Chapter 276


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Traveler Chapter 276
    After dinner with my family I kissed my wife goodbye. I checked her out to see that she would be okay for an hour or two and that the baby was not about to pop out on us. As I walked to the large cafeteria building for the night's welcoming activities for the students from around the world I had to put up with Yuri and Cory shoving and pushing each other playfully as each of them wanted to walk on my right hand side. I held a giggling Roddy's hand in my left hand with RD next to him. RD kept telling Cory to act his age to which Cory simply turned and stuck his tongue out at my eldest natural son. That description is very unfair, Cory, Roddy, and Yuri may be adopted, but that does not mean that I love them any less.
    When we entered the doors to the cafeteria we stopped dead in our tracks. On the stage were two extremely obese boys wearing shingles of the school colors. The boys in the cafeteria were jeering and taunting the two boys without mercy. I walked toward the stage to put a stop to what I thought that I saw. About fifteen feet from the stage I turned and took a seat at a nearby table. I probed the minds around me until I found one that told me the story about the activities. The two boys weren't fat, they were wearing fat suits. They had both been extremely vocal about fat people and how they were useless. The two boys felt that it was okay to bully fat boys; they had found a heavy set student from BAP and had teased him to tears. The other boys meted out their own form of punishment by making the offenders dress in the fat suits and stand on the stage to face the same type of humiliation that they made others feel. I sat back and watched the show. It didn't last too long, The entire event had only just began when I entered the cafeteria and it was over in less than five minutes.
    I entered the minds of the two boys as they left the stage in tears. The were humiliated, but not harmed. I probed deeper into their psyche and found that they had learned the lesson. I will keep a close eye on them and see if they had learned from the experience.
    I took the stage and waited until the boys quieted down to a dull roar before I brought the evening's greeting and welcoming session to order. I had Jerrod Bradford, Jayson Adams, Bradley Garcia, Ģerâld Hodges, and Luke Bingham gather behind me and after I completed my greetings to the boys I introduced each member of the Board of Directors for Bradford Academies the world over, a close corporation. Most of the boys were not surprised when I introduced JB as the President, but eyes widened whenever I introduced Jay as the Vice President. Brad is the record keeper in his duties as the Secretary and I have the distinct honor of being the Treasurer, with Ģerâ and Luke rounding out the board as our only other voting members, or Members at Large. I called the four boys the shakers and movers of the Bradford Academy's system.
    I thanked the board members then moved to a table to watch the short introductory program that the boys had put together to introduce their schools and what they hoped to achieve over their holiday vacation in 2011. When I got to my seat Robin and Ajay were sitting with Jimmy and pointing to Tooter. Jimmy took a small felt covered box from a small bag that he had with him and passed something to the two boys. They stood and approached Hiram and asked him to stand. They did a full presentation of a Golden Pole Pin to the boy, complete with tattooing it to his naked groin. Every boy nearby that saw the ceremony clapped and cheered. Word quickly spread throughout the cafeteria and all of the students rose to their feet as they cheered the newest boy to wear a pin.

