Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 8

As Greg and the boys pulled back into the driveway, they noticed a car waiting there for them. When they got out of Greg's car, a man got out of the waiting car and approached them.

"Hello." said the man as he held his hand toward Greg for a handshake. "My name is Agent Scott from the FBI. This must be Terry hiding behind you. Don't worry son, I'm not going to bite you."

"Hello Agent Scott." said Greg as he shook the man's hand. "What can we do for you?"

"We need Terry's help." said Agent Scott. "Do you mind if we go inside?"

"Of course not." said Greg. "Shane, why don't you take your new computer and stuff upstairs while Terry and I talk to Agent Scott?" Greg led Terry and the agent inside, while Shane began getting his stuff out of the car.

Once they were inside, Agent Scott began, "We got a lot of information on Ron tonight. His full name is Ron Dubowski and he lives in Kansas City. His picture matches the description of a man we've been looking for in that area." The agent handed Greg and Terry the picture. "He's wanted for questioning about child porn and lewd conduct with a minor. He also may be someone we would like to question about several disappearances of young boys in the midwest. We have had no leads in those cases yet."

Terry began to turn pale, then asked, "Is this man after me now?"

Greg also asked, "Is Terry in any danger Agent Scott?"

"Let's say that the bureau is glad that Terry is here right now, where he can be safe and sound." said Agent Scott. "When agents went to Mr. Dubowski's home this evening to question him, they found that he wasn't there. The bureau found out that he took a flight this evening from Kansas City to New York." Scott looked at Terry as he said, "We have agents watching your parents home this evening, so don't worry. The bottom line is, we want this man badly. We don't believe he is someone who should be on the streets."

"How can Terry help you?" asked Greg. At that time Shane joined the others.

"Okay," said Scott "first of all, we don't care about your sexual orientation Terry. Whether you're gay or not does not give people like Dubowski the excuse to do anything to you. Okay young man?"

"Okay." replied a trembling Terry.

"Good." said Scott. "I have a very important question for you then, and it's very important for you to be honest with me. The bureau will try to keep this as quiet as we can, I promise. Do you believe that Ron would like to meet you for a sexual encounter?"

"I already know that's what he wants." said Shane. "He admitted it to me today."

"Yes," said Scott, "we're examining your computer right now to get as much evidence as we can. That won't help us catch him though. What do you say Terry?"

"I ....I guess he might have wanted to do that." said Terry. "He did hint that he would like to, that's why I tried not to give him too much information."

"In that case," said Scott, "would you be willing to help us catch him? I promise that he'll never get within 1,000 miles of you until he's in custody."

"How?" asked Terry.

"We also found out from his ISP records that he has a mobile connection for his internet hook-up. He will most likely be looking for you to try and set up a meeting. He probably wouldn't ask you outright to meet him, but he will a least try to trick you into it. We want you to go online where he can find you, then let him arrange his meeting."

"Won't that be kind of risky?" asked Greg. "We already know that he's very good with computers. What if he is able to find out that Terry is here?"

"That won't happen." said Scott. "We can arrange it so that the contact is routed through Terry's home computer, so it will appear to come from there. He'll think that everything is completely normal. And as long as your computer is protected Mr. Holt, you have nothing to worry about. He can't get too tricky working from a notebook and a mobile connection."

"That's good." said Greg. "I'm a writer and I depend on my computer for a living."

"I know." said Scott. "My two kids love your books, and to be honest I like them myself. So Terry, you want to help us catch a really bad guy?"

"I guess so." said Terry, still a little nervous. Everyone then went to Greg's office and gathered around the computer. After Greg booted up his machine, Agent Scott took over and made a few connections.

"Okay," said Scott, "we're hooked up through Terry's home computer now. We'll also be recording this through one of our mobile units so we have a record of Terry's chat with Dubowski. It's all up to you now Terry." Terry logged into the chat room where he would normally meet Ron, then he logged onto his IM. Several minutes passed as Terry chatted idly with a few friends in the chat room. Everyone was starting to get a little nervous, then an IM window popped up.

