Chapter thirty eight


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    As was typical for the Fourth of July, the weather was hot and muggy. The evening breeze seemed like the best thing going. Brad suggested that the mattresses could be laid about the large patio and bedding placed on it. A sleep under the stars with the moon shining on the lake, the fresh air of the forest breezes had everybody excited. Brad and Jay sat together in a large chair and held each other. I walked up to them and asked if I could talk to them.
    "First of all I want to tell you how good you two look together. You are made for each other. I have had long talks with my old friend JB about you two for several months now. What you two pulled off here last summer was nothing short of miraculous. You single handedly organized a group of belligerent boys and unified them to a common goal. Your efforts, more than any other, galvanized this school and proved that it could work. A simple task of putting a bunch of unwanted kids together and having them work with one another was something that no one believed could be done, especially in the short amount of time that you did it.
    "Then to add to the success story I guess Brad's dad went to the townspeople and raised an interest in what this school could do. He was braced by the example of the boys' willingness to better themselves and pull together. He was able to show people what these boys had done. With no hope of personal gain, they did it. You have no idea how much I love you two. JB and I owe everything that this school is, and what it will become, to the two of you. I tell you boys, you are extremely unique." I pulled the two boys into a hug which they reciprocated as they moved to sit on either side of me and move in close.
    "Tell me, what can I do for you?"
    "Well…" both boys were looking at my cock. The three of us laughed. "Really? Could you teach us to earn money like you were talking about?"
    "It's done."
    "Huh?" blank stares greeted me.
    "I set up accounts in both of your names last February when I was in NY. When JB and Luke told me about you, well let's just say that I was blown away. I am so honored to get to meet you. I really do want to get to know you so much better. I don't mean like, sex, I mean as friends."
    "Oh." The let down could be heard in Jay's voice. Brad just looked down at his crossed legs.
    "If, on the other hand, you two might want to get to know me as well on the very personal level that I would like to get to know you, I would be the lucky one." I received hugs and kisses for that statement. The boys were reticent to their decision. They had reservations about mixed generations, but I was not that much older than they, was I? To the disappointment of the other campers I led the two youngsters to my bedroom and the door was locked.
    I was impressed by the two boys. They had no formal training in coxsuxology, but they were damn good. It is said that experience is the best teacher, the two lads have the experience. I felt the love they shared for one another all night long. They first sought the comfort and needs of their lover before themselves. I was thrilled to learn that they loved to do the three way and each of us got to lay on our back as the other two did the skinny and bump in our faces. I love seeing a boy getting his ass plowed while I suck his meaty cock and catch the overflow from his rear hole. But with those two…they weren't just getting a back door delivery, they were mating with their true love while sharing their young juices with me. I really don't believe anyone will ever break these boys up. I hope to be a part of their lives, business wise, for many years to come. They have no idea of the plans that I have already put in motion for their future. Whether we again join in a union of sex remains to be seen. For now I am going to relish the memory of my night with the two of them.

    Wednesday morning I called all of the boys together, including Brad and Jay. I told everybody to pack six pair of underwear. Six pair of socks, two of the pair dark to go with their suits. I told them to pack their suits, two dress shirts and ties along with six t-shirts and six pairs of longer legged shorts. For the older boys I suggested slacks. I informed them that New Yorkers were not people into seeing anybody in shorts on their streets, but in the hotel room they may find a time or two that they would need to be dressed. I told them to pack dress shoes, sneakers, and flip flops as well as their personal toiletries.
    I had Brad call his father and Jay his mother. I talked to both parents then told the boys to get a move on. At nine thirty sharp the longest stretch limousine the boys had ever seen pulled into the driveway. It was a stretch HumVee. The boys packed two to a suitcase, ten suitcases were secured to the roof mount rack and wrapped with a tarp. The boys found the inside of the Hummer to be more like a bus with seven rows of seats as well as a large bench across the back and two smaller seats to the front of the seating area to either side of a large televison. Four drop down TV screens were hung from the roof. Each bench seat was divided in two and reclined to a comfortable sitting space, somewhat like a cross country bus seat.
