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Traveler Chapter 278
    Cullen and I sat around the campfire with Roddy and Yuri as we shared the last of the great open fire meal that Roddy had prepared for us. I was first aware of the students from BAW descending on us when I heard a horse neighing on the trail leading up the hill. I was surprised that seven hundred boys could be as quiet as they were being until I got a mental image of them being gathered together and told that they should try to sneak up on me to try to surprise me. I sat back and waited. Of course I had to tell my sons to keep quiet and act surprised themselves. Yuri began to giggle first then Roddy was infected by his brother's mirth. Roddy had been the one that had suggested that the boys try to sneak up on me. I wasn't sure how I was going to handle this one. A noogie would just not be enough.
    I was happy when I learned that not all of the boys had come up at one time. We still had three days of vacation left and the boys knew that there are no facilities at the lake for them. I learned that Nolan and Gigage had led five hundred boys over to the upper camp and that two hundred boys from the other group would exchange places at noon the following day. That would work, as long as no trails were worn into the landscape of the mountain.

    I had not tried to use the steps that Miles Christie had given me to make myself invisible, but I was sure that the time had come for me to try it. Roddy and Yuri looked at me and I looked at Cullen, he would need to know what we were about to do. Instead I gave him a message to go into the tent and stretch out for awhile. As soon as he was asleep the boys and I ran for the trees around the tent. We didn't want to doff our duds to transform into birds so we had to climb the trees the old fashioned way. I had not climbed a tree in many years and after I scraped the skin from my left arm I remembered why. At the last moment I reached a branch large enough to support my weight and sat upon it. I felt someone else there. I let my head become visible mere inches from Mike's Swallow form sitting on the small branch next to me. He was so startled that he fell from his branch, it was good that he was in a bird form.
    Mike circled the tree and came back to his branch, "How did you do that, dad. I was watching you and you never…you're invisible, how? Where did you learn…" I put the face of Miles into his mind and told him that the boy had a lot that he could teach us, if we were open to listen to him. Mike and I settled back and watched the boys dismount their horses and sneak up on the tent. Before they could pounce on a sleeping Cullen, and scare him out of his wits, I appeared in the tree overhead and called down to them. Yuri and Roddy both appeared from nowhere to startle the students.
    I was very happy to see that Raven's boys had been in the front of the group that had tried to sneak up on the tent. I wanted them to enjoy themselves and have a very memorable experience to return to their homes with. Da'ud looked up at me from the ground, he had been slinking to the tent on his belly with his two youngest brothers following along after him. My heart gave a tug in my chest when I looked at Ziyad and Zuhair, they are both in their senior year at BAW. I knew that I would soon loose that link with my friend Raven. I have enjoyed having the royal sons in my household as much as I have enjoyed each of the other boys that pass through on their way to manhood. I held out a hand to help Da'ud to his feet.

    A whistle broke through the air and birds fluttered from everywhere, even across the lake. The boys exclaimed an expletive under their breath and ran toward the teacher with the whistle. I looked through the crowd gathering around Mr. Keller and threatened to shove that whistle up his ass in my mind. There are other ways to get the attention of boys, especially in my pristine forests.
    The flap of the tent opened and Cullen crawled out on his hands and knees. He looked around and asked me what was going on. I filled him in as I helped him up. We then moved toward the clutch of boys, each had his arms filled with gear to set up the camp. Adahy and Ona were directing a group of boys as they set up the cooking area. Other boys ran into the woods with handsaws and small axes to cut the fallen brush into pieces that they could carry back to the camp for the cooking fires. I put a mind message out to be careful of poison ivy and badger dens. I told them not to cut anything above their waists and to cut only wood that was dry and would burn without filling the area with smoke. I felt many of the boys giggle, but each of them acknowledged my message.
    I waited until Ed Keller was alone before I approached him. I held out my hand as I asked for his whistle. It is not easy to do, a metal whistle is bent into a shape that makes it very strong, but I crushed the noise maker in my fist and handed it back to Ed. He stood and stared from his crushed whistle to me in silence. I called Cullen to me and put my arm around his shoulder. I told him that I was headed back to the house below to be with my babies and did he want to go. He looked around just as Jimmy rode his horse up the trail and moved toward us with about ten other students following him. When Jimmy saw me he called out for me to hurry over to the group. It was at that time that I sensed a boy in pain.
