Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 20

The next day Greg and the boys loaded their bags into a taxi bound for the airport. The flight to New York was quick and uneventful, but when they arrived at LaGuardia airport the boys were thrilled to see that Greg's publisher had a limo waiting for the group. None of the boys had ever been in a limo before, and they had a great time on the ride to the hotel. When they got to the hotel, Greg and the boys were led to their suite.

If the boys had thought the limo ride was something else, they were completely blown away by the hotel suite. If they had to be indoors for the entire trip, there wasn't a better place that they could think of than the suite they were in. Since Greg's first appearance wouldn't be until tomorrow, the first thing he did was send a limo to get Toby and bring him to the hotel.

By this time Toby had explained to his parents about meeting a famous writer on his trip to Florida, and his parents could see that there was some feelings between their son and his new friend from Florida. It took a little time for them to adjust to the idea, but they loved their son and wanted him to be happy. Their son seemed to be very excited about going to college in Florida, which was something that they wouldn't have been able to give him on their own. Even if their son were romantically involved with an older man, he was now happier than they could remember seeing him in quite some time.

Greg had told Toby before leaving Florida about his appearance in New York, and that he wanted to see his lover. He didn't tell Toby that he was sending a limo for him however. Toby was wide-eyed as the limo pulled up outside their house. When Toby arrived at the hotel he was met in the lobby by Greg.

"I didn't think I was going to get to see you again so soon," said Toby, "but I'm glad that I did. This first month has been hell without you babe."

"I know what you mean love." replied Greg. "It actually hurts for you not to be with me." Greg put his arms around Toby there in the lobby and gave him a very warm hug. Greg didn't care if anyone did notice at this point, he just needed to feel his boy in his arms. Greg finally broke the hug and said, "Let's go up to my suite now, before people start to take pictures."

Both guys chuckled as they headed for the elevator. Unfortunately for them the elevator was packed, but Toby thought he had a plan for taking care of that. He just hoped that Greg was mischievous enough to play along.

"So, did you get the plans out without any trouble?" said Toby in a mysterious voice.

Greg looked confused for a few seconds, then he realized that Toby was up to something so he decided to play along. "It wasn't too much trouble." replied Greg. "I did have to take out a few guards though."

"Oh well," said Toby "you know what the boss said, whatever it takes to get the plans."

"Yes," said Greg, "I just hope our comrades are very happy with what they got." By this time the two pranksters were attracting a few stares from the entire population of the elevator, some of whom looked very nervous.

"Good!" exclaimed Toby. "Very good! By this time tomorrow we will be rich men. I just hope the top secret laser works like it's suppose to."

"Yes," said Greg, "if not, our comrades will be very upset with us."

By this time someone in the elevator had hit the button to stop at the next floor. When the doors opened everyone got out of the elevator, except for Greg and Toby. Greg and Toby were so hysterical with laughter that they couldn't even kiss now, like they had planned to do if they could get alone in the elevator. By the time the elevator arrived at Greg's floor, they had managed to recover enough to drag themselves from the elevator. However, every time they looked at each other they doubled over with laughter again.

When they stumbled through the door, still laughing hysterically, Shane asked, "Okay, what have you two juvenile delinquents been up to this time?"

After several more minutes of convulsive laughter Toby finally started to get the story out about their adventure in the elevator. By the time he was finished, everyone in the room had tears running down their faces from laughing so hard. Terry was laughing so hard that he almost peed in his pants. He had to grab Shane and run very quickly for the bathroom.

Once Greg and Toby had regained control of themselves, they excused themselves to the master bedroom. "I've been wanting this since you left Florida." said Greg as he slipped his hands underneath Toby's shirt.

"No more than me." replied Toby as he began to undo the buckle on Greg's pants.

