Chapter twenty two


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    We got up and took a long hot shower together. One thing that I have on Traveler© that has been worth its weight many times is a tankless water heater. I have all the hot water I want when I want it with no storage tank sucking up fuel. I grabbed my enema hose and washed Will's butt out. He didn't know if he liked that or not. I got down in his face and locked eyes with him. "We are going to the police station. If for some reason they have a doctor examine you I do not want them to find my cum in your ass or on your nose. I would go to prison for a very long time and in a state a long way away from my home. I am going to be sure that there is no evidence of our love making."
    "Did we make love?"
    "I loved doing it. I don't like sex just for sex sake, I have to like the boy I am with and I really like you. I wish we could stay together a while, but we need to get your mom and step dad sorted out." He agreed with me, I felt better. I had him put his old clothes back on. I let him wear the heavy coat, but I wanted him to carry the thin coat, with the twenty dollar bill still pinned to it, into the police station with him.
    I parked across the street from the police station. A patrol car came by and told me that I couldn't park there. I told him that I had found this sexually molested boy abandoned on the highway, I wanted to make a report. He told me to leave Traveler© where it was and he would make sure that it didn't get towed off. We walked into the police station. I told the man at the front desk why we were there, he had us take a seat. In a few minutes two detectives came up to us, I told them our story. They took Will off to an office and closed the door. A few minutes later a uniformed officer led me to another office.
    I reiterated our story again and again. I had gotten to the point where I wished I had not gone to the police. An hour later one of the detectives came in where I was, I told him our story. He checked his notes, he looked at me then told me that Will would not talk to them anymore unless I was with him. He asked me if Will and I had any kind of relationship. I told him again how I found the boy, frozen and walking comatose on the highway. I told him, again, how I warmed him up, fed him, bought him a heavier coat, then got him to tell me his story. I told the detective that just maybe the young and venerable youngster may have a bit of a savior affixation for me. He nodded and asked me if I would be willing to sit in on Will's interview.
    As the door opened Will looked up and saw me. He ran across the room and jumped into my arms, wrapping his tiny legs around my waist, and began to cry. I moved to a chair and sat down. I held the boy tight and let him cry. As he began to calm down I looked at the detectives. "The boy has been traumatized today. First he was raped by his stepbrother then abandoned by his own mother. Every thing he ever knew or trusted was taken away from him today. He is in a strange town, a thousand miles from his home. He knows no one here and he is most rightly scared." Will continued to cry as if on cue.
    "I didn't tell them about Terry raping me. Now they are going to think I am a queer."
    "It is not your fault. He took advantage of you. He raped you."
    "He's done it before." The police were on the edge of their seats. One of them pushed the tape recorder closer to us.
    "Tell us about it, little one." Will sniffed and wiped his nose. I took a tissue and wiped his eyes. He smiled so that only I could see.
    "The night he moved in with my mom and me I sucked his dick. He is bigger than me and I didn't want him to hurt me so I did it. I have to suck him everyday, before school and at night when we go to bed.
    "This morning I woke up when he pushed his dick in my bottom. He had never done that before, it hurt. Then he pulled it out and made me suck him just as Ray came out of the bathroom. Ray thought I was doing it to Terry while he was asleep and he hit me and threw me against the wall." On cue Will began to cry and shake, violently. This boy is a born liar, I was almost afraid of him. He told this story with so much conviction that I was scared.
    The police brought us cokes and candy bars, then left us alone for awhile. Later they came back in and told us that we were going over to the hospital. I asked about Traveler©. They assured me that it was safe and would be there when I needed it. I wanted to get onboard and leave this whole mess behind, but I had dug my hole and I had to get out of it.
    Will would not let the doctor touch him unless I was with him. When Will dropped his pants the reaction of the two cops and the doctor was hilarious. I was anticipating their reaction to his big dick, but it was still funny watching their faces. Will turned to me and put his head on my shoulder as he showed his butt to the doctor. The doctor poked and probed. The cops took pictures. The doctor told us that there was extensive bruising, but no tissue damage. He told Will that he would be sore for a few days, but he would suffer no permanent affects.
