Chapter 271


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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Traveler Chapter 271
    I was in a sound sleep in my bed with Ugitsiha snuggled up beside me when I awakened with a start. Crying, no…wailing, the unrequited wailing of someone in anguish filled my head. I sat up and listened, it wasn't coming from any of my babies…slowly I honed in on the source of the bawling boy and jumped from my bed. As I changed into a split tailed swallow for a flight over to the dormitory. The voice of my youngest son touched my heart strings, "He's having a bad dream, daddy, he thinks that you are dead." he can read people from far away, and I have never known of him to be wrong in what he sees.
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    I flew through a skylight that is always left open for my unorthodox entries and down the hallway to the bed of Leo Fisher on the fourth floor of the east dorm. Some of his friends were trying their best to calm the boy down, but he wouldn't be quieted. I sent his friends off to their beds with a warning to go directly to sleep because I was going to sleep next to Leo for the rest of the night. The boys grinned and I read their thoughts as they wished that they had thought of this way to get me into their beds all night long.
    I stretched out next to the small blonde boy and pushed the mop of blonde hair from his eyes. I kissed him on the forehead as I cuddled him close to me. He relaxed and moved close to me. I felt his cock stiffen against my thigh as his breathing turned to that of desire instead of fear. "I dreamed about you, you know. I saw you get shot and killed." I tried to tell him that it was only a dream, but he had news that piqued my interest. Leo has proven to himself that he can see future events. He told me that he can always tell what is a dream and what is to come. I listened to the boy.
    He told a story that I could see me involved in. I had to think about what was on my plate for the next year or so and I could not see me in a scenario such as Leo described to me. He had seen me go into the UN building in New York City with two other men, only it wasn't me and they weren't men. I asked him what that meant. "You were in some sort of disguise and no one knew who you were, you didn't look like you, but I could see through to the real you." I didn't know what to believe then he told me that we entered a secret elevator and were taken down underground eight hundred feet. No unauthorized person alive knows about that elevator and the secret chambers deep under that center of World Organizations. I had to redirect his mind.
    The fastest way to distract a healthy male child is to touch him. I wrapped my hand around a very impressive piece of man meat. It was a full seven inches long with a very long foreskin. My fingers just met my thumb, and I have long fingers. That meant that he had to be almost six inches around. I let my mind flash though data bases and confirmed that I was in bed with a boy that had only turned fourteen the week before. I had missed his birthday party because I was off on a shopping trip to Italy with my wife and family. I looked for his memories of that party, he had really enjoyed himself. He has only had anal sex with one other boy and that was what his mother learned before she and her husband brought the boy to BAW to escape the torments of straight kids in his old school.
    At his birthday party he wanted to suck as many cocks as he could and he wanted to bathe in cum. My students are all for that type of party. Naked boys rubbed themselves all over Leo's body and took their turns feeding their dicks into his cock hungry mouth. Leo told me that he sucked fifteen dicks, but that he could only swallow about six loads of cum before his stomach got all queasy and stuff. I smiled as I knew how he felt. He said that he let hundreds of boys jack off on him and shoot their loads everywhere on him. He said that he had never had so much fun in all of his life. He said that watching the boys jack off in his face. When the slit opened up and hot jizz shoot out on him was such a turn on. He managed to get off nine times, most of those by others handling things for him. He said that the most fun was when many boys would lick the cum off of him and then kiss him with the cum still in their mouths. He said that he loved to cum in the mouths of others, but he really wanted to get fucked and to fuck someone. By the time that he could do that he was so soft and sore that he couldn't get it up.
    "Will you love me? Please?" I asked him what he wanted for me to do. He wanted me to fuck him. I asked him if we could suck each other first. He ran his hand up and down my hard cock and said, "I will love sucking this cock more than any other in the world." With that he turned and engulfed me. I moved my body into an arch so that I could mate my six foot two inch frame to his five foot two inches. I lay there staring at his perfect stiff member. The slit in the glans of his cock was just visible through the small opening in his foreskin. I wrapped my hand around him and pushed that skin back to reveal a sweet, bright red head slick with sweat and pre-cum. I watched as a dollop of his homegrown lubricant appeared at that slit and sat there daring me to take it. I took it, it was sweet, almost as sweet as the boy himself. I envelope all of his cock into my mouth and heard him moan with pleasure.
    The difference in our heights made it a must to get him on top of me, and quickly. I spread his legs wide so that one was on each side of my head and stared up to a pair of balls that would make any man happy to have. I had a nose full of his scent, it was a pleasant boi scent that made me even hornier than I had been a moment before. I let my fingers walk up his scrotum until they came to a tight little rosebud. I was amazed at its tightness since he had told me that he enjoyed anal sex with his school chum. I ran my fingers up and down his sweaty crack and circled about his hole each time I came back to it. He pushed his cock deep into my mouth in anticipation of an entry into his nether region.
    He was into sucking my cock and he had more than half of it in his gullet and I was getting close to filling him up with my high protein blend. I wanted to go at the same time as he so I pushed a single digit into the tight, dark space and adjusted for the mighty meat that suddenly swelled inside of my mouth. I half expected the large load that he let go of, but I had also thought that his age may make that ball batter thin and sparse. For my pleasure his ambrosiatic nectar was thick and plentiful, just made for me.
    We lay together just nursing, I wasn't ready for the main event yet, I wanted more cream. When I felt his drool roll along the sides of my nut sack and heard his soft snores I knew that he was at peace. I probed his mind for any remnant of his bad dream and found none. I dug deep until I could see the residue that the dream had left deep in his mind, I was very careful not to bring any part of that event back to his conscious mind. I saw myself as a shorter and fatter young man in the comany of another swarthy looking man in his early twenties. We were heading into a most secret area that was filled with many of the most prominent leaders of our world. I watched the man that I was with remove a control device for a bomb that had been planted in the room. I flew into action and killed the young man, but he managed to get off a shot at me and I fell to the floor in appearant death. I slightly altered Leo's memory so that he would not see me get killed and he could rest better. I felt his body relax on top of me as he fell into a deep sleep.

