Chapter 129


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I wasn't sure how to handle the phone call I got from Edgar the next morning, but I knew that I could not leave him stranded on the street corner. I could see that he was more than a block from the county jail and the phone number on my caller ID box was from the pay phone in front of the Quick Mart located on that corner. I told him to stay put and I would have a vehicle there in ten minutes.
    I called dispatch to see if the vehicle that was showing on my screen was available to transport one of my boys. My screen showed it to be about a mile south of Edgar's location and heading toward him, I watched as the vehicle and Edgar's signal became one. Next I had to call Timmy and ask him if he and Chrisy could handle an overnight visitor then I grabbed up my meerschaum pipe and black horn rimmed glasses, on a neck strap, and jumped in my red Corvette and headed to Tomes of Time. I parked in front of the book store and quickly donned my nerd look before I went in to say hello to Alice Robertson, my partner in the used book store.
    I had to hurry to meet Edgar so I walked through the book store to my reserved table at Clara's. Al was coming out of the store room with gallon sized cans of green beans when he spotted me. He set his load down and called Clara to bring me some coffee, I still chide them over the old neon sign in the front window that proclaims the World's finest coffee served here. The gaudy denizen of a bygone era has a neon out line of a cup with three curly neon tubes perpendicular to it that flash off and on in three different colors to represent rising steam.
    I saw Edgar enter the front door of the main dining room and told Al that I had a business meeting, but that I would stop by to see him before I left. Clara pointed Edgar to the door as she told him where I was, I waved at both of them through the pass through window that I had installed so that the waitress would not have to walk all the way around to serve me and I could still maintain my privacy. Being the owner of the entire building has its perks.
    Privacy was what I needed at the moment, I was ready to strangle Edgar, but he has the right to tell his side of the story. His side was nothing like I expected and I was relieved. There was only one class three misdemeanor charge against him for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The boy sucked Edgar's dick while he was passed out from the stress of his day and the marijuana in his system.
    Hector had been on Edgar's case all day about a baggy of weed that he had found in the closet. He had forgotten that it was there, he told me that it was left over from a party several nights earlier and that it didn't belong to him. He was remiss in that he had brought it into my house and he apologized effusively. Between the stress of the arguing and then an actual fight he was a basket case. I studied Edgar's face, he had stitches above his left eye and on his upper lip. His nose was obviously broken and both eyes were black. I asked him if he had lost any teeth, he told me that he hadn't, but he deserved to.
    He told me that he had taken two joints out of the baggy then dumped the rest of it in a toilet at the city park two blocks from the house. He knew the boy that was with him from the park. He told me that he would sit at a table in the center of the park and smoke a joint, he could see anybody long before they could get near him. The boy had ridden his bike up to him one time and asked for a hit, Edgar gave it to him and he felt bad about it. The boy would constantly hang around waiting for Edgar to come out of the house then he would follow after him.
    In one of their conversations the boy confronted Edgar about being gay and living in a house with a bunch of fags. David's boyfriend from the Delta Lambs—his name for the only gay fraternity on the campus—had been circulating through the neighborhood leaving fliers with David's picture on it along with the address of βφτ house. The poster said that David was a pedophile and that the boys that lived in the house were his young victims. The police knew the truth of the matter from their investigation, but the jilted lover wanted revenge.
    The fourteen year old boy told Edgar that he was gay and that he had never had sex with anybody, he wanted Edgar to have sex with him. Until the night before Edgar had never allowed himself to be alone with the boy. He had grabbed the package of dope and dashed out of the house. He got into his car and drove the two blocks to the park to dump the narcotic and be done with it. His error was in keeping two joints, he sat on his regular park bench in the dark and lit up. A few minutes later the youngster rode up on his bicycle and asked for a toke, Edgar was in no mood to argue, he just passed the joint over.
    The stuff he had was quite a bit more powerful than what he had been used too, after less than half of the joint he was so high that he lost all of his inhibitions. He knew enough that he could not stay out in the open, he vaguely remembered going to his car. The boy was trying to get Edgar's pants down over his cast as he smoked almost all of the second joint. Edgar said he took a few hits, but he couldn't remember much before the boy had his cock down his young throat. The next thing he knew he was in the back of an ambulance on his way to the hospital.
    I already had a copy of the arrest report, the police could see the top of Edgar's head against the back seat so they walked up to the window and turned on their flashlights. The boy was laying down in the seat next to Edgar sucking on the sleeping boy's cock. Edgar was so stoned that he could not be awakened, the police called the paramedics to the scene, Edgar remained in the county hospital overnight then he was transferred to the jail just after dawn. There he was questioned and then released with a ticket bearing a fine of two hundred dollars.
    When he was found by the police he was asleep in the backseat of his own car and there was nothing that they could do. The boy had told the police that he had shared a joint with Edgar then he got horny and molested the sleeping man. I will talk to Bull, but I am pretty sure that Edgar can beat this whole rap, the boy could have brought his own weed, it is only his word that made the police issue a ticket for contributing to a minor. If he was asleep in the back seat of his car then Edgar was not contributing now was he?
    Now comes the matter of the marijuana and Edgar's casual use of it over a long period of time. That I can not and will not abide by, I can not let Edgar stay in the house. To make matters worse he is not in my house, but in the house of my friends. We will have a family council, but I was adamant that Edgar would not be allowed to remain. One small discrepancy in Edgar's story, he says that he took the baggy of dope to the park and flushed it, what about the bag that Hector found and left sitting on the bed for Mike and Isaac to find?

    I called Timmy to join us at the table. Chrisy had finished his final examination at college and met Timmy as he exited the elevator on his way to join me, both of them came in together. I was glad for that because it meant that I could get both of them to agree or disagree to house Edgar temporarily.
    Timmy has been a cop way too long and he has a cop's mentality when it comes to drugs of any kind. He sat back and stared at Edgar as he drank a full cup of coffee. I let the silence remain, I know to keep my mouth shut when someone is wrestling with a major decision such as this. To talk or argue about it will only cause the thought processes to get confused and a wrong answer could come forth. There can be no wrong answer in this case.
