Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 17

Upon discovering that they were practically alone, Greg and Toby went to Greg's room. They wasted no time in getting undressed. Greg now found himself with three teenage sons and he needed a way to relieve some stress. Although he loved all three of his sons, Greg was unsure if he could handle that much responsibility. He was glad to have Toby to bring a sense of calm to his life right now.

Toby on the other hand, found himself truly in love for the first time in his life. He never dreamed that it would be with someone old enough to be his father, but Greg caused him to feel a level of maturity in himself that he could not live without now. Besides that, he had never been so attracted to anyone in his life before as he was now. It seemed that Greg and Toby needed each other at this time in their lives.

Toby started things off by engulfing Greg's cock with his mouth. Toby massaged Greg's cock with his tongue while applying a light suction with his mouth. Greg had never thought that anyone at Toby's age would be able to do the things Toby was doing to him, but what Toby did next was unbelievable. Toby had been reading about different techniques of performing oral sex, and he wanted to try something new. He had been practicing on different types of objects, and now he wanted to be able to do something special for Greg. Toby went down as far as he could on Greg without gagging, then he swallowed while at the same time driving Greg's cock into his throat. Toby could not believe it when he felt Greg's cock slide down into his throat, and Greg almost passed out and had an orgasm from the feeling of his cock being in Toby's throat. Toby slid the cock back and forth in his throat several times before coming up for air.

"My God Toby!" gasped Greg. "That was incredible!"

"Thanks," said Toby, "I just wanted to show you how much I love you Greg."

Toby then went back to deep-throating Greg some more. It was the greatest experience that Greg had ever had before, so he tried to make it last as long as possible. Toby was up to the challenge, as he was determined to make Greg have the best orgasm of his life. At one point Toby would take Greg's cock as far into his throat as it would go, then he would stick out his tongue and lick Greg's balls. After about twenty minutes, Greg was holding his orgasm back so hard that he was sweating profusely. Toby did not want to see the man he loved go through such agony, so Toby wet his index finger and plunged it into Greg's ass. Toby then found Greg's prostate while Greg's cock was deep in his throat. As soon as Toby began massaging the gland with his finger, Greg began shooting an enormous load into Toby's throat. Toby immediately backed off so he could take Greg's cum into his mouth, and taste every drop of it. Finally Greg finished feeding Toby the juice that the boy craved so badly. Toby crawled up into Greg's waiting arms, where the two guys cuddled and embraced for several minutes.

Finally Greg said, "I need to feel your cock inside me Toby. Do you feel up to filling my ass with your cock?"

Toby rolled Greg onto his stomach, and grabbed the bottle of lube from Greg's nightstand. As soon as Toby had his cock slicked up, he put it against Greg's pucker.

"How much do you want it?" panted Toby.

"I need to feel your love now!" begged Greg. "Please let me feel your cock inside me Toby."

Toby pushed down on his cock, driving it firmly into Greg's ass.

"I love you Toby," exclaimed Greg, "and I can't live without you. Please make love to me now!"

Toby began slowly going in and out of Greg's ass as far as possible. Every stroke contained as much love as Toby could put into it. Greg could tell how much the boy loved him, and this made him happy almost to the point of tears. As Toby went on, his strokes began to pick up speed but lost none of their tenderness. Within a few minutes though Toby found himself approaching his orgasm. At this point his strokes began to get more forceful.

"I'm going to put my cum inside you Greg." panted Toby. "Please keep it with you for as long as you can."

"I hope it stays a part of me forever." moaned Greg.

That was all it took for Toby, as he began shooting his cum into Greg's rectum. Greg could feel the warm liquid as it coated his insides. Greg's rectum clinched around Toby's cock, as he smiled at the thought of Toby's cum inside him. Toby kept pumping Greg even after his orgasm subsided, until his cock had softened to the point where it slipped out of Greg's ass. Toby then rolled Greg onto his back and collapsed on top of him. The two guys stayed like that until they heard the sounds of Toby's friends returning from their afternoon at the beach.