    When he snapped back into consciousness he took a long dive down the length of my cock swallowing a solid seven inches into his eager mouth. I pushed two fingers into his rectum and began to nurse his cock as I milked his prostate. In less time than I had wanted he fired another of his amazing loads of boi cum, it was time to go for what he had told me that he wanted. I didn't let him catch his breath after his climax before I pushed all of the air out of his lungs with the sphincter enlarging girth of my man meat. His eyes flew open as he looked up and saw me over the top of him. He smiled and wrapped his arms about me and relaxed his body. He raised up so that his lips could meet mine and spoke into my mouth, "Love me. Oh daddy, please love me." The news of the day is filled with men that had been molested in their youth and I feel guilty about that. I can honestly say that I have never been with a boy that wasn't gay and that didn't beg me to do what I was doing with Leo.

    I sat down to breakfast with the boys and I overheard Rhys and Del talking to each other, "Bloke, oi was rubbish when I left me brolly in the loo at Piccadilly, oi felt gutted, cause the fog were so thick that you could feel it.
    "'Ere bloke, mum sent a tin of biscuits and she told me to get you sum o' dem." Knowing Del's history I don't even want to know what they were talking about. I know little to nothing about Rhys and I will have to remedy that very soon.

    A former ally who had championed my school after his visit as the, then current, State School's Superintendent has become a pariah to a part of the curriculum that has become a source of contention between the "English only" advocates and the minority students of our county. Courses have long been offered that teach other ethnic groups, primarily Hispanics, about their heritage and their growing role in society. The program at the center of the ongoing debate is called Hispanic Studies, I have many hispanic kids in my two schools in Tucson and I feel that they should learn about the peole from whom they are descended, I also allow my Indian brothers to learn about their historical past. That former educator is a politician and he has been elected to the State's Attorney General position. In the role as the head mucky muck of the laws of the state he has pushed through legislation that makes the teaching of ethnic studies illegal. He has made comments around the state's capitol that he wants my two schools in Tucson to go co-ed. I had to throw my weight around when I had my attorneys remind him of the GAY bill that had been passed by the state's congress in January of 2008. I informed the man that I had private schools and that we would teach whatever suited our student body.
    Our current governor stepped up to her current position when Janet, our former governor, was picked by the President of the United States to head up The Department of Homeland Security. The current governor won the recent election giving her her first full term in office. That woman is the epitome of most of the things that I dislike about the dickless segment of genus homosapien. She is outspokenly anti-gay and has fought any attempts to allow so much as equal rights for same sex couples. I am not all that concerned that the current politico can close my schools, I have Federal immunity. I am fearful of what the current mind set may do to the gay community as a whole.
    I do not like much of what I have seen in Pinal County, the location of Phoenix and the state's capitol, so I am struggling with a request to open a school for outcast boys and girls there. I think that it will be easier to move those kids to Tucson where I am already established.

    I enjoy meeting and talking to new young people. They are not new young, they are just new people for me to meet. I stepped out on the stage of the new Bradford Theater and stared into the upturned faces of homeless teens from all over the county. The children had come to the auditorium out of curiosity and the hope that they could really find themselves a home and a place to belong. Most homeless teens are homeless because they can't get along with their families or those that have been placed in charge over them. In their young minds flight seems to be the better evil so they take to the streets. They don't take into consideration how they are going to find food, a warm dry shelter, and clothing to replace whatever they had run away with, usually just the clothes on their backs.