    "Ed, you need a place to stay." Timmy looked at Chrisy who smiled and sat back, he was going to let his man make the decision. "We will let you come to our house with conditions: 1) No drugs of any kind, ever. Not on you, in you, or in our house. 2) You remain in school and you maintain your grades to the family standards. 3) You have a curfew; you will be in the house by nine o'clock and in bed by ten. 4) You are not to go anywhere near any family member until after the family council reaches a decision about how to deal with you.
    "Ed, in our house you will work, you will clean up after yourself. Your room will always be clean and I don't want to smell your dirty clothes, ever. You will do your laundry regularly, keep your shoes cleaned and shined, and keep your body clean, including hair and teeth. There will be no sex between us until we can settle things in our own minds. You are simply staying at our house, not living with us. If you create one disturbance I will beat the fuck out of you and dump you so far in the desert that the buzzards won't find you. I know how to make you wish you had never met any of us if you let me down."
    Fuck, Timmy may be small in stature, but he has my admiration. This was not the first time that I had learned to look up to the five foot three inch tall little man. Timmy weighs even less than Chrisy, but he is solidly built. His twenty fifth birthday is just around the corner and I am going to have to go all out for this little cock jockey. Chrisy takes care of his sex, but I am sure that he has a few desires in his cute little head.

    I pulled my 'vette into the garage and looked across the street. My new lot was denuded of spiny plants, I had to have a few minutes alone so I took a stroll. My mind was heavy as I thought about drugs in my family. Isaac had lost his life, Edgar…who knows about Edgar at this point? David has been smoking as well as Borne, who did I not know about?
    There are arguments to both sides of any issue, many will say that marijuana is not a threat, but the facts say differently. Marijuana attacks young men aggressively and without any signs of its activities in their bodies. There are many studies that prove that the drug attacks the male reproductive system depleting sperm count and sperm quality. I suppose that for a fag that is no biggun, but what if the boy wants to have children someday? His children will suffer, genetically, because he wanted to get high.
    Alcohol is only a little better. Alcohol attacks brain cells and permanently destroys them, it also attacks the liver and the kidneys. These organs are vital to the function of the human body yet so many people feel that they have to use one substance or another to get by. There are many other drugs that are worse, but I have these two working on the boys in my family and I have to help them learn that they need to avoid them. Sex is enough of a high for me. Sure, I have a drink once in awhile, very once in awhile, and never more than one or two. I have to be on top of my surroundings at all time. I can not allow myself to be under the influence and risk danger or injury to myself or those around me. If I go down then my family could be hurt and that I will not allow.
    The new field was much more than I had thought it was. In truth I have never walked around it in the daylight, and I had never ventured into it as deeply as I was that morning. I spotted something that made my heart leap in my body.
    I have hired coaches for my school. I have promised these coaches that I would get them games to play. That promise would require transporting our players to fields around the area, and where the team members go the family would want to be. I had been thinking about school buses for several days anyway, but now my need was intensified. Having the buses is no big step, but garaging them is. I suppose I could do what other schools do and charter buses as needed, but I have more money then I can spend so why not buy my own?
    At the far northeast corner of the campus the fence runs along a sheer cliff face twenty five feet tall. Water had rushed down the mountainside in torrents until the area was reworked twenty years earlier. That raging river of monsoonal flow had carved a clean surface of rock away that extended one hundred and fifty feet along the east side of the campus, directly east of the main classrooms building.
    The building itself was seventy five feet inside the fence and covered patios had been erected along the length for outdoor use. My boys were eating their lunches out there and some classes were occasionally being held in the great outdoor area. It was time to get the radar people over to see if I could build a garage under the patios. I nearly floated on air as I let all of my problems go and dwelt on a new project and turned to go back to granite house.

    The cavern was finally dry so we were able to climb down to inspect it. We discovered that it had a domed shaped ceiling that was ten feet thick at the center of the house, its thinnest point. Bill's ladders had only gone down twenty feet to a solid granite landing fifteen feet above the mean level of the cavern's floor. Leading down from that landing was a staircase cut from the solid rock that hugged the north wall with an intermediate landing and a switchback so that the bottom step was directly under the main opening.
    The entire room had been hand hewn from solid rock, the floor was thirty five feet beneath the house, a massive pillar of solid stone had been left untouched in the very center of the room which serves as a support column. The dome shape of the ceiling brought it down to fifteen feet above the floor at the outer walls of the room. The part that surprised me the most was the smooth floor. We were fairly certain that the room had been created in the late 1800s, but the floor was absolutely level and polished to a high sheen such as can only be seen in granite of the highest quality. I expected the floor to be slick and dangerous to walk on, but Cory threw a glass full of water to the floor and it was not slick, there is something to learn about the techniques used on the floor.
    There was no electricity in the room, but around the walls were iron pintels driven deep into the rock, most still held very old wick style lanterns filled with kerosene and water, each lantern had a reflector shield so that the light could be aimed about the area as needed. We found fifty rows of shelving, each ninety feet long and twelve feet tall, stacked with hundreds of bottles of wine.
    As paranoid as I am I had mentioned to Andy and a few of the boys about wanting a panic room, but it was just too far to the main house in the event of a true emergency, now I have a perfect place. I would have to sit down with Ron and see if he could get a crew that could keep their mouths shut to rebuild that cellar.
    First things first, all of the wine bottles needed to be removed and cleaned and I wanted the entire cavern pressure steam cleaned. The years of standing water had left marks on the wine racks, who knows what the walls looked like? I knew that the wine had to be handled carefully so that the old bottles would not explode or be broken, but I don't want the boys handling alcoholic beverages. I was vetoed on that one.

    I had a lot of questions that needed answers. I am the type of detail person that requires me to know everything about everything around me; I had a real need to know more about my house and the land upon which it sits. I sat down at my desk with all of the radar images, the satellite images, plot maps, and county records that I could find.
    My house is kind of a jumble and many readers have gotten lost with all of the additions that have been made during the past three years. I was fifteen and a half years old when Charley Weston first convinced me to suck his cock. Charley was the forty five year old former lover of the father of my next door neighbors, Randy and Robby Koch. Twenty year old Charley had met sixteen year old Isaac during Isaac's junior year in high school, Charley showed the virgin jew boy the lifestyle of a homosexual. The two parted after their first year, but seventeen year old, Isaac began to think about what he had learned. He shortly found a young and cute freshman of his own, Mike Long, the two began a relationship that has withstood the test of time. The couple celebrated forty four years together at a retreat in the mountains the third week of August, 2007.
