Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 7

Greg awoke the next morning to find Shane snuggled up behind him once again. This made Greg smile at the change that had occurred in his life since the train trip from New York. He gently untangled himself from his sleeping angel and quietly made his way to the bathroom. As he stood there relieving himself he couldn't help but think that someday he would have to teach Shane to climb into bed in front of him so he could wrap his arms around his boy in his sleep. Greg put on his robe and went downstairs to start the morning coffee, then went back upstairs to wake his boy.

Greg shook Shane's shoulder and said, "Wake up sleepy head, the coffee's on."

Shane moaned a few times and then his eyes fluttered open. "Good morning dad." Shane said sleepily.

"Get up and get some shorts on." said Greg. "After breakfast we have to start thinking about getting you into school."

"Aww!" moaned Shane. "Do we have to?"

"I'm afraid so son." said Greg. "As much as I'd like to have you around all the time, you do need an education son."

"Okay dad." said Shane. Shane then got out of bed, still naked. The boy did not have any inhibitions anymore about being naked around his new dad. Greg chuckled silently as he watched his son's cute butt wiggle it's way toward the bathroom.

Greg went downstairs to begin his morning coffee and smoke ritual. He was joined a few minutes later by Shane. After that, the two guys sat down side by side to have breakfast as soon as they had finished preparing it. Shane would occasionally reach over and pick something off Greg's plate with his fork, then after popping it in his mouth and eating it he would giggle madly.

Greg finally said, "You better watch it boy. The next thing that goes in there from my plate, I may go in after it." He then smiled at Shane.

Shane then flashed Greg a mischievous smile and stabbed a sausage link from Greg's plate, then popped it in his mouth. Greg grabbed Shane and pulled the boy to him, then placed his mouth over Shane's. Greg's tongue immediately probed around inside Shane's mouth for a few minutes, while Shane moaned in pleasure. Greg's tongue then snatched the sausage link from Shane's mouth and broke the kiss.

"That's no fair!" protested Shane. "You play dirty!"

Greg began to respond, but couldn't. Instead he burst out in laughter, followed shortly by Shane. Greg didn't mind kissing or touching Shane, but he still felt Shane should have sex partners that were closer to his own age. Shane still really didn't see any importance about the age of his sex partners, but he didn't want to push his new dad. After all, Shane felt it was his choice, which was ironic because his real dad didn't give him that choice when he attacked Shane.

After breakfast was over the two discussed Shane's future education. Greg wanted Shane to consider a nice private school, but Shane was insistent about going to a public school. Greg reminded Shane about what may happen when the other kids discover who his father is, but Shane did not want to be stuck in a school filled with spoiled rich kids. Shane did suggest home schooling but Greg said they would have to think about that at a later time. Greg finally gave in and accepted Shane wishes to go to public school.

With that discussion finished, Shane went upstairs to answer his e-mail and write a little more about Trevor and Cody. About one hour before Shane was to go downstairs so he and Greg could go out and get him enrolled in school, Shane got an IM.

Slyfox50: Trevor?

Trevwriter: Yes. Who is this?

Slyfox50: It's me, Ron.

Trevwriter: Hi Ron. How are you?

Slyfox50: I'm great. It's good to finally chat with you.

Trevwriter: Yes, I was hoping we would get to chat soon.

Slyfox50: Me too. I think we're a lot alike. From the way you write I would say you are about ten to twenty years younger than me, and you like boys like I do. If I'm way off, I'm sorry.

Trevwriter: No, that sounds about right.

Slyfox50: Good! I thought I had you figured out pretty good. Wanna see something nice?

Trevwriter: Sure. Why not?

Shane began receiving file transfer requests from Ron. As soon as he could open one, Ron would send him another. Before Ron stopped, he had sent Shane about a dozen pictures. The pictures were of naked boys, some of which seemed very young. Some of the pictures of boys in their mid-teens turned Shane on, but some of the pictures were very disturbing.

Slyfox50: You like?