    We were taken back to the police station. I was told that Will would be placed in a shelter and that I was free to go. Will went into the act of his life. He screamed and ran to me. He took a death grip on me and refused to let go. He had heard about shelters and he was not going to go to one. The detectives stepped outside. They came back in a few minutes later with a woman who identified herself as their Sargent. She told us that Will was probably right, he would most likely be molested because of his…"er, attributes," she said.
    She looked at me and told me that she had no right to ask me and of course I could refuse, but would I consider being a guest of the city in a fine hotel room and let Will stay with me. I told her that I would be more comfortable in Traveler©, but she told me that they could not consider that. She didn't expect that I would leave town with Will, but she had to follow guide lines. I agreed to the hotel.
    We were led out of our interview room and herded out a back door. Will stopped and tugged on my arm. I looked where he was indicating. A man, woman, and teenage boy were sitting on a bench with handcuffs on. "Will, baby. Come to momma baby. I love you, I didn't mean to hurt you." The detective pushed us to the door, Will didn't even look back.
    Wichita spared no expense on a room for us. It was more of a suite with a sitting room and big screen TV. The two bedrooms had queen sized beds. The bath had a whirlpool type tub, Will and I made full use of all of it. Well, we only used one bedroom. We ordered thick steaks smothered in mushrooms with baked potato and salad. We ordered a pitcher of iced tea and I had a carafé of hot coffee. I retrieved some new movies from Traveler© so we would have good TV for the evening. It was a good thing that I did, the local TV sucked.
    We buried in, stark naked and watched all three of the Lord of The Rings movies. We did not have anal sex, for obvious reasons, but we both drank deeply of each other's nut juice. I had a nice fire going in the fireplace so we were at peace with each other and the world.
    I awakened about three AM. I had this little nag in my brain. If Will could lie so easily to the police where would that leave us? He is young, he doesn't know about relationships, right now he is just having sex. He has no loyalty, what would happen down the line? If I somehow could stay with him would he turn me in a few years down the line? I just didn't know and it frightened me.
    I slipped on my trousers and a tee shirt then went down stairs to the all night coffee shop. I left a note on my pillow and on the back of the door in case Will awakened. I was deep into my third cup of coffee when he wrapped his soft hands around my forearm and snuggled up to me. "I missed you," he cooed. I put my arm around him and pulled him in.
    I could smell hot pastry, I asked the waitress. The pastry chef was making deserts for the day. I felt like a piece of fresh, hot cherry pie with cream. Will said that sounded good. A few minutes later we were digging in. Will licked his lips and rubbed his little belly. He had never eaten pie with cream. Ice cream or whipped cream, yeah, but not plain cream. It was a new treat for him.
    I almost had to carry a sleepy boy back to our room. I got him naked and tucked in the bed then I lay down beside him. He rolled up on top of me and stabbed my mouth with his thick sword as he swallowed mine. We nursed and sucked for a long time and fell asleep in the process. I awakened at six with his soft cock still in my mouth. I had a piss hard that needed attention at once.
    I carefully climbed out from under him and headed for the john. I had just gotten my cock aimed downward when he scooted in beside me and let his pee flow like a river into the bowl. My stream stopped and I started to shake my dick. Will grabbed it and put it in his mouth. He got those last three drops. "One of these days I want to try to drink your pee. I have thought about it for a long time, I love you and I want it to be you that I do that with the first time." I hugged him to me. Could he actually love me? Is he just emotional because of the sex? I don't think he knows about love, he is too young.
    I asked him if he was ready for breakfast. He giggled and pulled my hand as he led me back to the bed. "Cream filled tube steak, the bestest breakfast in the land." My cock disappeared down his throat, I pulled him to me and shared a bit of the same meal. He was a master at deep throat. He took all of me with ease as he made long strokes over my full length. He took me all the way back into his mouth where he whipped his tongue round and round my glans then took the glans all the way back down into his tight little throat. I was receiving maximum pleasure.
    He worked me with such energy that I was overwhelmed, he was able to pump his elongated shaft in and out of my oral receptor so that I was getting super pleasure from both actions. He filled my mouth with his young, sweet offering and within mere seconds I returned his favor. We nursed each other until we could no longer stand being touched.
    He turned to lay on top of me as we kissed. "I wish I had a piece of that hot pie with your cream on it."
