Training Day

by tim

This story is © 2004 by tim and is protected by copyright law. Please do not distribute it for profit or post to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual persons or events are purely coincidental. This story also contains sexual situations between males. If this subject offends you or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to my new address: .

Training Day - by tim

Chapter 15

Greg finally got all the boys settled down, and into their beds. He returned to his bed to find Toby already in bed. "I hope you're okay with something Toby." said Greg.

"What's that?" asked Toby.

"I always sleep nude." said Greg. "I can't wear any clothes to bed or I won't be able to sleep a wink. I hope that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable."

Toby smiled a devilish smile and asked, "Who said anything about getting any sleep?" He then laughed the most delightful boyish laugh.

Greg chuckled at that himself as he took off all his clothes and climbed into bed with Toby. As soon as Greg was in bed he felt Toby's smooth hands running up and down his naked body. Once Toby was use to the feel of Greg's body, he began alternating between playing with Greg's nipples and gently stroking his hardening cock.

"Oh God Toby," panted Greg, "are you sure you want to do this?"

"I'm absolutely sure." said Toby.

Greg then placed his lips over Toby's lips and began kissing him. Toby pressed his tongue against Greg's lips, and Greg parted his lips to let the warm, wet tongue in. Toby probed around inside the older man's mouth for several minutes before pulling back.

"That was so hot Toby." said Greg.

Greg then held Toby tightly, while his hands explored the boy's body. Greg placed his lips over Toby's again and immediately plunged his tongue into Toby's mouth. Greg and Toby's tongues wrestled for several minutes, then Greg pulled back breathlessly.

"I've never met anyone quite like you Toby." moaned Greg.

"That's good," said Toby, "because I think I'm falling in love with you Greg."

Greg immediately moved down the bed until his face was even with Toby's smooth, hard cock. Greg ran his tongue gently up the underside, then swallowed Toby's cock. Toby ran his hands through Greg's hair as he moaned in excitement. Toby's cock began throbbing as it tried to bob up and down inside Greg's mouth, so Greg pulled off the cock and began licking Toby's balls. This was something Toby loved, and he let Greg know about it. Greg was happy that he was making the boy in his bed feel so good. Greg then grasped Toby's legs and lifted them up in the air. Greg ran his tongue from Toby's balls to his anus. He licked at Toby's pucker for several minutes then pressed his tongue against the opening. Greg's tongue slipped easily into Toby's ass, causing Toby to shudder from pleasure. After Greg slid his tongue back and forth a few times, he removed it from Toby's ass and replaced it with his finger. Greg plunged his finger deep inside Toby as he engulfed the boy's cock with his mouth. When Greg's finger hit Toby's prostate, Toby bucked wildly several times. Then Toby filled Greg's mouth with his sweet load. Greg sucked hard on Toby's cock until the boy was completely drained.

Toby rolled Greg over and collapsed on top of the man who had just made him feel better than he had ever felt in his life. "That was so great Greg." panted Toby. "Now I have to taste your awesome cock."

Toby then lowered himself down the bed and hungrily swallowed Greg's swollen cock. Greg had never had anyone suck his cock with so much enthusiasm before, so it was all he could do to keep from cumming right away. After several minutes of intense sucking Toby climbed back up the bed and placed his knees beside Greg's ribs. Then Toby reached behind him and grasped Greg's cock, aiming it at his pucker. Toby closed his eyes tightly and sat down hard on Greg's cock, impaling himself with the hard shaft. Toby moaned loudly from ecstasy, then began thrusting his body up and down on Greg's cock while calling out the man's name. This was all Greg could take as he began shooting his load into Toby's rectum.

Toby loudly moaned, "Your cum feels so good inside me Greg."

Toby then hugged Greg with Greg's cock still deeply inside him, until it began to soften and slipped out. Toby then collapsed exhausted on top of Greg. Greg wrapped his arms around the boy and kissed him passionately for several minutes. Then Greg rolled both of them onto their sides, and they both fell asleep in each other's arms.

Meanwhile in Shane's room, Shane had Tyler, Kyle and Dustin bunking with him after Greg had set up an extra bed in the room.