    In 1970, twenty nine year old Isaac married and fathered Randy in 1974, Robby followed a year later, "Uncle Mike" was in the wings. Mike married in 1972 and had two children, Stevie and Marcy. In 1988 Charley came to Tucson with the word that he was going to retire here. He had purchased a large lot in the foothills above Tucson and was having his dream house custom built. During construction Charley stayed with the Koch family.
    Mrs. Koch was a socialite, always on the go. During her time away from the house the boys came out to play. Randy Koch ran with a small group of boys that met in his basement each day to escape the heat. Somewhere around their eleventh year these boys began to masturbate together. Oral sex was the next obvious step and occurred somewhere about their thirteenth year.
    Shortly after my fifteenth birthday I spent the night with fourteen year old Randy while my parents were out of town, Randy's parents were in Las Vegas, which my parents did not know. Charley was left at home to take care of the boys. Randy had been telling me that he and his group had began to suck each other's cocks, they called themselves the Blue Balls Club.
    I had been fighting my feelings for years, I didn't have any thoughts about sucking a dick or butt fucking, but I knew that I loved to swim naked while the Koch boys sat up in their tree house and watched me. I knew that there were many times when some of the Blue Balls members were also watching me from the tree house.
    I was narcissistic enough to love showing off for them. I was already well hung for a boy my age and I learned that I could elicit funny sounds from those in the tree house if I would lay down on my pool deck and take my massive cock in hand. As I remember those days I had no fantasies other than to have many naked boys gather around me and watch me jack off. When I was thirteen I let a boy stick his dick in my mouth, but that was all and it was over. A few months later I sucked another boy, but Charley was my first cum donor.
    As Charley prepared our dinner for us Randy was trying to get me to let him see my cock up close and hard. Charley looked at me and told me that he had seen me jacking off, I knew that the boys were watching me, but Charley's confession made me feel good. He told me that I was as gay as I could be, but I was living in denial. I was a smart ass and told him that I live in Arizona where there are no running rivers and that the Nile was in Egypt. He swatted my briefs covered ass, hard.
    I don't remember all of the events, but after dinner Charley called some boys that he knew to come over for a party in the basement of the Koch's house. I should be so lucky, a forty five year old, openly gay, boy lover chaperoning a teenage party. All of us were naked in no time and Charley was sucking all of the new guys' cocks, I could not keep my eyes of off of Charley's cock and he knew it. With less encouragement than I recall I sucked Charley's cock and then he had Randy and me sucking each other.
    Ten boys stayed over for the weekend and everyone of us got our cocks sucked for two nights and two days. Charley taught us how to suck and fuck each other and I never heard a single complaint from any of us that stayed over. If anyone of the boys had any virginity or qualms about boy sex it was overcum that weekend. I had Charley and ten teenagers—ranging from a sweet fourteen year old to his seventeen year old brother with the eight others about fifteen and sixteen years old, plus my best friend, Randy—fill my mouth and ass with cum as I filled theirs. It was the wildest orgy I had ever heard of.
    Monday morning we could hardly walk about the halls of our school. Randy and Aaron went to my school, we didn't speak to each other, we just nodded and smiled at the way the other was walking.
    I was drawn to Charley from the first and I was ready to suck his dick. Randy was shocked, he had sucked Charley off before, but he didn't think that I would. Randy and I had a whole new focus for our friendship for the next two years of school. By the time I graduated high school Charley was settled into his new house and I moved in with him. My dad passed away during my junior year and my mother never fully recovered. She died when I was twenty one, they never knew I was gay.

    For fifteen years Charley took me around the world, nearly every night in bed, and three times a year on an airplane. I met and bedded some of the world's most powerful men in fourteen foreign countries and almost every state in America. I was everybody's favorite young and hung and everybody wanted to ride my meaty pony and suck the juice out of him.

    Charley died on Valentine's day of 2004 doing what Charley liked to do most, suck boi cock. He was in bed with identical twin fourteen year old cupids when he had a heart attack Amongst his estate was a thirty two hundred square foot six bedroom house, with a two bedroom guest house. An extra large pool, with separate spa, and a pool cabana with two large, private rooms and two shower rooms for pool guests. I had a second and larger spa added when I began my favorite collection, boys. I have a large collection now and everyone is worth a fortune, but I an not selling.
    Charley had the house built alongside a huge eroded wash at the top of a cliff twelve hundred feet above the main altitude of the city and fourteen hundred feet above the level of the dry river bed between the house and the city. It really wasn't a wash any longer, building in the area had changed the course of the water run to off hundreds of feet west of my property. But at one time, in the far distant past, the water had come across my property leaving three huge outcroppings of solid rock standing twenty to fifty feet above the bottom of the arroyo.
    The builders hit solid bedrock ten feet below where the house is, but Charley was overly cautious and wanted his house to survive in the event that the water came down the old arroyo again. He first had all of the soil removed down to solid rock. That left one solid surface over one hundred feet wide and two hundred feet from street to the edge of a fifty foot tall cliff. At the time no one cared that the entire area was one solid slab of pure lamaride granite.
    Charley had steel rods driven deep into the granite then reinforced the area with tons of steel mesh encased in concrete. The west end of the lot was one huge boulder with less than three feet of top soil on it. That rock extends from the street to the cliff and is about fifty feet wide, not large enough for a house with minimum offsets required in the building codes. The east face of that rock was cut and smoothed and serves as the west wall of the theater and storage area under the west bedrooms. Huge steel beams were set between that rock to the two thirty foot wide granite tits sticking up on the east end of the property, the three bungalows are now sitting on top of those tits.
    By the time all of the clearing and cutting of the main part of the lot was done Charley had recovered a buildable area of forty thousand square feet in the middle of his one and a quarter acres of unbuildable land, all at a cost of only two point three million dollars. His lot suddenly became the most expensive piece of property on the mountainside and he hadn't started construction on the house. Property values have soared in recent years so that my lot alone is worth many times that price.
    A commercial grade steel frame work was built next. The neighbors petitioned to have an injunction put in place to stop construction. From the appearance of the framework they were sure that someone was building a high rise in the area zoned for single dwelling homes only.
