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Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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Traveler Chapter 279
    Sabbath morning was warm and bright. Everyone was in the mood to Praise The Lord as we walked to the church that is located north of the main campus area of Camp Christopher. As we walked along we mixed with many of the students from BAW who were sad that it was their last day away from the main school and that they would be heading home in only a few hours. Our morning worship was meaningful and uplifting. Shane Mason played a very difficult piece on the piano for the opening solo. Yuri and Willie played a duet that brought the parishioners to their feet in Praise and song. The congregation members that live in the area and attend the church week after week came up to the three boys and thanked them for their great efforts at the keyboards. They also shared that they would miss having all of us in attendance each week.
    My family had already taken their luggage to the rail head and it had been loaded aboard the train for our return trip to Tucson after the church potluck. Nolan was waiting at the church with the long electric cart and Tristan stood by with another cart to take us to our train. I turned to the students and told them that I would meet them at the school after I got my family home safely. I held tiny Dougy and Ugitsiha walked alongside of me, I was very happy that she and Adsila had not torn each others hair out as his mother and I walked behind Roddy and watched him hold hands with his young bride. The people at church were happy to see my young son as Ugitsiha and I took him forward and dedicated him to our Lord and Savior. We do not believe in child Baptism, but we do take our children to the pastor for prayer and consecration before the Lord.
    Our train trip seemed to go by very quickly. There were students on the platform to help us with out luggage and drive is through the tunnels to our houses. We waved farewell to RD, Quemela, and Beulah as they turned off toward their home then continued on our way to our house. The tunnel leading to Cory's house has hit a snag so I helped him carry his sleeping children from my house to his. Once we had Cory's children in bed I returned to my babies and tucked them in for their naps. Roddy and Adsila had moved to the room that they would be staying in while Gohiyudi and Quetisi make their visit. I led my wife to our room and lay down on the bed with her. I looked at Ugitsiha and told her that we were about to be very croweded with Eloise and Philby coming for a visit the following day. She smiled at me and told me that it would be wonderful to have everybody in our house together. I wondered how she would feel by Monday morning.
    I rose from the bed and told her that we were in for a real fun time then I headed for the door. I had promised the students that I would see them again as they returned to the school. The train had already left, but a look on the electronic display that shows the train's position showed me that it had began to move away from the station at the other end. I walked around the platform and admired the engineering that had made the underground conveyance possible. Alonso had masterfully cut through the granite of the mountain. An engineering firm that had been brought in by Andy had set the monorail straight and true. The overhead electric lines had been added after a near accident with an electric rail, that had created a need for a new train to be brought out and installed into the tunnel. I am happy that the minds that think of these things had installed maintence tunnels along the route.
    Some of you have written to me as you try to figure out the location of BAW. Here is an aerial shot from Bossaire as I flew in from the FI terminal at Tucson International Airport.
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    As can be seen from this picture the school is located in the foothills with the mountains towering over it to the north. The school sits far enough from the mountain that we catch the eastern sunrise and the sunsets are spectacular in Arizona. There is very little light pollution from the surrounding area, but the lights from the city below wash out most of the stars from the nighttime sky. You are right if you think that the rock on top of the mountain looks like a finger that is its name.
    Most of the sports teams from BAW climb that rock each week. I have joined with them on several climbs, when the weather is not overly hot. The face of those rock will burn the hide off of an alligator. The school requires the boys to wear safety gear and use ropes when they climb, I obey those rules as I try to lead by example.
    My rambling thoughts were interrupted when I heard the train coming from the camp. I watched as it approached and was enveloped in a sea of boys when the doors opened. I walked up to the dormitory with the boys, but stopped in front of the elevator as I saw each group drag their heavy gear onto the car. The boys had packed almost all that they owned for the trip to France and then back to Arizona and Camp Christopher. Now was the time for them to clean everything up and stow it away before classes resume on Monday morning.
    I headed to the administration office to check in with Tyler. All of the boys were accounted for and the boys from the juvenile system were being assigned bedspace in cubicles throughout the two dormitories. I would take a wait and see attitude about that move. The staff at BACC had recommended the change, I now had to find a place for those men.

