Chapter 275


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Folks, I am a very independent person. Chris Dickson is my alter ego. I am very much like the take charge man that is the center of many of my stories. I don't like for anyone to tell me how I can live or not live, and I especially don't like it when I have no control over my money. I have very little of that, but I get by. I live on less than one thousand dollars a month in social security benefits and my VA pension. In order for me to live in a nursing home I am told that I have to sign over everything I earn to them and they will give give me a one hundred dollar monthly allowance to spend as I wish. WOW, how generous of them. That amount will not allow me to pay my credit card bills, they tell me that I should just let those cards go and let the banks write off the outstanding amount. That is what is wrong with our banking industry now, unpaid debts.
    To wrap this up I will let you know that I refused the home that they had for me this weekend. I will try to find a new place on my own and I will find someone to live with me as a companion/caregiver.
    I worked all weekend to turn out this new chapter for you and I hope to be able produce many more. I wish all of you happy reading as I do my best to churn out new chapters for your enjoyment.

Love to you all,
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Traveler Chapter 275
    I am personally responsible for the lives and safety of more than three thousand boys as well as the faculty, staff, and security men that accompany the students to the various events that they attend around the world. I was in my office in the classroom building at Camp Christopher reading through the roster and resetting the GPS software to the coordinates of the camp for all of the people that were present. Of course even I don't have the ability to do all of that without the software that Ryan Miller develops for Foss International Technology–FIG. When I came to the roster for BAG Boys I did a double take. I had to remember back to the days just after the recent Thanksgiving holiday and the events that came about then.
    I usually try to sit down with each new student that comes to BAW within the first few days that the boy is at the school. In the case of young Trejo the opportunity presented itself on the Monday afternoon of his first week at the school. Pete had taken his crew to Albany on the Sunday morning of the Thanksgiving weekend and ferried Brad, Jay, René, their three children along with our two new students,Alby Rodriguez and Trejo back to Tucson, AZ. I had settled Alby and his older cousin, Trejo Rodriguez, into an upstairs room along the eastside of the main house overlooking the swimming pool and patio area. One of the first things that the boys wanted to do was to swim naked with the other boys of the house. They didn't like all of the sun screen on their lily white asses until they were told about the serious sunburns that some of the boys have suffered through over the years. The two little guys fit right in as they were shown around by the other family members and got themselves acclimated to their new life away from their parents.
    I was in my office Monday afternoon when the van that picks the boys up from the Junior High School returned. Yuri ran to give me a big kiss and he wanted to introduce me to his new friends, Trejo and Alby. I sat Yuri in my lap as I invited the two new boys to sit and talk with me for a few minutes. I noticed that Alby was antsy and unable to sit still, I quickly got the message from his mind that he had to go to the bathroom very badly. I excused him to do that. He looked at me as he wondered how I knew what he needed, but the call of nature became too strong for him to dally. A green cloud filled the room as Alby left then Yuri mind talked to me and told me that he had to take a mean dump as well, he told me that the lunch that was served at the school was really moving him. I laughed as he squeezed his cheeks together and took off for the common restroom off of the family room. His exit left Trejo alone in the office with me. With flatulent boys around me I have learned to keep a supply of wooden matches locked in my desk drawer, I lit one of those and fanned the smoking stick around to make the air more compatible to the inhalation process of my lungs.
    "Trejo, I am sure that you have many, many questions to ask me. I would like to talk with you and get to know you and what you like and don't like." He was a typical boy with nothing to say. I caught his bowed head and his fidgeting hands as he crossed and uncrossed his feet several times. He would look at me from the tops of his eyes as he kept his head bowed low. I almost laughed as my mind filled with images of many hundreds of boys that I have sat with for the first time as they did exactly the same thing. "I don't bite, very hard, but I never chew. I like boi meat and I would never do harm to a boy by biting him." That got a laugh and a slightly raised head.
    "Do you need to go to the bathroom first?" He shook his head no and told me that he didn't eat the stew at lunch. He said that it smells funny so he had the chicken soup and a salad. Once he looked at me full face his posture changed and I sat back to listen to his story. As he stammered through the first of his story I was texting the junior high school to test their leftover stew and I told them that I had two very sick boys in my house. I wondered how many of the other students were sick as well.