    Charley's lawyers, Bob Doberman and Christopher Rottweiler shared the permits and approved building plans with the court that showed that a reinforced single family dwelling was being built in a area that had long been a drainage wash for the mountains above it. Although construction in the area had changed the topography nature has ways of reclaiming her own. It was for this reason that the house had to be built as it was. The court ruled in favor of Charley.
    Charley had the swimming pool built first. It actually sits on top of the ground and is tied to the overall structure within a framework of steel beams. Charley wanted a window from the side of the pool to look down on the valley below, but building code would not allow that. There was a concern that should the glass break then anyone in the pool at the time would be washed over the cliff and to their death. He settled for moving the pool back from the edge of the cliff and placing a glass side facing into the ground floor games room. What games we have played in that room. I think that I would like to have a disappearing edge pool built, but I will settle for what I have.
    As I studied all of the plans and old blueprints I could look at what Charley had done I discovered things that I never knew existed in my own house, I had to go exploring. I don't want any outsider of any kind in my games room unless I know who he is, the large room is hidden with a secret entrance from the main entry hall. The walls of the game room are solid concrete and I did not know how to find the missing space between the pool and the back wall of the game room. That area sat directly under the old guest cottage on the southeast corner of the main house footprint.
    I began by banging on the walls around the pool, but quickly gave that up, concrete walls do not give off a hollow report when banged on with a hammer. My next logical place to look was in the old guest house. In 2005 I had it remodeled from the old two bedroom unit with a large living room/dining room and full sized kitchen to a three bedroom, three bath house with a very small kitchen and dining area. The windows in each bedroom look out over the city below and the large family room upstairs has windows with seats under them for lovers to admire the view.
    If there was anyway down into the space under that edifice then it would have been discovered, wouldn't it? It had been discovered and it was known to one of the boys. Chrisy was in the family room when I came up from the game room looking perplexed. I told him that I was trying to find a way into a large void that seemed to be under the little house. He looked at me as if I had a large void between my ears.
    Chrisy led me out to his old bedroom and opened his closet door. On the floor was a metal frame around a large section of flooring, there was a fold down handle on the end nearest to the door. I realized that his closet was larger than the closets in either of the other two bedrooms and now I could see why. I bent down and lifted the handle to pull it up. I expected a heavy weight, but the trap door was counter balanced with springs like one would see on a garage door. The four foot panel rose and a light turned on below, there was a steep ladder leading down.
    I felt like a total dummy, I never thought about the heating system or hot water for the little house. Sandwiched into a corner next to the pool and on the east wall was a large storage tank for the under floor heating system and domestic hot water. The heat pump for summer air conditioning and auxiliary heat was located in a small alcove near the kitchen door of the house.
    Chrisy flipped a light switch to turn on a row of lights running the length of the room. I was standing in a room thirty feet wide and seventy five feet long. It ran from the outside wall on the east and parallel to the south wall along the top of the cliff. I knew that the fifty foot long pool sat twenty five feet in from the east wall, but when I have been in the game room it just never occurred to me that a forty foot wide pool should not take up seventy feet of space out of the corner down there.
    Chrisy opened a wide steel door next to the water tank and turned on another light, another room forty feet long and twenty five feet wide ran along between the pool and the outside wall. I looked at Chrisy, "When I couldn't find you sometime this is where you were?"
    "This was my escape place. I often came down here and just sat in the dark. I have skated down here, I even ride my bike down here. Nobody knows about this room except you."
    I was examining the end wall into the game room, I will have to work out the security issue of having a back door into that room, but I thought that if I would knock a hole through the wall and put in a wide door then I would have a space to store RD's furniture where it would be safe.
    "I used to dream that you were down here with me and that you fucked me on the cold, hard floor. You can see my muddy cum tracks down here where I had my fantasies."
    "Chrisy, you never need to fantasize about me, I will always be here for you."
    "Of course." The floor was hard and cold, Chrisy turned off the lights then we lay down together. We didn't jump into a hot fuck, we did a long work up. Both of us were worked up by the time we got together. We had to argue over who would do whom first, both of us needed it from the other.
    Chrisy won out when he told me that he had been top to the world since he was twelve years old. He told me that I was his first and as far as he was concerned nobody had any rights to his ass but me and Timmy. He whispered in my ear that he loved Timmy, but the dude was just not the fuck that I was.
    I was holding him in my arms with my cock buried its full length inside of him when a vision of a calendar flashed in my mind. "Do you know what today is, babes?"
    "I knew that you would have to remember, I came to the house today just for this moment and if I had planned it, it could not have been in a better place than here in my secret spot."
    "Even if we went out to Traveler© and did on the bed where we had our first time together three years ago today?"
    "That is a precious memory, but it would also remind me of how you found me, here is perfect for me because nobody can ever find us down here. I want this to be just our place, forever." Well, so much for using the space for the storage of RD's furniture.
    I loved Chrisy as I moved in him and he returned my love in a way that only the midget can. Chrisy has grown into a handsome boy with soft features and a youthful face. He made it all of the way up to a gigantic five foot eight. Three sweet years of knowing this boy have passed. When I came over that hilltop in Kansas and spotted the tiny waif of four foot and seven inches standing in the middle of the road he was in a daze. He stood staring down the road, unblinking.
    He hung an amazingly thick eight and half inch long cock that had to comprise more than a third of his total body weight of seventy nine pounds. He quickly earned the family name of the mighty midget with the giant widget. Over time that changed to the midget with the mighty widget,, but whatever he is called he will always be that cold and scared little fifteen year old boy that could make grown men cry, most men would love to have a cock the size of what that boy hung.
    He is still thin, at about one hundred and thirty pounds, or so, and he has a respectable height. He sports the smooth skinned face and blond haired looks of a boy, but a check of his current nine and quarter inch attributes makes one stand up and call him a man.
    I love both the boy and the man that I was with. Chrisy and I made passionate love on that cold floor then we rolled over so that I was on the pavement for awhile. He wanted me to remain in him until I could go again. I have a very short recovery time when I am with someone that I love and that was my first event of the day, I was ready for him when he was ready for me.
    He knew that he had control and he used that control to lay on top of me and love me. I was more than happy to yield to him in any way; all he wanted was to feel our closeness and share kisses, which never stopped.