    I have no idea why I was feeling so ill at ease. I walked through the dorms and watched the boys in their horseplay, that alone usually perks me up, but nothing seemed to work. When I had gone after Seigy I headed to France to spend a few days with my old friend Athos Henley then I had gone to England and spent some time with Chris Martain. Athos is very busy at this time and I really can't drag him into the small cirlce that know what I am about to do. As far as Chris is concernted that boy has grown up and is not really a good choice for me at this time. No, I need to work this out on my own and try to get the butterflies in my stomach to fly in formation.
    I slowly made my way back to the house by walking down the track that runs around the football field. The guard opened the gate for me and made some sort of inquiry as to my mood, I just grunted and answer to him. As soon as I passed through the gate my hand was grabbed by one much smaller than mine. Without a word being spoked the two of us walked along, but when we got to the parking lot across from the house the little hand tugged me aside and led me to a bench at a table. I sat down as Yuri climbed up on the table and stared into my eyes. "Yuri, to daddy, please come in dear daddy." I focused my eyes on my son and grabbed him to me.
    "I am so sorry. My mind is a thousand miles away."
    "You mean more like three thousand miles away, at the Ranch. Don't worry, daddy, no one will say anything about what you told us when we went into that cave at Thanksgiving time. You don't want to take this mission do you?" I grabbed the little Russian that I love very much and held him to me as tears ran down my face. "Daddy, you are going to be safe. "Leo can't see the future like Awinita can. Kuckunniwi has looked at her vision of that day to come. Daddy, Leo is right, you will be shot, but your suit will protect you. Everyone will think that you are dead and that is what you want. You will be taken away from there and come back home to me and my brothers." He leaned in and kissed my cheek. I felt better than I had in days, thanks to my precious Yuri.
    I spent the night playing board games with my sons and Adsila. My favorite is a marble and dice game that my grandfather Theron made for me when I was a boy. Once everyone gets the game down it can go very fast, and the faster the better. I was up and in the shower after my morning run. I have started taking Nvgi diganvsadi running with me on his leash. He is a large dog and he can run very fast. I like to run full out and that animal can really give me a workout. I stepped from the shower as Dougy cried in his crib, I was about ready to go back into the shower with him when I smelled the reason for his crying.
    Cullen came to the table as I ate breakfast with my sons. I told him that it would not be a good idea for him to be seen at the airport, he was disappointed, but he understood. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. I kissed everyone in the house farewell as I headed for my Caddy and the airport. With a full escort in front and behind me I arrived a few minutes after the plane from New York set down and drove directly to the departure area of American Airlines. I left my red and blues on and flashing. An FIS officer came over to me and saluted as he told me that he would stand by the SUV. I headed inside. In only a few minutes I saw Philby trying to get through the throng of people heading the other way. I wanted to tell him to keep right, he even wants to walk on the left.
    Two agents guided my sister and brother-in-law to the baggage claim area where I helped them find their bags. I handed those off to a SkyCap. He helped us to load the multitude of bags into the back of my SUV with the help of the FIS agents. I tipped the man with a twenty dollar bill and moved to the front of the car to head up the mountain and home again. I told El and Philby that I would be flying out early the next morning to bring RD's and Cory's mothers-in-law out to see their grand kids. I promised El that I would be back about dinner time and that we would have the rest of the week to visit.
    I got El and Philby to the house where they were almost knocked from their feet by their sons. Cullen is still very much a kid around the family and I can only hope that no one from the outside world ever see that. I don't look forward to some overzealous paparazzi catching him on film and daring to print his pictures. I hustled everyone inside and shut the door to the outside world before I was able to relax again. Rhys was next to his mum and dad telling them all about the school and what he did there. El sat with Dougy in her lap and played her finger on his nose as she spoke nonsense to the baby. She suddenly stopped what she was doing and loudly proclaiimed that the baby needed a clean nappy. Everyone in the room turned to look at her when Cullen went to his mother's rescue. "In England we call diapers napkins, or nappies for short." With that bit of knowledge everyone returned to what they were doing. I heard my sons ask what they called a table napkin. I reached for my baby, but El held him close and told me that she would love to change him. She looked at Cullen and said that it had been a very long time since she had changed a baby's nappy. I seemed to remember that she had changed Cullen James at one time, but didn't dwell on it.
