Chapter 282


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Traveler Chapter 282
     The younger al-Hadi boys that were still living in my home and going to the academy took their innovative design for hydrogen power cells to our engineers at Foss International Technologies. When I asked Andy to watch a demonstration of what the boys had developed he was as excited as I was. What the boys had was not innovative in itself, it was the way that they had gone about assembling their final system. The only thing that may warrant a patent is the silicon solar cell that they developed. A cell as small as they had that could create enough power to convert water into its component parts for the ten to twelve hours of daylight that Tucson experiences most of the time was well worth our engineers taking a closer look at their data.

    Fifteen year old Andru Osequeda called me from Tomes of Time to tell me that he had found his cousin and two other boys sleeping in an alley in a very bad part of town for young boys to be. I told my security where I was headed then jumped in my ride to go meet the boys. I met fifteen year old Arturo Osequeda and two of his street friends. Arturo is a boy that never shuts up and he talked the entire time that I was trying to learn about him and the other boys. Finally I had enough and I shouted at them, "¡Estoy hablando aquí, cerrar la boca y abrir los oídos para que me oís!" They each turned the heads toward me and did as I asked, they shut up. Arturo had run away when his father whipped him with a wide belt for being a Susst boy. His two friends that were there with him did not know that he was gay, they were just hanging and trying to find money for another high. I talked to those two boys for sometime and they had no desire to go to a school or anywhere that they could not get marijuana and sometimes a bit of cocaine. I did not want them near my school so I bid them adios. They begged me for money and I pointed to their empty plates, they had just eaten a roast beef dinner, a slice of Clara's great pie, and several glasses of soda. I told them that they were welcome, goodbye. They cursed me in Español and English, I waved them off.