    I ran to the group as three of the boys were helping another from his horse. I was told that the boy had fallen asleep on the way up the trail and fallen from his horse. I quickly scanned his body and found that except for a few scrapes he was in tact with the exception of a broken right arm. I had twenty year old Trent taken over to one of the eighteen inch diameter logs that sit about the area now for the boys to sit upon. I placed a tranquilizing message in his mind to take away his thoughts of the pain that he felt. Once he was seated I knelt before him as my Tsalagi brothers circled about us. My brothers began to chant as I held my hands to heaven and asked the Lord for His healing Grace on Trent. I placed my hands on his arm and he told me that he could feel heat, then he told me that my hands were burning him. Two of my brothers held him steady so that he would not pull away. In a few seconds I moved away and asked him how his arm felt. He worked it about then began to swing it around as he told us that it was all fixed. My brothers shouted Amen as they joined me on their knees in a prayer of praise to our Lord and Savior.
    I stood up and looked into the face of my nephew, he was holding hands with Jimmy. "You are more like an onion, you have so many layers that no one has ever seen before. I am proud to be related to you." With that he stepped forward and gave me a tight hug, a few seconds later Jimmy joined us for a group hug. I told the boys that I had a baby to walk the floor with and turned right into Trent. He had tears in his eyes as he reached out his healed arm to shake my hand. I took his hand and pulled him into a hug. When I broke away I moved back to the tent. Roddy and Yuri had the skillets packed away and the tent struck. I looked at them and we transformed ourselves into hawks and flew over the gawking stares of the boys below us.
    "We could make better time as Eagles," Yuri said. I told hiim that if we could catch a thermal then we could make some real speed without the fear of some nature lover with a long range lens catching us on film. He understood. In minutes we circled the house and found the best place for our landing and entrance back to our family.
    "Dad, stop. Do you feel it?" I did. Ugitsiha was crying and I was about to find our why. The boys and I entered the front door and I quickly reached into the cadenza nearby and withdrew a pair of shorts, a tee shirt, and a pair of slip on shoes. Most of the family is okay with the boys and I being naked, but I don't like to bare all in front of Beulah or Adsila. I resepect Sagi and Quemela as well as I try to make sure that I am dressed when they are around. I looked around for my wife and found out from Sagi what was going on. She didn't know the entire story, only that Ugitsiha and Adsila had been yelling in my bedroom. Adsila ran down the hall and slammed the door to the bedroom that she shared with Roddy and my wife sat on the edge of our bed and cried. I hurried to her side.
    She locked her mind from me so I took my time, I knew that our love would break down the barriers that she created. I held her tightly and let her cry. After several minutes she broke her silence, "That child. Quis, I swear that the girl has a broomstick in her closet and that she rides around on it all night long just thinking of ways to give me stress." I pulled her closer to me and hummed quietly in her ear. I lowered her head to the pillows and picked up her legs, she was exhausted and needed some rest. I felt Dougy stir and quickly moved over to his crib so that he would not disturb his mom.
    I checked my baby's diaper and found that it was wet. I quietly changed him as I played games with him in his undeveloped mind. I discovered that he liked his soft blanket and his mother's songs as he fed on her warm milk. He had a dream about floating in a warm pool and hearing the steady thumb of his mother's heart. I thought that I could make that dream a reality. I quickly filled his hot tub in our bathroom and truned on the jets to gentle bubbles. I slipped out of my shorts and tee shirt and carried my little one into the tub. I sat down with him on top of me, his ear against my chest. I felt his mind tell me that he felt safe and well as he fell asleep.
    "That is the most precious sight on earth." I opened my eyes as my wife ran her hand across my brow, "You really love us, and the ways that you find to show it are remarkable." She gently lifted Dougy from my chest and carried him to his crib for a change into a dry diaper. He had not wet himself, it was the water of the spa, I hoped. "I want to go home, dear." I reacted to that statement. "No, just to our home in town. I have to get away from that she bitch in training and I want to introduce Douglas to his new room." I could not find any fault in that. I asked her if she wanted Beulah to go with her. "No, I think that I just need to be alone. Of course you can come with me." I had to stay at the camp until all of the boys were returned to the safety of the school. I felt her disappointment.
