me know. I don't have a boyfriend right now, but I know I'd like a shoulder to cry on if that happened to me."

"Thanks." said Shane. "You're a really nice guy, and a pretty good dancer." This caused Allen to blush slightly so Shane continued. "The really bad things is I won't see him again until spring break. I don't want to cheat on him after what we've been through, but I haven't gone without sex for that long in a couple of years."

"Okay," said Allen, "now you're just bragging." That caused both boys to laugh. Then Allen continued, "If you ever need anything like that, I'd be happy to help you out and not expect a relationship or anything. I think I might be falling in love with someone myself, but he just doesn't see me that way."

"If you were to do something like that for me, I'd have to return the favor though." said Shane.

"You wanna try something and see if we might like to help each other out every once in a while?" asked Allen.

"I guess so." said Shane. "Remember though, I do have a boyfriend that I love very much."

Allen and Shane snuck away to Allen's room and traded blow jobs. That's about all there was to it too. There wasn't much feeling to it for either boy. It was just another way to get off. Shane decided he would rather just jack-off until his Terry could return to him.

The next few weeks were very rough for Shane. He did get to speak with Terry on the phone and chat with him on the computer, but it wasn't the same as having Terry with him. It was so hard on Shane that Greg decided to continue home schooling Shane for the remainder of the school year. Shane would never have been able to keep up with his age group in a school in the emotional shape he was in. To make matters worse his only friends in the area, Rusty and Allen, ended up in the hospital over the Valentine's Day weekend. Shane was even more depressed after visiting them in the hospital.

As if things weren't bad enough Terry began cutting back his communication with Shane. Shane knew deep down that it wasn't Terry's idea, but that didn't make things hurt any less. By mid-March Shane had gone back to climbing in bed with Greg and crying himself to sleep every night. Greg would hold Shane until the boy had cried himself out and collapsed into sleep. Greg knew if this kept up that Shane would need to see a counselor, and Greg partially blamed himself for this. For that reason Greg decided it was time to call Terry's mom again.

"Hello Mrs. Brewer," said Greg, "this is Greg Holt calling. I just wanted to call and see how everything was going, and to make sure that Terry was still going to be coming down for spring break in two weeks."

"It was nice of you to call." said Terry's mom. "I don't think that Terry will be able to make it down to Orlando though. We may not even let him go down there this summer either."

"What!" shouted Greg. "We had an agreement, and now you want to go back on it?!? Have you thought how this might affect both our boys? How can you expect me to tell Shane this, knowing it will crush him?"

"That's really not my concern Mr. Holt" said Terry's mom. "And I'm getting a little tired of you telling me how to raise my kid. Terry's been doing a lot of things we don't approve of, and he certainly didn't learn it from us."

First of all," said Greg, "I'm not telling you how to raise your kid. If I wanted to do that I would have tried to keep him here. You made those boys a deal though and now you're going to hurt them because of your prejudice. Secondly, I shudder to think of what he's learned at home."

"This conversation is over Mr. Holt." said Terry's mom. "Good-bye and don't call here again."

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Greg to himself. "What have I done to my poor little boy now?"

Greg couldn't think of how he would break the news to Shane, but he would have no choice. Terry stopped responding to Shane's e-mails and messages immediately after Greg had called the Brewer home. This had the effect on Shane that Greg had feared, it completely devastated the boy. Shane came crying to Greg a week before Terry was to have come down to Orlando.

"Why is this happening?" cried Shane. "What did I do to Terry to deserve this?"

"You didn't do anything son." said Greg as he put his arms around Shane. "I talked to Terry's mom and she's the one who doesn't want Terry to come down here. You have to remember that Terry loves you, and he would call you if he could. I'm sorry that I meddled son, I feel partly to blame for this."

"It's not your fault either dad." said Shane. "You were only trying to do what you thought would help."

"Thanks son," said Greg, "I needed to hear that. I'm still worried about Terry though. I'm going to see my lawyer tomorrow to see if I can get him back down here. First though we're going to try to contact him at school tomorrow."

"I love you dad," said Shane, "because you would do that for us, especially for Terry." Shane then gave his dad the warmest hug that a son could give his dad.

The next day Greg called Terry's school. It took a lot of persuading that he was calling on behalf of Terry's welfare, but after several minutes the principal informed Greg that Terry had not been in school yet that week. This information scared Greg and Shane both, and Greg was able to convince the principal to look into the matter. Greg also called his lawyer, who said that he would hire a private investigator to look into it. This did very little to help ease Greg and Shane's fears.