    Ugitsiha had an appointment with her Gynecologist at 0930 on Monday morning. The youngest of my boys were also scheduled for an appointment with their Pediatrician at 1145 hrs. I knew that te boys would be into everything, including my nervous system if we sat in the waiting room for an hour and a half. I agreed to drive my wife to the OB/GYN clinic then I would take the boys down the street to IHOP for a pancake breakfast. Yuri helped me get the three babies into their car seats then he jumped into the third seat and strapped himself into his booster seat. Arizona State law requires that all children under seven years of age or those that stand less than fifty seven inches tall be restrained in a three point booster seat. Yuri has passed the age, limit and actually he surpasses the height minimum by three inches. He stands almost five feet tall. His body had developed into a firm and cut boy looking older then he should, yet appearing to be only eight or nine years old. He tells me that the booster seat helps him to see over the tops of the seats in front of him. I agree with his point, but he tries unsuccessfully to hide the fact that he still has nightmares about the chase as we drove the Volga Siber at high speeds through the streets when we went to see his grandparents(Link not seen in on-line version) in Moscow.
    We dropped my wife at the front door of her OB/GYN clinic then I turned from the parking lot to go three blocks over to the pancake house. The boys were shouting out that they wanted sausage links, or sausage patties, or bacon would be best with a stack of pancakes dripping with butter and syrup when all hell broke loose on us. My Caddy was spinning out of control and I could not make the steering wheel get us straightened out when we crashed into a very hard power line pole. All four of my boys were screaming their little lungs out. The only thought going through my mind was to cover my boys with my body and protect them for the armed assault that I was sure was about to come down upon us.
    I climbed through the small divide between the front seat and pulled Dougy from his car seat as Cory Stevens unbuckled his belt and clung to my neck. Cullen James seemed to be the only one that was in control at the time, I know that I wasn't. Yuri slipped in under my protective body and held onto his young brothers. I could see wide rivulets of tears on his cheeks as they ran as fast as a river over a cliff face before dropping in huge drops from his chin and onto a clean diaper that Cullen James held up to him.
    Once I was sure that my children were safe I reached for the back door of the SUV. The door barely cracked open when my soundbud broke through my mind. I don't know how long the dispatcher had been calling my name, but he seemed to be relieved when I finally responded to him. "Sir Chris, do not open your door. Stay inside the vehicle. I am patching you through to the officer on the scene and he will fill you in on what he sees." I responded with a 10-4 and waited for the next voice.
    "Sir Chris, this is officer Sandoval. Sir your vehicle was struck by a large truck traveling at a very high rate of speed. The impact of your accidental meeting with him has spun your vehicle into very high voltage power pole. There are two twenty eight thousand volt hot wires dancing around your location. If you should exit that vehicle you will be killed instanly, do you copy, sir?" I copied alright, I copied very well. I needed to get my sons to safety at once and hang it if anyone saw us take wing and fly out of the SUV. I sent out a distress call to my brothers. Ugitsiha was the closest to me so I told her to call Mike or Wes or anyone. Within seconds I could see the entire area from a bird's eye view as my wife scanned the scene with her hawk's vision. The high tension power lines were dancing around the ground about ten feet from my location and spreading out to about twenty feet. Both of us watched the wires and none of them ever came back toward the SUV. The wires were away from us, but our egress was blocked by the debris of the pole and the large truck.
    Astin Summers was the senior FIS agent with the team that was escorting me. I called him and asked that our call be scrambled so that even the dispatcher could not hear what I was about to ask. I told him to retract the sunroof of his vehicle fully and to get me a uniform and a set of uniform boots. I asked him to keep his mouth shut and to prepare the back seat for the arrival of my family, including my infant sons. He whistled softly, but he agreed to do as I asked. I had the sunroof of my ride open and I looked up when I heard bird wings coming closer. "We are here, dad. I have Mike, Inagei, and Robin with me," Wes told me as four birds flew inside and sat on the back of the front seat. I told them that I didn't want any bird shit on my car seats which caused my sons to giggle. I was glad to hear that happy sound from them; that meant to me that they were getting their emotion under control.
    I explained to the boys my dilemma, I had a three month old baby that has shown that he can transform himself into other forms, but that he is too young yet to be aware. I needed their help to change him into a form that I could carry over to a safe vehicle and I also wanted them to escort my three other sons to safety as well. Wes was attentively looking at Little Dougy so I joined him in his search. Dougy's mind is developing at a very fast rate and he was more aware than I had thought that he would be. I found where Awinita and Kuckunniwi had been looking around where they had no business being. I looked at Cullen James, "I'm sorry, daddy. Awinita and I thought that we could help him to grow up like Little Steve is doing." That hit me right between the eyes,
    Seventeen month old Steven Allen Conway-Dickson has demonstrated remarkable skills that all of us had thought came to the boy naturally. My heart sank in my chest when I thought that I had to tell my husband, Cory, what his daughter and my son may have done.