    I must say that I was surprised by Trejo's story after the way that Jayson had presented him to me. I had thought that he and Alby were just young kids playing around with each other and their families couldn't deal with that. I was mistaken, Trejo had a long term gay experience in his past, I let him ramble until I got the whole story. The previous year when Trejo was in the seventh grade he had a friend that introduced gay sex to the thirteen year old virgin boy. Tooter was fifteen, a few months over two years older than Trejo, and in the seventh grade for the second time. That year he was in Trejo's class. The two boys became speaking friends on the first day of the school year and about a week after school started Tooter invited Trejo to walk home with him. Trejo found that he only lived a street over and a block further on from the older boy's house.
    Tooter took Trejo into his bedroom and let him sit on the bed while he changed from his school uniform into a pair of jeans to play in. We all know that story, Tooter accidently exposed his hard cock to the younger boy. Trejo reacted exactly as the older boy wanted him to when he stared at his huge meat and made a sucking motion with his mouth. Knowing that he had a young fish to take his large worm Tooter moved on Trejo. "Show me yours." Trejo was frightened, it was the first time that he had ever been this close to a naked boy with a huge cock, and it was hard and wet. He had seen his little brothers naked all of their lives and he and his cousin, Alby, had taken baths together when they spent the night at the other's house, but this… this was way better.
    Trejo rose up and pulled his school trousers down to his knees exposing his hard three and a half inch uncut cock to the room. Tooter looked and said, "Nice. Do you want to feel my big cock? It is five inches long and extra sweet." Trejo didn't hesitate as he reached out his hand and touched the other boy's cock with his finger tips. After a few moments of Tooter's coaxing Trejo had his hand completely around the large phallus and had it pointing directly at his face. Trejo obeyed when he was told to put the cock in his mouth. That did it, another cock sucker was in the world.
    On the third day that the two boys got together Tooter had a plan in place. He told smaller boy that he should lay on top and stretch his body out so that he could take more of the large cock into his mouth. Once Trejo had his naked skin in full contact with the skin of the older boy he lost all inhibition, he had never had close physical contact with anyone in his life and that position sent new feelings throughout his being. Those feeling increased when Tooter spread the thin legs to either side of his head and began to stroke Trejo's perineum. When Trejo began to press his crotch into Tooter's chest the older boy advanced his ministrations to include circling the smallest and tightest rosebud that he could ever imagine. Advancing slowly Tooter wet his finger with his spit and probed at the virgin hole until it opened wide. He pushed his finger inside and hit the smaller boy's prostate which caused an instant emission onto his chest.
    Tooter was so excited that he didn't care about the thin and sticky substance on him. He waited for a moment before he pulled his finger back out and sniffed of it, it smelled like ass, but it was some sort of a turn on to the excited boy. He had made up his mind that he was going to fuck that tight butt and there was nothing that was going to stand in his way. He licked his stink finger and got it as wet as possible before he pushed it back into Trejo's bottom. He moved his finger about as he watched the tight opening widen under his relentless assault. He gained encouragement as Trejo moaned and fucked himself on his anal invader, Trejo was harder than he had ever been in his entire life and he wanted more of what was happening to him. Tooter was able to get a second finger inside of the virgin orifice and he knew that it was now or never.
    He pushed Trejo aside and spun about so that he was on his knees between the boy's spindly legs. He picked the legs up by placing his hands behind each knee and pushed them toward Trejo's chest. He told the boy to place his hands behind his knees as he grabbed his cock and pressed it against the only thing in the universe that mattered at that time. Trejo was eager for the older boy to fuck him… until he actual felt the huge head of his friend's cock push through his sphincter. Trejo screamed out in pain. Tooter was not about to stop now so he did the first thing that came to his mind, he leaned down and kissed the youngster. Trejo loves to be kissed and he and Alby had been kissing each other, with tongue, over that summer's school break.
    The kiss had the wanted effect. Trejo relaxed and Tooter's cock slipped past the anal guardian. He found that kissing a boy while his cock was inside of his tight ass was a real turn on. He stuck his tongue into Trejo's mouth which caused the youngster to react positively, he arched his hips taking almost all of his anal invader and began to fuck himself. Tooter quickly took up the movements and began to push his cock its full length in and out of the best place that he had ever dreamed of it being.
    Even the best mutual climax imaginable did not satisfy Trejo, he wanted a mouthful of the cream of the cock that he had grown to love. He looked long and hard at Tooter's cock as the older boy wiped it off with tissues then pulled his underwear on. The next day the boys were back in Tooter's bedroom and fucking like old lovers. Trejo had worked it out in his mind and knew what he was going to say and do. When Tooter rolled aside after his climax, Trejo took the softening cock into his hand. "I'll clean this for you," he said as he engulfed the four inch thick meat into his mouth. The taste was bitter, but there was cum on the cock and that was all that Trejo could taste. Tooter rose to the moment which encouraged the young cocksucker. Trejo began to bounce his head up and down as he took the entire cock deep into his small mouth and down his throat. It took longer than it had on previous occasions, but that only gave Trejo more pleasure. He was soon rewarded with that which he sought and he made sure that he got every drop that he could find.