    Ugitsiha had a buffet luncheon prepared and all of us filled our plates with carved roast beef and a multitude of side dishes. I caught up on things in England with Philby while the women discussed a shopping trip for the baby. I looked from my wife to my daughter-in-law and Ugitsiha nodded at me, she had intended to include the girl in her shopping trip. That would be the first time that Adsila had gone anywhere with her aunt from England.
    Philby and I spent the afternoon in the basement pool room and movie theater with Rhys, Cullen, Jimmy, and my four younger boys. Roddy had to show his uncle the neat new things that he had added to his electric train setup that he was proud to share with his little brother, Yuri. Roddy invited Rhys to operate the multiple train layout and Philby got caught up in the play. Yuri included Rhys in everything that he did so that he wouldn't feel as if he was left out. I have to marvel at that boy, he cares…more than most boys his age he cares. I sat down with baby Dougy and my other two babies on my lap and fell asleep in front of the 85 inch TV that Jimmy has designed. I awakened later to the sounds of Yuri at the piano upstairs and after I changed Dougy's diaper I moved up to join the other men of my household. Yuri was sitting at the grand piano playing for my sister and wife.
    After dinner I had to sit back and view all of the things that the women had bought for the boys. El loves to shop and she thinks that her nephews are the perfect one to shop for. She had several bags of clothes and shoes for Rhy's as well as the babies.

    I met Bryan at the helipad before sunup Monday morning and we flew to the FI hanger at Marana Airpark. Pete had the plane fueled and awaiting our arrival. As quickly as we could move from the chopper to FI-2 Pete had us in the air and pointed east to Oklahoma. We sat down at the airfield that I had built at the Tsalagi village and were met by a car with the two women that were to make the trip back with us waiting. There was no need to re-fuel and we were in the air for the return flight in only a few minutes. We were back in Tucson by one, a total flight time for the two thousand mile trip of less than six hours.
    I put a sleep spell over Quetisi. I caused Gohiyudi to go into a dreamlike state as I began to fill her mind with everything that I had learned about Wesley from him and from his sister, Sagi. I showed Mrs. Blackhand the day of the shooting from the mind of her son. He entered the house after playing with his friends in the village. His father had been cleaing his rifle on the kitchen table and the curious ten year old boy put his hand on the trigger. The rifle was loaded and it discharged hitting his father directly in his heart.
    Before Wes had gone out to play his father had been yelling at him and calling him no good. Gohaiyudi was sure that her son had killed her husband because of that argument and would not listen to anything that he had to say. The tribal police officer that investigated the shooting listened to Gohaiyudi and not to Wes. As far as the law was concerned it was an open and shut case. Wes was outcast in his own home and began to hang around older boys that were always in trouble. He ended up in trouble with the law for very minor offenses, that was too much for his mother. The wedge between the two drove deeper and deeper until she banned him from her home. He tried to find a way to get his mother to love him again, but finally gave up. He had stayed in contact with Sagi and Cory, when he turned eighteen he asked them to help him to get back into school so that he could make a life for himself.
    I was in England for the holidays in 1990 and went to El's house for Christmas Day. Sagi came to me with Wes at her side and I told him that I would give him a single chance to show me that he had changed. I have never regretted that choice. Wes has proven himself a very honest and hard working boy. He managed to complete highschool before the end of the following year and he has become a very valuable person in the lives of all of us.
    I was in Mrs. Blackhand's mind throughout my story and I wached with interest as she accepted the facts that she had never known before. I felt that she was ready to meet her son once again. FI-2 was met after landing at Marana by RD and Quemela in their car and Cory and Sagi in theirs. I watched from my seat on the plane as Gohaiyudi Blackhand walked over to Cory's car and opened the door. She got in beside Wes and wrapped him in her arms. The two shed gallons of tears. I turned away asthe two met each other again after eleven years.
    I looked behind Cory's car and saw to FIS SUVs waiting on the runway. I turned in my seat and saw three more escort vehicles standing by in front of RD's car. I sat back and wondered when I would ever be able to live a normal life again. I wondered what I had done to my sons by depriving them of a normal life, free to come and go as they please. My notoriety and money have created obstacles in the lives of those near and dear to me, that will have to be remedied.
