Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim the story guy

Chapter 23

That night Greg and Snoopy went to their separate bedrooms to sleep, and Shane and Terry went to their shared bedroom. Shane was very eager to make gentle love to his brother, and lover this evening. Terry wanted to have a "69" tonight, so Shane had him lay on his back. Then Shane turned around the other way and supported all his own weight over Terry, so he would not take any chance of hurting the boy he loved. Shane carefully lowered his hips until his cock was well within reach of Terry's mouth, then he took Terry's cock into his mouth.

Both boys were very slow and gentle with each other, showing as much love as they could for what they were doing. Shane and Terry were both to the point where they felt the most complete feeling of their lives when they had each other's cocks in their mouths. Shane loved to run his tongue around the head of Terry's cock a few times, then go all the way down to the base and suck on it like a child would suck his thumb. This would drive Terry into a state of sexual bliss. Terry, on the other hand, discovered that Shane loved it when he went all the way down on Shane's cock. First he would run his tongue up and down the shaft several times, then slide his lips up and down the shaft several times. Terry would repeat this process over and over until he could feel Shane's cock throbbing in his mouth.

Shane and Terry went very slowly with their love-making, and as a result their "69" lasted for about thirty minutes. By the time their passion had risen to the point where their orgasms were imminent, both boys needed a massive amount of relief. Shane started shouting words of love for his brother as his cock began to erupt. This was followed a few seconds later by Terry professing his love for his brother in much the same way. After both boys had swallowed more cum than they ever had before out of each other's cocks, Shane turned back around and took his brother into his arms. Shane and Terry fell asleep being as happy as two boys in love could possibly be.

The next morning Shane joined Greg in the kitchen before either of his brothers woke up. As they both sat at the counter and enjoyed a coffee and a smoke, Shane looked over toward Greg.

"How is the greatest dad in the world this morning?" asked Shane. "Is there anything you need for me to do for you today?"

"Okay," quipped Greg, "who the hell are you, and what have you done with my son?" The two shared a hearty laugh.

"Really though dad," said Shane, "I just love being your son now. That sounds so awesome."

"Okay Shane, what do you want?" asked Greg.

"What do you mean by that dad?" asked Shane in return.

"I may be new at this being a father thing, but I can tell a suck up job when I hear one." said Greg light-heartedly. "You know you can ask me anything son. I just don't know if I'll agree though until you ask."

"Okay dad," replied Shane, "you got me on that one. I was just laying in bed after I woke up, looking at Terry and thinking about how much I love him. Then I had a thought."

"Oh no!" interrupted Greg. "I hate it when that happens."

"Please dad!" whined Shane.

"I'm sorry son, I couldn't help it." said Greg. "You left yourself wide-open there. Go ahead and continue."

"Thanks." said Shane. "Anyway, I was thinking that I wanted to do something special that would express my love for Terry. It had to be something really cool though. Then another thought hit me, a tattoo. It wouldn't be something too obvious, and it would have to be beautiful too just like Terry. Please dad, I promise I won't ask for something like this again, but I really want to do this."

"I don't know son." said Greg. "You do know that a tattoo will permanently mark your body, don't you? What if you decide later that a tattoo just doesn't look as good on you anymore?"

"It will be something that reminds me of Terry dad." pleaded Shane. "I will always love it, just like I love my brother. I'm serious dad, I really want this. I want to do this so much that I can't stand it."

"Exactly what were you thinking about getting if I say yes?" asked Greg.

Shane smiled widely and stripped off his shirt. "I want get a heart, right here." replied Shane as he held his hand between his left nipple with it's shiny gold ring and his breast-bone. "It will have a really nice looking banner draped across it that has Terry's name on it. Also wrapping around the bottom of the heart in really small letters it will say brothers forever. Please dad? I really want to do this."

Greg sat drinking his coffee and smoking another cigarette as he thought about Shane's obvious plea for something he wanted badly. Then he looked over to Shane, who's eyes were begging for approval. It was enough to melt Greg's heart, knowing that the two boys meant so much to each other that Shane would want this so badly.

"Like I said before," said Greg, "I am new to this father thing. That's why I must still be such a soft-touch. But I am going to be with you at all times to make sure that this is done properly. We'll go to the best parlour in town this afternoon. I don't want this to go wrong, I've heard too many stories."

Shane jumped up from his stool and hugged his father with all of his might. "I love you so much dad!" shouted Shane. "I'll never be able to tell you how much I love you for letting me do this! You really are the greatest dad that any kid could have!" Then Shane planted a hard father/son kiss on Greg's lips.

The rest of the morning Shane was walking on sunshine. He ran around the house with the biggest smile on his face that he could mange, and would laugh and giggle at almost any provocation. Terry and Snoopy both wanted to know what had gotten into Shane, but Shane would not tell them and Greg did not want to spoil his son's surprise for Terry. He told his sons that they would have to wait until their brother was ready to reveal his surprise. When that afternoon came Greg asked Snoopy to take care of Terry while he and Shane went out for a while, then Greg and Terry got into Greg's Porsche.

