Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 4

Greg awoke the next morning to find Shane snuggled behind him in the bed, with Shane' cock nestled between his cheeks. Greg chuckled as he said, "I thought you would be sleeping in your own bed from now on."

Shane drowsily mumbled, "I kinda prefer this for now. You don't like this?"

"I guess it's okay for now." said Greg. "Just remember not to get carried away, okay?"

"I wouldn't dream of it." said Shane. "I just want to be close to you right now."

"Okay son." said Greg. "Well, I hate to ruin this feeling but I have to get to the bathroom, then start my morning coffee and smoke routine."

"Great!" exclaimed Shane. "I'll join you."

Both guys then got out of bed and made their way to the bathroom to relieve their bladders. Shane giggled as he crossed his stream with Greg's. Greg smiled at Shane's playfulness. Then Greg donned a robe and went downstairs to start the coffee. He was sitting at the kitchen counter having a smoke, when Shane came downstairs in just his boxers. Shane sat at the counter near Greg and lit a smoke.

"How do you like your coffee son?" asked Greg.

"I know I don't drink coffee very much," replied Shane, "but I like it black."

Greg filled two cups and came back over to the counter. "Well, I guess we have another busy day ahead of us. I'm just glad we got all that furniture put together last night."

"Yeah," said Shane sarcastically, "that was fun."

Greg chuckled as he said, "Yeah, it was. I got to spend quality time with my boy. Anyway, you now have a computer to set up, and if we get the papers back from your father today we have to get you enrolled in school."

"Oh goody." moaned Shane. "I better get to work on that computer then."

"Okay son." said Greg. "I'm going to do some work on my next book today, gotta pay the bills you know. When you get ready to hook it up, there is a phone jack in your room so you can get online. If you can't find it, give me a yell. We'll get a cable modem set up when we do the remodeling on your room."

"Okay dad." said Shane warmly. "Thanks for everything."

Once Shane was done with his coffee, he went to his room to start on the computer. Once he started looking through the boxes he thought to himself, "Geez dad! What did you do? Buy out the computer store?!" It took the boy a couple of hours, but he finally got everything plugged into the computer and set up where he wanted it. Then he hooked up the phone line and was ready to plug everything in. Before he flipped the switch on the power strip he said, "Well, here goes nothing! I hope I don't blackout the whole city." Shane couldn't help but to laugh at his witty remark.

Shane tried to duck as computer parts were blasted in all directions. Just kidding, the computer began the process of formatting without blowing up. While the computer was doing it's thing, Shane began looking through the box of programs. "Let's see what we have. Star Office, wow! Thrilling! Hmm, Anti-virus! Now I'm getting goosebumps. Ooh! Educational software! Math, algebra, science,... astronomy could be cool. Spanish, I hope he's not thinking we'll be invaded or something! Okay! Now we're talking! The complete library of Rollercoaster Tycoon! I do hope he's a roller coaster nut like me, that would be so cool."

The computer finally finished formatting, so Shane got down to the business of installing drivers for all of his devices he had plugged in. Then he began installing software. He decided to save the anti-virus and most of the educational programs for later. Now he had to get online. "Hmm," said Shane, "who shall I go with for now?" He finally decided to go with one of the popular high speed dial-up services. "Uh-oh! Dad!" shouted Shane. "I need a credit card number to get online!"

Greg came upstairs and was impressed by how much Shane had done so quickly. "Okay son, move over and I'll put my number in. By the way, I still haven't got your paperwork from New York, so I guess you get a reprieve. Remember to put that anti-virus in before you surf around too much."

"Okay dad," said Shane, "I will."

Shane then proceeded to set up his internet account. Once that was done he immediately downloaded his old IM service. "Now, let's see if Toby is online." Shane entered his screen name and password, then signed on. Sure enough, Toby had just came home from school, and was already online.

LIprettyboi: hey tobymeister, r u on?

Tobymeister: shane, is it u?

LIprettyboi: in the flesh dude!

Tobymeister: damn dude, what happened 2 u?

LIprettyboi: my old man found out n it wasn't pretty

Tobymeister: oh shit dude, sorry 2 hear, where u at now?

