Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 18

Terry felt much better being at Greg's house and surrounded by all the people who really cared about him. He also felt very good about the fact that Shane refused to leave his side for even one moment. Once Shane and Terry could manage to unlock their lips, all the boys welcomed Terry back to what would be his home from now on. The thought of that helped Terry's recovery greatly. Another thing that helped with Terry's recovery was having Shane bathe him. Although Philip did a very good job, and Terry appreciated it very much, there was nothing like having Shane bathe him. Shane was so gentle about bathing Terry's cock and balls that it almost aroused poor Terry, who wouldn't be in any shape to do anything about it. Terry couldn't wait for the day when the doctor gave him the okay to resume sexual activity with Shane.

Greg was now able to turn more of his attention to Toby and his other house guests. Greg arranged trips for them to go to most of the area attractions, and still gave them plenty af time for beach activities. Greg was happy to do this for the friends of his sons and Toby, and the boys were having the time of their lives. The nights were even better though, as most of the boys were finding ways to release a little energy at night. Greg was also okay with this, as long as no one was being forced into anything.

Some of the straight boys would bring girls over that they had met, except for Kevin. Kevin wanted to remain faithful to his girl back home, but had begun enjoying having Jeremy take care of his urges. Jeremy on the other hand had always had a crush on Kevin, but thought he never stood a chance because Kevin was straight. Jeremy was happy that Kevin had opened his mind enough to let him suck his gorgeous cock. After the second time poor Jeremy was hooked.

The gay boys had a mix of activities going on at nights. A few of them had gotten together like Kyle and Tyler had, and the others would bring boys that they had met over. The only concern Greg had was that the boys didn't bring anyone in who may be looking to take advantage of the boys, or the boys' host. The boys only brought back other boys who wanted to have a little fun though, so Greg's concerns were eased.

The sounds that emanated through the house at nights made Greg very passionate towards Toby, who was enjoying his time with Greg more than he thought possible. Greg was laying naked with Toby, holding him in a tight embrace as he said, "My dear, sweet boy. I'm afraid you've ruined me for anyone but yourself. I'm so glad that you've agreed to come back when school is finished."

"I don't see any way that I could stay away." said Toby. "I never really knew what love was until I met you Greg. Now I have to be with you, it would hurt too much not to be."

"That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me Toby." replied Greg. "Are you sure you're only 17?"

"Positive!" answered Toby, as he pulled Greg's face toward his and pressed his lips against Greg's.

The pair made passionate love to each other that night, taking turns putting their cocks inside their lover.

Toby was the first to go, after much begging by Greg. Greg laid on his back and placed his legs over Toby's shoulders, then Toby guided his cock inside Greg while watching the expression of love in Greg's face. Toby thrust into Greg deeply but gently, as he watched Greg's eyes beg for the love he was getting from Toby now.

"I can see how much you need me Greg," panted Toby as his cock was sliding in and out of Greg, "and I need you just as much, if not more."

Toby leaned down and began kissing Greg, as his cock continued to massage Greg's rectum. The sounds in the house were beginning to have an effect by now. Toby and Greg could not only hear the sound of their lovemaking, but the sounds of quite a few other boys and girls having the same intimate contact. Greg could not believe that only a few months earlier he had lived completely alone, and that his house did not know of such joyous music. When Greg met Shane on that train he couldn't even imagine things would ever turn out the way they had. Greg was very thankful for the way things had turned out, and for his new lover and sons. When Greg felt Toby explode into him, it put Greg in a state of euphoria that he had never known before.

Greg laid there a few minutes while he regained his senses, then gently laid Toby on his back. "I want to see the most beautiful sight in the world when I put my cock inside you." said Greg softly. "That would have to be the love in your face as I make love to you."

Greg gently slid his cock into Toby and began to passionately and gently make love to the boy he loved. As his cock slid in and out of Toby, Greg knew that they would be together forever. Greg leaned down and kissed Toby very deeply as he continued his love making. Greg then backed off and left his face inches above Toby's. Toby began howling very softly and sweetly as an expression of his love for Greg and his need for Greg to fill him with his cum. It was the most beautiful thing Greg had ever heard before, and Greg responded by having the most massive orgasm of his life inside Toby. When the orgasm was over the two lovers drew themselves together tightly, with Greg's cock still inside Toby. Toby was in no hurry for Greg to remove it as they fell asleep that way.

