Chapter 239


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Rodney continued the work on his house even though his dad is not with him. He has recruited Cory to act as the site supervisor as he relentlessly drives himself on. The other boys are enjoying the work. They do, however, get a bit frustrated with Rodney's determination. The man child knows what he wants and he is adamant that everything be done his way. Cory has had no problem with what Rodney wants. He knows that his young brother has studied the plans and the design that he himself made and had Cory draw up for him.
    A county building inspector had come to the property and signed off the final inspection for all of the wiring and plumbing work. He inspected the house for the county's requirements for insulation and found that the house exceeded the specs set by the code. He sighed off the remaining parts of the work and cleared the way for the house to be closed up with roofing and sheetrock.

    Early in the morning, before the sun arose to heat things up, the boys were on the roof setting the steel roofing panels in place. A special tool was needed to crimp the panels together and lock them to the cleats nailed to the sub roof. The anodized steel panels are guaranteed by the manufacturer to last at least fifty years without any maintenance. The work went swiftly with the many hands at work. By ten o'clock the roof was covered and the solar collectors for the water heating system were set into place. RD and Tequasi worked quickly to tie the plumbing and wiring for the panels into place before the roof's heat would become unbearable.
    At just past eleven RD and Tequasi climbed down from the roof and turned on the pump to send the propylene glycol mix through the collectors and down to the sixty gallon, stone lined storage tank buried in a recess under the floor of a closet in the house. The tank for the geothermal heated water for the heat pump is located in that same recess. The two joined the rest of the crew to set similar steel panels into place as siding for the house. By the time they broke for lunch, around two, the house was completely enclosed from the elements. A little caulking around the windows and the setting of the window trim was all that was needed on the outside.

    That afternoon a near crisis occurred when Tequasi and Shikoba hung a piece of sheetrock with an opening for an electrical outlet cut in the wrong place. Rodney had driven himself to the point of near exhaustion when that simple, and easily fixed, error came along. The man child began to rant and scream at everyone. RD grabbed him up and took him out to Traveler© and placed him on the back bed. He undressed his little brother and stroked his feelings, physically as well as emotionally.
    RD has a beautiful baritone singing voice and he sang soothing soliloquies into Rodney's ear. Within ten minutes the man child was at peace and sleeping soundly. RD returned to the rest of the boys and continued to work on the house. At four o'clock Rodney returned to the housed, rested, peaceful, and clam. He apologized for his outburst and was quickly hugged and kissed by all of his Indian family.

    A youngster of thirteen rode his horse up to the house and asked for permission to enter. Cory knew the boy and invited him in. Rodney looked at the newcomer and quickly recognized him as an old playmate from his childhood. Both boys walked through the house as Rodney showed off his love shack.
    The new boy was happy to report that he now had his warrior name. He is now known as iZl—Inoli—Badger. He had ferreted out a badger sett—den—with over nine adults and many young in it. Though the badger diet consists largely of earthworms, insects, and grubs, they also eat small mammals. They had killed the family's pet dog and a few cats. This sett had become a nuisance to his father's potato field. They had burrowed through it, eating the spuds and the roots of many of the young plants.
    His father gave the boy permission to find the sett and do what he could to eradicate them after he had stepped into a burrow tunnel close to the surface and broke his leg. The location of the sett had been easy to find. Inole was aware of the ferociousness of the small animal so he had approached with caution. He planed to climb a tree and kill the animals as they left the sett. It took him two days and three nights to ferret out a large boar and two younger boars. He killed six sows and fifteen cubs. He located three openings into the sett and placed smoking grasses into the holes to drive out, or kill, any more of the animals.
    He skinned the animals and sold the meat to Mr. Wayne at the general store. Many of the tribesmen enjoy a good badger stew. He took the hides to Kway and asked her to make a robe of them for his father, he gets chilled in his bones when the weather turns cold. Rodney asked Inoli how he had been able to kill the badgers. They are a swift animal, able to run more than fifteen miles per hour. Inoli said that he climbed the tree. He said that when the badgers started to climb the tree to get to him he placed an arrow directly into their hearts.

