Chapter 243


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    The diving was amazing. I am not very adept with scuba gear, but I managed to swim around the reef with the aid of Eric and Jimmy. I have always felt as if the money that I spent to send Chrisy and those two little fish off to learn to dive was money well spent.
    I never regret spending money on any of my boys, they always come back better for it. Young boys want to do all that older boys do, but sometimes they need a little boost in the confidence department. There is noting that I would not do for Chrisy or Jimmy. I love Eric, but I have never truly bonded with the muscle boy.

    I am glad that I was on the dive when Mr. Bagge put on a show for the boys. Although the water is warm he wore a wet suit. He explained to me that he was planning to stay in the water until every boy had his chance to swim about the reef. The wet suit would help to protect him from pruning.
    Some of the boys spotted an octopus in a crevice of a large coral formation. Leonid had a pair of gloves in a pocket on the leg of his wet suit. With the glove on he enticed the octopus to come out from its shelter and wrap its tentacles around his arm. It was no small octopus. The sea creature was over three feet long. It tried to get its tentacles around Leonid's neck, but the man knew how to handle sea life and he put the predator on display.
    Roddy was on the front line watching everything that Mr. Bagee was doing. He held his arm out to remind me of his own encounter with water life. I had trouble laughing in my mask. I took in a massive amount of sea water, but it was quickly dispelled before it went down my wind pipe. Roddy swam to me and helped me to the surface where I coughed my fool head off. Sea water tastes nasty and I know that the water where we were at the time has a lot of raw sewage runoff in it. Damn, I had a mouth full of shit.
    As I broke the surface of the water a black object fell from the sky to land at my side. A diver from the large Sikorsky circling overhead had seen me emerge and he dropped into the water to aid me. Roddy was laughing his young head off at my dilemma as Voyageur Marin© pulled in close to me. A life ring was tossed toward me, the diver retrieved it and held on to me as Roddy and the two of us were pulled to the safety of the yacht.
    I wanted to go back down to the sea floor, but the captain of Voyageur Marin© told me that I had been down long enough. He didn't want me to be over exposed and hurt myself. I didn't like that idea, but he had two burly sailors next to him to enforce his decision.
    Bryan padded up to me barefooted. He was still a little damp from his dive. He told me that Travel Hop© was warmed up and ready to take me back to the large ship. I pulled Roddy to me and we made our way to the chopper for a quick hop to dry clothes and cold drinks.

    Roddy had a large group of boys about him as he told them about Mr. Bagge and the octopus. He was telling them how the sea hunter had latched onto the teacher's arm and was trying to consume him, hand first. He held out his arm and told the boys about his catfish. Of course they were skeptical.
    Roddy turned to me for support. I told the boys about the practice of noodling and how Rodney had pulled a catfish half as long as himself from the murky waters near the bank of a slow moving creek. I told the boys that the fish had swallowed all of Rod's arm and fist. He only let go when Rod pulled his guts out through his mouth. The boys all thought that was super kewl. I wish that I had pictures of the event for my son to show off. We do have pictures of the fish's head. That made the boys talk.

    As Bry returned to Voyageur Marin© he spotted four sharks circling just outside of where the boys were swimming. He put out an alert and divers went into the water. The boys were directed back to Voyageur Marin Deux's© glass bottom which was opened for them to get onboard.
    The sharks never were near the boys, but the war stories that some of them told would make one think that they were fighting for their very lives.

    We spent a week in the tropical waters. None of the boys were allowed to go ashore. We did not have their passports and the danger to them from bandits and other bad guys was too real.

    Cullen was a big hit with the Russian boys. I was surprised at their feelings toward a monarch. Wayne had come aboard with the security detail, he was in the country without papers as well. He stayed glued to Cullen's left side and Jimmy was so close to his right side that the king could not scratch his ass. Kostja had an easy job, he didn't have to dress His Royal Hiney.
    Spiriting the boys back out of the country was not as easy as getting them in. I have made a bequest of Voyageur Marin Deux's© to the University of Arizona. I needed to berth the ship somewhere within easy access to the school. I leased a birth at long beach with good access to the airport there.
    After our cruise we docked at Long Beach. All of the Traveler Trio© were lined up along with the school's buses awaiting to load the boys. The Russian boys were the first to go down the gangway for a ride to Travelaire Three©. My family of happy fairies has grown some more with the trip. The students of BAW stood in a line along the railing so that they could shake the hand and hug each student of BAM as he made his way to the gangway.
    Jimmy and Cullen had a tearful separation. Jimmy stayed behind. Cullen blended in with the boys leaving the ship. My heart strings tugged at my chest as I watched him get aboard a bus for the trip back to England. The plane is more than able to make the flight directly to Moscow, but a re-fueling stop was made in Liverpool.
    I was leading a convoy of happy boys back to Tucson and school when Cullen called me to tell me that he had arrived. They had made the 5310 mile trip in good time. They had crossed eight time zones in less than ten hours. I am ever amazed at Pete's skills at the stick. Bryan is showing great promise as his co-pilot and there is no place that Pete has to fly that he doesn't want Bry in the seat next to him. Of course Mike never steers them wrong.

