Training Day

by tim

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This will be the final chapter of Training Day, although all the characters will continue on in Allen. I want to thank everyone who has read this story, it has certainly had it's moments. Everyone has made this into a great experience for me that I will never forget.

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 24

After the boys had their talk, Snoopy was in a much better mood. Also, unless Shane and Terry were making love, they would include Snoopy in everything. The three boys were now as close as any brothers could be.

As soon as everything had been set up for the boys to return to school in the summer, it was time to start preparing for Toby to return to Orlando. Greg's bedroom had to be completely rearranged because Toby would now be a permanent resident there. While contractors were turning Greg's closet into a large walk-in closet and remodeling his bathroom, Greg and the boys were busy moving old furniture out of the room and new furniture in. Even though it would still be a couple weeks until Toby came home, Greg and the boys didn't want to wait until the last minute.

Terry's recovery also kept going at a very good rate. No boy had ever been happier in the history of the world as Terry was when the doctor finally removed the casts from his hands. Now Terry could do anything he wanted by himself, although he would still ask Shane to lend a hand for some things. Terry did still know how to have fun, after all.

All of the boys had fun when Greg told them that he was going to let them plan Toby's homecoming party. Terry wanted to plan the food, while Snoopy said that he would like to take care of the decorations. That left the entertainment in Shane's hands. Shane's mind began to race when Greg informed the boys that money was no object. Shane immediately called the performer that the boys had met after coming back from New York, and asked her how much she would charge to play a private party in Greg's back yard. Once he shocked her by agreeing on her price, Shane called a local carnival company to arrange for a few wild rides. The entertainment was now set.

Terry knew what kind of food he wanted at the party. The problem was finding a caterer on short notice who could handle the type of food that he had in mind. Then he had an idea. One of the local theme parks had a restaurant that was owned by a world famous chef. If he offered them enough money, he thought they might be willing to handle the party. Terry was delighted when he finally talked them into doing it.

That left Snoopy and the decorations. When he found out about the entertainment Shane had lined up, he knew that he would have his work cut out for him. He knew how he wanted everything to look, but not how to pull everything together so quickly. Fortunately Snoopy was able to find a decorator who was able to see Snoopy's vision, as the boy described how everything should look.

Greg did not know exactly what the boys were planning, but he did know that he was starting to get some fairly large bills for services and supplies. As the homecoming date drew nearer, the boys began to receive confirmations that their plans were ready to proceed. One week before the homecoming Greg spoke to Toby on the phone.

"Hi, this is Toby." said Toby into the phone.

"Hi babe," said Greg, "how are you doing?"

"I'm going crazy not being able to make love to you Greg." replied Toby. "I can't wait for the next week to pass, so I can get to you as quickly as I can."

"I know how you feel, my love." said Greg. "I can't wait to have your naked body next to me in our bed."

"Is that suppose to help?" asked Toby light-heartedly. "Now I'm so stiff that I'll never go down."

Greg chuckled as he replied, "I'll bet I can fix that when you get down here."

"I can't wait!" said Toby eagerly. "I also have a surprise to show you next week. You'll have to wait until I get there though, I don't want to tell you over the phone."

"Now I really can't wait, my young god." said Greg. "The boys are also looking forward to seeing you again, although not for the same reason that I am."

"How are our sons doing?" asked Toby.

"They're doing great." said Greg. "I let them plan a little party for you when you get here."

"Oh oh!" exclaimed Toby. "You better watch your wallet then, I know how those guys can be." This caused a laugh from both Toby and Greg.

"Don't worry babe." said Greg. "They may have bankrupted a small country with the party, but we have enough to handle it."

Toby chuckled as he asked, "Are you sure that this is a small party my love?"

"Absolutely!" replied Greg. "They wanted to rent the space shuttle and have the party on the International Space Station. Fortunately for my bank account the space shuttle fleet is still grounded."

Greg and Toby both laughed for several minutes before exchanging kisses and ending their call. Before ending the call each one assured the other several times that they loved the other one more.

The next week flew by mercifully quickly. When people started showing up at Greg's house the day before Toby arrived, Greg was glad that he had such a huge back yard. Still, with three large carnival rides and a stage being constructed, the back yard was getting very crowded. Shane had barely left enough room for Terry to set up his food tables. Everything did fit though, and now Snoopy and his decorator set about transforming the house and back yard into a party that would never be forgotten.

The next day, before Toby was to arrive, Shane was feeling kind of restless. To pass the time he decided to call Rusty and Allen to invite them on the upcoming trip. When Rusty informed him that a friend of theirs would have to be able to go too, Shane thought that maybe this friend of Rusty and Allen might be a good person for Snoopy to meet.

As soon as Shane ended his call the phone rang again. It was Toby calling to tell everyone that he had just entered the city, and he would be there in just a few minutes. Greg and the boys became very excited that their family would soon be complete, and the party to end all parties was about to begin.

When Toby pulled up in front of his new home he couldn't tell that anything was different from before. The activity in the back yard had been very well concealed from the front of the house. Greg met Toby at the front door and the two exchanged a passionate kiss.

