Chapter 70


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    I put three cameras on Toby. I beamed the signal over to Andy who sat in his Tucson office with a psychologist friend of ours studying the pictures on the monitors. I showed Toby the pictures of three men. A flinch. All I needed was a flinch. Nothing. My heart moved out of my throat and back into my chest as I breathed a deep sigh of relief. This was by no means conclusive, but it sure as hell helped. I told Toby to look closely at each picture. One of the pictures was an occidental who I believed liked to disguise himself and go by the name of The Sheik. The man that called himself The Sheik was the man that had first brought Ibrahim into my life and I had forgotten the worst experience of my life. Or tried to forever put it away. If the man is who I think he is I had to know if Toby knew him. The other two pictures were similar in build and facial features. Toby didn't skip a heart beat on any of them. Either he doesn't know the man or his picture was not amongst these.
    It was my first party at Charley's, now my, house on the mountainside. Forty men and boys were in the huge recreation room under the house. I was sixteen years old and still new to man sex, well any kind of sex actually, but Charley had broken me into a lifestyle that I continue to this day. This fat old man in flowing robes and a turban walked about the room tossing gold coins at all of the boys. The coins turned out to be polished brass. Seven of them were worth a half a penny. He had a swarthy man with him that leered at each of us in such a way that we wanted to vomit on him. He had sexual perversions that I had never heard of and hoped I never would again.
    Using The Sheik as his cover he grabbed me and tried to pull me up the stairs. He had no idea that the entrance was closed and he couldn't even see the stairs though he knew full well where they were. Charley and two of his friends were on us in moments. They sent me to the other side of the room. The Sheik and his friend were made to forfeit their rather large fee for the evening and leave, or go to jail for attempted child rape. When he was shown badges from several different men about the room he left. "Wow!" I thought to myself, "I just fucked a cop who sucked my dick. This is so cool." Well at sixteen I really didn't know how the real world worked.
    I saw The Sheik again in 2001 when he showed up at the beach house. Fourteen year old Murph made his boast to the room and The Sheik pulled back his robes to show a solid eleven inch dick of over seven and a half inches around. He made the braggart take every bit of it. It was at that party, where I stayed my distance for sure, that I learned Ibrahim's name. He was the swarthy companion of The Sheik. They had another man with them that night. Ibrahim's younger brother, Hassan. The two were showing the younger the decadence of the infidel.
    Several of the guests spoke Arabic and took offense to their statement. I had learned some of the language and told Charley what I had overheard. The Sheik and his two cronies were forever banned from Charley's parties. The Jersey City Detective, Grant, sent me a picture of the younger brother and his DNA. He is the rapist of Toby's, then eleven year old mother, and Toby's blood father. The part that put it all together for me was The Sheik and his vow to get me and everyone I ever knew. He is still out there somewhere. Of course that threat was made against an unnamed sixteen year old kid and whether the man ever associated me and that boy of seventeen years before together I didn't know. Paranoia being what it is I believed that he had made the association.

    Reggie drove the long limo up to the side of Traveler© just as I finished my little investigation. Toby had gone back into the house to gather what he needed for the day's trek. I stepped out to bid so long to our evening's guests as they climbed into the sleek transport. Reggie and I shook hands and he was away with his charges, taking them back to their home with Mitch.
    My boys had a mall to raid and money to spend. Anybody witnessing the charge of thirty six boys from the two RVs in the parking lot would have thought that the mall must be having a sale on skateboards or other teenage boy toys. I carefully guided my crowd in the way that I wanted them to go. I managed to get Toby and Harold off to themselves near a public restroom. I had been feeding the boy gallons of soda all morning and my ploy worked. Toby made a dash for the can, but was back in a flash.
    "He's in there. The man that gave me the job in New York, he's in there." Harry and I smiled at each other. Toby had just passed my final test. We walked to the restroom to find our man. He was under heavy, but totally invisible guard. The only way out of the restroom was the door we went in. There were two plainclothes officers and four of Andy's men milling close by. I had Toby stand and look at Hassan Daschle before a mirror. Toby's face contorted into wonder, fear, rage then he collapsed onto my breast. Hassan was taken away.
