Chapter 266


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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Traveler-Chapter-266 Traveler Chapter 266
    Sad news was all over the papers and television. The storms that had brought the rain and flooding into Oklahoma had also spawned tornados across America's mid-section. One of the worst hit areas was Joplin, Mo. One hundred and sixty one people had lost their lives in a F-5 tornado that struck Joplin on May 22, 2011. The town had been devastated by a one half mile wide funnel cloud that cut a swath through the town. Hundreds of home and businesses were destroyed, even the high school was totally gone. With all that I had on my plate I could not organize a relief effort. The machine that was in place for the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß was sending supplies, but my boys were in transit to America, or waiting for the wedding. I was sorry for the survivors, but I would not stop Roddy's wedding for anything.

Louis Lanzano — Saturday, June 25, 2011 12:25 pm
    Revelers celebrate in Manhattan's west village following the passing of the same sex marriage bill by a vote of 33 to 29, Friday, June 24, 2011, in New York. Same-sex marriage is now legal in New York after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that was narrowly passed by state lawmakers Friday, handing activists a breakthrough victory in the state where the gay rights movement was born. (AP Photo/Louis Lanzano)
    Wedding plans are blooming amid celebrations by gay rights advocates of New York becoming the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage.
    Couples who had talked about going out of state to wed changed their plans. Wedding planners anticipated picking up business.
    Churches that accept gay unions say they're looking forward to hosting ceremonies.
    Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill late Friday that makes New York the sixth state to legalize gay marriage.
    The Rev. Joseph Tolton is a minister at the Rehoboth Temple Christ Conscious Church in Harlem. He said Saturday that he expects to be busy performing ceremonies after the law takes effect next month.
    The Pentecostal church has a large gay congregation.

    Ten days before Roddy's wedding I received the terrible news that El suffered a massive stroke that threatened to disable her for the short time that she had to remain alive. Philby called me and I told him to get his wife ready for transport on the QT. I dispatched Pete to go to England to pick her up and return her to Camp Christopher. I called Mike and told him of a trick that I had learned that puts a person into a deep sleep without the use of drugs.
    An hour later Pete radioed to tell me that they were flying at forty eight thousand feet in order to be able to take advantage of the Jet Stream. I told him to be careful of Clear Air Turbulence (CAT), When they landed in England Pete radioed to tell me that they had made the trip in record time, and no cats. He said that he didn't even see a kitten. He had caught a very powerful breeze up his tail. I told him that I wouldn't tell Eddy that Breeze was up his ass. He took a few seconds to think through that one then the whole crew of FI-2 cracked up.

    Cory and I took Roddy and Yuri with us, to the protests of Ugitsiha, when we flew to Camp Christopher aboard Andy's FI-1. That plane is so slow that we were passed by a flock of starlings, twice. We arrived an hour before Pete returned with my sister and we had everything ready for her.
    By the time that the crew returned with El I had another crisis on its way to the camp. One of the students from BAP had suffered complete kidney failure. The doctors in Paris wanted to start him on dialysis at once, I wanted him taken to Aqua Caliente.

    A smooth faced boy was holding her hand as El was placed in a sling to be flown up the mountain path to the hot springs in the strong talons of RD. I noticed that the boy that was with El had a severe club foot, I took him along to the springs with my sister. I asked Philby about the boy that was with them, he told me that it was the boy that El had mentioned to me a few weeks back. He was found in a foster home where he was a not getting any medical assistance for his foot and when he was found by El he had a serious cold that bordered on becoming pneumonia. Philby and El were granted custody of the fourteen year old and it was El's hope that I would take the boy into my home and let him attend school in Tucson.
    The boy from BAP arrived and was taken directly to the springs. I walked over to him and gave him a tight hug, I really wanted to check him out to see how serious his health condition was. He was in bad shape, all full of piss and vinegar. Our three patients were immersed in the healing waters that were swirling about with Wes's healing oils and herbs as the Tsalagi chanted and Wes trilled. I stood by Rhys and massaged his foot and leg while applying a gentle pressure to put it into a more natural position. I massaged the sides of the young Frenchman as I prayed to the Lord of Healing and Power for his hand of mercy to fall upon all three of those in the water. I asked Mike to help me with El, he was the one that had put her into her sleep state and it should be he to bring her back to consciousness. An hour later three healthy and well individuals sat naked in the water as we explained what had happened to them. El was given a garment to wear as she was set upon the back of transformed Clayton for the trip down the path to the house.
    Rhys stepped from the water and stared at his foot, for the first time in his life it was straight and normal. Tears of joy ran down the boy's face as he ran about then jumped up and down to test his straightened foot. He ran at full speed along the path and called up to El on the back of Clayton in his pale horse form to look at him. El was very happy to see the boy that she had grown to love healthy for the first time in his life.