    When the two boys were away from everyone else Inoli stole a quick kiss from Rodney. Rodney looked at his old friend and smiled. The two boys spent the night in the new house. They slept on the floor before the fireplace and snuggled beneath the large bearskin that Rodney had in the lean to shelter. Inoli had only sucked the cock of one other boy that was a year younger than himself. The boy had also sucked him. He was eager to try it with a boy that had a larger penis.
    Rodney was tender with the near virgin boy. He taught him much about how to suck a cock and he taught him how it felt to be rimmed. Inoli enjoyed that part very much. He allowed Rodney to enter him and his whole life changed. Rodney has grown beyond his years. He sports a nice six and a half inch, uncut cock. He was gentle with his new boyfriend as he slowly slipped himself inside. Inoli experienced the discomfort of his first penetration, but Rodney's soft talk in his ear made him endure the pain. He had loved Rodney for several years and he was ready to do anything to please the Fire fox.
    Rodney had never penetrated a virgin boy as young as Inoli. He loved the tightness of the boy's rectum. He taught Inoli how to flex his rectal muscles and how to fuck back as he thrust inward. The boy caught on quickly and the two youngsters made mad love to each other for more than an hour.
    Chris has taught Rodney well. Rodney knows that it is only fair to return any favor to his partner. Inoli was small, he is only thirteen. His penis was four inches long and not as thick as a good cigar, but both boys had fun. Inoli had learned much from Rodney making love to him and he showed his new knowledge in a passionate romantic interlude that gave both boys the deepest pleasure.
    When Inoli sent his load deep into Rodney's rear end he howled like a dog at the moon. He became a fucking and lust driven sex fiend as he pummeled Rodney with all of the passion he could muster. He fucked himself until he shot a second load without rest from the first. That amazed the youngster. He rolled aside, totally spent and panted for air. The sweat had saturated his body and he longed for a coll breeze to soothe his ravaged body.
    Rodney showed Inoli that ATM was not all that nasty. The two boys took up a sixty nine position and sucked each other. When Inoli shot another load Rodney spread Inoli's legs as the boy continued to suck the first long dick of his life. Rodney dove into the boy's back entrance to felch all of the good things that he could find from the dark passage.
    Rodney shot another load of the cream that Inoli had come to love. He wanted to try ATM for himself so the two boys rolled over so that Rodney was on his back. Inoli proved to be a very hungry and eager young gay boy in training.
    When the sun arose both boys were well spent having each rid himself of at least six loads of boi spunk. Inoli had no idea that he could cum more than once. He had once masturbated a second time, but that had been several hours after his first release. The boys had fucked each other twice and sucked each other four times. When they awakened Rodney's dripping cock was lying softly between two tiny globes. He had managed to get it up and in for the third time that night.
    The boys showered in the new bathroom. Rodney was happy to find that the solar water heater was working. He had worried that the panels on his steel clad roof might not produce enough hot water for a long shower. He and Inoli had plenty of hot water as they carefully washed each other's bodies. Inoli dropped to his knees to suck Rodney one more time before they headed out to the fire where Cory and RD were preparing breakfast.
    All of the boys were naked and many of them has their cock at half mast. They smiled knowingly at the two young lovers, they had been a bit loud in the still of the woods. Ita was sporting a good five inch hard on. Rodney saw Inoli looking at it. He placed his arm around Inoli's shoulder and told him that everyone in the group loved to suck and be sucked. He told the young boy that if he wanted to suck someone's cock all he had to do was to ask his permission. Ita held his cock up and told Inoli that he could suck it dry. He said that he would suck Inoli in return later in the day.
    Before breakfast was ready Inoli had sucked the man cream from four boys. He was checking out RD when he sat a plate full of bacon and eggs before the boy. RD told him to eat his food first then he could have desert. True to his word RD gave the boy what he wanted after breakfast was finished and the dishes were cleared away. RD laid back on the table with his legs off of the end. Inoli got between the spread thighs and began to suck on the monster cock that he was sure would never fit into his mouth.
    Rodney got behind Inoli and pushed himself inside the boy. He whispered instructions to the boy on ways to open his throat for the giant phallus to make its grand entry. Ita crawled under the table and began to suck on Inoli's cock as Rodney fucked into hm. RD's cock slid more than half way into the young throat when he erupted, nearly drowning the novice cock sucker.

    The boys began their work inside the house. They were painting the finished walls. Inoli stepped up to each boy and asked for permission to suck his cock. By ten o'clock Inoli had filled his belly with the cum of each boy. He had been fucked by Ita, Isi, and Inagei and their cum was rolling down the inside of his tender, young thighs. The boys thought that a swim in the creek was in order before lunch. Inoli wanted to take on Cory before he would swim.
    Cory took the boy into a sixty nine position on the grass and made him squeal with delight. Rodney was asked to make up the ménage à trois so he took to his knees above Cory's head. He spread the legs of his new found lover and entered in the well prepared hole that was still filled with the juice of the other three boys. Inoli has sworn his allegiance to the brotherhood of homosexual, queer fags for the rest of his life. He wants to move in with the boys so that he can suck them several times a day and he wants to be fucked by each of them. He held RD's cock in one hand and Cory's in the other as he kissed the head and swore his oath.
    The next morning the tile and carpet layers were on the job. The bathrooms were tiled around the tub and shower as well as the floor. The kitchen and family room received the quarry tile that Rodney and his dad had selected. Carpet was laid in the bedrooms and hallways. The living room carpet was put into place, but the work around the tiled entrance and the passageway into the tiled kitchen and the family room had to wait until the tile was grouted the next day.
    By the end of the sixth week of work on the house it was finished. All of the boys loaded up in the two Travelers© and headed for Camp Christopher. Inoli was sad to see them go. He had enjoyed the best two weeks of his life with the boys and he had fallen in love all over again with his old friend, the Fire fox.