    Tooter was almost comatose after his second cum in ten minutes. He lay back with his eyes closed and panting for breath. He only barely reacted when he felt Trejo's lips on his own. He opened his mouth when the boy pushed his tongue against them. The two boys kissed with the passion that makes love the best of all emotions. Trejo stretched his naked body out on the smooth skin of the older boy and began to hump his cock back and forth against the older boy's belly. In moments he had his third climax of their joining and it was just as intense as the first two.
    Trejo moved aside as Tooter pushed gently at his shoulders. Both of them looked at the thin offering that was on the belly of the older boy. Tooter looked at Trejo, the boy looked at the watery cum and decided that he wanted to taste it. It was okay, but not as good as what the older boy had for him. While he licked up what he had spilled he watched the larger cock twitch and grow again. He quickly took it into his mouth and, after twenty minutes, worked out another load. The boys quickly dressed and slipped from the house before anyone came home, but they made plans for the following day, The following day was a Friday and Trejo arranged with his family to spend the weekend with his classmate. His family was pleased that he had a friend from school to be with and allowed them to be to be together most weekends for the rest of the school year.

    I had to do a double take, a boy on /nifty/gay/adult-youth/traveler/traveler-players.html#JB" target="_blank">JB's roster by the name of Hiram Cravens was listed as having the nickname, Tooter. I checked his home history and learned that he had once lived in the same ZIP code that Trejo had. I had to turn to a map of Albany and quickly typed in the address of Trinadad Rodriguez's home and the address of the Craven's family. The addresses were on different streets, but less than a block away, on the parallel. I sat back and stared at the pictures of Mr. Cravens for several minutes, then I read his file, from both the New York State courts and the entries by JB's office staff.
    Hiram was a beauty, a real head turner for both boys and girls. He was sixteen at the time of the trip to Camp Christopher for the 2011 holidays. It appeared that he had liked what he and Trejo had been doing the year before, he had been sexually involved with two other thirteen year old boys and had a thirty two year old boyfriend that excited his exit hole. One of the younger boys told his coach what was going on and he called the police. An investigation turned up other boys, a warrant served at the address that the boys gave the police exposed the older man as well as six boys that he had been involved with over the past few years. Hiram was sent to JB's school until he graduates the twelfth grade, no matter what his age may be. I wanted to know if the police were seeking Trejo. I shut down my computers and went out to find JB.
    I have given JB and his boys the permanent use of the new Building F. Each time that BAG Boys visit Camp Christopher they will have the same building so they had began to make their individual rooms into their idea of a neat space. I found JB talking to a group of boys in the cafeteria of Building F. He motioned for me to join the group, I pointed to the coffee pot and he smiled. With a fresh cuppa in my hand I found a seat at the table with JB and his boys. I looked around the table and directly across from me was Hiram. JB began the introductions and I searched my memory for what I knew about each boy. All of them had come to BAG Boys from dysfunctional homes and all of them were gay. When JB got to Hiram he introduced him as Tooter, that was the ice breaker that let me talk to the boy.
    Tooter is an articulate boy with a good head on his broad shoulders. From what I could see the boy was buffed up, I was anxious to see what was in his lap as he sat there smiling at me. I asked him how he got is nic, he giggled at me and told me that when he was a baby he farted a lot and his dad gave him the moniker. His mother picked up on it and he was forever more know to all as Tooter. I asked him to come to my office after lunch so that I could get more information about him into my files. He looked frightened so I planted a feel good fuzzy into his mind as I told him that it was routine, that I try to sit down with every boy in my schools whenever possible. I looked at a boy that I did not recognize.
    I told that boy that he should come to me as well, he looked at me like I was daft or something. That was when I caught his mind and felt like a complete idiot, I was talking to a healthy and robust Cedric Temblor. "Cedric, I did not recognize you. You have really put on some weight and it looks as if you have been doing some serious working out."