The only thing Shane and Terry could do at this time was kissing. After an intense round of kissing Shane asked, "How do you feel now that we are brothers? I know it doesn't change my feelings for you, and I see nothing wrong with us being both brothers and lovers. I never want to do the things I've done with you with anyone else again. That is now only for you my beautiful brother."

"I feel the same way." replied Terry. "I am so happy to have you as a brother now, but I don't want anyone but you as a lover either. You are the most wonderful brother and lover a guy could ever dream of."

The two boys embraced each other with the most perfect smiles on their faces. They knew that their love for each other now knew no bounds, and they would love each other in a way that few brothers ever got the chance to experience. What was even better was now they could also include Snoopy in the brotherly side of their relationship, and show him a family life that he could only have dreamed about up to this point. Shane and Terry were sure that with Greg and Toby as their fathers and Snoopy as their brother, that this would be the greatest family in the whole world.

The week went by quickly for everyone, and all too soon it was time for Terry to return to the hospital. Greg, Shane, Snoopy, and Toby took him in early in the morning, and the nurses began prepping him for surgery immediately. This time, if all went well, Terry would be going home by evening. Everyone gave Terry their love as he was taken to get ready for surgery. They knew this one would be tough on Terry when it was over, because both of Terry's hands would be in casts. When Terry was wheeled in to the operating room everyone began the waiting ritual. Greg and Shane made frequent trips outside for a smoke, and Snoopy even joined Shane for a smoke twice. After about two hours the doctor came out and informed everyone that Terry was out of surgery, and on his way to the recovery room. Fortunately the recovery room for outpatient surgery was different than the normal recovery room procedure, and everyone was able to spend as much time as they wanted with Terry. They were told that Terry would have to spend at least three hours there before the doctor would examine him and let him leave.

Shortly after Terry got to the recovery room he began to wake up. Terry was smiling at first, until he looked down at the casts on both hands. Although the doctor did tell him what to expect, Terry was still not quite ready for it. He began crying lightly as Greg and Shane took turns comforting him.

"How am I suppose to do anything like this?" asked Terry sadly.

Shane held Terry close to him and responded, "That will be my responsibility for the next month or so. If you need to eat, I'll feed you. If you need to pee, I'll hold it for you. I'll do whatever you need until those things come off your hands, and I'll enjoy every moment of it. Then when those do come off, your hands will be as beautiful and strong as they were before."

Snoopy added, "We all love you Terry, and any of us will happily do whatever we can for you. You're already the greatest brother I've ever had."

Greg and Toby took turns kissing Terry on the forehead then Toby said, "Those casts won't be a problem at all Terry. They will give everyone a chance to show you what you mean to us."

"All of us will always be here for you son." added Greg. "Now that you are here with us we'll make sure you're never in need for the love from a family again."

Terry was overcome by love as he kissed both his brothers and both his dads. This was already more love than he was ever use to getting from his real family, and he was finally starting to feel safe and loved again, especially from Shane.

While everyone was waiting for Terry's surgeon to come in, his vascular surgeon from last week stopped by. He looked Terry over quickly, then told Greg to bring Terry to his office at the end of the week, so he could remove the stitches from Terry's scrotum. That was one bit of news that Terry was finally looking forward to. Everyone talked to Terry until the surgeon showed up, and had finally started to get him to feel better.

The surgeon finally came in and looked Terry over. "Well," said the doctor, "I don't see any complications from the surgery. I don't see any reason why Terry can't go home now. I do want you to check with the nurse and pick up a few medications he may need, she will give you instructions on when to use them. She'll also let you know how to take care of the casts and what to look out for as far as any complications may be concerned. I'll also want you to call my office and make an appointment for two weeks from today to see how Terry is doing. Good luck everyone, and I hope you're feeling better soon Terry."

Everyone thanked the doctor, then Toby and Shane helped Terry get ready to leave while Greg went to talk to the nurse. Finally an orderly showed up with a wheelchair and Terry was ready to go home again. The five guys stopped to get something to eat on the way home, and even Terry ordered a little something to eat. Shane would not eat a bite though until he had fed Terry. The two boys did draw a few stares at the fast food restaurant, until Toby gave the people who were staring a mean look, then acted like he was going to get up. After that the boys didn't have anymore problems while they finished their food. Finally they arrived back home where Terry immediately informed Shane that he had to use the toilet.