    I was in full contact with the dispatcher. I told him that none of us were injured. I told him that the windshield looked as if someone had sprinkled it with glitter. There were thousands of tiny needle like pieces of metal embedded in the glass and in the hood of the limo. I was told to keep everyone inside of the vehicle, help was on the way.
    A car next to us was on fire. Its windshield was gone. The driver sat behind the wheel, his face embedded with the tiny darts. Bystander rushed to remove his body from the burning vehicle. I looked at the burning truck that had launched the missiles at us. It was a disaster. My driver had had the presence of mind to lock a laser beam on the front wall of the truck's cargo area then he set of a SSM. Cullen had equipped my car with rocket launchers! I felt like a real life James Bond.
    Two FI SUVs pulled up to either side of us. Four agents, in full body armor, surrounded my car. Each of us were passed a heavy vest and told to put them on. An agent helped me out of the car. A shaken Pete followed me. I looked for Mike and Bry. Bryan was curled up on the floor of the limo shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. Mike told me that he had him.
    I turned to look at the car. It was peppered with the tiny darts. I knew not to touch them, but I had to see them. I bent close so that I could examine them with my bare eyes. The tiny slivers of metal were each about three quarters of an inch long and cut into a triangular shape, they looked like they were very sharp. They had been made to cut through the regular armor of a military vehicle. It was then that I realized that the limo was still running. Of course it was, we had been enjoying the air conditioning.
    The FI agents cleared the crowd away and guided my driver out of the tight jam. We got back in the limo and locked the doors. As we slowly pulled away I saw the bodies of the two motorcycle escorts laying on the ground. Their bikes were on fire. There were people on the sidewalk being tended to by others. I had to say a prayer for the victims and their families.
    We slowly drove past the burning truck. The cab was split in two with its jagged parts fanned out. The motor of the truck was on the ground fifty feet away, it was torn in two. The body of a headless man lay on the ground between the destroyed truck and the trashed motor. He had a box in his hands with what appeared to be a joy stick. The missile that had been fired at me was flown by wire. This was an assassination attempt on my life. I wondered whom I had crossed this time.

    I took Bry into my lap. He assumed his favorite position and curled up as he placed his head next to mine. "When is it going to end, dad?"
    "When the Lord Jesus returns to take all of his Saints with him to Heaven,"
    I cradled the boy as I spoke to the driver. I told him to take us on to the plane. There was nothing that I could do at the time. I wanted to get Bryan as far away from all of the pain as I could, and quickly.
    I spoke to Mike in Tsalagi. I told him that the Holy Spirit had surrounded us with Angels and that we were safe. He smiled at me and said that the Angel in this case may be the car. One can never out guess our Lord.
    Mike sat back and chanted quietly as we continued our journey. I joined in silently so as not to disturb Bry.

    Once he was in his co-pilot's seat Bry was his normal self. He went through the pre-flight check list with Pete in a professional manner. The ground crew had made a pot of coffee, that was the medicine that I needed. I went to the back and sat down.
    I called Head of Station-Munedavia for information on the rocket attack. "Hello, sir. You made a real enemy of Lord Whézier. Our office has been investigating certain information we had on him. He is a strong supporter of al Qaeda. He ordered a hit on you from his prison cell. We only learned about it this morning when we sent you the message. By then it was too late to intercept you. We did not know where they were going to try to get you, or how. We had scanty information.
    "The word that we received this morning was that a bomb was set to kill you on the way to your plane. The woman that gave us that information is a trusted member of the Whézier household. We are going to watch after her until we can move her and her children to safety.
    "Sir, that's really about all that we know at this time. We will keep digging and keep you advised."
    I thanked him for the information and settled back into my seat and sipped at my coffee. I awakened to Pete's voice in my soundbud. We were landing in Paris.