    "I am playing football and the coach really pushes us to get ourselves in shape. His favorite thing to say is to 'shape up or ship out.' Sometimes I get so tired that I want to hang it and ship out, but then I remember you and the faith that you showed me. Mr. Chris, I thank God for you every night when I say my prayers by my bed. I love you and I thank you for what you did in making me whole after what those people did to me…"
    I quickly gave him that feel good fuzzy like I had given Tooter. "Don't go there, my friend. It was the hand of God Himself that healed you. You can offer many prayers of thanks to Him. Let the past go and think about the good things that you are going to do on this vacation. You might tell your teammates that a gauntlet has been thrown down and your team is challenged by the team from BAW to a game." That got a cheer from everybody. But there were more voices than those at the table, the other students were entering the cafeteria for their lunch and the football team was the first through the door. Now I had to tell Coach Tedford that he had a game to prepare the boys for.

    I headed to the house for lunch with my wife and sons. Yuri came running up to me and grabbed my hand tp keep me company on the walk across the campus area of the camp. When we entered the kitchen Edmund was giving Ugitsiha a glass of water as she sat in a chair. Sagi was placing a short table at the front of the chair and Pam was holding her feet in the air to rest on the table as soon as it was in position. I touched the mind of my wife and felt her pain. She had just experienced the most powerful kick that baby Douglas had delivered to her during his time inside of her bulging belly. I knelt beside her and held her hand. She looked at me with the remnants of drying tears on her cheeks and smiled wanly, "If I didn't love you so much I would not put up with this pain. As soon as he is born I am going to have the doctor smack his ass so he will know pain for himself." We all got a good laugh out of that, especially Yuri and a worried looking Roddy.

    I had a lot to do that afternoon so I needed to eat my lunch and get back to the school campus to finish up the first day events. I got off of my knees and headed over to the table, but I did not sit down. Instead I picked up a plate and built a haystack of crumbled corn tortillas, spicy pinto beans with lots of chilli powder and spices on them. I topped this with grated extra sharp cheddar cheese, diced onions, diced fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and mild salsa. I prefer the extra hot salsa myself, but the plate that I was preparing was for my pregnant wife, not me.
    I pulled a chair from the table and set it beside Ugitsiha's chair and sat down with the plate in my hand. She reached for the plate and I grabbed her hand and kissed it then I took the spoon and scooped up a small bite to feed to her. She giggled at me as I placed the spoonful of food at her lips and told me that nobody had spoon fed her since she was a baby. I kept the spoonful in front of her until she opened her mouth and let me feed her. I fed her the entire plateful of food before I rose and created a haystack for myself. To my concoction I added the spicy, meatless, taco mixture and the extra hot salsa. I sat next to Ugitsiha to eat, Roddy and Yuri sat on the floor next to me. My babies finished their meals, which Pam and Sagi cleaned off of the floor, along with what their own children had dropped, or thrown, there. The little ones got out of their highchairs and sat on the floor with the boys.
    When my plate was empty Yuri grabbed it and took it to Edmund then returned to me. I was on the floor with boys climbing all over me and fighting, "He's my daddy."
    "No, he's my daddy."
    "He's my daddy too," Cory Stevens whined. I grabbed him and gave him a kiss and told him that I was his daddy and Cullen James' daddy, and Yuri's daddy, as well as Roddy's daddy, and that I loved each and every one of them. I wiped the tears from his face and gave him a kiss then the fight changed for who could get on top and stay there. The other boys let C. S. win that one which made me get a warm fuzzy of my own.

    I walked back to the campus part of Camp Christopher and turned to the gymnasium to see what all of the cheering was for. Boys were showing off their gymnastic skills on the pummel horses, parallel bars, and Roman rings. When the boys saw me a challenge went up from every corner of the large room. The boys wanted to see me and Jamie on the rings. I asked for someone to bring me a jock strap to support me, or protect me from being beaten to death by my own long cock. I know Jamie, he is famous for his ability to hold the Iron Cross position for several seconds, I suggested that we see which one of us could hold that position for the longest time. Jamie could easily break the world record of twenty two point nine seconds set by Arminian Aratak Grigoyan April 25, 2003.
    Spotters helped both of us to jump up to the rings. We hung there with our arms locked straight out to our sides and supporting the entire weight of our bodies. Don't let anyone fool you, that is not as easy as it looks or sounds. Neither of us was about to drop first as we made faces at each other trying to break the concentration of the other. I was about to break when Jamie flipped up and began to do a series of Roman Ring exercises. I quickly followed suit and began to twist and somersault on the rings as I welcomed the relief on my shoulders. Thankfully our exercise time was short, Jamie did a double flip and a pegged a perfect landing. I decided that I would not embarrass my young friend and did a quick dismount without any fancy embellishment.