    A tiny hand knocked on the door, I looked at Ugitsiha as she smiled and nodded at me then I opened the door to Cullen James, "I want to see Dougy, daddy. I bent down and picked him up and tossed him into the air as we moved to Dougy's crib. The baby was awake and trying to focus his eyes on the mobile that was just above his reach over his bed. I put Cullen James on the bed as Cory Stevens ran into the room I helped him up on the bed and told them to play nice as their mother laid their little brother between them. My wife and I stood together as we watched the two boys trying to talk to Dougy. We didn't dare turn away because accidents have a way of happening with boys, very quickly. Ten minutes passed before Yuri peeked into the room, I motioned him over. He rushed to the bed and very gently got up on it and began to talk to his new little brother.
    I helped my wife pack the baby's things and her own clothes. Roddy came in with a hang dog look on his face and sat down on the foot of the bed. He tickled Dougy's feet, but he was looking down totally emotionless. I sat down next to him and placed an arm about his shoulders, "What's wrong, son?"
    "She's leaving, she wants to go home and llive with her mother." Tears welled up in his eyes as he turned to look at me, "It will be better for all, I think." I held him tightly and let him cry it out. His mother sat down beside him and held his hand.
    "You and I stayed in Oklahoma for a long time after I married your daddy. Sagi stayed at home with her mother for almost a year. Give Adsila time. She is in love with the idea of being married with her favorite boy, but she isn't ready to be a wife and everything that goes with it quite yet." Roddy turned and hugged his mother, he remembered living at his elisi's for an eternity after his mother had found him a great new daddy. He pondered in his mind of his wife would benefit from returning home. One thing that he knew that all of knew was that his mother-in-law was a banshee that would suck the life out of a rock. He wanted the little flower that he loved and married to grow up with him at her side. He turned and buried his face in his mother's bosom and cried his eyes out.
    Somethings take a mother to handle. I slipped from the room and went to my babys' bedroom and began to gather their clothing for their return to our house in town. I had a twinge of sorrow pass through me as I picked up a pair of shoes. I held them to my face as I let my body shake with the worst feeling of being sepearated from my family that I had ever felt. In my mind I knew that I was being stupid, it is nothing for me to get from the camp to the house. If I have to I can fly there on my own wings. No, somehow I felt that I was about to be left alone. Cory and RD would remain at the camp. Edmund would be there as would Roddy and Yuri. I don't know where my feelings had come from, but I knew that I did not like them.
    When I stepped from the baby's room I was face to face with Adsila. She had two suitcases sitting beside her as she looked up to meet my eyes, "Dad, may I have a ride back to Oklahoma?"
    "Are you sure that this is what you want to do, child?"
    "I have called my mother and she says that I should come home and be with her. She doesn't think that this marriage was the best thing for me." There it was, mommy was asserting her will over the vulnerable young girl from a thousand miles away. I told Adsila that I would take her over to the airstrip at once where she could wait for Pete to fly her home. I did not tell her that Ugitsiha was returning to the house in town, I did not want the girl to think that she had won anything. I was not happy with the fact that she had made my wife cry. That is something with which I can not abide, from anyone.
    I placed a protective mental bubble around the child and myself as I carried her luggage through the living room of the house at the camp and out of the front door. Beulah watched us move through without a word and I was aware that Quemela was looking in the door from the back patio as she motioned to Sagi. I placed the two suitcases into the electric cart as Adsila took a seat inside. I drove very slowly along the road to the airstrip. When we grew closer the girl spoke her first words.
    "Dad, what am I doing? I love Rodney. I know that I am spoiled rotten by my mother and I compare everyone around me to her constant badgering. Daylight loves me, I know that she does, why do I get so crosswise with her?"
    "I believe that it is called growing up. You are at a very tender age. You have taken on the role of a grown married woman when you have not finished your own trip to maturity. Little Flower, you have a long life to live yet, but you have put the wrong foot out before you. Now that the foot is out there you have to follow it because your entire being is attached to it. The best advise that I can give to you now is to watch where that foot goes and follow it very carefully."
    "Do you think that Daylight will forgive me?"
    "My wife is a very forgiving person and I know that she loves you. She is happy that you make her eldest son happy and she will do almost anything for that boy, even put up with a spoiled rotten brat."
    She began to giggle and moved closer to me. She put her hands around my arm and raised off of the seat to kiss me on the cheek. "Rodney is very lucky to have the great and wise Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe for a dad. I love you." I pulled my arm free and placed it around her as I turned the cart back toward the house. I sent Beulah a message to fix us a piece of cake and a large glass of cold milk.