"No problem babe." said Shane. "Your bathroom urges are my bathroom urges." When they got to the bathroom upstairs Shane asked, "So what will it be, poop or pee?"

Terry looked a little embarrassed as he said, "A little of both. I'm sorry you have to do this for me Shane."

"Don't be crazy Terry," said Shane, "I want to do this for you. I don't have any problem with helping you do anything you need to do because I love you more than I love myself."

"Damn!" exclaimed Terry. "You love me THAT much?"

Both boys burst out in laughter and Terry was suddenly over his embarrassment. Then Shane took Terry's pants and briefs down for him. When Terry sat down on the toilet Shane took ahold of Terry's cock and pointed it into the bowl so Terry could relieve his bladder. After the stream of piss had ended Shane waited for Terry to finish pooping. When that was done Shane helped Terry to stand up, then he thoroughly cleaned Terry's butt.

After a few moments Terry asked, "What are you doing back there? Getting it clean enough to eat off of?"

With that Shane grabbed a cheek in each hand and spread Terry's butt apart. Then Shane buried his face in the crack and licked Terry from the bottom of his butt to the top. Shane paused at the pucker and licked it really good. When he was done he said, "Okay, you're clean enough now."

When Shane stood back up Terry threw his casts over Shane's shoulders and locked their lips together. The boys kissed deeply for five minutes before parting breathlessly.

"If that's the payment I'm going to get, I hope you have to use the toilet often." panted Shane.

"Nope." said Terry. "That's just what you get for being the best boyfriend a guy could have."

The last week of the boys spring break went really well. It seemed as though Tyler and Kyle had become a serious couple. Also Kevin had gotten so use to Jeremy sucking his cock that he told Jeremy that he wanted to continue seeing his girlfriend and Jeremy both when they got back. Jeremy wasn't too happy with the part about Kevin's girlfriend, but he decided it was worth putting up with to be with Kevin. The only bad thing was as the end of the week drew closer, Toby and Greg became sadder. Toby didn't want to have to go back to New York any more than Greg wanted him to, but he had to finish high school so he could go to college as Greg had planned for him. Both guys were going to miss each other terribly though, and neither could wait until the end of May.

The last night before the end of spring break was a special night for Greg and Toby. To start with Greg and Toby went out alone to dinner at the most intimate restaurant in town, then went out to do some dancing at a non-alcoholic gay club. Toby was already beginning to feel special, but on the way home Greg picked up a bottle of fine champagne. He did not intend to get Toby drunk, as a matter of fact they would only have one glass each from the bottle.

When they got home Greg went up to his room to get it ready for his last night with Toby until the end of school. Greg put some very soft and romantic music on his stereo, then lit several candles that he had placed around the room. Greg then turned off the lights and went to get Toby and the champagne. Greg led Toby into the room and the boy was immediately left speechless. Greg sat Toby on the bed in the candle lit room and poured them both a glass of champagne.

"I want this night to be special for both of us my love." said Greg. "Not only that, I want this to be the first of many special times for us. It's going to hurt like hell for you to be gone, but I know that we're a part of each other now and when you come back we'll never part again. I love you Toby and tonight is only a small display of my feelings for you."

Greg then held his glass out to toast with Toby, who returned the gesture in silence. Then Toby and Greg took a good sip of their drinks, while Toby gazed into the eyes of the most incredible man he had ever met.

When Toby finally could speak he said, "Leaving here tomorrow is the hardest thing that I've ever had to do. I love you every bit as much as you love me Greg, and I can't wait for school to be over with. I know it's not that far away, but it will seem like an eternity until I can feel your arms around me again. No matter what we do tonight it could never show how much I love you."

With that Toby swallowed down the rest of his champagne and threw his arms around Greg. Greg finished his drink then locked his lips against Toby's. They searched for each other's shirt buttons while keeping their lips locked tightly together. When the shirts had been removed they began massaging each other's tongues while unbuckling each other's pants. Greg's and Toby's pants and underwear was now around their ankles, so Toby began kissing his way down Greg's chest. Toby stopped at Greg's nipples until they had become hard and erect, then continued his way down Greg's body. Toby licked loudly at Greg's navel a few times, then completely skipped over Greg's now swollen cock. Toby kissed his way down Greg's right leg until he reached the point here Greg's pants were around his legs. Toby quickly removed Greg's shoes, socks, pants, and underwear, then kissed his way back up Greg's body. This time he gave a light kiss to the head of Greg's cock on his way back up.

