Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 2

Greg awoke the next morning, believing that he had the most incredible dream. Really, a 40 year old man meets a 14 year old god that needs his help? That stuff only happens in stories, but it would have been nice. Without looking, Greg sat up on his bunk, hitting his head on the upper bunk.

"Ow! God damn it!" yelled Greg. "How did that bunk get pulled down?"

From above him Greg heard the most angelic voice reply, "My, my! Someone sure does wake up grumpy, doesn't he?"

Greg immediately stood up and looked into the upper bunk, as he exclaimed "Shane? You're real! I mean, you're really here! I thought when I woke up that this had all been a dream."

"More like a dream come true for me." said Shane. "Now, let's get cleaned up and have some breakfast. I'm starved!"

Greg chuckled as he asked "You're not going to be eating me out of house and home, are you?"

"No more than any other growing, 14 year old boy." responded Shane, in all sincerity. "Don't worry, you'll get use to it. It always takes people who don't have kids by surprise at first." When Greg began to look worried, Shane broke out in hysterical laughter.

"Now that's a sound I look forward to getting use to!" replied Greg. "Now, get ready and let's be off to the dining car you scamp! And don't use up all the hot water, my angel."

Greg and Shane readied themselves for the day ahead, then set out to the dining car. Once the sparks from the grinding silverware had dissipated, Greg began talking more to his boy. He had already heard the story about Shane being discovered by his father, and then his father's horrible reaction. Greg had already decided he didn't like Shane's real father very much, and vowed to himself not to let Shane return to that life.

Once the pair had made it to the lounge car, Greg began telling Shane what to expect. First he let Shane know that he intended to spoil him terribly. This got a big, devilish smile from the boy. On a more serious note, Greg told Shane that they would be in Orlando by mid afternoon, and the first things they needed to do was have Shane examined by Greg's doctor and then talk to Greg's attorney. Greg knew the state would not be likely to fight on his behalf to keep the boy, so they had to convince Shane's parents to give the boy up to him. Greg asked Shane if he felt he would be able to convince his father that he would have the man sent to prison for rape. Shane seemed eager to give it a try. Greg told Shane that the whole affair could get kind of nasty, but his lawyer would let Shane know what to expect.

Once the doctor and lawyer were out of the way, then they would pick out a room for the boy and do some shopping. This got a big smile out of Shane, but he felt somewhat guilty and said "You don't have to go spending a lot of money on me Greg. I do have some money of my own."

Greg replied "I know I don't have to spend a lot of money on you Shane, but I really want to. Besides, we may need the money you took when you left as leverage. Nothing speaks to some adults quite as loudly as greed."

"You mean you're going to buy me!" gasped Shane.

"No, no, no." said Greg, trying to reassure the boy. "It's just that if your father starts to make an issue out of the money, we may need to nip it in the bud. I don't see it as buying you at all. I see it as assuring that you have a chance to lead a happy life from this point on."

Greg and Shane continued talking as the train barreled on to Georgia, and then Florida. At one point a kindly old lady walked by and remarked what a perfect father and son pair they made. Greg and Shane looked at each other with silly grins until the old lady was no longer in sight, then they both began laughing.

"She is right though son." said Greg. "We should have been father and son from the start."

"To have a father like you is more than a boy like me could ever ask for, dad." said Shane. As he said "dad" a single tear rolled down his cheek.

Greg put his arm around Shane and kissed the top of the boy's head, then said "I am so honored that you think of me as your father. I promise I will never betray your trust in me son."

As the train neared Jacksonville Florida, Greg was able to get a signal on his cell phone, so he made quick calls to his doctor and his lawyer. In just a few hours they would be home. Greg looked forward to being home with his boy. Even though he did not get a lot of writing done on this trip, the work that he did get done was far more important.

Shane was a bit nervous about their arrival in Orlando. Even though he did feel a bond with Greg, this was all going to be very new for him. It would be a new home, a new life, and he would have to make new friends. Fortunately, he had Greg to help him. He knew Greg would make this as easy as he could. Greg and Shane had returned to their berth to get ready for their arrival. Finally the conductor came through and announced the train's arrival in Orlando.