    Perhaps twenty minutes passed before he sat up and pulled his feet up under him so that he was squatting on my turgidness. He began a slow hump as he moved up and down the full length of me. I was sure that he was going to pull completely off of me, but he knew when to reverse himself and we never lost our connection.
    The room was absolutely dark. I could just perceive the light from the sun shining through the window in his old bedroom coming down through the opening in his closet floor. We could not see the other's face, but we knew everything that the other felt as our love threatened to burst the walls of the confining space.
    Chrisy was making love talk as he moved toward his next release. I love to have a boy get deep into his emotions and vocalize his feelings in our union. Chrisy expounded his total devotion to me as he began to move faster and faster.
    I felt his rectum tighten then spasm an instant before I felt his hot liquid on my face. He moved high on me and pressed his cock to my lips without fully withdrawing himself from me. I engulfed an inch or so of his cock along with his glans as two powerful bursts of Chrisy batter buttered my tongue with a taste supreme.
    He was still in need as his orgasm overpowered him. He took my lunch away and began to pound himself on me as his love covered my chest and stomach. At last he settled all of the way down on me and fell over to seal our union with a one last kiss. He rolled away from me and moved up to cuddle in the curl of my arm.
    "Do you think that we could put a bed down here, at least a mat or something, this fucking floor is cold."
    "And hard," I agreed. "I can take it a bit longer if you think that you can give me the feelings that you seem to have felt from all of this."
    "Fuck daddy, I can never make you feel as good as you make me feel. It is just not possible for anybody to do what you do to me.
    "I like being with Cory, he knows much of your method and he is full of love. The two of us make the world stand up and take notice when we are together. When we took our trip this last summer we had the world on a string. We kind of let it get away from us when we took Darryl in. Don't misunderstand me, we love Darryl and we are so glad to have been able to help him.
    "Mitch and Carroll are great too, but Cory and I had such grand plans for our summer on the road. We wanted to see the world and fuck each other in every part of it. We never got out of California. We had fun but…"
    I knew what he was saying. I almost blew it by telling him that I have felt what he was feeling many times. I set out to cruise the highways of America and fuck every boy that I could find. I never intended to bring a single one home. It almost worked.
    Tiny Turner had a serious need and he was willing to take care of mine. I used his tiny body until we could find Tyler. After fucking Derrick and his buddy, Joel, I took the Youngman brothers to Yosemite where I not only fucked the Thompson brothers, but their father as well.
    I brought the Youngman boys to their home and helped them to get established, but my raging need for a variety of boy flesh drove me to the road, where I longed to be. I was able to dump the hitchhiker in New Orleans, I have always wondered if he was still there in the hurricane the following year. Pete became more than a fuck when he called me; he was needing a home three months after our brief beach encounter.
    I was able to drive away and leave Tim and Jerry behind. I even left Jimmy, then he called me to come to Atlanta where I met his grandmother. She was a sweet old lady and she understood her grandson a lot better than I would have thought. I still managed to leave him and go on to the next hot fuck.
    Cory was my undoing, I guess that is not true. Chrisy is the one that I never left, I left Cory and went home. I picked up Cas and he became the first boy in my house, but I was secure enough to leave him in the house as I set out to fuck America's youth once more. Then there he was.
    Chrisy stole my heart and made me realize that I had to have Cory. It was the two of us that went to Cory and dragged him away from his great new life. From there my life changed and I grew a family. I do not want to loose a single one of my precious boys. I love all of them and I am in love with more than a few of them.
    One that I am in love with was ready to give me what I needed. Chrisy can say whatever he wants, he is the one that knows how to please a man. It was the midget that taught Cory to love me the way he does to this day. Chrisy's love poured out into me like water through a broken dam. I have been with Timmy and he has begged me to bed him, but not since he and Chrisy have set up housekeeping in a home of their own. I hope that he can forgive me for being with his man.
    "He does, you know."
    "What? I didn't say anything."
    "I know you, you are thinking about Timmy. He knows where I am and what I am doing. I told him about our anniversary and he told me that both you and I needed to do exactly what we are doing.
    "Daddy, I can read your heart. We have been together for three years and I have been right beside you. I have watched you work, I have read your journal, I feel your thoughts on every page. I know how you think, like right now you are thinking what life would be had you and I never met. I know that I would have stood in that road until someone ran over me, or I froze to death.
    "Get over it old man 'cause you aren't getting rid of me. I don't know a single boy in the family that will ever leave you on their own. Do you know that Carroll has fallen in love with you? Mitch was enchanted with you the first time that he walked into the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß house. He told me that he sat down and talked to you and told you some of what he was going through and you listened to him.
    "He told me that nobody ever listened to him until his old man beat him up in the locker room. He told Cory and me that his own father came into his room and raped him. After that his mother realized that he was a person and began to listen to him. He has Carroll now, but he thinks that he can come to you with anything at all and you will listen to him. I told him that he is correct."
    "I guess you do know how I think, little one. I love you more than I can ever say and I want you to believe me when I tell you that that day three years ago was the turning point of my life and a day that I will always cherish.
    "Let me tell you again, I-love-you," I whispered in his ear. We needed a shower and food so after a hot bout of body washing each other we rejoined the family.

    A really nice feature of my house is that Charley built it during the time that the government was giving deep tax credits for solar heating. The house has solar panels all along the roof line that provide all of the hot water as well as heat the pool and the spa. The floors have tubing running through them that keep the rooms very comfortable. On the rare occasion that it does get really cold I have four zone controlled heat pumps that can make the place really toasty. This made for a very comfortable house to walk into even though there was a chill on the air outside. And of course a major plus is that the heating water is circulated by a solar powered, low voltage pump motor so ninety nine percent of my heating is cost free.
    In 2005 I wanted to build a driveway through the eastern most rocks and put in a subterranean garage while connecting the rock tops with a bridge work leading to private bedrooms, with bath. The only access to those three bungalows is along a bridge from the second floor of the main house. Cas and Tyler have the northern most of the three units. It sits fifty feet above the bed of the old wash, which is now a driveway into a six car garage. That is the larger of the boulders and also has the second of the bungalows sitting fifteen feet lower than Cas and Tyler's, that unit is now the home of Edmund and Mitchell. On a rock all by themselves is the bungalow of Luke and Gerald. Their unit commands a clear view of the entire valley below, with only a single unit being built there I was able to include a large patio where the young love birds can sit outside and do whatever a young, married, gay couple like to do.