    Wes put the image of what he was about to with Dougy into the conscious minds of each of us and he gave us our jobs to back him up. I got the great job of holding my naked baby in my hands and keeping him there until I could transform myself and fly out through the hole in the roof. Yuri climbed over the back of the front seat and retrieved a small cloth bag with a drawstring on it from his school bag. He had filled the bag with his marble collection to take with him to school. He and Petey have an ongoing war of marbles going. He carefully removed the marbles into a plastic evidence bag that I have plenty of in my center console then he turned the cloth bag inside out and carefully cleaned it of all dirt and debris. He climbed back over the seat and held the bag open under my hands where his brother lay as a tiny housefly. Very carefully I slid my baby into the bag and Yuri held it as if it contained the national treasure until I was fully changed into a large hawk. Yuri placed the drawstring of the bag over my neck then he changed himself into the same hawk form that my other sons had taken on as well.
    My three sons and I jumped up to the back of the front seat so that we could make our way out of the vehicle. We made another final jump to the edge of the sunroof and waited. Ugitsiha was still circling about overhead so that we could see where the wires were. My wife spoke softly to her three sons and me as she guided us over to Astin's SUV and through his open sunroof. Once inside the safety of the new ride Yuri transformed himself and removed the bag containing his baby brother and held onto it until I transformed back to my natural form. I placed Dougy on the second seat of Astin's ride and quickly donned the uniform that he had laid out for me. My brothers swept in through the open roof and began to chant as Wes worked over Dougy. In seconds we had a giggling baby on our hands. I was glad to see that he was happy, but I wanted to know why. He is too young to understand any of what had just happened to him, but I leaned a lot about babies that day, they do feel deep emotions.
    I knew that a baby can sense hunger, pain, and pleasure. They get a thrill at being tickled, but Dougy had felt the sensation of flying through the air tied inside a bag around my neck. He had touched my mind in his simple way and saw us flying through the air. That part alarmed me no end. If he could touch my mind in that manner and if he experienced the pleasantries of flight what would he do next?
    I had no clothes for the boys, Ugitsiha had that one covered, to a point. She flew from Astin's ride and back to the Clinic to retrieve her diaper bag. Children have accidents in their pants and a good mother is always ready for that. She had diapers for the baby, pants, shorts, and tee shirts for the other two boys, but she didn't have anything for Yuri to wear. I asked her about her appointment with her doctor and she told me that she was about to leave his clinic when she felt my message to the Tsalagi brothers. She knew exactly where she was needed and flew to the aide of her family.
    I heard the voice of my Cory man outside of the vehicle that I was laying low inside of. I opened the back door and stepped out to meet him, he passed me a small gym bag with clothes for Yuri and shoes for the other boys. I gave him a hug as the agents and police around us scratched their heads and stared from my SUV to Astin's SUV. They had no idea how I had been able to get from one vehicle to the other. Tucson Electric Power had a crew clearing the fallen wires from the roadway so I walked over to look at the damage to my armored Caddy. The paint was scratched where it rested against the power pole. The polymer coating over the Mithril had a spider web of tiny cracks radiating from the point of impact along half of the length on the right rear quarter panel where the truck had hit me. The front of the heavy dump truck that had a heavy scrapper blade affixed to it was a total wreck.
    That truck was part of the roadway maintenance vehicle inventory that maintains the roads on Mount Lemon. It had been stolen by two escaped felons from the prison camp at the six thousand foot level the night before and had been involved in a high speed chase through the streets of eastside Tucson. I had to stop and Praise the Lord that He placed me in the path of that truck instead of another unprotected car filled with parents and children. My family was about to fly back to the house and the school when they caught my prayer and they joined with me in Praise to Him.
    I climbed up inside of my SUV and located my ID packet with my badges in it. I pulled the boys' car seats from my Caddy and passed them out to Astin to put into his ride. I slipped my credit cards into my pocket and told those around me that I had promised my sons a pancake breakfast. I called Dr. Tip, their pediatrician and told the nurse that answered the phone that we had been involved in a minor traffic accident so we would be late, or we could re-schedule. She laughed at me and told me that she was watching me on the TV and that we could take our time. She said that the doctor was there beside her and that he would see the next patient on his schedule. I thanked her and turned back to Astin. I asked him to take me to the OB/GYN clinic to pick up my wife. He quickly helped me to secure three naked boys into the car seats in his ride. Once Ugitsiha was in the SUV the two of us set about getting our children dressed while Astin drove us on to our breakfast destination.
    By the time that we had our food on the table another crew from my escort came to my table. I told them to sit down and order anything on the menu. One of the agents laid my keys on the table as he said, "There doesn't appear to be any damage to your Escalade, sir, but after that spin out it might be wise to have the suspension looked over." I knew that he was right. I thanked him for delivering my keys to me as I debated driving home. Better sense overtook me as I looked around the table at my life, I called the dispatcher and asked for another vehicle to be delivered to me so that I could move my family in safety. I also asked for a tow truck for my Caddy. I asked Astin to drive us to the pediatrician's office for the boys' appointments.