    With no words spoken Ugitsiha and Roddy came over to the table and sat down with us. Beulah sat a large slice of the triple layer chocolate cake in front of Roddy and a smaller slice before my wife. Roddy kissed his wife and pulled back with chocolate icing on his lips. Ugitsiha almost acted like a mother before I caught her with her hand headed for a napkin to wipe her son's face, that was the duty of his wife now.
    Ugitsiha and I nattered back and forth until it was decided. "Adsila dear, I need to take Douglas home and get him set into his bedroom. There are a lot of things that I will need to buy for him and I would be proud to have you go with me and help out." I sat back and smiled at Roddy, he gripped the edge of the table to keep himself from shouting out his joy.
    Adsla turned to Ugitsiha and reached out a hand to her, "Mom, can we start over? I want to be the girl that you wiil be proud to call the wife of your son. I love Rodney more than I ever thought that I would love anyone in this world and I want to be in his life forever. To do that I will also be a part of your life, it will be better if you like me and you can't like who I have been."
    Roddy and Yuri helped with moving their mother and brothers to our house in Tucson. Adsila told Roddy how much she liked riding the train as it sped along under the mountain. Roddy held her hand and nodded at her, he was still stunned by his mother's change of heart.

    The boys and I returned to the camp via the train, but we didn't stop by the house, we transformed ourselves into young Eagles and flew up the mountain to the lake. Eagles were a better choice to climb up the to the high altitude and each of us scanned the surrounding forest for birdwatchers. The land for a mile west of the lake is posted and no one is supposed to be there, but… One can never be too careful, can one?
    The temperature on the mountain had dropped quite a bit. My sons and I landed near the cooking area and quickly found our warm clothes from earlier that morning. We dressed and milled about to learn what was going on with the students. To a boy they were cold and wanted to get in somewhere warm. I ordered the campsite struck and the pack mules loaded. I had several boys help Ona and Adahy place the prepared food into containers for transport over to the upper camp. I figured that with our food combined what Gigage and Gynigeyona had for the rest of the boys that there would be no shortage of belly fillers for my hungry eating machines.
    It seemed to me that Golden Boy had known that I was gone, he nuzzled my face and seemed very happy to see me. I touched his horse mind and found only animal like joy at being with his master. I wrapped my arms around his great neck and hugged him. He seemed to respond to my touch. I took a handful of his long golden mane and swung myself up on his back. As one we moved down the trail alongside of the students as we kept a close watch on them, we didn't want anyone else falling off of his horse.
    An hour later we made the final climb into the upper camp and were met by the other students there. They helped the new arrivals to find a bed space and get their horses set in with grain and water. By that time Gigage was on the porch ringing the iron triangle to call the boys in for supper. I was surrounded by boys as we moved across the camp grounds and each one of them had a story that he wanted to tell me. Cory came to me as I sat down with a tray filled beans and cornbread, he nodded to Hiram. Tooter was sitting with Trejo and Alby as they chatted along like teenaged boys. "He's going to fit in fine, dad. You always know where a boy needs to be, don't you?" He bent over and gave me a kiss, the boys round us began their hooting and wolf whistles.

    I let a group of boys from the juvenile system lead me to their cabin where they asked me if I would spend the night. I had not had any contact with those boys, but if I wanted to make them feel that they were a part of the school and the student body it was about time that I did. I had one reservation though, I was not ready to have sex with any of them. At that time they were still being closely monitored by the juvenile system and one word about any impropriety could cost me more than a few troubled students.

    I was shaken awake a little past one in the morning. I opened my eyes into the face of my nephew. "Phone for you, Uncy."
    "Hello love, 'ope that I didn't disturb you in something," my sister El spoke from the other end of the phone. She and Philby were to board an American Airlines flight at noon and would arrive in Tucson on Sunday, after a two day shopping trip in New York City. I told her that I would be happy to meet them at the airport, if they would let me know their flight number, then I rolled over and went back to sleep. I heard Cullen talking to me, but I feigned sleep and ignored him.
    Wednesday morning the fourth was windy. I have lived in Arizona all of my life and had spent much of my time hiking in the mountains around the valley. I took wing and climbed high into the air and circled around on the rising thermals. There were few rising and many more spiraling back to the ground. I looked at the cloud formations coming in from the northwest and knew that our time on the mountain for the current season was very short. I was not alone in the sky, but a quick check of the minds of the others told me that they had no idea what they had seen. I moved back to the ground and sat down near the warm springs to the west of the upper camp. I found the warmest spot in the water and sank my body into it, I had caught a bit of a chill through my feathers on my weather checking flight. I told the boys that were with me that we would be able to spend the rest of the day at the upper camp, but that we would have to strike out for the valley early the next morning.
