Chapter 274


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Traveler Chapter 274
    I was pleased to see Ed Kellerman and Bud Hooker emerge from the tunnel that led under the old house and over to the school. Both men wore slip on deck shoes, tee shirts, and tight fitting shorts that I knew had to have come from one of the lockers of emergency duds that are stocked throughout the school and the two houses where naked boys live. It is not always convenient to run back to a bedroom to put on a quick ball cover, hence the lockers. I have mentioned many, many times in this story how I have grabbed a pair of shorts when someone comes to my door. It appeared that Ed and Bud had purposely selected shorts for a fourteen year old boy, they were very tight fitting and gave a great image of the package concealed within them. I was, of course, naked when I walked up to the pair and gave them a warm hug and welcomed them to our family Orgy night.
    It was Ed's first time to be around the boys in the all together he was so stiff that he could barely speak. I groped him and told him that any person in the room was available, except the three thirteen year old boys that had cum to see what gay life in a mob scene was like. I did remind both men of the NO Rule and wished them a happy night of sex with kids and stepped back. Ed leaned toward me and asked about the little pin. I called Shiloh and Noel to come over and show off their new trophies. Bud got super hard at the close up sight of two well young and hungs. Shiloh is a man-eater, he told Bud that he could touch him, if he wanted. Bud's hand wrapped around the impressive boi cock and a drop of drool appeared at the corner of his mouth.
    "Boys, you are both members of the Order of the Pin, by the rules of the PIN it can only be awarded to someone that can take all of my cock up their ass for the full enjoyment leading to, and ending in, a mutual climax of me and the person that I am with. Another key rule is that this union must take place in front of two PIN wearing members of the family to serve as witnesses. Would each of you be willing to serve as witness to the awarding of the PIN to your teacher?
    "Bud, I don't believe that you have a PIN though we have made love to one another several times. If you would like to have one tonight would be a good time. We have a room full of PIN wearers that would love to watch." Bud reached his hand out and squeezed my cock as he thought about my proposal. He didn't think long, he was ready.
    "Dad, it's like orgy night and all and anything goes if no one says no. Isn't that right?" I nodded to Shiloh. " Well then I think that Bud here would like to do me and Noel wants to do Mr. Kellerman really badly so could we like all do it as a group and stuff?"
    The boy was beginning to stutter as the blood rushed from his head and into his main member. I asked the two men and they were ready for a go with the pair of cute boys standing there begging for them to have sex with them. We moved over to a pair of empty mats and I asked the boys to place two more matts next to the others so that we would have plenty of room to romp.
    I was cumed out by the time that the last PIN was tattooed to Bud's fleshy mound. All of us were gasping for breath. That did not stop Shiloh, that boy is one cock hungry man-eater. He had the cock of each man in his hands as he moved back and forth nursing them for one more drop of his favorite protein.

    I watched Éothain and another boy that I couldn't recognize from the back as they rolled together on the floor in powerful sex play. I met with Éothain Mayr and his mother at their home. I told them about the school and that Judge Thoms had recommended that Éothain attend there. I looked at the boy, he was cute. Mrs. Mayr was hesitant to send her son off to a boarding school until her son told her about how the bullies at school had learned about him and Noel and had began to taunt him and try to get him to perform sex acts on them, in public places. Mrs. Mayr sat back and listened to what I had to say. In the end she could see the advantages of allowing her son to attend BAW she told the boy that she would maintain his room for him and that he could come home anytime he choose. I suggested that they might get together for lunch on weekends once in awhile and that overnight stays would be a good way of keeping them in touch with each other

    The wine cellar was silent except for boys moaning in sexual pleasure and a few slapping and sucking sounds coming from around the large cavern. I found my two young sons curled up asleep in a knot of boys. I didn't want to awaken them as I stood and looked down on the precious boys that have come into my life and changed everything that I thought was important to me. Roddy is very protective of Yuri. Yuri is a very small for a ten year old. His size must be the result of his years of starvation on the streets of his Russian homeland. He is growing now and Roddy says that soon his little brother will be bigger than he is. I saw Yuri's grandmother and his sick grandfather. Although he was weakened with the ravages of old age, he was robust and one could tell that he had been a very powerful man. With building stock like that I think that the boy will grow to be as big and as strong as his uncle. [You might want to read about the trip that the three of us took to Russia and our fishing trip to the lakes of Tver Oblast in chapter 260.]

