Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 21

When Toby came to the room that evening, the entire evening was devoted to Snoopy. Apparently Snoopy's father had hid his profession so well that his own son didn't know that his dad was a mobster. Greg, Shane, Terry, and Toby did everything that they could to comfort their fragile family member. Later that evening Greg was sitting on the sofa with Toby on one side of him and Snoopy on the other. Greg had his arm around both boys with Toby leaning over onto Greg's shoulder. Terry was sitting on the other side of Snoopy and Shane was standing behind him, massaging Snoopy's shoulders.

"I hope you know that I would do anything for you Snoopy." said Greg. "That goes for all of you, too. Three of you are now my sons, and the other is the mate that I want to be with for the rest of my life. But I would gladly sacrifice my life if that is what it took to save any of you boys, because the four of you are my life now. I meant what I said to your father Snoopy, that man lost the right to call you his son a long time ago. You are my son now and nothing will ever change that, not even when you are a grown man. You three will always be my sons."

"Thanks dad," said Snoopy, "I love you more as a father than I ever loved my dad. He was never a father to me. The thing that hurt the most is that just when I thought I had a family that loved me as much as I loved them, it was almost taken away from me. That scared me more than anything else."

"No one will ever take you from us now Snoopy." said Greg. Greg then leaned over and kissed Snoopy on the forehead. "You're now officially stuck with us forever."

That night after Greg and Toby had made love, and Toby went home, Greg took Snoopy into his bedroom for the night. There was no sexual contact whatsoever between the two, just a father providing his son with a safe and peaceful night's sleep next to him. The next morning all four guys woke up in the best mood that they had been in in a very long time. They all went downstairs to breakfast as a close and loving family. Finally Greg had to get ready to appear at his first book signing.

"Okay," said Greg, "I hope I don't have to remind you guys to stay inside and don't open the door. If you need something the hotel staff has agreed to get you anything you need. When I get back this afternoon we will all go to Toby's birthday party."

"What if we need to pick up a present for Toby?" asked Shane.

"If it is something you don't feel comfortable with having the hotel staff pick up you can either call my publisher, who has agreed to help out, or wait for me. I should be back by two o'clock at the latest."

With that settled, Greg left for his book signing. He always loved to see the young faces of those who read his books. Seeing as how it was a beautiful Saturday morning he would be sure to see lots of his readers too. No matter how many bright young faces he saw though, three particular young faces stuck in his mind all day. Finally Greg got to the last person in line, and he started signing the last book quickly.

"Gosh Mr. Holt," said the young boy, "you seem to be in a hurry or something."

"I'm sorry," said Greg, "it's just that I'm kind of anxious to get back to my three sons."

"Wow!" exclaimed the boy. "They must be the luckiest boys in the world to have you as their dad!"

Greg smiled at the boy as he replied, "Do you have a mom and dad who love you young man?"

"Of course I do Mr. Holt." replied the boy.

"Well," said Greg, "any boy who has that is the luckiest boy in the world, so you are just like my sons."

Greg found out that the boy's name was Garrett, and began signing the book: "To Garrett, the luckiest boy in the world. Your friend, Greg Holt." The boy took one look at the autograph and squealed with delight.

Finally Greg was finished and began to make his way back to the hotel. If the traffic were normal he would get back around one thirty, but he still couldn't wait. As soon as Greg walked into the room he gave each of his sons a big warm hug. The boys informed Greg that they had not been able to get Toby's real birthday present yet, so they would have to make a stop on the way. They had already got Toby a few gag presents though. Greg and the boys hurriedly got ready to leave so the boys could stop by a shop that had what they wanted to get Toby. Everyone piled into the limo out in front of the hotel, and they were on their way.

First, the limo stopped at the shop on Times Square that the boys needed to stop at. A few minutes later they were on their way to Toby's home. Greg was nervous on the drive out to Long Island. Even though Toby had assured him that everything was okay, Greg was not sure what would happen today. Finally though, the waiting was over. The limo pulled up in front of Toby's house, and everyone got out. Shane, Terry, and Snoopy were happy that they were at their best friend's birthday party, but Greg had knots in his stomach as he reached for the doorbell.

A modestly dressed man about Greg's age answered the door. "Hi boys!" said Toby's father. "Come on in, Toby has been waiting for you guys all day." He then looked at Greg as if deciding on a used car and said, "You are the only one I've never met before so you must be Greg Holt. Come on in, it's nice to finally meet you." The man held out a hand for Greg to shake.

Greg took the man's hand and replied, "Thank you Mr. Jamison, it's good to meet you too."

"Please call me Frank." said Toby's dad. "I know Toby has been waiting for you too, but I was wondering if you could talk to me and my wife first. We naturally would like to know a few things about the man our son is in love with."

While the boys went to Toby's room, Greg followed Frank into the family room. "Please Greg, have a seat." said Frank. "This is my wife, Paula."

"Hello Paula," said Greg, "it's nice to meet you too."

"I sure hope it works out that way." replied Paula.

"Let's get right down to it Greg." said Frank. "You're, what? About my age?"

Greg's heart began to sink as he replied, "It would seem that way."

"Then what exactly was it that attracted you to our son?" asked Frank. "Are you the type who only likes boys at a certain age? If that is the case it would break our son's heart, and we really don't want that to happen."

Greg knew that this situation needed to be handled with tact and grace, so he summoned up all of his courage. "I wouldn't want Toby's heart broken either, I am in love with your son. I never meant for it to happen, as a matter of fact I tried to talk Toby out of having a sexual relationship with me at first. Your son is very persistent though, and we did end up in that kind of relationship. I don't care what Toby's age is at any time in the future, that doesn't have any bearing on my feelings for him. He wants to be with me, and I want to be with him."