"My God, I've missed those lips so much." moaned Greg. "Come on in babe, so everyone can say hi."

Then Greg let Toby into the house. Draped across the living room hung a black satin banner. In gold lettering it read, "WELCOME HOME TOBY". As soon as Toby saw the banner, Shane, Terry, and Snoopy sprung from their hiding places and yelled, "Surprise!"

"I knew you guys were throwing me a party," said Toby, "so it's not exactly a surprise."

"That's only because you haven't seen the back yard yet!" boasted Shane. "Come on dude, let's go!"

Shane took ahold of Toby's hand, and led him through the house. When they stepped out into the back yard, Toby could not believe what he saw. There were rides, a stage, food that would make anyone's mouth water, and more balloons and streamers than Toby had ever seen before. Toby stood there speechless for a few minutes.

"Dude, are we expecting royalty or something?" asked Toby.

Shane smiled widely and replied, "Nope dude, this is just for you!"

Then the boys and Greg all set out about having the time of their lives. Toby always knew that he was loved here in this house, but he never dreamed of having such a vivid show of just how much. After a few hours of rides and the swimming pool, it was time for Shane's next surprise. Shane gathered everyone in front of the stage, then waited for Toby's reaction when the show started. Toby was left speechless again when he saw who was coming out onto the stage.

"Dude!" exclaimed Toby. "How did you ever get her to play at a party for me?"

"I guess she just likes us." replied Shane. "plus she probably has more free time now that she's not married to that "Ben" guy anymore."

The boys enjoyed the show so much that they convinced the young lady to perform two encores. When the last song was finished, the young lady came down off the front of the stage.

"Hi guys." she said. "Do you young men mind if I hang out with you for a while? This looks like a great party."

"We would be honored to have you join us." said Greg. "I still can't believe my son talked you into playing a private party for us!"

"Well," said the young lady, "he's a very charming and persuasive young man. I just couldn't turn him down."

Greg and the young lady laughed, as Shane began to blush slightly. Then everyone paired off to enjoy the rides and some great food. Snoopy was left without a partner, so the young lady joined him. This was already a party that the boys would never forget, and it seemed to get better and better.

After a little while had passed the young lady turned to Snoopy and said, "You certainly are the quiet type, aren't you?"

"I guess I tend to be a little shy sometimes." replied Snoopy.

"Well Dustin," said the young lady, "you certainly don't have any reason to be so shy. I think you are a very good-looking young man, and I'm sure everyone else does too. As a matter of fact, you are going to break a lot of girls hearts when they find out that you're gay."

This caused Snoopy to begin blushing. His blush became even more noticeable when the young lady leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"I'm sorry," said the young lady, "you are just so cute that I couldn't help myself. I hope I didn't make you feel too uncomfortable."

Snoopy regained his composure and replied, "That's okay, it was actually kind of nice. I still prefer kissing guys though. I hope it doesn't make you feel too uncomfortable hanging out with a bunch of gay kids."

"Hell no it doesn't!" exclaimed the young lady as she smiled. "If you want to know the truth, guys like you are a huge part of my fan base. I'm happy to have a chance to get to know you guys, and I would be happy to consider you guys as my friends."

By this time the party was beginning to wind down, as first Greg and Toby disappeared. Then when Shane and Terry disappeared, Snoopy decided it was time to call it an evening so the ride people could begin clearing out.

"Well," said the young lady, "it was certainly a very fun evening. Tell your family that they are welcome to visit me at my place in California, if our schedules ever match."

"Yeah," said Snoopy, "I had fun too. Thanks for talking to me this evening, it was really great."

"Yes it was." said the young lady, as she sat down next to Snoopy. "Do you mind if I kiss you again before I go? If it will make you feel too uncomfortable, I'll understand."

"That would be okay, I guess." replied Snoopy. "Just remember though, I am gay."

The young lady leaned over toward Snoopy, and pressed her lips against his. This time however, the kiss was much more warm and tender than before. To Snoopy though, it was just a kiss. At least that's what he was telling himself. The young lady finally broke the kiss and faced Snoopy.

"If you weren't gay I could really fall for you." said the young lady.

"Don't worry," replied Snoopy, "if I weren't gay, you would be the first one to know."

Snoopy and the young lady shared a laugh together, then the young lady said good-bye. As soon as she was gone, Snoopy ran to his room so he could stroke himself to an orgasm.

Meanwhile Greg was giving Toby the welcome home that he wanted to. Greg already had Toby's clean shaven body stripped, and laying on the bed. Greg found out that Toby's surprise was a tattoo of a heart directly over Toby's heart, with "Greg" written across it. Greg removed his clothes and laid down beside the young god. Within seconds, Greg's and Toby's tongues were wrestling each other. Their lips remained locked together for about ten minutes.

Greg finally broke the kiss and moaned, "I've missed that more than anyone could ever imagine."

"Well," replied Toby, "I'm finally home to stay, and you'll never have to miss that again. Now though, I'm going to reward you for waiting for me so patiently."