    JB and I took the back seat as soon as everyone was accounted for. I had ordered a driver this time, an extra man had come along to drive the van back too the hellish grounds from which it had to have been spawned. The Hummer took the unevenness of the dirt road back to the gravel roadway into town with ease. All were amazed at the ride. There was little difference as the large vehicle made the transition onto the paved roadway, its ride was very comfortable. We had all thought that it was going to ride like a military vehicle, but the suspension had been reworked so it rode like a limousine.
    I had arranged for a piss stop about half way into the Megalopolis. We stopped at a truck stop at Kingston to let the boys out and stretch. I took the opportunity to speak with the driver who just happened to own the Limo company as well as the HumVee. I learned that the vehicle, outfitted as she sat, listed out around two hundred thousand dollars. Her main drawback was fuel consumption. This particular unit only got around five miles to the gallon on the highway and less than three in the heavy city traffic. The boys were talking about all of the money they were making off of this piece of engineering garbage. I had a thought, Cas knew the Caddy was history, I smiled at him.
    Getting back onto I-87 we continued on until we reached I-287 to cut back to the east across into Tarrytown on the Tappan Zee bridge. We stayed with I-87 right down into Manhattan to take the Park Avenue exit up to Central Park East. The limo pulled to the front of the world famous hotel and Christopher exclaimed that I owned the whole top floor. I corrected him when he told him that, I owned an apartment on upper floor. Christopher really looked dejected.
    An entourage of bellboys were lined up waiting to take our luggage when a sharp, "Ahem!" brought them all to attention. "Welcome home Mr. Dickson. It is good to see you sir." Young Mark stood there. I had seen Mark in January, he is always fine eye candy. I was, but a lad of sixteen when I first met Mark at a party of Charley's. He was in the company of my dear friend and security chief, Carl Dickson and his young lover Andy Foss. What a weekend that had been, I have met up with Mark, and his boyfriend Jeff, from time to time when I visit the city. I had seen both boys when Christopher and I were there last winter, Jeff is now the concierge. I inquired of Jeff only to be told that they were still together, I asked Mark if he and Jeff might drop in this evening for a visit. He was assured that they would.
    Getting everyone settled in was a nightmare. I had fifteen horny and rowdy teenagers on my hands and I needed a diversion, quick. A knock at the door did little to distract them as I tried to find new ways of pulling my hair out. At the door we saw JB in a lip lock with someone who had his arms entwined around the old man's back. Mark stepped past them and managed to get the door shut before I was all over him. I found that I had a real affection for those two even though we had not actually fucked each other, but together had taken on the masses.
    Jeff broke away from JB long enough for JB to grab Mark. Jeff and I hugged as we talked. Jeff was led to a sofa where the two of us sat down. I apologized for my hasty retreat in January. Christopher came swinging his huge naked cock into the room. He saw Jeff and walked up to say hello. He remembered him and had hoped to get to see him last winter, but we had to leave to go home. Jeff leered at the boy then he looked around the room at all the teenage meat on display. "You doing all of this?"
    "Daily." I smiled.
    "Whew. God, I would be so dead. This is great. I was going to ask if you knew of a few boys for a party, but you have your own party here."
    "Wait! Don't say another word." I called all of the boys to come and sit down on the floor in front of us. JB, Jeff and Mark had now gotten naked also. "Now, in detail, explain."
    "Well there is this very rich boy lover. Chris he is in this hotel and he is on this floor, but if everyone cooperates I think that we can protect all of you."
    "No thinking. It has to be."
    "Well Mr. Dickson and Mr. Foss are here. They are running security for this party. I'm telling you that there have been some very big pay outs made. I'm talking six, seven figures here. There are some big names coming in. The party will be on the floor below in the Royal Grand Ball Room. Private elevators with special key cards only, you know the drill."
    "I've only been a victim at one of those. I never had a key only a horny old man with deep, deep pockets."
    "Chris, these pockets are so much deeper, those pockets you talk of are like coin purses." I lay back.
    "Boys listen close. Do any of you know what Jeff is talking about?"
    "He is talking about a boy lover's party like you used to go to when you were a teen, like us."
    "And what does that make you think about?"
    "That if we went to this party we would have old men pawing on us and trying to kiss us and wanting to suck us and maybe fuck us. They would have their hands all over us and…" Cory turned his face away as tears began to form.