    A small boy, about five foot three, about one hundred and twenty five pounds with a muscular build, was curled up in the corner. His sun bleached blond hair made his blue eyes stand out. Harold and I headed for the door as Toby moved to the urinals. I shared my earphone with Harry. Andy's men stood by listening as the little guy propositioned Toby. Toby passed another test as he talked to the boy and asked him about his situation. The boy told him that he was alone and hungry. He would suck Toby for money to buy a hamburger. Toby told him that he had a friend who could help him find a home, with three meals a day plus snacks and a bed. The boy offered up his butt to Toby. Toby told him to pull his pants up. We could hear the two of them rustle together which nearly broke our eardrums with the static.
    "Gee, Mr. you hug a boy nice. I could really do you good if you'll let me. I like you," the boy was saying.
    "Will you go with me to meet my friend? He's just outside the door. Please? I might let you do me after you eat some lunch. If you would like I can help you find someone to spend the night with in a warm, soft bed." Toby was surprising me.
    "Well, gee whiz Mr. I don't usually go nowhere with men. I don't want to get hurt, but I am kind of hungry. Is your friend nice to gay boys?"
    "He is what every gay boy on the street hopes to find. He is someone who cares and will help you get whatever it is that you are seeking." The restroom door opened and Toby came out with his arm around the little guy. The two of them walked over to the table where Harry and I were sitting and Toby tried to introduce his new friend to me, but didn't know his name.
    "Let me help you, Toby. Have a seat". Both boys sat down."Toby, listen to me. Do you believe that I love you with all of my heart?" He nodded at me as he stared deep into my eyes. "I just put you through the toughest test that I have ever had to do to anyone. I want you to meet agent Timmy Tuttle. Timmy is an FI agent with the Orange County office. I borrowed him for the afternoon. He was in the restroom watching a prisoner and helping me."
    "That man in there, his prisoner? That was somebody I should know wasn't it?" The tears were at the edge of his eyes.
    "Toby, you have been lied to all of your life, by everyone that you have ever met. Toby…, including me. Including Harold."
    "Harold, as you call him isn't lying to me. I saw him in England. I know that you don't trust me. But I do love… whoever he is." It was my turn to cry and rush to the boy. We held each other close and cried together as some of the other boys found the restroom. They showed us their purchases, but quickly caught on that this was a special moment and moved on. Andy's men shadowed them for me as I took time to be with Toby. Harry and Timmy made to move away, but Toby wanted to know his name first.
    "Harry, I do love you. I know that you were being paid to be with me and that you only had to pretend to like me, but I… I am going to miss you so much."
    "Why, are you going somewhere, because I sure as hell am not. I have only ever loved one other person as much as I love you and I am not being paid to tell you that. If you will have me I would like to stick around awhile and see if we can be real boyfriends." Toby was in the man's arms instantly. I told Timmy that he didn't have to stick around unless he really wanted that hot meal and warm soft bed and someone to spend the night with.
    "You promised me on the phone more hot cock in one place than I have ever seen and all of it ready willing and able for me to do as I please. I hear that you have more than ten very thick inches of hot uncut cock and that any boy you fuck is in love with you for the rest of his life. Well you will have to prove that to me. I'm Bi, but I love a big cock. Love to ride one, spoon, take it doggy style, but probably love taking it on my back with my legs up the best! I like it a little RUFF! MMMM YEAH!, but I'd also like doing a 3 way, although I've never done one." (this is an actual quote from a reader who wanted to be part of the story. Thanks Timmy. I love your pics, you are hot baby. Yes the description of Agent Timmy is this reader's actual self portrayal.)
    "You into boys, like those that were just here?" I asked him.
    "Not unless they're hung like King Kong." The rest of us smiled at each other. This dude was going to ride Chad and Kyle after he and I spent some time together of course. Then there is Cory, Christopher, Cas…Agent Tim was going to wish King Kong would stop by and let him have a small dick for an hour or two.
    I asked Toby if we could talk alone or did he need Harry to be with him. He told me that I had passed his test and he could trust me to be alone with him. I grabbed him and rubbed the top of his head with my knuckles. Harry gave him a very sweet kiss then he and Timmy walked away.

    I explained everything to Toby, in detail. I showed him the DNA results. I showed him pictures. I told him how he had been used by his mother's husband's holy man. I wasn't about to say father or Iman. I showed him the pictures that he had left in Andy's car and pictures of Oscar. I had a picture of Hassan when he worked as an electrician at Base B. He had made a hard wire tap into our system that had gone totally undetected. We were so busy looking for backdoors and holes in our software that we never considered the obvious, an old fashioned wire tap.