When Toby finally got back to Greg's lips, Greg was almost breathless. Greg did manage to give the same treatment to Toby though. When Greg licked and sucked at Toby's nipples, it caused the boy to gasp. Then after removing Toby's shoes, socks, pants, and underwear, Greg began his trip back up Toby's body. When Greg kissed the head of Toby's cock, making sure to get it firmly between his lips, Toby let out a loud moan. Finally Greg locked his lips back onto Toby's. The two lovers laid on the bed and kissed for fifteen minutes, while caressing every inch of each other's bodies.

Finally Greg pulled Toby up against the head of the bed so that Toby was partially reclined, then went to work on Toby's cock. They were going to make love to each other one at a time so they could watch each other show appreciation for their lover's beautiful cock. At first Greg only took about three inches of Toby's cock into his mouth, so he could massage the head over and over again with his tongue. Toby's cock began twitching gently in Greg's mouth as if to say it loved being in Greg's mouth where it belonged. Greg took this as a signal to take Toby's entire cock deeply into his mouth. At this moment Greg couldn't think of anything that felt as good as having Toby's cock working it's way down his throat. Greg's mouth almost watered as he sucked on the best tasting thing he had ever had in his mouth. Greg put all of his love into making love to Toby, and Toby could feel the love traveling from Greg's mouth into his cock. By this time Toby was hoping he would never cum so these feeling could last forever.

It could not last forever though. Although Toby was able to hold his orgasm back nearly a half hour, it still ended much too soon for him. Toby began pumping his cum into Greg's mouth, while Greg was drinking it as though he were still drinking the fine champagne from earlier in the evening. Actually nothing could match the taste of Toby's cum as far as Greg was concerned. Greg took all but the last few shots of Toby's orgasm into his mouth, then gripped Toby's cock and fired the last few shots into the air so they would land on Toby's stomach. Then Greg longingly licked the last few shots of cum from Toby's stomach as Toby looked on.

"There are no words in any language to describe how great that felt." panted Toby. "I just hope I can put as much love and devotion into your cock when I make love to you."

"It was easy for me." cooed Greg. "Nothing feels as good or tastes as wonderful as your cock in my mouth. And when you cum it's like having the pleasure of tasting the world's finest delicacy."

Toby smiled as he said, "Then I'll have to work on sending you back a few bottles of my cum when I'm away."

Greg chuckled as he said, "It would be an honor for me to drink anything you send me. I'd be willing to bet there may even be a market for that product, as long as you could keep up with the demand."

"I don't think so." said Toby. "My cum is only for your consumption babe. Now if you don't mind, I think I'll work on consuming a load of yours."

Toby then kissed his way back down Greg's body and began gently sucking his cock. He started off by only sucking the head, but gradually took more and more into his mouth until his nose was buried into Greg's groin. This was feeling so good that Greg had no intention of cumming soon. Toby let him hold it back for about fifteen minutes, then wet a finger and slid it into Greg's butt. Toby continued to suck Greg's cock as he massaged Greg's clinching sphincter. Then Toby drove his finger deeper and began stroking Greg's prostate. Greg could not hold back any longer as he began pumping his load into Toby's eager mouth. Toby swallowed every drop of Greg's cum, then looked up into Greg's eyes as he licked his lips.

Greg pulled Toby back up into his arms and kissed the boy deeply. The pair finally fell asleep in each other's arms. The next morning arrived much too soon for Greg and Toby. When the cars were packed and ready to go Toby gave Greg a very long and passionate kiss.

"I don't want to leave." pleaded Toby with tears in his eyes.

"I know my love." said Greg. "I don't want you to either, but you have to finish school. Your parents still have a say about that for a few more weeks. My heart will have an empty spot in it until you return to fill it, but the end of May will be here in two months. Please take care of yourself until then my angel."

"I will babe." said Toby. "And when I come back to you in two months, nothing will make us part again. I love you Greg."

Toby gave Greg another kiss and slowly turned to walk to his car. Greg cried openly as Toby's car headed off down the street. Shane, Snoopy, and Terry put their arms around their dad and consoled him as Greg regained control of his emotions. At the same time, as Toby was driving away he was quietly crying too. Kyle and Tyler were in the car with him, and did what they could to console their friend's pain. Greg and Toby knew it was going to be a long two months.

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