LIprettyboi: u ain't even gonna believe it dude

Tobymeister: try me dude, we're best buds

LIprettyboi: i got on a train going south and met a guy who took me in

Tobymeister: u dawg!

LIprettyboi: woof woof

Tobymeister: what's he like?

LIprettyboi: well, he's like greg holt

Tobymeister: seriously dude, don't yank my chain

LIprettyboi: i am serious dude, i'm staying with greg holt the writer

LIprettyboi: u there toby?

Tobymeister: yeah, i'm still here dude, i'm just jealous as hell!

LIprettyboi: haha, i can just see that. lol

Tobymeister: u have 2 be the luckiest dude in the galaxy, hooking up with greg holt!

LIprettyboi: let's not get carried away, i'm only the luckiest boy in the world

Tobymeister: so where u at now dude?

LIprettyboi: orlando florida, that's where he lives

Tobymeister: so when can i come see the lifestyles of the rich and famous? lol

LIprettyboi: how about spring break?

Tobymeister: oh, i'm there dude!

LIprettyboi: just one thing amigo, don't say anything about me 2 my old man

Tobymeister: i wouldn't dream of it dude

LIprettyboi: thanks dude, i had fun when we were together

Tobymeister: don't worry dude, we'll have more fun on spring break

LIprettyboi: can't wait dude, and i know dad will like u

Tobymeister: DAD?

LIprettyboi: yeah, he's going 2 adopt me!

Tobymeister: 2 kewl dude!

LIprettyboi: don't i know it, here's my cell number 555 555 2102, call me 2night so i can hear your sexy voice again!

Tobymeister: u got it dude, call u after supper

LIprettyboi: ok, ttyl

Tobymeister: yeah, ttyl

Shane logged off his IM. He was happier than he could imagine, having just talked to his best friend again. Shane sat there and played with his nipple rings while he remembered some of the times he'd had with Toby. "Shit! If he liked my earring, he love these!" Shane played with his rings and rubbed himself while thinking of his friend, until he shot a load in his shorts a few minutes later. After he cleaned up, he decided to go downstairs and see what was happening with his dad. Unfortunately he forgot to install the anti-virus on his computer.

"Hey dad," said Shane, "how's the writing going?"

Greg replied, "Pretty good son. I'm only working on the outline, but I think this may be my best book yet!"

"That's great." said Shane. "I can't wait to read it."

"It may irritate my editor," said Greg, "but I may let you have the first look at it."

"That would be so cool!" exclaimed Shane. "Imagine, reading a Greg Holt book before anyone else! That would make me feel so special."

"You are special," said Greg, "you're my son now."

"Thanks dad." said Shane. "By the way, I was looking through the programs you got me and I noticed you got the entire Rollercoaster Tycoon collection. Are you into rollercoasters?"

"Yes son." said Greg. "I have been since I was a little boy, and I was kind of hoping you would be too."

"That is so kewl!" exclaimed Shane. "I love them! So, that's why you live in Orlando, huh?"

"Nah!" said Greg. "The rollercoasters around here aren't that great, except for that big green one at Universal. Have you ever been to the rollercoaster capital of the world?"

"Where's that?" asked Shane.

"It's Cedar Point in Ohio." said Greg. "But you'll find out about that this summer."

"Kewl!" said Shane. "I can't wait! Hey dad, I think I wanna try my hand at writing too."

"That's great son!" said Greg. "What are you thinking about writing?"

"I wanna write about me and my friend Toby, on Nifty." said Shane. "I'll have to change our names of course, but I think it might be fun. By the way, can Toby come down here for spring break?"

"I'd love to meet one of your friends from New York," said Greg, "but we'll have to make sure he has his parents permission first."

"Thanks dad." replied Shane. "I know they'll let him come down, we're like best friends."

"No problem son." said a smiling Greg.

"Well, I'm gonna go back up and start working on my story." said Shane eagerly.

"Okay," said Greg, "let me know how it comes out."

With that, Shane bounded back upstairs to begin his literary career. It looked as though the Star Office program would come in handy after all. The story began two years ago, when Shane (who would be Trevor) was 12 and Toby (who would be Cody) was 15. He was riding his bike one day and had stopped at the local convenience store to get a Pepsi. Cody came walking up as Trevor was sitting out front drinking his soft drink. The two boys said "hi" innocently enough, but when Cody came back out they began talking a little more. That was because Cody had noticed Trevor's eyes following him into the store.