    Dougy was a full twenty two and ¾ inches long and his weight had grown three and a ½ making him an eleven pound heavyweight. He was right on target for a newborn baby of eighty nine days old. Five year old Cory Stevens was a bit tall for his age at forty three inches, but his weight was three quarters of a pound below average for a forty inch child at forty pounds. Thirty one month old Cullen James was the giant of my baby boys at a whopping thirty seven inches tall and almost thirty three pounds of flesh stretched over his gaunt frame.
    Dr. Tip had some bad news about the two older boys. Of course he didn't tell them. There has been a epidemic outbreak of Pertussis around the country. For some reason the Whooping Cough vaccine is not working for as long as it once did. Dr. Tip wanted to give the two older boys booster shots along with their other regular vaccinations. I know my little men will cry when they see and feel the needle, that is to be ex;pected. It would be my job to hold the boys while Ugitsiha held onto Dougy for the first round of shots that he will undergo throughout his youth.

    Something that our cobbler had pointed out to us at his last fitting for the boys' custom/hand made shoes was that both CS and CJ were wearing a toddler's size ten and a half inch, narrow shoe. That size is normally worn by boys of five and a half to six years of age. I asked about orthodics for the fast growing boys. He knows his job and he proved it when he turned his computer screen toward me to show me footprints for both boys. He used his mouse to point to several points on each footprint as he explained how the boys were showing no abnormalities of any kind. He showed me silhouettes of each boy that showed their spines in perfect alignment and a rear view that showed their shoulders being level and even with each other. Okay, so sue me. I love my kids and I want everything in the lives to be perfect. A small problem such as a misaligned foot can affect a child for several years during his growing up time. I had the money to fix almost anything that might prevent my sons from being the best that they could ever be.
    I had not spent much money on Yuri. His feet were in terrible shape and a pair of orthodics in his shoes helped him a lot. After a dunk in the waters of Aqua Caliente his feet were in perfect alignment and remain so even now.

    When Yuri and I finally drove the loaner SUV into my driveway my Caddy sat to one end all washed and polished to a deep black shine. One of my escort agents jumped down from his ride and helped me remove the boys' car seats and search for anything that my family had left behind in the vehicle from the motor pool then he got in and pulled away from the driveway and was gone. Yuri and I walked over to my Escalade and checked the body for any damage. I was still wearing the FIS uniform that Astin had given me, with one difference. Someone had come to me and removed the Lt.'s brass from the shoulder epaulets then replacing them with the four stars Andy demands that I wear. I didn't mind crawling on my back to look underneath the vehicle; I do pay the men's cleaning bills for the dry cleaning so I did not feel bad about my decision. I inspected every bolt and joint that I could find and gave the vehicle my stamp of approval before joining my family in the nursery.

