Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 22

The next morning Greg and Toby made love again, seeing as Toby's cock was still inside Greg when they awoke. Greg loved the way Toby's cock felt after being inside him all night. This morning had to be quick though, because Greg had an early book signing before he and the boys flew back to Florida that afternoon. As soon as Toby gave his cum to Greg, Greg turned Toby around. Then he lubed his cock and slipped it gently inside of Toby. Toby loved how Greg's cock felt too, and his rectum squeezed the cock as hard as it could. This was enough to make Greg cum quickly inside his lover.

After their love making, Greg got cleaned up quickly and was off to the book signing. Toby stayed behind with the other boys so Greg could have the limo drop him off before going to the airport. The boys spent the morning talking.

"So," asked Toby, "how did you guys arrange for this trip anyway?"

"What do you mean?" asked Shane.

"Well," said Toby, "I know it wasn't Greg's idea. Besides, this was all a little too convenient."

"Okay," replied Shane, "but don't tell dad about this. I knew it was hurting dad to be away from you, so I called his publisher and asked if there was any way that he could arrange for a publicity trip to New York. Even with the crap that happened with Snoopy's dad, I'm glad I did it. Dad looks so much better now than he did before we came here."

"Don't worry dude, I won't tell Greg." said Toby. "Only because that's about the sweetest thing I've ever heard. By the way, I love you guys for doing this for us."

Toby gave each of the boys a friendly hug, then the boys continued to talk until Greg returned. The ride out to Long Island was a somber one, until the limo got closer to it's first destination. About five miles before Toby's house, Greg wrapped Toby in his arms and planted his lips against Toby's. The other boys watched on and smiled as Greg pushed his tongue into Toby's mouth. Toby then began battling back with his own tongue, and the two stayed like that until they reached Toby's house. As Toby was getting out of the limo, Frank came up to the window.

"Hello Greg." said Frank, as he reached out his hand for a handshake. "I just wanted to tell you again how much we appreciate everything that you are doing for Toby. We've never seen him so happy in his life."

"There's really nothing to thank me for." replied Greg. "I love Toby very much and will continue to do whatever is best for him. I should be thanking you and Paula for understanding our feelings for each other. Not a lot of people would be open minded enough to consider our happiness. I look forward to seeing both of you come to Florida when your company makes it's move." The two men then shook hands. As the limo began pulling away Greg shouted out the window, "Take care of yourself Toby, and I'll see you again when your school is over."

Greg and the boys were then on their way to the airport. On the way there, Greg called Mike Cooper on his cell phone. Greg wanted to meet with Mike about Terry and Snoopy as soon as they got back to Orlando. Mike was more than happy to talk to Greg as soon as they got home. Greg and his sons had a good flight back to Florida, and when the taxi pulled into Greg's driveway they found Mike waiting there for them.

"Come on in Mike." said Greg as he approached Mike.

When they got inside the house Mike asked, "So, did anything happen in New York that I should know about? I assume that's why you wanted to see me so badly."

"You're not even going to believe it my friend." said Greg. "Dustin's father showed up at the hotel while I was away doing an interview. Dustin took off, with his father right behind him. I joined in the chase when they ran me over in the hotel lobby. We ended up in Central Park with the police following the emergency signal from my cell phone. Then the man pulled out a gun just as the police closed in on us. Dustin's father was killed by the police when he aimed his gun at them. It not only turned out that he was a very notorious mobster, but when I got back to the hotel I found out that he was the person that was responsible for kidnapping Terry as well. Do you think I will have any problems getting custody of both boys now?"

"Damn!" exclaimed Mike. Mike then chuckled as he continued, "I thought I told you to lay low!"

"Trust me my friend," said Greg, "when the police were taking care of Snoopy's father, we WERE laying low."

Both men laughed for a few moments before Mike said, "I think we need to talk to Terry's parents now. If they put their own son in that much danger then they should be in jail, and it may be time for us to let them know that."

"This is going to be a fun conversation." said Greg. "They must hate me with a passion right now."

"Probably," replied Mike, "but I wouldn't worry much about it. You are doing what's best for the boy for the first time in his life. Let's do it!"

Mike and Greg went into Greg's office so they could call Terry's parents on the speakerphone. Greg dialed the number and waited for an answer.

"Hello." said Terry's father in a gruff voice. "What can I do for you?"

"Hello Mr. Brewer, this is Greg Holt calling." answered Greg.

"You bastard!" shouted Terry's father. "What have you done with my son? Don't lie to me either, I know that you know where he is!"