    "You are totally safe in here with your family. Nobody has to go anywhere or do anything, period. Jeff is simply telling us what is happening."
    "If some of us want to go and see, you know…"
    "Cory has had men hang on his precious body. He knows what it is like to smell tobacco and alcohol on their normally filthy breath as they get in your face and want to use your body for their own pleasure. He knows how dirty and disgusted it can make you feel.
    "I also know how much fun it is to have their money in my pocket when I go back to my room," I told them.
    "You used to do this sort of thing. It didn't hurt you." Christopher said.
    "Didn't it? Look at you. I am in love with all fifteen of you. I want your cocks in my mouth, up my ass, in my hands, just shooting your young cum all over me all of the time. I am so fucking lecherous that I can think of nothing, but my love and my lust for you. When I did the things that will go on down at this party I wanted one thing and one thing only, powerful men to give me, money.
    "Gentlemen, you don't need them. Everyone of you has more money than anyone of them. Remember, you have millions of dollars in the bank, right now. But rest assured boys, you will be worth more than you can imagine in a very short time." I told them.
    "Chris, could we go down to see what the party is all about. I want to see." I knew horny Christopher would speak up and Jimmy was right there with him. Both of them boned full on.
    "Okay, here it is. I will get hold of Carl or Andy. They will help you. Those that want to go to the party are welcome to go. JB and I will be there as I assume Mark and Jeff will?" They nodded. "We will watch out for you.
    " Pete, I am only going to the party to make contacts for our financial future. I have all of the sex that I could ever want right here. I love you and would never do anything to hurt you or any of your brothers.
    "If you guys want to come down you can just float the room. Be aware that you will be ogled and groped. You can, and should, flirt as much as you like. Let the old queens see your hard dicks. Let them stroke you and cum all over them, but don't leave the room with them unless you want to. And if you do I would like to know that you are leaving. Maybe we can work out a signal."
    The doorbell broke the moment. Twenty five year old Andy Foss came in. He is so good looking, his youth has stayed with him. He had a narrow sash across his left shoulder to his right hip. He had a badge on the front and a can of mace and a cell phone in pockets on the front with a pair of handcuffs in a pocket on the back. His uncut cock swung from his sandy blond pubes as he moved across the room attracting every eye. The door opened again to the imposing figure of Carl Dickson.
    Carl was six feet of solid muscle. You remember his story from Andy Finds Daddy. and have heard of how he had given up until he met Andy and the two of them pulled each other back to life. Carl was a fat three hundred pound slob, now you can't see where it was. He is fifty six, he stands six foot one with a very muscular body weighing one hundred and ninety five pounds. His cock is the biggest thing most of us have ever seen. Soft it swings nearly eight inches with a girth that would choke most cock suckers to death. Carl is a grower. He needs no excuses and owes no one an apology. Hard his cock stands upright as it reaches a full twelve inches into the sky and yells at you to worship with your lips and tongue.
    The boys all gathered around Andy and Carl as they found seats on the second sofa. Carl had a line of boys waiting to take his giant meat down their young throats. To his surprise every one of the boys did manage their task. Jay and Brad had some coaching as they don't have the experience of a large cock on a regular basis. For show, Carl and I got into a sixty nine and deep throated each other then I offered my ass. I told everyone that I was always giving it to the guys with my big porker, I wanted to prove that I could take as well as give.

    A simple signal was devised for the boys that would not be out of character to their age. A vigorous cleaning of the right ear with their right pinky would alert those in eye contact with them that they were comfortable going with whomever they had beside them for the next level of exploration. Unbeknownst to the boys, I had them shadowed. I love these kids so much and I would take it very personally were any of them to be hurt.
    All of the boys allowed himself to be sucked by several of the partyers. It took awhile for the boys to catch on to who was whom at this party. There were numerous congressmen and senators. There were some top white house people and more than a few prominent judges. The boys could actually see my mind as I recorded every face and every deed. I got a super hard on when I saw one man make a pass at Jim. I pleaded with our eye talk for the little lad to accommodate the powerful right wing religious figure.