    As I sat with my family in the nursery I felt very pleased at the clean reports from the doctor. I was thinking about that as I headed out to kitchen to see if the coffee that my wife had put on for me had finished making when my soundbud alerted me to a new situation. "Sir Chris, this is officer Obrion of the sex crimes division. Sir, Capt. Shawn Howard told me that I should give you a call and ask you to come to the E.R. at TMC ASAP. Sir, we have a fourteen year old rape victim that the Captain thinks you can help with. Can you come at once, Sir, this is really crucial." I could hear the urgency in officer Obrion's voice and I knew in my heart that I should get to the hospital as quickly as I could.
    I hollered to my family that I had an emergency and ran to the driveway where my Caddy was sitting. Yuri sent me a message to wait for him, but he was in the middle of a massive download to the city's sewer system and I could not wait for him to wipe and wash his ass. I pushed the button on my Droid cell phone to lower the security gate across the driveway and heard it drop and lock in place. I was in my Caddy and driving away before the engine had a chance to pump oil into the bearings. I turned on my red and blues and hit the siren as I sped away from my house and made the turn down the hill. beside the house that Charley built, on two wheels. Somewhere along the way I picked up my escort and the dispatcher asked me for my desitination. I told him that I was heading to the Emergency Room at Tucson Medical Center, code red. I heard him relay that information to others and the traffic light two blocks ahead of me turned to green.
    I only had two vehicles as my security, one in front and one behind. They were burning their motors up trying to leap frog in front of me to stop opposing traffic at each intersection. A mile from my house two city motorcycle units joined us to block the traffic, but I was traveling at more than seventy miles per hour, on city streets, through a very heavy traffic pattern. Just before I made the turn into the hospital grounds another FIS SUV pulled in and began to block traffic as the two motorcyclist moved forward to help him. I quickly stole a glance at the remains of the broken power pool from earlier in the day as two trucks and a crew put one of the new all steel poles up in its place.
    I pulled up to the ER entrance and jumped down from my tall ride, leaving the motor running and the lights and siren going. As I made it through the doors I heard the siren shut down and was aware of my ride being moved away from the door. Two uniformed officers ran over to me and led me directly through the double doors into the examining rooms. Officer Orion explained the urgency of his call to me. I had to stop and take a deep breath. Fourteen year old Montias Mendelson had been brutally raped and then given an enema of chlorine bleach to kill any DNA evidence. The doctors felt that the rapist was a very well endowed man and that there may be semen or other evidence further into the boy's colon tract. Without doing invasive surgery they were afraid that they would destroy any DNA present with their surgical procedures. Capt. Shawn told his officers that I had an ability that he would not explain, but he was sure that I could recover any evidence that may be present.
    I touched the mind of the semi-conscious boy and helped him to relax. I had everybody clear the room and drew the curtains around the bed once I made sure that the door was shut tight. I used the same technique that I had used at the castle in Slovenija to go through every inch of the boy's rectal tract as I searched for what the doctors suspected was there, but were unable to locate. I found a fold in the transverse colon of young Montias. I opened the door and looked at the doctors and nurses waiting there. I probed their minds as I tried to select a pair that would follow my instructions without hesitation and invited them back into the examining room. I told the doctor what I needed for him to do and he told the nurse which instruments to lay out for him. Without being able to see what he was doing or where his probe was going the doctor followed every twist and push as I guided him to the fold in the boy's upper rectum. When he reached the mark that I guided him to the doctor opened the end of the probe for a small cotton swab to extend and absorb the seminal fluid that was needed to identify and convict the unknown assailant.
    I was allowed to stand with Montias as the hospital staff stitched up his torn anal sphincter and the first few centimeters of his anus. I held his hand and kept soft thoughts in his head then I walked by his side as he was moved to a private room, which I paid for. About one thirty the next morning the boy's mother was shown to the room. It was obvious that she had been drinking and that someone had tried to sober her up. I stepped back to let her go to her son, but I did not offer to leave the room. She didn't move from the doorway as she began to berate the boy for getting himself in trouble and having her boyfriend learn what a fag she had for an ungrateful brat. I felt the pain in the boy's heart and it made me want to slap the bitch down and yell in her face that he was her son and he was living the life that she had provided for him to find food for himself.
    Before I could say a word to her Montias stiffened up and a scowl swept across his face. It was gone as quickly as it had come and he turned to face the opposite side of his bed. Only I knew the thought that had passed through his mind, it was familiar, but it still made my blood boil. "YOUR BOYFRIEND DID IT, BITCH," he had screamed in his mind for no one to hear. The older man had been after the boy for several months and Montias had satisfied him with oral sex, On the day that he was admitted to the hospital the boyfriend had raped him and threw him into the front yard. Montias made it to the 7-11 on the corner and asked the clerk to call an ambulance for him.
    I was thankful that I had insistede on a room with a CCTV monitor in it when his mother rushed across the room and began to hit him over and over. I grabbed her hand and she began to strikeme. I was still wearng the FI uniform and I had my bacge hanging from my jacket pocket, she knew that I was an officer of the law. If she didn't know she did when I arrested her for assault on an officer, child abuse, and I aggravated it to a hate crime.

    Easter and spring break were upon us faster than any of us were prepared for. The school had plans to keep the boys occupied and my family had plans for the children. My three married sons helped their wives and children aboard Bossaire as my wife and I strapped our three little ones into the jump seats for a flight to Oklahoma for their chance to see the Easter Bunny running through the woods. Of course we made room for Wes, Ita, and Inagei to go along. We were even able to stuff Tav, Eddy, and Isi into an overhead cabinet, Not. They actually sat at one of the fold down tables with Beast in his portable kennel. The boys had given Nagi diganvsadi a bath before out trip, but if you have ever smelled a large dog you know that a bath does not always take away unpleasant odors. The entire compartment was super rank by the time we landed. I told Pete that he should hang some of those green tree shaped deodorizers up. He chased me off of his plane.