    The time keepers came running up to us with their stop watches in their hands. Jamie had gone twenty one seconds and I had gone twenty one and a half seconds; no world record for that day, but fun anyway. I walked off to the showers and tossed the sweaty jock strap to the laundry baskets. It was quickly snatched up by a student that ran so quickly that I didn't see who he was. I stepped into the shower and let the hot water run across my sore shoulders. I made a mental note to work out on the rings more often, that workout targets muscle groups that I am not giving a chance to develop.

    I left the gym and made my way to my office. I had to stop many times along the way to talk with one boy after another. I love all of the students and I show them that love by remembering their names and something about them. I had blown it earlier with Cedric and I was determined not to do that again. As I approached my office I saw Tooter sitting on the floor by the door. When he saw me he jumped up and saluted, not with his hand, or on purpose, he had a massive hardon that was a real standout. I smiled at him and asked him to step aside so that I could place my finger on the entry pad to unlock the door. I let Tooter enter first, I wanted to check out his butt, it was firm and really bubbly. I directed him to the large sofa and walked around my desk to log on to my computer system. I let the boy chatter on about whatever was on his mind as I quickly scanned my messages to see if there were any that I needed to read at once.
    Tooter broke my concentration when he asked if I was going to give him a pin that afternoon. I looked at him and listened to him tell me how he had talked to many boys at his school about how they had received the little gold emblem that they wear on the inside zipper flap of their pants. I looked at him, the look on his face was one that I have seen many times in the past. It was pure lust and he had it directed at me. I opened my mouth to speak when his mind yelled at me, he was almost out of it with his desire to have the two of us make love, right there and right then.
    I got up from my chair and walked around my desk. I sat down on the sofa and Tooter quickly move directly to my side. I let my mind tour his, his lust was deep, it was like an all consuming desire that would not let him think of anything else. I placed my arm about his muscular shoulders and felt his body melt into mine. I dug deeper into his mind to learn just exactly what it was that he expected to happen between us. I was almost startled by the thoughts that he had running throughout his entire being. I learned everything about his life since the summer after his romantic involvement with Trejo.
    Tooter felt that his world had come to an end when his mother and father split up after the end of his eighth grade school year. He wanted to go and live with his father, but he was told no; his father had met another woman that he was moving out of the state with. His mother told him that the house that they lived in had been sold and that they would be moving the following week into an apartment on the cheaper side of town. To a fifteen year old boy such a move is the end of life. It meant that he would no longer be able to see his friends or go to the school that he was used too. It meant that he would have to start over and that is something that he could not relate too. He tried to find Trejo, but his family had left town for the Memorial Day weekend, he could not say goodbye to the boy that he had grown to love very much.
    His major regret is that he had not let the younger boy make love to him in the same way that he had been doing for nine months. He had only realized a few days earlier that he really wanted Trejo to fuck him, he had long known that he wanted to suck the boy's dick. He had been hooked on the taste of his own cum when Trejo kissed him after he had been sucking him off. He had tasted his own cum many times in the weeks past and had even managed to get a little more than the head of his own cock into his mouth so that he could savor every sweet drop of what his balls produced for his enjoyment. He had secretly licked the thin emission from Trejo's belly as the boy lay asleep after their interlude.
    A week or more after the move to his new home he met a thirteen year old virgin boy that reminded him of Trejo. He quickly made friends with the new boy and after a few days he offered to suck his small cock for him. Of course the new kid was excited to have the older boy as a friend and getting his dick sucked was the greatest thing ever. Tooter and the new boy had sex every day, most days two or three times. The younger boy had his first ejaculation when Tooter sucked him and after about a month or so he had his first wet cum. That made the boy very happy and he wanted to return the favor. He had seen the white, thick cum that his friend shot when he stroked himself and he had been eager to jack Tooter off and feel of the throbbing meat as the sticky fluid shot out and then ran down his hand.
    He had obeyed Tooter when he was told to lick his hand and get a taste of man milk. After the second time of licking his hand clean he took the massive cock into his tiny mouth. It was much to large for him so he was only able to get part of the head in while he squeezed and jacked the large member.. That was enough for Tooter, he shot his load into the young kid's mouth and then licked the copious amount of spillage up that the boy couldn't get into himself.
    Tooter had attracted the attention of a thirty two year old registered pedophile that lived in the complex. The man found a way to meet the good looking teenager and invited him to his apartment. Tooter learned what male sex was all about as he spent as much time as he could in the man's apartment. When the man asked him to introduce him to his young friend Tooter did not hesitate. He watched as his boyfriend sucked his young friend's dick then he let the boy watch as he got his ass plowed by the man.
