Training Day

by tim

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Training Day - by tim

Chapter 9

When Shane and Terry came downstairs Greg greeted them with, "Hello sleepyheads. I'm glad you could join me this morning."

"It was all for a good cause." responded Shane. He then winked at Greg. This caused Greg to understand what Shane meant, and it caused Terry to blush a deep red.

"Well then," said Greg, "I'll bet you guys have a healthy appetite this morning!"

Greg then started fixing breakfast while Shane had his morning coffee, which he was quickly becoming use to. Terry did try a cup of coffee with Shane, but not a smoke. Terry never could see why Shane liked that habit, but didn't mind when Shane did it. By the time the coffee was done, Greg was finishing breakfast. The three guys had a wonderful breakfast together.

After breakfast Greg took the boys to the big theme park in Tampa. The rides there were much more to the trio's liking. With five rollercoasters to choose from, everyone had a ball. Shane and Terry took great joy in making faces at the live gorillas in the display there. Greg was also cursing himself for forgetting to bring his camera at that point. The boys thought that it was funny that Greg had forgot his camera. Unknown to them, Greg slipped away to the gift shop just outside the gorilla exhibit and bought a disposable camera. Just as Greg returned, Shane and Terry were making their most gruesome faces yet.

When the flash went off Shane yelled, "Hey! That's no fair! You said you forgot your camera."

"I did forget it." said Greg. "But I never said I wasn't going to get another one. I just couldn't let such a Kodak moment get away." Greg took quite a few more pictures of the boys that day. Shane and Terry holding hands when there were fewer people around, Shane and Terry with their arms around each other while waiting in a queue, Shane and Terry soaking each other at the water balloon race game. His favorite picture was taken on the Sky Ride. Greg had gotten a camera with zoom, so he let the boys ride in the gondola ahead of him. He managed to get a great shot of Shane and Terry kissing, while gliding high above the park.

By early evening the three guys had had a very full day, so they headed home. As they were pulling into the driveway, Greg's cell phone began going off. He answered, "Hello, Greg Holt here. May I help you?"

"Hello Mr. Holt, this is Agent Scott. I thought you might like an update on what happened today."

"Sure Agent Scott," said Greg, "I'd love to hear what happened today!" Both boys perked up when Greg said that.

Our agents were waiting for Dubowski when he showed up at the meeting place." started Agent Scott. "Once he seen he was outnumbered, he stopped resisting. When we searched him we did find a gun, so we went ahead and read him his rights. We took him to the local jail and began questioning him. Once he realized how thoroughly we were questioning him, he began singing like a canary."

"Oh my god!" exclaimed Greg. "Is it that bad?" When Greg said that, both boys began looking worried.

"Probably worse than you imagine." said Scott. "Apparently Mr. Dubowski has no intention of spending a long time in prison. We went through some of the charges that we suspected him of, but when we got to the name of the first missing boy we were looking for, he cracked. He told us where we could find the body of that boy, along with three others that we hadn't mentioned yet. He plans on pleading guilty, and asking to be executed. I know this sounds like awful news, but Terry helped us do more than just save his own life. He helped us save any other boys from falling victim to this man again."

Greg's face turned white as he replied, "I appreciate you telling me this. I'll find some way to let Terry know about it."

"Just make sure you do it right." said Scott. "We don't want to upset him any more than necessary."

"Okay." said Greg. "Thanks for calling."

Greg ended the call, and everyone went inside. Shane and Terry started asking about a million questions, but Greg didn't know how he would answer them just yet. All he would tell the boys was that Ron was in jail now, and everyone was okay. Shane and Terry weren't buying that, but they couldn't get anything else out of Greg. Greg didn't feel like cooking, but he didn't feel like going out to eat either. He finally called the local steakhouse that now had a drive up window. He ordered three steak meals, then went to pick them up. While he was gone, he had Shane and Terry set the table. He got home and set out the meal, along with a nice red wine to go with it. He was going to let the boys have a glass with their dinner, so they would be a little relaxed when he talked to them.

As soon as dinner was over, Greg asked the boys to join him in the living room. As soon as both boys were seated on the sofa, on either side of Greg, Greg began.

"I wanted to talk to you boys about the phone call I got as we pulled in tonight." said Greg. "As you know, it was Agent Scott telling me that Ron has been captured, and is in jail right now."

"I think you know that we both know there's more to it than that." said Shane.

"Yes," said Greg, "I realize that. When Ron was picked up, he was armed with a handgun. Fortunately he didn't try to use it today. You took a very bad man off the streets Terry."

Terry was now beginning to turn pale as he asked, "Was Ron going to kill me? Wait a minute! Yesterday Agent Scott said that Ron was wanted for the disappearance of other boys. What happened to them?"

"We don't know what his plans were for you Terry." said Greg. "Knowing what we know now, it's probably a very good thing that he was caught."

"You didn't answer my other question though." said Terry. "What about the other boys?"

"That's doesn't matter now." said Greg. "What's important is that you're safe, and Ron will never hurt anyone again."

"What do you mean he'll never hurt anyone again?" said Shane. "What if he gets out on parole someday. I mean the only way he'll never get paroled is if......." Suddenly a light went on inside both boys heads.

"He killed those other boys, didn't he?" asked Terry. "How many kids has he killed?"

Greg took a deep breath and answered, "He's admitted to four so far. He wants to make sure he'll be executed, so he doesn't have to spend the rest of his life in prison." As soon as Greg said that, Terry fainted from the news.