    I sat at different tables during the evening as I let the boys gather around me to tell me whatever was on their minds. I heard a lot of 'thanks for giving me a chance,' and a lot of gripes about the teachers that forced too much work upon their young heads. I smiled a lot and listened as I just enjoyed their company. I had moved over to the table with the students from BAE when I felt it. Roddy jumped up as Yuri screamed out, "MOM!" Both boys bolted for the door only to run into my back as I exited the cafeteria. It was a foot race as the two boys ran toward the house. My long legs and stamina from years of running gave me the edge so I was in the house before the two youngsters were on the porch.
    I found my wife surrounded by her court of helpers. Sagi was on her knees cleaning the bathroom floor, I didn't need to know what she was cleaning up. Beulah looked at me and told me to get my ass out of the way or help. I grabbed Ugitsiha around the shoulders and helped her to the front door and into the new golf cart that sat there waiting just for that big event. I let Roddy drive to the camp infirmary as I called ahead and let the staff know that we were on the way. Quemela had already called and the nurses had everything laid out for the doctor to do his job. We drove through a throng of cheering boys as we were met outside of the back door by two orderlies with a gurney to wheel my loved one into the delivery room. I was directed to a room and told to scrub and put on a gown and mask.
    By the time that the orderly with me agreed that I had washed all of the important parts he led me to a room that was brightly lit. He held out a pair of rubber gloves for me to put on then I turned to face the action. Ugitsiha was on a table at the center of the activity, the position that she was laying in was classic, but hardly lady like. Her legs were splayed out as they were supported by the stainless steel stirrups. I was not happy with everyone in the room seeing my wife's most private parts, but that was their job and part of the situation. A position near Ugitsiha's side was pointed out to me so I moved there and took a very weak hand into my own. As soon as I took her hand she tightened her grip and screamed out in pain. We had been practicing as the doctor had told us to and I quickly moved into my coach mode and told her to breathe.
    I actually felt it before I heard it. Less than five minutes after I entered the delivery room my son moved through the birth canal and poked his head out. Before the words that someone shouted that he was crowning finished registering in my ears the words filled the room that it was a boy. I didn't hear that, I knew it already, what I did hear was the perfect sound of a young pair of lungs expel their first breath in a cry of pain after he had felt a sharp slap on his tiny behind.
    I moved between my wife's legs and the doctor passed Douglas Redhand to me. I was examining him when a tiny hand reached out to touch the baby's hand. I told Cory Stevens to show himself. "I wanta see, daddy," Cullen James told me. All four boys were in the delivery room to examine for themselves their new little brother to make sure that he had all of his parts. The two nurses nattered at the boys that they shouldn't be there and that they needed masks and gloves…the doctor shushed them.
    I went to my knees with Dougy in my arms as all four boys gathered about us and meticulously examined every finger, toe, ear, eye, and pee pee. Cory Stevens looked at me with wide eyes and informed me that the baby didn't have any teeth so he couldn't eat good. I smiled at him as his older brothers clued him in. His eyes got very large when Yuri told him that if Dougy had teeth then he would hurt mommy if he bit he tit when he nursed. Cory Stevens did not think that he wanted his brother doing that nasty thing to his mother. After only a few minutes I sent the boys on their way so that the staff could attend to their mother. I passed my son to a nurse who quickly wrapped him in a blanket and placed him on a table at the back of the delivery room. I returned to Ugitsiha and told her that she had created another perfect baby boy. I had to describe his black hair and brown eyes, but she was asleep before I finished. I held her hand until it was time for her to be moved to a room for more rest.
    I was too excited to sleep in the foldout bed/chair that the infirmary had for me; I wanted to hold my son. My opportunity came an hour later when a nurse stepped into the room with Dougy and awakened Ugitsiha so that she could feed the baby. I was excited to see him so when the nurse left the room I moved to the bed to sit next to my family and touch every piece of exposed skin on the newborn that I could find. When he had taken his fill of warm milk Ugitsiha passed him to me with a huge smile on her face. I put him over my shoulder and patted his tiny back until I got a big burp from him. I giggled and looked at my wife. "Get it out of your system, daddy, you won't always be around when I feed him so I will get my bonding time in then." I was sufficiently chastised, my wife took pity on me and cuddled next to me.
    I mumbled a bit when the nurse stepped in with Dougy for his feeding at two, but I was an absolute grouch when she returned at five thirty. I am used to getting up between five thirty and six in the morning, but the strain of the night's events had worn me out. When I smelled what Dougy had dropped in his diaper as he ate his breakfast I decided that it was time for me to leave. That was not about to happen, Ugitsiha had me get a clean diaper and the wipes. I wish that I had not looked when I returned those items to the bed, the contents of Dougy's diaper was a deep black with a tar like consistency. I reacted badly as I thought that my baby was sick. It took several minutes of mind talk for my wife to get me calm enough to listen to what she had to tell me. It made sense, babies only live on blood from their mother's bodies for the full gestation period. Naturally their system expels all of that old blood residue through their bowels. Ugitsiha told me that I should worry if his diaper contents weren't black.
    With that thought in mind I left my wife and headed home to catch a long hot shower. Cory was up walking the floor with Little Steve when I stepped inside. He grinned at me and told me that his baby was cutting a tooth and was a real whinny baby. I had been traveling through most of my babies' infancies and was not ready for all of the things to come. I looked at Cory and his son and determined to be a part of Douglas Redhand's life every day that he lives. Not very realistic, but it sounded good at the time.