    I had nothing to do except ogle naked boys until I was jolted awake by a call from the night guard at the southeast gate of BAW. He had a boy that I should see, at once. I told him to meet me at the main door of Granite House.
    I used the staircase at the front entrance to the wine cellar, I seldom use that stairway so as I made my way up I had to look around at the handiwork of Ron Cook and his crew. I opened the locker in the foyer at the top of the stairs and pulled out a pair of gym shorts, some slip on canvass shoes, and a tee shirt with the BAW crest on it. I was about to head in to the kitchen for a cuppa when I heard talking outside the large double doors. I opened the entry door to admit an FIS guard as he helped a very cute young man of about sixteen out of his scooter.
    When I heard the boy's name I looked at him closer. He was Shiloh's older brother, Stuhr Burrerbaugh. Stuhr handed me a handwritten scrap of paper with the stamp and signature of a Notary Public on the bottom. "Here's another queer for you. I don't have no kids, I disown all of the fags. Take him and teach him to be a man at that school you got there. This hear is official notice that I gives you full custodian rights and the right to never let me see the kids never again."
    I shook with sadness as I looked at a very sad boy standing before me. The note held hope for me when the boys' mother used the words kids to refer to her sons, maybe…just maybe… I got a whiff of hot cinnamon and asked the security guard if he would like a hot roll and a cup of hot coffee to take back to his post with him. He stuck out his hand and shook mine. "It is a pleasure and an honor to work for you, Sir Chris. You are always thinking of your employees and that means a lot to us." I thanked him as I led the pair to the large dinning tables. Çhé Ģer had two large trays of the hot rolls on a work table before him as he swirled lots of gooey white icing over them. I asked him if I could have one for the guard and he quickly cut one free and wrapped it in waxed pastry paper and slipped it into a small sack. I handed the guard a cup of coffee to which he added sugar and cream. I thanked him for his diligence at work and saw him to the door.
    I returned to the dinning area to find Ģer showing Stuhr the evening snack bar. He told the boy that he had some different soups that he could warm up for him and he was sure that there was cornbread in the bread bin. Stuhr wanted a bowl of navy bean soup and cornbread, and could he get a slice of onion with that? Ģer pointed to a bunch of green onions on the snack bar line as well as other sliced veggies, the boy was happy with that. I asked him what he would like to drink and he asked for milk. I showed him the milk dispenser and the plastic cups available. He choose a thirty two ounce cup and filled it with cold milk. He told me that he would like to have some chocolate milk for desert, "And maybe one of those hot bunns?." I smiled as I filled my coffee cup and took a hot cinnamon roll from Ģer and sat back to hear Stuhr's story.
    His mother had been on a rampage about fags since Shiloh had left the house. She blamed her younger brother for putting the queer gene in her system so that her sons would be just like him. She blamed the boys' father, "He had to have queer blood in him." All in all the poor boy had been miserable for more than three months. When he had friends over his mother watched them like a cat waiting to pounce. She finally caught Stuhr getting his ass fucked by a friend of his. She called the friend's mother and read her the riot act about how her son was using Stuhr for his own gratification. Stuhr was dragged down to a neighbor's house where his mother quickly wrote the note on a piece of paper that she had picked up at her house. She had the neighbor notarize the paper, even though he insisted that it wasn't a legal document. Stuhr was pushed away by his mother as she walked back into her house and locked the door behind her. Stuhr tried to find his friend, but his father said that he was gone and that he would never see him again.
    Stuhr made his way across town to the school. The day had been windy, but warm. He had nothing to eat the entire night before and that day as he walked trying to find the school that his brother attended. He drank water from service station water fountains or grocery stores as he asked if anyone knew of a private school for gay boys in the mountains. Most of the people that he asked turned away from him in disgust. One man tried to get the boy into his car and he would show him a real good time. Stuhr ran for his life from that guy. At a few places the clerks did know about the school and told him how to get there. Almost twenty seven hours later the hapless child made his way across fifteen miles of a heartless city and found himself at the only gate that he saw any life near. He approached the guard and asked if he could go to school there. The FIS guard took one look at the disheveled boy and brought him to me.

