Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 16

Terry was awake when everyone got to his room. "Hi everyone." said Terry. "Thanks for coming with Greg and Shane, Snoopy."

"Hi babe." said Shane. "How are you feeling today?"

"I never knew I could hurt so much." replied Terry. "I want to get them for what they did to me Greg."

"We'll take care of them son," said Greg, "don't even worry about that. They'll never be able to do this to you again."

"I kinda like it when you call me son." said Terry. "Can I call you dad?"

"That might not be a bad idea," said Greg, "seeing as how I signed for temporary custody of you last night."

If Terry could have jumped out of bed and hugged Greg, he would have when Greg said that. The look on Terry's face was enough to warm Greg's heart though. Greg brushed away the few tears of joy that had gathered on Terry's face, and leaned down to kiss Terry gently on the forehead. "If I have my way, you'll never leave us again son." said Greg as he fought back his own tears.

At that time Mike Cooper came into the room. "Well, I see our fine young man is awake now." said Mike. "How are you feeling today young man?"

"I hurt pretty bad right now sir." said Terry. "Who are you?"

"I'm Mike Cooper from the Department of Children and Family Services." said Mike. "You were being taken care of by the doctors when I was here last night. I'm the one who assigned Greg as your temporary guardian."

"Thank you sir." said Terry.

"You're welcome Terry." said Mike. "If you feel up to it, I'd like to talk to you about what happened in New York."

Before anyone could say anything else, Terry's head doctor came into the room. "Hi everyone." said the doctor. "I see our patient is up this morning. That's very good. I think we may be out of the woods with you young man, but you gave us quite a scare yesterday night."

"Is he going to be okay then?" asked Greg.

"He should be," said the doctor, "but we'll want to take a closer look at him today to see what kind of damage we'll have to take care of. I'm quite frankly amazed that he made it here, and even more amazed that he seems to be doing so well this morning."

"I still really hurt." said Terry.

"That's to be expected." said the doctor. "I don't think there was one part of you that wasn't damaged in some way. I'll get the nurse to bring you something for the pain though. You may be in for a couple months of recovery, but I'm optimistic now that you should be as good as you were before."

"That's great news." said Mike. "I'll need a copy of Terry's medical reports for the state. We'll need to show good cause for making him a ward of the state, and that will certainly help."

"I'll make sure you get those." said the doctor. "I'll also be back in a few hours, after I make my rounds, to take a closer look at you Terry."

When the doctor had left the room Mike turned to Terry and said, "What about it Terry, do you feel up to talking to me now?"

"Yes sir." said Terry. "I want to make sure my dad gets what he deserves."

"Okay," said Mike, "Would you like everyone to leave the room so we can talk privately?"

"That's okay," said Terry, "they can stay. That way I'll only have to tell the story once for now. It really started as soon as I got back home from Orlando. My parents didn't really like the fact that I had the FBI hanging out around our house when Ron came after me. As soon as they got me home from the airport they grounded me to my room, except for school. I told them that I hadn't done anything wrong, but that only made them more upset with me. I guess my dad had been more heavily involved with the mob than I had thought, because they started pressuring him to find out what I might have told anyone. I kept telling them that the only thing I had said anything about to the FBI was about meeting Ron on the internet. Then they told me I was not to have anymore contact with anyone from Orlando. When they found out I was still talking to Shane on the internet, they took away my computer.

That's when things started going bad. Apparently the FBI had used the Patriot Act to begin investigating my dad and his friends after I had filed the report against Ron. After my parents had taken away my computer, they told me not to have anymore contact with any of my friends. Apparently my dad had been convinced that the only way to convince me to follow his orders was to begin beating me. My parents had never hit me before up to that point, so I was taken by surprise and my dad got me really bad. I still had to keep in touch with my friends though because I knew they would be coming to Florida, and I had no intention of staying behind in New York. When my dad caught me talking to Toby one day, he went nuts. I thought he was going to kill me, but I never expected what he did next.

After nearly beating me unconscious, he turned me over to one of his friends. I was taken from my house blindfolded that night. I was so scared that I was going to die, and that I'd never see Shane and Greg again. The men who took me never took the blindfold off, in case I got away from them. They began doing things to me that caused more pain than I'd ever felt before in my life, trying to get me to tell them what I'd told the FBI about my dad. It made them really mad when I told them that I hadn't said anything, so they broke both of my hands. It hurt so bad, and I could actually hear the bones in my hands cracking. When I didn't say what they wanted to hear after that, they began hitting me everywhere. In my ribs, my groin, my arms and legs, and my stomach. They left me tied up for several days and would come in every few hours to hit me some more.