"Hey Shane," said Tyler, "do you want to sleep in the same bed with me? I thought maybe we could have a little fun." Not all the boys were gay, the group ran about 50/50, but all the boys knew about most of the other boy's sexual orientation and they were fine with each other.

"Like I said before," replied Shane, "I don't want to be with anyone except Terry right now. I love him more than anyone in the world."

Dustin, or Snoopy as his friends called him, wanted to speak up. Snoopy was the one boy in the group who kept his sexual orientation a secret. He knew his friends would accept him being gay without question, but he was still afraid to talk to anyone about it.

Before Snoopy got the nerve to say anything though, Kyle said, "Hey Tyler, I wouldn't mind fooling around with you. I've always thought you were pretty hot."

"Sweet!" exclaimed Tyler. "Okay Kyle, let's make some cum."

Dejectedly, Snoopy went to climb into Shane's bed. As Shane and Snoopy laid there listening to the sweet music of Tyler and Kyle having sex, Snoopy realized he had let another chance pass him by. Snoopy thought that he would be able to work up the nerve to come out to his friends on this trip, but it hadn't happened so far. The reason Snoopy was so afraid to come out was mostly due to the fact that his parents were confirmed homophobes. They had attended every anti-gay rally that their church sponsored, and went to quite a few others. Snoopy had decided that if he didn't find someplace to go besides home on this trip, that his life wasn't worth living anymore. He just couldn't put up with the way his parents spoke anymore, and he couldn't change the feelings he had. That's why Snoopy had also packed a small handgun on this trip.

Shane could immediately sense that something wasn't quite right so he asked, "What's wrong Dustin?"

"What makes you think something is wrong?" replied Snoopy.

"Because you look like someone has pissed in your Cheerios dude." said Shane. "Let's go downstairs and talk."

Shane and Snoopy got up and put on a pair of shorts, then went downstairs and left Tyler and Kyle going at it. Once the boys reached the kitchen, Shane took a seat at the counter and patted the stool next to him. As Snoopy sat down next to Shane, Shane lit up a smoke.

"You mean your new dad doesn't mind you smoking?" asked Snoopy.

"He's not happy about it," said Shane, "but he smokes too and he realizes how tough it is to quit once you get use to it. He'd rather have me do it and not try to keep it a secret than try to hide it and get in trouble."

"Mind if I try one then?" asked Snoopy.

"If you're sure you want to." said Shane. "Just don't inhale too deep at first."

Snoopy lit up a smoke and coughed a little at first. Then he learned how not to inhale the smoke too deep. "I see what you mean." said Snoopy. "It's kinda hard getting use to it at first. Oh well, it's not like I'm worried about these things killing me."

"Okay Snoopy," said Shane, "I can tell there is something really wrong with you. What ever it is, you can talk to me. I've been through a lot myself, and I might understand what you're going through."

"I don't know if I can talk to anyone about what's wrong." said Snoopy. "I've dealt with this for so long by myself that I can't just come right out and talk about it."

"Does this have anything to do with what Tyler and Kyle are doing upstairs?" asked Shane. When Snoopy didn't respond Shane said, "It is, isn't it? If what they are doing is bothering you, why don't you just say something? Nobody here wants to make anyone uncomfortable." Then Shane noticed Snoopy blushing. "Oh shit Snoopy, I'm such an idiot sometimes. You wanted to be in Kyle's place tonight, didn't you?"

"Please Shane," begged Snoopy, "you can't tell any of the guys."

"Dustin Meyer!" exclaimed Shane. "These guys are your friends. They wouldn't treat you any differently at all if they knew you were gay. Half the boys in this house tonight are gay themselves." Shane put his arm around Snoopy and continued, "We all care about you Snoopy, you're a part of our group. We all love you at least like a brother, and any of us would do whatever we could to help you."

"It's not you guys that I'm really worried about!" cried Snoopy. "Do you know how much my parents hate gay people? They make yours and Terry's parents look like saints. My parents actually believe that God tells them that it's okay to hate, and even hurt gay people."