"You don't get to drive this car much anymore, do you dad?" remarked Shane.

"Not nearly as much as I'd like to anymore son." replied Greg. "But this is a very special occasion. The type of decision that you made is considered a man's decision, and you presented yourself very well son. I'm very proud of you Shane. I called around and the parlour downtown, on the corner of Central and Orange, is considered the best in town."

"I'm so excited dad!" exclaimed Shane. "I can't wait to get there!"

"Don't worry son," chuckled Greg, "we'll be there soon. I also came to another decision as I was deciding which car to drive today. When you turn 16 and can get your license, I want you to have this car. There will be conditions of course. The car will remain in my name until you are 18, you will do well in school if we ever get you enrolled, and if I ever hear of you racing on the streets you will be riding the bus for a very long time. How does that sound son?"

Greg looked over to find Shane's mouth frozen wide open. Greg shook Shane's shoulder several times to snap him out of it. "Shane!" said Greg. "Shane! Are you okay son?"

Shane finally replied, "You want me to drive the Porsche when I turn 16? I can't believe this day! I don't ever want today to end dad!"

"Well actually," resumed Greg, "we would get your learner's permit when you turn 15, but you wouldn't be able to drive anywhere without me beside you until you pass driver's ed and get you license."

"That's this summer dad!" exclaimed a now very excited Shane. "This is so totally awesome that I can't believe this is happening!"

"Me either!" quipped Greg. "I just hope my heart is ready for this summer. Maybe I should get a thorough check-up before your birthday!"

Greg burst out into loud laughter, followed quickly by Shane. The rest of the drive was Heaven for Greg as he listened to the joyous and happy laughter of his son. Greg loved his boys as much as any father ever could, and their happiness was music to his ears.

When Greg and Shane got to the tattoo parlour, Greg had to show his papers several times to prove that he was legally able to sign for Shane to get a tattoo. Then Greg accompanied Shane and the artist back into the studio. Shane described to the artist what he wanted over and over, until the artist had come up with a rendering of a design that Shane declared was perfect. Greg watched as Shane removed his shirt and the artist began to work on the bare-chested boy. It was obvious to Greg that the procedure was somewhat uncomfortable to Shane, so Greg offered his hand to his son. Shane readily took Greg's hand into his as the artist continued his work. After a few hours of poking Shane over and over with the needles, the artist finally finished up his work.

"Oh my!" declared the tattoo artist. "I believe that this is absolutely the best work I've ever done, and I had such a perfect canvas to work on. Terry is certainly a very lucky boy for you to love him so much."

Shane looked into the mirror at his newly decorated chest and declared, "It's perfect! This is the happiest day of my life!"

Shane and Greg thanked the artist over and over, then Greg left the artist a generous tip as he paid for his son's artwork. Finally the two made their way back home to show Terry and Snoopy the big surprise. The artist did tell Shane to keep the area clean and covered for one week, but it was okay to show it off occasionally within that period.

Shane walked in the door and yelled out, "Where is my dear brother?"

Snoopy bounded down the stairs and replied, "I'm right dear brother!"

"Okay then," replied Shane, "where is the brother that I love as my mate?"

"Oh yeah," replied Snoopy, "him. He's waiting in the living room for you to get home. We both can't wait to see what's been into you all day."

Everyone went into the living room to join Terry. At last it was time for Shane to reveal his surprise. Shane stood in front of the sofa that everyone else was seated on, then lifted his shirt up and over his head. Shane then took away the covering from his new tattoo and proudly showed it to his two brothers.

"Damn!" exclaimed Snoopy. "That is so sweet Shane. I hope when I find a boyfriend he loves me as much as you love Terry!"

The corners of Terry's eyes began to tear up as he said, "You did that for me my brother? I don't know what to say dude. No one has ever loved me as much as you do Shane. I have never seen anything that beautiful in my whole life, my love!"

Shane and Terry hugged each other tenderly for several minutes, as Snoopy and Greg patted them both on their backs. Snoopy and Greg felt honored to be in the presence of two people who loved each other as completely as Shane and Terry. The room now seemed to be overflowing with love. The love of family, and for two of it's members, the deepest love that two people can share.

That evening, as everyone was going out to eat, Shane also told Terry and Snoopy of their dad's plans regarding the Porsche. Snoopy turned around toward the back seat and gave Shane a high-five, while Terry gave Shane a gentle squeeze and a warm smile. The foursome enjoyed a wonderful dinner that evening, although not on the scale of the previous evening's affair.

The next week Greg finally got serious about thinking of the boys future education. All three boys vehemently opposed any type of private school or academy, although Greg wanted the best for his sons. He did realize though that they would feel horribly out of place in such an environment. So Greg got in touch with the county school board. He discovered that with the boys attending summer school, along with the tutoring they had been receiving, that the boys would not be made to repeat the grades they were in when they came to Greg. The boys were less than enthusiastic about the idea of summer school, but they also did not want to repeat a grade either. The county that they lived in did allow the boys to attend the high school of their choice, as long as transportation was available to and from the school. Greg explained to the boys that the city bus system would have to suffice for now. The household was now starting to take the shape of a real family.