    I could just make out the lights of my hometown when Cullen called. I had been delayed in getting away from Long Beach by a suspicious cop. A local cop was passing by when he spotted the boys walking off of the ship and board the buses. He skidded to a stop with his lights flashing and his dander up. He wanted identification for every boy on the buses. I explained to him that we had been cruising the waters off of the coast and had just returned. He walked down the isle of each bus and checked the pictures on the student ID cards that each boy carries.
    He climbed aboard the RVs and met the younger boys, Pépin and Tim O'Conner were aboard Traveler Two©. The officer looked at Tim and wanted to know where he came from. I stepped up and told the SOB to talk nicer to a decorated war hero. I pointed to Randy and Harry that were also aboard and told the cop that the three of them were recipients of the Silver Star for Valor in combat, the nation's second highest award.
    By that time his squad captain arrived. He checked my ID. I showed him my badge. He escorted his underling from the RV with apologies to me. A squad of uniformed FI agents stood outside waiting for word from me to take the young cop out. His captain gave him a serious dressing down in front of my men. The boys had their windows open so that they could hear everything that was gong on.
    The boys leaving for Russia and the cop's antics had delayed our departure by more than four hours. I know that I should have stopped him earlier, but I was having fun. Of course the delay meant that the boys needed food to keep up their strength for the long bus ride home. I knew of an In-and-Out burger joint in Redlands that had easy access to the freeway. I called them and told them that four hundred and fifty men and boys would be there in about two hours.
    The young assistant manager on the phone did not believe me. I was about to hang up in frustration when the manager of the store returned from the bank. I told him who I was, he remembered me from some of my trips in the past. I asked him to prepare four hundred burger patties and to drop four hundred orders of fries into the grease in about two hours. I told him that I would call him when we were thirty minutes way. I gave him a credit card number to ease his mind.
    As we neared the burger joint I placed our final order. When we arrived the staff had prepared four hundred and fifty burgers to order and had three hundred orders of french fries ready for us. The drinks were drawn for each boy as he picked up his food.
    Jimmy was riding shotgun when I made the call. He laughed at me, "You have to be rich to feed all of this bunch." I smiled at him.
    We had Tiger and Kardal along with Roddy and Yuri in the SUV with us for the return trip. Roddy told Yuri that his daddy was the richest man in the world. I'm not. Jace has a few million more that I do.
    He also opened his mouth too wide when he told the boys that his mother and I had a private lunch with the Queen of England. That was not supposed to be known. I will ask Ugitsiha why she told the boy about it.

    I burped onions and grease from my burger dinner. Roddy had opened my thought train to the light lunch and heavy friendship that my wife and I had shared with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.
    We met in a small and intimate dinning room with a table set for four. Our meal centered around a prime rib with a horseradish sauce that brought tears to my eyes. Along with the traditional vegetables the fine lady had remembered me and had a very large selection of tropical fruits on the table. There were Papayas, Mangos, Guavas, Pineapples, bananas, and a other fruits that I did not know their names.
    Fruit and vegetables arrive at Buckingham Palace by the truckload daily. The Queen's chefs work hard to prepare the food in many different ways for the diverse company that dine with the Royal Lady from time to time. I was offered a bowl of soup. I could not tell what it was so the waiter told me that it was Guava based. Guava fruit had been cut in small chunks and cooked down then other fruits and thickeners were added before the soup was chilled. I had three bowls full. The Royal Prince laughed at me.