    After I had been in the shower for a few minutes I felt strong hands on my back. I relaxed and let Cory touch every sore muscle that had crept up on me as I lay twisted up next to my wife in her hospital bed. We did not do anything but shower each other and hold each other tightly, but when we stepped out of the shower we were as relaxed as if we had spent the night making passionate love.
    I decided not to go for a run as I sat down at the kitchen bar and held a hot cuppa beneath my nose and inhaled the aromatic vapors. I asked Edmund to fix me three soft scrambled eggs with three strips of crisp bacon and several slices of ice cold ripe tomatoes. Edmund added a secret ingredient to my breakfast that he had accidently discovered that I liked. One of my favorite memories of my childhood is of my time camping out with my parents and cooking breakfast over an open wood fire. My mother grilled the toast on a cast iron griddle and the wind seasoned the large cast iron skillets filled with scrambled eggs or thinly sliced potatoes and onions with wood ash from the fire below the grill. Edmund reached into the indoor kitchen fireplace and took a pinch of the ashes from the bottom and sprinkled a few specs over my eggs, that added just the right flavor to a perfect breakfast.
    Yuri came running into the kitchen and climbed up on a stool next to me. He saw Edmund put the ashes on my eggs and shouted out that he was going to poison me. Roddy had come in about that time and laughed at his little brother. He and I both told Yuri that completely burned wood ash is a natural salt that adds a salty and smoky flavor to food. Yuri looked at my eggs and I fed him a small amount, he turned and asked Edmund if he would put lots of ashes on his eggs. Roddy and I had to laugh and hug the precious boy in that had come into our lives.
    Roddy came over to me and set a glass of cold Mango-Peach juice on the bar next to my plate. I grabbed him and gave him a good morning kiss before taking a long drink of the icy cold juice. Cory joined us before we finished our breakfast and the four of us sat back and enjoyed the company of the others. RD is a sleepy head so he made his appearance too late for us as we rose to start our day.
    I heard Beulah in the hallway and realized that I had not taken care of my other two babies. She had. They ran to me with their arms spread wide for their morning kiss before Beulah placed them into the high chairs. She walked over to the stove and removed the lid from a pan on the back burner of the large eight burner chef's stove. She had placed a porridge on the stove for the younger children before she had gone into help Quemela get herself together and then going to the bedroom of my little ones and taking care of their morning routines. I don't know what we would ever do without that great woman, she is the foundation of my family. I remember fondly the day that I first met her when Will and I visited Cory at Chief Steve's house. Sagi had help from Cory and when she entered the kitchen she was as beautiful as the first day that I saw her.

    I was at peace with the world as I sat back and told all of the family about my new son. My four youngest had to reassure everyone that they had counted each and every finger and toe and that everything was where it should be. I decided to have some fun with Yuri and get a laugh from everyone else. "Yeah, Dougy has eleven fingers, just like Yuri."
    Yuri looked at his hand and counted his fingers. "Nuh uhh daddy, I only got ten fingers, see."
    "You didn't count them right, son. Come here." I took his hands in mine and began to count aloud as I touched each finger in turn, "One eight, two eight, three eight, four eight, five eight, six eight, seven eight, nine eight, ten eight, eleven eight. See, you have eleven fingers." He sat on the floor counting and recounting his fingers and looking up at me with the look that only a ten year old mind can conjure. I recounted his fingers for him twice more before he grew frustrated and tears began to form in his eyes. I pulled him to me and gave him a hardy hug, I told him that I was only teasing him. I explained the counting method to him a few times before he caught on then he laughed louder than any of the rest of us.