    Edmund prepared a lunch of smoked kippers and garden fresh vegetables for us to eat on the wide patio of the house at Camp Christopher. I visited with my sister and brother-in-law and learned that Philby had been acquitted (found innocent) of any wrongdoing. Other members of Parliament had been extravagant with money from the Royal coffers as they made improvements to their properties. Parliament allows its members to maintain two homes at government expense; one home in London, and one country estate. Lord Philby and Lady Eloise had always maintained their homes from their own massive wealth. With my help they have greatly enlarged that wealth allowing them to ride well above their strapped countrymen. El is a philanthropist in her own right and she has helped the country's welfare system with massive donations.

    Throughout the session at Aqua Caliente planes could be heard coming in for a landing. The boys from Russia had been the last to arrive aboard Travel Aire Two©. They were quickly hustled off to building B so that they could shit, shower, and eat. As soon as the plane was cleared it was taken to the hangers where it underwent a complete and thorough check over and routine maintenance was performed. The next flight that plane will make will be short in comparison to the one brought it to Camp Christopher, but just as important, my boys would be on board again.
    The new arrivals did not have time to stow their gear before the news about the legalization of gay unions in New York was passed on. The boys were acting like silly faggots as they ran amok making plans to go to New York to get themselves married to their boyfriends. There bubble was burst when it the citizenship regulations were given to them. I was inundated with inquiries about how to become a US citizen, and…did they have to be citizens of the state of New York as well?

    I went in search of two boys, I needed to see how they were adapting to their new life amongst the student body of BAW. I was not surprised to find the two of them together sitting in a corner as they watched the activities going on around them. What caught my attention was the sight of Mylo Caremour with his arms wrapped around Jareth Sanger Mylo had not thought himself gay until the night of his first family orgy. Since that night he can't seem to get enough boi butt, and he likes taking it as well.
    I had acquired Jareth on the road back to Tucson from my latest visit to the state prison complex at Florence, Arizona. His father is known to the biker gang with which he runs as Granite, he called his son Pebbles because he was a chip off of the old block. The problem that GraniteGranite had was that his chip was a little limp in the wrist. The fourteen year old boy is soft spoken, to soft spoken for the kid of a super mean biker. He liked to dance with his best friend, a sixteen year old kid with 'a dick that he stole from a horse'.
    Mylo is not a big boy in any way, but I have heard that he knows how to use what he has. Apparently Jareth liked the way that Mylo used his assets. I sat in on Jareth's physical so that I could get a look at his skinny body. He stands five foot two inches tall and weighs one hundred pounds, nude. He has dark blonde hair on top with a brown bush that crowns as four inch uncut cock. When he gets very excited he grows to a full four and a half inches with a girth of just less than five inches. I got a finger into his examination and found a very sensitive prostate that sent forth a fountain of thick ball batter that tastes good.
    Because of his standing with the biker gang that he runs with Granite could not have a gay son, the bikers would tear the kid apart. It would also be bad for Granite's rep. He had discovered his son on his knees before a youngster that hung around the clubhouse. Pebbles told his dad that he was gay and that he liked to be with boys. He said that sweaty men didn't do it for him, just. I was happy to see the pair together, they were both making the best of their new life and they were doing it together.

