Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 6

Greg awoke the next morning alone. At first he wondered where Shane was, until he remembered their house guest. Meanwhile in Shane's room, Shane awoke with Joshy cuddled up to his back. When Shane felt Joshy begin to finger his hole, Shane turned to face Joshy.

"I'm sorry," said Shane, "my rectum is still being treated from where my dad in New York attacked me. For now I have to be really careful about what happens back there."

Joshy looked at Shane with a shocked expression. "What do you mean, where your dad in New york attacked you?"

Shane decided to trust Joshy, and tell him the story about being discovered by his real dad. He told Joshy about the following attack, and about finding Greg on the train to Florida. Joshy listened to the story carefully, and asked his new friend a few questions as the story unfolded. By the end of the story Joshy looked as though he was near tears.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you all this before." said Shane. "I can tell you're upset now, and if you want us to take you back to your hotel now I'll understand."

Joshy hugged Shane and said, "It's not that Shane. I just feel bad that you had to go through what you did. I almost don't want to leave you now, but I know I'll have to later today." After Joshy said that he pulled Shane into him and covered Shane's lips with his own. The boys shared a very deep and passionate kiss until they heard Greg yelling upstairs about breakfast.

"You wanna come back to my room after breakfast?" asked Shane.

"Where else would we go?" responded Joshy.

The boys went to the bathroom with their arms around each other, and held each others cocks while they relieved their bladders. Shane loved holding his friend's cock while he pissed, and Joshy commented how sexy Shane's cock looked while he was pissing.

After their streams had stopped, Joshy said, "I know how to clean up even better than shaking or wiping." With that he bent down and sucked the few remaining drops of piss out of Shane's cock.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Shane. "You weren't kidding, were you? Doesn't it taste weird though?"

"There isn't really enough left to have too much taste." said Joshy. "I'm sure the taste would be stronger if I drank it while you were peeing. Go ahead and try it Shane."

"Okay," said Shane, "I'll give it a try." Shane leaned down and stared at the drop of piss hanging just inside Joshy's slit. He then put his mouth over Joshy's cock and sucked like he was drinking a milk shake. His friend was right, there wasn't much taste to so little of his friend's piss. When Shane was done he said, "Wow! That is much better than shaking it off. I'll have to remember that."

The boys kissed quickly and then laughed about their discovery as they were putting on shorts for breakfast. When Shane came downstairs he made himself and Joshy a cup of coffee, then lit a smoke while Greg was making breakfast. When Joshy came into the room he asked Shane if he could have a smoke too.

"Sure." said Shane. "I didn't even realize you smoked."

"Oh yeah." said Joshy.

Just as he was lighting his smoke Greg turned around and asked, "Are you sure your parents don't mind if you smoke Josh?"

Joshy was taking the first drag as Greg asked that and began coughing uncontrollably as he tried to answer. Shane began laughing his shorts off as he said, "It would be a lot more convincing if you didn't gag quite so much. Try not to inhale at first."

Joshy could only manage to smoke about half the cigarette before he put it out and said to Shane, "I don't know how you can smoke those things."

"It's an acquired habit." said Shane. "You should have seen me the first time I tried to smoke. I think I must have turned three shades of green at first. It's not that bad after you get use to it though."

Greg added, "Take it from a smoker though, if you don't do it now you'd be better off not starting. The last time I tried to quit I became so unbearable that all my friends begged me to smoke again."

Everyone laughed at that remark and then sat down to breakfast. Joshy had tons of questions for Greg and Shane. The two guys answered Joshy as best they could. Greg then told Joshy he had a little present for him before he left that afternoon. When breakfast was over the two boys headed back to Shane's room. Shane answered some e-mail about his story first. There was another one from Ron and it was quite nice, but Shane was hesitant about giving the man too much information. Joshy thought that was a very good idea.

Then the boys ended up sitting on Shane's bed. "Can you do something for me Shane?" asked Joshy.

"I'll do whatever you want." replied Shane.

"Kewl!" exclaimed Joshy. "I've never had another guy's cock in my butt before, and I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather have do it to me my first time."

Shane kissed Joshy and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yeah." said Joshy. "I wouldn't want anyone else to fuck me first."

"Okay," said Shane, "but this time I want you to undress us."

Joshy undressed Shane and then himself, then the boys laid on the bed kissing for a while. Soon though, Shane rolled Joshy onto his stomach. He then reached into his bedside table and pulled out a tube of KY. He put quite a bit of lubricant on Joshy's hole and then began massaging the boy's rosebud, occasionally poking his finger inside of Joshy. When Joshy became comfortable with that, Shane put his finger all the way into the boy. Shane began rubbing the inside of Joshy's rectum while Joshy began moaning and writhing on the bed. Shane could tell Joshy was enjoying this so he added another finger, which made Joshy gasp at first. Then when Shane made contact with Joshy's prostate for the first time, the boy nearly jumped off the bed.