    My soundbud alerted me to an incoming call. As I took the call my excitement grew. I looked around the room and saw Yuri counting Cory Stevens's fingers for him before I hung up and shouted, "Yes!!" I told everyone that I was going to open a few hundred schools in Afghanistan. Everyone looked at me for a moment before they told me how happy they were for me. I could tell by their voices that they didn't have much enthusiasm for my latest endeavor so I sat back down and explained what was about to go down.
    "Dad, how do you keep up with everything? You have so much going on… you could juggle a herd of elephants easier than deal with some of that shit."
    "RD, how do you eat an elephant?" He shook his head at me as he thought about my question. "You eat an elephant one bite at a time. That is the way that I deal with my day to day duties." I sat back as my family discussed what I had said, a school in Afghanistan seemed like a long reach to them. I had to clarify the scope of my recent endeavor.
    "I am not opening a school in Afghanistan, I will be setting up a few hundred schools in the war torn country. The children there have to work to help their families survive so they get very little school. If a child is lucky he can expect to go to school maybe two or three days a week. Girls are luckier than boys, they go to school because they have little work that they can do; they are going to grow up to get married. Their chances of marrying an educated man are slim. They will marry a poor man that toils in his labors from daylight to dark and their children will have to help their father if the family is going to eat. El and I plan to change that, one child at a time if we have too. If this works then El wants to try it in some of the African countries that she is working in."
    My soundbud alerted me again, "Dispatcher here, papa. Dunemaster is on the line." I thanked the dispatcher and moved to a private area of the house so that I could talk. Fifteen minutes later I returned to the family and told them that I was going to the infirmary to see my wife and little Dougy. I felt my boys prying at my mind so I increased my defenses. The operation in Afghanistan is not secret, but there is an element of danger there. The Taliban isn't going to sit still for a school that will teach the children how to be independent thinkers.

    I sat with my wife and played with Dougy. I told Ugitsiha about my call from the State Department and about the new schools. I dropped a small bomb on her with the news that I had just spoken to King Khaldun al-Hadi. When I told him about the birth of my newest son he grew very excited and told me that he would be at the camp by the following morning. He said that he would bring his sons and his favorite wives to welcome my baby into the world. Ugitsiha told me that she was going to go to Oklahoma on the first mule train out of town.
    We were still laughing about her comment when the door opened and Cory came in with my four youngest sons. The babies ran to the bed and tried to climb up on it. I picked them up and sat them down next to their mother so that they could watch their new brother nursing. Cory Stevens stared wide eyed and wanted to know why the baby was biting his mommy. With the patience that only a mother can show she explained what she was doing. She looked at me and I nodded to her. She moved the baby aside a bit and let the other boys see a drop of her milk at the nipple. When Dougy returned to his feast she quietly explained what was happening.
    Roddy already knew all about it and he had turned away to talk to Cory at the side of the room. Yuri had seen women with babies at their breasts before, but he really didn't understand what they were doing. A light went on in his little head, "Oh, that's like a calf nursing on his mother, or any manimal. Humans are manimals and my teacher says that all manimals nurse their young."
    Roddy was giggling when he turned to his little brother, "It's mammals, Yuri. Not manimals. Don't worry about it, we all make mistakes with words until we know what they mean and all. I made a lot of mistakes, just ask daddy."
    "Do you mean like avewages?"
    I tousled my boy's hair then knelt before Yuri. I took his small hands in mine and looked into his eyes, "It is very hard to learn to use words correctly. Yuri, I have nothing but the utmost admiration for you. You grew up speaking an entirely different language and in less than two years you are able to master one of the hardest languages to learn on the face of the earth. To those that do not speak English as their mother tongue the obstacles are very great. English has very many words that are spelled alike, but mean something else entirely, it all depends on the sentence in which they are used. There are hundreds of words that sound the same, but are spelled differently. Anyone that learns English as a second language faces a very large hurdle. You, my fine young sir, have overcome that hurdle. Don't be embarrassed when you use a word incorrectly, your loving brother will help you, and so will your mother and I."
    Yuri threw his arms around my neck and hugged me tightly, "I am the mostest lucky boy in the world that you found me and brought me to America and made me your boy. I love you daddy, I love you too Roddy, and Cory Stevens and Cullen James. Yes, even you daddy Cory." Cory picked the boy up and tossed him into the air then the two hugged tightly.

