Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 19

Greg went through hell for the two days that it took Toby to return home, and then call him on the cell phone that Greg gave Toby the money to get as soon as he got home. When the phone finally did ring, Greg picked it up before the first ring could finish.

"Hey babe," said Greg, "I've been waiting for you to call."

"Are you sure?" asked Toby. "This is Bill, the plumber. I knew I was good, but I didn't know I was that good!"

"You're lucky that I have your voice committed to my memory forever." said Greg. "If not, you may have scared the hell out of me." Both guys laughed into the phone, then Greg continued, "How was you trip home babe?"

Toby replied, "Lonely, boring, and pure hell because I wanted to be with you."

"We'll be together again soon babe." said Greg. "It will just seem like forever is all."

Both guys continued talking for several hours, before Toby finally had to get to bed so he could go to school the next day. Greg wished him luck in school, and Toby responded that he would need it seeing as how his mind would be about 1200 miles away.

Meanwhile over those first few days, Snoopy was trying to get use to his new life. Shane and Terry was helping as much as they could, but Snoopy just couldn't believe that he was still in Florida after all his friends he came down with had returned home. Shane reminded Snoopy over and over that this was his home now, and his other friends were merely giving him a ride home. That did help somewhat, but Snoopy was still waiting to wake up to find that it was all just a dream.

When Snoopy expressed that thought, Terry responded, "It is a dream, brother. It's a dream come true for the the luckiest and most deserving boy in the world!"

With that, all three boys shared in a group hug. From that point on it would be a little bit easier for Snoopy to accept his new life and family. Every time Snoopy would think of him, Shane, Terry, and Greg being a family, it would put a smile on his face because he never really knew what a proper family was before.

Terry may have been having the roughest time of anyone adjusting to life after spring break though. He now couldn't do anything for himself, but Shane was always right there by his side and ready to do anything. Shane fed Terry, bathed Terry, held Terry's cock when he had to pee, and wiped Terry's butt when he had to poop. Shane was ready to do anything for his brother and the love of his life.

The following Friday Terry went to the doctor to have the stitches removed from his scrotum. The doctor gave Terry a clean bill of health, as far as his testicles were concerned, and told Terry that he could begin to return to his normal sexual activities. This put mischievous smiles on Shane's and Terry's faces that caused Greg to burst into laughter. Shane didn't waste any time in seeing if Terry's plumbing was still in good shape, as they sat in the back seat of the Hummer on the way home and Shane slowly stroked Terry's cock into an erection. As soon as they got back home, the two boys disappeared into their room.

"I think I get you to cum first." said Terry. "I haven't cum in so long that I don't know if I'll be up to anything else when I do."

"Whatever makes you happy my brother." said Shane. "I just want you to know though that my biggest joy today will be to make you cum."

After Shane had stripped both of them naked, he laid on the bed on his back. Then he lowered Terry down on top of him, with Terry's elbows supporting his weight. Shane also help to support some of Terry's weight, as the two boys became comfortable with this position. Terry took Shane's cock into his mouth and began gently sucking on it. In no time Shane's cock was fully erect, as he had not had any kind of sex with Terry since that horrible day when Terry left to go back to New York. Terry began teasing Shane's cock with his tongue, then began sucking his lover more intensely. After only about five minutes Shane felt his orgasm begin to build, and knew that he wouldn't be able to hold it back.

"Unnngh, ....unnnngh!" moaned Shane. "I'mmm cumming! .....Uhhh!" Shane shot his load into Terry's mouth, as his brother continued to suck on his cock. Terry kept sucking until Shane's erection had gone down, and his flaccid cock began getting tender.

Terry gazed up at Shane's beautiful face, which was looking down at him lovingly, then Terry said, "I can't believe how great it felt to make you cum. That had to have been the best feeling I've ever had dude."

Shane laughed softly as he replied, "You've got a drop of cum hanging from the corner of your mouth. That is so incredibly sexy."

Before Terry could clean the corner of his mouth, Shane pulled him up until they were face to face. Then Shane licked the drop of his cum from the corner of Terry's mouth. Shane then locked his lips to Terry's, and rolled Terry onto his back. The two boys probed each other's mouths for several minutes, while lost in a world of their own.

Shane finally pulled back and said, "I hope you're ready for this, brother."

Terry moaned as Shane worked his tongue down Terry's chest, stopping at each nipple for a few moments. Then Shane continued on until he reached his goal, Terry's beautiful cock. As Shane put his lips over the head of Terry's cock, the cock twitched while Terry let out a gasp. Then Shane slowly slid his lips down the entire shaft. By this point the only thing that Terry could do was gasp some unintelligible noises. Shane continued to suck on the cock of the only boy he could ever love, as Terry's whole body began to twitch underneath him. After no more time than it took Shane to cum, he could begin to see the signs of Terry's approaching orgasm. As Terry's cock began to shoot for the first time in almost forever, he let out the loudest scream that either boy had ever heard before. It was not a scream of pain though, it was a scream from the most intense feeling of release and pleasure that Terry had ever felt before in his life.

As soon as Terry's cock finished cumming, Terry closed his eyes and drifted into slumber. The orgasm had been enough to totally exhaust the boy. Shane laid beside his beautiful and naked brother, and listened to Terry snore softly until he fell into a nap himself.

After getting off the phone with Toby that evening, Greg went to see if the two boys were ready for supper. Snoopy was already ready himself, and everyone was going to go out to a nice quiet place with cozy and private booths. Greg could not believe how beautiful his two sons were as they laid in bed, in each others arms. He knew that they had made quite a bit of noise a few hours earlier, which explained the look of total bliss on their sleeping faces. Greg quickly got his camera and took a picture of what he was sure would be one of the most wonderful sights he would ever be privileged to see. Then he woke the two boys, although he hated to disturb them.