    Nothing was mentioned about Prince Harry's visit to me. We talked about the new school in Moscow and then I told her about El's work with the homeless shelters. The Queen told us that she would contact El and give her all of the help that she could. She told us that the current economy was making many people homeless. I told her that I would personally donate funds to any worthy shelter.
    I told her that I was a stickler for detail. I shared with her that I had hired a new manager to oversee one large shelter in Liverpool. I had hired a comptroller to keep check on all of the monies. I had arranged for a free clinic to be set up near the shelter and had acquired two staff members full time and four doctors and nurse practitioners to rotate in every day.
    El was arranging for medicines and sanitary dressings for the clinic. She had located beds for patients that needed to stay overnight. She had located linens and gowns. She had been a busy little bee.
    The Queen wanted to know the costs of setting up such shelters. She grew sad when she told us that she has seen more people begging for food in her kingdom of late than she had seen in her first fifty years on the throne. She has a compassion for her people. I admire that in her.

    Home at last. I have had a very busy summer, probably the busiest of my life. I can't complain, I now have a very good functioning school in Moscow and a great bunch of students there. I had a little relaxation along the way. My discovery of Yuri and Coy has to be the highlight of my time in Europe. I did listen to my sister and I will take steps to locate and assist the homeless of this country. I think that that will be a good program for the boys to assist in. Many of them have been on the streets and they know the hardships of finding food and a safe place to sleep.
    I can only imagine their pain. I have been blessed with a good life and now I have the money to help hundreds of people plus my boys.

    Our new house is much more than I expected. Ugitsiha worked closely with contractor Ron and she got her dream house. I am currently sitting outside enjoying one of her best ideas and putting down my thoughts on my tablet PC. Because of the cliff the backyard is even smaller than at granite house. But Ugitsiha has made full use of the space with plants and small fixtures.
    I have just finished a good workout in the infinite lap pool. Because of the babies we did not build a regular swimming pool. Actually I am the only one that likes to swim. I swim for the exercise and that is what I get with the lap pool. I can get a good play swim with my boys at my house, or I can go to the school and dive to my heart's content.
    The lap pool is twenty feet long and eight feet wide. It is only three feet deep. Pumps suck the water from the pool at the end nearer to the house then feed it back in at the head of the pool with such great force that it creates a very strong current. I can swim against that current in the middle of the pool and never move a foot forward. The current keeps me stationary.
    It is like a treadmill in water, only I like the swim better than the walk on one of those contraptions. I can increase the force of the water so that I have to swim hard to maintain my position, or I can set it to a more gentle flow for an easy swim. Sometimes Ugitsiha or Cory join me for a leisurely swim without the pumps being on.
    At the far end of the pool is an eight person spa for the enjoyment of our many guests. RD and Quemela are at our house almost every afternoon. Cory and Sagi bring their babies over as well. The grown ups like to relax in the spa for an hour or so.
    The top rim of the spa and the lap pool are three feet above the patio deck. There is no access to them. One has to place their butt on the edge and then swing their legs over. We pray daily that our babies don't get tall enough to get into the water until they have a better understanding of how to swim.
    There are two distinct areas that are very cozy and give one the sensation that they are sitting in a room filled with flowers and plants. The area that is accessed from our bedroom has a full sized fireplace as a focal point. I am looking forward to the cooler weather so that I can build a fire there and sit back to relax before it.
    That garden is also accessed from our bathroom The wall along the tub is made up of sliding glass doors. We can sit on the pot and feel as if we are shitting in the woods. At least that is the way that Roddy puts it. He is an amazing boy. He has a big mouth that is going to get his ass tanned. Thirteen is not to old to get a good assburn.
    The bathtub is a whirlpool tub. The sensations of the moving water in that tub are much more intense than in a Jacuzzi. Oh yes, we have a four person Jacuzzi type spa/hot tub. It sits to one side of the fireplace. That is where I find my wife and babies nearly every time that I come home. We have taught the babies to swim in the spa with the pump shut off. They enjoy themselves, I think that they are part fish though. They both like to swim to the bottom of the pool so Ugitsiha tosses pennies into the water for the boys to retrieve.
    I like to slip up quietly and sit in one of the comfortable deck chairs that my wife has prepared just for me with hand sewn cushions with patterns copied from the large tapestry. I sit back and watch my boys at play and listen to their squeals of delight. When Roddy arrives home after school he quickly gets naked and makes a beeline for the spa. He loves to play with his brothers and the spa adds an extra dimension to their play.
    Earlier today Roddy and I took the boys into the lap pool with us. They both did well. They swam about with no fear in their little hearts. Roddy and I were very close to them at all time, but neither of them ever needed our help. Ugitsiha sat on the side of the lap pool and tossed pennies in for the boys to retrieve. I really am beginning to think that I have a pair of fish for kids. They dove for the coins and swam to their mother to return them then asked her to throw them in again.