    By the time that I brought my family home from our excursion to England and France in the fall of 2005 the house had been enlarged to a fifteen bedroom house and three one bedroom bungalows. The guest house was converted to a three bedroom unit with a small kitchen and a large family room upstairs for a total of twenty one bedrooms. There was a large unfurnished fifty by twenty five foot dormitory behind the new six car garage. Twelve hundred and fifty square feet of floor space with a ten man shower stall, ten toilets and ten urinals. All of that had been shoe horned in under the existing garage and east wing. The thing that I didn't like about the dormitory was that access to it was through a stairway that also opened into the recreation room.
    I called Carl from France and I was told that eight inch reinforced walls had been poured to support the house. I only wish that I had known then what I know now. A close inspection exposed major fraud by the contractor. The blueprints I had before me show that the footprint of the lot had been cut down to bedrock, some fifteen feet beneath the street level along the front of the property. The original three bay garage that held my four vehicles with the third bay being tall enough to house Traveler© was seven feet below the street level. Under the bay for Traveler© was a lube pit so that I could get underneath the big boy for regular maintenance.
     Traveler's© bay floor was raised level with the other two bays to make a three bay garage deep enough to house two cars in each bay for six cars total. The driveway was recut to be able to turn in to a new two bay, three car deep, garage built on the perpendicular under the original garage with a straight extension of the drive for Traveler© to be parked under the new bungalows along the east side of my property. The granite bedrock had been lowered six inches for the addition. An eight inch, load bearing wall of reinforced concrete had been built as a support inside the south wall of the garage. There was no need for that wall with the steel skeleton of the original construction and I wanted to learn why it was built.
    Andy's radar company checked the wall and found that it was hollow. Someone pocketed a few thousand dollars for something that was never done or needed. The fraud was not discovered when during our trip to California for our pre-Christmas trip in 2005 I rectified the mis-aligned opening into the large dormitory behind the original garage.

    Ron came in wiping sweat from his face and looking very haggard, behind him were his two young shadows that I have watched him talking with over the period that he has been on this project. "Ron, you look like you could use a shower and a little rest." Lenny and Neil are two of my boys that have come to us from the state and both seemed to like being around Ron. I sent Ron on an errand, I have a case of Coca Cola® in the refrigerator of my office at all times, but I wanted a quick word with the boys. "Go have Edmund give you a cold Coke and you might bring one for each of your young helpers if you will." The look that Ron gave the pair affirmed what I had thought.
    "Talk to me," I told the boys as soon as Ron left, "do you want to do him?" Both of them did, I can read people very well, thank you.
    Ron returned with the cold drinks and brought one for me also. "Oh, trying to bribe me with my own soda, huh? Ron, this is the way it is in this house. These boys have their own minds, their own desires, and their own limits. You are a very trusted visitor to our house and are free to ask anything that you want. Our only limitation is that when a boy says no you must drop the subject and move on. That is an absolute, you are able to go as far as you wish, but if they, or you for that matter, says no then there is to be no more discussion, period.
    "Now, would you like to have these two boys show you where you can take a shower and rest awhile, they will even wash your back and stuff for you, if you want." Ron was all smiles as the two boys led him to our ground floor guest room. Ten minutes later Neil was back with a request from Ron.
    With Ron's crew running about I had closed off the doors to the granite house so that the family could have their privacy. I, on the other hand, had kept my clothes on and walked around the front of the house when I needed to see what had been going on. I really had no desire to see Ron naked, actually I had a desire not to see him naked. He is about ten years older than I am and at least a hundred pounds heavier than I, and he carries all of that on more than six inches less framework than I do. Neil told me that he needed some pointers. I grinned and followed the smooth skinned lad.
    Jan was sitting on a sofa softly crying as I stepped out of my office, "Do you want to talk to me, babe?" He looked at me as the dam burst and the tears flowed. I always know when a boy is in trouble and when a seventeen year old full back cries like Jan was crying there is trouble, extreme. Neil looked at me and Jan looked at Neil as I held my hand out to him. He moved to my side, but pushed me after Neil who led the way down the short hallway to the guest room where Ron sat on the edge of the bed with Lenny standing between two of the largest thighs that I have ever seen. I felt Jan jerk beside me and turned in time to see him stifle a laugh. I did the only thing that I could, I goosed his ass.
    I introduced Jan and Ron to each other and noticed Ron's appraisal of the hot bodied boy, Jan has filled out so much from the skinny little boy that Lew brought home from school two years earlier. I have heard rumors that Jan does not believe that he is gay and some of the boys think that he has a girlfriend. I told Ron that I had business to attend to, but I could take time to answer his question.
    His question knocked me off of my feet. Ron has never had a gay experience and he wanted a few pointers. I told him to do what felt right and the two boys with him would help him to learn more than he probably wanted to know. Ron looked at me with large, albeit forty year old, puppy dog eyes and asked me to show him. Jan whispered in my ear that he really needed a fuck and he didn't mind an audience. There was something very remiss with Jan's attitude so I had to consider the boy before I acquiesced. He had puppy dog eyes himself and his hand was down inside my pants as he held my cock in a loving way.
    Jan had Lenny and Neil help him to undress me, slowly, as I learned from Ron what he knew and what he wanted to learn. Ron had only had two blow jobs in all of his life. He was totally frustrated with the demands that women put on him and had been alone with his thoughts for more than five years. I asked him to share those thoughts, he looked at the naked cocks before him and smiled. I was sure of the answer, but I asked anyway, he has been thinking about being with a boy, quite a lot. I asked him what age he had in mind, he gave me the correct answer; old enough to cum, hard enough to fuck him silly and young enough to last all night.
    I asked him about the internet and he shared some of his favorite picture sights with us. Lenny was back between his legs and Ron was holding the boy's cock, I told him that he should start with the bird in hand. He looked at me and I told him to suck Lenny and not to quit until the five and a half inch cock went soft in his mouth. Ron bent forward and lapped at the sweet boy's cut cock as he tasted the forbidden fruit between the desirable boy's legs.