    Our trip was something out of a storybook. Everything was picture perfect, including the weather. Roddy and Adsila headed to their house so that Roddy could weed his garden and get his new plants in the ground for a summer crop. He took time early each morning to go with Yuri and me for some bow hunting in the nearby woods. Roddy is a very patient man, he worked with Yuri and taught him how to shoot a squirrel from a tree branch and a rabbit on the run. Yuri was as happy as he could be when he laid the skinned animals on his mother's cabinet and told her that he had brought our lunch home.
    Roddy knows his forest and its plants. He gathered a large bag of various mushroom varieties and enough fresh herbs for a hundred salads. I learned about something that I had seen my wife grow in our home garden. I had watched her as she carefully removed the petals from the tiny white flowers and sprinkled them into a dish that she was preparing. Roddy explained that the bloom of the wild garlic plant had more garlic taste and flavor than an entire clove of crushed garlic. He carefully dug around the base of the long stemmed plant and removed it from the ground and wrapped it in a wet piece of burlap. He told me that his mother would love to transplant the garlic in her garden, and that he would love to eat what she cooked with it.

    We all knew that Roddy had something planned for us, but we didn't know exactly what. The Sabbath keeping church in the village is quite small and when our family attends they have to put chairs into the hallway and on the platform itself. We had shared word that we would not be staying for lunch, but that was overturned by popular demand. Roddy seemed antsy as he kept looking toward Adsila and then at the door. I could not learn anything from his guarded mind so I waited along with everyone else. The only clue that we had to anything that he had planned was that he had arranged for all of to have horses to ride.
    At one thirty we managed to leave the church and ride deep into the woods north of the village. I knew that the area was rife with small caves that Roddy had shown me before, but most of us were unprepared for the cave that we stepped into. Mike, Wes, Isi, Inagei, Ita, and Cory had been in that cave for two weeks in the summer of 2010 with WL%—Wilihama for some very intense spiritual training. Cory and Mike are breeds, but that means little to Wilihama if he see a man's spiritual potential.
    The further back we went inside the cave the colder it got. I had no idea that there were ice caves in the area. Wes touched my mind and told me that the ice would melt in a few weeks, it was just that it had been a very cold winter in the area and the thaw had not reached as deep as that cave. He pointed to a steamy pool along the west wall of the cave some twenty feet further in and told me that it was there that Wilihama had began their training. He said that the pool was a sacred healing pool to the tribe. After he said that it became extremely silent. I became aware of hundreds, if not thousands, of men's voices chanting low and quiet. Wes told me that the Holy cave had been used by the Tsalagi and the AniTsata people for over one hundred and forty years. He told me that the sounds that I heard were the sounds of the prayers that had been offered there.