"Are you ready son." asked Greg.

A now shaky Shane replied, "As ready as I'll ever be, I guess."

"There's nothing to be nervous about Shane." said Greg. "This is a great town, and you'll have lots of fun living here. I'll do everything I can to make our home a wonderful home for you."

The train came to a stop, and people began filing out. As Shane stepped off the train, Greg took his hand and said "Welcome to your new home son."

Shane looked around and saw people getting off the train, mostly people on vacation with their children. All the kids looked so excited to be in Orlando. Pretty soon the excitement was spreading to Shane again. Greg and Shane got in a cab in front of the station and were soon on their way home. Once they arrived at Greg's house, Shane had only a few minutes to be impressed before Greg was pulling him out the door to see the doctor. Greg had pulled his favorite car out of the garage, a 2002 cherry red Trans Am. Greg liked this car because it was the last year it was built, and it was fast and powerful.

Greg went into the doctor's office and was immediately greeted by his old friend. "Hi Greg." said Dr. Williams. "How's my favorite patient?"

"Fine." replied Greg. "Can we talk in your office for a minute?"

"Sure." responded Dr. Williams. He then led Greg into his office.

Greg then began his story. "I met a boy on the train from New York. He had been beaten and raped by his own father, and was running away from home. I know the legal thing to do would be to turn him over to the authorities, but me and the boy have bonded. I want to be able to take care of him, and he trusts me to do just that. I need him to be examined though, so I have enough evidence to convince his parents that it would be in their best interests to turn the boy over to me. If the authorities find out about him before then, he will just become a part of their system. Or worse yet, he may be returned to his parents. I don't want either of those things to happen so I need someone to examine him that I can trust not to say anything for now."

"Well," said Dr. Williams, "normally I wouldn't dream of getting involved in something like this, but we've known each other for years. I have one more patient to look at today, so bring the boy around to the back door. I'll meet you there in ten minutes, and then let my staff go for the evening."

"Thank you James." replied Greg. Greg went outside and took Shane around to the back door. Ten minutes later they were let in by the doctor and led to an examining room.

"Just wait right here." said James. "As soon as my staff has left I will come back to see you."

When the doctor returned Greg said, "James, this is Shane Hopkins. Shane, this is a good friend of mine, Dr. James Williams."

James reached his hand out to Shane and said, "Glad to meet you Shane. Greg, if you'll excuse us while I do an examination of Shane."

Shane interrupted, and exclaimed "No! I want Greg to stay, please?"

"Normally, that wouldn't be acceptable." said James. "The examination may get rather personal."

"I don't care." said Shane. "I want Greg to stay here with me."

"Okay," said James "I'm already breaking enough rules as it is. I guess one more won't hurt. The first thing I'll need you to do is strip down to your shorts."

The doctor examined Shane's bruised body carefully. Every once in a while he would poke at a bruised area and ask Shane if it hurt, and if so, how much did it hurt. Once that process was complete James had Shane remove his shorts. First James examined the boy's genitals, and then had him turn around and bend over the edge of the exam table. Shane began to get nervous as the doctor put on an exam glove and grabbed a tube of KY. Meanwhile Greg was looking on with interest. First James prodded around the still swollen anus and then inserted one finger inside Shane's rectum. It hurt like hell and Shane let the doctor know about it. James apologized to the boy as he took notice of the blood on his gloved finger. There also looked like what appeared to be semen mixed in with the blood, so he asked Shane if he'd had a bowel movement since the attack. When Shane responded "no" the doctor apologized again, saying he was going to have to collect a sample.

The doctor then began filling Greg and Shane in on his opinions. "First of all, Shane does have a tear in his rectum. Normally I would suggest hospitalization, but that would alert the authorities. Right now I agree that would not be a good idea, since I don't believe it will require surgery. I will give you a couple of prescriptions and detailed instructions on how to care for the injury, which you should begin to do right away. I don't see any serious damage relating to any of the bruises, although you will be sore for some time Shane. I will also send the sample I took to a private lab, that won't ask questions, for a DNA analysis. I am however concerned that Shane may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance. While the genitals look normal for a boy your age, you do seem to have less body hair than you should at your age."