    I moved to the cabin door and stepped inside. I placed my arms about Mike's shoulder and hugged him. I leaned around him and held a kiss against his cheek then I moved to Pete and finally Bryan and did the same thing to them. I held Bryan's forearm and told him to take my crew home aboard Bossaire. I exited the plane and walked to the second escort vehicle in the line. I knocked on the window and the driver unlocked the door. I opened the door to the backseat and slid inside, pulling the door closed behind me. I sat in silence as I was asked over and over where I wanted to go. At last the convoy began to move through town with the red and blues flashing to clear our way. Two SUVs pulled to the side of the road in front of RD's house and he pulled away from the convoy and into his open garage. When the garage door shut I turned back to the front and watched as the convoy did the same at Cory's house. I opened my door and stepped out and walked along the street back to my house.
    When I opened my front door my wife was waiting with a cup of hot chocolate in her hand. I took the cup from her and held her hand as the two of us walked into the nursery and sat down in the large rocking chair where we cuddle with our babies.

    I wasn't much company to my sister and her family, even Cullen took me aside to ask me what was going on with me. I smiled and tried to include myself in everything that the family did together, but I was inwardly happy when Friday came and I drove them to the airfield. Cullen and Jimmy had a tearful parting as the young Royal left for England with his mum and da. Rhys had tears in his eyes as he watched the only family that had ever accepted him as he was board Pete's plane and the door close behind them. I held the boy and told him that I would be there for him and he turned on me. "No you won't, mum told me that you are about to go somewhere that you can be killed and I will have nobody here in America."
    Roddy didn't like that statement at all. He ran up to Rhys and told him that he was a liar. He told him that he and Yuri are his cousins and that they would love him and protect him, always. Rhys broke down and cried big crocodile tears as he walked back to the convoy of armored SUVs for the trip back to the house and to the school.

    In my war against Hook I felt that I was sans voir—playing chess blindfolded. I knew more than I wanted to know about his operation. I had few clues to his location, but not enough to just go in and have a face to face confrontation. Intel had been developed that gave us an opening to one of his primary assassins, I had to take that assassin out of the picture while not exposing myself or revealing that I was involved.

    After my run one morning in early January I stood in my shower and tried to convince myself that someone else could do this job. My wife stepped into the shower with me and began to wash my back. "I am proud of you, Quis. many men with fainter hearts would flee from this task, but not you. You are worried about the boys and me, don't. You will return safely as it has been seen. Your sons will look on their hero father with love and admiration when they learn of this action that you take today. It will have to be after several years, no one can tell them what you are doing now. But when that day comes, my love, you will bask in more love than they show to you now."
    I kissed her and dried myself. I dressed in shorts and slip on sneakers and moved to the tunnel. I turned invisible as I moved across the tunnel and through the recreation room under the house that Charley built. I searched for anyone near to me and carefull slid the large plate glass window at the south of the room open. I stepped out onto the catwalk and slipped into the tower with its winding stairs leading to the ground. I made my way into the garage and opened the door of Traveler©. Waiting for me at the table were Roddy and Yuri. Yuri handed me a cuppa as I laughed and sat down. I sat before my sons as I changed my head and body hair color to a dark brown. Next I changed the shape of my nose, and the offset of my eyes. When I stood up to take clothes from my suitcase on the bed the boys saw that I was two inches shorter. That was painful and I would have to get alone to stretch myself out several times a day.
    The boys wanted to know why I had changed my looks. I told them that facial recognition software would be able to pick me out of a crowd of thousands. I put on a cheap suit that hung like a rag on me then I picked up the suitcase. I kissed my boys one more time then I stepped from my old traveling friend and slipped out of the garage. I walked down the street to the bus stop and headed to the airport. My sons followed me to the bus stop on their bicycles and waved to me as the bus pulled away. I had a tug in my heart as I lost sight of their trusting faces.

