Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 5

During the night, Greg was awakened by Shane climbing into bed with him. Greg made no movements or sounds until Shane had fallen asleep. Once Shane was asleep, Greg carefully rolled over and put his arms around the boy. The next morning the two guys woke up in each others arms.

Greg smiled and said, "I guess I'm stuck with waking up like this until you find a boyfriend, huh?"

Shane yawned an incredibly cute yawn and said, "Yep. I guess you are." he then smiled back at Greg.

"Well," replied Greg, "I can think of much worse things to be stuck with." Greg then rubbed Shane's hair and kissed the boy on the forehead. Shane watched as Greg casually got out of bed, then went over to his dresser to get a pair of shorts. Greg turned around, then pulled his shorts on as he asked, "Will you be joining me downstairs for coffee son?"

"You bet!" exclaimed Shane. He threw the bedcovers off, revealing his stiff cock, then searched around on the floor for a few seconds. He blushed as he realized he had left his boxers in his room. "I.... um...., I forgot to bring my boxers with me."

"Don't worry about it," chuckled Greg, "you're just as beautiful naked as you are clothed."

Greg took care of his morning pee, then went downstairs to start the coffee and then breakfast after his morning smoke. Shane finally joined Greg downstairs after putting on a pair of boxers. By the time Shane finished his coffee and smoke, Greg had finished breakfast.

After breakfast Greg said, "If we don't get the papers back from New York today, I may have to get the lawyer to call up there."

"Don't worry," volunteered Shane, "there's no rush."

Greg chuckled as he said, "In spite of how much fun it would be to have an incredibly cute 14 year old boy running around the house all day, I'm afraid we really should get you back into school. It was a nice try though son."

"Darn!" exclaimed Shane. Both guys then laughed loudly.

Shane went back upstairs to check his e-mail, while Greg settled down to do some more work on his book. He was shocked to see how much response there was to "Trevor and Cody" already. It took him a few hours just to read and respond to his e-mail. There was one e-mail though that kind of stood out from the others.

Hi Trevor,

I don't respond to too many of the stories I read, but yours really stood out for me. It reminded me a lot of my youth. I can tell you had some really fun times with Cody, as I did with my best friend at that age. He was also a few years older than me. I look forward to reading about yours and Cody's adventures if you decide to continue your story. Your writing is also very good, and mature also. You seem like a professional writer. Keep up the good work.

Best regards,


"Wow!" exclaimed Shane to himself. "That was a really nice e-mail." Shane could tell that Ron was quite a bit older than he was, but thought it might be fun to talk to the man about some of his experiences. So Shane took a few minutes to compose a reply to Ron. He thanked Ron for his e-mail and told him that he wouldn't mind chatting sometime if the man wanted to. He also remembered to sign the e-mail as Trevor.

Once the mail was taken care of, Shane decided to surf around a little. He checked out some of the places that Greg might take him this summer, including the park they had talked about yesterday. Shane was blown away by the rides he saw. One rollercoaster was even 410 feet tall and went 120 miles per hour! That was going to be fun, thought Shane to himself. Soon though Shane was bored with surfing, so he went downstairs to Greg's writing room. He told Greg how many e-mails he'd answered this morning, and Greg seemed very impressed.

"So," said Shane, "what is there to do around here for fun?"

"I was just thinking I needed a break from writing." said Greg. At that point the doorbell rang. "Let me answer the door, then we'll find something fun to do." Greg came back from the door with an envelope from United Express. He looked over the contents as Shane looked on, then said, "Well, it's official now! You're my boy!"

Shane threw his arms around Greg and said, "I'm so happy to hear that, dad! Now I can start to put a lot of crap behind me."

"You'll never have to worry about going through what you already have again." said Greg. "Now let's go out and have some fun to celebrate!"

Greg decided to take his boy to Disney first, and get Shane an annual pass like his. It was after noon by the time they got there, but they got the pass and still managed to have some fun before time to leave. Shane really managed to have some fun while standing in line for Splash Mountain.

He and Greg were lucky enough to be in line next to a family who had a boy one year older than Shane. As it turned out the boy had an interest in other boys too. Shane and the other boy couldn't have sex while standing in line, but when ever no one was looking they did manage to get in some discrete groping. Being the slick talker he was, Shane managed to get the boy's parents to let him spend the night at Greg and Shane's home. The parents were reluctant to let their son spend the night with strangers, until they found out that Greg was Greg Holt the famous writer.

The two families spent the rest of the day at the park together, and Shane had more fun than he'd had in quite a while. When it came time to start home Shane hopped into the backseat of the Hummer with his new friend Joshua. They talked and giggled all the way home, and when they thought Greg wasn't looking they got in some nice kissing too. If they had noticed the reaction in Greg's pants, they would have known that he did see them. Greg couldn't help his reaction, as the two boys looked so good together, especially when they were kissing.