"The sincerity of the concern for your son is really touching Mr. Brewer." said Greg. "Where the hell was that concern when your son was being tortured and beaten to death? You do know that he almost died before making it to Orlando this time, don't you?"

"Listen here asshole," said Mr. Brewer, "I don't have any idea what you are talking about, and how dare you lecture me about raising my son! Do you know I could have you arrested for kidnapping?"

"Do you mean the way you had Tin Man Meyer kidnap and torture him?" asked Greg. "If that's what you're talking about, I'll see you put in jail long before you'll ever get to me!"

"I don't know who you're talking about." lied Mr. Brewer. "Who's this ...TIn Man Meyer?"

"I'm sure you know him." said Greg. "He's the mobster you went to when your company was in trouble. He's the person who has been causing the disappearances of anyone who got in your way. He's the man who you had kidnap your son, so he could beat and torture the poor boy. If you had any decency left in you, and you knew what Terry has been going through, you wouldn't be able to live with yourself!"

"You don't know who you're messing with you idiot!" sneered Mr. Brewer. "You're not so famous that you can't be taken care of. I want that little shit of a son returned to me at once."

At this point Mike broke into the conversation. "I'm afraid that isn't going to be happening Mr. Brewer." said Mike. "I've already heard all that I need to hear for now, and there's no way that you'll ever see Terry again except maybe in a courtroom. And before you get too mouthy with me, you should check the news every once in a while. Your friend Meyer is dead. He was killed by the police in Central Park after drawing a gun on his own son, then on the police. You are all alone now sir!"

Mike and Greg waited for a response from Terry's father, but the line remained quiet. "Are you still there Mr. Brewer?" asked Greg.

"Yeah." replied a much quieter Mr. Brewer. "What do you want?"

"I want Terry to live here as my son now." said Greg. "My family loves him, and would never do anything to hurt him. All of us would sacrifice everything to protect him, and that's how it should have been with you. Instead you've hurt him so badly that he'll never be able to forget it. I myself can't stand the thought of what you've done to that boy, he never deserved any of it." By this time Greg was close to crying, and amazingly so was Mr. Brewer.

"You don't understand," Mr. Brewer almost cried, "I almost lost everything. I didn't mean for any of this to happen, but things got out of my control. Once I called on the mob I became paranoid that things would go bad, and that I would still lose everything. I don't hate my son though, like you make it sound. I remember holding him on my knee when he was a little boy, and how proud I was of him. He was my whole life then."

"Then how could you have done what you did to him?" asked Greg. "Did it upset you that much when you thought that he might possibly be gay?"

"My son couldn't be that way." cried Mr. Brewer. "My enemies would have destroyed me if they found out, the people that I deal with now have no mercy. I have no idea what I'll do now that Meyer is dead."

"But now you may end up destroying yourself for turning on him." said Greg. "How could it have possibly gained you anything to do what you did?"

"You're right Mr. Holt, it was the wrong thing to do." said Mr. Brewer. "I've screwed up my life and everyone around me. Please help me! What can I do?"

Mike cut in again and said, "First, I want you to sign over complete custody of Terry to Mr. Holt. Terry is not safe in your custody right now, and it may never be in his best interest to be a part of your life anymore. He'll be lucky if he doesn't need serious psychiatric counseling at this point."

"Okay, you're right again." said Mr. Brewer dejectedly.

"Next," continued Mike, "I would give some serious consideration to selling everything off and disappearing for a while. If Meyer was the only one protecting you, and it sounds like he was, you could be in some serious danger now. Not to mention the fact that if you continue to deal with the people you deal with now, the feds will eventually catch up to you. If that happens you'll only have two choices; keep quiet and go to prison where your life will be pretty much over, or turn on the mob and probably end up dead. It's pretty much a no win situation at this point."

"You mean you're not going to turn me in?" asked Mr. Brewer.

Greg and Mike looked at each other before Greg replied, "You've hurt yourself more than we ever could. I don't see any point in torturing you as long as you do what's best for Terry now. I want Terry to be my son now, so he'll have a chance to get over some of the things that have happened to him."

Once again there was a long pause on the other end of the line. Finally Mr. Brewer could be heard sniffling before he responded, "I want you to know one thing, you've made me realize what should have been important to me. I know that it's too late for that now, but I am terribly ashamed of the things that I've done. I'm glad that Terry found you Greg, you care about him as much as I should have, if not more. I know that he will be in good hands as he grows into being a man. I wouldn't think of Terry being anyplace other than where he is right now."

"In that case Mr. Brewer I have a lawyer in New York who will help you sign everything that needs to be signed." said Greg. "Also if you decide to take Mike's advice and disappear for a while, I'll have him help you sell off your company and make a clean break."