    My plane landed in McLean, Virginia none to soon and I boarded a bus to my final destination. I had to stretch out, I hated my new appearance, but without it I would be recognized which would defeat my purpose for being aboard the bus that I was on as we headed off to the ranch. My mission was successful before we had left the bus terminal as a young man let his mind run off like a gusher of vomit. I knew exactly what he was, who he was, and to whom he would be reporting. I hate turncoats or spies. Those people would destroy the nation in which they live and usually for nothing more than a few dollars. Yes, even the renegade within the country that is an enemy of my country is lower than scum in my books. True, we need the information that the spy has for us, but these people will turn against their own families to make a buck.
    The agency that I was assigned to go undercover for uses many spies, and I was one of them. We are a necessary evil to get the information that is needed. It is the little man that sits in the corner stealing codes, lists of names, or other pertinent data that boils my balls. They are not being patriotic, they are only lining their own pockets. Those people will turn their mother over to the authorities for believing in a manner that is against their idealism. Oh well, I rant. I was on a spy mission, but I condoned it because I was trying to save lives of my compatriots that leaked information could get killed.
    I wanted to get away from the little man, he was very large, but small minded, that I had discovered. I did not want to sit by him for the hour long bus ride to the training facility. However he got my attention at the last moment before climbing aboard the bus, he winked at my recruiter. The signal from his mind was as clear as a sunlit day on the open sea, it was not a sexual wink. He had passed a signal to the recruiter that told him that he was on the job. I wanted to know if I was his job. During the bus ride I surfed through every fold of his mind, he was not whom he was thought to be. He had been trained by an enemy of my nation for the sole intent of bringing us to our knees in total anarchy and civil war. I knew that he wouldn't be able to do that on his own. My goal was to discover to whom he reported and to whom he would turn for assistance in his dirty deed.
    Suddenly a dark smirk crossed his mind as he looked at my teenage body. He thought that I would make a fine sexual slave to do the will of his masters. He could see me in bed with a high ranking government official where hidden cameras recorded our every deed. He pictured me killing the men that I had slept with after they had been exposed as homosexuals. I went deep into his mind, he was gay. He hid it well and his handlers did not know his secret, but he loved the company of younger men or men not much older than himself. I was formulating a game plan. But first I needed to learn more from the gay spy.

    I entered a very large room with more than fifty other recruits that had come out on buses at the same time that I had come to the ranch. We were seated in a very large room that was well lit with no shadows anywhere. Along the inner wall of the room was a twenty five foot long mirror, only an idiot would not place it as two way glass, but only someone with my abilities would know how many people were watching the room through that glass and their names. I knew what they were wearing, even though I couldn't see them. I knew what they had eaten for breakfast, I even knew that one man had on mis-matched socks, although he was unaware of it himself.
    I spotted three persons that should never have been allowed anywhere near that room, let alone being allowed on the ranch itself. They were sleepers, foreign trained operatives, that were not conscious of their prior training. That training had been amongst the best in the world, even the former Soviet Union would have been proud to have personnel trained that well. I had a written test to take, but I could barely contain myself from digging into the minds of those sleepers watching us.

     I made friends a man named Goss. I wanted a place to start and he was as good as any. At least I would not be suspect if I hung with him. I had the appearance of a young teen. My identity for the job at hand had me as Dick Christopher, an eighteen year old high school brain child that had graduated at sixteen with the highest marks in the state's school system. I was a star track runner and champion diver, at least I had kept to something that I knew that I could do without drawing attention to myself. I couldn't see me as a football player, my build wasn't right. I might be a basketball star, but I don't like that game very well. I like to run to clear my head and I love to swim away my aches and cares. I was very careful to keep all thoughts of my family from my mind. I missed my Cory man very much and I wanted to lay with him and make love all night long. Those sorts of thoughts could trap me if the enemy had a physic tuning into me.
    I stayed away from the large man from the bus, but kept imited mind contact with him. I wanted to know more about the contact he had winked at the day before. Most of all I wanted to know who his master was.