    I searched the ether until I found Tyler and Cas resting after a bout with each other. I asked Tyler if he would bring Delaney Riehle to me. About six or seven minutes later I saw the boy walk in with Cas and Tyler behind him. I told Stuhr to turn around and look. I love it when two kids find each other when they think that all is hopelessly lost. The two boys made a slow motion dash toward each other and met in an embrace that lifted both of them from the ground. Their kiss was warm and touching to watch. Tyler and Cas took a seat to my side as Ģer offered them a hot piece of his pastry. I waited until the reunion was over before I told Stuhr how Delaney's father had brought him to the school early that morning. I was called away from after church conversations to take the boy in as a new student.
    Delaney is going to make a fine addition to BAW and now that Stuhr has arrived I am sure that things are going to get much better, for both of them. It was time to reveal my latest student to one boy that loves him very much. I sent the boys down to the wine cellar and tuned into the thoughts of Shiloh. It took several minutes before Shiloh spotted his brother and even then he was not sure that his eyes were not deceiving him, Stuhr just couldn't be at the orgy, could he? Stuhr spotted his little brother about the same time and he rushed through the throng of naked boi flesh to embrace in a brotherly hug. With tears in both boys' eyes they shouted out for all to hear that Stuhr was here and that he was a student. The other students moved their mouths from its duty and, after swallowing whatever they had in them, gave both boys a hearty welcome. I quietly slipped out of the front door of Ģer and Luke's house that has become known as Granite House and walked up the hill to my house and my family

    The night air was brisk, as it should be in late November. My houses are in a small depression in the earth, especially the main house that Charley built. That house was built on property that nothing would ever be built upon because it was to narrow and unsafe with the wash funneling water runoff from the mountains across it. Charley knew the engineers that could get the job done right and I have a house that surpasses anything in the neighborhood. Because it sits a bit lower than the surrounding area the lights of the city are blocked out along the street and in the wash. I stepped from the roadway and into the wash and looked up at the heavens. I can't see as many stars as can be seen from the hilltop retreat, but there are far more to view than in the city.
    As I gazed into the massive array of light specs from the stars of the Milky Way Galaxy I was humbled. I felt the Holy Spirit move in my heart and His voice spoke to me loud and Clear. I had a mission to undertake after the first of the year and I had been very apprehensive about it. My Lord put my mind to ease as he talked to me and showed me things that were to come. I almost shouted with joy when I was shown the last days of hook. I never like to think about the death of someone, especially when that death comes about from my efforts. I was shown the peace that comes after a mission completed and left to rest. I sat up, I was prostrate on the ground and as relaxed as I had ever been in my life. I rose up and thanked the Lord once more then I climbed back up the new retaining wall that the city had installed when they repaired the roadway after the torrential rain storm a few weeks prior.
    I slipped into my house as silently as I could and checked on my boys asleep in the nursery. "You are blessed by the Lord, daddy. He loves you even more than I do." Kuckunniwi hugged my neck and was asleep before I could get my arms about him. I lay him back on his pillow and pulled the covers over him and stepped from the room.
    I looked in on Roddy, he has had enough of the nagging wife routine and has returned home so that he can get a good night's sleep. He and Yuri had only been in their beds for fifteen minutes or so, they had unwound themselves from the tangle of naked boi flesh in the wine cellar and headed home to their own beds. I kissed my little Fire Fox and moved over to Yuri's door. As I opened his door he was sitting up in his bed with a glow on his face. "Cullen James is right, daddy. There is only one that loves you more than we do, He gave His life for all of us because of His love for us." I sat down on the side of Yuri's bed and held him in my arms until he fell into a deep sleep. Almost at once his eyes were moving behind his closed eyelids, I knew that he had already gone into a REM sleep and that he was off in dreamland. That sounded like a good idea to me. I put Yuri's head on his pillow and pulled his covers up around him then I planted a long kiss on his forehead as I said a prayer of thanks to God for bringing the boy into my life.
    I slipped from the nursery and made a stop at my bathroom for a hot shower before I got into bed with my wife. As quickly as my body hit the bed Ugitsiha moved against me and we slept in peace until late morning, almost seven o'clock