They stopped on the way home, and had a very nice dinner. Shane and Joshua whispered and giggled all the way through the meal, and Greg smiled as he watched the two boys interact. Once they got home Shane and Joshua went directly to Shane's room. Shane started up the computer, so he could show Joshy (as he was now calling the boy) what he had been writing on Nifty. First though he had a bit more e-mail to take care of. Then Joshy got to see "Trevor and Cody" for the first time.

"Wow!" exclaimed Joshy. "That's a really cool story. I'll definitely add that one to my favorites list when I get home."

"Kewl." said Shane. "We'll have to remember to exchange e-mail addresses and IM screen names before you go."

"That would be great!" said Joshy. "So, what did you want to do tonight?"

Shane saw the look in Joshy's eyes and said, "Let me go say goodnight to dad and I'll show you." Shane ran downstairs to say goodnight to Greg.

"Why are you saying goodnight so early, son?" asked Greg.

"Well, um....." started Shane. "Me and Joshy kinda...... um....... we don't want to be disturbed."

Greg laughed as he said, "Don't worry son, I vaguely remember what it's like being a teenager. Have fun, but be safe."

"Thanks." said Shane. He gave his dad a nice father/son type kiss, before he turned and went back upstairs. Shane got back to his room to find Joshy sitting on the side of his bed. Joshy had his head down, and resting in his hands.

Joshy looked up and said, "If you're having second thoughts about tonight, I'll understand."

"Let me show you what kind of second thoughts I'm having." said Shane. He then began removing Joshy's clothes. When he got to the pants, Joshy lifted off the bed slightly to assist Shane. Once Shane had all the boy's clothes removed, he pushed Joshy back onto the bed. Then he began to slowly strip in front of Joshy. He would dangle each article of clothing over Joshy's head, before he would drop it to the floor. After Shane removed his pants Joshy began licking his lips. Finally it was time for the boxers to come off. Shane removed those extra slowly. At last though they were off, and Shane was holding them above Joshy's face. This time however, Shane let the boxers drop onto Joshy's face. Joshy inhaled deeply before he removed the boxers from his face. As soon as Joshy removed the boxers from his face, Shane was on top of the boy grinding his crotch into Joshy's.

"Damn Shane!" replied Joshy. "You move pretty fast, don't you?"

"Yeah, when I know what I want." said Shane.

Then Shane lowered his head towards the older boy. He covered Joshy's lips with his own. Joshy moaned as Shane began probing Joshy's mouth with his tongue. The boys stroked each others tongues, while their hands massaged each other's butts. Finally Shane broke the kiss and began licking down towards Joshy's chest. When Shane reached Joshy's nipples, Joshy reached one hand up to play with Shane's nipple rings. The rings had been turning Joshy on ever since Shane took off his shirt. The sensations in Shane's nipples were making him harder than he had ever been in his life.

When Shane could take no more stimulation of his nipples, he turned himself into a 69 position on top of Joshy. "Your cock looks so good!" moaned Shane as he looked hungrily at Joshy's cock.

"I have something to admit." said Joshy. "All I've ever done before is jacking my friends off."

"Do you like the way my cock looks?" asked Shane.

"It's the nicest one I've ever seen." replied Joshy.

"Then just open your mouth and pretend that you're sucking your thumb until you get use to it." advised Shane.

Suddenly Shane felt Joshy's mouth around his cock, so Shane swallowed Joshy's cock in one move. Joshy moaned loudly at the feeling of Shane's mouth swallowing his cock. This gave Joshy the confidence to really taste Shane's cock, and he loved the taste. Both boys began sucking each other in earnest. It was the greatest thing Joshy had ever experienced in his life, and he couldn't believe how much he loved having Shane's cock in his mouth.

All of this was bringing Joshy to his climax quickly. "Oh god Shane, I'm gonna cum!" moaned Joshy. "You might want to pull off now."

Instead of pulling off, Shane picked up his pace. He was looking forward to swallowing Joshy's load. Then Shane got what he wanted, as Joshy began firing powerful shots into Shane's mouth. Joshy was very excited that Shane was drinking his cum, so excited that he ignored Shane's attempts at warning Joshy that he was about to cum now. Soon Joshy got his first ever taste of cum in his mouth. It wasn't nearly as bad as he thought it might be, as a matter of fact he even liked it. Joshy surprised himself by swallowing Shane's cum.

When both boys orgasms were over, Shane turned back around to take Joshy in his arms. That is how the two boys drifted off to sleep.

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