"Damn Snoop, I didn't know." said Shane. "You don't really think they would hurt you though, do you? You're their own son."

"Because I'm their son they'd kill me." said Snoopy. "They couldn't allow Satan to live under their own roof, or anywhere else for that matter."

"That's crazy!" exclaimed Shane. "Being gay doesn't make you evil. I certainly hope you don't believe that crap!"

"Of course I don't," said Snoopy, "but my parents do. I can't ever face them again, they'll find out. And when they find out, they'll cause me more pain than you and Terry went through put together."

"Then there's only one thing we can do." said Shane.

"Yeah, I know." said Snoopy. He went to his bag which was still sitting in the living room and came back with the handgun. "That's why I brought this. Please remember that I really love all you guys."

Shane was in shock when he first saw the gun, but when Snoopy started to raise the gun to his own head Shane swung his arm out and knocked the gun from Snoopy's hand. The gun landed harmlessly on the kitchen floor.

"That's not what I meant!" screamed Shane. "What were you thinking Snoopy?"

"I'm so sorry Shane!" cried Snoopy. "I just can't go on like this anymore."

Shane put his arms around his friend and said, "You don't have to, but killing yourself is not the answer. I was thinking that you shouldn't go back to New York. I'm sure my dad won't let you go back there if he knows what's happening."

"Are you sure Shane?" asked Snoopy. "Your dad can't save the whole world."

"I know," said Shane, "but he seems to do pretty well by me and my friends. Your one of my good friends Snoopy, and my dad will help you. I know he will."

Shane took the gun and put it in his dad's safe, then he and Snoopy went back upstairs. By this time Tyler and Kyle had finished having sex, and had gone to sleep. That's exactly what Shane and Snoopy did too, as soon as they laid down on the bed.

The next morning Greg got Shane up from bed, and Shane got Snoopy up from bed. Shane was going to take Snoopy with him and Greg to see Terry in the hospital. He and Snoopy had some things to talk to Greg about. From the moment Shane and Snoopy started talking, Greg couldn't believe what he was hearing. When the boys got to the part about the gun, Greg nearly drove straight off the road. Greg already had a lot going on in his life, but there was no way he was going to let this boy be hurt anymore either.

"Where is the gun now?" asked Greg.

"I locked it up in the safe." said Shane.

"That's good thinking son." said Greg. "Now Dustin, why would you think killing yourself would be a good idea."

"I didn't say it was a good idea sir," said Snoopy, "it was just the only one I could come up with."

"Why?" asked Greg. "Just because it was Kyle who ended up having sex with Tyler and not you?"

"My only other hope was to get myself hooked up with someone on this trip so I wouldn't have to go home." cried Snoopy.

"Even if you had been the one to have sex with Tyler there's nothing that says you could have moved in with him." said Greg. "You need someone who can take care of you and make sure your parents can't get to you. I don't think Tyler would have been able to do that for you, and his parents may not want to either."

"Then what am I suppose to do?" cried Snoopy.

"For now you'll stay here with me, Shane, and Terry." said Greg. "Then I'll find a way to keep you from going back home for good. Would you want to do that Dustin?"

Snoopy wrapped his arms around Greg while Greg tried to keep the car on the road. "Thank you Mr. Holt!" screamed Snoopy. "I can't tell you how happy that makes me."

"Well, if you get any happier we're going to have a wreck!" laughed Shane.

Snoopy released Greg so he could drive safely, then threw his arms around Shane as he said, "You guys are the greatest. You've saved my life twice in the last 12 hours. I'll never be able to show you guys how much I love you and appreciate what you're doing for me."

So when they arrived at the hospital Greg, Shane, and Snoopy went inside to see how the other member of their growing family was doing.

Greg is starting to collect quite a family, isn't he? You can't blame Greg though, no child should ever be made to feel as though their only way out is to kill themselves. That still doesn't keep it from happening though. If you think you might know someone who is considering suicide, there are signs to watch for. Call your local suicide prevention hotline to find out what these signs are, then do something about it. Please send all comments to my new address: .