    "I would like to have a cup of coffee with yours in it."
    "I can do that." He called room service for a pot of coffee. True to his word he jacked off into a cup of coffee for me. I watched as the boy jizz swirled around in my cup. I blew on my cup to cool it down a bit then swallowed the delectable offering. The sweetest cup of coffee ever. "Gads, I wish you could fuck me. My butt is so empty. I never knew it could feel so good."
    I sat my coffee cup down and lay back pulling him with me. I spread his legs in front of my face and began to rim him. He squealed like a little girl. He had never considered that, but he loved it. I ate him for a good ten minutes until I felt his cock begin to throb. I pushed him up and took his cock into my mouth as I shoved two fingers into his tight, almost virgin hole. He pushed his cock down my throat. I began to slowly fuck his tight little hole as he moaned and fucked my mouth.
    When I knew he was getting maximum pleasure I changed my angle of attack and started to stroke against his tiny prostate. That caused his head to rear up and a scream of pleasure emit from his tiny mouth. He began to fuck my mouth in earnest. I began a faster digital assault on his butt nut. He was moaning and sweating like never before. He fired off with such a volume that it astounded me. I knew that a prostate massage was good for a massive cum, but Will had just jacked off four minutes before as he filled my coffee cup. The boy was a cum machine.
    He lay on top of me as we swapped spit. "I know that you don't believe me, I am too young to know about such things, but I do love you. No, wait, let me finish. I have good feelings with a lot of guys when we do sex stuff, but with you it is different. I get a lump in my throat when I think about you, even when we are not making sex. When you walked in that room at the police station my heart lept in my chest. I was so happy to see you, not just because I was scared, but I was really glad to see you. I was afraid that they might not let me see you ever again and that is why I was crying so much. I missed you so much.
    "I, I don't know what it is, but I feel like you and I belong together. I wish you were my dad. I want to be with you forever. If you told me right now that we could never have sex again I would still be happy if I can just be with you. Does that make sense?"
    "A whole lot of sense, little one. A whole lot of sense." I pulled him to me and held him tight.
    "There is something I want to tell you. Why I said that Terry stuck it in my butt while I was asleep. Well, I thought that they would want to look at me since you told them that he had raped me. If they looked at my butt I knew that they could tell that someone had been in there this morning so I did the only thing I could think of. I didn't want them to think that you had…"
    This boy was quick on his feet and I felt stupid for my earlier misgivings. Will is surely one for the books. We cuddled up together and just lay there. Thirty minutes later he told me he was hungry. Surprise, surprise. We took a long shower making sure that no parts went unattended then dressed to head down to breakfast.
    The hotel had one hell of a breakfast buffet. There were piles of pastry of every conceivable kind. There were imported meats and fish and stuff that I didn't even know about. We opted for an good old fashioned American greasy breakfast. We loaded our plates with piles of bacon and sausage. I had a mountain of scrambled eggs, he had an omelet with half the garden in it. I got a second plate with thick, fluffy biscuits covered with sausage gravy. We ate until we had to loosen our belts. We drank gallons of juice, I had tomato, apple, orange, and passion fruit as well as several cups of coffee. I knew I was going to spend a great deal of time in the bathroom today.
    We sat there looking over the remains of our war on the food as the two detectives walked up. Will slipped into the booth beside me so that they could sit opposite us. The waiter cleared the table and brought all of us coffee, Will another glass of passion fruit juice. "We are in touch with the boy's grandmother in Sacramento. She wants him to come live with her. There is a bit of a problem though."
    I looked at them and waited. They were looking at Will. "You really don't like to fly?"
    "No sir. I get scared. They had to let me off the plane, twice. I threw up everywhere and started shaking, bad."
    "It's too far for him to take a bus. I don't know how to get him out there."
    "So just ask, I would be more than happy to drive him out. I am retired. I call my RV Traveler© because that is what I like to do. I have no place to go. I would consider it an honor to take Will home."
    "This is most unusual. It may even be illegal. You are not related to the boy and you have no rights. If he should require medical treatment, for example…"
    "So, we call the grandmother and have her send us temporary guardianship papers."