The two slowly proceeded to undress each other, with each one running his hands gently over each area of his lover that was being uncovered. Finally they were both naked, then Greg wrapped his arms around Toby and fell onto the bed. Toby went onto the bed still wrapped in the arms of the man that he loved, then the two locked their lips together. After five minutes of very intense kissing Greg began to work his lips down Toby's smooth body. Toby groaned loudly as Greg's lips passed over each of his nipples, then Toby clutched Greg tightly with his arms and legs as he tried to become one with the man who was making love to him.

"Oh Greg," moaned Toby, "I needed this visit so much. I don't think I could have went another day without feeling your body against mine."

"The pleasure is all mine." replied Greg. "Your body feels like fine silk no matter where I touch it. I am so in love with your contact that I think I will go crazy without it sometimes." Greg then worked his way down Toby's smooth belly. Before he got to his lover's crotch he said, "Sometimes I can't believe how smooth you are for seventeen."

"That's because I shave myself often, except for my crotch." replied Toby. "I hope you are okay with that."

"I'm more than okay with that," replied Greg, "in fact I find it incredibly sexy. No wonder you are so smooth, even on your arms and legs."

"I'm so glad that you like it," said Toby, "because it feels so good not to have hair all over me."

"I do hope that you will allow me to help you with that when you come back to Florida to stay." said Greg. "It would be so much fun to help shave your body."

"I'll look forward to it babe." replied Toby.

Then Greg turned his attention to Toby's proudly erect cock. At first Greg only took the head of Toby's cock into his mouth, then ran his tongue over it. He knew that Toby loved it when he only sucked on the head of his cock, and he wanted to please his boyfriend more than he ever had before. While Greg was sucking the head of Toby's cock he was also wetting one finger. Then as Greg began to go all the way down on Toby's cock he pushed the wetted finger into Toby's ass. This made Toby whimper from the pleasure he was feeling. Greg had become very comfortable with taking Toby's cock all the way into his throat, so he began very long and slow strokes on Toby's hard, young cock. Greg started at the head of Toby's cock, then went all the way down in one stroke, until Toby's cock was deep down his throat. All the time Greg was doing this, he was also massaging Toby's prostate with his finger.

Toby could not hold out for very long like that, and began building to his orgasm after ten of the most awesome minutes of his life. Greg began sucking hungrily when Toby's cum began shooting into his mouth. He wanted to take every drop of cum that his young lover could produce for him. When Toby was drained Greg crawled back up the bed into his young lover's arms.

"That was incredible." panted Toby. "I've missed that so much. I was kinda wondering if you were up to doing something else for me babe."

"Whatever it is, just say the word." replied Greg as he held Toby close.

"I want you to put your cock inside me and fill my insides with your cum." said Toby.

"I love it when you talk dirty." said Greg. "It would be a pleasure for me to make love to you that way."

Greg then kneeled between Toby's legs and reached over to the nightstand to grab a tube of K-Y. Greg lubed Toby's hole, while Toby lubed Greg's throbbing erection. Then Greg placed Toby's legs over his shoulder and placed his cock against Toby's ass.

"I love you my sweet young angel." said Greg as he pressed his cock inside of Toby.

This caused Toby to become immediately erect as he shot a second load of cum onto his belly. Greg pressed his abdomen against Toby's, smearing the boy's cum between them. Then as Greg began pushing in and out of Toby he leaned down and placed his lips over his lover's. As Greg's tongue probed the inside of Toby's mouth, his cock probed the inside of Toby's rectum. Toby moaned appreciatively into Greg's mouth, which caused Greg's cock to jump quite a bit inside Toby's ass. This caused Toby to have a third orgasm for the evening between his and Greg's bellies. The extra lubrication caused Greg's cock to go in and out of Toby with much more force, which caused Toby to clasp his arms around Greg's neck and thrust himself down onto Greg's cock as deeply as he could. When Toby's rectum began clamping tightly around Greg's cock, Greg could take no more and shot a massive load into Toby's rectum. The force of Greg's cum shooting into Toby's rectum caused Toby to have a forth and final orgasm of the evening.

When Greg pulled out of Toby and looked at the cum on their stomachs he exclaimed, "My God! You really did miss me, didn't you?"