As Shane's eyes fluttered open Greg said, "That must have been some time the two of you boys had earlier."

Shane looked up at his father and smiled as he softly said, "It was the most incredible thing either of us ever felt."

Greg ruffled Shane's hair as he replied, "That's my boys! Why don't you get your brother up, and get the two of you ready to go out for supper?"

"We'll be downstairs as soon as we can." said Shane as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

As soon as everyone was ready, Greg and his three sons went out for dinner. Greg found that together, the boys complimented each other very well. So well that he wondered how come it took so much pain to get them together, where they belonged from the start. It made him feel very good to see how the boys cared so much about each other, as he watched Shane feed Terry his dinner. Whatever it took, this is how things were going to be from now on. Greg was determined to make sure of that. Now there was only one thing missing from their family, his beloved Toby. Greg still didn't understand how he could have fallen so completely for the seventeen year old God that he now longed for, but he wasn't about to question their love. He and Toby were ready to accept what they had together without question. "Damn, it was going to be a long two months." thought Greg to himself.

Now the boys attentions had turned toward the man who had saved them all. They could tell that Greg now looked distracted, and they wanted to help their dad any way they could. Shane and Terry had learned a valuable lesson though, and knew that the way to help Greg did not include sex. Shane was able to come up with another idea though, and the other two boys thought it was a great idea. The next morning Shane would try his idea and see if it could work.

Shane awoke early the next morning and fixed breakfast for everyone. Needless to say, this shocked the hell out of Greg.

"Okay," said Greg, "who are you, and what have you done with Shane?" That remark produced quite a fit of laughter from Terry and Snoopy.

"It's me dad!" pleaded Shane. "I just wanted to make breakfast for the greatest family in the world."

"Oh brother!" moaned Snoopy. "Now I know you've done something to the real Shane." That produced another round of laughter, and a light kick to Snoopy's leg from Shane.

"Dad, go ahead and sit down so you can tell me what you think of my cooking." said Shane. "Snoopy? Could you go ahead and start feeding Terry? I have something I have to do really quick."

"Oh, yeah!" said Snoopy in an understanding tone. "I'll take care of it brother."

So Greg, Terry and Snoopy sat down at the table as Shane left the room. Shane immediately went to Greg's office and opened the address book on his dad's desk, then wrote down a name and number. Then Shane left the room as he had found it, and returned to the kitchen.

"Son," said Greg, "this breakfast is wonderful. I know you'll make Terry a great wife."

"Yeah honey," said Terry, "I'll bring home the bacon, and you can cook it." That remark made poor Snoopy laugh so hard that he had milk dripping from his nose.

"I'm so glad you guys are in such a great sense of humor this morning." quipped Shane. "Sometimes I don't know why I even bother." Then Shane faked a pout.

"Come on son," said Greg, "you know we're just teasing you. We love you more than anything in the world."

Greg then ruffled Shane's hair, which brought a smile to the boy's face. The rest of the breakfast was finished in a warm and loving atmosphere, then everyone started going about their business for the day. That meant Greg went to his office to work, and the rest of the boys went to Terry and Shane's room. Then Shane picked up his phone and dialed.

"Maguire Publishing," said the voice on the other end, "this is Harry Jennings, may I help you?"

"Yeah," said Shane, "this is Shane Hopkins calling. I'm the boy that Greg Holt is adopting."

"Oh yeah!" said Harry. "Greg has told me a lot about you. How are you my boy?"

"I'm fine." said Shane. "I was really calling about dad."

"There isn't anything wrong with my star writer is there?" asked Harry.

"Not really." said Shane. "It's just that with the new book that he's writing, and everything that's been happening around here lately, I thought he could use a break from the routine here."

"What did you have in mind son?" asked Harry. "I'd do anything to help Greg or his family."

"I was thinking maybe you could arrange an appearance in New York for him, or something like that." said Shane.

"I'd be delighted to," said Harry "but I couldn't possibly put anything together for at least two or three weeks from now."

"That would be perfect!" exclaimed Shane excitedly. "There's just one thing though, don't tell dad that it was my idea."

"Okay," laughed Harry, "you got a deal son."

"Thank you sir." said Shane.

"No problem." replied Harry. "It was a pleasure to finally talk to you, and I hope Greg will introduce us soon. Thanks for calling."

Shane hung up the phone with a grin on his face. As he filled his brothers in on the call, all three boys were happy that they would be able to get Greg and Toby together again, even if it was just for a few days. Later that evening Greg was caught completely off guard when Harry Jennings called him to suggest a book signing and talk show interview in New York in three weeks. The euphoria was short lived though, as Greg realized that it would be risky for his three sons to travel to New York. Harry then suggested that he register Greg and his sons at the Plaza under assumed names, and the smile returned to Greg's face. He would see his Toby again while he was in New York.

The next three weeks seemed to last an eternity for Greg, as he looked forward to the trip to New York. Shane, Terry, and Snoopy seemed to become nervous as the trip approached though. All three boys had very good reasons for not wanting to see New York again. Mike did advise Greg that a trip to New York may not be in the boy's best interest, especially Snoopy. Snoopy's parents had never physically harmed him, even though Snoopy was sure they would have. Now though, Snoopy's parents were threatening to petition the state of Florida to get Snoopy returned to New York. Mike assured Greg that he would do everything he could to make sure that never happened, but it would be unwise for the boy to travel to New York.

At one point Greg told the boys that he was considering canceling the trip to New York, but the boys pleaded with him not to do that. All three boys pledged to Greg that they would not leave their hotel room in New York, and they finally talked him into going through with the trip. No one except for Greg and his publisher would have to know that the boys were in New York. The night before the trip to New York Shane and Terry made love, hoping that things would be the same once the trip was over.

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