    When school started up again for the new year the younger boy got back with his old school friends. Tooter was then in the ninth grade and going to the highschool for his new neighborhood. Tooter had a hard time at the new school, he was outside of his comfort zone with his old friends. The first weekend of the new school year his young friend had a buddy staying overnight at his apartment. His new friend had told his buddy about the older dude that sucked his dick everyday. The buddy said that he would do anything to get a blow job. Tooter found himself in his apartment with two horny little thirteen year old boys that could cum then wait until his friend got off and then go again. By the time that the two younger boys left for home Tooter had sucked each boy three times and tasted of their thin boi juice.
    The man encouraged the young boy to bring his friends around and that weekend he brought the boy that Tooter had already sucked many times before. The buddy did not like for the older man to touch him and he was disgusted with what he witnessed in that apartment. The next morning the buddy had football practice at his junior high school and he went to his coach and told him what had happened the night before. The coach called the police and a probable cause no knock warrant was issued by a judge. The police found a naked Tooter sitting at the table with three underage boys naked or wearing only their brief underwear. The man was found in his bedroom engaged in anal sex with a fourteen year old boy.

    I had learned all of that in a flash from the mind connection that I had with Tooter. I did not let on that I had been in his mind or what I had learned there. What I did do was to hold the boy close. I had learned that he was a very lonesome boy wah a deep seated desire for man sex. I thought back to events with Shiloh Burrerbaugh a few weeks back, both of those boys have abnormal desires for older men. I suppose that more than those two have those desires if it comes down to facts. My family has many boys that want a father figure to make love to them. I let my feelings go as the moment created a heat in me that was urgently calling for attention.
    I stood up and pulled Tooter up by the hand. I removed the three thick cushions from the couch, Tooter took them from me and placed them on a chair in the corner. I pushed the button on the right arm rest of the sofa and held the boy back as the bed began to unfold itself and spread out into a king sized bed with a very thick mattress on it. I hate flimsy hide-a-beds that let one feel every spring and support bar in them. Who can get any rest on one of those? And try to have sex on one… I pulled Tooter to me and gave him the best tonsil massage that he had ever had. His legs turned to jelly so I held him up as I turned the two of us to the bed and sat down. I lowered Tooter so that his head was toward the head of the bed, but down on the bed about half way from the top. I wanted room for my long legs when we got into some serious cock sucking.
    I broke my kiss and moved down to get a good look at what I was after. Tooter has grown considerably since he and Trejo had been together. His shoulders were broad and his belly had a firm six pack prominently displayed. His thighs were like solid tree trunks and that ass… That killer ass, what a bubble butt that was. I was anxious to get my face between those buns, after I got some cream dé testicál. His cock is larger than Trejo had told me, it was a full seven inches; what a difference nine months makes in a growing boy. I only slightly moved his foreskin away from the glans before I engulfed him wholly. I let my tongue probe under that covering sheath so that I could get a taste of him. He had the fresh scent of a recent shower about him, but his cock head had still put off a bit of boi sweat and his excitement over our anticipated union had created a copious collection of seminal fluid flavor.
    I pushed his skin all the way down with my tongue and teeth as his boi man-meat fully disappeared inside my mouth. I pulled him on top of me so that I could get all of him that was there. I was impressed with his efforts as I heard him gag several time as my own cock slowly snaked down his throat. He had never tried, or even imagined, taking a cock as large as mine into his body, but he managed it in short order. I heard him struggling for breath so I sent him a message to withdraw a bit, take a breath then go back down. That movement gave me no ends of pleasure as my cock slipped in and out of his very tight throat. I felt my juices rising so I quickly moved to make him cum at the same time as me. I was neatly rewarded with the nectar that surpasses all others.
    Tooter was exhausted. He moved his head to the side as his own cock remained firmly seated inside my moist and warm orifice. I had been running the fingers of my right hand along the valley between his backside hills and had circled his most private spot several times. He is butt hungry, he raised himself as if to impale himself on my digital probe. I held back on that until I had his first load and then I opened his back door for him, with two fingers. His reaction was expected as he shoved himself deep into my mouth. Once he relaxed a bit I began a fucking motion with my fingers. Once I felt his sphincter relax I pulled my digits out and quickly went back in with three. He adapted to the new girth very quickly, I knew that he was going to enjoy the best ride of his young life. I did my favorite three finger massage of his butt nut and got a load of cream that was tastier than the first load that he had just fed me.