Greg told Shane to tell everyone that he and Toby would be downstairs as soon as they had taken a shower. Both guys were so satisfied, that the shower consisted of nothing more than them lovingly washing each other's bodies. Greg and Toby then got dressed and headed toward the stairway. Just before going downstairs, Greg pulled Toby into him and kissed the boy deeply.

"Toby Jamison, I love you more than I ever thought possible." said Greg.

"Even more than Shane?" asked Toby.

"Not more than Shane." said Greg. "I love Shane as much as I love you, but I love Shane as a son. I want you to be my mate for the rest of my life, not my son. Will you promise to come back to me after you've finished high school, and be my husband?"

Toby was left speechless for several seconds. Finally he replied, "It's going to be hell to be away from you until school is over. I can't imagine anyone else I would rather be with than you Greg." Toby and Greg kissed again, then headed on downstairs.

"So, what were you two doing that you needed to take a shower for?" asked Tyler.

"I'm not about to tell you what I do in bed with Greg." said Toby. "However, I will tell you that when school is over I'm coming back here to live. Greg and I are going to be a married couple."

Shane and Snoopy both yelled out, "Daddy!", and threw their arms around Toby. This caused everyone to break down into hysterics. When Toby looked over, even Greg was turning red in the face from laughing so hard.

"I'm sorry dear," said Greg, "but that was just so cute that I couldn't help myself. I just wish that I'd had my camera handy."

"That's okay babe," said Toby, "but I know two little boys who are going to get a spanking now." Toby reached down and swatted Shane on the butt, then tried to do the same to Snoopy, but Snoopy moved away too quickly.

"I know how to settle this little spat." said Greg. "Who's hungry?"

This question received a deafening "ME!" by all twelve boys. So Greg headed everyone out to the cars to take them to CeCe's Pizza. Greg wasn't trying to be cheap, he just wanted to see the reaction when he brought twelve hungry boys into a pizza buffet.

When Greg walked in and announced to the cashier that he had thirteen for the pizza buffet, he was not disappointed. The cashier's eyes grew as wide as saucers. When the boys were turned loose on the buffet line, a flurry of activity began taking place in the kitchen. Cooks were making pizzas as fast as they could, trying to keep up with the onslaught. The restaurant turned into a scene of mayhem as the staff attempted to keep up with the boys. Finally the boys were stuffed, and the restaurant staff took a well earned break. Greg had also taken quite a few wonderful and funny pictures of the event.

When everyone got back home Greg, Toby, Shane, and Snoopy went right to bed so they could get to the hospital early the next morning. Amazingly Shane and Snoopy had no problem falling asleep, even with Tyler and Kyle making love in the bed next to them.

Also one of the straight boys, Kevin, decided that he wanted to know what it felt like for a guy to suck his cock. He was able to talk Jeremy into helping him find out. Kevin gasped as Jeremy took Kevin's cock into his mouth. Jeremy took great pleasure in sucking Kevin's throbbing cock, as the two boys sharing their room looked on. Kevin was unprepared for how good it would feel, as he began howling in the approach of his orgasm. Jeremy worked on Kevin's cock for all he was worth, until Kevin shot a pretty large load into Jeremy's hungry mouth. The other two boys were cheering Kevin and Jeremy on, as Jeremy swallowed all of Kevin's sweet cum. Afterward the house fell silent as all the boys drifted off to sleep.

Just before Kevin fell asleep he said, "Jeremy. I'm not going to stop liking girls, but I wouldn't mind having you do that again sometime."

"That would be great." mumbled Jeremy as he was drifting off to sleep.

The next morning Greg, Shane, Toby, and Snoopy headed off to the hospital before the rest of the boys had woke up. They wanted a chance to see Terry before he was prepped to go into surgery.

"Please dad," said Terry, "tell me that I'm going to be okay."