    I wanted to give the three boys a thrill. I had our driver take us over to Travelaire Three©, an almost identical plane to Travelaire Too© with a few factory upgrades in the interior. We climbed the steep steps and toured the new plane. Pete rushed to the cock pit like a kid to a Christmas tree, Bryan was right behind him.
    I held Mike back to talk for a minute. "Thank you for telling me of your vision. It is always best to know what is coming. We have no power to prevent many of the bad things that come along, but the Holy Spirit does. I praise the Lord for his intervention. He has kept us safe. This incident encourages me to continue on this mission.
    "Mike, you know how much I love all of you boys. You are going to help me to return twenty of the greatest boys around. We are are going to return the boys home that you met in Moscow last spring. All of them Russian born and raised, but most of them speak very good English. The Russian government will not give them permission to immigrate. They have been on a field trip to Paris for the past three months. We had fun together last srping, right? We are going to have fun with them again as we take them to their new school and spend a few days there.
    "I want to ask for your help. I would like to ask you to help me sow the seed of the Holy Spirit in these boys. They are from a nation that has oppressed religion for many years so they have but a vague idea of what Christianity is. We can't preach to them, they will not understand. I would like for them to see you praising the Lord with Bry. Let them see your faith at work in your every deed.
    "Mike, you do that everyday. I am proud of you. You have come a long way since that day at Chief Steve's house. I have cried because you were hurt by the beatings that day, but I have cried in joy because that beating changed you. Please show the love of Jesus to these boys as you love them and work beside them."
    Mike and I hugged tightly. We had lingered a bit too long, Bry poked his head out of the cockpit door and told us to get a room. Mike and I went to see the brain center of the giant aircraft.
    A man came onboard in shirt sleeves. "Hello, may I help you. I am the Captain of this plane."
    "Hello, nice to meet you. I am the owner of this plane. Are you a certified flight instructor?"
    He was. I introduced him to Pete and Bryan. They both showed him their licences. I introduced Mike as the navigator on this fligh and he showed the man his licence. I told the man that he was going to serve as an instructor on this flight to teach the two younger, but certified, pilots everything they needed to know to crew the plane.
    He protested. I asked him if he had someplace to stay in Paris while he waited for the plane to return from Russia. He asked me if I was firing him. I told him that I could, but that I would rather have him help my personal crew. I told him that Pete had been my personal pilot for a number of years and that my son Bryan had just been certified to fly jets. I told the man that Bryan was also my helicopter pilot.
    The man started over and extended his hand, "Hi, I'm Captain Lawrence Frakes. I am the pilot of this plane. I will be happy to teach these two men everything I know about this plane."
    He wanted to know about the name that had been painted on the side of the ship. I explained the about all of my Traveler© family and how I had come to name them. He loved the name Voyageur Marin ©. He has a fifty foot sailing yacht that he hopes to sail around the world in someday.

    I said farewell. I needed to gather twenty frisky boys from my school in Paris and return them home to their newly rebuilt school in Moscow. He had not known that his passengers were school boys. I saw the look in his eyes. "They are all gay and some of them like to spend time with an older man." He absentmindedly rearranged his crotch. I will let him stay at the school for the few days we will be there.