Toby laughed as he replied, "I told you I can't stand to be without you. I think we need to clean each other off a little."

Greg replied, "I couldn't agree more." Then he began licking Toby's cum off the boy's stomach.

When Toby's stomach was properly cleaned Toby rolled Greg onto his back, then licked his own cum off Greg's stomach. When they were both cleaned off they embraced tightly for a long, deep kiss. Finally they separated and dressed each other, so they could go out and join the other boys. Shane, Terry, and Snoopy were watching a movie on the television when Greg and Toby came out.

As soon as Shane saw them he said, "Way to go dad! We could hear you nailing Toby all the way in here. That must have been some scene in there!"

Greg blushed and said, "I'm sorry boys. I didn't realize we were that loud.

Snoopy replied, "Don't be sorry, Shane was going down on Terry big time out here while they were listening to you two!" Then Snoopy laughed himself over onto his back.

"Well then," replied Toby, "I'm glad we could help!" This caused everyone to laugh. After a few moments Toby continued, "I hope you guys are planning on coming to my eighteenth birthday party the day after tomorrow."

Greg replied, "We wouldn't miss it for the world my love."

"That's good," said Toby, "because my parents want to talk to you. They kinda figured out there was something going on between us, and they thought it was about time they met you."

"What!" exclaimed Greg. "What did you tell them?!?"

"Don't worry," said Toby, "they're totally cool with me being gay and in love with an older man. They said that my happiness was the only thing that mattered to them, and they're also glad that I'm going to get a chance to go on to college."

"Whew!" sighed Greg. "You almost gave me a heart attack there sweetie. I am still kind of nervous about meeting your parents though."

"Don't be nervous," pleaded Toby, "they really are great parents, and we were totally honest with each other about what was going on. I think they're actually excited about meeting you."

Greg was greatly relieved by that, and the five guys had a great evening together catching up on the past month. Shane, Terry, and Snoopy were happy that their dad and their best friend were so close. They were even joking with Toby about calling him dad too. It was a fine evening, but it finally had to come to an end. So Greg took Toby back down to the limo that would take him home for the night. This time though, before Toby got into the limo Greg leaned in and placed his arms around Toby. Then he gave the boy a deep and passionate kiss right in front of the hotel.

When they parted Greg said, "I'm sorry angel, I had to do that because I love you so much."

"I'm glad you did," replied Toby, "because I love you too Greg."

The two then hugged again before parting. After the limo pulled away, Greg went back into the hotel with a smile on his face. Greg slept effortlessly that night, while Shane and Terry made love in the next room.

The next morning Greg got up and began getting ready for his first appearance in New York. It was to be on a late morning talk show. Before leaving Greg gave the boys instructions not to go out anywhere on their own while he was gone. The boys sat around most of the day watching TV, including the show that Greg was on, and playing video games. It would be a while before Greg returned after the show was over because he had to drop by his publisher's office. At about two o'clock Shane decided that it would be safe to go down to the lobby and get a few cans of Pepsi. A few minutes after Shane left there was a knock on the door of the suite. Snoopy went to answer the door, thinking that Shane had forgotten to take his room card. When he opened the door he and Terry were both horrified.

"Thought you could hide from me, didn't you faggot!" sneered Snoopy's dad.

"Oh God no!" screamed Terry. "That's the man who took me from my parents home!"

"What do you mean?!?" screamed Snoopy. "That's my dad!"

The man looked at Terry in his casts and said, "I'll deal with your queer ass later and finish the job I started! Right now I'm here for my no good faggot son!"

"NOOO!!!" Screamed Snoopy as loudly as he could. Then he kicked his dad as hard as he could in the groin and bolted out the door.