Finally the guy who sounded like the leader lost his temper and began hitting me in the head. The next thing I remember was waking up blindfolded and tied up. I couldn't hear anyone in the room with me, so I began trying to untie myself. I guess they thought I might not be able to go anywhere because it took me at least an hour or so to untie myself. Then I took the blindfold off and saw what they had done to me. It was so bad it made me throw-up. I didn't know what day or time it was, just that it was very early in the morning. I decided that the only place I could go was Toby's house, so I finally figured out where I was and took off. Just as I got to Toby's driveway he was getting ready to pull out to come here, so I had him bring me here. He wanted to take me to a hospital but I thought my mom and dad would be called, so I talked him into bringing me here. All I could think was how I had to get back to Shane and Greg. As far as I'm concerned now, they're the only family I have left."

By this time not only was Terry crying, but everyone in the room was as well. Greg went to the bed and hugged Terry as gently as he could, while Shane very lightly held Terry's broken hand.

Mike wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "Don't you worry about anything except getting better you sweet little angel. I'm going to make sure that your dad and his friends are never able to do that to anyone again. I'm also going to make sure that they can't find you, I just hope I don't get caught falsifying all the records I'm going to have to doctor for now. Heh-heh."

"Please Mike," said Greg, "don't get yourself in any trouble over this. I'm sure eventually we'll figure out a way to make this legal."

"Nonsense!" exclaimed Mike. "I almost lost a boy in my care not too long ago to some scumbag who shouldn't have been walking the streets. I'm going to make damn sure that never happens again, even if I do have to bend a few rules. Besides, this boy needs you and Shane. You're his family now as far as he's concerned. Don't worry about all the legal stuff, I'll make sure that no one can catch on to what we're doing."

"You're a helluva man Mike Cooper." said Greg. "I wish the world had more like you, it would make things a lot better."

"Thanks," said Mike, "but I'm only doing what is best for Terry now. Nothing else matters at all."

"Except for possibly one thing." said Greg. Then he pulled Snoopy over towards the bed and continued. "This is Dustin Meyer, but all his friends call him Snoopy. I'm sure someday they'll tell me why. According to Dustin, his parents are very bad people as well. They have threatened to kill Dustin if they ever found out that he is gay. His parent's slurs against gays and their threats almost caused Dustin to kill himself last night. Fortunately Shane was there to knock the gun out of Dustin's hand before he could get ready to fire it. I'm sure that Dustin is not a bad kid, he just couldn't deal with everything that is going on in his life right now. If he had people who could love and accept him for who he is, he would be just as happy and normal as any other child his age. I want to keep Dustin here with us and give him a chance to live a fulfilling and happy life."

"You know Greg," said Mike, "you can't adopt the whole world. I'm just kidding. Tell me what makes you think your parents would kill you Dustin."

Snoopy went ahead and told Mike his story too. Mike was amazed at the level of hatred that Snoopy was describing in his parents. He knew though that this boy needed help too, and that he couldn't let Snoopy return to a life that might kill him.

"You know something Greg?" said Mike. "this might actually help us. If I do this right I may be able to make it look like you're getting custody of Dustin when you're actually getting custody of Terry. Then we can always find a way to work Dustin into your custody too. Then I can bury Terry's paperwork so deep that no one will find it."

"That sounds kind of complicated Mike." said Greg. "I wouldn't want you doing something that might cost you your job."

"You know how many caseworkers have done things like this just to cover their butts?" asked Mike. "At least I would be doing it to help a boy have a fair chance of survival. I think I can live with that, besides the only way I would get caught is if you messed up. I'm pretty sure I can trust you not to do that."

"I promise I won't let you down Mike." said Greg.

"Well then congratulations Greg," said Mike, "you're the proud new father of two teenage boys."

Mike and Greg laughed as they shook hands, and the boys looked on in disbelief at the news that they were now a family.

Shane hugged Snoopy and said, "Welcome to the family, brother."

Terry wanted to do the same, but his injuries would not allow it. Instead he said, "I'm so happy to have two of the coolest brothers a guy could ever have."

Mike then left to see his own son who was still in the hospital, and to get started on all the paperwork he would have to do to keep Greg and the two boys together. Then the nurse came in to give Terry something for his pain, which caused Terry to become very drowsy. Greg told Terry that he and his two brothers would be back before the doctor was done examining him, then Greg, Shane, and Snoopy went out to celebrate their good news.