    Carl and Andy had the security. For security reasons every inch of the ball room was under tight electronic surveillance, including video. Jim's man wasted no time in sucking the youngster and then putting him on the table to give the boy one of the best rim jobs of his young life. The party just happened to fall the day before Jim's fifteenth birthday. That little fact alone added ten years to a sentence for sexual molestation and the man committed eight separate violations. I was not into blackmail, but I knew how to use this knowledge.
    Jim was in extra overlust as his little body accepted the longest tongue on earth deep inside his tiny little rectum. His balls were drawn up and ready to fire, what I knew, was going to be one gigantic load of boi juice. I walked up and bent over to kiss the lad. I took hold of Jim's now six and a quarter inch cock and pointed it at the major player. The man was too much into the boy's tight ass so I bent over and accepted the hot, creamy load from the bouncing baby boy that flopped about the table beneath me. "God for fourteen year's old this kid shoots one hell of a load." That stopped all of the action in the immediate area. It was kind of understood that no one under fifteen would be in the room. They figured that with their clout they could beat a two year rap with an older teenager, but thirteen and fourteen year olds carried a mandatory minimum sentence of twelve years.
    Our big shot kissed Jim's balls and sent him on his way. I sat down at the table and began to talk with the men there. I was recognized by a few of the older men who wanted to fondle me and recall old times. I got the information I sought and moved on.
    Things were getting quiet around the room. I saw a few of my boys getting their wicks treated with the respect that they deserved. Christopher had a circuit court judge bent over as he plowed the old reprobate's ass. I remember that ass from my youth. The judge was in the state court of appeals then.
    I had to laugh to myself as I watched Tim give it to an Oscar winning movie actor while the young hunk slobbered on Jerry's cock who was laid out on the table with two well known producers and a director looking on. If people only knew who they look up too and point to their kids and say, "Why can't you be more like them?" Let the kids be more like themselves. Be a role model and raise them to be law abiding, honest, and loyal. You'll never find those kids in a place like this.
    I had spotted everybody except Cory and Cullen. I was getting anxious when I caught a high sign from Andy. I rushed to him as he held a door open for me. Carl and another security man were helping a very drunk European diplomat make his way down the hall. "We had to drug him." He opened a door. Cullen sat in the corner of a large room crying like a small child. Cory was trying to give the boy comfort. The diplomat recognized Cullen and had tried to sneak him out of the hotel. Cullen was watched by so many eyes that the man never stood a chance, but precautions had to be taken just the same.
    The diplomat would wake up with a terrible hang over and a very under age street boy would be in his bed as the police moved in. He would have no idea what happened and hopefully he would have no memory of Cullen. To be on the safe side Cullen was to be taken back to the school at once.
    I drew the line there. I told everybody to back off. Cullen is my nephew and my responsibility. I took Cullen to a more comfortable seat and sat with him in my lap. I pulled Cory up to sit beside us, but he had to reach across to his boy friend. Cullen calmed down and rested his head on my shoulder as I stroked his tiny face. "You are okay, my little one. No one is going to hurt you now."
    "He told me he was going to kill me for King and Country."
    "Shhh, I am here now. No one is going to hurt you." He began to come around. "I am going to send the two of you back to the apartment. You are to go to bed, in my bedroom. Pete and I will join you later. You are to lock the door and lock my bedroom door. There will be a friend outside the door, but for no reason are you to open the door. I don't care if you are starving to death. You get food before you go in. Am I making myself clear?"
    Carl sent two of his younger men to escort the boys up to my room. All steps were taken to assure that they passed nobody and nobody saw them. I told Carl that I had made a promise to Cullen that I would bring him to New York and I was going to keep that promise. I told him that I would need some help getting a proper disguise for the boy as soon as possible. Carl knew the people who could do that.
    By three o'clock my boys had all signaled their return to the apartment. I had confirmation on my little ear bud that Andy had given me. All fifteen youngsters were safely in their beds. JB and I sat and politicked for a few more hours as I arranged for some interesting riders to a few bills in both the state and federal system's grist mill. Big changes don't happen all at once. Our freedoms have been hacked away little by little. It takes an astute student of the law to catch the little stuff that goes on. We have some very good bird dogs that do just that. If they didn't exist some well intentioned law just might make it legal for fags to marry each other on the White House lawn. That will take a few years and many more subtle changes yet.

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