    We reached the end of the cave and my brothers ran around the room setting fire to torches set in pitons driven into the walls. The cave was virtually smooth, that meant that it had been cut by running water unlike the gas bubble that formed the cavern under the school grounds, or the caves of Base C. There were no stalagmites hanging around. The women gathered about Adsila and led her to the steamy pool as Yuri laid the canvass roll that he had been carrying on his back onto the ground. My brothers circled about the roll when the air was filled with a very young voice, "Ay-ya-too, Ay-ya-oyo, Ay-ya-oyo, Ay-ya-oyo, Ay-ya-oyo." I looked to my babies and saw that it was three month old Dougy chanting in the ancient tongue. That struck me dumb, a three month old baby can not articulate words, but still… I looked into Dougy's innocent mind, what I saw there was Heavenly and I will keep that scene to myself until my son is older, then I will see how his life has developed spiritually. Cory Stevens and Cullen James picked up the simple chant then my brothers started up. Roddy knelt above the bundle and unrolled it, it contained sticks. I knew that they were not just sticks, they were the fire sticks that we had used when he was turned into aGw#—Firefox.
    Once Roddy had the fire sticks arranged to his satisfaction he took seven wooden bowls from Mike and spread them in a semi-circle to the end of the fire sticks. The bowls were rough and misshapen, they appeared to have been cut from a log and hollowed out. The inside of each bowl was smooth and shiny with years of use. Into each bowl Roddy placed leaves and blossoms from small bags that he had in his pockets. When the bowls were each filled he lifted them one at a time toward Heaven. He held them at arm's length with his head bowed low to the ground as the brothers took up a new chant that seemed to be magnified by the thousands of voices that were inside the cave. My three little ones continued in their same chant as Yuri asked me if he could chant as well. Roddy looked at him, "You are my brother and my blood brother. You are of this tribe. Of course you can chant. I want you to be a part of this little bro because I love you."
    I caught movement at the pool and turned to look. The women were lifting a naked Adsila from the water and draping some sort of ethereal garment on her. The women circled about the girl as they led her to the, now burning, fire sticks. The sticks appeared to be red hot coals yet they were cool to the touch. As Adsila came closer to us I caught Yuri's surprise, he had not been a part of my family when Roddy went through the ceremony so he had no idea what was going on. I looked where he was staring with a gapping jaw and smiled, Adsila's feet were six inches above the ground as she floated across the cave. When she reached the fire sticks she floated to their center then, without anybody touching her, her body flattened out and she floated down to rest six inches above the fire.
    Instantly emerald green flames rose over her from the fire sticks then just as quickly they went away. I wondered if the girl had the same Spiritual experience that Roddy and I had. Adsila was helped to her feet and she turned to Roddy for a very hot kiss. Her body changed and she leapt up on a frozen ledge ten feet above the floor. She was a beautiful white snow fox.

    Word of anything out of the ordinary spreads fast in a small village, the Tsalagi village was no different. By the time our small group returned from the cave the townsfolk had fires built and steer halves roasting on spits. At sundown the party was in full swing with Adsila and Roddy being at the center of attention. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Whitebird, sat with the couple as Adsila's mother fretted over the girl. I caught much of the conversation and I didn't like it at all. The woman was berating my son and demanding that her daughter return to her house until she was at least eighteen. "Dad, can you help me?" The thought impacted my mind like a freight train, I had never heard Adsila in my mind before. I talked to her as I formulated a plan. I conferred with Roddy and he agreed that it was time.
    Before the booze was all gone, and the people too drunk to stay awake, my family of brothers gathered behind the fires so that everyone could see us. Roddy and Adsila stood in front and center of us as I changed form into Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe, a large grey wolf about twice the size of an average wolf. I reared up on my hind legs and stood a half a body taller than those around me, but I let my head revert to its normal shape so that I could speak. "Ladies and gentleman, brothers and sisters, kinsmen all, I would like to present to you inG#, Snowfox." As I spoke her name Adsila instantly became the beautiful white fox that we had seen in the cave. Roddy quickly changed himself into the aGw#—Firefox— and my whole family changed into their basic animal forms, but avoided the birds. Everyone was stunned by Isi's beautiful stag until they looked upon the graceful form of Ugitsiha. My two little ones changed into wolf pups as Cory's three children became bear cubs gathered about the feet of their mother, a she bear. RD was an Eagle and Quemela stood on the ground beside him with Little Randy in her arms. In her quiet, subltle way she also let us in on a secret, she held a large egg in her hands. Yuri got in front of everyone in his bobcat form and spit and hissed at the crowd and waved his paw with the claws out until Roddy thumped him on the head with a paw. Yuri moved back between Ugitsiha'a sheltering paws as Quemela placed Dougy on her back. "All of us are very proud to welcome Snow Fox into the Waya family and we hope that she has a very long life and many pups of her own." I circled about and lay down next to my wife as all of the others lay down.