    The boys wanted to stay aboard the plane for a few hours so that they could familiarize themselves with the locations of all of the instruments. Captain Frakes agreed to stay with them and help them. I felt good about that.
    I stepped off of the plane and got into the SUV that would take me to BAP. I called Rémi Robèrt to let him know that I was in transit with an ETA of twenty minutes. He told me that the boys were anxious for my arrival. He laughed as he told me that they all had their bags packed and sitting by the door. I asked him if they were tired of Paris or just homesick. We both had a good laugh over that.
    When I pulled into the school grounds all of the students were lined along the driveway. They were wearing blue jeans and tee shirts with the school's crest printed on the left breast. My driver pulled up to the circle driveway and I stepped out. Twenty young men stood at attention at the main entrance, they began to sing the school's song. They sang in Russian. I picked up a few words of the song that they had changed to make it their school song.
    When the Russian students finished their version the remaining students picked up the song again. This time everyone joined in as it was sang in English. The title of Bradford Academy Paris was shortened to just plain Bradford Academy. Then the boys grabbed my heart. They had composed an anthem to me. They all stood stiff and sang to the top of their voices with their eyes locked directly on me. Every face that I could see had tears running down the cheeks.
    I looked at the line of staff and realized that they too were singing and they had tears as well. The song was touching. I may share the lyrics with you later. For now I am going to savor them and hold them close to my heart.
    I applauded the boys. I turned a full circle so that I could applaud each of them. I thanked them for their love then turned to shake hands with Rémi. He invited me to the dinning room to eat lunch with all of the boys. Yeah, sure. Like I can sit down amongst those boys that I have been away from for six months. I took a bowl of soup in my hand and drank from it as I moved through the room placing my hand on every boy's shoulder and calling him by name. I apologized to them for not having enough time to stay with them. I told them that the trip to Russia was going to take some time as the boys of that school settled in. Fifteen year old François wanted to know if they could go to Russia.
    I set my bowl down and grabbed the boy into a tight hug. I stood up and looked around the room at all of the eager faced boys. I went to Rémi. "I can do it. I have a brand new plane sitting at the airport that can carry four hundred and thirty passengers. BAM has just been remodeled and there are six hundred double rooms on the upper three floors.
    "The third floor is to be set up for the students dormitory so I believe that there are beds in each of those rooms. If the boys pair off there will be plenty of space. The only problem that I foresee is feeding them. I have not hired but two cooks for the school."
     Rémi took me to the kitchen. He rattled away in Franççaise for several minutes. I was really not able to follow him. I did get the gist of his request to the cooks that were there. Rémi turned to me and smiled. We had four French Chefs that wanted to see Moscow. Oops. They will have to clear immigration.
    Rémi and the four cooks followed me back into the dinning room. I called for silence. "This is a last minute thing with no planning or serious thought behind it, but we're going to do it.
    "I want every boy to go to his room and pack. You will need socks, underwear, and under shirts for four days. You will need to pack four pairs of slacks or jeans and a sweater. I would like for you have your school blazer, we don't know what we will find to do there. Take walking shoes and your dress shoes. Be sure to pack your toothbrush and toiletries. You won't have time to play with your toys or your computer games. You may take your laptops so that you can record your trip. Those of you with cameras my wish to take them along as well."
    The boys ran from the room. Most of them ran by me and touched me as he said, "Thanks." I had to get to work. I called Pete and told him of the change in the passenger list. I called the FI dispatcher and asked him to get food aboard the plane for a six hour flight to Moscow. I called Klementi and asked him if he had his candidate for headmaster ready for us. He told me that he had cleared six men to teach at the new academy and that there was one in particular that he liked for the headmaster position. I asked if he could have them in Moscow in two days.
    I told him that I was bring along two hundred visitors that would be staying for three days, maybe four days if something came up. I asked him to ask Nikolay to lay in lots of food for the very hungry boys. Klementi laughed at that. He knows about hungry teenage boys. He told me that he would fly to Moscow within the hour and be at the school to meet me.
    Just before I hung up I remembered the immigration thing. I asked him to have Nikolay call me ASAP.
    Rémi walked up to me and passed me a briefcase. It contained all of the boy's passports. He and the cooks would carry their own with them. I snapped too, "Drivers, do you have drivers to take the boys to the airport?" He told me to calm down. The school's buses were in the garage and he would have the teaching staff drive them.
    I asked him about the teachers, did they want to go along with us to Moscow. He told me that the two Russian speaking instructors would like to go, but the rest of the staff wanted to enjoy a short holiday. I could identify with that.

    I was proud of all of the boys. They were on their best behavior. They quietly climbed the stairs to the plane and found themselves a seat. They looked about the huge plane, but stayed in their seats and kept the conversations low. The ground crew was busy placing food in the galleys, the boys watched every move in silence.

    About three hours into our flight I asked the cooks to help me fix the boys' dinner. They joined me at one of the galley stations so that I could show them how to operate the ovens. I pulled out a frozen dinner and sat it down as I held my sides in laughter. The dinner for the night was Yankee hot-dogs et des frites—hot dogs and fries.
    The cooks placed the meals into other ovens aboard the plane and began to serve each boy in his seating section. The boys were given two cartons of milk with their meal. For desert we found cheery cobler. I served the flight deck and listened to the laughter when they heard the name of their meal.
    Our heading was mostly to the north as well as east. We were moving into the shade of the earth as the sun set a little earlier for us than usual. I hate time zones. we only had to cross two, but my internal clock will be a disaster. There is an eleven hour difference between Tucson and Moscow. Everybody at home would be sleeping while I was in the sunligh. They would be up and about when it is dark in Russia.
    I realized that we would not be flying for six hours. It would only take us about five hours to fly the fifteen hundred miles. We would cross two times zones making the time two hours later. We left Paris at two o'clock so we would be landing at six thirty Paris tome, but it would be eight thirty in the evening in Moscow.
    I had an hour to sit down and relax my mind. I was tired. It had been a rough day for me. I had been shot at with a missile. I had scrambled together a trip for one hundred and ninety extra boys, plus their staff. I was feeling groggy from all of the adrenalin that had been pumping through my body.