A red-faced, embarrassed Shane replied "That's because I keep it shaved off. It feels better that way."

Greg Rubbed Shane on the head, saying "That's okay Shane. If it makes you feel comfortable, that's all that matters. There's nothing to be embarrassed about."

James agreed with Greg, "That's right Shane. Your comfort is all that's important and I'm sorry if I embarrassed you by bringing it up. There will come a time though, as your body hair becomes more coarse, that it may actually cause discomfort. There are products though to alleviate that discomfort."

James continued filling the two in on what he discovered, and what to do about everything they discussed. Then Greg thanked James, and they were off to see the lawyer.

The visit with the lawyer went about as Greg had expected. The lawyer confirmed that it would indeed be almost impossible to get the state to support the idea of a single man taking over the care of a 14 year old boy. The lawyer agreed that it would be much easier to get the parents to sign Shane over to Greg permanently. He was also impressed by all the evidence Greg had collected against Shane's father. He felt that should be enough to convince almost anyone to co-operate.

The lawyer did draw up all the papers Greg would need to have signed and presented to the court to make the arrangement legal and binding. Then he gave Greg and Shane advice on what, and what not to say to Shane's parents. He even helped Shane to prepare for talking with his parents again. The lawyer did say however that he wanted to be present when the conversation took place.

After that Greg and Shane returned home to pick out a room for Shane, and plan a shopping trip. They decided to wait until tomorrow for furniture, to give Shane a chance to decide how he wanted his room to look. So tonight they would be off to the electronics store, and then the mall for clothes. Greg decided to take the black Hummer for it's cargo space.

At the electronics store Shane started to balk at the amount of money Greg wanted to spend on him.

Greg said, "I've never had a son to buy stuff like this before, so I'm afraid you're just going to have to get use to being spoiled. Besides, I've got more than I could ever spend on myself in ten lifetimes."

That last comment brought the sales clerks out from every corner. Greg had more fun shopping for Shane than he had ever experienced in his life. By the time it was over, and the sales clerks were drooling over their commissions, it looked as though Shane would not be bored for some time to come.

As hard as it was to believe, Greg had even more fun at the mall. He took Shane to the new "upper-class" mall, right off the freeway. Greg and Shane went from store to store, with Shane trying on more clothes than he even knew existed. By the time they left the mall, leaving behind another group of elated sales clerks, Greg had made sure that his boy would always look good.

As they were driving home, Shane mischievously asked "Do you know what else would look good?"

Greg jovially inquired, "No son. What else would look good?"

When Shane replied "A small gold ring in each nipple", Greg nearly drove straight off the road.

"Whoa dad!" exclaimed Shane. "That's almost a worse reaction than I got from my earring!"

"It's not that." panted Greg. "It's just that you almost made the old man cream his shorts!" Both guys laughed hysterically at the last remark. Then Greg said, "If you still want it tomorrow, we'll check into it."

When Greg and Shane returned home, Shane put on an impromptu fashion show for Greg. This time though there was no dressing room. Shane simply dressed and undressed in front of Greg. Greg enjoyed the show immensely and marveled at the beauty and charm of his new son.

When bedtime came Greg insisted on tucking Shane in for the night. Before he left the room he leaned over and kissed Shane gently on the forehead. Then, about two hours later, Greg was awakened by Shane climbing into his bed.

"What's the matter son?" asked Greg. "Is something wrong with your room?"

"No." replied Shane. "I just couldn't sleep in a new room, and in a new house by myself tonight. Is it okay if I sleep in here tonight?"

"Sure it is, my son." said Greg.

Almost as soon as Greg had said that, Shane snuggled up against Greg's side and drifted off to sleep. Greg wrapped his arm around his sleepy angel, and almost cried from sheer joy. He looked at Shane and wondered how he could have made it through all these years without his boy.