    At dinner that evening with the entire student bodies of all of my schools I informed the boys of the pending visit the next morning of Raven and his sons. I told the boys of the good news about the many schools that I planned to sponsor in the country of Afghanistan. Most of the boys only knew of the fighting that had been going on in that country for over forty years, first with Russia–(1978-1992)–and now with the NATO forces, most particularly America, England, and France. All of the boys had an opinion about that war action, but most of them did not know where it was located, or anything about the people there. I told them that the landlocked, mountainous country comprised an area of 251,772 sq miles, and had a population of over 30.4 million people. I told the boys that I needed their help, about fifty percent of the people of Afghanistan speak the Dari langues with roughly thirty five percent of the population speaking Pashto. I many of the rural area where I planned to locate schools the language is Uzbek and Tajik. I told them that I had never heard any of those languages spoken before and if any of them did speak those tongues that I would like to sit with them and listen so that I could better understand those with whom I would be working.
    The room erupted with boys' voices as they expressed their fears for my safety while building a few schools. I had to stop them and explain. First of all I told them that I was not going to open a few schools, but a several hundred. I explained that most communities did not have a clean, safe building in which to hold classes. The current schools are open to attack and the Taliban has a long history of raiding schools and killing the teachers, and often the students themselves. I told them that Jimmy had been hard at work with Craig and Turner and that they had submitted a design to Cory for a totally self contained modular building that would withstand a direct hit from RPGs and hand held missiles.
    I told them how each unit had its own group of solar panels for power, each unit is air conditioned, and each has a built in chemical toilet in the event that the school is under siege. I shared with them that one of the units would be at the camp the following day so that they could inspect for themselves. I told them that I wanted them to come out and watch the classroom unit arrive so that they could see how it would be flown in and set down without a ground crew. I plan to have locals from each village on hand to see that the classrooms are set level and solidly.
    Someone brought up the air conditioner vents or the solar panels being weak spots. The solar panels are constructed of the same Mithril/Polymer Composite that my newest vehicles are made of. There are no steel frames or beams, instead the framework of the classroom units are made of hundreds of miles polymer imnpregnated Mithril thread thin fibers then coated with multiple layers of liquid polymer. The panels that make up the floor, walls, and ceiling are made of a honeycomb of Mithril fibers then covered with three layers of the Mithril/Polymer Composite. The exhaust vents for the air conditioning unit are located under the floor and at the center. The wiring from the solar array is totally embedded within the panels, the collector panels themselves which are set to the proper angle to catch the maximum sunshine at the factory. The one drawback is that there is no battery backup for cloudy days. There are battery powered LED lights that will last for twenty four hours, and four small low voltage fans to circulate the air. The chemical toilet has a curtain that can be pulled around it for privacy and a small fan vents air from around that appliance to the outside whenever someone sits on it.

    There are several hundred small population areas of poor people that have to have their kids work in order for the family to eat. My answer to that is that I will pay each and every child five hundred Afghani–about ten U.S. dollars–per week if they attend class at least three hours every day, five days a week. That gives the children morning or afternoons and weekends to help their families with their fields and live stock. It will also provide more money for the family than the average income rate for rural areas. "I will set at least one and as many as five classrooms in one village, depending on the number of students there," I said. The boys could see that I had really thought this out as they sat back and thought about everything that I had told them.
    I heard rattling behind me and I turned to see a kitchen worker with a metal cart that was in serious need of maintenance. I forgot about the noisy wheel when I smelled what he was bring out, there were several, hot blueberry cobblers on his cart. I knew that the frozen yogurt machine had been refilled a little earlier in the evening and my mouth began to salivate for a large bowl of the confection. Roddy's voice sounded in my mind, "Sit still, daddy, I got it. Do you want a lot of ice cream on it?" I did.

    I sat with a spoon in my hand eating blueberry cobbler made with fresh blueberries picked in a thicket three hundred feet above my house at Camp Christopher. I have learned from experience with Roddy in the summer of 2010 that insects abound around wild blueberry bushes, I wondered how bad the insect bites were on whomever had picked the fruit for the delicious desert in the bowl before me. As my mind wandered over that silly trivia I had not noticed two boys take a seat across the table from me. I felt their minds first and quickly brought my mind out of its rambling thoughts. I focused my eyes to see two of the boys that had come from the castle in Slovenia.
    "Sir Chris sir, we both speak Dari and Pashto, and Uzbek is the language of my mother and father." I looked at the boy for a second as I sorted through my mind's archives for what I knew about him. Both of the boys had been sold to slavers from a refugee camp in Pakistan where about 2.7 million refugees struggle for their daily existence. I searched for the boys' parents and was told that their sons were dead. The parents were not told about the conditions that I had found their offspring in so they did not know about the homosexual slavery. They had sold their children and invented the lie that their sons were dead and gone from them forever. I took the boys into my care and they now live at BAW where they are happy and thriving.
    I told the two boys that I was going to get into their minds as they talk to each other in Dari. In order for one to speak in any language thoughts are formed in the mind first before the words are spoken. I was able to see those thoughts then hear the words. The words meant very little to me, but the thoughts told me a great deal about the language. I also learned a great deal about the two boys, their conversation with each other was centered on girls. They both had strong feelings for girls in the refugee camps that they were taken away from. I needed to concentrate on the language thoughts, but I found myself looking deeper into their minds for evidence of their true feelings about homosexuality. I learned that neither boy was gay; they had been forced into a life that was revolting to them, but after going through torture and brain washing at the hands of their captors they had accepted their new roles in life.
    I let the boys talk for about twenty minutes before I asked them to converse in Tajik, that will be the language in the area around the railhead where I expect that I will spend most of my time. I didn't intend to spend much time with boots on the ground, but there could be incidents where I would have to appear in person. As our session ended I asked the two about their lives in the dormitory. They had made many friends, but they didn't like to see all of the sex that went on between the boys that lived there. I asked them if they would like to move across the street and have a room together where they could shut the door on the activities around them. They wanted to do that. I promised them that when we returned to the school that I would let them make the move to the house that Charley built.