    Brad and Jay had taken a trip home to Albany for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Of course René and her two babies, five and half year old Jaybee Emily Adams and leap year baby, thirty four month old Bradley Garcia Adams II went along as well as Brad's son, BJ. René has taken over the raising of BJ since Lou and Becky are gone from the home, The family returned with two cute cousins of Brad's and I had to sit down with thirteen year old Alberto Rodriguez and fourteen year old Trinadad Rodriguez to arrange for their housing and education.
    Alby's father is, what the boy calls, a Mexican Redneck. He is biggoted and biased with never a good word to say about gays. His favorite subject in his home is his own second cousin, Brad Garcia. During the course of the after dinner conversation at Ricardo Anita Garcia's home Thanksgiving Day he started in on Brad being a fairy. Alby stood up and told his father to shut his mouth. He ended up outing himself and Trejo. Jay put the two boys into his rental car and drove them to Empire Canal where they would be safe. Jay called me from there and I talked to Mic, he had no problem sheltering the boys and then he started the legal machinery in motion for the two boys to move to Tucson. The boys were only in the eighth grade and Alby was not old enough to attend BAG Boys, I accepted the boys on Jayson's recommendation.
    During the flight from Albany to Tucson Jay told the two young boys about the airline's mile high clubs, he told them that they should go into the plane's restroom and do the nasty Brad called Jimmy and told him that he had two Flying Golden Pole Pins to award. That evening Jimmy and Turner walked up to the two boys and showed them their own little pins with tiny wings on them. The pins were placed o the inside flap of the boys' jeans as everyone patted them on their hacks. Some of the boys showed their GPP s and explained how to get one of those. The two new guys thought that that was sick, doing it with an old man?
    Brad loves his two little cousins and he will do whatever it takes to provide for them. I told him that he could give them lots of moral support and keep the ties with the family in tact. The boys wanted to live at Brad and Jay's house until they were shown their own room overlooking the pool at the house that Charley built for me. Jay is the level headed one in the relationship of Garcia and Adams, he pointed out to the boys that they would have many advantages of living on the hill and going to school with the other boys in the junior high school as opposed to being confined in the tri-plex that he shared with Brad

    It was time for the massive Christmas exodus. I had the boys polled and learned that they wanted to go see Europe for a week or two then go to Camp Christopher for Christmas day and New Years day. I talked it over with the headmasters of the schools in France and England. With the political unrest in Greece and Russia I could not justify taking my boys into harm's way. With seven hundred and sixty eight boys to house and feed no one school in Europe could accommodate us. The boys were divided into three groups of two hundred and fifty six boys each. Each group was sent to one of the schools in France and the school in England for a five day stay then they moved to another school so that all of them had the chance to see many sights and places that they had never dreamed of before. Surprisingly it was the visit to BAP that stirred the most attention. I suppose that the romance of Paris gets into the blood of a virile young male, gay or straight

    I kept the newest boys from the juvenile courts system together with all of the staff from BACC to watch over them. I was proud of them, they were perfect gentlemen and treated their hosts with honor and respect. I suppose that I should live by my convictions that any boy, when given the chance to prove himself, will show what he is really made of. The boys from juvie are all good boys that fell on hard times. After the holidays I may move them into BAW

    I spent the entire fifteen days at a resort high in the mountains of the micro country of Andorra, located between southern France and Spain. I was in meetings with some of the world's most powerful bankers and financiers from around the world. The money situation in several European countries was in chaos and several nations were on the brink of bankruptcy. Many of those men that attended private meetings with me candidly suggested that I could bail those countries out and still have more money than I would ever need. I let them leave me with a lesson in humility, my money belongs to the boys. It has always been so and it will always be so. I do not believe for one spilt second that if I were to bail those nations out that I would be helping them. The need was for a plan for them to help themselves out of their current predicament then we would talk about lending them money.