    The boys asked for one thing that they had not had as a group at the camp, an old fashioned weeny roast, with marshmallow smores for desert. Most of them had been treated to the sweet confection at the upper camp during their last to trips over, but they wanted to roast their weenies on a stick and set marshmallows on fire en masse.
    My favorite Indian cooks showed their recipe for hot and spicy Texas Chilli to the kitchen staff of the other schools. Simon had a variation on the recipe with a Cajun twist. He cooks a meaty blend of ground chuck with a pepper that he found in Russia that will put hair on a boy's toenails.
    A convoy of trucks arrived at the camp laden with icy cold franks, packages of hot dog buns, burlap sacks filled with sweet white onions, cases filled with twenty four extra large squeeze bottles filled with French's yellow mustard, cases of sweet pickle relish and sauerkraut, several hundred cases of ketchup, and super hot jalapeños peppers for the heartier in the crowd. I disappointed some of the Hispanic boys in the crowd when I told the cooks that we would have no beans. Hot dogs move a boy in violent ways as it is, I did not want them blowing the airplanes apart from the inside with their gas attacks.
    I am old-fashioned, I had a bun with mustard, a half slice of sharp cheddar cheese, then onions, and chilli spread over the bottom then I put my weeny on top as the boys laughed at me, They had never watched me build a hot dog. I grabbed a fist full of oven baked potato chips and a icy cold coke and sat down with a group of boys on the grass.

    Being the richest man on earth has a few perks, sometimes plagues, everybody wants me to endorse their wares. I did find something that just yelled "Nolan" out to me loud and clear. The Jeep division of Chrysler Motors Company is developing a sixties throw back utility vehicle called a Gladiator. The utility truck that I bought for Nolan to use around the camp has the 470-hp Hemi V8 power mill with a six speed automatic transmission. I had taken Tristan along with us to meet the cargo plane bearing the, super strong, ride. I told both men that the truck was for both of them to 'get the job done,' around the camp. The old man had tears in his eyes as he rubbed his hands over every inch of the sweet machine. The boys at the camp got a little misty seeing the man love his ride.

    Our patients were healthy and sassy so it was time to get our show on the road. Before dawn on Friday Philby and El joined me on FI-2 to Tahlequah with Rhys, Yuri, and Roddy. Roddy's future mother-in-law needed him for a final fitting of his wedding garments, I had overlooked that part of the traditional wedding ceremony and I knew that I was in deep, deep trouble with my wife. so it was time to gather everyone for the trip.
    When I arrived back in Tahlequah Sagi picked me up, she had Pam and Petey in the Caddy with her. Pam told me that their trip to Oklahoma aboard the Traveler Trio© had been a real experience for the girls from BAG. I was not about to leave the girls out of the wedding proceedings. Many of them love the little Indian brave that has wormed his way into their hearts. The girls spread themselves out in Traveler© and Traveler Two© to sleep, but that many of the single girls rode in Travel All© so they could see more of the road on the cross country trip. Most of the girls had never been out of the state or outside of the city limits of Tucson. I asked Pam where the girls were staying and what she told me made me proud of my people. The staff at the Sequoyah High School had offered rooms to the twenty young ladies and their babies.
    I was greeted at the front door of Ugitsiha's house with a warm kiss from my wife and my darling baby boys then I was offered a cup of coffee which was set on the table so that I could visit with Betty. I studied Chrisy's grandmother very carefully, she was tired from her long journey, but she was healthy and robust. She was very happy to see El. She had heard about the stroke and had a gazillion questions to ask my sister. She did not believe that it could have been very bad. I was not ready to reveal to Betty our family secret so the girls slanted everything to the miracle waters of Aqua Caliente.