    As the boys from around the world were waking themselves up and preparing themselves for a new day at Camp Christopher I was jogging back down the ridge along the eastside of Fire Mountain. My soundbud came alive with the voice of the tower at the airfield, the caller alerted me to a plane requesting permission to land. I looked off to the northeast and could see a large white plane approaching. I asked the air controller in the tower if the plane belonged to Raven, he told me that it did. I gave permission to clear the plane for landing as I picked up my pace to get off of the mountain and over to the airstrip to meet whomever my friend had sent to me.
    I received a big surprise when the door of the plane bearing the crest of Raven's family on its tail fin opened. First to fly down the truck mounted staircase was King Cullen. He ran down the steep steps so quickly that I was in fear for his safety. That fear was quickly abated when my childlike nephew jumped on me and wrapped his arms and legs about my body. He kissed me with so much passion that he stiffened my resolve; I had to separate us and help him to stand up on his own. "Hi uncy, you surprised? I've been visiting Prince Arif and looking over the classroom units that are being assembled in his home city. Those are neat. You are so smart to come up with those."
    "It was you mother that suggested that I erect schools in Afghanistan. She worked with the government there and received the necessary permission. I only provided the money for her project."
    "Sure you did," he winked at me and stepped aside so that I could shake hands with King Khaldun al-Hadi. Next in line was HRH Prince Arif then all of his brothers that had attended BAW in the recent past. I directed the Royals and the boys to the large electric tram that Nolan had brought over for us. Nolan drove us to Building A where the students waited for us to join them for breakfast. There are still many students at the school that remember the King's sons and we also had many of the boys that had graduated and moved on to college or into their own homes. The tight area reverberated with the boys' cheers when we entered as many boys walked over to their friends to shake their hands and invite them to come to their table to eat and talk.

    I sat at my table with Raven and talked about me going to his country in late January to oversee the moving of the classrooms into Afghanistan. Raven informed me that he had been working very hard and had a tentative agreement with Russia to make low altitude flyovers in the skies above that country. The classrooms would be transported by train to the far southern borders of Russia then helicopters would carry them the remaining distance. I felt that there were still too many air miles involved and I told Raven that I would try to get the trains further into Afghanistan, into a secure area; I didn't want our efforts to be blown up on the final leg of the long journey.

    Ugitsiha voice touched my mind, she was ready to leave the infirmary. I asked her if she was strong enough to come to the cafeteria of Building A to introduce the baby. She told me that she was okay with that. I excused myself from Raven as I told him of my mission. He wanted to see the baby and excused me. Less than twenty minutes later I returned to the cafeteria carrying Douglas Redhand and supporting my wife on my left arm. The cafeteria went stone silent as the boys stood up so that they could see the tiny newborn. I first presented Dougy to his cousin, Cullen before I presented him to Raven. I turned to the room and pulled the blankets away from Dougy's face and showed him to the boys. Boys get gishy around babies just like girls, the room filled with Ahhs and Ohhs as boys stood on top of tables in order to see the baby better.
    I told the boys that my wife was tired and that Dougy needed to be attended to. I told Raven that Cullen would bring him over to the house when he was ready to go and left with my baby in my arms.