    I went to Goss's room with him after our first day at the ranch. Twelve people had been asked to leave the testing room for cheating and one for leering as he looked up an instructor's skirt. I knew that there was at least one physic around to ferret out that information. Goss was an open book. He wanted in my pants so bad that he was tongue tied. I acted innocent and dumb. After our forth spiked drink he moved to sit next to me and run his hand over my lower legs. When I didn't push him away he got bold and moved his hands up to no man's land. I acted as it the Flunitrazepam–Rohypnol– was affecting me. Flunitrazepam is often cited as a date rape drug because of its high potency, strong effects, and the ability to cause strong amnesia during its duration of action. Goss had no idea what it was, he only wanted to have his way with me. Of course I knew what he was up to and I had a little bottle of a concoction that Wes had made up for such a situation, one drop into a spiked drink neutralized anything that may cause me harm.
    After about thirty minutes from the first drink I began to act as if I was under the influence. I dropped my resistance to his Roman hands and began to act as if I was enjoying what he was doing to me. When he pulled my cock through the flies of my pants and underwear his eyes grew very large, he liked what he saw. "You gonna suck me?" I asked. He squeezed me and looked me in the eye before bending his head to my waist and going down on me. I faked a moan in pleasure as I tried to encourage him. I felt that a good ass straightening with my big fellow would open his mouth to do more than suck my cock.

    I kept receiving the word Moshi from him and the scenes of a town nestled in the shadow of a tall snow topped mountain. A volcano perhaps? After some time I finally learned that Paul was born in Moshi. a small town in the costal country of Tanzania, South Africa. He is the (illegitimate?) great grandson of the German General Paul Emil von Letto-Vorbach. His grandfather had been birthed by a fair haired Aryan secretary after a year long secret affair with the general. The mother was moved as far from the general as she could be and still be close enough to receive help from him. The baby was raised apart from his German heritage in an affluent area of Moshi. The secretary, and her baby, were provided for, but never recognized publicly. She took the last name of Vorbach for her son who grew up to become very wealthy from his work with the steel mills in the area. Emil Vorbach raised a family of six blonde haired children to carry on the Aryan blood line. Paul's father defied his family and married a local Muslim girl. Castigated by his church and family he took the name of Emil, his great grandfather's middle name, as his surname and immigrated to America. He settled his family in Pittsburgh when Paul was only four years old.
    Paul was born Letto Vorbach, the last name of his great grandfather without the hyphen in it. In America he was known as Paul Emil. His father insisted that his children be raised in the church of his fathers and attend the parochial schools of the system. As a pre-teen his blonde, Aryan beauty brought him great pain at the hands of the local priest. He was studying for his catechism in preparation for his first communion. The priest took him into the rectory to give the boy special training in the fellowship of man with The Christ.
    Paul found solace from a young Muslim boy a year younger than himself. Paul was quickly taken in by the boy's family and their Emir. or prince, of a very large Muslim population in the city. He was trained in the ways of Jihad–struggle– and nurtured to do the will of Allah. The Emir showed the Emil family has powerful reach when he had all records of the family's immigration removed. Paul's father received a birth certificate showing him to be born in the South Philly area known as Queen Village.
    After his son's incident with the church Paul's father converted to Islam and moved his family to a Muslims Only enclave, directly next door to Paul's young friend. As the two boys aged they found each other, they kept secret their real relationship, to be homosexual in their religion would mean a death sentence to be carried out in a public place in front of all of their relatives. Paul's great grades, class leadership, and expert sportsmanship caught the eye of a recruiter and Paul was on his way to becoming greater than he had ever dreamed he would be. He was to be a spy for his great nation.

    I lay beside Paul as if I were asleep. I contined to probe his mind, I could sense that something was up with this man and I knew that the people at the ranch suspected as much also. When I finally found that hidden spot in his mind that held his secret I wanted to run from his room and contact my handler to share the news. The problem was that I had began to suspect the handler as a sleeper waiting for the code word to awaken him to do the bidding of those that held sway over him. I searched deeper into Paul's mind as I tried to learn what the code word was that would awaken him.
    At the proper time Paul would hear "Vorbach Letto is the pope's son," at that time he will carry out his mission to assinate a powerful Muslim world leaded then he would be revealed as Letto Vorbach, a German patriot that wanted the power that had been denied the oldest and most powerful people on the earth. His brain washing ran very deep. I knew that I had to stick closer than glue to this man.