"Okay!" said Scott eagerly. "Here we go!"

Slyfox50: Hey there Cute_n_cuddly, how are you tonight?

Cute_n_cuddly: i'm fine. sorry i had 2 leave earlier. almost got busted by the rents.

Slyfox50: They don't know you like guys?

Cute_n_cuddly: hell no! they'd freak if they ever found out.

Slyfox50: If that ever happened, you could always come live with me. I know how to treat cute boys like you. By the way, where do you live right now? Just curious.

Cute_n_cuddly: i don't know if i should tell you that.

Slyfox50: Oh come on. I'm not some perv who would hurt you. It's me, Ron. I really care about you.

Cute_n_cuddly: ok. i live on long island.

Slyfox50: Little dude! You're not going to believe this! I just happen to be in New York on business.

Cute_n_cuddly: no shit! that's kewl i guess.

Slyfox50: It's too bad I'm so old, and you're so young and sexy.

Cute_n_cuddly: why's that?

Slyfox50: Because then we could go to a hockey game or something.

Cute_n_cuddly: screw the hockey game!

Slyfox50: Okay then, we could skip the hockey game and have wild sex. lol

Cute_n_cuddly: i've never had sex b4. no 1 wants to do it with me.

Slyfox50: I find that very hard to believe.

Cute_n_cuddly: it's true. u wouldn't either.

Slyfox50: How about if I meet you tomorrow and prove that's not true?

Cute_n_cuddly: i don't know if i should

Slyfox50: Don't worry, sex is really fun. I can show you how much fun it is. Please?

Cute_n_cuddly: i guess we could. if i decide i want 2 stop tho, we'll stop, right?

Slyfox50: Absolutely my little buddy. What's your name anyway, so I don't have to call you little buddy tomorrow?

Cute_n_cuddly: terry.

Greg, Shane, and Agent Scott looked on as Terry worked out the details of the meeting with Ron. Agent Scott was surprised at how easy this had went. When the chat was finished, Agent Scott terminated the connection so that it couldn't be traced from either end.

"I want to thank you young man." said Scott. "With your help this guy won't hurt anyone else."

"I just want it to be over!" Terry almost cried. "This has been the worst nightmare I've ever had."

Greg patted Terry on the shoulder and said, "It's over son. You don't have anything to worry about anymore."

Agent Scott thanked the three guys again, and then left.

Greg hugged Shane and Terry both at the same time and said, "This has been a very long day! I think it's time we all got some sleep."

Both boys agreed and headed to Shane's room. Shane got undressed and hopped into bed, waiting for Terry to follow. When Terry didn't follow right away Shane said, "Don't worry dude, you haven't got anything I haven't seen before."

"It's not that." said Terry. "I was serious when I told Ron I've never had sex before. I've never even slept with another guy before."

"Don't worry Terry," said Shane, "we won't do anything at all unless you want to. I'd never do what that perv was going to do to you."

Terry finally got undressed and climbed into bed next to Shane, then said, "I know you wouldn't hurt me Shane. That's why I've always had my eye on you, but you always liked older boys. I wouldn't mind if you just held me tonight."

Shane sniffed back a tear and said, "You got it dude, anything you want." He kissed Terry on the forehead and said, "I love you dude." Both boys fell asleep that night in each others arms.

During the night Shane was awakened by moans coming from Terry. "No, please! No! Stop!" moaned the boy, in the midst of a nightmare.

Shane shook Terry and said, "Wake up dude! Terry! Come on buddy, wake up!"

Terry sat upright in bed and cried, "Please don't let him hurt me!" Terry hugged Shane, and cried into his shoulder.

"Shhh dude." calmed Shane. "It's okay Terry, no one's going to hurt you. Not if me and Greg can help it." Shane tried to calm his friend enough to go back to sleep, but was having no luck. Then Shane told terry to follow him, and he would help him get back to sleep. The boys quietly entered Greg's room, where Shane had his friend carefully crawl into bed in front of a still sleeping Greg. Then Shane climbed in behind Terry so the boy was between Greg And Shane. As soon as both boys were in bed, Greg instinctively draped his arm over the two without waking up. Soon both boys were back to sleep for the rest of the night.