    All four planes of the Travelaire© fleet have a combined seating capacity of fourteen hundred and sixty, two trips per plane would be needed to fly all of the boys to Tahlequah. It is nine hundred and forty seven miles, as the crow flies, to the airstrip in the small Indian village in Oklahoma. With a flight time, including takeoff and landing, of five hours, with an equal turnaround time, it would take over fifteen hours to get all of the boys to Oklahoma. Also it needed to be considered that refueling would need to take place when the aircraft returned to Camp Christopher. That meant that housing and food would have to be provided nearly three thousand men and boys for three nights.

    The planes began landing in Oklahoma at noon, local time. Six buses from BAW, two buses from BAG Boys, and four new buses; that would later be delivered to Tucson for our increased enrollment, waited to carry the boys to the gymnasiums of four area schools for their stay. As each boy disembarked his plane and boarded a bus he was given a sack lunch for their noon meal. Planes landed every fifteen minutes until one o'clock then there was a break for the turnaround flight to bring the rest of the boys over.
    I know boys and their stomachs, each sack had three sandwiches, fruit, a slice of cake, and a fried apple pie. I hoped that they could manage through the long afternoon on that small amount of food until the buses could be freed up to take them into town where they could try the local fare. Cold milk, fruit punches, and hot tea were made available to them.
    I was busy elsewhere, but when I was told that the first fourteen hundred boys had arrived, I met them at the various schools and made sure that they were settled in. Some of the boys from BAW had been in Tahlequah in years past and they wanted to show the others the sights. Maps of the area were available for them, and their respective security. I told them how to obtain food and drinks. I insisted that they wear their school tee shirts at all times for easy identification.

    I had to go into town to pick up a wedding gift that Ugitsiha and I had ordered for the young couple. There was much to be done so Ugitsiha and I divided our chores and set about to get everything done. My darling wife was as excited about Roddy as she had been about RD getting married the previous year. Roddy is her pride and joy and she acted just like a doting mother as she prepared everything to perfection.
    I secured the wedding gift inside my SUV and looked over my shoulder to make sure that it was safe to step around the tall vehicle without being run over by a car. I am anxious to master my curse. Sometimes I look on my developing telepathy as a nuisance rather than a gift. I know that with time I will be able to control the gift, but at my present stage of development I get more garbage than useful information. Such was the case with the youngster that I had spotted peeking out from between the parked cars along the street. I looked at the boys that he was focused on then I approached him.
    I came up behind him from the street side. My shadow fell across his back, he spun about and looked at me with the look of fear that one might see in the eyes of a trapped animal. His first instinct was to flee. I sent a message to him to freeze in place and his feet would not work for him. "I am not going to hurt you. I would like to talk with you, if you will allow that."

    I was looking down at the top of a head attached to the skinny body of a boy of about eleven or twelve. I reached out for his hand and led him up onto the sidewalk. He gripped my hand with a tighter grip then I thought him capable of and I saw a small smile crack his dirty little face. The boys from BAW stepped from the doorway of a Veazy's Drug Store with sodas in their hands and laughter on their hearts. "You don't seem to like those boys."
    "They's uppity. Ah hates uppity niggers."
    "You don't like blacks?"
    "Not them kind. They thinks that they is all better than me cause I'm a breed."
    "Of what tribe is your mother?"
    "We's Cherokee, my no good pa was black that got hissef into prison to die for killing a family out camping by the river."
    I wanted to help the boy, but I needed to know more about him. I led him into the drug store and up to the old fashioned lunch counter, I wanted a drink that I have only had when I visit my family roots, a cherry phosphate. The waitress brought me a tall, cone shaped, fluted glass filled with cherry syrup and soda water, with a maraschino cherry on top. I learned that Labron lived in a squalor of a cabin near the road leading between Tahlequah and the village. I bought him a gallon of milk to take home to his mother and then drove him home, 'I was passing right by his house anyway.'
    I asked him if he would introduce me to his mother. "Sir, my spine is made of a very rare metal, it's called AFRAIDIUM," he was embarrassed for me to meet his mother and see his home.
    "Son, there is nothing to fear but fear itself, let's get going."
    Labron's mother was very ill, I thought that it was from the rains. The floor of their shanty was wet and a high water line could be seen about a foot above the floor. Outside of the back door was a pile of soaking wet articles from inside the house, including bad cans of food and boxes of cereal. I could not imagine the two of them living in that filthy place.
    I helped them to load what they had that was not wet and took them home with me. I contacted Ugitsiha to let her know that I was bringing home two strays, she laughed at me. She had pan of cornbread and a pot of hot soup ready for my lunch, I shared it with Labron and his mother.
    Ugitsiha had Roddy gather some herbs from her root cellar and then she prepared a tea for the woman to drink. Sagi was at the house and she drew a hot bath for the women then the two sorted through the closets to find clean clothes for her to wear.
    I took Labron to Roddy's bathroom and had the boys help him to take a hot shower and change into something without holes in it. He had never worn anything but hand me downs and old clothes from the mission church, he had never had a pair of shoes that fit him. I sent him with the boys to Wayne's General Store to buy him a good pair of sneakers. He wouldn't put them on, he was afraid of ruining them. I held him in my lap as each of my sons placed new socks and a new shoe on each of his feet. He was as proud of that footwear as if he had won the lottery.