"Just look me in the eyes and answer one question." said Paula. "Do you love our son?"

Greg looked at Paula and tried to put his feelings for Toby into his expression. "I love Toby more than my life itself." replied Greg. "He has become a part of me that I can't live without, and I hope I never have to. Your son has taught me more about true love than I ever could have dreamed of knowing. I love Toby so much that it hurts at times, and I will never stop caring very deeply about him."

Paula and Frank exchanged several glances and nods. They both looked Greg over carefully for several minutes before Paula replied, "Then welcome to our family Greg. As long as you continue to love and care about our son as much as you obviously do now, then we accept and love you as a part of this family. We really don't mind that Toby is gay, or that his mate is somewhat older than he is. We just want our son to be happy and from the way he talks about you, you make him very happy."

"We're happy to have you as a guest in our home, and now a member of our family." said Frank. "Now, let's get our boy's party started!"

Greg shook Frank's hand again, then hugged both Frank and Paula. At about that time the other party guests started arriving, so Frank called out for Toby and the other boys to come out to the party. The mood for the party was very festive, and Greg now appeared very much at ease. When he wasn't with Toby, Greg talked to Toby's parents even more. The more Greg talked to them, the more he liked them. It was apparent that they were also taking to Greg very well.

Just before opening his presents Toby took Greg by the hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "See, I told you my parents would like you." said Toby.

"Yes, you did babe." said Greg. "Now I can see why you turned out to be such a fine young man too. Your parents love you very much."

"Yeah," said Toby, "I did kinda get lucky there, considering some of the things that have happened to some of my friends." Toby then leaned in and gave Greg a light kiss on the lips.

Frank and Paula smiled when they saw that because they knew that their son was deeply in love with someone who would treat him like a prince. They also knew that Greg loved him so much that he would give Toby opportunities that he would not have otherwise. Their son was now officially a man, and they were sure that they had raised him well.

"Okay son," said Frank, "it's time to open your presents."

Shane had held back the boys real present for Toby, so all that he saw from them on the table were the gag presents that they had got him. He picked up Shane's present first and opened it, to find a DVD box set of "Make Room For Daddy." Shane held back his snickering as much as he could, although he could still be heard.

"I should have expected that from the biggest wise guy of the group." said Toby as he smiled.

Next Toby picked up Terry's gift. He opened that one to find a DVD box set of "Father Knows Best." At this point Terry joined Shane in trying to hold back his snickering.

"Oh very funny!" said Toby in mock exasperation. "You two are a real riot."

Toby then picked up the present from Snoopy and gave the boy a mock scowl. Snoopy just shrugged his shoulders while trying to hold back a smile. Toby opened the present to find a DVD box set of "My Three Sons." With that, all three of Greg's sons lost control and broke down into laughter. Toby wanted to put on an act like he was mad, but all he could manage was joining his three best friends in laughter. After a few minutes Shane produced their real present to Toby. Greg had had a portrait done of him and his three sons right after Toby had returned to New York. Shane had a copy of the portrait made. The stop they made on the way to Toby's house was to pick up an intricate gold frame for the smaller 5" by 7" portrait. As soon as Toby saw the frame and portrait he hugged all three boys at the same time.

"I love you guys every bit as much as you love me." said Toby, who was almost moved to tears.

Toby finished opening up the rest of the presents, saving his parent's and Greg's for last. First he opened Greg's present, to find what looked like a bank book. "What's this?" asked Toby.

"That is your college fund Toby." said Greg. "There is more than enough there to get you through four years at the University Of Central Florida. Happy birthday Toby."

Toby gave Greg another light kiss, this time on the cheek, before opening his parent's present. He unwrapped what appeared to be some kind of certificate. "Hey mom and dad, what's this for?" asked Toby.

"That is a certificate that is good for a new car upon your graduation from high school." said Frank. "Your mother and I have been saving up for that for quite a while. Now it seems as though you are really going to need it, seeing as how you will be moving to Orlando after school is over. We were both surprised that your old car made it all the way to Orlando and back over spring break. We love you son, and we are happy that you are going to be in such good company when you start to make your own way in this world."

This time Toby could not hold back his emotions as he threw his arms around his parents. "I don't know what to say to the greatest parents that a guy could ever dream of having." said Toby tearfully. "I love you so much, and nothing will ever change that. I'll miss you both while I'm away, but I hope we will see each other often."

"That may very well happen," said Frank, "if my company goes through with it's plans to relocate to Florida. I was just told yesterday that the odds are very good that it will."

It was almost the perfect end to a perfect birthday. That would come when Toby accompanied Greg and the boys back into the city for the night. After a great Broadway show and a dinner, Greg and the boys went back to the room. Later that night, Toby laid on top of Greg face to face with his cock warmly inside of Greg. The pair were busy exploring the insides of each other's mouths, while Greg was moving his butt up and down on Toby's cock. Whenever Greg would drive down hard onto Toby's cock, Toby would suck on Greg's tongue with all his might. While Toby sucked on Greg's tongue, his hand also gently stroked Greg's cock. The pair kept this up for about thirty minutes, then Toby finally exploded his cum into Greg. When Greg felt the warm cum from his lover shooting into his rectum, his cock began shooting too. When both orgasms had subsided Toby collapsed onto Greg, with his cock still inside Greg and Greg's cum smeared between them.

"There are no words to describe how much I love you Greg." whispered Toby. "I pray every day that I don't wake up to find that this is all a dream. I don't think I could take that."

"It is a dream." replied Greg. "It's a dream come true. I can't imagine how I was so lucky to find a mate to spend the rest of my life with that is so full of love. If this weren't real, I don't think I could stand it either."

Greg and Toby took each other into a tight embrace with their lips pressed together. They fell asleep that way, and with Toby's cock still snuggled inside of Greg.

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