"Oh my God!" Joshy almost yelled. "That felt so intense I almost had an orgasm. I can still see sparkles."

Shane chuckled and replied, "I take it you want me to continue?"

"Oh hell yes!" exclaimed Joshy.

Shane continued to use two fingers on Joshy, while he began greasing up his hardening cock. When he felt Joshy was loose enough, he pulled his fingers out and placed the head of his cock at Joshy's hole. Shane began pushing to enter Joshy and soon the head of his cock slipped inside of him. Joshy gasped and then grunted lightly a few times.

Shane asked, "Are you okay Joshy?"

Joshy breathlessly replied, "It hurt a little at first but it's beginning to feel better now."

Shane rested for a moment to let Joshy adjust to his cock being inside him. Then he gently pushed his cock deeper inside Joshy. When he was all the way inside of Joshy he laid on top of the boy to let him recover a little.

"God your ass feels so flexible but tight." moaned Shane. "It almost feels like my cock is in a glove."

Joshy moaned back, "I've never even dreamed of feeling this way before. I wish we lived closer together."

Shane kissed the back of Joshy's neck, and then began slowly and gently humping Joshy's ass. Soon he began building up a good pace and Joshy was moaning in pleasure. Whenever Shane would hit his prostate, Joshy would gasp and then clamp onto Shane's cock with his rectum. Soon Shane's pace picked up as he started to draw near to his orgasm. The pressure of Shane's cock on his prostate along with his crotch being ground into the bed, had Joshy close to cumming too. As soon as Joshy felt Shane pumping cum into his rectum, he began to cum all over the top of Shane's bed. When both orgasms were over the boys collapsed on top of the bed, with Shane still embedded inside Joshy.

When Shane's cock softened it slipped out of Joshy's ass. The two boys laid there kissing in a pool of Joshy's cum. After about fifteen minutes they decided it was time for a shower together. The boys slowly soaped each other up, not trying to get each other hard again.

As they were rinsing off Joshy asked, "You wouldn't have to pee by any chance, would you?"

"I suppose I probably do." said Shane. "Why?"

"I want to ask you to do something," said Joshy, "but I'm afraid you're going to think I'm too kinky."

"I told you I'll do anything you want." said Shane. "Besides, I might like it if it's kinky." Shane grinned a mischievous grin as he continued. "So, what do you want me to do?"

Joshy got down on his knees in the shower and said, "I want you to put your cock in my mouth and pee."

Shane smiled and said, "I don't know dude, my bladder feels kinda full right now. What if you can't keep up?"

Joshy looked up at Shane and smiled as he replied, "That's why we're in the shower to do it dude. Please Shane, I've been wondering for a while what it would feel like to have a guy piss in my mouth."

Shane pulled Joshy's mouth back open and then put his cock in Joshy's mouth. Shane had to concentrate to get started, but once he started it felt like he couldn't stop. He looked down to see Joshy swallowing as much as he could, and the rest gushing out of his mouth and running all over his face and body. As soon as Shane stopped pissing he became incredibly hard, so Joshy quickly sucked Shane to an intense but short orgasm.

Shane groaned as Joshy finished swallowing his cum, then Joshy asked, "I don't suppose there's any way you would lay down and let me piss on you, is there?"

Shane replied, "No, but I'll get on my knees like you did though. I don't know if I can bring myself to swallow any of your pee though." Shane got down on his knees so Joshy could put his cock in his mouth.

Joshy began peeing in Shane's mouth, but Shane wasn't swallowing any so after a few seconds Joshy backed up a little. He watched intently as his piss struck Shane in the face, then he aimed down a little and watched his piss splatter against Shane's naked body. Shane pulled Joshy back to him and engulfed Joshy's cock as the stream of piss was letting up. Shane began sucking Joshy's cock wildly before Joshy was completely done peeing. It didn't take Joshy long to follow up his piss with a load of cum, which Shane swallowed completely.

When the two boys were finished they quickly soaped and rinsed each other, and then stepped out of the shower to dry each other off. Once they were dry, they wrapped their arms around each other.

"I hope you know that I'm not going to forget today for quite a while." said Shane.

"Me either." said a madly grinning Joshy.

The boys spent the rest of the day playing games and playing with each other, until Joshy had to leave. They made sure that they had exchanged screen names and e-mail addresses before going downstairs. Once there, Greg gave Joshy the present he had talked about earlier. Joshy opened the box to find autographed copies of all of Greg's books.