    Labron's mother had a tumor in her left breast. It was too far advanced to be removed so the doctors had simply sent her home to die. We called for the tribal leaders to pray with us, but she passed in the night. Before she had sat down to dine with her son for the last time she had talked to him and signed papers that gave me custody of the boy as my newest ward.

    Roddy's big day had arrived and every student from all nine of my schools that were represented in Oklahoma wanted to show him how loved he was. I am pleased that the boys all have a deep love of music of every ilk and variety. The Soto brothers had enlisted the aid of some of the boys from their school and some of the girls from BAG as well. They set up outside the main entrance to the Tahlequah High School stadium and performed a few of their Taiko drum pieces.

    The Firefox stood a t the alter with a smile on his face that lit up the world for miles around him. I had to stand in a position that would keep my front side from facing anyone as my chest swelled with pride for my young son; I was afraid that when the beads popped from my shirt that one of them might injure someone watching the events unfold. I didn't fear that someone would be killed by a flying metal disk, but an eye could be injured if it were hit.
    Roddy wore the wedding garment prepared for him by Adsila and her mother. He wore a breast plate of beads that told of his linage from a line of chiefs back through time. Roddy is the great-grandson of the late Chief Steve and is due all of the honors of that great man. I wore a soft leather shirt with a beaded breast plate telling of my blood connection to the tribe and to my young son.
    Adsila wore a dress made of pure white deer hide that had been chewed until it was softer than a fine cloth. The dress was covered with hundreds of colored beads, each hand sown to the garment. The beads also told her family's story and her right to marry the son of a great chief.

    The new couple was escorted to the canopy that covered the Queen, the Royal Family and other visiting Royalty. The sides of the canopy were brought down enclosing the area for a private audience between the couple, their parents, and the Royals. King Cullen Muneday sat to the right hand side of Her Majesty, the Queen of England. To her left sat King Khaldun al-Hadi. When Raven first arrived he approached the covered area at the fifty yard line of the stadium and stopped. He sent one of his personal body guards into the crowds of boys that were finding their seats. The guard approached Jace and spoke with him.
    Jace made his way to the canopied area as the guard spoke to Toby and Kenny. When Jace came face to face with Raven the old King bowed low. Jace wrapped his arms around his uncle and held him close. Toby and Kenny were embraced by the King before they joined with Prince Arif and the sons of the eastern monarch.
    The Queen inquired of her entourage as to the identity of the three boys that her Royal counterpart had honored in such an un-kingly way. Prince William whispered to his grandmother that Jace was richer than the throne of England. Raven heard the exchange and told her Ladyship that if she was strapped for cash then he would ask his nephew to loan her a few billion pounds. Those nearby laughed at their exchange.
    Harry is never far from Toby when they are in a public place and of course Frank is joined at the middle of his hip to Jace, both men sat with their partners to watch the wedding. Kenny survived his high school days with the help of his love,
Jourdain, the two boys sat side by side and wished that it was them that was getting married. Harry is married to Toby and Jace is married to Frank, it is only a matter of time before the two younger guys legally tie their balls together forever.