    I took my two older babies horseback riding daily and listened to them yell, "Gidup, horsey, gidup," the entire time. I loved every long second of it. Sunday morning the back door slammed back against the wall as two excited boys ran through the opening then slammed the door shut behind them. "Daddy, daddy, Eser Bunny got babies." I leaned forward in my seat and faced the two boys to find out what they knew. "We finded Eser Bunny's home and he got babies. Woddy and Yuwi watch him so that Nagi diganvsadi don't eat them. Come on, daddy. You have to help us." I asked them if they had found any Easter eggs, they told me that there was a whole bunches of eggs under a bush near them.
    I ran from the house and across the field chasing two small Indians to the edge of the forest nearby where I found Roddy and Yuri sitting there holding the dog and laughing. "That was so funny, daddy. I wish that I thought to take a picture, the guys at school would rip their pants laughing at you running behind our brothers," Roddy told me before he put his finger to his lips in the universal signal to keep quiet. He crawled on his belly into the underbrush and stopped sharply. He pointed to a spot in front of him so I looked. Under an old fallen log was a mother rabbit with seven babies that I could see. Yuri had his hands over his mouth as Roddy pointed to a bush about three feet from the rabbit den, a pile of brightly colored eggs lay partially hidden. I caught myself before I laughed out loud and communicated with my sons that I loved it. The scene was perfect.
    I couldn't resist the moment, "Boys, this is the mommy with her babies. Where do you think that the daddy is?"
    "Daddy, it's Eser, he is putting out eggs for other kids to find." Cullen James had all of the answers.

    I had made a promise to Roddy. We had to hurry to get it done because we would be flying home on Thursday so that we could get rested and settled in before the Sabbath. I had sent a check to Welee to give the old rusty Chevy station wagon a complete tuneup and to replace the tires. You may remember that Welee–in English-Billy– is the young boy that wanted six flat bottomed boats so that he could go into the river float and guide business at the surrounding fishing camps along the river. I had discovered that the young entrepreneur was a master mechanic, he could take a junk engine from the bottom of the river and have it purring in very short order. After lunch I led Roddy out to the detached garage next to Ugitsiha's house. Yuri wanted to go along so I had to kneel down and explain to him how his being in the car might make Roddy nervous until he built his confidence behind the wheel. With a quivering bottom lip he stood at the window and watched his brother back out of the garage.
    Roddy did pretty well, but the flower bed would have to be replanted after we returned. Roddy treated the old bucket of rust as if it were a very expensive car as he kept it slow. He did a good job of keeping the old car on the road, he used every inch of it as we went from side to side. After the first half mile he got himself together and drove along the dirt road at a speedy six miles per hour. Two hours later we returned to the house, Roddy had mastered driving without killing anyone or bending any fenders. As he parked the car in front of the garage he told me that he would have to grow a few inches so that he could reach the gas and still see over the dashboard. He told me that he didn't want to tear down the old garage that his grandfather had built so, "could I park the car?" I had to rub my hand through his hair and told him how proud I was of him.
    Yuri was peering at us through the window where we had last seen him. I shielded my thoughts so that only Roddy could hear me as I told him that it was father and son bonding time with his brother. He smiled and told me that I was all about love and fair play. I wiggled my finger at Yuri and motioned for him to come to me. I held the car door open for him to get inside and headed over to Wayne's general store for an ice cream cone with my son.
    My son and I sat on stools at the lunch counter counting how many licks it would take to get the ice cream level with the cone when Welee and Daykwe walked in hand in hand. Daykwe spoke to Welee who looked up and saw me sitting there in the middle of a life or death contest. He told the girl to wait, she protested and he told her to be quiet and wait. He was a boy and he knew how important an ice cream licking contest is. I kept up my assault on the soft serve confection, but was fairly licked by a faster tongue. Welee applauded and walked over to pat Yuri on the back for a job well done. Daykwe just shook her head and said something about stupid boys.
    "Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe, Daykwe and I are getting married in July and she doesn't have a father to give her away. Sir, Kway said that you are the one that she wants to give her daughter away to me to be married and everything and… well would you? Give her away I mean." I kissed the young bride to be and told them that it would be an honor. I asked them to be sure to keep in touch with me so that I would be in town then I congratulated them warmly.

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