    "They are on the way. We were sure you would do that. There is a strange bond between you two. I was a little uncomfortable with you. I don't know if you are a pedophile or not and I don't want to put this boy in harm's way. However, his grandmother seems to feel that he could not come to any harm. She is very confident of her grandson.
    "We will need you to be here for the arraignment Monday, but after that you can go."
    "I would like to go down to Oklahoma to see my uncle and family for a day or two, could Will come with me?"
    They looked at each other for a moment then nodded. Will squeezed my arm, under the table. We were taken back to the police station. I talked to the grandmother on the phone, she asked me if anybody was listening in. I told her that I didn't think so. She told me, cryptically that she knew of Will's activities and she was sure that I did too. She was okay with it and would welcome my stabilizing input, I was shaken. She thought a trip to a real Indian reservation would be a real treat for her grandson and faxed over special permission for the side trip.

    I rented a car and left Traveler© in their secured parking lot. I figured we could make better time and save a little on fuel. A little past noon Will and I set out for the four hour drive to Cory and Steve. I told Will about Cory and how we met, I told him a little more than I should have, but I love Cory so much and I was excited about seeing him. It would be such a surprise for us to just roll up on him.
    We pulled up to Steve's house a little before three. What do I know about speed limits? Steve was overjoyed to see us and wanted to call the relations. I asked him to wait until the next morning. We could spend all day Saturday partying, but tonight I wanted to be with Cory.
    Cory burst through the front door. "Hey gramps, who's here…" He spotted me and ran across the room throwing himself into my embrace. His tears were bountiful and his kisses never ending. "Don't ever leave me again, daddy. I miss you so much."
    Daddy? I looked at Steve he had a smile a mile wide. "You are the only man he ever knew and he loves you. He wants you to be his dad. He is happy to be my grandson, but he needs a dad in his life." I just held him close. I saw Will move out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't see his face, but I knew what he must be feeling. I reached out and snatched him into our hug so quick that it knocked the air out of him.
    "Would you like a little brother?" Cory looked at him then at me. His eyes clouded, I wiped them with my thumb. He took Will into his arms and hugged him. I excused us to Steve then told Cory to take us to his bedroom. Steve told us dinner would be late today, but he was looking forward to sharing his table with us. I shook his hand and kissed his cheek, I love that old warrior too.
    I tore Cory's clothes off of him as Will started on mine. I pulled Will's clothes off as Cory finished me. I picked Will up and stood him on the bed in nothing, but his underwear. I pulled Cory close to me I pushed his face close to Will as I slowly pulled the boy's pants down. Cory's eyes got bigger and bigger as the thick shaft of Will's pride came into view. I had about four inches of his cock revealed and watched Cory drool. I yanked the pants down letting Will's eight inch cock spring up hitting Cory in the chin. "Oh, by the way, Cory, did I mention that Will is a top. A very proficient and prolific top. He has been exclusively top for three years." Cory was fidgeting. I know his ass was hungry for the meat hanging in his face.
    I jumped on Cory's bed and called him to me. He took the position and shoved his sweet meat down my throat as he raised his ass and spread his cheeks before Will. Will moved in and pushed his cock in, dry. Cory moaned in his discomfort. "Fuck that feels good. Get my butt juice flowing and fuck me stupid."
    "Who's stupid?"
    The boys bantered about with this for a few minutes as Will long stroked Cory to complete surrender. Cory settled down on my cock and we began a hot, slow three way suck and fuck. Cory had a couple of days build up which he drained in three orgasms. Will stroked Cory's butt nut with all of the passion he could muster. When we rolled apart we were all much happier.
    I looked over at Will. I asked Cory if he minded. He smiled and gave me a nod. I pushed Will to his back and got between his legs. He smiled at me. "I thought we couldn't do this."
    "I'll be easy on you." He giggled and pulled his legs back. I ate his ass out and got him wet and loose. I lined up and slid slowly in. He was so tight that it was like shoving my cock through the eye of a needle. He rolled his eyes back in his head and pushed up to meet me. Cory bent over and took his huge cock in his mouth. Will pulled Cory over to him and began to suck him as I pushed all of the way in his tight poop chute.