    For the past four years the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß has participated in a program that provides shoes, clothing, and meal coupons for various fast food establishments in the area. These items are placed in a large sized backpack, large enough to contain all of the worldly goods of a runaway teen. In each pack a full color brochure for the two schools in Tucson is included. It is these brochures that had brought sixty boys and girls to the theater on this morning. I stepped from the stage and walked amongst the bright faces masking the untold fears of each child. I greeted each child with a warm handshake as I came to him. Many of the girls made signs that they were enamored with my good looks and charms, more than a few boys gave similar signals. I may be thirty nine years old, but thanks to the waters of Aqua Callente I only appear to be about sixteen. A curse? in many ways, yes. World leaders and businessmen don't trust a kid to know what he is doing. I called all of the children to circle about me in the orchestra pit so that we could talk face to face.
    "Good morning, ladies and gentleman. My name is Sir Christopher Dickson. I am a Sir because I am a Knight in four countries, it is a title that I earned and I am glad to bear it for the sake of those that look to what I did as a service to the Throne of those countries. I am also a Hero of Russia and I wear this nation's Presidential Medal of Freedom," I pointed to each little ribbon on the left breast of my sport's jacket. I had dressed casually in a pull over shirt, cotton slacks, slip on loafers, but I wore a jacket to be able to display my ribbons and to show that I was the kid in charge.
    "Some of you are tired of the hunger and fear associated with life on the streets. You are thinking that anything would be better than to continue living the way that you have been; anything short of returning to your former home life. I want to offer you a different choice. It is different because it will require something of you. It will require you to get into school and study. You must study hard because I do not allow slackers in my schools. I own ten schools around the world and I have controlling interest in two schools in Texas and three in California. The schools that I own outright are part of the Bradford Academes for Gay Youth. There are two schools located here in Tucson. Bradford Academy West, or BAW, is located on these grounds. The only girls school that I own is the Bradford Academy for Girls or, BAG. Each of these schools is non-coeducational, that means that only boys attend BAW and only girls attend BAG. Each student is required to maintain a 3.0 grade average or leave the school.
    "You will live at the school if you decide to attend there. You will receive clothing, a private bed space, and four major meals a day with a snack bar that is always open. I must alert you to a change that I have made in the snack bars this school year, there will be no sodas on the line. I have had to eliminate sodas to keep the zits problem under control." That brought about a huge laugh as everyone looked at each other's pimple covered faces. I introduced the children to our curriculum and told them about our lesson plans. I told them that they could earn money while they attend the schools so that when they graduated they would have money to start their life on. I told them that I would pay for each and everyone of them to go on to college and provide housing for them there as well.
    I was asked how their tuition would be paid. I told them that it would be covered as long as they maintained their grades and kept themselves out of trouble. A gang of four seemed to be the lords of the walk and I knew that I would have to deal with each of them in special ways. They were bullies that had been preying on the others for what the others had, they were too lazy to earn their own way. I dropped the big bomb on all of the children.
    "This school does not tolerate violence, bullying, or fighting. Any infraction of this rule will result in me placing you in my car and taking you directly to juvie hall for lock up," I showed them my badge of a United States Federal Marshall. I had a room full of silent, wide eyed kids.
    "Ain't this a fag's school. I heared that queers go here," one of the gang boys blurted out.
    "All of my schools are for students that are societal outcasts. They do not conform to the rules as society understands them. Many of the boys, no, most of the boys, in my schools are gay. Many of the boys come to this school to play football for the winningest school sports program in the state, they are not all gay. Gay or straight every student here is an individual with rights and an expectation of safety. We do not judge a person by anything other than his actions, and being gay is not a conscious action on anyone's part."
    The end result of that short meeting found me looking for bed space for nineteen girls. Five of the girls had boyfriends that they would prefer to be with. The last girl had two babies of mixed races, she felt that no one would be able to help her. I asked her to spend a day at BAG and visit with the other girls there as well as Sagi and a new teacher that I had hired for the current school year. When I told her that she could take her children with her she began to cry and call me a saint. I told her that I was not about to die quite yet, but that I was proud to be a SIT.