    Ron slipped off of the bed to kneel on the floor then he engulfed the youngster's cock like a starving man at a banquet. Lenny filled Ron with his juice much quicker than I would have liked, but Ron didn't seem to notice, or at least he didn't seem to care, he just kept on in his feeding frenzy. Lenny was wiggling around, but he stayed in there like a trooper, in moments he was fucking Ron's face as quickly as he could wiggle his tight little buns in and out.
    Lenny pulled himself tight against Ron's face and held the man's head tightly as once more the youthful fountain disgorged its nectar to the starving man. As Lenny let his hands relax Ron leaned back and wiped his mouth off, "I have been missing that for forty six years? I should have started this when I was a teenager, that is so much better than pussy." Jan had a knee jerk reaction to that word and I knew for sure that we needed to have a long talk.
    "I want to know," Ron looked at all three boys then he looked into my eyes. "I am curious about doing it with a guy, I mean I want to, you know…" I did know, I have seen it before, but never in a virgin this old, I have never even known a virgin this old.
    "Are you afraid of the pain?" I asked him, his downcast gaze told me that I had hit it on the nail head. I looked into Jan's eyes, he had whispered to me that he needed me up in him. He nodded at me and eye talked me to the side of the bed. I let him drop to his knees and lower my briefs to slowly reveal my cock to Ron's wide stare.
    "My god that is huge." I am used to that reaction, but it still makes a warm fuzzy fill my body.
    Jan lay on his back, I was not about to just fuck him. We might have had an audience, but the boy had a need that I was determined to sate with all of my powers. I made love to Jan in the manner that he wanted and, I sensed, needed. I began with tender kisses on his face and ears. Lenny and Neil took Ron to the bed and the three of them moved so that they could watch me work with Jan.
    Jan is always fun to be with, but that afternoon he seemed to be gabbing for more than he ever had. He was eager to make love as he returned to me as much as I was giving to him. I worked him over the very same way that I had done the afternoon that I laid him back on the breakfast bar in the old kitchen. He and Lew had exchanged blow jobs in private places about the school, but Jan had a virgin back entry until I opened his world for him in the midst of the after school snack that was set out for the boys that day. Mine was only a digital assault, Lew took the big plunge with the boy in his bed that evening, but Jan has always been more than eager to lay underneath me with his muscular legs spread wide for my entry ever since that day.
    This day was no different, by the time I worked my way to his sexy balls he was sweating bullets and begging me to love him. I worked my fingers into his amazingly tight chute and wondered how he kept himself so taut back there, I know that he is always eager to take on any of the boys, maybe I have only seen that which I have wanted to see.
    I felt his anus tighten and knew that if I was going to get his cream then I needed to go down on him, quickly. I took every foot of his seven and a half inch uncut cock down to the hairline and sucked him dry. He was loaded and I had all I could do to keep up with his ever flowing volume, but it was well worth the effort on my part and he seemed pleased.
    I was in bed with three others for demonstration purposes, but my chief concern was my sweet buddy that had been with my family for almost three years. I could feel his hunger as I moved to line up for that which Jan seemed to want most of all at the time. I looked into his precious blue eyes and saw his hunger staring back at me as they pleaded for my love to enter him. I wasted no time as I put my cock against his eager hole and pushed forward.
    Three voices moaned in unison as each watched Jan and I join, Jan moaned in pleasure as his eyes rolled to the top of their sockets and a smile of contentment crossed his face, "That is what I need, daddy, love me hard and love me long, but never let me go." I wasn't about to let him go, he has a problem and this was only a temporary fix, but I was going to make it a memorable fix.
    I leaned over and took Jan up into my arms and locked my lips to his as I made serious love to him with long, slow strokes. I turned to Ron, "Get on your hands and knees and sixty nine young Neil while Lenny rides you." Ron smiled at me and in moments Jan and I were alone as the other three on the bed were involved in their own lustful pleasure.
    I was very proud of those two youngsters as they showed Ron everything that he had missed out on, and more, for so many years. Ron has a large belly from years of junk food and beer, but when he rolled over to lay on his back his belly flattened more than I had thought that it would. Ron wanted to have Neil get between his legs and fuck him hard and fast. Neil was all for that. I asked Ron if he would like to get power fucked from both ends. I didn't wait for an answer, but told Lenny to mount himself on top and fuck as if he had never fucked before. Lenny took it up a step and bent forward to suck Ron as he and Neil each fucked their own manholes.

    Jan wanted to lay close together, my second favorite way to lay with a boy. I lay more on my side so that I could look at Jan and kiss his face as his tears began once again. He looked at me and the tears really began, "She's pregnant." Somehow I already knew that was coming. There are very few secrets in my house, but I was about to learn one that I had never suspected.
    "Tell me your feelings, are you going to marry her, live with her, or just support the baby?"
    "She's thirty two years old and married, she already has two kids." Ooops.
    "So are you sure that this is your baby?"
    "Yeah, her husband is in prison for DUI, he has been there for eighteen months and is due to get out after the first of the year."
    "Have you and…? what's her name discussed what you are planning to do?"
    "Her name is Abby, she is my biology teacher, or was last year at Wilson." Oh fuck, I had to work hard to contain myself. I learned that Abby had made the moves without any provocation from Jan. Jan had made somebody of himself with his remarkable grade improvement and his athletic abilities. He had been voted the MVP for the overall football season and the coaches had lauded his praise in an assembly before the entire student body. Sean and Art were also recognized, but Jan was the target for dear Abby.
    I am ahead of myself, let me back up a moment. Jan made his disclosure and knew that I had to get him somewhere private. Ron was asleep with two very happy boys laying with him so Jan and I slipped off of the bed. Ron awakened and looked at me, "It is almost four, buddy, you might want to plan on getting a shower and go see to your crew so that they can go home."
    Ron smiled at me and reached for his pants, he pulled out his cell phone to make a call, "Norm, hey how's it going out there. Okay, that sounds great. I am into a few details and I may not get back out there for a bit so why don't you tell the boys to go home as soon as they can wrap up what they're doing and I will see you at the house later." He snapped his phone shut, "Now I have time for more cream, these boys taste so good."
    I let a thought become words, "Dinner is at six, you are welcome to stay, but it is total au natural. If you would like we might find a bed for you to stay the night." Ron's eyes rounded out as he looked at his two new friends. Both boys wrapped their arms around him and told them that they would like to have sex with him all night long. I need to learn from the two boys the details of what I have read in their profiles sent to me by the CPS officer.