Joshy started to get a tear in his eye as he said, "I love you two. Shane, I've had more fun with you than I've had with anyone in a long time. And Mr. Holt, this is almost the best gift anyone has ever given me." He then smiled as he looked toward Shane, and both boys broke out in laughter. Greg grinned at the two beautiful boys.

As Greg's Hummer neared Joshy's hotel, he turned to the two boys in the back and said, "If you guys want to kiss good-bye, I would suggest starting now." The two boys needed no further encouragement as they locked themselves in a deep and love-filled kiss, even though they knew Greg was watching.

When the vehicle came to a stop, Shane got out along with Joshy and gave his boy one last hug. Then he said, "Please catch me online as soon as you get home dude. I love you Joshy."

Joshy turned around with the most beautiful smile on his face and said, "I love you too dude. I can't wait until we can get together again." The boys waved, then Shane got back into the front seat of the vehicle.

Shane began to tear slightly over parting with Joshy, so Greg reached over and patted him on the thigh then said, "Don't worry son, you'll see him again. I promise you that."

Shane smiled at Greg and said, "Thanks dad. I love you so much."

That night Shane chatted with Toby on IM. Shane told Toby about the fun he had with Joshy, and that he couldn't wait for spring break so he and Toby could have some fun. Toby then told Shane about their friend Terry, who had been talking to an older man in a chat room. The man's name was Ron, and something about it seemed really wrong to Toby. He almost thought that Terry might be in danger from this man.

Shane was also getting some weird vibes about Terry's situation. He suddenly thought, "This couldn't be the Ron I've been chatting with, could it?" He knew he had to find out though. Shane asked Toby for Terry's current screen name.

"Well, he's online right now." said Toby. "Why don't I invite both of you to a chat?"

"Kewl!" exclaimed Shane. So Shane waited for the chat invitation, which he received just a few moments later.

Tobymeister: u there shane?

LIprettyboi: yeah dude, how bout u terry?

Cute_n_cuddly: i'm here dude. it's great to talk to u again shane!

LIprettyboi: it's great talking to you too dude.

Tobymeister: so, can i tell terry about spring break?

Cute_n_cuddly: what about spring break?

LIprettyboi: i guess u might as well now toby

Tobymeister: sorry shane, i didn't think. shane has invited me to florida for spring break. u mad at me shane?

LIprettyboi: hell no dude! how could i be mad at 1 of my best buds?

Cute_n_cuddly: damn! i wish i could be 1 of your best buds shane. u r so lucky toby!

LIprettyboi: what do u mean terry? u r 1 of my best buds 2. do u want 2 come down with toby?

Tobymeister: yeah dude! it'll be awesome!

Cute_n_cuddly: i'll have 2 ask the rents but hell yes i want 2 come down!

Liprettyboi: okay then, i'm sure dad won't mind. there's 1 thing though, and don't tell any1 this.

Cute_n_cuddly: what! what!

LIprettyboi: my new dad is greg holt, the writer.

Tobymeister: isn't that the kewlest thing ever terry!

Cute_n_cuddly: u dawg! how did u get so lucky 2 end up with greg holt?

LIprettyboi: it's a long story but i'm sure toby will fill u in later.

Cute_n_cuddly: damn dude, i can't wait 4 spring break now!

Tobymeister: me either! this is going 2 b so much fun!

LIprettyboi: i'm looking so 4ward 2 seeing u guys again. terry, what's this i hear about u chatting with some old guy in a chatroom?

Cute_n_cuddly: oh him. don't worry dude, it's just harmless fun. it's not like i've told him 2 much about me.

LIprettyboi: okay, just keep it that way dude.

Cute_n_cuddly: okay dude, i promise.

Tobymeister: well dudes, g2g. ttyl

Cute_n_cuddly: me 2 i guess. ttyl

LIprettyboi: okay dudes, laterz.

Shane felt a little better after the chat, but he was still going to keep an eye on his buds. He also wanted to know if the two Ron's were the same person. With that in mind, he fired off an e-mail to Ron asking if they could chat sometime. He came up with a second screen name for his IM to give to Ron, so he wouldn't give away too much information. Now it was time for bed, and after laying in bed for a while he decided that he couldn't get to sleep. Shane got up and quietly crept into Greg's room so he wouldn't wake him, and climbed into bed with his dad.

Well, that's chapter 6. If you didn't like the part with Shane and Joshy don't worry, it was just two boys experimenting. If you did like it however, please let me know at: . I will be making some changes in my life next month, so don't worry if I fall behind a little bit. I will try to make sure these changes have as little impact on my writing as possible. Thanks.