    I watched her face, she had a question, "What's a SIT?". I smiled as I told her that it is my word for Saints In Training.
    I had room for the thirty three boys that asked for applications. Two of the remaining boys were through school and had hoped to go on to college, but they lacked the funding to do so. I sat down with each one of them singularly and arranged for them to continue their education in trades schools. I told them that they would be allowed to live at my house across the street from BAW. I like to see a boy-man that is not ashamed to let his emotions show. Both boys had tears along the bottom of their eyes.
    The four street toughs didn't apply to the school I touched their minds and found out that they wanted to attend, but didn't know if they could hack it. I kept them in mind as I learned where they were hanging, I would contact them at a later time.

    My afternoon meeting was not as pleasant.

    I met J.C. and Bull at the Pima County Juvenile Detention facility and stood before a group of twenty five hardened criminals. These were boys aged thirteen to fifteen that had committed crimes that would keep them locked up until their eighteenth birthday. I feel that the juvie system is just a form of trade school. A boy sentenced there learns how to steal and cheat his way through life with little to no regard for the rights of others. They boys that the state had invited me to accept in my school were young enough that, if shown how, they could find other means to get through life. My problem… I couldn't see placing them into the dormitories with other kids until they had proven themselves trustworthy. One thing that would destroy the morale of my students would be a thief in their midst. I took a gambling step and opened one dorm and the classrooms at Camp Christopher.

    I had hired three new classroom leaders for BAW, I sat down with the faculty and discussed how to best serve both campuses. It is a fifteen minute ride to the camp from the school via the highspeed train that runs through the connecting tunnel. Two of the current faculty members would like to live at the camp on a permanent basis. That broke my heart, NOT! Three other instructors, one of the new men included, would make the commute between the two campuses to lead a class there and also lead classes at the main campus. That gave me five male instructors that could lead ten class periods each day. I asked that the women classroom instructors not ask to go out to Camp Christopher until I could guarantee their safety. They expressed their appreciation for that suggestion. All I needed was a coach to see to the boys' physical training.
    I put six of the boys that had come to BAW from the streets, but had graduated from the school with honors, on the payroll. Twenty year old Fred Rich is in his senior year on a football scholarship. I think that he will be a wise choice for the boys at the camp and he can sort out and feed to BAW those boys that he feels will make good additions to our sports programs there. Nineteen year Macy is studying criminology at the U of A, I could count on him to watch over the legal rights of the students. Nineteen year old Hank Mahone and Joe Bates are both undeclared juniors. They each show a major aptitude toward math and I would like for them to tutor these new kids and help them along, sort of a peer study group thing. Twenty one year old Bolek Bickrord has had trouble finding work as a small engine repairman, he will be a big help to Nolan as well as being tough enough to keep the juvie jailers under control.
    I needed muscle to handle anyone that may get out of line. I also wanted the special skills that two of my graduate students had to offer. I recruited the nineteen year old street fighter Ronald Harris that had trained with Spike for UFC fighting to the death. Of course I had to recruit Spike, if any single person can control these juvenile thugs he will be the one that can do it.
    I sought out the four bullies that had come to the first meeting and took them out to Camp Christopher for a look around. When they saw the horses and the woods covered mountains all of them begged be to allow them to enroll there.