    Pete knelt beside me and brushed my face with the back of his hand. I had fallen into a deep sleep and had not even heard him call me on my soundbud. I was weak kneed as I tried to stand up. Pete and Mike got to each side of me and helped me off of the plane. All of the boys were gathered at the end of the stairs waiting for me to get their passports to the custom's officers that were there.
    When I stood up and shook the cobwebs from my head the custom's officers recognized me. They quickly stamped the passports of all of the staff and adults while I fidgeted with the clasp on the brief case. Pete took my hand and opened the case.
    The two men from customs did not even look at the passports. They opened them to a blank page and stamped them for entry. I was not asked for visas for them. Nikolay found his way to me and took over. He explained that the Parisians were visiting the new scholl and that they would only be staying for three or four days.
    The head custom's agent passed the briefcase to me and saluted me. He said something that I did not catch. I nodded to him and offered him my hand. He shook if vigorously with both of his hands, all the time chatting away.
    Pete helped Nikolay to guide me to the Werwolf where Grigoriy stood with the door held open for me. I slid into the backseat and lay down. When I awakened I had a flashlight shining in my eye. I tried to shake myself away only to learn that I was strapped to a gurney. The doctor moved back and looked at me. He turned on his little flashlight once again and shined it in one eye the the other.
    "Can you understand me, Sir Chris?" I blinked my eyes and told him that I could. The straps that restrained me were loosened and I was helped to sit up. I was handed a glass with peach colored liquid in it. I was told to drink half of it. It was super sweet, but it made me feel better in seconds.
    A nurse took the glass from me then she handed me another drink. I was told to drink all of it as quickly as I could. I was glad that the second glass of liquid was quickly swallowed, it tasted terrible. The first glass was returned to me. I drank it and my head slowly cleared.
    The nurse pricked my finger. I watched her watch her meter. She showed it to the doctor. "What's my blood sugar, doc?"
    "It's coming up." He looked at me and moved in close. He sniffed at my breath then held a finger up and told me to follow it with my eyes without moving my head. "Sir Chris, when your friends brought you in you had a blood sugar of forty two. That is extremely dangerous. I should admit you to the hospital, but I am told that you are needed at your school.
    "I am going to send you to your school by ambulance. I want you to go straight to bed and have someone serve you a meal. I do not want you to walk around. This young man here tells me that he can help test you. I want you tested every hour all night long.
    "In the morning I hope that your blood sugar is normal. I want you to take it easy and have someone to walk with you until you feel steady on your feet. I want you to eat a big breakfast with lots of fresh fruit. I will stop by to see you at nine o'clock and decide then what I should do for you."
    "What did I drink, doc?"
    "The first glass was pure glucose. The second glass was potassium chloride. You need magnesium, but that is injected intravenously. I will have to have you in a bed at the hospital to administer that.
    "Pete tells me that you have been diagnosed as being Hypoglycemic, be careful. Watch those sugar levels or you can kill yourself. Now go home. I hear there a several hundred boys awaiting you. I might add a boy or two after we talk in the morning."
    My feet were lifted back onto the gurney and the straps were reapplied. I was rolled to an ambulance and loaded aboard. Bryan climbed aboard and sat where he could hold my hand.
    "Dad, you are my strength. I can not picture life without you. I did something tonight…While I was praying for you to get well I pledged my life to Jesus. I want you to teach me how to love Him. I want to learn what you and Mike were singing about in the car when we drove to the airport. I am no Indian, but I want to know Jesus like you do."
    I was crying so hard that I could not see. I had a death grip on Bry's hand as I squeezed it tighter and tighter.
    When morning came I was my bright bushy self. Bryan was asleep next to me. He stirred and looked at me. "Hi, dad." He jumped up and grabbed my test kit so that he could check my blood sugar. It was 82, normal. I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, Bry followed me. We showered together, twice. The first one was a golden shower. He held each other close and let the good feelings flow then kept ourselves together as we used each other's body for the friction that brought thinks to a climax.
    As we were drying off Mike stepped in to check on me. He greeted me with a Tsalagi prayer that basically translates to: May the Spirit grant you peace this day and your feet find the path to happiness. I pulled him to me for a hug and a quick kiss then I pulled Bry against us.
    "Magi, may I introduce to you our newest brother. I would like to ask you to guide him in his walk as he grows closer to our precious Savior." Mike nearly squeezed Bryan to death. He let out a whoop and began to dance around the room.
    "There's a new name written down in the Book Of Life this day. The Angels are rejoicing with me."
    All I could say to that was, "Amen!"
    Mike told us that all of the boys were in the dinning room, breakfast was almost ready. He told me that all of them were in the house uniform. The three of us slapped our feet on the clay tile floor as we headed to the breakfast table.