Trevwriter: Where did you get them?

Slyfox50: Some I took myself, but most of them come from the internet. So, do you like them?

Trevwriter: Some of them are pretty hot.

Slyfox50: Good! So, do you have your eye on any particular boy right now?

Trevwriter: No, but I spent the day yesterday with a 15 year old boy I met at the park the day before.

Slyfox50: No shit!? You horndog!

Trevwriter: It was just sex. So, what about you?

Slyfox50: I have this boy in New York I met in a chat room. We haven't actually met yet, but I hope to change that soon!

Trevwriter: Really! What's he like?

Slyfox50: He's a bit shy and says he doesn't have much experience with sex, but I'll change that when I'm pounding my cock up his cute butt. And get this, his screen name is Cute_n_cuddly. Isn't that just too much?

Trevwriter: What if he doesn't want to?

Slyfox50: I don't see that as a problem. Once my cock is stuffed inside him, he'll love it. They always do.

Trevwriter: Yeah, I guess so. Well, I have to go. I gotta stake out a new school.

Slyfox50: High school?

Trevwriter: No, middle school.

Slyfox50: You nasty devil. Okay then, just be careful. You wouldn't want to get caught. lol.

Trevwriter: Yeah, that wouldn't be good. Well, ttyl.

Slyfox50: Okay Trevor, ttyl buddy.

Shane logged off his computer with a look of shock on his face. The more he thought of this man raping his friend, the paler his face became. Shane wanted to cry, but at the same time he wanted to reach through the computer and beat Ron to a pulp. Before Shane knew what he was doing he was yelling out, "Dad! Dad! Help!"

Greg ran into Shane's room and asked. "What's wrong son?"

"My friend Terry is in real danger!" cried Shane. "Please, we gotta do something!"

"Okay son," replied Greg, "just calm down a little and tell me what's wrong."

Shane stopped crying and told Greg about how Ron started writing to him after he began posting his story. Then he told Greg about his friend Terry, and how Terry liked to talk to strange men in chat rooms. As Shane told Greg how he began putting two and two together, Greg's face began turning red in anger. Greg wasn't angry with Shane because Shane had done nothing wrong. In fact, Greg felt Shane may have saved his friend from a lot of pain, or maybe worse. Then Shane showed Greg the pictures that Ron had sent him. Some of the pictures made Greg feel nauseous. When Shane told his dad how Ron had confirmed what he had feared was happening, Greg knew they had to react quickly.

"Okay son," said Greg, "do you have Terry's phone number?"

"All I have is his home number, but I doubt anyone is there." said Shane. "Terry should be in school right now, and both his parents work."

"Okay." said Greg. "Here's what we'll do, I want you to call him anyway and leave a message. Then we'll send him an e-mail too, and tell him not go into any chat rooms or turn on his IM until we have a chance to talk to him. Do you know were his parents work?"

"His dad owns a construction company, and his mom is the secretary and receptionist there." replied Shane. "The name of the company is Brewer Construction and their office is in my old hometown."

"Good!" replied Greg. "I'm going to have to call them, and we'll have to get the authorities involved. Do Terry's parents know that he's gay?"

"I'm pretty sure that they don't." said Shane.

Greg was going to have to think carefully about what he said to Terry's parents, but in the meantime Shane called Terry's home number and left Terry a message. Then Shane logged back onto the internet. In the background, his IM automatically logged on while Shane was writing his e-mail to Terry. Suddenly his IM window popped up.

Slyfox50: Hey Trevor, I thought you had to check out a school.

Shane looked at Greg with a terrified look on his face. "Go ahead and answer him son." said Greg. "I'm right here, so he can't hurt you. Maybe you should let him know that Terry is your friend, and you know what he's up to."

Trevwriter: I had a change of plans.

Slyfox50: Too bad. I always like checking out fresh meat.

Trevwriter: Ron, I have something to tell you.

Slyfox50: Go ahead my man.

Trevwriter: Terry is a friend of mine. Please don't hurt him.