    Randy had himself an epiphany and ran a simple resistence check on the wiring. When the ohmage was over tolerance he began to trace wires. Well with over six hundred miles of wiring in that one room alone he had to have a little help. Two days later a seemingly dead end wire was found running into a poured concrete wall. It wasn't run through the wall, it had been laid in when the concrete was poured. That took some time to trace We had been compromised from the pouring of the very foundation of the base. Someone knew enough about our system that they had tapped the data stream. They had placed their tap above the encryption chip so they were getting the raw information before we had it processed. They were not getting any sensitive data, per se, but what they were getting was dangerous to our position. They knew about us.
    Eventually the wire was found to end in a telephone connection panel. Careful monitoring of that line led us to a spy versus spy scenario. It was connected to Langley. But that was not the end of it. It was also linked to our Turkish site where the downloads had been made under Andy's password.
    Every log in of Andy's password from the beginning had to be painstakingly scrutinized. Only two other illegal transmissions have been located so far. One of them was my itinerary for the Coronation. The other was a non-encoded copy of my report on the capture of Ibrahim. I bet that scared a few fat cats. That report was copied the same day that Randy shot the bullet to destroy the remote computer unit. No other traffic has been reported on that line. I want to know who de-coded my report and transmitted it. Randy won't tell me. I don't need any more mystery in my life.
    Scrutiny by Langley and an FI man, deep undercover within their catacombs, led to a very high placed file clerk. She was one of Ibrahim's grand daughters. She had been born and raised in the U.S. with impeccable credentials and a résumé that would entice any employer. She passed the most severe background checks and had been granted the very highest security clearances. She is so carefully watched at the present time that we can tell you how many of her cunt hairs get wet when she pees. Ewww, that's graphic.
    She is used to the EYES ONLY designation stamp on her work. That stamp had been encoded so that every document that she handles can not be copied or transmitted by fax. All electronic transmission is intercepted at Base B, sanitized and sent on to its intended destination. CIA is going to have to close the Turkish site down. FI can do it covertly, but if caught such an international stink could evolve that we choose to stay back.
    "So it's my fucking family that's causing you all of this trouble. That mother fucking rapist in the restroom and that bastard hanging by his ankles in France, that was Kenny's father. All of them my family. I brought them to you. I am so sorr…"
    "Don't even go there, young man. They brought you to me, remember? Hassan and Oscar set you up to spy on me, but you were too smart for that, plus you fell in love with me and who wouldn't. I am such a prize and I really love cut and hung young hunks like yourself. Wanta go get it on, big boy?" I had him laughing again so I continued on. I felt that he had a right to know everything I know about him and what brought us together.

    Oscar was a law office clerk that had only worked for my attorney for five months before this all came up. He knew nothing of my connection with the law firm until Toby went in with the documents that I needed to take Kenny out of the country. Within the folder were documents granting my custody. These pieces of paper included my name and picture. Oscar realized that he had fallen into a gold mine. He didn't know my name before then. He had been chosen to follow the trail of boys for the party. He picked up on me when I was in New York in. July, but only as a pawn of Ibrahim to find out "who was supplying boy whores for big faggot parties of infidel homosexuals."
    Hassan had heard of the Bradford Academy from other workers at Base B. The comings and goings at the school were being carefully watched. It was thought that if Hassan could get into the base he might overhear other scuttle butt about the school. When he learned that the base was going to be some sort of secret government base his people went out on a limb and had him lay in a secret phone line. He drew a map of where he laid the line. It was a fluke that we found that sketch. After the base was wired and the contractors had gone Ibrahim sent his raiders into the school. While searching the effects of one of the men that had been killed in the raid the sketch was found. Fingerprints and handwriting tied the sketch to Hassan.
    Wilson Weller was passing along any information that he had been able to get out of his son, Jason. When he got word from some of Jace's school friends that I was back in town he remembered me with a big RV full of young boys. He put three and nine together and came up with two as he was dead sure that I was the head of the whole system that was getting into his supply of children for his international market. He told Ibrahim to set a tail on me and learn everything that they could about me. Seems strange to me that nowhere in any of their documents can we find any mention of my licence plates, which are personalized and would trace back to me and my Tucson address with the click of a mouse. They were so busy looking for monsters they forgot about the fly on the wall.