Even though it was a promise that Greg had no control over, he said, "I promise that you will be just fine son. You have the best doctors that we could find, and they won't let anything happen to you."

This put Terry at ease as the nurse told everyone to wrap things up so they could get Terry ready. All the guys gave Terry a hug and a kiss. Shane's kiss was exceptionally long, as he tried to transfer all of his love into Terry's body. Then the guys were ushered from the room to take their place in the waiting room. The doctor had told them that the surgery would take about two hours to repair Terry's testicles. The plate in his skull would be finished long before then. It was the longest two hours in history according to all the guys. At the two hour mark Greg began getting a little nervous, until the doctor finally came out fifteen minutes later.

Greg immediately jumped up and asked, "Is he okay doctor? What took so long? When can we see him?"

Shane, Toby, and Snoopy began gathering around as the doctor said, "Whoa! Slow down, Terry is doing just fine. There was a lot of damage to his testicles to repair, but his prognosis looks very good. I think he will be absolutely normal as far as the function of those organs are concerned. We'll have him in the recovery room soon, and he should start coming out of the anesthesia in about an hour."

"Thank you so much doctor." said Greg as he nearly shook the doctor's hand off. "This means so much to all of us. Terry is a very special boy to us."

"Yes," said the doctor, "and he is a very lucky boy to have people who love him as much as all of you do. I wish you all the very best of luck in the future, and I'll be by later this afternoon to check on him." Before the doctor left, everyone took a turn hugging the doctor and thanking him again. Then they headed toward the recovery room.

Everyone took turns gently holding Terry's hand and stoking his forehead. After about an hour in recovery Greg was taking his turn again. As Greg looked at his beautiful son, Terry's eyes began to flicker open.

"Am I okay dad?" asked Terry in a weak voice.

Greg cried as he tenderly hugged his son and replied into Terry's ear, "Yes my son, everything will be fine now."

Everyone then took turns hugging Terry until pretty soon he was well enough to complain about the pain in his groin. Greg let the nurse know about Terry's pain, and pretty soon the surgeon who worked on Terry's testicles came in to see him.

"Well," said the surgeon, "with the amount of damage that we had to repair, I'd be much more concerned if you weren't feeling any pain. The reason you were not in as much pain before was that the blood was not flowing properly in that area. The fact that you are feeling more pain now tells us that things are working much more normally now. I will leave instructions with your nurse to give you something for the pain as you need it."

"Thank you doctor," said Greg, "You don't know how much he means to us."

"I have a pretty good idea Mr. Holt." said the doctor. "I have two wonderful sons of my own, and I wouldn't want to see either of them have to go through something like this. A real man's children are the most precious thing in the world to him, and although you are only Terry's foster father now, I can see that you cherish him as much as any other father should. He's very lucky to have a family like you and your other foster sons."

Greg thanked the doctor again and shook his hand. A few minutes after the doctor had left Terry's nurse came in and gave the boy something for the pain. This time it did help the pain, but did not knock him out as much. Greg and the boys were able to follow Terry to his room this time. Later that afternoon the doctor stopped by to look Terry over. He took Terry's pulse, temperature, and blood pressure, then looked at Terry's chart. Then he quickly looked under Terry's gown to see how the testicles looked.

"Terry seems to be doing very well." said the doctor. "His surgeon will be by again tomorrow to see if Terry can be released, but I don't see any problem with that. If he does leave the hospital tomorrow just make sure that he takes it very easy, and that nothing disturbs his groin area. The surgeon who will work on Terry's hands will be by before noon tomorrow, so Terry will be in his care once the vascular surgeon releases him." The doctor turned to look at Terry and said, "You take care of yourself young man, and I hope everything works out well with you and your new family."