    I began my movement to a cacophony of pleasant moans from both boys. I was in heat as I started to pound Will's tight butt. I was having feelings that I didn't know existed within me. I love fucking Cory, but Will's tiny butt was magic. I didn't last as long as I wanted to, I drained myself and fell away. The two boys stayed locked in their embrace. Will had emptied his balls moments before I had, but he kept on going. Cory rolled over pulling the smaller boy on top of him.
    Once on bottom Cory wiggled his butt at me so I settled down to a nice hot lunch at the y. My tongue went slack an hour later so I climbed on board and gave Cory what he wanted most. He moaned his appreciation as he wiggled himself into a more comfortable position. I knew he needed a slow fuck so that's what I gave him. We all rolled to our side without any separation and let our passions consume us. We awakened in the same position and resumed our duties to each other then cleaned up and headed down to eat dinner with Steve and Cory's mother, Sandra.
    I had a chance to sit down with Sandra while Cory took Will on a tour of the area. She had a good outlook on life now. She had been here nearly two months and had found a man that she really liked. She was sober and clean, I congratulated her. She thought that she would like to settle down, but she was worried about Cory. She felt that he didn't need or want her, but she felt obligated.
    I talked trash to her. I know her language and I got right down with her. I asked her why she felt an obligation after what she had put him through all of his life, especially the last seven years. I asked her how she thought he should feel after she let her marks fuck her son. How should he feel when she lay beside him, teaching him how to suck a man's dick because she was so wasted that she couldn't hold her head up. She was in tears and I kept up my assault. I looked at the doorway and saw Steve watching us. He smiled and nodded at me. I was totally relentless as I went for the juggler. I asked her if she would make him steal for her so she could continue her ways when she backslid.
    That was the final stroke. She broke down and told me that she knew she was unfit. She fell in love with a dream, Cory's father, but that dream ended and she couldn't handle it any longer. She admitted that she really didn't want to be a mother, but she was obligated. Cory walked over to her and told her not to feel that way. He had nothing for her and was nothing to her. He had a dad that adored him and a grandfather that doted on him, he didn't need a whore who felt obligated. He turned and walked out.
    I wasn't quite sure where this was going to go, but I knew that the cards were on the table. Now I had to try to make some sense of the mess that Will had dug us into. Everybody headed off to bed, but I couldn't sleep. I was in a gay boy lover's heaven with a horny boy on each side of me. They both loved me and I loved them, but I was in a quandary. When I was sure they were both asleep I slipped out of bed. I grabbed my cell phone and walked outside, naked.
    It was late November in Oklahoma and quite cold, but my heart was heavy. I had so much on my plate and I had put every bit of it there. My immediate thoughts had turned to Cas. There he was, in Tucson, AZ, alone. It was Thanksgiving week and probably the first holiday that he wasn't with his family, I called him. There is a two hour time difference so it was only just after nine pm. He answered on the first ring.
    "Oh, I have missed you. Thank you for calling me, I love you."
    "This is the FBI. We are looking for a boy fucker that we have reason to believe has been up your butt."
    Cas laughed so hard that he dropped his phone. He got control of himself and came back on the line. "I have missed you too, my man. What's going on?"
    "Well, I'm on the bench for the next two games." I made him explain. "A big ass tackle was picking on a towel boy. He was all over the guy, calling him a fag and a fairy footy and a pussy booty. I got so mad I grabbed him. He took a swing, I ducked, but I connected with his chin. A coach saw it and I got set down."
    "You were defending another and you swung in self defense."
    "I grabbed him, so I instigated it. He got set down for five games so it's not a total loss. I bedded the towel boy. He's a good head. Tiny cock, can't bottom for shit and I don't want to top him." He giggled.
    "Can you get away for the rest of the week?"
    "Thanksgiving, no school."
    "Is there a game next weekend?"
    "Pack a ditty bag. I'll have you a plane ticket to Wichita Sunday."
    "Why not tomorrow?"
    "I'm in Oklahoma. I won't be back in Kansas until Sunday evening or whenever your plane lands. I'll call you tomorrow to let you know what time to be at the airport. Lock the house up and leave the cars there. Take a bus to the airport." He agreed and we made small talk as he stroked his small buddy. He had a good nut and I smiled as I told him that I loved him and would see him Sunday.