Slyfox50: Terry? Who's Terry? Wait, you must mean Cute_n_cuddly, don't you? Thanks for giving me his name, that'll make things easier when I head out there tomorrow. He was a little hesitant about giving me his real name.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Shane. "What the hell did I just do dad?"

"Don't worry son," reassured Greg "I'll make sure he doesn't lay a finger on Terry."

Trevwriter: Please dude, don't hurt him. Please?

Slyfox50: I have no intention of hurting him, just fucking him. He may be sore for a while, but he'll get over it. Unless he gets dumb.

Trevwriter: You can't do this man!

Slyfox50: Yeah I can, and it won't be the first time either. You might be interested in something Terry sent me. You wanna see?

Trevwriter: Okay.

Shane accepted the file transfer from Ron, while he was sobbing about what was happening. Greg was rubbing his shoulders in an attempt to comfort him. The transfer was just an ordinary picture of Terry, but what Shane didn't know was that a Trojan Horse virus was embedded in the file.

Trevwriter: I don't get it! I've seen plenty of pictures of Terry.

Slyfox50: Don't worry, you'll get it soon enough. Now let's talk about what a bad boy you've been.

Trevwriter: What are you talking about?

Slyfox50: Did you honestly think I wouldn't figure out that you're just a kid too?

Trevwriter: What???

Slyfox50: Don't play dumb kid. I also know about your other screen name. It's LIprettyboi, right?

Trevwriter: What do you want dude? What'll it take to get you to leave us alone?

Slyfox50: I want Terry's tight virgin ass. Now if you'll excuse me, I have him in a chat room right now. Don't do anything dumb kid!

With that, Ron signed off the IM. Shane was now frantic, as he cursed himself for not checking to see if Terry was online first. Greg tried to calm Shane as they tried to raise Terry on his IM. As he was trying to contact Terry though, his IM began shutting itself down. It seemed that he could only keep it open for a minute at a time.

"You did install the anti-virus program I bought, right?" asked Greg.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Shane. "I never got around to it!"

"It looks like Ron nailed you son." said Greg.

Shane frantically tried to talk to Terry, who was starting to worry himself now. The last messages he was able to get out were, "Please call me! You're in danger!"

Terry responded, "In danger from who?"

Shane typed, "In danger from Ron!!!!! Please call me, collect if you have to!"

With that Shane lost his IM, then his internet connection. Greg took over and tried desperately to keep the computer from crashing, but realized he was fighting a losing battle. He put the windows start-up disc in and switched the power off to the computer in an attempt to save the hard drive from any more damage.

Meanwhile, Terry was now very frightened. He told Ron that an emergency came up and he had to go. Then he switched his computer off. Terry was so scared that he had trouble looking up Shane number, which he had gotten from Toby. He finally found the number and dialed it.

Shane answered his phone on the first ring and asked, "Terry? Is that you dude? If not, I have to keep this line open!"

Terry replied, "Yeah Shane, it's me! What the hell is going on? I'm scared dude!"

"Thank god it's you dude!" exclaimed Shane. "Ron's a perv and he's going to Long Island tomorrow to fuck your ass!"

"What!!!" screamed Terry. "How does he know I live on Long Island? I never gave him that much info!"

"I don't know dude, but he knows!" said Shane. "He just crashed my computer to keep me from warning you! He knows how much I like you and that I would warn you. He even knew my main screen name, and I never gave him that one. He sent me a virus a few minutes ago that wiped me out!"

"Damn!" exclaimed a shaken Terry. "I'm sorry dude, I didn't know something like this would happen. What do I do? I can't just wait around for him to show up!"

"Don't worry about it Terry." said Shane. "There's no way you could have known. My dad is calling the cops and the feds right now, and he'll also have to call your folks. Don't worry we'll come up with something."

"Oh crap!" shouted Terry. "My parents are going to find out! They're gonna hurt me worse than your dad hurt you!"