Greg and the boys returned as the doctor was completing his examination of Terry. When the doctor had finally completed the examination he asked Shane and Snoopy to wait outside. "There will be a long way to go before Terry is completely healed from his injuries." said the doctor. "The most important thing is some work that needs to be done on his testicles. The beatings he endured left them damaged, but if we get him into surgery tomorrow I think we can repair the damage. I think while the vascular surgeon is doing that, we'll go ahead and insert a plate in his skull that will help it heal properly. That will minimize the amount of time he has to spend in surgery. If he has recovered enough from the surgery in one week, we'll be taking him back in to repair his hands. Fortunately he is young, so the damage to his hands can be corrected well enough that he won't lose any use of them. The internal injuries and the ribs will just take some time to heal. We're sure we got everything repaired inside of him last night, but we're going to be keeping a close eye on him just in case. After everything has healed we'll start physical therapy to help him regain the strength that he's going to lose in the healing process."

"Will he be okay by the start of summer?" asked Greg. "I have some plans for the boys then."

"We hope he should be almost back to normal by then." replied the doctor. "Well, I have a few more patients to examine so I'll leave you guys to talk. I'll stop back by to check on you before I leave the hospital Terry."

When the doctor left Greg kissed Terry on the forehead and said, "You're going to be just fine son. I know you don't like the idea of going into surgery tomorrow, but there's not much choice right now."

"I'm still scared daddy." said Terry in a trembling voice.

Shane and Snoopy came back into the room as Greg was hugging his shattered angel. Greg then explained to Shane and Snoopy what was going to be happening with Terry.

Snoopy kissed Terry on the forehead and said, "You're our brother, everything will be fine. Everything will work out great for all of us now."

Shane kissed Terry on the lips as deeply as he could get away with and said, "You mean everything to me Terry. I won't let anything bad happen to you from now on, I promise."

As everyone was sitting around reassuring their injured family member, Toby came into the room.

Greg smiled and said, "Toby, what are you doing here?"

"I started missing you Greg," said Toby, "so I arranged for a little entertainment for the guys and slipped out to come here."

"Is Toby going to be our new other dad?" asked Shane as he giggled.

Toby grinned as he looked at Greg then said, "I only hope I can ever be so lucky you little squirt." Toby and Greg looked at each other for a few moments as they drew closer together.

When Toby and Greg kissed on the lips Snoopy yelled out, "Yee-haw! We got two dads now!"

"What do you mean WE?" asked Toby.

"Snoopy has just become a part of the family too." said Greg. "It's a long story, so we'll tell you later babe."

Toby smiled and said, "I'm glad you called me babe, cause I've fallen so in love with you. Going back and finishing school is going to be hell. Will you still want me back when I finish school and I'm 18?"

"Always." said Greg. "I'll look forward to you coming back after school is over. Then in the fall you can enroll at UCF."

"I'm afraid I can't really afford college." said Toby.

"If you're going to be a part of my life then I think WE can afford it." said Greg. Toby and Greg then fell into a deep embrace in front of the boys and began kissing again.

"Shouldn't you two get a room somewhere?" asked Shane as he began laughing.

"Nah," said Greg, "we can wait until tonight I hope."

Then everyone began laughing when Terry pointed out the bulges in Greg's and Toby's pants. "Are you sure?' asked Terry between painful fits of laughter.

The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to put Terry at ease about going into surgery tomorrow. By the time visiting hours were over Terry wasn't quite as worried about the operations, and he was convinced that he was the luckiest boy alive to have such a great family now. Before leaving everyone gave Terry a light hug and a kiss on the forehead except Shane. Shane gave Terry a bit more than a kiss on the forehead.

Finally Greg said, "You boys are going to have to wait until Terry is feeling better before you go any further than that."

Terry and Shane separated as a blush grew on their faces. Everyone said good night to Terry and then left. Then Terry noticed a card that Shane had left. The card read: "I can't imagine ever loving anyone as much as I love you, and my life would be empty without you. You are the one that I will be happy spending the rest of my life with, so get well soon. Love, Shane." Terry had never felt so warm and peaceful as he did at that moment.

When Greg and the boys returned home they found a note from the rest of the boys. "Toby and Mr. Holt, all of us decided to go to the beach for a little while. We'll be home by supper time. The gang."

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