Toby slowly inched his way down Greg's body,licking his tongue across Greg's skin the entire way down. When Toby was at eye level with Greg's now swollen cock, he first massaged it gently in his hands. When Toby heard Greg let out a sigh, he then took the head of Greg's cock into his mouth. Toby sealed his lips tightly around Greg's cock, just underneath the head, and began running his tongue over and around the head. Toby did this, while also massaging Greg's balls, for about five minutes. By this time Greg was moaning constantly.

Toby lifted up from Greg's cock and said, "I've been practicing something back in New York with certain vegetables. Now it's time to try it for real."

Toby then put his mouth back around Greg's cock. When Toby's mouth had been filled by Greg, Greg felt Toby swallow. Greg looked down to see Toby's lips wrapped around the base of his cock, and Toby's nose pressing into his groin. When Greg felt his cock sliding back and forth in Toby's throat, he thought that he would die from the most pleasurable sensations he had ever felt before. Within minutes Toby's lips were traveling from the base of Greg's cock all the way to the very tip, without stopping on the way down.

Greg took this for as long as he could possibly hold out, but the sight of his cock completely disappearing into Toby's mouth was too much for him to deny. The first blast of Greg's cum came while his cock was all the way down Toby's throat. Toby lifted up so that he could take the rest of Greg's cum into his mouth, that way he could taste it before it became a part of him. By the time Greg's orgasm was over, he was totally drained. Greg did figure out a way to have Toby cum that wouldn't leave him completely exhausted though.

"I need to feel you inside me babe." moaned Greg while laying on his back. "There's a tube of K-Y right there on the nightstand." Greg pointed to a brand new tube of jelly.

Toby reached over and got the jelly, then placed Greg's legs over his shoulders. Toby first smeared some of the cool jelly onto Greg's opening, then coated his fully erect cock with it.

"It will be a pleasure for me to fill you up with my love, babe." said Toby.

As Toby pushed his cock into Greg as far as it would go, Greg's cock began to stiffen again. When Toby was completely buried inside Greg, he leaned over and gave Greg a deep and loving kiss. After a minute Toby broke the kiss and began thrusting his cock in and out of Greg. Toby looked down at Greg's cock to find that every time he went in and out of Greg's ass, Greg's cock would go up and down on it's own. Toby was so fascinated by this that he let his instincts take over his thrusts, so that he could concentrate on watching Greg's cock. As far as Greg was concerned, Toby was setting the perfect pace.

Toby was concentrating so hard on Greg's bobbing cock that he didn't realize it when his orgasm began approaching. Toby was completely surprised when he began cumming inside of Greg. When Greg felt Toby's warm cum shooting into him, his cock began cumming again. Finally both orgasms subsided, and the two men collapsed into each other's arms. Both men eagerly looked forward to spending the rest of their lives like this.

Meanwhile, in Shane and Terry's room the two boys were busy making love to each other. Now that the casts were off Terry could put more energy into his love-making, so he wanted to really feel his brother inside him. At first Shane gently pushed his cock inside Terry, but Terry began begging Shane to make him feel his cock. Within minutes Shane was putting himself into Terry the way he did before Terry was injured, and Terry was loving every moment of it. Shane did not want to cum inside his brother too fast though, so every so often he would slow his pace down. Terry would not let this last for too long at a time though. Finally Shane could not hold his orgasm back any longer. Terry smiled as he felt several powerful blasts of Shane's cum hitting the wall of his rectum.

Then it was Terry's turn to put his cock inside of Shane. Shane loved to feel Terry's cock inside of him, but had to keep Terry from thrusting too hard and fast several times. Shane did understand though that it had been so long since Terry had been able to do this the way that he wanted, that Terry had a hard time controlling himself without his help. Besides Shane found that he did kind of like it when Terry would start losing control. Terry and Shane both wanted it to last longer than it did, but it felt great for both of them when Terry exploded inside Shane. Both boys laid down to sleep after their love-making, being completely contented with their love.

By the next morning the rides and carnival workers were gone, and a crew was busy taking down the stage in the back yard. Now it was time for Greg, Toby, Shane, Terry, and Snoopy to begin their lives as a complete family. They were all looking forward to their lives together, and every one of them had learned valuable lessons in the past five months. Shane, Terry, and Snoopy learned that they were loved, and they deserved the best that life could offer them. They had also learned how to be true to the people that they loved. Toby had grown from a kid, into a fine young man who valued true love. Finally Greg had learned that no matter how successful a person is, that a life without people to love is not much of a life. He now had three sons and a lover who would remind him of that for the rest of his life.

To be continued in Allen.

There we have it folks. Once again, this has been a wonderful experience for me, thanks to all of you people who read Nifty. Now we know how Snoopy changed from such a shy kid into a sex machine. I guess J has that effect on boys, gay or straight. lol. I know I did leave a few loose ends, but I will clear those up as the boys move on into Allen. I want to thank everyone again, and I hope you also enjoy some of my other stories on Nifty. Please send all comments to: .