    I let him roll to his side and catch his breath. I lay my head on his thigh and licked his wilting cock so that I could catch every drop that came to the surface. We both caught a short nap and when I awakened he was holding my cock in both hands and licking the glans clean of anything that he could find. His own cock was stiff and ready to go. I told him to move on top of me and let me feel what he liked to give to the smaller boys that he had been with. I touched a nerve which a quick mind message of anal sex took to the back of his mind. He moved between my raised legs and looked at his target. I was surprised when he dove down and began to rim me. He probed deep inside of me with a tongue that I had not thought to be that long. Once he had his lunch he raised back to his knees and aimed his cock at me. He entered very slowly and showed concern on his face that he might be hurting me. I sighed and told him that he fit me just right.
    I was happy with the ride that he gave me. He is a very good and passionate lover. I raised my head and pulled him down so that our lips could meet and we kissed with deep feeling while his dick thrust in and out of me. I let him relax and recover as I took a warm wash cloth that had somehow appeared on the table beside our bed of pleasure. I cleaned him up and was about to wash my anus when he stopped me, "Let me do something that I have always wanted to do, please." I knew from his thoughts what he wanted so I rolled back so that my butt was up in the air and my hole was fully exposed to him. He did not hesitate as he moved in and began to fletch his own load from my dripping ass. He slurped and burped as he probed for every drop of his own semen that he could find. Once he sat back and smiled at me I handed him the warm wash cloth which he took from me and cleaned me up.
    I was not about to wait, the boy was primed and ready. I had called for two witnesses and looked on the ceiling to see two cockroaches above the bed. I communicated with Ajay and Robin. They both told me that they wanted to watch me in action without the heads of a few hundred boys getting in the way of their view. I had to stifle a giggle, I didn't want Tooter to think that I was laughing at him. I moved around so that I was the one between the knees. I placed my hands behind those joints and pushed upwards until they were even with his chest. I told him to hold his legs up then I dove into his crack for a trip through his mighty mounds. He had worked up a sweet sweat for my dining pleasure. I laved his hole with my circling tongue as I moved into attack position. I pushed three fingers back inside that gaping opening and found that he was very relaxed and eager for the main course. I was eager as well. I replaced the three fingers with my cock and waited to see his reaction to my size before I continued on.
    "Oh shit that feels good, fuck me hard. Please fuck me as hard as you can. I can take it." I did. Our union lasted for more than twenty minutes. Tooter gave up three loads that covered our chests and bellies as we were locked together at the lips. I felt the emotions going through the boy and knew that he was enjoying himself more than he ever had in his sixteen years of life. I stayed inside of him as my cock wilted after my third climax of the session. Finally my cock was expelled from his body and I rolled to my side to rest. He was quick with the warm wash cloth, I thought that the water would have grown cold by then, but it seemed even warmer than before. As he washed me up I searched the room for another presence. I found Roddy sitting on the back of the chair by the bed, he was a housefly. He has learned how to shield his mind from me when it suits him. That is scary on my points.

    After Tooter left my office I went over to Building F to see JB. I had decided that I wanted Tooter in Tucson. I would have to get him together with Trejo first to find out how he felt and if it would create a problem with Alby. I found JB in his office and I asked if he had time to talk to me. I asked about the conditions that the state of New York had on the boy and if he could be transferred to BAW. JB told me that the District Attorney in Albany was a wicked witch that wanted every queer to suffer for life. He doubted that the boy could leave the state. He said that the dry air of Arizona would be better for the boy's asthma. I did a double take. I had not seen that bit of information in his school records. I asked about that. JB told me that he almost didn't bring the boy along. He had suffered a serious bout of asthma a few days before they were to leave BAG Boys and had spent two nights in the school's infirmary. I asked why that information wasn't in the boy's school records. JB called for his school's equivalent of Tyler to come into the office.
    "Jess, why aren't the reports of Hiram Cravens' recent hospital stay in his records?"
    "I just ain't had time to enter 'em yet. I have the doctor's report file in a box in my office and I will enter it as soon as I can."
    "Bring me the file, NOW!" JB was as mad as hell.
    Once the clerk had left the office JB looked at me, "That boy is almost useless. I need to replace him, but I haven't found anyone that will work with gay kids."
    "Have you talked to any of your alumni? I know that there are boys that love that school and would like to be a part of it now that they are adults." JB looked at me as if the lights had just come on, he had never consider hiring from his own kids, he always went outside the school for any help that he needed, from janitors to clerks.