    I let the boys see what I knew and they shuddered, none of them like cold weather any more than I do. They have each been in Arizona long enough for their blood to thin out and their body covering fat layer to grow thin. We told the students that we would spend the day swimming and riding in the upper forest, but that they should prepare their gear for a move down to the dormitory after breakfast the following morning. They each began to moan and complain that they wanted to stay on the mountain until I told them that by noon the following day there would be about six to eight inches of snow on the ground and that it would be too dangerous for the horses to carry us down from the mountain.
    The word snow drew mixed reactions. Afterall they are boys and boys love to play in the snow. I told them that they would have that chance Friday. I had no plans to go back to the BAW campus until after Sabbath morning services at the camp's church. That drew a lot of reflection from the boys, each of them has come to love that church and the people that attend there each Sabbath morning. I told the boys that they should think of something that they could help prepare for the after church potluck.
    I led a group of nine boys through the woods and over to the western boundary of my property. I found that the Private Property NO TRESPASSING signs had been torn from their trees and tossed to the ground. One of them had a half dozen bullet holes shot through it. The land to the west of me is a National Forest and no firearms are permitted there, except by special permit, and then only at certain times.
    The students made the best of their final day on the mountain and didn't say a word about leaving when the following morning came. It didn't hurt that the temperatures were in the low forties and dropping rapidly. Once we got down from the ridge of Fire Mountain we were able to get away from the gusts of wind that had come in from the north. The boys quickly moved into their bunk areas and stripped for a hot shower. I found some of them standing before the vents letting the hot air from the heating system warm them. I headed back downstairs to the kitchen to see what the cooks needed.
    The kitchen staff that had remained behind had everything in order and our great Indian cooks had a hot meal for the boys well underway. I waited for Prince Arif and his brothers to come down for supper so that I could say goodbye to them. My trip to McLean, Virginia was pressing on my mind and I knew that I would not be able to go home with them. Their dad had worked it out with Andy to fly his boys home in a corporate Gulf Stream
    I headed over to my house to check on RD's and Cory's families. Cory was being smothered in kisses from his young ones while RD sat in an easy chair with my grandson and a baby bottle filled with milk in his arms. I looked at the domestication of my sons and thought about how much my life has changed over the past five years.
    When I actually took a dickless one to be my wife in July of 2006 many of my friends thought that my life would change. I suppose that it has in many ways. I am still a boy lover and I seek boys around the world, only now I seek them out to give them a safe home and an education. The major change in my life has been my love for my wife and our baby boys, that included Roddy and Yuri. I love RD very much, he is the one spot in my life that fills me with regret. I can only imagine what my life would have been like with him in it from his birth.
    Sagi came up to me and wrapped her arms around me, "You are dad. You will always be the loving man that I met when I was a boy chasing, barefoot girl after that handsome dude over there. Don't you ever regret any second of your life, you have always lived for the best of those around you." She gave me a tight hug and a kiss.
    Beulah looked at me and told me that she thought that I was a big pervert the first time that she saw me enter into her kitchen, but she said that when I sat down and she poured a cup of coffee for me the Great Spirit told her that I was the one that would bring the tribe together. She told me that Cory has been chosen to lead the tribe, but that it is Rodney that she believes will take the seat once held by his great grandfather, Chief Steve. That confirmed my own feelings. I turned and poured myself a cuppa then sat down with the family around me.
    "Beulah, I guess that now's a good time to tell you how I feel about you. That morning in the kitchen when we first met one another I felt my heart move, I knew that you were someone with whom I would be lifetime friends. Later I sat at that same table and you stood before me with a long wooden spoon in your hand as you read me the facts about my wife. I saw that spoon as your scepter with which you rule your domain. You are the matriarch of this family and you will always hold a place of the highest esteem in my family."
    I looked at Sagi and Quemela sitting next to each other with their husbands to the outside of the long sofa. Cory was holding Little Steve on his lap while Little Randy slept quietly in RD's arms. "Their grandmothers have not seen those two babies for several months have they? How about bringing the two women out for a visit?