    Twenty two year old Shane Mason fulfilled his dream of owning an upscale gay piano bar. He has a good head for business. His partner, Edgar Spikes, joined in the venture with him. Edgar is Mater D' of Mason's, a restaurant and bar that caters to the elite of Tucson's gay community. It is located on the seventeenth floor of the building where my formal business office is located along with my private apartments where I sometimes house visitors overnight.
    Shane plays classical and easy listening music on the piano for his patrons to enjoy dancing too. He has a small string quartet to accompany him. The establishment has the only large dance floor in the area that can handle one hundred gay couples at one time.
    There are no dark corners. The restrooms are brightly lit and sex on the premises is strictly discouraged. Shane would loose his license over some horny couple going at it in the restaurant. The booths are secluded and dimly lit for an intimate dinner, but they are not well situated for anything other than a groping and a kiss.

    I was preparing to leave after I had shared a dinner with Cory at Mason's. Sagi is at the stage of her pregnancy that she doesn't want to be left alone, but she doesn't want Cory to touch her either. Cory is frustrated. We had planned to go to my apartment for the night and spend some good quality quiet time. Sagi called and demanded that he return home at once. Pregnant women, they're so irrational.
    It was a nice summer evening and I had driven my little red 'vette to dinner. I decided to cruise the city and show off. I had worn a tan summer weight suit with a Henley shirt in light yellow. The ensomb was completed by a pair of cream colored loafers and, of course, tan calf length socks. I removed my jacket and laid it across the passenger side seat.
    My phone rang as I pulled from the underground parking garage. Al Cranston was arguing with Clara. He finally passed her the phone and told her that she could tell me then.
    "Hi Chris honey, we're sorry about the confusion there. What we want to tell you is that there is the cutest little blonde boy standing outside begging for money to buy food. I gave him a piece of pie and a glass of milk this afternoon, but he doesn't have any more money for a dinner.
    "Chris, Al offered to let him have a plate lunch and he told the boy that he could pay us when he is able. He says that he won't take charity. He is so cute. He is going to get hurt. A group of boys is standing across the street in the park watching him. I think that they are waiting for us to close or for the boy to move away then they are going to hurt him."
    I circled the block and headed toward Clara's cafe two blocks to my north. I slowed down as if I were cruising to pick a boy up. I checked out the boy in question. He was cute, but he was dressed in clothes that said kill me, I'm queer. He wore a black, combed cotton wife beater shirt under a full length coat of some thin material. He had on red jeans and red tennis shoes with no shoe laces. His blonde hair was spiked and colored with an assortment of tints ranging from blues, to greens, and reds. I pulled up to the curb.
    "Hi fellow, you need a lift?" He looked at me and at my ride then he walked over to the door and knelt down so that he was at my eye level. Fuck, the boy was cute and he had eat me written all over his face.
    "Where you going to?" he asked in a mid-teenaged boy's voice.
    "I'm just cruising. I thought that I would go down to Myers' diner and have a big chili cheese burger with rings and a malt." I was glad that I had only eaten a small salad at Mason's, and that was two hours earlier.
    "You buying? I like Myers." He was mine for the taking. I took him to Myers. His name is Chance Nickels. He is fifteen and is living on the street after he was caught with another boy in the shower room at his highschool. His parents did not want a gay son around their other two boys. Chance has spent the entire summer fending for himself and fending off gay bashers. That could end tonight, if he wanted it.

    Mom served up her famous smile with our food. The woman loves everybody and she is especially nice to street boys. She knew Chance. She greeted him like a long lost grandchild with a big hug and her soft, reassuring voice. She wanted to know all about him, where he had been sleeping, what he had been eating, was anybody giving him any trouble?
    Chance showed me his character by the way that he answered her questions. He was polite and to the point. He told her every detail. Mom looked at me then back at Chance, "Boy, you might not know it yet, but you have stepped into a gold mine filled with diamonds tonight." She smiled at him.
    She reached out and took my hand, "I hope that you can help him, Chris. He is a keeper. I know his folks. They raised him right, their right. They turned out to be all bad in my books when they tossed this precious one out of their house. He deserves a better lot in life." I placed my other hand on top of hers and smiled at her. She knew that Chance would get his chance to be the kind of boy that he should be.
    I ordered Chance a second burger. He was famished. I ate most of my burger then I passed my uneaten onion rings over to the human garbage grinder. I felt like counting my fingers after that gutsy move. I wanted to know more about the boy before I took him to bed for my own personal gratification. I sat with a cup of coffee in hand and listened to him tell me of his home life.
    Chance has always been a good student. He is well liked by his teachers and peers. He was a favorite boy of a deacon in his church, but the deacon is now keeping Chance's eleven year old brother as his special friend. I asked about his middle brother and Chance told me that he is the one that started all of the sex stuff long before the deacon did him.
    Chance told me that when he was thirteen, Carter, his middle brother, was twelve. Carter had a friend that lived down the street and they had been having sex with each other for two years. Carter wanted Chance to be the first one to do him in the butt. He had watched the friend take it from his older cousin, Jerome, and he wanted to try it for himself. Chance was unsure about it until Carter gave him his first blow job and had him so horny that he would have fucked the family dog, if they had one.