    Roddy and Adsila approached the Queen and bowed low before her, she told Rod that her blood brother didn't need to bow to her. He presented Adsila to the grand lady. She greeted the girl with warmth, but she seemed to hold back. Adsila's mother had made an ass of herself several times through the course of the day and the Queen was not impressed. She refused to have the woman come before her and simply acknowledged her with the back of her hand in the royal wave, or is that wave off? The Queen asked for El and Ugitsiha to sit next to her and her new grand daughter-in-law as she spoke wisdom to the youthful couple in a motherly fashion.
    I stood with Philby, King Raven, King Cullen, Prince Phillip, Prince Harry, and Prince William. Our talk was about how young, yet mature, Roddy was. Each of the men told me that they saw a born leader in the young man and that they would watch him very closely in the years to come. My chest had swelled up once again and this time I was sure that the pride that I feel for my son was about to spill out and flood the entire stadium.
    The bride and groom were presented to their guests in a reception line. Roddy told me that his arm was all shaken loose and that he may never be able to use it again. Adsila was upset because the white women that she didn't know all played with the leather of her dress and pulled at the beads causing some of them to come off. I had to climb up the middle of the security that were to keep any but the Indians and special invited guests away from the youngsters. I put my foot down on the neck of the head of that detail and told him that no one other than the Indians and invited guests were to go through the food lines.

    By tradition the father of the groom kills the buffalo for those that attend the wedding to eat. The reception for the newly weds as to be held at one end of the football stadium. There were six large fire pits with roasting whole cow halves, I walked over to each fire pit and stabbed a heavy knife deep into the cooking flesh. The boys from all of the schools began to chant Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe, the chant was quickly echoed by the tribesmen and then the other guests figured out what they were chanting and joined in, I just blushed and held onto CS and CJ. They joined in the chant as Kuckunniwi hugged my neck.

    A motorcade of limousines arrived to take the Royal Family of England to their plane at my private airstrip. Cullen and Raven were asked to join them. Cullen declined, he wanted to celebrate with his school brothers. The plane did not depart, the family wanted to participate in the festivities of the wedding, but without the presence of the press. Large trays of food had been prepared for the Royals and as quickly as the meat was done a large piece was cut from one rump and all of it was taken over to their plane. As the afternoon wore on the general public and the press corp left for something more interesting to see. I called the house and told the girls to bring our guests to the stadium for some left over barbeque.
    About fifteen minutes later the rusty old station wagon that I have used as my main transportation when visiting Tahlequah lumbered onto track around the football field. When the old car came to a stop it was quickly surrounded by several women from the tribe. As the women moved across to the food line the First Lady of England could be seen walking amongst them. She was dressed as an Indian woman, but her regal bearing was hard to hide.
    The Royal men arrived in battered old pickup trucks and cars, each dressed in jeans and wearing cowboy hats. I had to chuckle to myself at the extent that these folks have to go through to live down amongst the commoners. I know that in their country they would be hard pressed to find such freedom, but in America we don't hold much to a class system. We have respect for royals, but not to the extent that one will find in Europe, or even Asia.

    As the sun touched the horizon I heard the clear voice of Kuckunniwi. He was singing the song in the ancient language that we first heard from him when he was identified as the small wolf. RD had picked up a microphone and broadcast the words to the song as the Indians stood in solemnity facing the setting sun. "The day grows old as our wisdom increases. Oh Great God, we give thanks to you for all that you have created for us. Our lives are full, our hearts burst with joy at Your presence. Make us strong that we may defeat your enemies." At the song's finish everyone said, AMEN.