The next morning Greg awoke to find both sleeping boys in bed with him, and a hand smaller than his grasping his cock. Greg laid there for a few minutes, not wanting to spoil this moment. Eventually he decided that he should get up, or he might turn his bed into a waterbed. He carefully extracted himself from the boys and got out of bed without waking them. As he looked at the two angels, Terry instinctively turned over and put his arms around Shane.

After relieving himself Greg crept back into his room, and took a picture of the two sleeping boys wrapped in each others arms. The bedcovers were pulled up just over their waists, which made it a very beautiful picture. Greg then went downstairs to start his morning coffee.

A few minutes later both boys began to wake up. Shane immediately returned the hug he was getting from Terry. When Terry smiled at Shane, Shane placed his mouth over Terry's. At first Terry didn't know what to do, but after a moment he parted his lips to allow Shane's tongue to enter his mouth. Shane explored the inside of Terry's mouth completely with his tongue. Then he coaxed Terry's tongue to enter his mouth, where he immediately began sucking his friend's tongue. Terry began moaning again, but this time they were moans of pleasure.

Shane pulled back and said, "Would you like to see what love feels like this morning? I would never do anything to hurt you, unlike Ron. I want to show you how tender and good it can feel."

"Okay." said Terry. "It may keep me from having anymore nightmares."

With that, Shane began kissing his way to Terry's chest. Once there, Shane began licking Terry's nipples gently. After he had licked both nipples, he began lightly sucking on Terry's right nipple. Terry's moans were now smooth and gentle. It was almost a humming noise. Terry reached down and began playing with Shane's nipples. He had been fascinated by Shane's nipple rings since he first saw them, and now he was finding out how they felt between his soft fingers. This made Shane intensify his sucking, causing Terry's nipples to become erect.

When Shane saw he was driving Terry insane with pleasure, he pulled back and said, "I'm going to turn around. You can do what I do to you if you want to, but you don't have to do anything if you don't want to."

Shane turned around into a 69 position and gently licked the head of Terry's cock. Terry had never felt anything that felt that great, and he let Shane know it. Then Terry began to mimic Shane's action. Terry wanted to taste Shane's cock so badly. When Shane felt Terry's tongue on his cock, he swallowed Terry's cock until his nose was buried in Terry's sparse pubic hair. He then began stroking Terry's smooth erection with his mouth and tongue. Terry was more than happy to do the same to Shane's beautiful cock.

This felt so good to Terry that he never wanted it to end. He loved the feel of Shane's cock in his mouth, and the feel of Shane's mouth which was doing the most fantastic things to his cock.

Both boys took just a moment to catch their breaths, so Terry asked, "Do you want me to pull out of your mouth when I get ready to cum?"

"Hell no!" replied Shane. "I want to taste every sweet drop of your cum. Just the thought of you cumming in my mouth is almost enough to make me cum."

With that, both boys returned to satisfying their hunger for the other's cock. Terry decided that if Shane wanted to swallow him that much, that he should try it himself. It did not take much longer to get the opportunity to do that. Terry could no longer hold back his urge to explode, and began his overwhelming climax down Shane's eager throat. Shane sucked hungrily at Terry's shooting cock until Terry had nothing more to shoot. Then Shane warned Terry that he was about to cum, but Terry made no attempt to let Shane's cock out of his mouth. A few seconds later Shane was cumming into Terry's mouth. To Terry's surprise, he liked the taste of the juice which was spurting from Shane's cock. Terry swallowed as much and as fast as he could, almost swallowing Shane's entire cock. Shane was reeling from the sensations caused by the most natural born lover he had ever been with.

When both boys had finished with their orgasms, Shane turned back around and took Terry into his arms. Both boys engaged in the most love-filled kiss they had ever experienced.

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