    I entered the dinning room to the cheers and whistles of two hundred and ten boys. I moved to me seat and sat down. The boys snapped to attention and sang the anthem that they had composed. Okay, it pulls my heart strings until the tears flow so I will let you see the lyrics, but you won't be able to hear the song the way the boys sing it. Their devotion and emotions make this song very special to me.

Sir Christopher Dickson is our best friend.
He guides and helps us, he is our man.
He gives us shelter and lots of food,
He always loves us and treats us good.
To Sir Christopher Dickson we'll be true,
We'll grow and learn, as he wants us to.
Sir Christopher Dickson we all love you.
Sir Christopher Dickson we'll always love you.

    I stood up and circled the room as I hugged and kissed, on the lips, with tongue, every boy in the room. The others kept singing until I had thanked each of them in that special way. I couldn't get to their waving member in that setting. Of course I held and squeezed it as I kissed them, but to take the time to suck off two hundred and ten, stiff as boards, boys wasn't a good thing. However that much sweet cream may have boasted my blood sugar.
    When I stopped to look around I was standing face to face with the doctor that had treated me the nigh before. Next to him were two very precious looking young teens, as naked as the students. I realized that they had stood near to the other boys and I had kissed and gropped them as well. I looked at the doctor. "I believe that my grandsons would enjoy being students at your school, Sir Dickson."
    The doctor checked my glucometer that Bryan had for him. He listened to my heart and lungs then told me that I was going to be fine. We talked for a little bit as I chewed on an apple and drank a glass of fruit juice. I was given a bran muffin with lots of butter on it and a glass of milk. I allowed the doctor's grandsons to join the other boys and get acquainted.
    The grandsons had exhibited homosexual traits for many years and when they became teenagers they announced their love for one another. One boy is the son of the doctor's daughter, the boy is the son of his son. The parents would not accept the boys living together, but they were at their wits end trying to keep the boys apart. They agreed to let their father enroll them in my school.
    I called the two boys to me, one at a time to learn how they felt. They were in love. They had each had many homosexual encounters with other boys that they knew, but their love was for their cousin. I asked them about the other boys at the breakfast table. They told me that there were many cute boys there and that they had made plans to have sex with them later, as soon as they wer enrolled. I had to smile, the boys will fit right in with the twenty students that are already a part of the school.

    I walked back into the dinning room. I told the boys that we would spend much of the day going through the new school to locate all that it had to offer. If we had time left we would board buses and tour some of the area so that the Parisians could have a feel of what Moscow is. The boys cheered to that and sat down to eat their breakfast. The Russian cooks had added their touch to the usual French breakfast that the boys were used to. It was a great meal and everyone loved every bite. I was happy to see them take seconds and even thirds. I also approved of the diminished fresh fruit bar.

    Nikolay came up to me with a pair of slacks and a pull over shirt over his forearm, and he carried a pair of slip on loafers in his hand. He whispered to me, "You should get dressed and come with me." Nikolay has never steered me wrong so I trusted him. I dressed and followed him to the main entrance and out to the circle driveway under the restored large canopy. The building looked very much like the fine hotel that it had been born as.
    In the driveway sat an olive green bus with bars on the windows. There were many young faces looking out at me. A heavy set man dressed in a stark olive green uniform, and armed, stepped off of the bus.
    "ВЫ головой злесь хозяин. У меня она мальчиков для вас—You are head master here. I have she boys for you." I reacted to the name when Nikolay translated for me. I asked the guard to let the boys off of the bus. He was rude. He used his quirt to hurry the boys along. I wanted to strip him and tie him to one of the nearby columns and let the boys show him how to use that little whip properly.
    I looked at fifty boys lined up beside the bus. I guessed their ages to range from about ten to eighteen. I walked down the line shaking each boy's hand and welcoming him. Many of them responded to me in English, I knew that my part of the job was going to be much easier.
    Nikolay was working with the guard and he had a file folder full of papers in his hand. He held the closed folder before me with a single sheet of paper written in Russian on it. He carefully read every word to me and went back over some phrases that stumped me. I determined that I was the sole keeper of fifty undesirable youth that had been sent to me from Moscow's central prison. I shook with rage as I signed the document.
    A major problem in this world is its attitude toward people who are different. We, the world, are a people of throwaways. It is better to throw an unwanted person out than to love them and try to understand them. Every sort of person from the mentally challenged to the young homosexual is shunned by society, and in many countries they are imprisoned or killed.
    Nikolay passed the document to the guard. He did a stiff, military bow to me then did a military about face and marched back to the bus. The door closed and the bus drove away. The boys put their tiny bags on the ground and began to clap and cheer. I led them to the dinning room. I went to the kitchens and told the cooks that fifty hungry boys had just arrived. In less than fifteen minutes the food line was replenished.
    Avgustin and Adin led the new boys through the food line. The boys were starved for good food. They each filled their plates three or four times. I told them not to overeat of they would not want lunch. I slipped back to the kitchen and asked the cooks to prepare poultry for lunch.