    I had some things to do that I had put off for two days. First of all I headed back to Building A to find Trejo. I pulled him and Alby aside as I mind asked Trejo if he had told Alby about Tooter. He had and he wanted the two boys to meet, he had seen his old boyfriend the day before, but had not been able to catch up to him to speak with him. I invited the two young men to join me for a trip to Aqua Caliente.
    I heard the unmistakable sound of Sikorsky Sky crane coming in from the direction of Base A I looked up in time to see the giant grasshopper clear the top of the trees above the camp with its load swinging by cables underneath it. I stood with the boys as we watched the Sky Crane set the classroom unit down as gently as a mother placing her baby into its crib. I moved out to the path that leads to the hot spring fed pool and found my Tsalagi brothers waiting there with Hiram and two other boys. One of the boys with my brothers had his leg in an Ace Bandage™. I was told that he had sprained his ankle the night before and that he was in pain. I knelt before the boy and ran my hands over his ankle as I said a prayer for healing. In moments the boy said that the pain was gone and he began to walk around on his sore leg. I agreed to let him go on to the springs with us since he was there.
    The other boy coughed up some phlegm. I looked at him and saw his red eyes and red swollen nose, he had a serious cold. I quickly checked his lungs and found that he had some fluid build up, but it had not yet developed into more serious pneumonia. I placed my hand on his head and prayed for relief from his head cold as we moved along the path to the healing waters that Wes was preparing for us.
    I walked alongside Tooantuh as we contined our way to the springs, I wanted to learn more about his ability to make himself invisible. Roddy had already learned Mile's technique and I wanted to know for myself how to disappear without turning into an insect. Changing into and insect has many dangers, everything from birds to fly paper lay in hiding just waiting for a flying pest. Invisibility seemed to be just the trick that I needed to learn, and if I was correct with my observations, I would not have to be naked. Each time that I have seen Miles disappear, or even when Roddy has hidden himself from me, they reappear fully dressed. That part was comforting to me because I could still wear my protective suit of Mithril and avoid most injuries to my body.
    Wes had the water ready for us when we arrived at Aqua Caliente. He had mixed just the correct amount of hot water from the boiling springs with cold water from the small channel that I had dug from the cold water stream coming down from the mountains above the pool. I asked all of our guests to remove their shoes and step naked into the water directing them to the concrete seats that I had installed when Little John and I had built the hidden spa in the woods. Wes had just added his oils to the water as we turned up the path from the camp and he had waited to add his herbs to the water until our boy guests were ready to enter the hot, healing waters.
    I was about to step into the water when Cory shouted out for me to stop, the other Tsalagi echoed his cry. "Daddy, you are going to revert to a baby if you keep going into that water," Roddy whined. I made a compromise with them when I asked Hiram to move to one of concrete benches nearer to the edge of the pool. The problem with that bench is that it is deep enough to sit on, but too deep in the water to lay out on and still have the head above water. I asked Hiram if he could float. I lay on my belly and reached under the boy as I tried to assist him so that he wouldn't sink below the surface. I kept one hand on his butt as I moved the other over his chest and prayed for his healing. When he fell asleep I had no other choice than to jump into the water and move him to the higher platform. I was only in the water for a few seconds, but I could feel the fear in the minds that touched mine from the chanting Indian Braves that circled the spa.
    An hour later the small gate was opened to drain the water from the spa while the two upper gates were opened to admit both the boiling hot water to mix with the cold water coming in from the stream. When we were sure that the oils and herbs had been drained away the boiling water volume was reduced and the water allowed to cool. I was convinced that the youth giving powers of the spa were coming from the boiling springs. The boys accepted that idea, but no one wanted to get into the boiling water to test it out. I was told that none of them were lobsters or pasta. I told them that five minutes in the boiling water would make them look like pasta then I had to run for my life.
    The little man with the head cold was breathing freely and looking fit. The guy with the sprained ankle was jumping on his leg as he tested it for strength and Hiram was taking deep breaths as tears ran down his cheeks. "I can breathe. For the first time ever that I can remember I can get a deep breath without coughing and getting all dizzy and everything. I love you guys, thanks for whatever you done to me." We all told him to praise the Lord for his healing. He went to his knees and most of those with us did the same. The other boys turned and saw us praying on our knees and they knelt in prayer as well.