    I showed Toby my complete dossier on one Hassan Daschle. He read the whole thing without commit or input from me. The document followed the man since he was twenty two and first appeared on the scene in Kuwait as a roughneck on an oil rig. Four young girls were raped, including Toby's mother, during that period. Hassan was no longer in the country when the police started to look into the rapes. Two years later a series of rapes in Turkey aroused the ire of the police and again Hassan became a target of interest, but he was nowhere to be found.
    The New York City area on both sides of the river had a rash of child rapes '91-'94. The same time period that Toby's sister had born Kenny. By that time DNA was a proven science, samples were kept and compared. I sent for and received body fluid evidence from the Turkish government as well as from the Kuwaiti. Our man showed up again in the Pacific Northwest. But always one step ahead of the law, he escaped again. No one had a picture of him or a solid name for the most part. All they had was a description and that usually from a traumatized young girl. He liked them at very early puberty age.
    The break occurred when he was arrested on a felony charge in L.A. of possession of a concealed handgun. All felons are tested for DNA in California. Within weeks bells were going off around the world for this man. He was serving eighteen months at Chino for the gun. He wasn't aware of the machinery working against him to keep him in prison for the rest of his life. If Detective Grant could get him to Jersey City he had the bodies of two eleven year old girls with this man's DNA from semen, saliva, and perspiration all over their tiny bodies.
    Toby looked sick as he closed the folder on my computer. He looked at me, "So this is my biological father?"
    "You didn't choose him, Toby. He forced your mother. Your grandfather made her carry you, by Islamic tradition. I am glad because I get to know a really great guy whom I have truly come to respect."
    "So what now? Am I going to become a rapist. Will I do to young boys what my faaa…" he began to cry quietly.
    "No. You will become what you are. A loving, caring, sharing young man with a compassion for others and a love for Christ Jesus. Now we finish our shopping for Mitch's kids then go back to the beach house for dinner, I'm getting hungry. Gordo promised a Mexican Fiesta for tonight." Toby rushed me for a wonderful hug and a kiss. He saw Harry and Tim at the other end of the food court and ran to join them. I sat and mused at the turn of events. I could very well let what I have learned in this investigation ruin my Christmas, but I will not do it. I am going to pack myself under a ton of hard cocked boys and suck myself into oblivion.

    In the safe at my home, Charley left me the most damning evidence ever written down on paper. There are twenty three little black books that contain nothing, but names and phone numbers. They appear totally innocent looking, but I know that Charley had records. He always knew which men to invite to which party and how much they would pay for their special perversion.
    Andy and I mulled over these books for several days. The names in those books would put the world into chaos. Political big shots, Judiciaries, movie stars, Royal heads, financiers, leaders of industry, common people. They were all there and they all had one thing in common, they liked to have sex with underage boys. Each book held two hundred names, with a few written into the margins. Twenty three books meant over forty five hundred world leaders, movers, and shakers. And each one of them a pervert.
    Andy picked up on a pattern. So simple, so innocent looking, but recurring throughout the book. We had to take the one man we knew that could break it into our confidence. Book one held the key that was so obvious to us, once we knew what we were seeing. It took Randy a little less than an hour. He smiled, sickly. He told us that he had many perversions, but some of these men made him look normal.
    A curly tail on the end of the letter Ą, meant straight oral sex with fourteen to twenty year old boy. A stroke through the letter ǿ with an acute meant body fluids, scat, urine, the works. There were symbols for bondage, mild and hard. Symbols for long term relations, one night stands, anal, rimming, shrimping, water sports, whatever turned the man on. There were more than a few that sought long term with possible adoption, willing to raise, nurture, and educate. But I found a few with the dots, or umlaut mark over the lower case letter ÿ which meant snuff. They wanted to fuck a boy, especially a very young boy, to death. Each of these names had Charley's special mark which meant DO NOT CONTACT. Do not return calls was another of his often used symbols in the form of a cedilla on the upper case letter Ç. I never learned the Sheik's name, but I could not find him in these books. I am almost certain that he would be here. Ibrahim was a Ç and a ÿ, with the name lined out. Hassan's name was not in the books.
    An incompetent reporter would win the Pulitzer with these books as a basis for a story. I would not allow even a single page to be copied in any manner, even by hand coping. To my knowledge, only three people in the world have ever seen these books. Randy, Andy, and myself. Randy has only seen enough pages to break the code. He doesn't know how many books there are. The books now reside a little more than eighteen hundred feet below ground level in a special safe set in solid granite deep under my mountain in Arkansas. They are forever watched over by the love of my ancestor, Chief-Flies Over Fox, Under Eagle-Steve

    Two stores had denied my boys the right to purchase with their own platinum debit/credit cards with their pictures on the cards. Pity them as we marched on those stores, en masse. The first was a national toy outlet. Each of the boys went in and demanded their money back on their purchases. After seven of the boys had requested refunds including delivery charges the manager got involved. It was at that point that I stepped up.