    I laughed as he told his story. He is a spell binding story teller with a gift for communication that keeps his listeners hanging onto his every word. The deacon had asked Chance to help him around his house one Saturday. His parents thought that the deacon was a good man and they pushed Chance until he gave in and went over to the man's house. They spent an hour in the morning doing yard work then the rest of the day showering together and napping as they cooled off. The deacon sucked Chance better than his Carter did. He thought that he should return the favor and he sucked the deacon several times. The deacon made his move to anal sex after lunch. Chance didn't enjoy it.
    From that time on Chance and Carter got together every afternoon and sometimes late at night. Chance allowed Carter to anally penetrate him. That was okay to do it with Carter, he just didn't like for the old deacon to do it. Both boys took as well as gave, albeit that Carter enjoyed it the most. They both enjoy sucking and swallowing, that was what got Chase into trouble.
    He had a friend that Jerome had forced himself on and he liked it okay. The two boys began to suck each other then one day in the shower they found themselves alone. Chance was on his knees giving his friend service when the coach looked in. Both boys were taken to the office. The principal was on his way home and he wasn't too happy for the delay. He expelled both boys and called their parents. The friend was sent away to live with relatives out of state and Chance was sent away to live on his own.
    I asked about the younger brother. Chance told me that he had stopped by the deacon's house to ask if he could stay there. Eleven year old Colt was in the bedroom naked. Chance blew up and called his father to tell him what he had seen. His father called him a pervert and hung up on him.
    I asked Chance when this had occurred, he told me that it had been earlier that day. I asked him if he wanted to call the police. I reminded Chance of his brother's tender age. He told me to call the police. He gave me the deacon's name and address. I passed that information on to the sex crimes detectives. We will have to wait to see what is done about the deacon.