    I couldn't have been more wrong in my assessment of the boys that were sent to me from the juvie system. I guess that I should read the reports before I jump to conclusions. Granted, all of the boys were convicted, no lets make that adjudicated for criminal code violations. One of the boys, Greg Ellington, had been caught masturbating in front of his two little brothers. He was sent to Open Inn, a halfway shelter for teenagers that don't fit the criteria of a criminal. There he was caught letting an older boy fuck him in the ass while other boys watched and masturbated. I had all of those boys, with the exception of the one that had been the top in that particular session, evaluated. I wanted to learn more about him. I found out that he was awaiting trial for unnatural sex acts with a minor, sex with a minor under fifteen, statutory rape, and crimes against nature. I had Bull represent him, he had all charges dismissed and is a new student at Camp Christopher, herein after to be referred to BACC. The other boys were staight, they had been caught up in the scene of live sex and done what comes natuarally to a boy.

    Most of the boys left had been adjudicated to the system for repeated shop lifting. They hadn't been stealing for food, they were stealing CDs and DVD movies. One boy had been with his mother and sister as the trio stole over six hundred dollars worth of children's clothing and shoes. None of the clothes would have fit the family of thieves, they were baby clothes that the mother sold at her yard sales. A search warrant of their home helped police to discover several thousand dollars worth of new clothing, most of it still in their original packing or with price tags still attached. The six year old little sister was placed in a private home by CPS and the boy was sent to a shelter. There he stole clothes for the other boys in the shelter until he was discovered by the staff of the shelter. The mother is awaiting trial on nineteen hundred counts of theft, one for each item that had no receipts to show them to be legal. She also has charges of possession of stolen merchandise, conversion of stolen merchandise, and many counts of child endangerment, child abuse, as well as drug charges. She is four months pregnant with hard drugs in her system.
    All in all these were not bad kids. They had been living by their wits on the streets and stealing so that they could eat. The problem that I had with most of them was the fact that they were street wise and that they forced or intimidated others to do their will. I will not have fighting in my schools. By placing them at BACC for the time being we would ascertain which boys would likely succeed and which ones would always be in trouble. I do not believe that there is such a thing as a bad boy. I fell that a boy acts according to his situation. There are many bad choices made, but that can be overcome by education.

    We had a free weekend with nothing going on that needed our immediate attention. Roddy is still on his honeymoon as he and Adsila get used to being a couple. RD and Sagi have inspired the young couple, but I have my intrepidations. I feel that neither of the kids is old enough to live together, but it is not my place to say so. I have younger couples of boys living together in my house and in the dorm at BAW, I will have to take a 'wait and see' attitude with the young marrieds. I can only hope that the new wears off. Yuri was spending the weekend with Petey. Pam and Johnny love my son and are happy that the two boys are such close friends.
    When Ugitsiha and I returned home from Sabbath services with our babies she looked at me. I could see the tired in her eyes, the stress of our trip to Italy had taken its toll on the pretty lady. I had just the thing that would revitalize her. I sent her a mind picture which my baby boys picked up on at once. I told them that daddy wanted a big piece of hot, homemade apple pie with a thick slice of cheddar cheese and a large scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of that. The boys wanted some too. I pulled the Caddy to the front of the house and placed what we would need for an overnight trip to the mountains into the back end. I called RD and told him what I was about to do and he thought that I had the perfect idea. He wished that he had thought of it himself, but he didn't have a place to go. I sent him a picture of the cabin on Mt. Lemmon amd the surrounding beauty of the tall Aspen pines. I told him that the cabin belonged to the family and he was able to use it at any time he wished, only not that weekend.