    Just after sunrise I rose from Paul's bed and dressed. I told him that I had to run or my whole day would go wrong. I was aware of a car following me as I jogged across the city to my apartment. When I got to my door I checked my tells to see if anyone had opened my door. Someone had, but a new tell that I knew quite well had been placed over the spot where my own had been after I left. I opened my door with caution, even though the tell said a friend had been there I had to be careful. After what I had learned from Paul's mind I was not about to trust anyone, then too was the car that seemed to be following me home.
    I had explained my Mithril underwear to Paul as my being from a hot part of the country and that I needed the thermal underwear in the cold climate of the mountains of Virginia. As a further precaution to what I might find in my room I pulled the collar of the Mithril shirt up and formed it into a hood over my head and lower face. I went through my apartment as I checked everthing in it. When I got to a place that I had hidden my gun and Federal ID I froze. The tell from my friend was on the floor and also on the hidden compartment.
    8QRTequasi had been in my room and left me a message. To make certain that I would know that it had been him that visited me he left a special deposit on a small mirror and placed that on my pillow. It was old and cold, but I so wanted the spout that it had come from. I slipped to my knees and removed the small lock box that held my guns and badge. I checked the tell over the lid and found Tracy's tell had replaced mine. I pulled the Mithril hood tight over my face and put on my special dark glasses made of the same Mithril material. I slowly opened the lock box and peered inside. To my surprise I found my soundbud and a new smaller and flesh colored microphone with a very tiny hole for a camera. I doubted that the camera had a very effective field of view, or even much of a range as I took a plastic bandage tin from my bathroom cabinet.
    I opened the tin of bandages and selected one that had a dot in a special place on the end of it. I took a washcloth and washed behind my right ear very carefully. Next I washed the laryngeal incisure–the V shaped indentation over my larynx –then I took a cotton swab and dug deep inside as I cleaned any grease or dirt from the spot. I opened the specially marked plastic bandage and peeled away the protective paper over one glued end. I rubbed the back of the soundbud in the glue and stuck it behind my ear. I held the soundbud for a five count as the glue dried then I repeated the process with the throat microphone. I slipped the credit card thin transmitter into a pocket on the pants of the Mithril suit and did a test call.
    "Papa to dispatch."
    "Hello papa, welcome to Virginia. Please standby for a very important message." The next voice that I heard was Tracy speaking in the most ancient dialect of the Tsalagi language. My infant son has spent every possible minute with me since we visited the underground vault at Thanksgiving time. Without words he has filled my mind with the language as it was spoken before Sequoyah developed his syllabary. We have listened to Kuckunniwi sing prayers in the ancient language at sunset so it came as no surprise to me when he laid out on my belly and placed his tiny face next to mine to teach me.
    Tracy had learned the ancient words at his father's knee and he told me that we should only communicate with it. I listened to what he had to say and formed a plan within my mind. He told me that he would not tell me what had been discovered on the telephone, but that we should arrange to meet somewhere public so that we could mind talk. I agreed to arrange such a meeting late in the afternoon.
    I showered and dressed then I caught the bus that would take me to my rendevous spot for transport to the ranch. I joined up with Paul on the first bus and we traveled together until we reached the ranch. Our day was routine, though a little different. We were taken to the rifle range where we were trained in the use of several weapons that included US Military issued M-16s to Russian made AK-47s. We were given man shapped silhouette target to shoot at. I made my shots in the kill zone, but only barely. I was holding back so as not to give myself away, but the temptation to cut the heads off of those targets was very strong in me. We returned to the range control building and learned how to break each weapon down and clean them.
    On the ride back to our bus transfer place I told Paul that I needed to go to the mall and buy me some better fitting underwear. I had worn a pair that was a little tight the day before and I thought that it was fortunate to have done so. Paul told me that he would like to go to the mall with me and maybe we could eat together and maybe even take in a movie. A movie would be the perfect place to meet Tracy. He could sit behind me in the darkened theater and we could talk for more than an hour or two.
    Tracy was in my mind the minute that I approached the food court. I told Paul that I needed a soda to raise my blood sugar. I had never been to that partciular mall before so I had no idea what they had to offer in the way of food. Tracy told me that the Chinese stir fry was very good. He filled my mind with tastes and smells that made my stomach growl. I looked around for that food outlet and when I spotted it I told Paul that I had a yen for Chinese. He told me that Yen is the currency of Japan, I shot him the finger. Tracy saw that and laughed, I told him that I was in character, he understood.