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Snoopy rang for the elevator, but didn't think he had time to wait for it, so he took off down the stairs as fast as he could. Meanwhile downstairs, Shane was waiting for an elevator to take him upstairs. Suddenly Snoopy exited the stairwell and ran past Shane toward the front door of the hotel. A few seconds later the elevator door opened, and Snoopy's dad took off after the boy. Greg and Snoopy met at the front door of the hotel, with Snoopy nearly knocking the man over as he ran past him. Then Greg spotted a man chasing Snoopy and quickly figured that it had to be Snoopy's dad. Greg attempted to block the man who was chasing Snoopy, but was knocked down by him instead.

Greg immediately got up and yelled to Shane, "Call the police and tell them to follow the signal from my cell phone," which he immediately switched on to emergency call before yelling, "then go to the room!"

Then Greg took off after the man before he could lose sight of him. It looked as though they were headed toward Central Park, so Greg knew he was in for a workout. The only thought on Greg's mind though was not to lose the man, because if he did lose the man he would also lose one of his sons. Greg heard sirens behind him as they entered the park and almost lost the man he was chasing, but he did manage to keep up just as he would start to lose hope. Meanwhile Snoopy was desperately trying to lose his dad. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep going much longer, so he had to do something. Snoopy thought that he spotted a way to get away from his dad, but when he went around the next corner he found himself trapped in a dead end.

"Well, well!" exclaimed Snoopy's dad. "What do we have here? If it isn't my little running man. Please Dustin, tell your dad that you're not really a faggot."

"Why?" asked Snoopy. "So I can die a liar? I already tried that once, and my real family saved me."

"It really hurts for you to say shit like that!" said Snoopy's dad. "But if you really insist on being a dirty little faggot, I have a cure for that!" Then Snoopy's dad drew out a handgun and aimed it at Snoopy's head.

"Aw fuck!" thought Snoopy. "I am going to die by taking a bullet to the head after all."

"I'll give you one more chance son." said Snoopy's dad. "Are you really a faggot?"

Snoopy was trying desperately to think of something that would get him out of this, and back to the people who loved him, but he couldn't think of anything to say.

Just as Snoopy was about to give up, Greg came up behind Snoopy's dad and shouted, "If you're going to kill that boy then you better kill me first, or it will be the last stupid thing you ever do!"

Snoopy's dad turned and aimed the gun at Greg then said, "So you're the hero who thought he could take my boy away from me. You really should see what happens to heroes around me, before you jump in and do something dumb."

"That's my son now!" yelled Greg. "He stopped being your son when you nearly drove him to commit suicide."

"Well it's too bad I didn't do a better job of it." sneered Snoopy's father.

Just then a voice behind Greg yelled, "Freeze! Drop the gun!"

At that moment Greg and Snoopy both dropped to the ground, leaving Snoopy's father aiming his gun at the police. After a few gunshots from the policeman's gun, Snoopy's father laid motionless on the ground with blood streaming from his chest.

Greg picked Snoopy up from the ground and cried, "Oh my God son, I thought I was going to lose you for a moment!"

Snoopy looked up at Greg with tears streaming from his eyes. Just as he looked like he was about to say something though, he collapsed into Greg's arms.

"Is the boy going to be alright?" asked the officer. "We can call for an ambulance if you want us to."

"That's okay." said Greg. "I think he just needs to rest now. Thank you for your help though."

"It should be us thanking you sir." said the officer. "You just helped us take down Tin Man Meyer, the most heartless mobster in the city."

"No shit?!?" exclaimed Greg. "I had no idea that my son was running from a mobster!"

"Well," said the officer, "you don't have to worry about him any more. Why don't you take your boy home now and let him rest. I imagine it has been a pretty rough afternoon for him."

Greg carried Snoopy all the way back to the hotel. As far as he was concerned, the boy was as light as a feather now. The doorman at the hotel did signal for the bellboy to give Greg a hand getting up to his room though. Shane and Terry were both visibly relieved when their dad and brother came through the door. Then they all sat down and pieced together what happened that afternoon. Greg was horrified to find out that not only was Snoopy's dad was a mobster, but he was also connected to Terry's dad and was the one who took Terry from his home and tortured the boy. If there were any doubts in Greg's mind about being able to keep his family together, they were now completely gone.

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