    When I returned to the house from Aqua Caliente I was rushed up on by a very agitated head of camp security. I had removed my soundbud and phone in anticipation of getting into the hot water. The state department had a plane circling the camp and when they were denied permission to land they had called in the U.S. Marshall's office to send armed men to the camp. They had it on good authority that a visiting head of state was on US soil and that he was at my camp. I evoked my authority as a Citizen of the World and the immunity that goes along with that title. The Marshals were turned away from the gates and the plane was sent away to refuel and plot other ways to make my life complicated.

    Inside the house was another melee. Ugitsiha was surrounded by four women wearing long robes and scarves over their heads. When I entered they each quickly pulled a veil over her face. Raven told me that they were his wives and that they had come with gifts for each of my sons. Sitting on the hearth was a large chest in which I could see five smaller chests. One of the smaller chests was open and appeared to contain precious jewels. Roddy and Yuri were both standing before the chest and stared from it to me. I smiled at them and asked them if they had thanked the King for his generous gift. They had, but they walked over to my friend and bowed before him as they thanked him again.
    Raven's guards escorted the women back to the airplane while the King and I sat down for a few hours and worked out our plans for my visit before he left for his home. He left his sons with us to enjoy our holiday, but he told me that the idea of Christmas was a little more than he could deal with. I was hurt, but I understood. I would like for the world around to embrace my Savior, but that is not the way of The Lord. His is freedom of will, it is up to each and every individual on this planet to make his own decision.

    At dinner time Cullen and Jimmy came to me and asked me for a ride to merry old England. They wanted to join Philby and El for boxing day then they would return after Christmas for fun during the remainder of our holidays together at the camp. I knew that Cullen should be with his mother and if it were not for Dougy I would be tempted to join him, I do enjoy the ancient practice of boxing day. I wondered how I could institute that practice in my life. I already give gifts of a small personal nature and a large check to those that work for me, e.g. Bull, JC, Ron, Bill, Alonso, John, as well as Dr. Will, and Dr. Tip. I always remember the staff and faculty of each of my schools and my close friends. Somehow I wanted to do more.
    At the insistence of my sons I sat down with their pretty marbles. I am fairly expert at determining the value of most precious stones and after examining each one individually I told the boys that each of them had over a half a million dollars in the chests that Raven had given to them. Cory Stevens didn't care about that, he wanted to play with the pretty colored stones.

    Roddy was laughing as he walked across the campus area with a pair of earphones on. He was approached by two of his friends and asked what was so funny. He unplugged his earphones from the jack so that they could hear for themselves. A crowd gathered and someone produced a pair or wireless speakers. Roddy explained to those around him that they were listening to the widest known Cherokee Indian that had ever lived. He told them that Will Rogers (November 4, 1879 - August 15, 1935) was famous for his line, "I never met a man that I didn't like." He told them that what they were listening too was Mr. Roger's famous Bacon, Beans, and Limousines speech that he delivered on the radio in 1931. The boys all laughed as the speech played out, the message is just a timely today as it was then; we have homeless, starving people in this country today. We also have children going to bed at night hungry, that is a crime in this day and age and is our country's shame. Will Rogers once said, "It's great to be great, but it's greater to be human." America, where is the humanity?
    The boys wanted to see Roddy do his horse and rope tricks. He told them that we had a rodeo and barbeque scheduled for January the second. The boys, of course didn't want to wait that long, they wanted to see him do it there and then.

    Christmas dinner was different for my immediate family, we sat in the large cafeteria and shared lunch with three thousand boys from all around the world. Ugitsiha, Sagi, Quemela, and Adsila were exposed to foods that they had never tasted before. Adsila stuck her nose up and many of the dishes until Beulah looked at her and threatened to turn her over her knee in front of all of the boys. All of our wives were given gifts by the boys and each of my young sons were given toys from the native countries of the students. I was moved to near tears when I saw the love that the students expressed for my family.

    Our vacation for the holidays of 2011 went very smoothly. It was a bit shorter than previous years because of our first few weeks in Europe, but every boy from every school said that he had enjoyed his time very much. The Christmas Eve services at the Camp Christopher church was the best yet. The program started before sundown and lasted the entire night. Everyone was surprised that the sun was as high in the sky as it was the following morning. The students returned to their beds for a few hours of sleep before our planned lunch program and found that santa had visited even though they weren't in their beds asleep. I lay in my bed with my newborn son between me and my wife as my mind was filled with the happy cheers of three thousand boys across the camp on the school campus grounds.

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