    I knew that I should not have any sexual contact with Chance until he was a student at BAW. I want to be truthful if asked about any improprieties I had wanted to take the boy to one of my downtown apartments and fuck his brains out, but I decided that that could wait. Instead I was going to take Chance to my house for the night.
    As we walked to my 'vette I heard the loud report of a nearby car engine revving. I spun about to see Chrisy pulling into the parking lot. "Hi, dad," he grinned as he drove up beside me. A police car pulled in behind him with its red and blues flashing.
    A tough looking older cop, with a paunch, stepped out of the police car and approached Chrisy's window. He asked for Chrisy's license and registration then said, "Driving a bit wild aren't we?"
    Chrisy looked at him then at me with a questioning look on his face. "Don't roll your eyes at me, punk. I've been following you all of the way down from twenty ninth street. You like to show off that pretty yellow sport's car."
    "Sir, I was heading north, not south. I just pulled out of that Quick Mart across the street…"
    "It is not in your best interest to lie to me, punk. Step out of the car and place your hands behind your back. You are under arrest for resisting a police officer."
    That did it. I pulled out my badge and showed it to him. "I don't believe that my number two son was trying to resist you, officer. He was merely stating that he was traveling in a different direction than you have stated."
    "You ain't got no rights down here, Fed man. This is my jurisdiction and I say that this punk was speeding and driving recklessly for more than a half a mile." I turned to an FI vehicle sitting at the curb and waved the officers inside over.
    They walked up to me as another South Tucson city cop car pulled in behind the first officer. A very fat captain squeezed himself from behind the steering wheel and waddled over. "You're that super cop ain't you. What you given my man shit for?"
    "Code orange," I spoke to the dispatcher. "Local boss." The two FI agents stepped between Chrisy and the first cop.
    "Get your rent-a-cop ass out of my way or I'll arrest you for interfering with an officer in the line of his duty."
    "These men are Federal officers here at my command. You are under arrest for false arrest. These two agents were at the Quick Mart when my son was in there and they were behind him as he crossed the street to this location. My son was never south bound, nor was he speeding or driving recklessly"
    The captain spoke up. "You think that you got it, don't you? You can't come into my town and dictate the law to us. Rojas says that your kid was speeding so he was speeding. You are about to suffer my wrath. I can hold you in my jail for forty eight hours if I want. Rojas, arrest that man."
    Officer Rojas was handcuffed and could not do anything but stand there and watch. Their chief of police arrived along with four cars from Tucson. The police chief is an old friend of mine. He was a deputy chief in Tucson before moving to the one square mile city of South Tucson to serve as their top cop He stepped from his car and gave me a snappy salute, "Trouble with these two, huh Sir Chris? I'm not surprised. I have a desk full of complaints against them."
    A white van pulled into the parking lot. It looked as if Myers' was having a booming business at two o'clock in the morning. The chief walked over to the van and slid the side door open. It was a surveillance van equipped with long range cameras and sound equipment.
    "Hi Sam, Bob, what did you see?" the chief asked the two men in the van. They both just shook their heads and pointed to their bank of monitors.
    Chrisy was seen leaving the Quick Mart and driving across to my location. The FI vehicle pulled out on the street behind him and then stopped when officer Rojas pulled in off of the street. The equipment that was on the van was very good. It had recorded every word that had been spoken by all of us. I poked my head in and saw Foss International's name on most of the equipment. I knew that it was good stuff.
    Rojas and his captain were placed in the backseat of another squad car and driven away. Chrisy is not easily shaken, but he looked as if he was not too steady on his feet. I asked him to give his keys to one of the FI agents and then get into my 'vette with me and Chance.
    Chrisy got on the center console and put his arm around my neck. "My bright and shining knight." He turned to Chance, "He is a Knight, you know. In four countries. He has been Knighted by the Queen of England twice so now he wears a garter." He began to laugh with a nervous tenor to his voice. My boy was in trouble.
    I let the way to the downtown apartments over Clara's and used my dash pass to open the heavy steel gate into the parking garage. As I passed the control box I pressed my fuck finger against the reader so that the gate would stay open for the other two vehicles. The agent pulled Chrisy's car into his assigned parking space and locked it up. He returned the key to Chrisy then got back into his SUV and left.
    I steadied Chrisy as he and Chance accompanied me to the elevator. We headed up to the top floor and to Timmy's and Chrisy's apartment home. Chrisy opened his door for us and let us inside. I caught him and asked him if I could stay for a bit. I quickly told him that I wanted blood work on Chance. He hugged me, "Whatever it takes to keep you in my house for awhile, dad. I love you." Chance stepped around the corner as we kissed with a bit more passion than I had intended. I don't mind, a passionate moment with Chrisy is always welcome.
    Chrisy went into his room and stepped back out naked. "Come on, make yourselves comfortable." I slipped my shoes off and removed my shirt. Chance looked at me then he removed the long coat that he wore. The boy was super skinny. He reminded me of a boy named Skinny that lives in Albany.
    Chance had about as much meat on him as a sick chicken's leg. I could tell that he had been a bit healthier in the recent past, but his stay on the street had taken a toll on him. I hoped that things were going to work out so that I could flesh the boy out and restore him to his former self.
    Chrisy came back through and told us that the Jacuzzi was ready and waiting for naked man flesh. Chance giggled at him as he followed a nice boi cock toward the hot water. I grabbed Chance's hand and pointed him to the shower first. He blushed as he stepped in. I followed him and adjusted the water. I looked at Chrisy and waited, he quickly joined us in the large shower for a communal back wash. Three can shower together nicely. The one on the front end just moves to the back after he has his back washed. It can be very fun.