    "Sir, these thirty six boys are my family. Each one of them has his own Platinum Credit card with his picture on it as well as other ID showing who he is. Your hourly waged clerks took it upon themselves to deny these four young men here the right to purchase because they didn't appear to be old enough. Sir, how old is old enough to spend money in your store?
    "My boys have decided that they don't like your business practices and would like to have their money returned for the purchases that they made for a group home of sheltered children that they wanted to buy special Christmas gifts for. You and your people have taken the joy out of our day. We will have a refund. Your corporate headquarters will have my letter tomorrow morning and we will start afresh tomorrow at a different location as we make our selections for those youngsters that may not have any other Christmas, but what we can give to them."
    A very self important matronly woman was trying to wave Andy's black uniformed security agents away. She was telling them that the store personnel could handle it, there was no need for the police. I used my little Ace. I pulled Cullen forward. Two of the young female clerks stated to giggle. One told the other that she knows that this is the Prince. The manager perked up on that as I addressed the lackey and told her to leave my security people alone. I told her that they were there to protect His Royal Highness Prince Cullen Muneday and would not take orders from the likes of her. She turned red faced, ready to fight me when she locked eyes with Cullen. She bowed so low I was sure her head would touch the floor.
    She was an immigrant from his country and knew his face well. The manager offered every kind of deal he could think of. I had already done a mental addition of the amount of money the boys had spent and it came to a little over three thousand dollars. I suggested that the man get to work on the refunds as I had wasted enough of the Prince's valuable time and compromised his safety unnecessarily. Crest fallen the entire front staff began to refund the boys' money.
    I stepped out of the store to face a very flustered man in a coat and tie. His name badge indicated that he was a manager at the large department store that anchored the mall. He had been informed by his people that some children were using credit cards to make rather large purchases and that some of them may have been turned away. He wanted to apologize and offer a substantial discount to those who may still wish to purchase at his store. I looked at the hidden grins of my boys. They were about to pop, they were eating this up. They love to see me get indignant. I looked at Eric and Kenny. They gave me the yes sign. Lance had learned how to speak our eye language and he said yes. The rest of the boys then agreed.
    Without a backward glance we all gathered in front of R Us then walked up to the department store to make more purchases. I was overwhelmed as I insisted on going with Eric and Kenny. They knew my passion for good, quality tools and had chosen a very nice set of the store's world renowned lifetime guaranteed tools to be delivered to me. I fell to me knees and embraced the pair of them and apologized for intruding on their space. The little monsters ate it up. I know that I will hear more about that some other time.
    Pete walked up to me with a page out of the yellow phone book that just happened to be laying there and on it was the address of another of the R Us stores just a few miles away and easy freeway access off and back to our house. The rascal. I started to thank him when a chorus broke out around me, "Thank's mommie." Trying to control our laughter we made it back to the RVs.
    I walked with Timmy and his Lt. I asked who ordered the security for us. He told me that six of them had come to guarantee my assurance to the Los Angeles Police Department that Hassan Daschle would be under constant guard and returned to their custody without incident. Andy would face a firing squad before he would let me be embarrassed. The Lt. told me that when the word went out that it was me and the Prince was with us then his men around the area came to see if they could get a close up look at him. Some of them had been with us in Europe others just wanted to see a real crown head. I would not touch that line for a million laughs and I would not tell Cullen about it until we were safely away.
    We pulled into the other branch of the toy store, but it seems like a little birdie had beat us over there. We were given a royal treatment. The boys did have specific items that they wished to purchase so we filed into the store. Thirty six hundred dollars later we stepped outside to be pointed toward the world's biggest music store. I have enough of the Goody music CDs in my house to listen to twenty four seven for the next three hundred years without ever having to replay one of them.
    We headed out to our Travelers© for our trip to the beach house. The boys were each carrying their stock of junk food. Eric and Kenny ran by with a large ice cream sundae piled high with whipped cream and sugary topping and each boy had himself a sixty four ounce soda. They would be bouncing off of the walls like a rubber ball with that much sugar in their tiny bodies.

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