    The drive up the winding mountain highway to Summer Haven on top of Mt. Lemmon is perfect at almost anytime of the year. When the snows come four wheel drive vehicles with tire chains are required by the County Sheriff and the State Department of Public Safety—the Highway Patrol—who close the highway and inspect each and every vehicle going up the mountain. The roadway has been hit by landslides during our torrential monsoon rains. Other than that the transition from the hot desert floor up the twenty five mile highway with a change in elevation from about twenty five hundred feet to more than nine thousand feet is a pleasant trip. As one continues up the highway the drop in temperature is a steady change, by the same token the trip down is like a descent into an oven.
    I am very pleased with the new Mithril fiber impregnated window glass. Tests on the glass have shown that it will protect my family from an RPG or even a rocket powered missile such as I had just encountered in Italy. The bullet proof glass is only slightly thicker than a regular laminated glass side window door glass and it is able to be operated up or down like a normal window, we had all four windows down and the sun roof open as we soaked up the great smell of the fresh pine impregnated air scent.
    The traffic increased in volume as we drove through the area of the National Park that allows camping. The boys were acting like giraffes as they craned their necks trying to see over the frame of the door window opening. Even in their booster seats they are to low to be able to see the forest, all they can see is the tree tops. The question of ages had been going around for the past thirty minutes, "Are we there yet?" I was ready to let them out of the car so that they could run off some of their pent up energy.
    I sensed the joy from my boys as I pulled into a parking space in front of the rebuilt Iron Door Café that is well known around the state for its great homemade pies. (read the link about the Aspen fire that destroyed much of the mountain top community)The hostess seated us then Ugitsiha excused herself to go to the restroom. I saw that Little Cory was shaking his leg so I told our waiter that we would quickly return. I took a drink of the coffee that he had just poured and I nearly burned the inside of my mouth completely off, it was hot. The boys reacted to my dilemma and quickly began to chant a healing prayer for me. In an instant the pain subsided and I could breathe again. I led the boys to the restroom and helped them to sit up on the toilet seat, they both had more in them than pee.
    Don't kid yourself, baby shit stinks. I had a double whammy of the odor to contend with. I flushed their toilets to get the bulk of the smell out of the area and waited for them to finish their duty. I helped them to clean their little behinds and we stood before one lavatory and washed each others hands with lots of soap and hot water. I used a paper towel to wash the road film from their faces and made sure that they were presentable for public before we returned to our table.
    As we left the restroom Paul Marsh was headed in. We greeted each other and went our separate directions. Ugitsiha was waiting at our table and the waiter appeared with our slices of pie. Ugitsiha had asked him to cut one slice of pie in half for the boys. Richard, our waiter, had gone the extra mile and cut the cheese slice as well and he had placed a smaller scoop of French Vanilla ice cream on the top. The boys squealed with delight as they each had a full piece of apple pie ala mode placed before them.
    Paul walked over to our table and caught me with my ususal cuppa in my hand. I swallowed a bit slower than I had before, it had cooled down enough to be able to take a really good drink of the blackened water. I rose and shook hands with Paul and we did a bit of small talk. I asked him if he had been around the cabin lately. He had and there was the usual debris around the property that had fallen from the trees or been blown in by the wind. I asked him to find me a handyman to clean the area. He promised me that someone would do the work on Monday, two days hence.
    As we were getting out of the Caddy at the cabin a loud clap of thunder startled all of us. The boys grabbed hold of my pants legs and held on for dear life. I bent down and picked them up then struggled up the steps. My small burdens made hard work for me with the door key, but as with any labor of love I was triumphant. I led the boys inside and I dashed back out to gather in our things from the back of the SUV. I had just stepped through the door with the final load when the clouds in the sky unzipped and let a torrent of water cascade down. I helped Ugitsiha put the milk and other perishables into the refrigerator then I helped her to the bed. She took her dress and shoes off and stretched out before quickly falling asleep. I opened all of the windows and the back door. I checked that the screens were in good shape so that we would not be invaded by flying insects.
    I returned to the bedroom and found my two little ones naked on the bed next to their mother, all three of them were sound asleep. I yawned, a rainy afternoon is the perfect time to take a nap. I removed my clothing and joined my family on the bed. I snuggled close to my wife and placed a hand on her belly as my two darling ones moved on top of us and continued their sleep. The darkness surrounded me as I floated on a sea of salty brine. I was unaware of time or date. I was where I was supposed to be and mine wasn't to question how or why. I had become totally accustomed to the heat and humidity of the tight quarters. The distant pounding took on a rhythmic beat that only heightened the intrigue. Fear and anxiety were unknown words to me, I knew no fear. I had no concept of that which lay before me. The perils and uncertainty that lay outside this vessel never crossed my mind.
    I tried to stretch to my full length. In my crowded quarters I bumped against the wall and was unable to completely change my position. The commotion started from a simple act of trying to turn over seemed like a major disaster. I settled back and rode out the furor created by my meager attempts. Ugitsiha grunted with the pain of movement in her belly. I had felt the baby move under my hand then I realized that I had been inside my unborn child's mind as I lay asleep next to my family.
    "You gonna call him Dougy, daddy. Awinita says that his name is Douglas Redhand. Redhand was my grandfather and Douglas was your father?"
    "Yes, my son, Douglas Dickson was my father's name. I never knew your grandfather Redhand, he had gone on before I met your grandmother Ahwiagina. Your mother says that he was a mighty hunter."
    "I have learned about him. Did you know that he is the mark of the red hand that Rodney burned into Lightening Fire/s flank?" I had known that, I had just never thought of the significance of that act. I will have to learn more about the man that I am to name my new son after.
    I almost fear Awinita. That child has more power than I am comfortable with. I wonder how Cory and Sagi are really bearing up under the weight of such a gifted child.