    We sat and soaked in the bubbling tub. I had to tell them about Skinny and our conversation during our big retreat to Camp Christopher over the Christmas holidays in 2009. Cory and I made our way through all of the dormitories to visit with as many boys as we could. We laughed our asses off as Skinny told us his story.
    "I am a real SAP," Skinny told me. "You know that my name is Seymour Potts, but do you know that my middle name is Alfonse? My dad was drunk the night that I was born and he had his little joke. When the hospital asked him if he had chosen a name he chimed in with that name. My mother never recovered from the delivery, she died three days later. My dad raised me. He regretted having named me Seymour Potts, he told me that I would be the butt of everyone's jokes. I have always been a skinny kid so when I started kindergarten he started calling me "Skinny", That name took hold and I am glad of it.
    "When I was ten I thought that I would like to have a better name so I used my initials. I was young and naïve so I didn't know that "SAP" was not a nice name. However, I preferred SAP to Seymour. By the time that I was in junior high school Skinny became the name by which everyone teased me. I was glad that they didn't know my real name or my initials.
    "Yeah, I was the skinny, bookworm, pimple faced nerd, and I was teased for it to no end. I was twelve when this one thirteen year old jock taught me that a dick could make me a happy boy. He lived next door to me. We had a large driveway with a basketball hoop hanging on the front of the garage. The two of us shot hoops everyday since I was about ten.
    "One day we had been shooting for about two hours when I told him that I needed to pee and that I would get us something cold to drink. I had locked the door and my door key was in my bedroom. He invited me to his house and we peed in the pot together. My dick had started to grow a little and I had a few hairs, but his dick was huge. I measured it, it was four inches long and two and a half inches around. He measured me. I was three and a half inches long and two and a half inches around. However, I was uncut and that fascinated Peter.
    "He didn't ask, he just took my cock into his mouth and started to suck me. I couldn't help it, I shot my wad. He licked up and told me that I had to return the favor, so I did. He shot in my mouth and I almost threw up, but he made me swallow then he kissed me. He was feeling me up as he buried his tongue in my mouth. I was so turned on that I was ready for anything.
    "I was feeling of his cock and I knew that I needed to suck it again. I bent over to get to him and he turned us around so that we could suck each other. That did it for both of us. We took to each other like sweet on sugar, and believe me his sugar is sweet."
    "You say is sweet, do you still see him?" Cory asked.
    "Yeah, he is my main man, Bones. We have been together ever since that day. We are so much in love that it hurts when we are not together."
    Cory and I could identify with that. We cuddled Skinny between us and let him feel our love. He was fascinated with our huge cocks. He had never had the pleasure of actually touching such a huge piece of meat. We had to let him touch to his heart's desire. He felt around for awhile before taking Cory's cock into his mouth. He knew what to do as he worked the largest phallus he had ever tackled deep into his mouth. I was turned so that I could see his throat expand and watched as his Adam's Apple moved to make room for Cory's giant sized glans. A satisfied moan was heard from both boys.
    Skinny began to love the man meat in his throat. I was envious, it was clear that he knew the mechanics behind good head. He wrapped his arms around Cory and pulled him tighter against his face. He prodded Cory to face fuck him as his fingers disappeared into the crack of the man that I love. I watched Cory's body action. I know him well, as I should after our years together. I knew that he was getting a good blowjob as his toes turned down and his legs tensed. I waited for it. Cory can cum by the buckets full, could Skinny take it or would he choke?
    Cory's ass rose off of the bed. He shoved his cock deeper into the tight throat that had a grip on him. I could see his balls draw inside of his body as my mouth remembered the the taste of his sweet nectar. Skinny enveloped Cory's body and never let a drop of that sweet nut batter escape his cum hungry mouth.
    As Cory lay back in recovery mode Skinny turned to me. He pulled my foreskin back and laved my entire shaft. He pushed the skin back up then took the entire love muscle to meet his tonsils. I pulled him around so that I could take care of his needs when he stopped and sat up. "Do you want to suck me? I would like that, but there is something that I would really like to do.
    "Bones' cock is almost eight inches long. He is very thick, but not like you two guys. I have always dreamed about taking a cock in both ends at the same time. Would you…?"
    We never learned what his question was. I pulled him on top of me and swallowed his eight inch cut and skinny cock as Cory made headway into a very sweet piece of meat that close to the bone. I was in my favorite position as Cory pumped the man's ass for over an hour. Skinny gave up three loads of his own batter as I watched. I knew that Cory had given up two solid loads to the skinny butt in my face.
    When Cory rolled to his side I moved into felch the butt fuck drippings left behind. That sent Skinny into a frenzy and my cock was the grateful recipient of his eagerness. I came off of a load that did choke Skinny. He rose to wipe his mouth and asked me if I would fuck him for an hour or two. By morning Skinny was smiling broadly. He told us that we had to show Bones how to mambo.

    A knock on Chrisy's door broke the story telling mood. One of FI's medical team came in with his little kit. I explained to Chance that I wanted a complete blood work up on him. I had to be sure that he is healthy and disease free. He understood and let the medic do what he had to do.