Greg thanked the doctor again, then the doctor left. They still had about four hours left before visiting hours were over. Terry's new nurse, who was a very nice looking man in his mid twenties, came in to check on Terry several times. Once when he came in he looked at Terry, then at Shane, and then smiled at the two boys. When visiting hours were over, which was all too soon, the nurse came back in and ushered everyone out of the room. Everyone except for Shane that is.

"You two boys take a few more minutes to say good-bye." said the nurse as he winked at the boys.

When the nurse left the room to give the boys a few minutes alone Shane exclaimed, "Damn! How did he know?"

"Well," said Terry, "you do have a tendency to make eyes at me a lot."

"Only because you make eyes at me too." replied Shane.

Then Shane put his arms around Terry and sealed their lips together. The two boys massaged each other's tongues and then took turns licking the inside of each other's mouths. Terry sucked on Shane's tongue as Shane pulled back.

"Damn," said Shane, "It's gonna be hard waiting until you are healed up enough to make love to you dude."

"I know," said Terry, "you don't have to remind me."

"At least it will help if you can come home tomorrow." said Shane. "I can't wait for that. I better get going now before everyone starts talking about what happened to me. I love you Terry."

"I love you too Shane." said Terry.

As soon as Shane had left the nurse came back in to give Terry some more medicine. "You and your brother make a perfect couple." said the nurse.

"Thanks." said Terry. "So you're okay with us being in love with each other?"

"I think you and your brother are so beautiful together." said the nurse. "How could there be anything wrong with that?"

"So you're gay too then?" asked Terry.

"I don't make it common knowledge, but yes I am." said the nurse. "So, if you need any kind of advice, don't be afraid to ask."

"Like what kind of advice?" asked Terry.

"For example," said the nurse, "you're going to be out of commission for a few weeks, but there's absolutely no reason you can't give a little pleasure to your brother. It may even help to bring you a little pleasure too, and by the time you can go at it again like before, you may need that."

"Thanks," said Terry, "I'll keep that in mind."

"No problem." said the nurse. "I have to go for now, but I'll be back to bathe you soon. The doctor said you have to keep as clean as possible, especially down there." The nurse then turned around and left Terry's room.

Terry was left wondering what the nurse's intentions were, until he returned later that evening after dinner. The nurse could tell Terry was a bit apprehensive about being bathed.

"I assure you Terry that this is a part of my duties." said the nurse. "I would never take advantage of a patient, much less a patient who has been through as much as you have. I also respect the fact that you are totally committed to your relationship with your brother. I'll make you a deal, if at anytime I make you feel uncomfortable, just tell me and we'll stop right there. Okay?"

"I guess that would be okay." replied Terry.

The nurse then set out on his task. True to his word, he did not touch Terry in any inappropriate manner. He handled bathing Terry very tenderly and professionally. As a matter of fact, when the nurse had finished bathing Terry, Terry thanked him. By the time the nurse had left the room, Terry had made a new friend.

The next day was a very busy one. Greg and Shane arrived early that day, leaving Toby and Snoopy to spend some time with their friends. The surgeon who would be in charge of reconstructing Terry's damaged hands came in and looked Terry over. He informed Greg that if Terry were released, he would need the boy back at the hospital in one week to repair Terry's hands. The surgery would be performed on an outpatient basis as long as everything went well. Later that morning the vascular surgeon came by to take a final look at Terry. He said that he had no problem with releasing Terry, as long as both doctor's instructions were followed. A few hours later the nurse came in to give Greg and Terry instructions for treating Terry's surgical areas and his other injuries.

"It's been a real pleasure to get to know you Terry." said the nurse. "Just remember everything I told you and take good care of yourself."

"Thanks Phillip, I will." said Terry.

After all the forms were filled out and signed, Phillip brought a wheelchair to Terry's room and everyone made their way to the front door of the hospital. Terry was not looking forward to coming back in one week, but the worst was now over and everyone could breathe a little easier.

That sounds like a pretty good place for a breather. Please remember to send all comments to my new permanent address: . See you all in Chapter 18.