Shane looked ahead blankly as Greg picked Terry up to take him upstairs. Greg told Shane to follow him, as he carried Terry towards Shane's room. Greg laid Terry on the bed and Shane sat down on the edge of the bed. Greg sat down on the other side of the bed, then both guys sat there and watched Terry.

Finally Shane started to break out of the shock that he was in and said, "This is really fucked up dad. No one ever thinks of people like Ron being out there."

"I know." said Greg. "It is very uncomfortable for most people to talk about things like that, so they just don't think about it. I don't ever want you boys to forget people like that exist though."

"You can probably bet on that." said Shane. "How are we ever going to be able to trust anyone we meet online again?"

"It would probably be best not to." said Greg. "You should never trust anyone you've never met, unless they give you a good reason to. After all, you have no way of knowing who you're dealing with on the internet until you get to know them. I don't want you guys to go around being afraid of everything, but be very careful of who you decide to deal with. There are many good people out there, but then again there are others like Ron who are waiting for the chance to strike."

"Okay." said Shane. "I really kinda hope that Ron does have to spend the rest of his life in prison, and that it turns out to be a very long time. I think he should feel some of the pain he's caused."

"Well son," said Greg, "I'm afraid that's not going to be up to us, although it does sound good to me too. Even if he is spared the death penalty though, the other inmates would probably make sure he suffered that fate anyway. Child killers are not looked on very favorably in any environment, even prison."

Shane looked as though he might be ready for another bad reaction to tonight's news, so Greg continued, "I also want you to know how proud I am that you saved Terry's life. It makes me want to tell everyone how great my son is. Terry is a very lucky boy to have you as his friend Shane." Greg then went over and wrapped his son in a hug.

Greg and Shane spent several hours watching Terry. Then suddenly Terry sat upright and screamed, "NO!!!!!! Please don't kill me!" Greg tried to comfort Terry, but Terry just struggled and cried.

Shane put his arms around Terry and told the boy, "Calm down Terry! It's me, Shane! No one will hurt you, dad and I will make sure of that. We both love you Terry."

Terry finally looked around, then looked at Greg and said, "I'm sorry sir. I didn't know who you guys were, or where I was, at first." Terry then sniffled as Greg wiped the boy's nose.

"Don't worry about it Terry." said Greg. "With everything that has happened, I completely understand your reaction. But what Shane said is true, we both love you as long as you don't call me sir any more."

"I'm sorry." said Terry. "I just don't feel comfortable calling most adults by their first name. I can call Ron by his first name because I don't like him very much."

Greg said, "Okay then Terry, what if you call me Uncle Greg from now on?"

Terry smiled for the first time since dinner as he said, "That would be great Uncle Greg." Greg hugged Terry and ruffled his hair before he stood up.

"Well," said Greg, "it's been another very long day. I don't know about you guys but I could use some rest." He then went back over to Terry to give the boy a quick hug and a kiss on the forehead. After that he went around to Shane and gave Shane a hug. Just as he was about to kiss Shane on the forehead, Shane lifted up and kissed Greg on the lips. It was a tender kiss on his dad's lips, not a lustful kiss. When it was over Greg said, "You guys try to behave yourselves. Good night." He then retired to his room for the night.

The next morning when Greg woke up alone, he was almost disappointed. Greg got up and put on a robe, then went to the bathroom to relieve his bladder. Then he went downstairs to make the morning coffee. As Greg was relaxing with his coffee and smoke, his cell phone went off.

"Good morning. This is Greg." he said into the phone.

"Hello Mr. Holt" said Agent Scott. "I have some bad news for you this morning."

"Oh no!" moaned Greg. "What is it now?"

Agent Scott said, "This morning we were preparing to transport Mr. Dubowski to Kansas City. Overnight he had admitted to four more murders and gave us locations of the bodies. We had very tight security ready in Kansas City, but what we didn't know was that one of the victim's brothers now lives in New York. As we were transferring Mr. Dubowski to a car to take him to the airport, the victim's brother stepped forward with a chainsaw. Before we could stop him, he had cut off Mr. Dubowski's head."

"A chainsaw?!?" asked an amazed Greg. "How does someone get that close to you guys with a chainsaw?"

"I don't really know how it happened sir." said Agent Scott. "It was just one of those things."

"I hope I don't sound like a horrible person," said Greg, "but I don't know if I see that as bad news. At least now there's no chance of him changing his mind and pleading insanity."

"Under the circumstances I'm not going to hold that against you." said Agent Scott. "I just thought you would want to know what happened. We'll return your son's computer as soon as possible, seeing as how we have no use for it anymore."

"Thank you Agent Scott." said Greg. "I appreciate letting me know what happened. Good bye."

As soon as Greg finished the call Shane and Terry bounded into the room in just their shorts. "Hi dad." said Shane. "Who was on the phone?"

Greg set a cup of coffee in front of each boy before telling them about the call. He then said, "That was the FBI. Someone killed Ron this morning."

"What!" exclaimed Shane. "How in the hell did they do that?"

"They apparently cut his head off with a chainsaw." said Greg.

"A chainsaw?!?" exclaimed both boys.

"Wow!" responded Shane. "I never would have seen that one coming!"

"Were they afraid a gun wouldn't do the job good enough?" quipped Terry.

"At any rate," said Greg, "he won't be bothering us, or anyone else again." The three guys sat at the kitchen counter discussing recent events until they decided it was time for breakfast.

Well, that's it for Ron and chapter 9. I do want it to be known that I do not condone vigilante justice (in most cases. heh-heh). I was toying with the idea of a trial, but decided it needed to be dealt with in a harsher manner. Please send comments to: .