    RD, if Roddy and Adsila move over to my house for a few months could Quetisi stay at your house? Beulah would be there in her room so it would be like a small family reunion." Quemela turned to RD with an expectant look on her face.
    "Of course she can come out and stay with us. It might be good for the three generations of women to sit down together and work out their problems."

    Cory cleared his throat. I looked at him and saw that he was not thrilled with the idea of bringing Gohiyudi to his house. Sagi looked at Cory and told us what we knew, but ignored. "That woman is intolerant of my brother, Wes made a stupid childhood mistake and as a result our father lost his life. For that single act, my mother won't even acknowledge that Wes exists. I won't make him stay away from me, or our my family, so that she can see her grandchildren. I put up with that whenever we visit Oklahoma, but I'll be damned if I will put up with it in my own home." She got up and started to run from the room, I stepped in front of her and wrapped my arms about her.
    "I am sure that you are aware that the name Sarah means princess. Sarah, you are a princess. You have a prince of the Tsalagi Nation as your husband and mate. The two of you have brought into this world and tribe three fine young dini`yotli–children. Gohiyudi Blackhand should come to your home to see how you have reflected all of the good that she taught you in your youth. I don't want you to worry about the differences that she has with Wes. I am going to go to Oklahoma in person and fly back here to Tucson with her. If I can not get into her mind and make a few changes there then I will hang up my feathered band and hide my head in the sand."
    I reminded my family that we would be headed back to Tucson on Sabbath afternoon. I told them that our 2011-2012 holiday had come to its end. I then told them that my sister and her husband would be flying in on Sunday morning. Cullen let out a cheer and grabbed Jimmy for a hug and a kiss. Cullen had been thinking of his return to Munedavia, after the phone call two nights earlier he knew that his trip would be delayed for a few more days. I asked Edmund about dinner he was busy putting the final touches on his fake tuna casserole. I asked him to please excuse me from dinner. I told him and the others that I had some boys that I wanted to check on and they would just be sitting down to eat. Cory told me that he was sure that Alby would be okay.

    I found a seat next to Alby and sat my tray filled with real food down on the table. I sprinkled Parmesan cheese over my spaghetti and meat balls. I stirred the cheese in as I asked Alby how he was doing. He told me that he was great. He said that he really liked Tooter and that he couldn't wait to get back to the school so that his new friend could find himself a boyfriend. I picked up a slice of garlic toast and pushed a large twrill of spaghetti onto my fork. The boys were watching me so I had to play their game as I sucked a long strand of the pasta through my pursed lips. Everyone nearby began to do the same with loud slurping sounds as sauce swung through the air. I used my napkin to wipe the sauce from my chen when I sensed movement from the corner of my eye. Across the room Marin was re-stocking the salad bar. I rose and walked over to him. I placed an arm about his shoulders and told him that I had missed him on the mountain. He told me that he had to remain in the kitchen to prepare bread to send up for the boys there to eat. I invited him to join me at the table, I had an idea. With the exception of an occasional meating there was nobody in his life, Marin has been alone since he came to the school.
    "Tooter, I would like for you to meet a very dear friend of mine." I said as I led my young friend back to the table. "This is Marin. He comes to us from France where he and his dad are caretakers for my Villa on the east coast there. Both of you are sixteen and you will both be in the same class together. I think that you may be able to help Marin learn. He speaks English very well, but he has never been to an American school before." I didn't want to tell the others that Marin had never been to school at all, they did not need to know that. I ate my dinner and listened to two boys get acquainted.
    When I headed for the desert table I looked around for another seat, the four boys that I had been sitting with were doing quite well on their own. I got myself a small bowl of lemon pudding cake and walked around the room. I had many boys ask me to sit with them, but I knew that they wanted some personal time with me, for some reason I was just not in the mood. That surprised me, I wondered if I was getting too old to enjoy sex.
    The boys from the cafeteria had almost cleared out and headed to the common room to watch TV or to their beds. I slipped from the building and headed over to my office, I had not checked my e-mail messages for two days. One of the messages disturbed me, it was concerning my pending trip to McLean, Virginia. Another was more disturbing, the refitting of the Sikorsky Sky Cranes was behind schedule. The Mithril rotors were not standing up to full RPM rotation. If a rotor blade came apart in mid-air people could get killed, both on the ground as well as the pilots. That was something that I needed to see to at once, but my trip… I didn't want to go to Virginia, but I had agreed to do so. It was a very important mission to our national security.

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