"I can't believe that you would help me like that after what I've done." said Mr. Brewer. "I didn't know that people like you still existed in the world today."

"I just like to think that there's at least a little something in almost everyone that is worth saving." said Greg. "Besides, you did bring Terry into this world so you can't be all bad."

"Can I ask one last favor?" asked Mr. Brewer. "I know I don't deserve to be asking any favors after what I've done, but is there any way that I might be able to stay in touch? I just want to know from time to time that Terry is doing okay."

"As long as it doesn't jeopardize me or my family it would be okay with me." replied Greg. "Who knows, maybe sometime in the future after Terry has gotten over this period in his life and matured a little he may find it in his heart to forgive you."

"That would be too much for me to hope for." said Mr. Brewer. "I would just settle for knowing that he is doing well in spite of me."

"Well," said Greg, "let's just wait and see what happens. Make sure that you go to see my lawyer first thing tomorrow though. Take care of yourself Mr. Brewer."

Greg gave Terry's father all the information he needed about his lawyer, then ended a very tough phone call. Greg sat there and began to cry quietly, so Mike put his arm around his friend.

"Hey man," said Mike, "it's over. Terry is your son now, and everything will be fine."

"I know," choked Greg, "that's why I'm crying. I'm just so happy for him that I can't help myself."

"Then this will really help." said Mike. "With Snoopy's father dead now there will be nothing standing in the way of me granting you custody of him too." Mike gave Greg a hug of friendship and continued, "Congratulations Greg, your family should be secure for quite a while now."

"There's no way I can ever thank you enough for what you've done for me Mike." said Greg. "And to think, I didn't even know you until Shane went to your son's birthday party. By the way, how is he doing now?"

"Rusty and his friend Allen are out of their comas now." said Mike. "They should both be fine now, although Allen's recovery will take a little while longer than Rusty's."

"I'm glad to hear that they've both come out of it." said Greg. "With as much as you do for everyone else, you deserve a little good news in your life."

"Thanks my friend." said Mike. "Well, I better be going to be with my family. I hope everything works out well for yours now Greg."

The two men shook hands and Mike left. Then Greg went out to have a talk with his sons. This was one talk that Greg was looking forward to greatly. Before Greg began he lined them up and gave each one of his sons a warm hug.

"Mike and I just got off the phone with Terry's father." said Greg. "He has given me his blessing as Terry's new dad."

The look of both shock and joy on Terry's face was priceless. Fortunately Shane had grabbed the camera, just in case what he hoped was happening was actually coming true.

"How?" asked Terry. "I don't understand. You mean my father just gave in to you?"

"It wasn't quite that easy." said Greg. "He had to be made to realize a few things first. When he saw that it was the only way that he could make up for what he's done though, he agreed that I should have custody of you."

The shouts of joy from three very happy boys were the only things that could be heard inside the house. When Greg informed the boys that there were no further obstacles to getting custody of Snoopy, they were lucky that they didn't shatter every window in the house with all the noise they made. The sight of his three sons being so happy made Greg smile so widely that he was afraid that he would break his face. A last minute celebration was now in order. By a stroke of luck when he called his lawyer in New York, he found that the lawyer also represented a very popular performer who happened to be appearing in Orlando that night. It took a little maneuvering, but Greg managed to get four front row seats along with four backstage passes. The performer was very taken with the three good looking boys who came backstage to see her after the show. When she found out their story, she sang all four of them a very special song backstage. The boys were now being pampered in a way that Greg had wanted to pamper them since they first came into his life. He now knew how empty his life had been before his sons came along.

As if that weren't enough, the foursome then headed off to the best restaurant in town. Greg paid the manager a hefty bonus to make the boys feel special that night. The restaurant treated the boys like visiting royalty during their visit.

Finally they arrived back home. Greg had picked up a bottle of very fine champagne without the boys knowing about it. Greg then gathered his sons in the living room.

"I don't condone underage drinking, but this is a very special occasion." declared Greg. He poured each of his sons a glass, then continued. "I never knew that a man could ever be so happy as I am right now. As of today, I have three of the finest sons that anyone could ever dream of having. My life was so empty before you guys came along. Sure, I'm a famous writer who's sold millions of books, but now I realize that I wasn't living a full life. You boys have filled my life to overflowing, and I wouldn't ever want it any other way now. A toast to the greatest family in the history of the world!"

The foursome clinked their glasses together and toasted the bond that would guide them for the rest of their lives. Now there was only one thing that was necessary to make their family complete.

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