    I then called Will's grandmother. I poured my heart out to her as I told her of my misgivings about what Will was doing to his stepbrother, Teddy. She sighed and told me that she was so glad that I felt this way. She was beside herself as she anguished over this very situation. I asked her to fly over and I would meet her at the Wichita airport Sunday. She agreed. I walked down to the river and decided to be stupid and dove in. I knew it was deep enough, but the water is fairly swift, it was dark, I was alone and nobody knew where I was. I stayed in easy reach of the house as I lounged about for a few minutes. I didn't want to take much time for fear of being carried away by the current.
    I climbed out of the water and headed back for the house. I saw a figure on the long back porch that spanned the length of the house. As I drew closer I could see that it was Will. "Hey little buddy, how's it hanging?"
    "Oh, long and hairy, hard to carry, a little to the left, a little to the right. with the most down the middle." He giggled. I don't know what to say to him. "I…man…I, uh, need to talk. I…uh, I think I fucked up and I don't know what to do." I put my arm around him and led him over to the chairs. "It's too cold out here aren't you freezing?" He felt my skin. I told him that I had just gone for a swim. He opened the door and we went inside to sit in front of the fireplace.
    I pulled up some blankets that Steve had stacked in a corner as Will put a log on the fire, I put my arm around him. He leaned into me and gave me a kiss, nothing passionate. I lay back with him on my arm and listened. It took a little time, but he finally emptied his heart to me. He didn't like the lie that might get Ted some jail time, or at least marked as some sort of sex pervert.
    I told him that Ted would more than likely have to register as a sexual offender and that would go with him for the rest of his life. Will was crying softly now. We talked about what he could do. He was really scared that they would discover that he had been having sex with me and I would stand no chance of getting clear. He cried himself to sleep so after an hour or so I carried him back to bed. where I lay down between both of my best friends.
    Saturday morning came and the relations came by to say hi. I met Sandra's boy friend, he was a nice guy and one of Steve's nephews. He told me that he was ready to take Sandra as his wife and he would keep her barefoot and sober. He told me he knew of her past and he was not going to let her fall back into that. The only reason that he could understand her prostitution was her habit. Drugs were very hard to get where they were and he could control the booze. Cory was up for that and had given his blessing. I left it between them.
    I called the airlines and got tickets arranged for Cas and Betty. I called both of them with their departure times and arrival times. Then joined the party, in progress.
    We ate burned cow and guzzled fire water till dark then hauled our asses to bed, I had a full day tomorrow. Steve caught me as we headed up the stairs, I had not taken time to be with him. I sent the boys on their way as I joined my friend in a long talk at his kitchen table. I unfolded the entire mess before him and asked what he would do. He smiled and told me that I had every base covered and he wouldn't be a bit surprised to see it all turn out perfectly. He liked little Will and he hoped that I could find a way to be part of the youngster's life.
    After a night without sex I awoke rested and ready to face the world. We had a good breakfast of pancakes cooked the Indian way. I don't know what that was, but the old woman at the stove did and she kept plenty of the light, fluffy pastries coming. I enjoyed the home made sausage that Steve packs himself and fresh honey from his own hives. He had maple syrup from his own maple trees and milk fresh from the udder. I could think of only one other udder from which I liked to drink fresh cream, but everybody told me I was a pervert. Cory and Will jumped up and pumped me some fresh cream for my coffee. Steve's cook said she was through and went home for the day.
    We sat at the table and talked a little and I asked Cory how he would feel about being home schooled. His eyes brightened as he looked at me. I told him that Steve and I had talked and he had already arranged for this contingency and had the lesson plans at the house. He had seen the suffering that Cory was going through and had thought about calling me to take him during Christmas break, but Thanksgiving was even better. Cory was in the old man's lap hugging him so tight that his face was red. I told him that he looked like a red man now. Steve told Cory that he would take care of things at school for him. He said his seat as president of the school board should carry some weight.
    I loaded up two very happy boys in the rental car. I did get a little static when I told them that I would not stand for them fighting over who was going to ride where. I made both of them ride in the back seat. I got the silent treatment for nearly fifteen minutes until they started playing different traveling games that they had played in their travels with their families.

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