"Don't worry dude," said Shane, "my dad won't let that happen. Please trust us Terry. Just sit tight dude, I'm sure someone will be there soon. Just keep an eye out and make sure it's not Ron."

"Okay Shane, but don't leave me alone yet." sobbed Terry. "I don't care if my folks do kill me over the phone bill!"

"Let me call you right back then." said Shane. "I know my dad won't care about the phone bill. I think it's unlimited anyway. I love you dude, and I'll call right back. I promise."

The boys ended the call, and Shane called Terry right back. The two boys continued to talk while Greg was busy talking to the authorities and Terry's mom. At first she couldn't understand how Terry could be involved in something like this, and began to worry that her son might be gay. Greg reassured her that predators can stalk any child, regardless of their sexual orientation. He knew he had to reassure Terry's mother that her son wasn't necessarily gay, because they had much more serious issues to worry about. They would just have to deal with that issue later.

Greg finally convinced Terry's mom that Terry would be safer spending a little time in Orlando, until the authorities were able to pick Ron up. This news delighted Shane and Terry both. Terry would be flying out of New York that evening. After the call to Terry's mom, who immediately went home to see her son, Greg waited for the authorities to show up and pick up Shane's computer. They would see if there was still anything in it that they could use against Ron.

After the federal agent had left, Greg and Shane went out to get another computer for Shane. This time Greg said he would make sure that the anti-virus was the first thing that went into the new computer. Shane then apologized for not protecting his computer.

"Don't worry about it." said Greg. "Just consider it a very scary lesson learned. Besides, I'm proud that you were able to protect your friend. He's much more valuable than a computer."

After picking out a new machine and a few extras, it was starting to become evening. In all the excitement that day both guys had forgotten to eat anything, so Greg and Shane decided to go out for supper. They decided on a very nice restaurant at one of the local theme park resorts. Shane wasn't about to mention that they had also forgot to register him for school too.

After dinner it was close enough to time to pick up Terry, so Greg and Shane headed toward the airport. The airport in Orlando was so nice that Greg and Shane had no problem passing the time until Terry's flight arrived.

Terry's flight landed and Terry finally stepped out of the jetway in a daze. "Wow!" exclaimed Terry, as he hugged Shane. "I've never been on a plane before. Is this really Orlando dude?"

Shane giggled as he said, "No dude! We flew to New York to mess with your head! You really haven't flown before, have you?"

"No way dude!" said Terry. "My parents prefer to drive whenever we go anywhere. This is way too kewl Shane!"

Greg cleared his throat from behind the boys. "Oh yeah." said Shane. "Terry, I'd like you to be the first one of my New York friends to meet my new dad, Greg Holt!"

Terry looked at Greg in awe as he said, "I'm very excited to meet you Mister Holt." His hand shook as he held it out towards Greg.

Greg chuckled as he shook Terry's hand and said, "And I'm very please to meet such a good friend of my son. Please though, don't call me Mister Holt. I prefer Greg. I've heard a lot about you lately Terry."

"Yeah," said Terry bashfully, "I'm kinda sorry about all the trouble I caused you guys."

"Don't worry about it at all Terry." said Greg. "I'm just glad to see you safe and sound now."

The three guys then headed toward the tram to take them back to the main terminal. Terry was awestruck as he took in everything around him, especially when the tram reached the main terminal. The first thing Terry noticed was that every park in Orlando was represented by a gift shop in the airport lobby. Greg noticed that even at 14, Terry was still eyeing a stuffed Mickey at one of the shops. Greg immediately bought Terry the largest one in the shop. Terry looked up at Greg, almost with a tear in his eye, and mouthed the word "Thanks". Greg reached over and ruffled the boy's hair as Shane looked on, happy that his dad and his friend had hit it off so well together.

Once they had retrieved Terry's luggage, the three guys headed off to Greg and Shane's home in Greg's Trans Am. Shane sat in the back seat with Terry, and it was the happiest drive that any of the three had ever experienced before.

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