    It was getting close to dinner time. My wife looked like an angel as she lay on the bed surrounded by our little cherubim. I quietly slipped out of bed and headed out to the kitchen to warm up a small frozen casserole that we had brought up to the mountain with us. While the casserole was heating in the microwave I mixed the packages of greens, carrots, and tomatoes together for a small salad just large enough for the four of us. I placed plates, glasses, salad dressing, and condiments on the table as dinner was almost ready. I am hardly used to preparing meals for only four. My babies don't eat that much and Ugitsiha and I are both light eaters. We seem to eat all of the time, but we eat only small portions. Diabetes is prevalent in our blood line and I am hypoglycemic, we all watch what we eat so that we keep our blood sugar at a steady level.
    The ding of the microwave was like an alarm clock for two hungry little boys. They appeared at the door as I removed the casserole and placed it on the table. I pushed the two little naked Indians to the bathroom and washed their faces and their hands. I was heading back to the bedroom to put pants on their little behinds when we passed Ugitsiha on her way to the bathroom. Once everyone was dressed properly for dinner we sat around the table holding hands and praising our Lord for another great Sabbath day and a table covered with His abundant bounty. We said amen and Ugitsiha jerked. "Dougy says amen too, daddy." I had to giggle as I filled Ugitsiha's mind with the discussion that Kuckunniwi and I had just shared.
    The night air after a mountain rain storm is cool, even in the early dog days of September. I placed two logs in the fireplace and set them on fire to take the chill off of the cabin. Ugitsiha dug around in the closet until she found a large, furry throw that I use to sit before the fire and cuddle with a boy. She spread it before the fireplace and took the large pillows from around the living room for us to lean against. The boys were too warm to get under the covers with their mother and me, they quietly played some sort of hand game as they lay between us on top of the blanket. I had something to discuss with my wife.
    "This cabin gets very little use since we have Camp Christopher. I enjoy coming up here, but this is the first time that I have been free to do so in about three years. Cory and RD both talk about coming up, but they never seem to find the time. I would like to put it to good use for someone that would enjoy the seclusion that it offers."
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    "You're thinking about your long time buddy and Pete's dad aren't you. They are a neat couple and I love them very much. I know that you and Randy have a very long history, and Sven is the best thing that ever happened to him after he returned from Iraq. I think that they will love being alone up here and living in the woods won't hurt either one of them." That settled it, I would talk to the pair early the following week.
    We lay before the fire until the babies fell asleep. I carried them to the beds and changed them into sleeping shorts. They awakened long enough to take a potty break then I tucked them in and kissed their tiny faces. I think that being a dad is about the greatest thing in the world. I love boys and I love to be with my Cory Man, but having my own little ones that depend on me for everything is almost overwhelming.
    Sunday morning gave me a chance to walk around the property and play with my sons in the woods. About eight Ugitsiha called out that she was ready to go and eat. I put the boys into their car seats and strapped them down, I received a big hug and kiss from each of them, that just made my morning complete.
    We headed back to the Iron Door Café, located at 10300 E Ski Run Rd. Richard was already on duty and he quickly seated us and brought coffee for us almost at once. I asked for orange juice for the boys, Ugitsiha thought that would make a great eye opener so I ordered two large glasses of the pulpy juice for us as well. The boys can handle scrambled eggs and toast by themselves. although Little Cory sometimes wants to play with his food. On that morning he was a perfect child and ate like a big boy. I ordered a large plate of the biscuits and sausage gravy with a side of hash browned potatoes and two eggs, over medium. We spent the better part of an hour over our breakfast before we headed on up the road to Ski Valley.
    The ski lift was open so we took the boys up the cable ride to the top of the ski slopes and stepped over the ridge to look out across the valley below us. From our angle we could not see our house or the school. We could see part of the winding road that led east to Camp Christopher. I pointed that road out to the boys, but they wanted to fly out over the valley below. I had to put my foot down and forbid that. I loaded two sulking boys into the Caddy for our trip back home and found that there had been a lot of damage from the storm that had given us so much peace the afternoon before.