The Saturday that Terry's spring break would have started, Shane received an e-mail from Toby that he was getting ready to head to Florida with a couple of friends that had found out about his little trip. This made Shane feel a little better, but he still wanted to hear from his Terry. Greg nor Shane either one could get their mind of the boy that had become a part of their hearts. When Sunday evening rolled around Shane was surprised and Greg was shocked to see three cars pull into their driveway. Boys began piling out of the cars as Greg began saying "Oh no!" to himself. Then suddenly, out of Toby's car came Terry.

Shane ran to his love screaming, as he threw his arms around Terry shouting, "Terry! Terry! I can't believe it's really you!" Terry winced when Shane hugged him tightly, which made Shane back up and take a look at the boy. "Oh God no!" screamed Shane. "What happened to you Terry?"

"My old man turned me over to a few of his friends." groaned Terry. "I don't feel so good, can we go inside?"

By this time Greg had come over to see for himself if it really was Terry. Greg gasped loudly as he saw the condition Terry was in. Terry was bruised over most of his visible body parts. Also his fingers were drawn up and his face was badly swollen. When Terry groaned that he didn't feel too good, Greg picked him up gently and took him into the house. Then Greg immediately called 911. Greg knew that there was no way Shane would stay behind, so he apologized to Toby and his friends and told them to make themselves at home. As the paramedics were looking Terry over, Greg called Mike Cooper. He had met Mike at the birthday party that Shane had been invited to back in January and knew Mike was a DCF caseworker who might be able to help them out now.

Mike was already at the hospital, so he would meet the paramedics and get things started until Greg arrived. By the time Greg and Shane got to the hospital Mike had already made Terry a ward of the state, and had temporary guardianship papers ready for Greg to sign. Shane was so overjoyed when Greg signed the papers that he threw his arms around his dad's neck and cried onto his shoulder.

"Does this mean Terry won't have to leave us again?" asked Shane in a shaky voice.

"He'll never go back to New York if his parents had anything to do with this." said Greg. "I just hope the poor kid makes it through this."

Then Greg, Shane, and Mike began waiting. Greg was so worried about Terry that he didn't even think about the 12 kids back at his house. Shane did call home to speak with Toby though.

"What in the world happened to Terry?" asked Shane.

"I don't know little dude." said Toby. "We hadn't heard from him all week. Then just before I pulled out of my driveway to come here, Terry showed up all beaten to hell. I was going to take him to the hospital, but he kept saying that he had to come here. I didn't want him to freak out and hurt himself even worse, so I brought him with me. He sure is one brave little dude."

"How had his parents been acting before Terry disappeared?" asked Shane.

"They were acting like fucking weirdoes!" exclaimed Toby. "I don't know what kinda shit is going on there, but I hope Terry never has to go back there. Besides he really loves you dude, you're all he ever talked about when he wasn't home. I can't even imagine what kind of pain he must have been going through just to get down here."

"Thanks Toby," said Shane, "I needed to hear that. I love Terry so much that I don't know what I'll do if anything happens to him."

"He'll be okay dude, I know he will." said Toby.

"Thanks, I know he will too." said Shane. "You guys don't destroy anything and help yourselves to what ever is in the fridge. I'll call back when we know something about Terry. Thanks again bro."

Terry hung up and went back to wait with Greg. The more Greg waited for word on Terry, the angrier he got. Shane did everything he could to keep his dad calm. After a few hours, Greg's cell phone went off.

"Hello!" said Greg roughly. "Greg Holt here. What can I do for you?"

"I'm sorry to bother you this late on a Sunday evening Greg." said Greg's lawyer. "I just heard from my investigator and I thought you might want to know what he told me."

"I'm sorry I sounded nasty," said Greg, "I've been having a rough evening. I'd love to hear what the investigator said."

"Okay." said the lawyer. "It seems as though Mr. Brewer may be a very nasty character. He is very heavily involved in the mafia. A lot of people have been disappearing around him, and I'm afraid that includes his own son. My man won't stop until he finds the boy though, just be careful Greg."

"Tell the investigator he doesn't have to worry about finding Terry." said Greg. "Terry showed up at my door this evening looking like he had been run over by a truck. I'm at the hospital with him right now."

"Oh my God!" gasped the lawyer. "You weren't kidding when you said you were having a rough evening, were you? How is the boy?"

"I don't know." said Greg as he choked back a few tears. "The doctors have been working on him for a couple of hours now, but they haven't told me anything yet. I want the bastard that's responsible for this put away for good!"

"I'm sorry," said the lawyer, "and I don't blame you at all. I'll do what ever I can for you guys, okay Greg?"

"Thanks." said Greg. "Anyone who would do this to a child doesn't belong on the streets."