    I sat down at the table with two spring rolls, with a half a dozen hot mustard packets, I had a styrofoam plate filled with vegetable stirfry and two barbequed chicken legs. I had at least a dozen packet of soy sauce to dowse my selection with.
    Paul sat down with two skewers of beef and vegetables and a bowl of rice with vegetables in it. I realized that I had forgotten the fried rice and excused myself to go get a bowl full. When I returned Paul shook his head at me, "You are young and fit enough to eat that, but it would make me fat. I don't see any meat in your selections." I told him that I am a vegetarian and try to limit my meat consumption to an occasional cheeseburger or sometimes a steak with all of the trimmings. He suggested that we find a good steakhouse for our graduation dinner. We bumped fists as we each filled our mouths with food.
    Tracy was across the room from me as we talked. I told him about the movies and he agreed that it would be perfect. He put the image of two people that I had already spotted that seemed to have a, more than idle, interest in me. I told Tracy to stay in my mind, but to keep silent. I went into a stealth mode as I touched the mind of the person nearest to Tracy. He thought of himself as a physic that could read people's minds. I put gibberish into his mind and made it a semi-permanent part of his conscious mind forever. Tracy asked me if I saw who the guy was and I told him that I had. What I wanted to know is how Hook's henchman had singled Tracy out.
    I probed the other man's mind. He was the mindless muscle of the duet. The physic had picked up vibes from Tracy that made him believe that he had strong mind powers. He was searching Tracy's mind for a way to capture him and take him to Hook. Hook is looking for people with strong physic abilities and he pays his purveyors of slaves for his special training a very large bonus when the find one. I put a message into muscle man's mind that told him to return to Hook. That message instantly told me the final part of my search, the exact location of Hook's hideaway and how to gain entrance to it. I cleared the man's mind of his trip to Virginia and his meeting at the mall.
    Tracy told me that he never knew that we could do that with our minds. I told him that great care would have to be taken or the person that we touched would be a blithering idiot for the rest of his life. He asked me about the physic and what I had done to him. I told him that after he had a good nap that he would wake up with no memory of what he had learned and no more physic abilities. Tracy asked how he could prevent someone from doing that to him. I told him that I had already placed a protective thought over his mind, but when we return to Tucson I promised him that I would take all of our brother to Aqua Caliente and teach them what I had learned from Awinita.

    I headed into the center of the mall and found a Gap store. I found two packages of boxer briefs and paid for them then we headed for the theater complex. We looked over the marquees and posters and decided on an action packed movie that appealed to both of us. I got Tracy's approval and we headed to the ticket booth. We had thirty minutes before the movie was to start so we made a restroom call. I had enough of Paul's leering at me so I selected an enclosed toilet stall. Once our hands were washed and dried we stopped by the concesssion stand for sodas and popcorn. I love movie theater popcorn and I knew that it would come back to kick me in the ass when Ģerâld found out that I had eaten an extra large tub of the buttery corn covered in a pound of salt. I got myself a sixty four ounce Coke and headed for the theater that our movie was showing in. I sat to the middle of the theater and Paul sat to my right hand side. I told him to leave a seat between us so that we could put our cups in the armrest holders and sit our popcorn on the seat.
    I laughed aloud when Paul emptied his pockets onto the seat, he had five different kinds of candy as well as a large popcorn and a large soda. I told him that he would have a face full of zits by morning. He told me that he had outgrown that childhood malady. Tracy sat down in a seat at the end of the isle a row behind me. I asked him what he had to eat, he had two hotdogs with mustard, relish, and onions, a soda, and a medium tub of popcorn with extra butter. I had not asked for extra butter. I excused myself and headed back to the concession stand returning just as the lights dimmed for the previews of movies to come.
    I settled in and gave Tracy the all clear. I had made a search of the entire theater complex and learned that we were alone from prying minds. I gripped the arms of my theater seat when Tracy said Mitch Collins' business, Collins Manufacturing LTD was the target of a leveraged buyout by an unidentified corporation that listed a Baltic region country as their headquarters. I needed to get to a computer, and fast.

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