Cody invited Trevor to come back to his house with him, so Trevor naturally agreed. He was having feelings for the older boy that he couldn't explain, but he knew he liked those feelings. The two boys spent the rest of the afternoon playing on Cody's playstation and laughing at each others antics. Trevor really started to become excited when Cody decided to remove his shirt while they were playing. Cody had noticed this as well, so after a few hours of playing video games Cody decided to take a chance with the younger boy.

"There's something else I like to do when I'm in my room sometimes." said Cody. "Do you want to give it a try?"

"Sure!" chirped Trevor. "I'm having lot's of fun with you so far." Trevor watched in awe as Cody then slid his pants down and began stroking his cock. Trevor had done this with his a few times, but it was so much better watching another boy do it in front of him.

Cody however was not satisfied with only stroking his own cock. He reached over and started pulling Trevor's pants down, telling Trevor that he should join in. Soon both boys were busy taking care of their erections.

"You know what would be even more fun?" asked Cody. When Trevor shook his head no, Cody answered, "It would be really cool if we did this to each other." Cody then reached over and took Trevor's cock into his own hand, while Trevor nervously did the same thing with Cody's cock. As Trevor got use to the feel of the older boy's cock in his hand though, he became much less nervous and began enjoying the feelings he was having.

Cody however was wanting to try something else. Trevor watched in anticipation as Cody lowered his head towards Trevor's swollen cock. Trevor could not describe the feelings he felt when Cody's lips came in contact with his cock. Cody had slid around so he could suck the younger boy's cock, while Trevor could continue stroking his. As Trevor was being driven wild by what Cody was doing to him, he stroked the older boy's cock furiously.

Trevor warned, "Oh shit Cody! I think I have to pee!" Cody would not listen to the boy's warning though, as he was rewarded by Trevor's first ever wet cum. At the same time his cock erupted in Trevor's hand.

Trevor apologized for what he had done in Cody's mouth, then Cody explained to the boy what had actually happened. This seemed to calm Trevor to the point where he was looking forward to getting together with Cody and playing again sometime. From that day on the two boys started becoming the best of friends.

Shane was subconsciously stroking his cock while reading what he had just wrote. Suddenly, Shane had his second mess of the day to clean up. As he was getting up to get cleaned up, he noticed it was almost supper time. The rest of the story would have to wait until later. During supper Greg asked Shane how his writing was coming along.

"Pretty good." said Shane. "I'll need you to proofread what I write tonight, before I sent it to Nifty."

Greg chuckled and replied, "Sure, I'd be happy to son."

After supper Shane cell phone went off. It was Toby calling, as he said he would. Shane told Toby that spring break was a go. He also told Toby what he was writing. Toby was nervous about it, until Shane said he was changing both their names for the story. Then Shane asked about the rest of their friends.

"Well," said Toby, "everyone has been wondering what happened to you. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to tell everyone at once though, unless Mr. Holt wants a house full of boys over spring break."

"Yeah," Shane said through his laughter, "I'm sure I'd have to run that one by him first! How about Terry?"

"Terry's still talking to strange people in chat rooms." said Toby. "I keep telling him he's going to get in trouble that way someday."

Shane knew that was probably right because Terry had always been a little naïve. Shane finally said goodnight to Toby and went back to finish the first part of his story. When it was finally finished, Shane took it downstairs to let Greg read it. As Greg was reading the story, he began to get a swelling in his crotch.

Looking a little flustered, Greg said, "Well,... your punctuation and spelling are fine. You also have good sentence structure for someone your age."

With that remark Shane couldn't hold himself back any longer. He began laughing hysterically as he said, "And you have good structure of another kind for a guy your age!" As Shane pointed at Greg's crotch he began wailing in laughter, while rolling on the floor.

Greg realized the humor of the situation, which helped relieve his embarrassment. After Greg had told Shane that the story was fine, and should give people quite a bit of pleasure, Shane went back upstairs to submit his story to Nifty. Shane was now a writer, all he had to do was wait for people to respond.

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