    It was the birthday of my great nation and I wanted the boys to see fireworks and apple pie. After the sun had set in the western sky everyone moved to the bleachers to find themselves a seat. In their hands they had a large bowl of freshly churned homemade ice cream and a extra large portion of warm apple pie. Not only was I showing off for the boys I was sort of rubbing it in the nose of the First Family of the Crown that the colonies had won their independence two hundred and thirty five years earlier. The forty thousand dollars that I had spent for the fireworks display at Camp Christopher the past winter was nothing but a drop in the bucket compared to what I spent for the celebration on the wedding day of my son. Petey sat in my lap with Yuri sitting close to me as we watched the to see what would appear next in the sky.
    Jimmy and Cory had been up to no good when one day they borrowed my Caddy while I was in Slovenija. Both of those little fobs love the air horns on the big boys of my road fleet and they decided that the Boss needed to have something similar. The longest horn that they could mount under the hood of the SUV was a forty incher, but it had a deep sound that reverberated through the air with an air of authority. The smaller horn array consisted of four horns with electronic stops, they don't have the presence of the larger horns, but they will move traffic out of my way.
    The Boss sat in the center of an arc formed by the Traveler Trio© as they played along with the explosions going on over the heads of those watching from the bleachers. An hour and a half later twenty five thousand dollars went skyward for the grand finalé. It had been a very long day and everybody quickly made their way out of the stadium to head for their homes and their beds.

    Rod and Adsila had stayed for the full day. Rod was very upset over the fact that none of the major airlines would sell him a first class ticket so that he could take his bride in style to Tobago for their honeymoon. They cited security reasons and agreed to let the youngster fly as Unaccompanied Minors with written permission from their parents. Rod considers himself a man with a wife, a home that he built, a small herd of cattle, two horses, farm vehicles and impalements, and five million dollars in a bank account in his name. I agree, but society…Well, to be gracious I will say that they have their rules, unbending, but rules all the same. I tried to appease my boy with a promise to have Pete fly him to his island getaway. That would not do for him, he wanted uniformed stewardesses to wait on his every desire as all eyes looked on. Vanity?? Probably, but I think that I understand him. He wanted his mother and brothers to go to the island for some fun in the sun and he wanted me to take him diving in the crystal clear waters around that vacation place.

    With all that I had on my mind I still thought of the plight of the citizens in the storm destructed Joplin, Missouri. I asked for a meeting with all of the staff from each of the schools. They talked to their students and a poll was taken. To a boy, one hundred percent voted to go to Missouri and assist the relief effort in anyway that they can. Because of their ages there is not much that the boys can do, but their backs could be put to work cleaning up the debris that was scattered everywhere.
    I had chosen Joplin over the other disaster areas, because of its close proximity to the wedding site. I had twelve buses in Oklahoma, and the airplanes. Flying into the Joplin area would be difficult, but I could get the needed clearances.
    Fields were found near the major part of the destruction that could be used for staging areas and a place to erect the tents and porta-potties for three thousand men and boys. All of the college boys joined in the relief effort as the boys hit the ground in Joplin running. Food, water, and emergency supplies were coming in every ten minutes and many of the boys volunteered to off load those planes and get the supplies to where they were needed. Other boys were directed to the hard hit neighborhoods helping with the cleaning up of tons of debris that had once been someone's home. The boys located many family keep sakes and they quickly passed those items on to someone in authority to see that they were returned to their owners.
    The boys worked for a week before I pulled them back to Tucson. I explained to them that they were children and that they needed to take care of themselves. The boys returned to Camp Christopher and the medicos. They had been in all kinds of shit as they cleaned up after the massive storm system that had moved through the Joplin area. Their health is of major concern to me and after the staff reviewed the shot records of each boy it was determined that they needed booster shots for Tetanus and a few other bug born diseases that they might have picked up. A few sore arms and a little bit of an upset stomach was their only reminder of their helpful trip.

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