    Jan and I went to my room and sat in my jacuzzi for an hour while I listened to his complete story and gave him comfort, not condemnation.
    Abby Fortner began by rubbing his shoulders as she walked around the classroom. I know that there are more of my family that were in his class and I was surprised that I had not heard of that;, but I know that the boys are aware of my feelings of teachers, preachers, or priests that overstep themselves My mind flashed back to the young waiter at BAG Boys, he is the only student in my schools that I have had sex with, and it was wrong.
    Next she would stop Jan as he would leave her classroom. I have to share with you that all of my boys wear Levis 501s, and they fill them out very well indeed. Abby noticed that for herself and she would sit in her chair so that she was at crotch level and talk to Jan as he stood before her, it did not take him long to realize that she was talking to his crotch and not looking at him. The little perv played her game, each day before class would end he would move his cock up and to the left then work it into a stiffy. Abby became more aggressive with that view to focus on.
    The third time that Jan stood erect before her she dropped her pencil and bent forward to pick it up. Her movement placed her head in full contact with Jan's pride, he played his hole card and moaned, softly. The sound was not lost on Abby. Abby was wrong in instigating the actions, but Jan was wrong to encourage her, he should have told her that he was not interested in her advances, but then again he was being flattered by an older woman.
    Jan was asked to assist Abby in the school's book storage room. She had the boy on a ladder as she quickly opened his jeans and pulled his cock out. Jan had already told Damien that he was going to see how far she would go and he learned that she was going all of the way. He said that she sucked dick like a girl, I wonder why. She stroked his ego as she stroked his cock, she told him that she had never seen such a big cock and that he was such a good looking boy. I love his sweet blue eyes and blonde hair. His light brown pubes crown a nice cock nearly eight inches long. He has a slight curve in his cock toward his left side, I told him that he should jack off with his right hand for a few years so that his cock will bend the other way. He told me to suck him to the right. I did as we got in position to help each other rid ourselves of another load.
    Abby always needed Jan to stop by for one reason after another, the first time he went to her house she had him on her bed as she sucked his dick. It took her four weeks before she convinced the vulnerable boy to fuck her, Jan has the hangup of a lot of gay boys, he does not like the sight of pussy. She turned the lights out. In the dark he pretended that she was one of the guys as he fucked her doggy style. He told me that it took him three months before he could face her while he fucked her. I didn't question him about his feelings and what difference he experienced between her and a boy in his bed, he needs to volunteer that information to me.
    Jan had been one of the most vocal supporters of our virtual high school classes. Now I learned that he felt as if he could not say no to Abby, she had made innuendos about controlling his grades. Jan is a very good student and I know that he was doing A+ work in her class, but I guess he believed that she would flunk him if he did not acquiesce to her demands on him.
    Jan had come to me when school had let out the previous spring and told me that he was getting a new telephone number and he asked me not to give it to anyone, he said he would give to those that he wanted to have it, I got it though. Abby had called several of the boys trying to reach Jan and she was told that the message would be passed on.
    Jan had gone to the mall Monday evening where he came face to face with Abby and her children. She was very large, she told him that she was seven months along. Jan told me that he almost shouted when he told her that he might have fucked her, but it was not his baby. The boys picked up on it, they knew Jan's plight, they began to make loud talk about a teacher fucking around with a sixteen year old student and getting herself pregnant. Cory got in her face and in his most subdued, ninety decibel, voice told her that she should wait for her husband to get out of prison instead of being a child molester. He pointed to her two youngsters and asked her who was going to take care of them while she was in prison. The boys led Jan away and brought him home.
    I had seen Jan looking sad after his return the evening before, but I did not go to him at once, I felt bad. He grabbed me and told me that I could make it up to him, all night long. Cory will just have to understand. It was almost time for dinner so I helped Jan dress and he dressed me so that we would look our naked best at the table.

    As Jan and I had lain together a thought occurred to me. I sent Jan on to dinner and headed to Ron's room for some brainstorming. At first he looked at me as if I were truly mad then he told me that I had a great idea. I guess I don't know the man well enough to know what is on his mind. I asked him to get hold of John for me and have him on site early the next morning to discuss this latest hair brained idea of mine.
    As we made our way to dinner I heard my office phone ring. I stepped in to answer and saw the caller listed on the ID screen as being the Tucson Police Department. I answered and listened as Captain Shawn Howard identified himself. He informed me that he had an arrest warrant for Mr. Jan Morrison. I pressed him and learned that rape charges had been filed against Jan. I asked Shawn if he could wait until morning. He hesitated then agreed to be at the house at eleven o'clock, then I joined the boys at the table.

    I really need to learn about my boys, they have provided for themselves most of their young lives and something as mundane as helping a family member through a crisis was not going to stop their reproductive systems, even if there would be no reproduction coming from the system's working together.
    I had heard the name 'Normy' from Cory's lips in months past, but I did not associate the name with young Norm that was Ron's young trainee. When Jan and I arrived for dinner I saw a cute naked young and hung Norm sitting between Cory and a very embarrassed Ron. Norman, you apply the proper nickname, was Ron's nephew and was now living with his uncle.
    Normy, was a casual fuck and suck that Cory had met when they were juniors at Wilson High, but he had never been a guest in our house. We have an understanding that no one brings anyone home that he can not feel positive that the visitor won't blow his mouth off. Cory had mentioned to me once that he had this friend that was really getting in to having his ass fucked, but he was afraid that the dude might inadvertently out some of the other family members.
    I listened to Ron try to explain to his nephew how he had long been gay curious and had only learned, this very afternoon, the joys associated with gay sex. Normy simply lip locked Cory then told his uncle that he could have told him how good it was years ago, if he had only asked. Ron kissed Neil and told him that he was glad that he had waited to find this boy, then leaned over and kissed Lenny.
    After dinner I led Jan back to my office, but I asked Cory about his schedule for the following morning. I learned that it was already time for mid-term exams. Wednesday morning he would have an exam for his English Composition class and should be finished by nine thirty or ten. I asked him to be home by eleven and to stay dressed. He looked at me then kissed me good night before dragging Normy off to his, seldom used room.

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