In order to make up for summer school, Greg told the boys that he was planning a great trip for them just before summer school was to start. By then Toby would also be with them. Greg then announced the destination of the trip. He wanted to take the family to the world's largest amusement park, in northern Ohio. After a lot of cheering and applause Shane also suggested that they might invite a few friends that he had made since coming to Orlando. Greg knew who he was talking about, and considering the difficulties they had gone through recently, Greg thought it was a great idea. Plus it would be an opportunity for him to repay some of the kindness that Mike Cooper had shown him in recent months. It was also decided that the other friend Shane had made, Joshy, would also be invited. After Tyler and Kyle from New York were added, the trip started to take on the dimensions of an epic journey.

Also during this time Terry's recovery continued on. As Terry became stronger again, it allowed his and Shane's relationship to flourish in new ways. This also had an impact on Snoopy though. Shane and Terry tried to include their brother in almost all of their activities, except one, but Snoopy saw his brothers love for each other and it made him long to find the same type of love. After all, that was what nearly drove Snoopy to kill himself when he first came to Orlando, the inability to express the feelings that he had inside him. Shane and Terry tried to break Snoopy out of his shell, but Snoopy was still very shy about meeting other boys. Shane thought that Joshy might be a good match for Snoopy until he called Joshy with the invitation for the trip. At that time Joshy informed Shane that he had a very special person in his life named Manuel, and Manuel would also have to go along on the trip if he were to go. Shane found himself back at square one, but he was confident that he could help Snoopy find the type of life that he deserved. In the meantime Shane and Terry showed Snoopy as much brotherly love as they could. Finally Shane and Terry sat Snoopy down for a heart to heart talk one evening.

"My wonderful brother." started Shane. "I know that the past year hasn't been very easy on you. I can still remember that night when you and me sat at the kitchen counter, and you scared the living hell out of me. I'm glad I was there for you that night though brother, the loss would have been a great one to bear. Whatever you're going through now though, Terry and I want to help you. You're our brother now and we love you even more than we ever have dude."

"I appreciate having two terrific brothers like you guys." said Snoopy. "It's what I always wished for as a little kid. This has been a very tough year though. I've known for a few years now that I'm gay. The first time I said those words to myself, I cried like a baby for days. I didn't cry because of what my friends might think though. You guys, and our other friends in New York, have been the greatest friends a guy like me could ever have. I never feared anything from my friends because I knew they cared about me. The reason that I cried was because I knew that I would always have to hide my life. I knew if my parents had found out, my life as I know it would have been over. Even though I'm gay, I have never been allowed to live that way until now. Now though, I don't know what to do about it. I know I want to find a boy to love, but I'm afraid to even try because I don't know how to go about it."

"Well then," said Terry, "we'll just have to teach you to date, and win over the boy of your dreams. You know that he's out there, we just have to find him. You're too good of a guy to not have someone go absolutely crazy over you. If there's anything you need to know, Shane and I are always here to help you bro."

"And as far as it being a tough year, it's over now." said Shane. "Besides, none of us have had the best year of our lives until we found our dad. Terry almost didn't make it to Orlando alive. I don't know what I would have done if we would have had to bury him as soon as he got here."

Shane stopped for a moment to chase a tear from his eye, then continued. "As for me, I guess I'm the one who started this whole thing. The only one I have ever told why I really left New York is dad, but now I need to share it with my brothers as well. The last night I lived in New York I spent the night at Toby's house. Before I left for Toby's house though, I forgot to delete the history files on my computer. When I got home the next day, my dad was waiting for me. He took me into my bedroom were he showed me what he'd found on my computer. I had never been so afraid before in my life, because I had never seen my dad so crazy before. I still can't believe what he did next though."

Shane stopped again and sniffled a few times before continuing. "He ...he ...he threw me down on my bed, ...and he raped me! He was so rough too, that I could tell he was doing out of hatred. He raped me so hard that he left me laying on the bed, bleeding from the ass and in more pain than I had ever felt before. As he left he said that he would be back later and he would bring a friend to help rape me again. I didn't know what to do, so I ran. I kept running and running until I ran into Greg. I mean that too, I ran into him so hard that I knocked him down onto the aisle of the train we were on."

Shane sobbed quietly for a few moments, before clearing his throat and continuing. "Ever since I ran into Greg that day though, my life has been getting better and better. It's doing that with all of us too. Those dark days back in New York are behind us now. It's over now, and we made it. And now it's the three of us, to help each other with whatever we need. You don't have to worry about anything Snoopy, because we made it through that too and we'll never leave you behind. You're our brother forever now, and we'll make sure that your life gets better and better every day too."

When Shane was finally through talking all three boys shared a hug, then spent the next ten minutes crying together. Now though, the tears were tears of love and happiness. The boys had all turned the corner now, and were facing a new life full of hope and promise where there was none before.

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