    Jess came back in with a file folder in his hand, he passed the folder to JB. JB told him to give the folder to me. I took it from him and looked at him. "Jess, do you know who I am?"
    "You must be some special student of sumpin'. I heard JB call you Chris, are you related to the owner of our school?"
    JB spoke up, "Let me introduce you to Sir Christopher Dickson, my partner and the money behind our school, All of the schools around the world are owned by him."
    "Nuh uh, he's jest a kid. He's too young to be of any account."
    "FYI, Jess. I am Sir Dickson and I am thirty nine years old. I want you to go to your room and pack your gear, you have a plane to catch in one hour. It will take you anywhere in New York that you want to go. You will not return to the Bradford Academy for Gay Boys until after JB and his students return. Then and only then can you gain access to the campus to retrieve any of your personal belongings. I will have your final pay check and a severance package ready for you before the plane takes off. Now get out of my sight." JB sat in silence, He had never seen me at my worst. I hate to have to dismiss anyone and I am glad that it happens very seldom.
    I looked at the doctor's report on Hiram Cravens. He is a very sick boy. I was surprised that I had not picked up on it earlier, but then I was in lust for his body. I asked JB if I could use Jess's computer to enter the information in the file folder. He nodded for me to go ahead.

    With the information updated on Tooter I headed out to go home for the day. I stopped by my office and made out a check for Jess for two weeks pay and three months salary as a severance package. He did not deserve any of the money, but it was Christmas time and it would be hard for him to find a permanent job right away, plus he would have to find a place to live. I decided that all of the students needed to know who is whom in the hierarchy of the schools. I would introduce all the big names that night as everyone gathered in the large cafeteria for full assembly.

    After a quiet dinner with my family I sat in the corner and called Mic in Albany. I asked him to move heaven and earth and get permission for Hiram to move to Tucson for his health. He told me that heaven and earth would not be enough to move the District Attorney of Albany County New York. He told me that the woman had a hard of for gays and that she is using that as her platform as she makes a bid for the cabinet post of State's Attorney General, a position that is coming available after a long illness by the current AG.
    Mic told the woman's story. When she was sixteen she was dating a sixteen year old boy that befriended her fourteen year old brother. The boyfriend invited the little brother to go on a weekend camp out with him and his father. The widowed mother of the boy and the young lady was pleased. She had tried to get the boy involved with a man in his life. The man that she entrusted her son to was a monster. He and his son repeatedly sodomized the boy for two nights and all day on Saturday. The man forced his son to sodomize the boy while he sucked his young cock. Sunday morning a hiker heard the boy's cries and got close enough to see what was going on. He used his cell phone to call 911 then took videos of the activity in the deep woods.
    The police quickly surrounded the camp site on foot and closed in to make the arrest. I reacted when Mic told me that it was Sheriff Hans Gobles that wrapped the boy in a blanket and gently carried him down the hill to his patrol car. You may remember that Hans is the uncle of Franz Gobles.
    The boy never spoke another word. He was transported to the hospital and operated on to close the wounds caused by the two rapists. Six days later the boy was to be released to go home. On the night before his anticipated release he disappeared from his bed. The night nurse stepped into his room for a routine check and the boy was gone. She checked the bathroom and looked around. Not seeing the boy she stepped out into the hall and confronted another nurse, she told her about the boy's disappearance. Both nurses stepped back into the room and the new nurse turned on the lights. They looked to the other side of the bed and there he was.
    Some of his school friends had stopped by that day and teased him about the rape. The sister heard one boy say that had he known that the boy liked it he would have done him a long time before. The sister screamed at the kids to get out of her brother's room. She raised such a racket that the nurses came running in. When they heard her shouting for the kids to leave they threatened to call security and have them removed from the hospital. Once the kids were gone she looked back at her little brother and he was bawling his eyes out. After the hospital got quiet that night the boy slipped out of his bed. He wrapped the heavy cord for the nurse's call button around his neck and stretched out on the floor until the cord was tight enough to cut off is air way. He lay there alone with his head eight inches above the floor as he slowly suffocated himself to death.
    The sister vowed to hate all fags. She outed anyone that she thought was gay. She ran her campaign as the fag huntress. Her conviction rating of homosexuals in Albany County is legendary. Long, harsh sentences have been passed down on everyone that she has prosecuted. She was going to be a tough nut to crack in Hiram's case. She often said that queers shouldn't get a happy day as long as they live.

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