    Grigoriy came up to me wearing his FIS uniform. He greeted me with a hot kiss and good grope. I unfastened his pants and let them fall to the floor so that I could get a grip on things. I ran my fingers through his crack and one was sucked into his nether region. He dragged me in so why leave? I let my fingers do the prostate dance stroke as his good part swelled and pulsed under the movements of my hand. In seconds he announced his pending end. I dropped down to catch any thing that may fall on the floor and require a mop to clean up.
    I did not mind doing the clean up duty on the young stud. His long cock pushed past my tonsils several times as he worked off his load. I had my breakfast cream on my knees in front of two hundred and sixty two boys. Our fifty guests got naked and stroked along to the scene, as did the other boys.
    Grigoriy removed his tunic then sat down to untie his boots so that he could remove his trousers that I had lowered to his knees. Well, what the heck? One can't get to the cream through layers of wool and cotton can they?
    I asked him if he could arrange for six buses for us to tour the city. He looked at the room full of boys and I had to explain their presence. He got a stern look on his face and told me that the boys that had just arrived had been seriously used and abused during their stay in the central prison. He told me that the hardest criminals are incarcerated there and that they use anything or anybody that they can for sex, and they don't care to take it easy. He told me that they would be a problem for me and that I should not let them go out on a bus, but that I should lock them up on the upper floors until they became human boys again.
    I roughed his hair and thanked him for his advice. I walked over to where the boys were sitting. The rest of the students were talking with them and getting to know them. I talked to one boy at a time to learn of him, his hopes, his dreams, and his aspirations. They were no different than any of the other boys. The smallest of the boys looked to be no more than ten years old, with his clothes on. Naked he looked a little older. I learned that he is fourteen. He is a slow grower. As we talked I could see that his physical height might be slow in growing but his main part quickly arose to a nice six plus inches of tasty looking boi meat.
    I asked the room for the rules of the school. As one the boys cried out, "No means no. We are asked to pay attention in class. We are asked to clean up after ourselves and to help clean the common areas. We are asked to try to be the very best that we can be so that we can grow up to be men that lead the world. But No means no is the primary rule and it will be observed."
    I asked one of the older boys from BAP to explain what "No means no" means. He stood up striaght and recited the BAP creed. L'enfance se mesure en sons, en odeurs et en images, avant d'être obscurcie par l\'âge de raison. Translated from the French it simplistically states: " Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows. If someone wants you to do something with which you are not comfortable simply say NO. That person must stop at once. If they persist the they face the discipline of the school and that can be quite brutal."
    That touched a spot in my heart. I would not treat the young new boys any differently than the other boys. If we had the time to take a tour then they would go along and enjoy their newly found freedom. I was not about to have them go from prison to being locked up in one of my schools.
    Borya—warrior—my young Russian friend that I was sitting next to looked at me and asked, "Sir, my English not so well. What means Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights?"
    "What that means my young friend is that as a child grows he learns from what he hears, smells, and sees. All of these things tell him what the world is. Next comes the education that a child is given in school. but the child has become who he will be by observing his environment ."

    Nikolay came back with the doctor beside him. "Sir Chris, Dr. Moskvin would like to apply to the school as the staff doctor. I shook the man's hands. I explained my current problem, the fifty boys from prison with no blood work. A team of FI agents arrived and set up to give the fifty boys a quick examination and to take blood samples. I asked Dro Moskvin to join them. He was happy to do so.
    I explained my fears to the medical team. The boys had been abused by many hardened criminals. The abuse and pain caused not withstanding I worried about diseases. I wanted every boy tested for HIV and any transmutable disease and I wanted the results yesterday. I was promised that the results would be made available to me as soon as they could be.
    I was told that Russia would not allow for the tests. The boys were fifth class citizens and better off dead. All of the boys in the school had been written off by the powers that be in Moscow. The samples would be removed from the country and taken to a secret base where they would undergo the strictest scrutiny and then I would get the results shortly thereafter. In the meantime local tests could be done.
    Dr. Moskvin would be able to use his facilities at the local hospital for the preliminary tests. But the tests for HIV can take two to three weeks. Swabs of the boys' anuses and noses would be used to grow cultures in petri dishes and those results would take the longest. Those tests would be made in our secret base outside of Russia. I have heard mention of an underground FI base in Germany. I wondered if that was where the tests would be made. It made no difference. I would have to protect the other students from the young former prisoners at all costs.

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