    A local news station captured this picture of the lightening strike that destroyed Rick's house next door to RD's house and across the street from the school. I am sorry, but the news service does not archive these pictures where they can be accessed more than a week or so after the event. For those of you reading this online you will have to satisfy yourself with this description: Picture the majestic Santa Catalina mountains rising to the north over Tucson. Rain clouds envelope the mountain and a single bolt of lightening from out of the sky streaks to earth. The picture doesn't show where the lightening bolt hit, it hit Rick Carlson's house dead on. The bolt from the blue took out the front window and front door of the house and set fire to the furnishings. Rick's fire system filled the area with water and doused the blaze, but the damage from the lightening, the water, and the rain had done one hundred thousand dollars in damage to the house. Rick had insurance to cover the loss of property, but he can never replace the tapes and photographs of him and Terry Thompson in their early days together.
(Pix not seen in on-line version)
    The wash between Charley's old house and granite house had flooded. The torrential rains had washed brush and debris from the high grounds surrounding Andy's house and sent it down to the low water bridge in front of the two houses. Jeff Howell and Mark Demone's house had suffered severe damage, well their back yard had. Some water got into the house, but it was confined to the tiled kitchen and family room. Their brick wall that was supposed to keep the javelina and coyotes out of the backyard had been knocked down by the force of the water running off of the mountains behind them. The natural slope of the land directed the water away from the house, but their pool looked like a pond in the woods. It had enough debris in it that Jeff quipped that he would not need to buy firewood for his barbeque for several years.
    All in all the damage was minimal and their insurance would cover the expense of repairs. The roadway in front of my two houses was a wash out. That is the only road leading on up to Andy's, or Jeff and Mark's houses, as well as their neighbors that live on the mountain above me. The brush had piled up until the water began to rush over the roadway and when the waters subsided it was learned that the road had been taken out for about a fifteen foot wide span on the west end.
    I wanted to see what damage had been done below the cliff where the water would fall into a normally dry wash. Although the wash is legally public property I did not want to wait to have the brush and debris cleared away, I called for a front end loader and a dump truck to clean the area as quickly as possible. The road would just have to wait until the wheels of the city could grind out a repair crew.

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