    The following morning Chrisy had gone into the store of boy's clothing that I keep at the condominium complex. He had located new Levis, socks, underwear, a tee shirt, and shoes for Chance. Once Chance was dressed the three of us went down to Clara's for breakfast. Clara looked at Chance. He was a different looking boy with new clothes on and the rainbow of colors washed from his hair. She smiled at him and asked, "What will this cute thing have to eat this morning?"
    She looked at me then at Chrisy, "You're cute too, Chrisy. I see you nearly everyday and I take that for granted. Your dad is the best looking man in town, but don't tell Al that."
    "Tell me what?" Al walked up with a coffee pot in h is hand.
    "Don't tell you that I really do believe that you have the world's best cuppa," I pointed to the neon sign in the window, the one with the outline of a coffee cup with vapor rising from it symbolized by colored neon lights. All of us laughed as he filled my cup for me.
    Chase ordered a stack of pancakes with a side of ham and a glass of milk. Chrisy ordered eggs, over easy and biscuits with orange juice. I ordered orange juice for Chase and myself then ordered two biscuits for myself, one split with sausage gravy on it, the other on a plate with butter and strawberry preserves.
    I listened to Andy give me a rundown on my previous evening's events. Officer Rojas was being held on fifty counts of false arrest. His captain was charged with complacency in the the case.
    The police had responded to a neighbors call about the deacon and Colt. Colt had been screaming throughout the night as if in pain. The police arrived and heard the boy. Acting to save a life in danger they entered the house and found the deacon fucking the eleven year old in his butt. Colt tried to tell the police that the deacon was not hurting him, it was just a game that they play.
    He told the detectives that the deacon gets excited when boys pretend that they are being raped. The detectives asked him what boys and Colt gave up the names of six of his friends that had been with the deacon. What a jacket for chester the molester to wear in prison.
    After breakfast I took Chance to his home. Mr. Nickels did not want to talk to the boy. He blamed Chance for Colt's being raped. He made a big story out of how Chance had perverted their fine deacon and then given the man his little brother. Chance fumed.
    "Let me tell you a story, dad. I am not the pervert here. Carter and Jerome are doing every boy in the neighborhood. Jerome is two years older than me and he forced Carter to have sex with him three years ago. Jerome did my friend, Miquel, and then Miguel did it to me. Carter came to me and told me what had happened, but he told me that he likes it.
    "That deacon friend of yours did things to me the first time that you made me go to his house to help him do his yard work. He tried to fuck me, dad, but I wouldn't let him. I told Carter about it and he told me that he likes for boys to fuck him. Miguel and I only did things to get relief. I am sorry that I was the one that the coach caught. Miguel had already done that to me and he made me get down on my knees in front of him or he was going to tell his mother.
    "I got kicked out of school. I was wrong and I know it, but you could have listened to me and helped me instead of kicking me out on the street where I have had to beg for food for three months. As far as I am concerned I no longer have a dad. You don't care to hear the truth, ever." Chance was fighting back tears.
    "Yeah, so what did you do to Colt. He is only eleven. You probably perverted him yourself."
    "See, you don't listen. Colt told you that the deacon did him. I wasn't even there. Colt told you, and the police, that he likes to play games with the deacon and pretend that he is being raped. He is about the biggest faggot that I have ever seen. Carter is pretty bad, but he is thirteen, Colt is only eleven."
    "I have heard enough. I want you to leave my house. I am going to send Colt and Carter to some church program where they may be cured. I do not believe that there is any chance for you to get over your disease."
    I stepped in and introduced myself to the bigot. I told him that homosexuality can not be cured. I told him that it was not a matter of choice for a boy to feel that way about other boys. When I told him that homosexuality was genetic his wife wanted to scratch my eyes out.
    I told them that one or both of them carried the latent gene that was past on to their sons. I told them that it is rare that more than one son in a family develops the homosexual traits. I got personal when I looked at her and told her that her brother was a widely known homosexual that is doing life in prison for raping a fifteen year old boy and leaving him for dead. That was a family secret that they thought was left behind in their old home state.
    I told the couple that, while the boys can't be cured, I could help them to understand their feelings and help them to grow into men that society would look up to. I offered to take all three boys to my boarding school and give them a solid education, at no cost to them. I told them that they could move away and never see their disappointing sons again. That touched a heart sting, in both of them.
    I left the Nickels' house with all three of their boys. Ugitsiha had to bring her van to take the boys to the school, she left the babies with Beulah for a half an hour. I followed along after her in my little red Corvette. I can foresee many problems with Colt. Chance…I don't think that he wants to be gay. He has shown adolescent curiosity, and he did what he had to do to survive on the street.
    Carter is a full blown faggot. Of that there is no doubt. But Colt, I don't quite know where he fits in. I know one thing from talking to him, he is a bully and is used to getting his way. I worry about the smaller boys in my family. I will hang the boy by his balls if he hurts one of the.

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