As Greg was ending his call, the doctor came into the waiting room. "Terry's a lucky boy to have made it this far." said the doctor. "Injuries like his could have been enough to kill him. He's still in surgery right now with our best vascular surgeon and neurosurgeon. We have most of the worst damage under control now, and are dealing with the rest of his injuries. His hands will require more surgery later, but we want to get his more serious injuries dealt with first. I do feel confident that he pull through okay, but the next 24 hours will be very important. I can tell you that whoever beat him like this didn't want him to survive it. I'll come back out again when he's out of surgery, and in recovery."

"Doctor," said Greg, "you said neurosurgeon. Is Terry going to be the same as he was before?"

"Right now it's too soon to tell." answered the doctor. "He did have some busted veins inside his skull, and quite a bit of swelling. I'm surprised he even made it here, but there's no way to tell if any permanent damage has been done yet. When he wakes up from surgery we may have a better idea."

"Okay doc," said Greg, "Let us know when he's out, or you know anything else."

An hour and 30 minutes passed before the doctor came back out to tell Greg and Shane that Terry was in the recovery room. Greg and Shane sat beside Terry's bed waiting for him to come out from the anesthesia. After about 15 minutes Terry's eyes began to flutter open.

"I still don't feel too good uncle Greg." said Terry in a weak voice.

Shane and Greg took turns hugging Terry then Greg said, "With what you've been through, I'm sure you don't. Don't worry Terry, we'll never let anything like that happen to you again."

Shane cried onto Terry's hand and said, "I love you so much that I don't know what I would have done if anything had happened to you dude."

"I love you too Shane." said Terry. "Don't worry uncle Greg, I love you but not the same way that I love Shane."

"I understand that now." said Greg. "I love you son. Can you tell me what happened back in New York now?"

"I will later but I'm really kinda sleepy now." said Terry.

"Okay," said Greg, "we'll talk in the morning."

Greg called the doctor in so they could take Terry to a room where he could sleep. Then Greg and Shane went home to get a little rest too. When they got home, all of their guests were still up and around.

Shane took Greg over to Toby and said "I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to introduce anyone last night. Dad, this is my best bud Toby. Toby, this is my new dad Greg Holt."

Toby held out his hand and said, "This is really great to meet Greg Holt. I've read all your books sir."

Greg shook Toby's hand and said, "Don't call me sir, Greg is fine. Shane has told me quite a bit about you too, although he didn't tell me you would be bringing so many nice young boys with you."

"I'm sorry sir, I mean Greg." said Toby. "A few of my friends found out where I was going, and they wouldn't let me leave them behind."

"That's okay." said Greg. "I'm sure we can find room for everyone for the week. So, who do you have with you?"

Toby called all the boys in to meet Greg and began introducing them. "This is Brian, then we have Kevin, Scott, Pat, Justin, Jeremy, John, Tyler, Kyle, Tony, and the one with pizza sauce all over his face is Dustin, but we just call him Snoopy. Also, our spring break is for two weeks this year. Isn't that awesome?"

"Two weeks?!?" exclaimed Greg. "That's great. Now lets find all you boys somewhere to sleep."

Toby wanted to sleep with Shane, so Shane explained to him that nothing was going to happen between them because of how he felt about Terry. "That's okay," said Toby, "I understand. Actually I've been sort of attracted to older guys lately. By the way, your dad is kinda hot."

"Why don't you ask him if you can sleep with him then?" asked Shane. "I think he might actually go for it."

"No way dude!" exclaimed Toby. "Are you sure?"

"There's only one way to find out." said Shane.

So Toby went to find Greg, who was busy trying to find room for all the boys. When he caught Greg he said, "Mr. Holt, if you're having problems finding room for everyone I wouldn't mind bunking with you."

"I'm flattered Toby," said Greg, "but there's two problems with that. First, you keep calling me Mr. Holt when I prefer Greg."

"I'm sorry Greg." said Toby. "I promise I'll call you Greg from now on. What's the second problem?"

"The second problem is your age." said Greg. Since the HIV scare, and then what happened between Shane and Terry, Greg had been thinking about his attraction to young boys. He did not want to mess up any boy's life, which he felt he almost did with Shane and Terry.

"My age shouldn't be a problem." said Toby. "I'll be 18 in three weeks, so I'm close enough that it's nothing to worry about. Besides, I really do want to sleep with you. You see, I ....I'm attracted to older guys and I like you."

Greg thought about it for a few minutes and then decided that he would enjoy Toby's company for the night. With that obstacle removed, Greg was able to find room for the rest of the boys.

I thought that would be a good place to end this chapter. I know there wasn't much sex this time, but there were a lot of things that needed to happen in this chapter. I promise to make that up to those who were disappointed. Please send all comments to: .