    With all of the students, and most of the staff, from BAW and BACC in Europe there was no one at home to open up Camp Christopher. The first planes to leave Europe carried my family home and to the camp to prepare it for the other students to arrive. I flew home shortly after the plane from BAF departed. I was very pleased when Nolan met me at Camp Christopher and drove me around the facilities there. The boys that live at the new school had already prepared the other dorms for the visit of the Europeans and, except for getting the kitchens set up with the local food that those boys expected, everything was ready. I called for those students to gather in the cafeteria of their dorm and walked amongst them giving each one a super tight hug and thanking them for being the sort of boy that I knew that they were from the first time that I met them. Even the four bullies that had come in from the street to the first meeting at the theater at BAW had turned a new leaf. They were each making high grades and they were benefitting their classrooms with their input.
    The first plane to arrive came from the other direction. I had sent for the students in Bangladesh to come to Arizona for the holiday. Christmas is a foreign idea to them, but boys everywhere love sweets and treats, I would see to it that they got more than enough of each this year. Each country and society has its own customs, many we find strange in America. I didn't know how to react when the boys from Asia gathered at the foot of the stairs of their plane and stood in formation waiting for me to come before them. Most of the boys already at Camp Christopher had run to the tarmac to greet the new arrivals and they stood in silent awe at the spectacle that met their eyes there. As one the students from Bangladesh dropped to their knees and began to chant a greeting to me. Even their instructors and other staff members were genuflecting. I had to put a stop to that.
    I filled their collective minds with the instruction to stand erect and to listen to me. With language as a serious barrier between them and me I stayed in their minds. All of them speak broken English, but the best way to convey my message to them was by direct mind contact. I made a general broadcast of my thought message so that even the boys watching knew what was going on. I told them that I was no one to be worshiped in the manner in which they had just honored me. I assured them that I was moved by their display, but that it put me ill at ease. I told them that the only reason that they were attending the school in Bangladesh and were at Camp Christopher for three weeks of fun, hiking, and horses, was because I love each of them. I told them that I can not stand to see any boy hungry or cast off because of whom he loves. I told them that I wanted them to just be boys and play during their vacation, but to please… never bow to me again. I told them that in my world that I bow only to God, my Creator and Savior. I do not bow to any man and they should not do so either. I told them that our cultural differences would have to learn to grow together, but that they would be the ones that would change when they visit Americans from then on.
    I held my arms out wide and told them that I welcomed them to Arizona. The air filled with laughter and shouts of joy as I was mobbed by boys that wanted to touch me. I kissed as many on the cheek as my lips could reach. I shook hands until I thought that my arms would fall off, but in the end I had seventy very happy boys being led to their dormitory by the other students who were vigorously involved in their talks with the dark skinned boys from the east. "We would like to have a name that identifies us as one of your schools." That message came to me directly into my mind. I was in the presence of someone with more mind powers than I possess. I turned to look into the eyes of Kawan, a tall, thin man with dark eyes and dark skin. He revealed himself as an instructor at the Asian school. I let him fill my mind with his idea and I liked it.

    Later that evening we gathered in the large cafeteria when every student had arrived from all over the globe. Seated next to me at the head table was Rawla Rouvanjit, the director of the school in Bangladesh and his top instructor, Bima Jones. I nodded to each of the men as I stood up and welcomed everyone to another winter vacation at Camp Christopher and asked the boys from Bangladesh to stand and be recognized as students of the newly named school, Bradford Academy Sylhet, or BAS, in Sylhet, the northeastern division of Bangladesh and named after its largest city, in the midst of the tea growing country.
    Bima Jones, aka Kawan, was born in Malaysia, the son of an Englishman and an Indian woman. His father had been a successful overseer for the plantation barons of the region, but he had been killed in an accident when Bima was only three years old. With no one else to turn to his mother returned to her family in the newly formed country of The People's Republic of Bangladesh in late 1972. There Bima grew up to know that he was different than other boys, he liked what was between their legs and wanted to play there all of the time. He attended the best universities of southern Asia and earned himself a Master's degree in education, he is working on his doctorate at the present time. He met Rawla Rouvanjit and learned about the new school, he started to work there immediately.
    Bima has degrees in the sciences and the languages. He is fluent in nine tongues and is the primary teacher of South Asian English to the students. He has a young street boy that he took into his home and lives with him at the school. Bima is well loved by the boys at the school as is his boyfriend. We had the beginnings of a great holiday vacation for the boys.

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